Martial Soul: Elemental Ninetails

(Note: Haven't actually read Douluo Dalu, Peerless Tang Sect or Legend of the Dragon King novels; but I have read some the Douluo Dalu Manga. I'm just doing it for fun because im interested.)
Martial Soul: Elemental Ninetails
System: Control System
Description: A legendary fox that is heralded to bring death to the sick and wounded and is able to control 9 different elements corresponding to each of their 9 tails. The power to control 9 different elements angered the heavens and so it placed a curse on it and its descendents to severly weaken its control on the different elements
Soul Rings: YYPPB
Initial Skill- Beast Spirit, produces 9 golden or grey fox tails, (depending on gender gold if female, grey if male) fox ears, and claws on the user
1. Memory Flame: (Fire) A flame that burns memories of other's that have the user in it, the flame must touch the head for it to work (Erases Memories)
2. Nociceptor Pain: (Lightning) the user can control how much the targets can feels pains
3. Hemorrhage: (Metal) It causes the current wounds or healed wounds to bleed profusly, it can make a light wound to a severe/life-threatning wound
4. Brain Freeze: (Ice) The user touches the target's head which temporarily stops the user from thinking (Can make Temporary brain-dead idiot)
5. Regrowth: (Plant/Wood) The user can control the rate of growth of an injury. (Is possible for the user to cause an overgrowth or mutation when using it on an already healed thing)
Strengths: Very versatile When teaming up with another, it can help cause extra damage to the target and potentially killing a target with a single attack if their not careful
Weakness: Can't deal much direct damage and is very hard to fight an opponent alone. Can only absorb soul rings from fox type beasts
Origin: Myth has it that the first Elemental Ninetails was a ordinary fox that grew strong by devouring other foxes and depriving them of their element for its own use. The Heavens were angry for it had control of 9 different types of elements so it punished it and severly limited the power to control each element
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