[Body Soul] Empyrean Sunspot Blood

Martial Soul. Empyrean Sunspot Blood (Body Soul)

System. Auxiliary/Power Attack

Description. It is a rare mutation of the martial soul that takes root in the user’s own blood. Like other Body Souls, its effects and advantages are less obvious and often passive, especially at the earlier stages of development. Though constantly in effect, activation of certain soul skills will result in steam rising from the user’s body, faint orange light pulsing underneath the skin like veins afire. At later stages, the user’s blood is so potent the pigmentation of the user’s eyes will be burned off—only swirling suns will remain of their irises, with the pupils taking on the appearance of the martial soul’s eponymous sunspots.

[Yellow] Sunsoul.

Strength, speed, stamina, defense and soul force are passively increased by 10% under sunlight. Under a clouded sky or a clear moon, the increase is only 3%, though energy stored during the day will allow the user to function at the full 10% increase for up to 10 minutes before needing to recharge, at which point they drop to 0% increase.  

Acquired from the Ghost of Gloaming.

[Yellow] Solar Hands.

Circulating the Empyrean Sunspot Blood within the user’s hands will generate dangerous levels of heat, significantly increasing the damage dealt by fist, open palm or knifehand strikes, making short work of trees as if they were made of butter. Soul force consumption is halved in the presence of sunlight.

Acquired from the Fireball Mastiff.

[Purple] Crest of Daybreak.

Refining the Empyrean Sunspot Blood causes a half-sun mark to appear in the middle of the user’s forehead, aglow with gentle warmth. The effects of Sunsoul passively increase to 15% during the day, and never drops below 10% even at night, as the user has become their own sun. Moreover, the user can roar to activate the crest: this suffuses the direct vicinity with intense light that can blind unsuspecting foes for a short time and temporarily shares the positive effects of Sunsoul with allies.

Acquired from the Three-Legged Dragontooth Crow.

[Purple] Ashenlight Corona.

Further refinement causes a pale halo to appear around the half-sun mark, as well as around the user’s pupils. Channeling the Empyrean Sunspot Blood in all three halos will allow the user to unleash three beams of concentrated sunlight that can turn weaker creatures and objects to ash, while either boring holes through or severely burning (perhaps even permanently blinding) adversaries of similar strength.

Acquired from the Bloodflame Ouroboros.

[Black] Chromosphere Body.

The effects of Sunsoul increase from 15% to 30% (with a minimum of 15% at night). An intense sphere of heat radiates from the user’s body, though contact with it can be controlled to be detrimental to foes and beneficial to allies: on top of mitigating damage from most attacks, foes that touch it will take substantial burns, while allies within it will be suffused with regenerative warmth and renewed vigor.  

Acquired from the Sun-Eater Yaoguai.

[Black] Thermonuclear Flight.

Continued refinement makes the half-sun and halo mark to appear on the back of both hands, each shoulder blade, and the soles of both feet (for a total of nine marks representing nine suns when including the eyes and forehead). These marks allow the user’s blood to absorb and release purer amounts of solar energy, enabling high-speed flight at a medium soul force expenditure during the day. At night, either the expenditure is doubled, or the speed is halved.    

Acquired from the Solar Barge Spirit.

[Black] Sunspot Eyes.

Simply looking at anything or anyone will cause them to burn up, resulting in the user needing to keep their eyes closed at all times. In counterpoint, the user can now process light with their skin as they would their eyes, resulting in an even deeper perception of the world around them, without any blind spot. Moreover, once opening their eyes, which now appear as full suns with swirling dark spots as pupils, they can actively channel soul force into them, thus magnifying the generated heat to dangerous levels even for soul masters of equal rank.

Acquired from the Guardian Eyes of Sanxingdui.

[Black] Zenith Heart.

The half-sun marks become full suns, causing the effects of Sunsoul increase from 30% to 50% (with a minimum of 30% at night), while soul force expenditure is halved for all lower-ranked soul skills. The effects of Solar Hands extend to the user’s entire body. Crest of Daybreak can fire from any or all the sun marks upon the user’s body, and can either home in on their targets or fire intermittently as a rain of shooting stars. The three rays of Ashenlight Corona can combine into one, tripling the overall destructive power they had when separate. The maximum speed of Thermonuclear Flight is also doubled.

Acquired from the Yellow Dragon Emperor.

[Red] Nova Spear of the Quasar.

The final sun and halo mark appears on the user’s sternum, and it is 3.33 times larger than the other marks. All light (solar, lunar or cosmic), heat and energy are absorbed into the user’s blood, where it is circulated and refined by the ten marks. This purified energy is then released from the final mark on the chest as a colossal ray of destructive starlight, with an equivalent beam fired off as backblast from the user’s shoulder marks.  Its power is such that it can raze a city to the ground, burning even the earth itself to dust.

 Acquired from the Ascendant Soul of the Giant Kua Fu, Who Holds Fusang in the Hand of the East and Ruomu in the Hand of the West.

Strengths. Empyrean Sunspot Blood allows the user’s body to better withstand heat and cold, as well as increase its physical aptitudes, health and the user's sense of well-being while exposed to the sun. Moreover, cultivation under the sun or in proximity to light and/or heat-based energy is significantly sped up. At later levels, a Sunspot Blood soul master’s stamina and soul force will usually exceed anyone else’s, due to their powerful abilities to pull resources from the sun and other external sources.

Weaknesses. Many of the passive benefits of the Empyrean Sunspot Blood are lessened at night (though still somewhat effective, as the moon reflects the sun’s light), and cultivation is similarly slowed. The passive advantages of Sunspot Blood make the user well-rounded, but will be individually outclassed by specialized martial souls until the middle stages of cultivation. Moreover, they have very few explosive skills that can turn the tables around: they are able to outlast anyone of similar rank, but will be hard-pressed to defeat trickier, indirect foes, or simply much stronger opponents. 

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