Tool Spirit: Golden Sun Sword

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Name - Golden Sun Sword

System - Assault System

Description - A Sword with the Bloodline of the Legendary Golden Crow, Looks like a long sword without a hilt and has the characters 金烏 (Golden Crow) imprinted upon the body which glow Yellow.

1) Sunburst - Releases a burst of Flame which repels enemies and attacks.

2) Shinning Slash- A Poweful Slash which strikes the enemy, acts to pressurise the flames adds a small additional range and causes a glow where the flames are pressured.

3) Blaze Force - Causes the flames of the Sword to Envelop the body of the user.

4) Avian Strike - The Flames take a bird like shape and strike the enemy with a ranged attack.

5) Bright Fire - The Flames condense to a White Flame massively increasing in power, the characters upon the sword also turn White.

6) Crow's Cry - The Flames erupt with the sound of birds cry swallowing the surrounding area.

7) Golden Avatar - An image of a Golden Crow appears shrouding the user, the user is granted flight and all abilities increase in strength.

8) Sun Fire - The Flame further condenses to a Golden Colour, vastly increasing their power and can be further increased by using Bright Fire, the Characters upon the sword also turn Golden.

9) 9 Suns Domain - The Domain causes the Flames to Condense as 9 Miniature Suns which can be expended to cause mass destruction in an instant at the cost of decreasing the Domains power by 10% for each Sun Lost but also decreases the Spirit Power cost to sustain the Domain.

Incredibly Sharp with large destructive potential and spirit power can be inserted to allow the sword to produce yellow flames.

The Sword itself is just a normal sword so require a large amount of training to exert its full strength and it main power of flames requires spirit power to use and must active while any Spirit Ring Skills are in use.

The Legendary Rank 99 Spirit Beast the Golden Crow reached the end of its life but in rebellion of its killer who wished to acquire 9 Golden Crow Spirit Rings for his Second Spirit a Bow bestowed all of his strength upon a mortal granting the a Golden Crow bloodline but it merges with their original sword spirit forming the Golden Sun Sword Spirit and so the variant spirit has resided within their bloodline evermore occasionally appearing.


  • I like the allusion you made to chinese mythology and I think your abilities fit the world made by the author. +1
  • just read yours, oh man. Should've chosen the phoenix/vermillion bird for my inspiration. Now mine is kinda similar to yours but its a fan instead of a sword. Still this is awesome.
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