Martial Soul: Dark Battlefield

First Excuse me for all mistakes but English is not my first tongue

and I can not evaluate if that Martial Soul is too strong or too weak for optimal Soul Ring configuration
and I have only read the first two Douluo Dolu novels and have only started reading Legend of the Dragon King.

Martial Soul:  Dark Battlefield

System: Auxiliary(Suport)/Control System


Dark attribute
The Practioner who was cursed with this Martial Soul has probably realised before her awakening that she won't be able to archive revenge by herself.

Because of the contradicting combination of Auxiliary(Suport) System and Dark Spirit she is fated to have a hard time

innate Domain ability Dark Battlefield: covers the World in darkness, darkness attribute abilities become stronger and light/holy abilities become weaker, can be destroyed with light/holy attribute (with Dark Battlefield Avatar: Restricts Auxiliary type abilities other than Dark attribute or strong light/holy attribute)

Soul Rings:

1.     Hide: covers Teammates in shadows. Makes them harder to see or to target but makes them vulnerable against light and holy attributes

2.    Soul steal: Can absorbe the soul of other martial practioners to refine it for cultivation or to use for future Soul Ring abilities but can only be used on the border     of death or passive with Dark Battlefield(will not be used by instant death and needs permanently much more soul power than the active use)

3.    Fear (darkness/mental-type): inflikts fear in the mind of a single opponent. Can also be combined with Dark Battlefield to on all opponent but   will be severely  weakened

4.      shadow slave: can summon shadow slave's of the souls you have stolen(not refined for cultivation) to fight for you. Does not need power to maintain but they have basicaly no defense and the souls get lost after use.

5.      shadow doppelganger: makes 1 to 10 clones of a teammate who are identical with Hide(first Soul Ring) with the same abilleties like the original, the shadow     doppelganger have a total value 40% of the original strength (1 to 15 and 60% with Avatar)


7.    Dark Battlefield Avatar: turns you into a shadow strengthens other abilities.

Strengths: has a rather high innate soulforce and has a innate Domain ability that can become  handy in futur in combination with avatar and other Soul Rings

Weakness: As a suport system Martial Soul it is weak alone, but as a dark spirite it will become hard to find teammates and you will be probably hunted down.
Most of its skills have drowbacks

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