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Martial Soul:

Ethereal Blue Star (The Blue Sun)


Control System


The color of the hottest star in the universe is blue (Fact). The Ethereal Blue Star is actually a Blue HyperGiant star, it is known, to be the universe hottest burning star in existence, it is among the rarest kind of Fire star variant spirit tool Martial soul.
The Ethereal Blue Star Sun is constantly absorbing in all the energy of numerous comets, asteroids, meteoroids; and other matters of Extraterrestrial origins that is orbits around it. Ancient tablets also shows records of the sight of this martial soul, Where a spirit cultivator summons more than hundreds of stars swirling around, absorbing in all the Fire Energy. Rapidly growing larger and more dazzling, until he actually is surround and burning in Blue flames!. Majestic flames releases out, to the point where all the cultivators in the Duoluo Continent could look up into the sky and see a new sun and is given the name, the Blue Sun.


A gaseous star sphere burning in clear ethereal flames that shrinks and expands at will. It can burst into flame releasing large amounts of fire energy as heat and light to its surroundings. It has the ability to attract in Air and dust particles in the area,  allowing them to condense and orbit around it.

As strength increases, the color, temperature and intensity of the flames also changes with the cultivator.

Spirit Scholar-  Burns with Ethereal flames. (use for heating up furnaces and ovens for forging and boiling water. )

Spirit Master – Burn with high intensity of Red flames 

Spirit Grandmaster – Burn with high intensity of Orange flames 

Spirit Elder – Burn with high intensity of Yellow flames 

Spirit Ancestor – Burn with high intensity of White-yellow flames 

Spirit King –Burnwith high intensity of White flames

Spirit Emperor – Burn with high intensity of Blue- white flames

Spirit Sage – Burn with high intensity of  Blue flames

Spirit Douluo – Burn with high intensity of Deep Blue flames

Title Douluo - Burn with high intensity of Ethereal Blue flames

Soul Rings
Note: notice the flame intensity and energy increases with each ring skill. The changes in the star colors of flames and temperature following Red,orange,yellow, white-yellow, White, Blue-White and Blue. As one's strength increases so does the temperature and color of the flames in the skills.

  1. Nebulous clouds: A faint region of high density Nebula, is constantly gathered around the cultivator, In the eyes of others, this is just numerous faint gaseous cloud being formed swirling around the cultivator and has no battle power at all.
    It traps heat and allows the user to effortlessly manipulate the small nebulous gas, which is condensed under the air, gas and dust around the cultivator contracted under its own compressed gravitational space.

    Note:, its just gaseous clouds around the cultivator that traps heat. But No one knows that as the gas further condenses and heats up to a ridiculous degree, that it was the optimum space for stars to be born. - this was miraculously discovered when combined with the martial soul..

    (White 10yr Ring)
    By: Nebula Gas, Mysterious Aura, Domains , Useless just unknown purposes

    {Nebulous clouds + Martial soul fusion skill}
    Ethereal Star Shower:<< A quick long ranged attack which, Condenses a small region of High density of nebula with the fire energy of the martial soul within the palms, supplying and generating large amount of heat, giving birth to clusters of solidified star fragments and firing them out in streaks of Red flames like shooting stars.
    Has the ability to bypass any Defense ability due to being in an ethereal state.

    Note: When a Region of highly density Nebula condensed of gas and dust is heated up to a required degree, speaking of several million degrees, it will start glowing and forming protostars . As temperature continues to rise several more millions ( only achievable through enormous borrowing the Fire energy released by the martial soul), resulting to a Nuclear reaction. releasing out energy in the form of light known as stars.
    Basically the martial speeds up a stars life allowing stars be born and orbit around the Ethereal blue star in spit seconds.

    Inspired By: Birth of stars, star forming, Shooting stars, fire arrows, fast casual default ranged attack ,signature Move

  2. Ethereal Flame Tempest : Condenses a Large region of High density of nebula with the fire energy of the martial soul. Giving birth to a giant orange flame star and collapses it,  Releasing a stream burst of Highly concentrated orange Flames that expands and Sweeps Past Multiple Targets burning every target in its path. Deals Large amount of damage, cultivators are temporary blinded by the light released from the flames. ....
    However, Large amounts of Concentration and soul force is required to Generate the star, resulting to high failure rate due to being easily disrupted....

