Book of Fire

Martial Soul: Book of Fire
System:Support System
Description:The Book of Fire has records of the origins and all types of fire and can bring those out to enchance allies. Because the Book of Fire helds the origin of fire it will cause a slight supressive effect on weak fire attributed Martial souls and cause strong fire attributed Martial Souls to go in a light frenzie, so that they are slightly harder to control
Soul Rings:1.:Solar Fire, brings the flames of the solar star down to grand allies a boost of attack of 10%
                   2.:Fire Armor, uses flames to form an Armor to protect allies and rise their defense by 10%
                   3.:Fire Enchance, brings out the origin of fire to enchance fire based attacks of nearby allies
                   4.;Fire Clone, summons a clone of urself made of fire in a critical moment to take 1 attack in ur stead
                   5.:Fire Domain, the next stage of Fire enchance, Increase the range of the spell, higher increace of strengh and will now take a negative effect on enemys
                   6.:Fire Weapon, summons a fire made weapon that can be wielded by any allie to increase the attack power of said weapon by 30%
                   7.:Fire Wings, can give wings to any allie to enable fast flight
                   8.:Fire Soul, can grand any fire based spell to get a soul and intelect on the same level or higher than humans, so that the caster no longer needs to control the
                       spell. it also increases the effect of affected spells by half
                   9.:Fire World, Changes the very balance of the surroundings so that all fire based abillities will be more powerfull and every non fire based abillities will be less
Strengh:Gives allied firebased attacks an really strong boost.
Weakness:Is only compatible with firebased attacks or attacks wich won´t contradict fire, if allies don´t use fire but a contradicting abilitie( for example water) then it will not
                   only not work it will even decrease its effects. Also the abibilities of the Book of Fire are extremly taxing


  • wow this is a great idea, a book, like the one from dd3 I think.
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