Demonic Jadeflame

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Martial Soul: Demonic Jadeflame

Appearance: Eerie greenish flame with tint of yellow and red. A cold flame but menacing, sometimes can be seen vague image of a wicked face inside the flame.

Soul Type: Tool Spirit

System: Control System (Controlling using deterrent method)

Soul Rings:
  1. Yellow Ring: Discerning Lens
    Spirit Beast: Evil Eye Beholder 

    Flame reshape into a transparent mirror and when user see through the mirror, there can only see world of flame. 
    No flame can be hidden from the lens including the mysterious Soul Flame which allowed User to discern emotion, intention, sins, and even karma by the fluctuation, the color, and the pattern.
  2. Yellow Ring: Nightmare Flame
    Spirit Beast: Hell Trickster Imp

    Flame spread through everywhere yet nothing burn except enemies heart. This wicked flame burn erratically, devil laugh, nightmarish illusion, and disturbing song of insanity is the only things that it left in it's wake.
  3. Purple Ring: Purgatory Flame
    Spirit Beast: Volcanic Flame Bird

    Transform jade flame into colorless flame, anything come in contact with it will feel intense Pain through their soul however what the victim feel will be also applied to the User.
    The secret is it also burn away filth, restore karma, and temper one's heart and soul. Can be used for breakthrough.
  4. Purple Ring: Flame Effigy
    Spirit Beast: Scarlet Magma Beast

    From a piece of User Soul and a piece of Jade Flame form a eternally loyal companion formed of myriad form of fire. Not only it can protect the owner, it can also share the Pain and Corruption with the owner.
    As a being made of flame, it can control flame like it's own limb. When not activated Flame Effigy will return to user soul to recuperate.
  5. Black Ring: Order in Chaos
    Spirit Beast: Lesser Devil

    Transform Jade Flame into Flame Crown, the symbol of netherworld sovereignty which allow user to control lesser demon. Another uses of flame crown is to form flame contract, one soul that doesn't abide the contract will be constricted by Punishing Flame Chain to be burned until destroyed. 

    Can do force contract but with a cost based on contract severity and power of each participant.

    Cannot bound anyone vastly stronger than user, Flame Crown also reduce the calling of the netherworld. Also granted ability to understand, talk, and write Demon Language.
  6. Black Ring: Burning Seal
    Spirit Beast: Hellfire Demon

    The Sovereign Instrument for punishment and reward, here are the Burning Seal that can etched into subject body in Demon Language Rune:

    - Seal of Promotion: Have the ability to promote Demon and Subject Cultivation using Netherworld Authority & Qi
    - Seal of Demotion: Have the ability to demote Demon and Subject Cultivation by deepening the corruption and clot
    - Seal of Zealous Flame: Unleash remaining potential of subject, but burn subject life in exchange for temporary power
    - Seal of Obedient: Subject  soul etched with this seals will bounded by Jadeflame and will burned everytime he/she defy user without destroying the soul
    - Seal of Hellfire: When etched to weapon, the weapon will produced hellfire through netherworld energy. When etched to living being, that living being will be burned alive with flame of Hellfire. But only if they can endured it...

    Seal can only be applied to anyone less stronger that user or person that voluntary accept seal, also seal can only be dispelled when subject desire to do so and there are person with higher cultivate help to get rid of it.
    User can't lied about the seal because bounder by the Dignity of Netherworld Sovereign.
  7. Black Ring: Soul Kingdom
    Spirit  Beast: Underworld River Dragon Carp

    Transform User Soulflame into Kingdom of souls where souls can live forever inside it but also forever under the jurisdiction of User.
    When materialized, Soul Kingdom is considered a pseudo-domain ability and any Soulflame in the domain is entrapped into the kingdom, whatever the Soulflame owner is as long as it is recently deceased it can be absorbed.

    The only one can retrieve the soul and invade kingdom is the one that have stronger power than User, however their own souls will also be periodically swayed into the kingdom if they don't have a strong will. This will also affect everyone inside kingdom.

    Note: User Soulflame and Martial Soul is considered two different things but connected in deeper level, Soulflame however is truly incorporeal and can only be truly materialized through Jadeflame as a medium.
  8. Red Ring: Heart Devil Flame
    Spirit  Beast: True Devil

    Rather than burning sins, filth, and evilness, this twisted flame burn purity, goodness, and heart transforming victim into destructive wicked devil although in exchange granting them a great power. With extensive baptism this transformation can be permanent and victim will forever falling into abyss however...

    Only the willing Souls can accept the baptism of Heart Devil Flame

    Second Skill: Sin Extraction Avatar

    Like yin and yang, evil and good can never exist without one another, by splitting both evilness and remaining goodness user can materialized the Heart Devil Avatar. This is the only way to heal baptism of Heart Devil Flame by killing the Heart Devil Avatar. However the stronger the level of the baptism, the stronger the Heart Devil Avatar and in it's final level it is almost unkillable.