    (Yellow Ring)
    By: Stellar Winds, FireStorm , Slow and powerful, Solar Flare

  3. Star Binding circle: Clusters of small stars burns in Yellow flames, and orbits around the target Entrapping and restricting their movements, Upon collision with the orbiting stars, the stars would Explode, releasing sparks of flames and light that spreads to anyone caught in the explosion. cultivators caught into the explosion would be Temporary blinded by the light released
    However, The Stars only Orbits rapidly  around the user, and would not explode until a target moves into orbit and collides with the stars
    (Yellow Ring)
    Inspired By: circle spell formation , exploding talismans , Restriction skill, fire formation.

  4. Parallax Shift: :The users bursts into White-yellow Flames surrounding the whole body looking like a star. Allowing apparent shifts in position of any nearby star orbiting around the cultivator against the background of any other existence on earth. This is created due to the different orbital positions on Earth and the cultivator experiences.
    An extremely small slightly noticeable spacial shifts are in reality already an incalculable Time Intervals space apart. Resulting to targets unable to pinpoint the exact location of the user even through spiritual sense. All Ranged Attacks would temporarily miss the user. This creates an optic illusion in the eyes and mind of others that the user is blurry and fuzzy and in alternating locations.
    However, This is only a skill that affect the mental and visual detection of bodily displacement and has no significant affect in battle and physical contact.

    Note: Classified as the most efficient skill used for fleeing and avoiding awareness.

    (Purple Ring)
    Inspired By: Stellar Parallax, Parallax effect, illusion , survival Skill, Stealth, Ninja, heat stroke illuision

  5. Orbital stars : 7 stars burning in white flames continuously orbits like satellites around the cultivator, Generating a spherical flame barrier. It can also be shared and used to orbit around other cultivators as protection. Due to the satellites gravitational field orbit, Users within the obits are Granted temporary flight when all 7 stars are perfectly orbiting around a cultivator at optimum speed. Takes a while before optimum speed is achieved.

    Notice: All 7 stars must be Orbiting around 1 cultivator at optimum speed to be granted with flight. therefor only 1 person can be flying with this skill, and once the stars are used to generate the barrier, the user would lose the ability to fly.

    (Purple Ring)
    By: Hovering flames, Solar System orbit, FireWall, Support / Defend skill , Shield or Fly

  6. Star spirit's Bestowal: Large Amounts of Fire Energy is condensed in the hands along with the surrounding gas and dust on earth, Giving birth to stars that constantly burns with blue white Flame. Continuously supplying it with Fire energy rapidly enhancing and speeding up the stars Life, awakening its Spirit Conscious. Known as Star Spirits. Star Spirits has the ability in burning away ALL its Life Force, offering as tribute and bestows its energy into any living being, granting restorative and Healing properties.Only a max number of 3 star spirit can be summoned, however the restorative powers would be evenly divided between the number of spirits summoned .

    Summoning 1 spirit gives full effects, 2 spirit gives 50% each and 3 spirits is 1/3 of the effects of a normal star spirit.

    Note: Basically, gives birth to one Star spirit that contain a condense amount of Energy inside its body which takes on the role as conscious healing vessels (potions). to use it the spirit would need to burn away its like. If used to restore the land, then vegetation is given new life and plants and the richness in the land would undergo Rebirth. If Used on cultivators, then Healing and purification(anti-curse) properties are granted.

