Universal Martial Immortal

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Hi guys! I am a new guy here so be lenient with me and be happy with the story, anyway have fun since it's my first time writing something. Enjoy 

Preview: The planets, The galaxies, The Suns, The Martial way, all belong to one big system, The Universal Law, the one system that we all follow no matter what, where, and who we are whether you are a peerless genius, an untalented guy, or an average guy that goes to work regularly,it doesn't matter, we breathe, we use energy, we use power, everything is owned by the universe. But if I tell you a way to ascend beyond the universe, way beyond you can imagine it, would you do it? Join the adventure of Angus Clark ascending the universe and uncover it's secrets.

I will be doing chapters if I have time but I will post atleast 1 chapter per day.

Please comment if you think it has a potential or say you want it to continue. Thank you for reading


  • Here's chapter 1 hope you guys like it  :)

    Chapter 1: A normal day at the city

    And here I am doing nothing in this city, yeah there are many thing to do here but I'm just too lazy to do something. My name is Angus Clark, Ang for short, my friends at school tells that to me. There's too much homework but I have done them all so I'm bored, and nothing interesting in the internet lately. I guess I'm gonna sleep nothing to do much anyway.

    ===The Next Morning===

    7:00 A.M. it says as I look at my alarm clock that has been annoying me every morning, thank you for that. 

    Anyway It's school days anyway so I'm actually grateful that it wakes me up every morning. As I go down I saw my mom with my breakfast, I of course ate all of it, it was so delicious so grateful I have a mom that is with me. I went to bath, and did all the things I need in preparatiion to go to my school, and left the house after that.

    While at the way in the school which is like 5 miles away, and rode the bus to it, I eventually arrived at 7:50 which is 10 minutes before getting late.

    Once I went inside my classroom I immediately saw my friends and greeted me, and of course I greeted back and chatted with them for the remaining 7 minutes that we have.

    After classes which are so boring, it's finally lunch break thank God it's lunch break now, it was so boring in class me and my friends stopped by at the cafeteria and ate, we talked about how math sucks and how science is our first subject. I didn't notice that it was time for classes already, stupid lunch break goes by so fast.

    After that we went back to our classroom and went back to the boring subjects.

    Finally it's 4:00 P.M. already and it's time to go back to home, but obviously I won't go home just yet I gotta enjoy my youth. Me and my friends went to the arcade after school, we did shooting racing and shooting games in the arcade which are so fun to do after classes.

    And then eventually we gotta go home since it's almost dark. But on my way I found an item which is like a pendant, yes, a pendant but with unusual shapes and patterns, it's like the shape of a star with crazy circles and squares in it. I don't know what to do with it so I put it in my bag and checked if someone saw me.

    ===At home in my room===

    I checked the pendant if it was something incredible, so I put it where the light would shine but it didn't shine like silver or gold do. I guess it's just a piece of junk, so I threw it in the trash and went on with my night browsing twitter if there are some interesting stuff.

    I saw an interesting video online, it's some sort of new hoverboard that can fly and someone tested it, it says soon to be open in public, I gotta get mom to buy this for me.

    And so the night was done it was time to sleep.

    At midnight something seems to be incredibly itchy in my arm, so I woke up and opened the lights to see what it was.

    It was that star-shaped pendant, it seems like embedded in my arm, like it was there to begin with, but it's not.

    "Hey pendant, it's incredibly itchy so could you please go out of my arm"

    but of course it wouldn't reply, it was a useless junk anyway. And then pain starts to appear.

    "HEY, what the hell is this, MOM, MOM, MOM, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    My mom went to my room immediately and saw my arm.

    "Angus! It's fine baby, it's fine," trying to calm me down. 

    But it hurts so bad, so my mom called an ambulance. Next thing I know I'm already in a hospital room.

    "Is it gone?"

    I checked, I guess it's gone now, what was that all about.

    Then I slept, I dunno how but I just did.

    ===Angus Mom's POV===

    "Hey doctor, why is my son taking so long to recover when it was just a swelling in his arm?"