    If successfully bested, the victim will obtain great benefit but also with a great cost which only God is the only hope.

    Suggestion by MjayW
  9. Red Ring: Heaven Sanctification
    Soul Ring forged from: Heaven's Origin Spring Water

    Represent the redemption and salvation of the owner of this Martial Soul, sacrifice all rings and dou qi (fall into lowest level) to evolve Demonic Jadeflame into a heavenly flame: Empyrean Sovereign Skyflame.

    This flame will also grant One's Greatest Wish once after the conception.

    Note: I will let the reader interpretation of this ring's skill go wild :  )

Other Soul Rings Path (Different Spirit Beast can obtain different result):

Path of Flame (Revelry in Destruction):
System: Attack System

1. Yellow Ring:  Hell's Flame
Spirit Beast: Hell Arsonist Imp

Similar to purgatory flame but without cleansing effect

2. Purple Ring: Burning Shadow Claw
Spirit Beast: Shadow Nightmare

Melee offensive ability, form burning shadow arm from shadow casted by Demonic Jadeflame, Can also condense shadow, evil, filth, etc into Demonic Flame and envelope in user arm forming a claw

3. Purple Ring: Nightmare Flame
Spirit Beast: Jungle Horror (Abomination)

Sames, but flames stick and damaging/corporeal also reduce sanity of User everytime used

4. Purple Ring: Flame Effigy
Spirit Beast: Scarlet Magma Beast

Same but more offensive oriented and have offensive spirit technique: Magma Eruption (Explode self ability)

5. Black Ring: Burning Seal
Soul Beast: Lesser Flame Demon

same but weaker binding power but stronger offensive power without seal of demotion and promotion, gain more type of use like trap 
grant demon language and writing knowledge

6. Black Ring: Fire Horror Beast
Spirit Beast: Hell Road Blood Chimera

Flame can form multiple fire horror but corrupt user

7. Red Ring: Heart Devil Bomb
Spirit Beast:  Black Heart of Gloom

Condense victim sin, evil, and filth and plant flame seed, transform the become human time bomb
Dead person will manifest Heart Devil

8. Red Ring: Infernal Apocalyse
Spirit Beast: Volcanic Elder Dragon

Domain ability, Summon part of netherworld into the world including its weather, amplify all flame power and being

9. Gold Ring: Burning Sin Weapon
Spirit  Beast: Hell Abyss Swordmaster

Can condense sin, evil, corruption, and filth and flame seed into weapon, kill to increase power

Second Skill: Abyss Transformation

Permanent transformation into Devil, empower & upgrade all ring but destroy goodness in User heart, can eat Soulflame to upgrade

True Sovereign Path (Be a Wise Ruler):
System: Support System

1. Yellow Ring: Discerning Lens
Spirit Beast: Evil Eye Beholder 

Sames can share ability only to one ally temporarily

2. Yellow Ring: Heraldic Flame
Spirit Beast: Ghost Forest Specter Beast

Transform flame into flag contain type of demon, can control that type of demon, also grant positive aspect of that demon to allies

3. Purple Ring: Summoning Gate
Spirit  Beast: Formation Tattoo Elephant

Can summon demon or summon allies from anywhere

4. Purple Ring: Purgatory Flame
Spirit Beast: Rainbow Flame Bird

Sames massively increase Speed and Attack of ally temporary, weaker cleansing effect

5. Black Ring: Order in Chaos
Spirit  Beast: Lesser Devil

Reduce calling

6. Black Ring: Burning Seal
Spirit Beast: Demon Overseer

Sames more higher binding power & more variety of seals, but each seals have special restriction based on rule of Netherworld
Reduce calling more control of each power

7. Black Ring: Flame of Rebuke
Spirit Beast: Sunstreak Flame Eater Cobra

Can rebuke/neutralize any flame but stronger flame need more qi, can clean flame contract, seals, or etc that normally can be destroyed
Reduce calling more control of each power

8. Red Ring: Soul Kingdom
Spirit Beast: Soul Devourer

Sames but with more functionality and control of souls capability, can even connect with reincarnation system
Reduce calling

9. Gold Ring: Netherworld Dominion
Spirit Beast: Devil King

Passive: Totally control call of netherworld, can claim netherworld dominion, gain territory and kingdom in netherworld
Active: Transform into True Netherworld Sovereign Avatar can control and summon law of netherworld

