[Burning Love]

[Burning Love]

[Burning Love] is a Support/ Attack type martial soul. It takes the shape of whoever or whatever the owner loves the most. If the "real" shape of the owner's love cannot be expressed it will take the form of a scarlet burning flame, filled with longing and care.

[Burning Love] is not meant to be used agressively or to be made use of. It is something that will help you inconditionnally as you keep loving it.

The first stage is called [Love yourself]. As you don't understand the full potential of your feelings and emotions the first stage enphatize the caring of oneself. To be a true cultivator is to be merciless to the foes and cruel to the self but you first need a strong body, a strong spirit and a strong soul to completely make use of your ability:
The burning flame of your love will keep refining yourself. As it is a reciprocate feelings you will have to help your [Burning Love] refined itself !!! The first stage is to help the martial artist ignit his inner growth potential, the only limit is the self.

The second stage is called [Love your Foes]. Advancing to the second stage doesn't necessarly mean you understood the first stage !! It shows an understanding of your feelings. You first love yourself, then you love your enemies, thus understanding them !! To first love them you need to know them !! And your [burning Love] will asist you in that. The colors of the soul, the fluctuations of he spirit, the strength of the feelings. As you are willing to understand your foes the burning flame will manifest itself in your eyes and brain and help you see the strength and weaknesses of your opponent. As your understanding of your enemies will grow you will be able to pick up more clues and completely outsmart them by reading their every movements.

The third stage is called [Subtle Love]. By comprehending yourself and oneself you are now able to manipulate your feelings !! You finally reach a higher stage of understanding and can finally put it in use in your different abilities !! The burning flame of your love will help you empower your different abilities. It will help you reach your goal as you put your heart in it. It all depends on the strength of your feelings and emotions but [Burning Love] can help you soar in the sky as a roc or strengthen your punchs and kicks!

The fourth stage is called [Ethereal Love]. Your love can finally take shape in the real world !!! You first need to truly know what your love and heart long for. It takes strenuous effort and also a sacrifice of oneself to let your love manifest on his own ! You have to first accept that it is a being of its own but also a part of the world. As your love takes shape in the later phase it will manifest itself and helps you in your journey. You will also be able to use joint technique if your love is meant for.

The fifth and final stage: [EverLove]. No one truly knows what happens in the later stage of [Burning Love]. Some says it becomes corporeal and live alongside its owner. Some says that as the love burns stronger and stronger it consumes the owner and creates a world where the daoist and its true love live as one. Legend has it that the Moon and the Sun may be the manifestation of a [burning love].

The strengths of [Burning Love] lies in the fact that there is no end the possibilities ! [Burning Love] manifests itself when a pure heart expresss itself. In the early stage it will serve as a strengthening force that will help the daoist in his multiple plights. A sword art where the hearts lies in it will become infinitely stronger ! A punch filled with emotions will bring disaster to the oponent. In the later stage it will help the daoist by being alongside him.

The weaknesses of [Burning Love] in its subtelity. One may spend all his life dooms to only grasp the first stage of [Burning Love]. Also if at a time in your martial path, your heart waver and your desires lose their focus. your [Burning Love] could leave you with yourself, feeling vexed for being looked down upon.

The origin of [Burning Love] are shrouded in misteries. The ones called "Ancients" say that even before they were borned the world itself was created with  [Burning Love]. A lone entity, tired of his sole self strive to love something. After countless years this powerful entity merged himself with his love so as to never be alone... Thus he became a world filled with love and billions upon billions of other entities...
Other legends tell the story of a man who loved the world. Death was non-existent in this day and age. But the man wanted to keep everything all for himself !! As such he started killing everyone and kept them with him in all times ! But the people in this era couldn't die!! So after countless years they finally escaped the man! Sadenned by this event the man devised a new plan! He started to possess feelings for something that no one ever thought of ! Death !! But it was out of pure love for everything the world contained! He wanted to righteously claim everything the world once created! Thus after many years the [Burning Love] of this man was the world itself !! As the world couldn't manifest itself twice the man chose to minifest himself in the world and in the final stage to merge himself with the world... Becoming death itself...

Every stage of [Burning Love] associates itself with a corresponding soul ring! thus [Love yourself] goes from "no soul ring" to " 2 soul rings" and  [EverLove] should be the 9th soul ring, if not higher ??


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