    "Ma'am we are not sure but we are working on it"

    And I'm just gonna believe that? NO! I want my son safe

    ===After a little while===

    a doctor walked up to me and said "Ma'am, I am sorry to inform you that your son is dead and is caused by a heart attack, when we looked at it, it looks like the blood in your son's heart have somehow overflowed, I'm incredibly sorry for the news Ma'am, I should take my leave now, I'm sorry ma'am we couldn't do anything"

    And at this moment my heart seems like it stopped beating. My son died? just like that? why? why are the God's cruel to us. 

    Later I was in our house crying, crying and crying. Why did that happen to my family? WHY?! 

  • Here's chapter 2 as bonus cause chapter 1 is just too few of information for my story

    Chapter 2: Different World

    Wait, What happened, I was at the hospital then it turned dark then now I'm at a different house now? What is happening.

    Some guy appeared and talked to me " Angus, I have been yelling at you for 5 minutes now, Where were you?"

    I don't know what to say but I just said " In my room" I couldn't get bothered by someone like him.

    " I am your father and you dare say a lame excuse like that? I went to your room and you weren't there, I guess you need more teaching" Wait, what did he just say? My father? I'm pretty sure mom explained that he is dead. Anyways I'm in for a trouble since I was supposed to be by his side earlier, I sighed and silently said "what a cruel life it is"

    My father angrily said "Hey, what are you doing there standing like an idiot it's time for dinner" Oh, I guess food wouldn't be so bad.

    We ate a regular meal, typical chicken with some vegetables, after that we went to our respective rooms, and slept.

    At night in my dreams, It seems like a boy and his family is together and people flying, huh that;s funny people flying in a festival and people fighting at an arena. A pretty funny dream, and somehow my head seemed to hurt a lot all of a sudden, It contained a lot of information abut a man's life that has the same name as me, and then it struck me, is this what happened to the guy in the book I was reading? the guy who transferred worlds?

    And yes it was, I woke up in the morning having a headache, what a way to start a day. Anyways I realized that my dream was real it was the mind of the guy who I possessed right at this moment. Then what was that fighting and flying all about? and the books my father pushed to me for me to learn? what was that? it says books of Universal Cultivation or something.

    And after I took my breakfast, I went to a nearby library, and realized what is this place? It was much different from my world, of course, It was another world what was I talking about, of course the world change.

    When I was at the library, I spent the whole day learning things, after that long day I went to my bed and meditated, according to the book when you meditate it makes you stronger, it says it will improve your star world, so I did and learned a lot of things, by the age of 16 you have to get tested by elders for some strength test. I know that much, so I need to improve so I can prove my strength, but for me I'm only 10 years old there is still 6 years but I gotta work hard to become strong to go back to my original world and take care of my mother. There are so many things I learned from the library such as the World, Cultivation and some side job like Alchemy, Blacksmith, Scroll Inscriber, Rune Master, and so on.

    The map there has many information and some details, it says that this world is divided into 5 parts. The North, South, East, West, and Middle. Each have different races North which are for humans, South which are for Demons, East are for Elves, West are for Giants, And middle was for everyone with high power or status. I was living at the City of Golden leaves, In it's border where poor people like us are living.
    There is also the book of Universal Cultivation, it says many levels of power and ways to meditate or cultivate the star world.

    There are : Forming star, Star condensation, Star solidification, Star purification, True Star form, Star planets, Star Nebula, Star galaxy, and Star Universe. all with 9 stages except the last 4 levels which has 4 stages. The first 5 have the basic numbering which is Forming star stage 1, and so on but, on the last 4 there are, low, middle, high, and peak.

    I checked my star world which is located in my heart, but unfortunately I remembered my past world how my mom were, if she was okay.

    Then I went to meditation the whole night. And hope to bear some fruit from my hard work.
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    Here is chapter 3 guys! hope you like it  :)  I was so itchy whether to write or not, but I did anyway aren't I a good person  o:)