  • Evil Being, Demon, and Evil Intention Detector
  • Power to manipulate and overpowering: Demonic, Corruption, Evil, Toxic, Kill Intent, Poison, Yin, Filth being and qi
  • Affinity and adaptation to Netherworld
  • Natural Pain tolerance
  • High Reward Cultivation
  • Free Heart tempering >:  D
  • Calling of the Netherworld: 
Occasionally nightmare dream occurrence
Spontaneous demonic summoning
Netherworld phenomena summoning (Ash rain, poison weather)
Uncontrollable urge to Sin
Occasional Qi Corruption, Disturbing Voice, Insane Thought, etc
  • Some Soul Ring upgrade can only be obtained in Netherworld
  • High Risk Cultivation (Prone to corruption, etc...)
  • Power to manipulate and overpowering only apply when user twice stronger than the subject

Upgrade & Techniques *heavy spoiler if you not yet read doulou dalu 1:
Soul Fusion: Demi-God/Goddess Semi-Devil
with Soul Ring: angel/archangel-type Soul Ring

Compatible Domain: Killing, Nether, Flame, Conquest, Magma, etc

Best Treasure Herb: Heartflame Blossom
Property: Grant balancing Yang attribute, nourishing inner flame and soul, activating "Heartwarm" (maintain sanity, materialize warm of mother/friend/lover)

Potential Doulou Title: Netherflame, Nether, Fire
Potential God Inheritance:  God Sovereign of Netherworld

The true name of "Demonic Jadeflame" is actually "Demonic Sovereign Jadeflame"

It was symbol of Netherworld Sovereign and Netherworld is calling their ruler, without strong will user will be corrupted and lulled into the netherworld.

The true origin of this flame actually far more wider, it is came not from Doulou "Universe", note that i use world Universe representing different Universe like for example WMW universe theory, which explain that each universe have their own sets of laws.

Demonic Jadeflame came from Blood Universe where Demon and Monsters is the "normal things", when there are Universe Calamity in Blood Universe, demonic jadeflame accidentally transported to doulou universe and at the same time "translate" itself into the law of doulou universe. The closest law is of course netherworld law where demon and monsters roam freely.

In Blood Universe, Demonic Jadeflame is symbol of Jadeflame Sovereign of demonic race, not only the cultivating chaos law but also order law. They have their own sets of cultivation technique. Infact Demonic Jadeflame originally is not considered evil power or closely related with evil but more leaning to sovereignty, ruling, and lawmaking.

Story/OC Ideas:
My initial ideas is actually the owner of this type of Soul is a Hero's Girl/Heroine but more leaning to Hero's Girl

In Hero's girl path, the main plot is the hero help her to cure what thought to be incurable ailment.

In Heroine path, is rather similar with Tales of Berseria games, Heroine was falsely accused as demon worshiper or cursed child and the main plot is about her struggle to survive and revenge for her village that destroyed because of her.

Fun Things (Not for contest!!!!):
Disclaimer: I will delete this if the owner of martial soul wish to do so... (or replace the cast) also the name, background, system, & etc of character in below is not the canon version until owner says so

also please check out and comment owner's martial soul ;  )


Shrek's Seven Flame Devil Team:
Background: An absurd team that boldly represent the flame weakness: Attack is the best Defense! Each of it's member recklessly attack enemy like they are Attack System even the support guy attacking like he is phoenix boy Ma Hongjun (except little sister Meimei, we never tell her to fight because she is so cute and delicate aww...)

Mr. Protagonist Boy Han Yan
Martial Souls: Sun's Shadow by Grin Don
System: Attack and secretly control...
Background: His lover is his motivation to become stronger seeking to curing the curse afflicting her, his power seems can help contain the curse of his lover. His bro (Han Xing) and father (Han Yang) is missing after going with the army, his mother...
Note for Grin Don: yes Grin Don i already planned this all along! hahaha

Speed Clan Family Youngest Daughter Bai Xing
Martial Souls: Golden Crow Fan by Enye
System: Attack
Background: What speed clan need? Speed System, do Bai Xing love speed? do Bai Xing love sneaky, cowardly ways? no. She is bold, courageous, and will run straight headfirst to solve the problem, a bashful attitude of young mistress that need to be fixed, so she sent to the Shrek.

Grandmaster/Liu Erlong Adopted Grandson Yu Sanhao
Martial Souls: Skrill (Fire Variant) by DarthSkrill
System: Speed/Attack
Background: Named after grandmaster best student after Tang San and Xiao Wu go to heaven they adopt him. Containing dragon lineage in his blood, Liu Erlong decide to enroll him in Shrek, his origin is very mysterious and came from far, far away in galaxy...

