Shallow Water Steam Crab Spirit Essence

·         Name: Shallow Water Steam Crab

·         System: Beast Defense System Martial Soul

·         Element/Affinity: Fire/Water

·         Origin:
The Douluo Continent had always been surrounded by water. In the sea hundreds of li away from the Southeast shore, is the small volcanic island, called the Hell Dragon Eye that had appeared due to the active volcano on the ocean’s bed. The island itself is mostly barren rock, but a great part of a solidified lava in the water became a habitat for the heat-loving water creatures. With the soil and rock filled with the elemental energies, after few decades passed, some of those creatures evolved in the spirit beasts, while others have migrated from other densely populated areas. One of those creatures were the most common spirit beasts Shallow Water Crabs. While living in the waters near the island, they have absorbed the fire elemental energies, mixing with the natural water disposition and throughout time naturally evolving in the new species – Shallow Water Steam Crabs.
After few decades some humans from the nearby region had settled on the Hells Dragon Eye island, and although there was nearly no vegetation, the surrounding sea gave them enough food, volcanic island had good places to carve caves where their families could live. In time, some of the children, while awakening at the age 6, had their martial souls to awaken as mixed fire/water attribute spirit essences. One of such martial souls is Shallow Water Steam Crab spirit essence.

·         Appearance:
As the beast essence, it changes users appearance to that of the crab – the head is pulled in the shoulders, the eyes are moving away from eye sockets held by the thin straws, the arms inflate, become longer, while hands are become wider and become chela-like. The legs become smaller, and there appears additional three small pairs of them. The whole body becomes shorter, sturdier, covered by the sick chitin plates that radiate moderate heat. The color of the skin becomes fiery, as if the cooked lobster radiating moderate heat. At higher levels, the skin is covered in flames, additionally producing intense steam.

·         Strengths:
The Shallow Water Steam Crab is mainly a defense-type sprit essence that has powerful body armor possessing immense resilience to physical or fire damage. Even some ice attribute souls can’t do much damage to it, unless its freezing degree is above medium.
In addition, the strength of the chela is almost absolute – the sheer force, sharp cutting power and imbued fire-element makes the physical attack of the spirit master with this essence very formidable.
The ranking of essence should be that of the C- level (accordingly weak-to-strong: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, S+), according to International Douluo Continent classification.

·         Weaknesses:
The main problem with this spirit essence is that it doesn’t normally have long-range attacks, and is very slow (although with appropriate spirit rings, situation can be improved). Its mental resilience is also on the very basic level, so mental attacks are its natural nemesis.

·         Soul Rings (current configuration of the strongest Shallow Water Steam Crab martial soul owner from the Hell Dragon Eye island community – Elder Xiǎo Xiè):

1.     Yellow Soul Ring (171-years Shallow Water Steam Crab):
(Steam Crab) Steaming Chelas: defense skill/boost – user hands start to radiate heat, producing the intense steam, while also becoming more pincer-like. The defensive power of the hands doubles, attack power increases by about 15%. Additional soul rings increase the effect slightly.

2.     Yellow Soul Ring (437-years Shallow Water Steam Crab):
(Steam) Fiery Armor: defense skill – the armor of the user heats up and looks as if heated charcoal. It also produces steam in the air, partially reducing the vision. User defensive characteristics have fire element imbued, but no substantial defense power adds up. Additional soul rings boost the fire intensity.

3.     Yellow Soul Ring (856-years Devil Spirit Great White Shark):
(Steam Crab) Great White Steaming Tooth: energy attack skill – creates intense energy fluctuations on the spirit master’s body, encasing him in the heat/steam shroud. After concentrating for a short while, it would release through user hands as a white spear of energy. Cannot be launched too far, as the energy dissipates with distance (though presumably at higher ranks the condensation of spirit energy can improve the distance).

4.     Purple Soul Ring (1’869-years Shallow Water Rainbow Coral)
(Steam) Spiked Rainbow Carapace: defense skill – grows pieces of armor on the skin surface of the spirit master, that looks like steaming, glittering corals. It covers the skin with additional layer of uneven, differently colored armor, looking like rough plate mail with an odd shape Hellenic helmet (covers face fully, leaving T-shaped slit for view and breath). When touched, the carapace radiates focused heat in the point of impact. The fire strength depends on the color touched (most crucial zones have stronger fire and color is deeper).

5.     Purple Soul Ring (5’780-years Deep Water Fire Serpent Emperor):
(Steam) Crab Emperor Rage: overall boost skill – boosts spirit masters stats (defense characteristics, strength, speed, spirit power, elemental power strength) by 20%, but lowers the mental capability by 50%, putting user in sort of frenzy state. After 10 min of Crab Emperor Rage, there is a backlash period, where all user characteristics are lowered by 50% that lasts for about 1h.

6.     Black Soul Ring (10’084-years Mystic Deep Water Turtle):
(Steam Crab) Mystic Steam Protector: defense skill – surrounds user in the shroud of thick steam, imbued with the soul force. The steam acts as a turtle shell – covering most of spirit masters body 360 degrees. While this skill is active, any incoming non-physical damage (including mental attacks) are first focused on this steam shell. The incoming attacks are reduced by at least 30% (depending on the disparity in cultivation), with up to 90% in cases of elemental advantage and superior cultivation.

·         Additional Notes: Unfortunately, no user from the Hell Dragon Eye island small community was able to cultivate to the seventh ring yet, due to the island being remote and very little merchandise happening between inhabitants of the island and other archipelago islands. Therefore, on the island mostly exist only self-taught cultivation techniques that are very limiting to young soul masters. 


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