    Chapter 3: Martial school

    ===Morning==="Huh?" I noticed something strange in my body, it appears to be glowing slightly, I don't know if it is my eyes messing with me or I improved a little bit, but I don't know I guess I'll find what happened to my body later.'tok' 'tok' 'tok'Someone is at the door, I stopped meditating and went to the door to open it, It appears to be my father."Son, I have an important announcement, go to the living room in 5 minutes sharp and don't think of wandering somewhere, remember IT'S I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T""Okay dad, I'll be there don't worry" I said with a nervous smile.I fixed my hair and everything, after that I went to the living room, I saw dad with a letter in the table in the middle of the living room."I wonder what it is" i said quietly.My dad saw me and said "Son, good that you're here for once, you're always late" my father said with a smile.It's actually not bad going here not being late, no scolding, no sermons, no nothing just smiles."Dad, what have you sought me for?" He looked at me smiled, then, became serious all of a sudden then he said "Son, I'm applying you to a Martial School now since you are almost 11 years old, I believe you will be in a few months right?""Yes father" I said while sitting down in front of him, then I continued "What Martial School? I thought we almost have no money for that" I said quite embarrassingly."Son, you may not know this but" there was a slight pause then he continued "We, as in me and your mother have been working hard this fast few years for your sake, we experienced pain for you, and I don't want you to experience that back" my father said emotionally, and of course I got almost emotional, a family, what a wonderful thing we go to problems together and loves each other."Dad, I will do my best at the Martial School and prove that I am strong enough and give you and mom everything you deserve, I'm sorry I was a pain for you every time, I was a bad kid" I said almost crying, yeah I am an emotional child what about it?"enough of this, you will be sent to the capital and will be tested by certain elders of the schools in the capital, I know it's expensive but we will do everything for you, my son" My dad said while crying."Father, leave everything to me, I won't let you down" I said proudly while wiping off my tears."Now that's my son" he said happily while hugging me, he then said "You haven't had breakfast yet, come let's eat, after that you shall rest and get ready tomorrow for your journey to the capital" he said with a smile. And so, I spend the rest of the day resting and reading in the library trying to get new knowledge in my small brain.===The Next Morning===A caravan was in front of the gate entrance ready to go off into the distance.My father and mother was there they greeted me off and I left this place, with high expectations in my mind."Now, Let's head straight to the capital" as I said loudly with a proud smile.

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    Hey here's chapter 4 for you guys, I have a lot of time today haven't I  D

    Chapter 4: The Examination

    ===At the Caravan==="WOOOOW, I already see the capital from here, it's so big" I said with excitement "I wonder what school I will go to"We finally arrived at the capital. The capital of the North, well technically there are 4 capitals in the North but at least I am in one, so who cares?"Uncle how many minutes till we arrive?""I guess about 3 minutes from now, your family surely treasures you huh?" He said with a smile"Yeah they do, and I love them so much also" I said with a huge grin across my face.He just laughs at what I said. Then we arrived."WOW" this place is so huge, like I am an ant in an ocean."Uncle, where is the examination for Martial Schools?" I said with a confused face."It's right there child, Be careful and I hope you will get on a good Martial School" he said with a smile."Thank you uncle" I said while bowing to show respect. He then replied "I should be thanking you kid instead" I didn't know why he said that but all I want to do right now is to go to a good Martial School.===At the Plaza===So this is the examination huh? there are a lot of people here, they are going to enroll to I suppose.Then some elder walked up to the stage and announced "Good Morning everyone, please take a seat somewhere comfortable" I was beside a tree so I sat here. Then some guy approached me "Hey, can I take a seat here, there are nothing to sit on but here" he said, so I replied "Sure" with a smile."Hey" he said to me "Hey" I replied "Hi, I am Den Billrow, my age is 11, nice to meet you" he said with a smile while offering his hand "Hi, My name is Angus Clark,my age is 10, nice to meet you also" I said with a smile while shaking his hand."I'm a year ahead huh" he said then continued "what is your level right now?" I replied happily "I am at Forming star level 1,I hope not to be a burden to you in the future, How about you?" I said with a friendly smile, he replied "I am at Forming star level 3, we all started learning how to cultivate at the age of 10 with the first 9 years telling us how the world works, so it's only natural to be at Forming star level 1" He said with a friendly smile also.Some loud 'ehem' could be heard so we looked at the elder at front. He announced that "Everyone I am Elder Chris, Leader of the Martial Education Department in this capital, nice to meet you all" then he coughed slightly again and said "Everyone, today we shall commence the Martial School Examination in this day and year, the aspiring cultivators, please come to the following stages and your Talent, Type, and Willpower shall be tested" We heard it loud and clear so I bid my farewell to Den, then continued upon the line for testing.A huge noise could be heard from the middle stage, then some people started whispering around me.'Some beauty had just tested and has been put into the highest rank of talents''Look at the middle stage, some beauty had just beaten the records''Let's check her out later'Heh, some girl that is talented huh, I must be strong and be ready for my test."Angus Clark, please come to the stage" It appears to be my turn now."Hold that ball please" I did what he said and the ball shined brightly, I wonder what I did."Hmmmmm, not bad you have high talent for cultivating, next your class, put your hands in the ball next to it please" I did so. Then there were a lot of Lightning and Darkness in it."HMMMMM!? A Dual Type Universal Martial Artist eh? Lightning and Darkness at that, what a rare combination indeed, and it looks like there is a bit of wind in there, it appears to me that a good child will appear" he said happily, while people behind me got noisy, I think they were whispering because of me."Next sit in that chair as to see your willpower, don't let my expectations down" He said and a slight headache happened, but it was not big so it's fine."Good God, you have 10x higher willpower than an average human does, good child indeed" He appears to be high of expectations for me which means I was am going to become a good student in the future, there are some chances that I can fulfill my promise to my parents and let them live happily. I thought happily."Now that your test is done, this is your card for entry in Eternal Star Academy and here's your room key, you will be living in a room big enough for three to live in, just wait for your roommates to come and greet them, I have high expectations for your future Mr. Angus" He said happily, then I left and hoping to find my room.Yes! I made it I have a chance to let my Parents live happy, and that's what I want to do the most.A good day it is.

