Tool Spirit: Crimson Sun Crown

  • Name: Crimson Sun Crown

  • System: Support System

  • Description: A finely made crimson colored crown, embedded with jewels that resembled the sun. From time to time it seems to emit the aura of a heavenly sovereign that controls the sun.

  • Rings

  1. The King's Aura - The Crown emits an aura similar to that of a king. The aura empowers and encourages the King's allies to fight. Increases the strength and speed of nearby allies by 10%. If the crown is under direct sunlight or the person is of the fire attribute, the effect is further increased to 15%. Maximum aura range is 15 meters.
  2. The King's Grace - The Crown emits an aura of compassion that relaxes and soothes his allies. Allies who bathe in this light will have an increase in spiritual recovery speed and a decrease of mental and physical fatigue. If the crown is under direct sunlight or the person is of the fire attribute, the aura will also help increase healing speed. Maximum aura range is 10 meters.
  3. The King's Knight - The King picks an ally and designates him as a knight. The knight gets a 10% increase of power and a 30% increase in defense SO LONG AS HE IS WITHIN 8 METERS OF THE KING OR CLOSER. If the King and the Knight are both in direct sunlight or the Knight is of the fire attribute, when the ability is activated, the knight will receive a temporary shield made of solar energy.(Effect stacks with other buffs such as King's Aura and King's Grace)
  4. The King's Wrath - The King can only love his loyal subjects and knights. Everyone else who stands in his way is an enemy who must face his wrath. A burning aura of wrath is emitted from the crown sapping the enemy of their strength. Enemies within 20 meters of the King will experience a 15% loss in strength and defense. If both the King and his enemies are in direct sunlight, then the effect is increase to 20% and also causes the enemy to slowly lose their spiritual energy. Enemies with the fire attribute are unaffected by the additional effect. 
  5. The King's Might - A King must sometimes pick up arms and fight with his loyal soldiers and subjects. The crown emits the aura of a mighty heavenly sovereign that increases all the stats of the King by 30% and gives him temporary immunity to fire. If the king is bathed in flames or in sunlight, the effect is increased to 50%. This aura ONLY applies to the King and half as effective to his knight.
  6. The King's Domain - To be a king one must rule over a kingdom or his own domain. In the King's Domain everything he says is law and those who say otherwise are the criminals. The crown emits an aura over 20 meters that removes any ACTIVE support abilities. Any support abilities that activate within the King's Domain has its effect reduced by half. If the King is bathing in sunlight the effect range of the domain increases to 25 meters. 

  • Strengths - The many abilities of the crown can affect multiple allies at the same time. The crown is at its most powerful during the day. Fire Attributed fighters get the maximum buff effects.   

  • Weaknesses - The Crown's Abilities constantly drain energy from the wearer to stay active. The Aura has a set range of effectiveness and allies or enemies can simply move out of its range. Like many support systems, it has almost no offensive power for the use.

  • Origin - A crown made by the fire spirits living in a volcano. The crown was made as an offering to appease the sun god and gain his favor.
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