Martial soul: Demon God’s Possession

System: power attack system

Description: allows the user to become the hell god’s potential successor. unknown what type of martial soul it is as a god created it.

Soul rings:

1.   Devil transformation: allows the user to gain 100% boost in attack, speed, reaction time, mental strength and 200% in defense for 30 minutes. The user’s appearance is similar as the picture of the marital soul.

2.   Soul stealer: the user grabs the souls of the dead and devours them to get a 20% raise in all stats. The effects stack.

3.   Demonic flames: flames that incinerate the body and soul. The only way to extinguish the flames are to have a considerable gap in strength or that the user extinguishes the flames.

4.   Demon god’s aura: a passive ability that instinctively makes the surrounding life forms want to cower and fear automatically makes them unable to fight at their peak.

5.   Hells terror: an aoe skill that causes the target to be stuck in an illusion that makes them feel torture for an immeasurable amount of time when it’s only been a few seconds. (only works if the targets mental strength is lower than the user).

6.   Devils speed: gives the user a pair of flame wings that boost the speed of the user by 900%.

7.   Incorporeal body: lets the user become untouchable cannot be hurt but can counterattack. The ability lasts for 5 minutes before having a cooldown of 20 minutes.

8.   Hells rage: Causes a certain area to be razed by demonic flames depends on the user’s strength to be able to set the area.

9.   Demon god’s descent: the user summons 50% of the demon god’s power to inhabit the user’s body. There are certain conditions and side effects for the use of this ability:

A.  the users body must be able to withstand the power of the god by strengthening the body.

B.   The user has random moments where he loses control of his body.

Strengths: when the user reaches the rank of spirit douluo he is officially recognized as the successor of the demon god.

He becomes one of the strongest beings in creation.

The user can create his own plane of existence when he reaches godhood.


1.   The martial soul is incredibly rare and cannot be sighted for thousands of years.

2.   The user needs to gain the approval of the demon god otherwise he will not be able to form his own martial soul.

3.    The user needs an incredibly strong will, mental energy, and a certain temperament otherwise the user will go crazy and try to slaughter every living thing it senses.

4.   If any of the first 3 requirements are not met the user will die after being hunted down.

Origin: one hundred thousand years before the original story. The demon god decided that he wanted a successor, so he created a special martial soul. But unfortunately, only two beings were born during the entire time with the martial soul and both didn’t meet the requirements so they died eventually after being hunted down.


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