    (Black Ring)
    By: Healing fire Fairy Sprites, Kamikaze, hovering fire balls

  7. Harmonic Avatar Convergence: Ascends into the skies and gives Birth to 7 planetary stars each burning in Red, orange, yellow; white-yellow, white; blue-white and blue flames respectively, that orbit around the user, constantly absorbing Fire energy from the surroundings which is than transferred over the cultivator. The cultivator transcends and become one with the martial soul, growing in size,and intensifying in flames, taking the true avatar form of the Ethereal Blue Star turning into a Blue Sun and triggers the supernatural phenomenon of planetary alignment, Where All Planets and stars are align in a straight line with the user. In this state, The user's soul force envelops the entire Earth. Spirit Energy and Soul Force is Greatly Amplified and fully restored to all Allie cultivators. 0.1% of the universe's Spirit Energy can temporary be manipulated by the user, Enhancing all allies battle power and fire attributed abilities. All Non Fire attribute Abilities are temporally  suppressed. This skill lasts for 7 celestial minutes (1min/star)
    The User is unable to move and is temporary in an immortal state by borrowing the universes spirit energy. becoming one with the universe.
    This Skill consumes all of the users Soul Force and Spirit energy immediately upon activation. This skill cannot be activated for the next 100 celestial hrs (4.2 days) after use.

    (Black Ring)
    By: should be an Avatar skill - for support? why? ,  Harmonic Convergence, Supernatural phenomenon, Spirit avatar transformation, Sharing soul and spirit energy, borrowing powers from the universe, All out support skill, fire Affinity, Absolute element suppression, transcend to heaven, temporary immortality.

  8. Solar Meteor: Gives Birth to 7 planetary stars each burning in Red, orange, yellow; white-yellow, white; blue-white and blue flames respectively. The 7 stars descends from the skies and and starts orbiting around the user constantly Releasing lames and energy as light. A total of 7 colored stars along with the user as the central Sun, continuously Releasing all their energy, immediately driving them to an unstable state and slowly descends from the sky. collapsing upon the point of collision , releasing all its energy resulting to 7 explosions close to miniature replicas of supernova that would spread damage to anything in its path of explosion forming giant craters. Due to enormous amount of energy within, the user is unable to control the amount of energy it is currently possessing and could also be caught in the explosion of the stars.
    Due to the overwhelming size of the stars, it would be clearly visible to all cultivators upon descend. Allowing targets to escape away from the exact point of collision.

    (Black Ring)
    By: Meteor, Comets, Asteroids, Shooting Star Showers., Falling Blue Stars, super nova, Avatar, Spirit avatar transformation, solar system as meteor

  9. Transcendent void domain: Two Unstable Blue HyperGiant Stars are immediately born with extreme difficulty and is rapidly reaching the end of its lifespan and could collapse any moment. Directly bursting into a Deep Blue flames and releasing massive amount of compressed energy, resulting to a supernova phenomenon. collapsing the 2 stars and forms two Black holes, Time and space becomes unstable and disturbed. Forming large amounts of distortions in space and time, devouring all light, heat, and energy in the surrounding within its gravitation. The Mysterious phenomenon of Energy and power both aggressively and forcefully being devoured by the 2 black hole, somehow connected the two different points in space-time collapse and Rips open a Dimensional gate, allowing the cultivators to Transcend space and time and enter into a Spacial void Domain

    Within the Void Domain, ALL energy absorbed by the black hole are gathered in one point and forms a second Dimensional Gate which opens to a different location selected by the user. All cultivators inside will experience their connection with their spiritual force are temporary suppressed and is unable to activate their spirit skills. cultivators could only rely on their fleshly body, combat strength and non-spirit energy battle weapons in battle.

    Due to it being an Unstable space and time Domain, The two different space warp points could only be sustained for 10 breaths of time and the Space within would gradually collapse on itself, All users, are immediately ejected back out from the first Dimensional gate upon collapse. However, Users can still choose to forcefully remain in the void domain by burning their life force. With the first first gate collapsed, users could only exit through the 2nd dimensional gate. Life force will continue to be burnt away the longer the user remains inside. Depending on the amount of energy absorbed during the creation of the first dimension gate, the 2nd gate would still eventually collapse when all the energy is completely used up. Users that is unable to Transcend through the 2nd collapsed gate are Trapped Forever inside the void domain and perish due to the depletion of their life force.

