Earthen Golem

  • Name: Earthen Golem
  • System: Auxilary/Combat System
  • Description: The Earthen Golem is a humanoid martial soul that is made of earth. Depending upon other elemental powers it's appearance can change. The Golem is 1 meter tall but can grow according to it's abilities. Also, the Golem's abilities can be influenced by the surrounding earth. Ex) Using Golem fist while in a sandy environment will cause the fist to be made of earth while casting it in the middle of an iron mine can cause the fist to be made of iron ore.

  • Abilities: 
1) Earth Body: Person becomes covered in earth, giving them increased strength and defense but at the cost of their speed. Ability is broken if the person loses all contact with the earth. Can be cast on user and other people, a maximum of two people can be covered in Earth Aurora. Appearance: The Golem appears behind the target and then seems to spread over the persons body, covering them in rock.

2) Golem Fist: A fist made of earth will punch the opponent. The fist appears from underground, taking the opponent by surprise. The fist can also fly through the air but spirit power will be drained extremely fast when it flies. The fist can be one huge fist or several small fists, the spirit power expenditure will remain the same.While the fist is attacking, the user must keep their arm in contact with the earth. Appearance: The Golem and the user punch the ground at the same time. As soon as they do the fists will emerge from the earth and attack the opponent.

3) Earth Step: The user can travel through the ground and to any point within fifty meters. Can be used multiple times. Must have earth body active and have contact with the ground. Appearance: The user will take a step forward then seem to appear in a different area like they had teleported.

4) Earthen Armament: Using the surrounding earth, different weapons can be made including guns and cannons. Only certain weapons can be made of sand. Can manipulate earth to become ammo and launch ammo using guns as a medium. Spirit power expenditure will increase exponentially with the complexity needed to create the object. Appearance: User reaches out their hand and the earth will form an armament and send it through the air into their hand.

5) Animation: The Golem can form a body from the surrounding earth three meters tall. The Golem can use all of the users abilities without the user supplying any spirit power except to keep it alive. It can immediately recover any of it's body that is broken and will remain alive and reform it's bodies into weapons so long as the Golem stays on the ground and the User supplies a small constant stream of spirit power. Appearance: The Golem martial soul dives into the ground. Two seconds later, the Golem will emerge from the earth as a three meter tall humanoid made up of the surrounding the soil.

6) Cloning: Miniature Golems 2/3 the size of the original golem (2 meters tall if formed by the Martial Spirit Golem) form around the user. They can also use all of the skills of the user without draining the users spirit power and do not require a constant stream of spirit power. However, without the stream of spirit power they cannot reform their bodies once broken and dissipate once their body is not touching the ground. Maximum of thirty can be formed. Requires Animation to be active. Appearance: The Golem will spread its arms. Immediately a Golem two thirds it's size will separate from its chest. This will repeat several times until all of the Golems appear. In 1 second three mini-Golems can be made. Makes it slow to activate completely.

6) Lava Golem: Upon activating, the Earth Golem Martial Soul will turn into a lava Golem. All of it's skills will turn into a lava skill and inflict fire damage. For example: Upon using Golem Fist, a fist of earth and lava will punch the opponent, causing the opponent to be burned by lava, along with the rock punching the opponent. Appearance: The Golem raises it's hands straight up into the sky. Streams of Lava will then flow upwards starting at it's legs and go throughout the body like veins.

7) Earth Clap: The earth flips around the target, causing two walls to rise around the target from the ground and smash into the target. Is fast and the thickness of the walls can vary between 3 inches to 30 feet thick. Spikes can also be on the wall depending on the will of the user. With Lava Golem active, the side of the walls facing the opponent will have lava on them that can burn the opponent. The lava can also be cooled to trap the opponent.  Appearance: The user claps hands together twice.

8) Volcanic Eruption: A hole appears in the ground below the opponent and lava shoots out of it. Multiple eruptions can occur at one time and the size can vary according to the users wishes. Appearance: The user slams both palms into the ground upon which the eruption happens. Can continuously create volcanoes so long as the users palms are against the ground.

9) Giant Army: The Golems will expand in size, become ten times bigger. The Martial Spirit Golem will become thirty meters tall and the cloned Golems will become twenty meters tall, though size may vary based on which Golem the cloned Golems are from. They will also be able to leave the ground without dying and can reform their bodies at will. However, the user will become stuck inside the Martial Spirit Golem's chest and cannot move. Appearance: The user will launch a beam of yellow-brown energy at all of the currently active golems at once. Immediately the surrounding earth will be attracted to the Golems creating their huge bodies.

  • Strong Points: The golem is a Martial Spirit that is heavily influenced by the terrains composition. If the terrain is correct, the golem can be said to be an extremely tough opponent. An example of that would be using the golem inside a diamond mine. Obviously a golem made up of diamond would be extremely difficult to defeat. It can also create it's own army that has the same skills as the user. Imagine a cloned golem creating more clone golems. 
  • Weak Points: The downside is that the golem requires a good terrain to be effective. If on the ocean or in the air, the golem can be said to only demonstrate 10% of it's true strength. Another downside is that many of the skills require the user to be touching the earth and immobile.
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Earth Golem ^^^^^^^^^                                                                   Metal Golem ^^^^^^^^                                                      Lava Golem ^^^^^^^^^^^

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