Searing Ginger - Food System

Martial Soul: Searing Ginger

System: Auxiliary Food System

Description: A rare herb found only in certain hot spring areas in the continent. Generally, grows either near a lava/magma vein or a naturally occurring Ice and Fire Yin Yang spring. It is usually used to treat burn pain and other spirit master’s fire related cultivation. As a food soul, the spirit master is generally raised to be a support and medical part of spirit teams and organizations. After reaching past the 50th spirit rank, most Searing Ginger spirit soul masters are usually working full time at medical facilities and have a stable life. Only a handful of spirit masters of this spirit soul continue on to cultivate to higher heights.

Soul Rings (YYPPBB) (Shoga is a  Ginger Candy)

1.      Detoxification Shoga: Used generally to cure poisoning and pain in the body. Ability to cure and relieve pain is directly proportional to one’s spirit power.

2.      Searing Shoga: When consumed by a spirit master, allows one’s own attacks and abilities to temporarily have a burn effect. Burn strength depends on the cultivation of the Food Spirit Master.

3.      Blaze Shoga: When consumed by a spirit master, if the spirit master is with others who have also taken a Blaze Shoga, the spirit power is mutually shared and augmented by a small degree (Only applicable to similar levels, having a Title Douluo and Spirit King will not result in any benefit). Extremely helpful for Spirit Battle Teams who like to coordinate with each other.

4.      Phoenix Shoga: When consumed by a spirit master, enhances the spirit master’s regeneration speed of vitality and spirit power. If consumed in an extremely injured state, it generally knocks the spirit master out for a short period while accelerating the body’s own ability to recover tremendously. It is a spiritual ability that can be stored for a long period before dispersing. Cannot be made by the Spirit Master without advance preparation.

5.      Searing Sweet Shoga: When consumed by a spirit master, further augments normal Searing Shoga effect to inflict flames on every attack. Also, allows consumers to temporarily convert their own spiritual power into fire based applications.

6.      Inferno Double Shoga: When consumed by a spirit master, allows the user to create a secondary fire clone of themselves. Effectiveness and all spirit abilities used by the clone are fire based and restricted to only 50% of the user’s spirit power. Clone lasts for approximately an hour before dissipating or when the clone takes too much damage. This Shoga cannot be eaten within 6 hours of the last one.

Strengths: Extremely beneficial to team combinations and organization. Works exceptionally well on those with attributes toward fire. Those who generally possess this marital soul are hot tempered but care for others deep down inside (Usually a Tsundere).

Weakness: As a food spirit master, lack of personal offense and defense. Needs to work in a team, has little effectiveness alone. Extremely hard to cultivate since auxiliary food masters have difficulty attaining their own spirit rings. The highest anyone has gotten with the Searing Ginger spirit to date is only Rank 66 Spirit Emperor. Usually most of these spirit masters will be recruited into organizations which effectively takes care of them to their deathbeds.

Origin: The Searing Ginger was formed through the natural cycle of nature and habitats of unique areas like the Ice and Fire Yin Yang wells while retaining part of their properties. Although it is generally hard to find and exceptionally hard to harvest, those that do can bring them to any Spirit masters of the spirit itself and have it be converted into a potent medicine which can be stored for an indefinite amount of time. 

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