    (RED Ring)
    In short, Also known as Worm hole forming and walks in a different dimension

    Inspired By: Teleportation. Black hole forming, Black hole, Worm Hole Forming, Different dimension, Time space Collapse, support skill, Trapped Forever, Empty Void, Blue HyperGiant, Over Exhaustion to cast skill. Giving up life essence, domain



  • The Ethereal blue star is the current hottest star known in the universe, it Supplies an Endless amount of Fire energy and releases it in the form of heat and light.

  • When the Martial Soul is cultivated to the absolute peak, Large amount of fire energy can be absorbed allowing ones flesh and body to be reinforced with matters of Extraterrestrial origins allowing the body to remain combustive and absorbs energy from around its orbit. Tempering the body to have a strong physical resilience towards extreme heat and fire based attacks allowing the user to have a stronger control over their soul force, and abnormal physical body strength.

  • The Size, temperature and intensity of the flames of the stars can freely be manipulated at the users will.


  • After every stage breakthrough, the user will fall into a weakened state.The martial soul would burn fiercer, stronger and become aggressive. A stronger physical body and mental control is required to slowly assimilate and stabilize the martial soul.

    Resulting to this martial soul to have a extremely slow progression.

  • Although the soul supplies limitless amount of Fire energy. the users physical body and soul control is also required to be strengthen to support the abnormal growth potential of the martial soul.

    If the user is unable to Develop a stronger physical body to withstand the fire energy released by the strengthened martial soul. The fire energy would exceed the users body limitations and would burn away some of its life force.

    If the user unable to develop a stronger control over the strengthened martial soul, the user will be unable to be suppress and manipulate the energy released. The martial soul would endlessly combust resulting to an inner collapse, and be unable to be further strengthened.

  • Its initial uses was to be used to heat the furnace for endless day and night for forging weapon and thrown into a pot to boil water. if it wasn't for the user integrating with the useless ring skill of the Nebulous Lake Toad's nebulous gas. then it could never be cultivated and would still be classified as a trash martial soul.


Character Origin: Background story of how a User with The Blue Sun Discovered his Martial soul fusion skill
(you can ignore this story as it is chunky, meaty and tasty)

The Ethereal Blue Star is a mutated martial soul of the Heavy attack system martial soul known as the Fire Star , Being born in a central city that only relied fighting and killing spirit beasts for a living. The value of martial souls that doesn't have any battle use is considered trash. its most practical use was to be thrown it in a furnace to help his father heat up the furnace to forge weapons, or helping in cooking by boiling water. However it is their city's restrictive law that after spirit awakening, every family is to contribute to the city by slaying 10 spirit beasts every month. being born in a family with no battle power, every month is a life and death experience. his mother died shortly after giving birth to him and it was his father that raised him up by forging weapons as a blacksmith. During an unfortunate night, his fathers death was announced as his father was out hunting the 9th spirit beast for the family. Seeing his fathers dead body return with 9 beast corpses laying next to him, tears start pouring out of his eyes. With grief and sorrow for being unfilial and a useless child, however he was still forced to hunt for his families 10th spirit beasts. Being an completely novice and first attempt in beast hunting, he summoned his spirit soul as light source and was recommend to go slay the commonly found 10yr chubby cherry rat beast in the mountains. Due to having naturally weak muscles and not a strong bodily built. As he just stepped up the mountain , his vision went blurry and  slowly lost conscious. before he knew anything, his foot slipped and he fell off the cliff.

when he awoke, his body was drenched in blood, with several body fractures. looking around he notice that he fell into a relatively soft stone slab that was in a middle of a massive lake. steam was constantly rising and the lakes temperature has risen to a scorching hell degree. after carefully observation around the area, he noticed his Martial soul has fallen deep into the lake, which started boiling and heating up the entire lake. what surprised him was not to far ahead, in the lake there is a floating white spirit ring but he couldn't locate the corpse of the spirit beasts it belong to. He concluded it must be due to his martial soul fallen into the lake and raising the lakes temperature to an unimaginable degree that it even completely Cooked and melted a fish beast in the process. He turned to the white ring floating in the air, not knowing what beast the spirit ring belong to. desperately needing strength to return, he unknowingly integrated with a very common 10yr spirit beast nebulous lake toad.