  • Here is chapter 5 hope you enjoy and continue reading this   

    Chapter 5: Dorm 2003

    I was at my dorm waiting for anyone to enter, it has been 3 minutes since I came here, it's so boring not talking to no one.'click'A noise came from the door and the door opened, it appears to be Den."Welcome to this dorm, Den" I said with a friendly smile, he greeted me back "Thank you Angus" he smiled back."So, how's your test?" He said "Good, I apparently have Dual type or something, I don't know much about it but, I saw some Darkness and Lightning in the ball, it also says that my willpower is 10x of average human, do you know what those mean?" I said with a question look in my face, He replied back saying "Wow, didn't expect that much, lets just say you are a bit more special than average humans okay?" He said happily "Ok, thanks for explanation" as I said politely.'click'Another sound from the door, It was a guy with shiny and glamorous shirt, wow a rich one."welcome to this dorm" me and Den said at the same time, Then he did something unexpected, he hugged us, a hug? is he my relative or something? we aren't this rich."I am good to see you guys, I am Lawrence Crawford, 11 years of age, and son of the Merchant guild, The Guiding Star Merchant" Then Den appears to be excited all of a sudden "are you really the son of Mr.Crawford from Guiding Star?" He said with excitement "Yeah, I am, feel free to chat with me and don't be hesitant on your requests"A loud noise could be heard so we diverted our attention into it."New students of Eternal Star Academy, Welcome, everyone here is the most talented, most powerful of youths, I will now announce everyone's schedule and classes for the next 6 years" Oh, I better get a paper to schedule my days."Wind class is 7:00-8:00 A.M., there will be classes on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, added sessions will be decided by assigned teachers""Lightning class will be 3:00-4:00 P.M., there will be classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, added sessions will be decided by assigned teachers""Darkness class will be the last class and will be 5:00-6:00 P.M., there will be classes on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, added sessions will be decided by assigned teachers"Better write this down."Hey guys let's explore this dorm and decide our place" Lawrence said, "sure" me and Den answered"There were the living room which we are in which is huge, around 30 feet across, Then there is the dining room, though we probably won't cook because there is a cafeteria nearby, There were three rooms in the 2nd floor, I guess this is the rooms we will be staying in."I'll choose the middle one" Lawrence said, "I'll choose the right one then" Den said "Then I choose the left one since it's the only one left" I said."Everyone go to your rooms and get accustomed to it, and we need rest for tomorrow, tomorrow is the starting of classes" Lawrence said while going to his room.Once I entered the room, I saw how big it was, it was 50 feet rooms just for one person, I put my things in the corner and rested for a little bit, then I meditated the whole night."Angus? Angus?" 'knock' 'knock' 'knock'There seems to be someone at the door, so I opened it, "Angus, come let's eat somewhere nice with Den to celebrate the Dorm 2003" He said with a big smile "Sure I'll go but the problem is money I don't have much" I said embarrassingly "It's fine, It's my treat, come join us" so I did, I will meditate later I guess.We went to a grand restaurant it seems expensive, it's my first time coming to a place this big.We ate lobster, some delicious monster meat, and a delicious dessert.We went home safely and went to our respective rooms to rest, but me? no, I meditated the whole night waiting to see the good tomorrow.
  • Here's chapter 6 I'm so addicted to writing hope you will like it, if the story is boring it's just the introduction of this story I have plans on the future that has many good battles and challenges, please be patient and support my amateurish story 

