Beast Soul: Dragonflame Ape

Martial Soul: Dragonflame Ape

System: Battle System (Power/Agility)

Description: The Dragonflame Ape is a fire-attribute, Beast-type variant spirit of the Monkey species born with the blood of the Dragon Tribe within its veins. It’s a gigantic black scale-like furred monkey lycanthrope with crimson-colored eyes, two large plumes of dragon flames coming off of his head in the form of horns, long forearms with dragon flames protruding out of the backs of his hands, powerful legs with black talons, and an abnormally large tail.

Soul Rings:

1.      Scales of the Dragon: Increases Body Defense & Offense, and Imbues all physical attacks with dragon flames.

2.      Dragonape Roar: A terrifying roar that can disrupt the mind. It has a low chance to force beast-type spirits to submit and has a chance to break concentration.

3.      Burst Engine: Pushing the powers of this dragon flames to the limit, he explosively increases his strength and speed by 50%, and fire powers by 75%. Has a rather long cooldown, but great potential.

4.      Fist of the Dragonape: He coats his arm in dragon flames and launches it as a column of fire at his target. It can also be used by punching the ground and having the pillar of flames shoot up.

5.      Flame Drive: Increases his body temperature beyond natural limits, causing his entire body to become immolated, but all his attacks become very destructive and intense, like melting things through an incinerator. With enough training, he could eventually pinpoint exactly where on his person he wants to use this power.

6.      Nine Sun Barrage: Channeling his Dragon flames, he forms 9 suns behind his person, with each being able to release a radiant wave of dragon flames, to the point of engulfing an entire vicinity.

7.      Scion of the Dragon: Summons the spirit energy of the Ancestor dragon within its veins behind him, causing it to fight alongside him. Multiplies spirit energy by 2, attack by 2, and defense by 2.

Strengths: Heavily Physical, slightly leans towards agility (it’s a monkey). Natural immunity to fire. Uses its natural dragon flames in all of its attacks, and also uses its flames to inhumanely increase its strength and speed. It also benefits from the dragon blood in its veins, granting it dragon scales, boosting its defense.

Weakness: not many ranged abilities, heavily physical. If not careful, its dragon flame abilities can injury its user it not trained accurately.

Origin: The Dragonflame Ape is a variant Monkey-type beast spirit that was granted dragon’s blood, causing it to evolve into what it is now. It is also a rather intellectual beast spirit, although its rather dangerous.

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