Basically all a nebulous lake toad does is makes nebulous gases spreading around the lake making it look dangerous and mysterious so powerful beast and cultivators do not enter.  but was unluckily boiled and cooked to death  by the boys martial soul. it is a relatively common beasts spirit that lives alone in lakes, just no one wants to integrate with it, because in the past countless genius and talented individuals refuse to give in to the mysteriousness of the nebulous lake toads  and integrated with them . however the affects was always disappointment as its spirit ring skill simply just releasing gaseous clouds with no synergy with the martial soul what so ever,

When the boy wakes up, he realized his ring spirit was passive active and unable to stop it. A black gaseous aura remains continuously generating a blackish gas around his body.

When he returned to the city many saw his passively active white 10 yr spirit ring and gaseous black aura around him, everyone laughed at him calling him forever trash as it was only a white 10 yr spirit ring, and the already well known iconic gaseous clouds skill of the nebulous lake toad, as for whoever integrates with a nebulous lake toad is classified as a trash and bad omen for that family.

Hearing the  the lake toads story by the laughing citizens, he was disappointed, but continued living his normal life. looking at the remains of his father and the blacksmith store he was working on. He decided to proceed the path of blacksmiths like his dad, but as he summoned his martial soul, the gaseous clouds immediately began to orbit and surrounded the Ethereal blue star. staring at the giant cloud being rapidly contracted, he was surprised  the temperature started rising and sparkles of small dots started glowing dazzlingly bright. looking closer he realized it that inside the gaseous clouds, was numerous amounts of Ethereal stars being born.

Inspired By: Useless Martial Soul + Useless spirit ring  fusion skill, orphan, unexpected discovery, humiliated by others, 10yr white spirit ring,
black gaseous aura = bad omen, blacksmith = self made weapon or family treasure weapon, Unknown Mother, strong affinity with fire laws, toad was the best match when i think of a gas themed beast that is also weak, Hot spring, Boiling Frog

Note: This is a funny twist, don't know if anyone notice.
The boiling frog is an anecdote describing a frog/toad slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in cold water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Please leave comments and suggestions down below

Thank you for reading ... I know it was Chunky, and Meaty... but i know its Juicy and sure hope you found it tasty


  • this is the inital concept, ill still need a skill for yellow flames..
    idk if a ring skill can permanently be actives  to the state it passive, well maybe a low 10 yr spirit ring could...
    still need to think of the ring skills.. willl constantly update and edit till its right
  • I think i Finally worked it out... all the info is there...
  • I feel scared looking at that wall of text...
  • @MJayW ;

    That inspired by is very helpful to understand the skill but i suggest it to split the description into summary what it do and detailed description.

    I'm sorry if i read it wrong but what is the difference between Blue Sun and normal Sun spirit? isn't normal Sun spirit also create infinite Heat and Light energy?

    I really like this ring power, especially it's space motif (i like spaceeeeee), the ability also have... interesting twist... immortality huh... i curious what happened if the villain knows about the secret of his last ring haha

    Also based from what i see your ring is more of Control System (many controlling ability even your first skill can be used for hiding), even the attack skills have "blinding" effect but that's just my two cents.
  • Yes, the Inspired basically gives the general concept of the skills. and yes i will summarise the skill in more detail

    The hottest star in the universe is also colored blue known as a Blue HyperGiant, you can look up what is a blue HyperGiant. I guess it can be classified as a Blue Sun Spirit, but i like to hightlight the point that its a Blue Hyper Giant.

    i guess immortallity would be too broken but i guess its only temporary, and its borrowing the energy of the universe, wont be long until energy completely drains and turns back. I couldnt think of what it could do in the avatar state so i merged the the Avatar skill with the Harmonic convergence. since some  overlapping concepts there, Harmonic Avatar Convergence sounds pretty kiss ass.

    whats more epic then using the last skill of 2 black holes to rip open an escape worm hole. Escape is the best assist.
    100,000 yr ring just for a skill to bring forth 2 blackholes = wormhole...
    he he.. everybody will be so shocked seeing 2 dark holes being formed, and running away, ...
    best diversion, truthfully the flashiest and most eye catching..... EVERYBODY ESCAPE WITH ME...

    sorry for the long text, thank you for reading. The character story can be ignored, just want to hit-start a story of how he discovered the ability to give birth to stars and also the origin of his Fusion skill.

