Nine Trials Soul flame

Name: Nine Trials Soul Flame
System: Assault/Control

In time immemorial there was once a lowly servant clan called the Nine soul ember Clan.
This lowly clan was treated like dirt for they were special in a way that didnt benefit them, because for some inexplicable reason all descendants of this clan lacked a martial soul.
To survive they became servants and attached themselves to a merchant clan which offered protection in return for subservience.
They were treated worse than dogs but all was oke as long as they survived !
One day a boy In a sorry state fled from pursuers who seemed to be hunting him, he ran while cursing his fate as being born as trash.
The one hunting him for sport seemed to be the young master he served.
The boy ran into his ancestral graveyard in which his heart was pierced in front of a seemingly insignificant grave which depicted nine crude flames ,looking up and seeing the young master laughing hard enough to cough up his scrotum.
2 Days later*
The nine crude flames on the grave lit up and as they did Nine faint flamed appeared on the boys forehead, similair scenes played out in various locations to all clan members.
The boy woke up vowinf that he would repay the injustice they have suffered
The boy was named Fang of the Nine Soul Ember clan and the new patriarch of a clan that quickly rose to prominence.
A large amount of information had appeared in the boys sea of consciousnes
- Nine Souls Immortal clan -
*Banised from the realm of the gods*
The nine souls immortal clan is hereby punished by being banished to the mortal realm and will have their bloodline sealed.
The clan will be banned for their immortality makes them nigh unkillable.
- Nine Trials Soul Flame-
The inheritors of the soul flame must know that it is a blessing and at the same time a curse for the trials are punishment to keep us from ascending, those who can withstand the nine trials will ascend to godhood and restore our clans former glory.

Soul Rings:
The passing of each trial  will split and nourish your soul(s) making an exact copy that will cultivate alongside your true body
The tempering of the soul reachss completion after all souls fuse into 1.
Initial skill: Soul devouring ( ofcourse depends on the souls strength) /Perfect control over your emotions and being able to see peoples intent.
1.-  ( First trial-  Trial of will)
Soul Viper:  Upon inflicting physical damage  an ephermereal viper will attack the opponent. 
2.- (Second trial- Trial of time)
Grave bat: Unleashing a soundwave that stuns the opponent and inflicts a bit of physical damage.
3.- ( Third trial- Trial of emotions)
Soul leech: Stealthily inserting leeches on the body which will drain douqi and gradually multiply (after being strengthened enough they will leech on the souland strengthen the owner after they are absorbed again)
4.- ( Fourth trial- Trial of the fleshly body)
Phoenix (impure bloodline): Rekindling the soulfire to revitalize (only works on the brink of death) as long as the injuries arent soul related recovery will be relatively easy.
Repeatedly using this (in a row) will drastically lower the power.
5.- (Fifth trial- Trial of solitude)
Crystal wyvern: A white bone chilling flame (cameo) that doesnt effect the flesh but has a freezing effect on the soul while slowly corroding it.
6.- (Sixth trial- Trial of Severing)
Amethyst Flowerbug: Eyes that can pierce through the sea of consciousnes.
7.- (Seventh trial- Trial of sacrifice)
Saibamen: Increase battle prowess in exchange of burning the soul
8.- (Eight trial- Trial of unity)
Umbra rat king: The abbility to allow a group of people to share all douqi/ Soul essence power/Thoughts ( basically functioning as a single being)
9.- (Ninth trial- Trial of the true soul)
8 winged flame angel: An eternal soulflame that can nourish allies and devour enemies.
Unless the user absorbs the flame it will burn so long as their soul hasnt scattered.

Against opponents of the same lvl you will be nigh invincible if they dont have enough soul related protection.
Multiple lives and no dependency on the fleshly body.
Able to nourish the body and soul by devouring souls creating a kind of immortality.

Close-quarters combat/ Assasination attempts.

Legend has it that Fang broke through the binds of the world and stepped into the Great Thousand World.
In the Northern Desolate Hill, a place filled with thousands of graves, the Immortal Owner rules the world.


  • 1- Viper attacks the soul
    2.- Stuns the soul
    Sorry about that kinda got sucked into it
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