Big Guy Guo "The Mountain" Gong
Martial Souls: Lavastone Clam by magnuscrow
System: Defense and secretly attack...
Background: The smarter than it's look, Kind Senior Apprentice Brother, Hard boiled, Honest, and "Brother for Live" type person

Sickly Protagonist Childhood Friend "slash" Lover Yao Yao
Martial Souls: Demonic Jadeflame by me
System: Control
Background: Village childhood friend of our protagonist (you know where it will lead us), a genius faced with a mysterious curse afflicting her after her Martial Soul's awakening. Are we will see adventure of the two lovers? are we will know her origin is? or we will succumb with man-faced spider + lover tragedy stereotype again? we will find out in the next episode of...

Sweet Little Support Sister Ri Meimei
Martial Souls: Resplendent Golden Lantern by wynzadora
System: Auxiliary
Background: From the mining village she cames, Meimei is like your little sister next door bright and kind (if your's not maybe you can check out her rival meany little sister Yue Meiyou).

Smug Young Master Jun Lai
Martial Souls: Godly Flaming Meatballs by DaoMaster
System: Food and self-proclaimed Attack
Background: He is Cool, His Martial Soul is Very Cool. Ya he is cool...

Team Technique:

Combination Technique: Dragon's Roar Golden Crow' Cry
with Soul Ring: Skrill (Fire's Variant) + Golden Crow Fan
Skrill breath flame lightning and the fanned by Golden Crow Fan while emanating Golden Crow Flame. The result is phantom of Golden Crow and Dragon inside tempest of Flame, Lightning, and Heat

Soul Fusion: Consuming Eclipse Wicked Ouroboros
with Soul Ring: Sun's Shadow + Skrill (Fire's Variant) + Demonic Jadeflame
Transform into Great Serpent eating the sunlight, replacing sun with great black void that absorb dou qi in area. This fusion is similar to final ring power of Sun's Shadow but with greater range and absorbed qi will be burn into nothingness (or simply vaporize away) note that it also burn User qi so be sure to finish your opponent before the fusion end.

Soul Fusion: Sunstreak Home Run
with Soul Ring: Resplendent Golden Lantern + Godly Flaming Meatballs with help of Lavastone Clam
Transform Resplendent Golden Lantern & Godly Flaming Meatballs users into Big glowing meatball, Lavastone Clam user will help throwing the meatball using his strength like a cannonball

Soul Fusion: Bright Demigoddess Semidevil
with Soul Ring: Golden Crow Fan + Demonic Jadeflame + Resplendent Golden Lantern
Accidentally acquired in girl misadventure chapter, Transform into Demigoddess Semidevil that can control Light and Flame

Soul Fusion: Heavenly Fire Emperor
with Soul Ring: All martial soul (exclusively for flame martial soul, so... 7 of them)
Taught by Yu Xiaogang (Grandmaster) similar to Tang San soul fusion, however because 7 of them have same essence (flame) it mutate into this fusion

Wow Burning Legion
BTTH Flame
ISSTH Ji clan
Xian Ni
Fairy Tail
Tales of Berseria
Bringing the farm to live in another world
MTG especially Rakdos
hint of Breakers Korean Novel
and obviously doulou dalu franchise...


  • wow these are a lot of cool ideas.
  • Wow, this is really good. I like the way you shapped your template and made it your own as well. Your abilities fit the world correctly, you included the beasts your spirits came from and I especially like how you put down your thought process great job +1
  • Enye said:
    wow these are a lot of cool ideas.
    Wow, this is really good. I like the way you shapped your template and made it your own as well. Your abilities fit the world correctly, you included the beasts your spirits came from and I especially like how you put down your thought process great job +1
    Thank very much both of you! i will check yours too! :smile: 
  • What if there are two Netherflame Douluos?  I think you should leave that out.  No two Douluos have the same title (I think).
  • Yeah they can't have the same titles 
  • What if there are two Netherflame Douluos?  I think you should leave that out.  No two Douluos have the same title (I think).
    Yeah they can't have the same titles 
    Yeah, I think i should leave that out, thanks! :smile:  
  • By the way, "Demi-God / Goddess Semi-Devil" is a real tongue twister.  Try saying that three times fast.
  • ouch. failed on the 2nd attempt, what a twist.:)
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    how about an extraction skill of negativity, sins, and karma ,by compressing and devouring all of those negativity into a your body awakening the wicked evil avatar within your soul.
    im looking forward to probly an avatar skill, domain, or maybe reviving a corpse but everything is burnt away besides the negativity, sins, karma and evil . given rebirth as a true wicked evil.

  • MJayW said:
    how about an extraction skill of negativity, sins, and karma ,by compressing and devouring all of those negativity into a your body awakening the wicked evil avatar within your soul.
    im looking forward to probly an avatar skill, domain, or maybe reviving a corpse but everything is burnt away besides the negativity, sins, karma and evil . given rebirth as a true wicked evil.

    Hi thank you for your suggestion, I added it as 8th soul ring power thanks! :smile: 

    Also Updated!
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