    Chapter 6: Lightning and Darkness

    It was early in the morning, I opened my eyes from meditating and looked at my body. It was glowing slightly again, this time I know that there is something wrong, so I decided to see my Star world there was a small star forming with strange patterns, it looked like the pendant that I got, there was a lot of mystery in it, my tiny brain can't figure it out just yet but, I will know in the future.'knock' 'knock' Someone's knocking again, who could it be it's 6 in the morning, so I opened the door."Hey Angus, It's time for breakfast we have to go to classes, you have wind class in 7 right?" Lawrence asked, "Oh yeah, forgot about that, thank you for reminding me" I said with a smile, "It's fine, come at the dining room we'll eat there" I thought no could cook? I guess there is one.I saw Den at the table with the food, "Good Morning" He greeted, "Good Morning, good luck on your classes today" I said. Then we ate a good breakfast, apparently Den cooked it and it was so delicious.I went to Wind class that is in the third building.As I went to the classroom there were already a lot of people, I guess there will be many since it's the first day and everyone would be attending classes.As a teacher walked in he greeted us and made an introduction "Hi everyone, My name is Michael Sanders, nice to meet you all and I will be your Wind class teacher/instructor, I am at True Star Form level 6" Wow, that's pretty far ahead.First introduce yourself then we will proceed to class, after introduction our instructor taught us what wind is."Wind, what is wind? It is the sharpest of all, the one we breathe in, the power to cut through all" Wow so it's based on penetrating power I guess. "Wind is one of the essential things we need to live it is passive yet strong, cool yet warm, you can't see it but it's all around you, this is a move a forming star can use" he showed us a move.[Wind push] it sent a gust of powerful wind towards us and almost blew us away."See that's just the smallest power of wind, pretty good to send enemies away and get away quickly, the property of the wind is its fast nature and penetrating power, and thus strongest when trying to assassinate or get away quickly, your first homework is how to sense wind and use it, meditate like normal but use everything to sense the wind and use the power in your star world to direct the wind in a certain direction, practice now since we only have 20 minutes left, all of you should be capable of doing that at around 15 minutes" and so we did, all students practiced wind at this moment.I meditated and started to feel the wind around me, I tried using me Star World's power to direct the wind somewhere but, it was hard, when I try to direct it somewhere it goes to random places where I don't want it to be.After 10 minutes, I can already control a small amount of wind to send a small gust of wind, I thought I could do better but, I was wrong."Alright we are done now go to your dorm now or go to your next class"After 20 minutes was over I did not get any improvement, thus I practiced a little longer waiting for my Lightning class to come.===At around 3 P.M.===
    I can now use a bigger gust of wind capable of blowing the chairs and tables to be blown away for a good 3 inch unlike earlier when it was only one inch, that's a good improvement.It was now time for Lightning class so I went to the 2nd BuildingOnce I walked in there were only a few people here.A teacher walks in front and introduced himself "Hi everyone, I am Edward Lionheart, and I will be teaching you Lightning class teacher, I am at True Star Form level 5, nice to meet you all, once we are done with introductions we will be starting with the class"After the introduction we were taught what lightning was."Lightning, Lightning is fierce, brutal, and fast, It can kill anyone with one wrong move, Lightning is as fierce as a Dragon and as brutal as the nature, Lightning came from extreme heat and for and charges from the clouds, it's powerful thus one has to be careful, a great power comes with great responsibility, this is a move from lightning for forming star martial artists"[Lightning bolt] He directed it at the ceiling, we all looked at it the lightning seems to have power to soar through the sky carrying it's immense amount of power in it.Wow, what a powerful strike for a Forming star martial artist, he is at True Star Form so naturally his attacks are stronger than us making the move look more powerful."All of you will meditate and practice to feel the lightning, to sense it create a strong friction power from your Star World and release it in your fingers, you all have 20 minutes to finish this and it should be easy enough for you to create a small spark"We practiced, I used the power in my Star World to create a strong friction and practiced harder in this, but after just 10 minutes I already formed a small spark about one inch in size and width, and so I continued until 20 minutes, the spark grew from 1 inch to 1 and half inch, I guess that's improvement""Alright we are done now go to your dorm now or the Darkness class if you have Darkness type"===Around 5 P.M.===I headed to the third building's 4th floor, where our darkness class is.Once I went in, I only saw 6 people in here, so that's why the elder at the test says 'a rare combination'A teacher went in front and did his introduction."Good Afternoon everyone, My name is Holstein Wolf, and I will be your darkness teacher, I am at True Star Form level 7, nice to meet you all and once we are done with the introductions which will be fast, we will practice darkness for the rest 30 minutes left"After the introduction he introduced us what darkness is."Darkness, The son of evil, but not every Darkness type martial artist is evil, some use it for goodness and is indeed 'being the dark to save the light' Darkness is mysterious and boundless, to practice it sense your surroundings see the dark and form darkness in light by borrowing the power of darkness, I will show you the power of Darkness that you guys can use as well"[Dark Bind] all of us tried to move but everyone can't, it was because the darkness is locking our body for a moment."That's Dark bind capable of binding enemies for a quick moment, now practice the darkness and put darkness in the light side of this room"We practiced the Darkness, after 10 minutes I can put a small darkness in the light but will be gone in a moment, so I practiced more after those 30 minutes I can put a 1 inch darkness in the light, it was hard, thank god that we are done for the day now."now that we are done go to your dorm now and don't stay up late you still have classes tomorrow"
    After the class I went home with a smile after all that I have learned Wind, Lightning, and Darkness. I was incredibly happy at this moment.

