Burning Immortal's Blade

Martial Soul: Burning Immortal's Blade

System: Attack System

Description: If one is born with the Sword Immortal martial soul they will have the innate ability to wield and master any blade. It will only show up in ancient clans with the blood lineage of a peerless sword master. 

Type: Tool Spirit

Attribute: Metal, Fire

Spirit Rings:

1. (Yellow) Burning Ambition: It is a passive skill that imbues the user's blades with a flame of burning ambition, The Heat scales based on amount of soul ring

2. (Yellow) Attack Stance: The user's attacks are imbued with immense strength, The strength scales based on the amount of years on the soul ring

3. (Purple) Defense Stance: The user's blocks are imbued with the power to negate physical and magical attacks, The level of Defense scales based on the amount of years on the soul ring

4. (Purple) Speed Stance: The user's blade feels very light and becomes nearly invisible to the enemy,  the speed scales based on amount of years on soul ring

5. (Black)  Reflect Stance: The user's parries have the power to deflect and send back attacks inflicted on the user and multiplies the damage, the multiplier scales based on years on soul ring

6. (Black) Control Stance: The user can summon more than one blade and control them at will (Works with the other stances), The Amount of blades scales based on amount of years on soul ring

7. (Black) Phantom Stance: The user's attacks become unpredictable like a phantom, the visibility and unpredictability scales based on years on soul ring

8. (Black) Life Stance: The user's attacks steal life energy from the enemy and heals, The amount healed scales based on years on soul ring

9. (Red) Undying Will: When the user has taken a life threatening amount of damage he calls upon the immortal power in his blade and refuses to die and burns some of their life span to become invulnerable for a few moments

Strengths: This the ultimate battle soul it has extreme flexibility which lets the user fight against any kind of opponent (except for those who have much higher level soul rings or amount of them)

Weaknesses: The martial soul is extremely rare and can only be found every thousand years, due to this it is nearly impossible for someone to teach the user, so they can only forge their own path

Origin: Once there was a person born with an ordinary sword martial soul, but broke through his shackles and ascended, But before he left he wanted to leave behind a legacy, one which would not be forgotten.....

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