  • Changes has been made after hearing your suggestion, description is summarized more clearly.
    the reason stars can immediately be born is via his first spirit ring ability the Nebulous Domain, allowing him to heat up using his martial soul in the domain, giving birth the stars. stars born from the domain start off as Ethereal then to red, orange, yellow, white-yellow, White, Blue-White, and Blue
    with each the temperature increases.
    hmm.. wouldn't i call it a sun spirit, i shouldn't have conscious, i like treating it as a tool spirit. lol throw in into a oven, it makes tasty chicken stew
  • Change sixth ring's name to Star Spirit Birth?  Also, what can kill a careful person at Title Douluo level?  That last ring should have offensive power too.  Maybe it sucks everyone in the surroundings into other dimension, where user's power is boosted (like a domain)?  The user can also create the second wormhole at the cost of his remaining spirit power whenever he wants, but if he is left behind when it closes then he is left behind forever.  The people brought in with him (allies or enemies) are ejected back to first location after wormhole disappears.  The second wormhole will only take those who the user want to be taken, but is fragile and can be attacked by those in it.  This gives him an attack option and an escape option, but leaves him weak to betrayals.  These are only suggestions, so you can take bits and pieces of it (or all or none at all).
  • i have made changes to the  last skill, and incorporated the idea of everyone gets ejected out , sounds reasonable and effective. and ive added some other ideas inspired by your suggestions.
  • MJayW said:
    i have made changes to the  last skill, and incorporated the idea of everyone gets ejected out , sounds reasonable and effective. and ive added some other ideas inspired by your suggestions.
    Nice, but maybe add a body tempering aspect to martial soul?  "Users could only rely on their fleshly body, combat strength and their weapons in battle."  It would make it just a little more powerful, as it is a red ring...
  • hmm.. thats true, but i like keeping the martial soul as trash, and only lucky to have great synergy with a 10 yr spirit ring that allows user to give birth to stars. and not be trash.

    However i would like to hear what sort of body tempering aspect you could suggest.

    Here is the image of the stars , couldnt get it to show up, so the link is

  • MJayW said:
    hmm.. thats true, but i like keeping the martial soul as trash, and only lucky to have great synergy with a 10 yr spirit ring that allows user to give birth to stars. and not be trash.

    However i would like to hear what sort of body tempering aspect you could suggest.

    Here is the image of the stars , couldnt get it to show up, so the link is

    Maybe the user must slowly assimilate with the martial soul?  Success means strong body with a fire resistance and better control over the soul, while failure means explosion.  This would give more concrete evidence for the weakness section.
  • MJayW said:
    hmm.. thats true, but i like keeping the martial soul as trash, and only lucky to have great synergy with a 10 yr spirit ring that allows user to give birth to stars. and not be trash.

    However i would like to hear what sort of body tempering aspect you could suggest.

    Here is the image of the stars , couldnt get it to show up, so the link is

    Maybe the user must slowly assimilate with the martial soul?  Success means strong body with a fire resistance and better control over the soul, while failure means explosion.  This would give more concrete evidence for the weakness section.
    Yes, i have thought about it, and it sounds like a reasonable limitation that the user would need to undergo a assimilating process to stabilize the potential growth of the martial soul. this has also been stated in the updated weakness section. to further emphasize a weakness, the users physical body and soul control is also required to be strengthen to support the abnormal growth potential of the martial soul.
  • Pls correct me if i got any of the rankings mixed up.
  • This should be the final Update, but still welcome for comments.
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