  • Here is chapter 7, I have planned many things for this through my imagination and trust me it sent goosebumps all over my body thinking about this story's future. Hope you like this chapter   

    Chapter 7: Practical Test

    I am one week from starting my life in this academy, I am now a Forming star level 2 after that week of hard work and I can use some Wind type skills, and have a better understanding in both Lightning and Darkness. I spent most of my free time in the library learning new skills and about the world, at night I don't sleep but meditate instead, that's why it took a toll in my body so body hurts a lot right now.

    Every student were called to the plaza I was with my dorm mates when we went there an elder came to the front and spoke.

    "Good Morning everyone, this academy have a tradition of having practical tests every 2 weeks to show what everyone have learned, the tests will be at the battle tower, every student will show what skills they have and we will inspect if you are worthy of this academy or not, that concludes my announcement and have a good day everyone"

    "I guess we need to practice hard don't we?" Den said, "Yeah, I have been slacking of this past week so I didn't have time to work hard unlike Angus" He said while smiling, "I can teach you guys if it's about Wind, Lightning, or Darkness" I said while having a friendly smile "are you sure?" Lawrence said excitingly "yeah, both of you" I said happily, they are my family here why would I be selfish with my skills with them. "Thank you so much Angus" Lawrence and Den said, then I replied "You're welcome guys"

    So the following week we have been training our ass off for this practical test, anyways we have made major improvement thanks to our continuous sparring matches and lectures, and I feel like we are ready.

    We went to the plaza to see which floor we would take our tests, it was 3rd floor of the battle tower. Then an elder walked to the podium in the stage and said.

    "Good morning students, I am now commencing this school year's first practical test, every student should look at the boards at the sides as to see which floor you will be tested on, we shall see each other at the battle tower this 1:00 P.M., Good luck students and may the stars be with you" he said while he left, we already looked at the boards so we don't need to look at it again, we rested until 12:30 P.M. and proceeded  to the battle tower.

    Wow, I didn't expect this battle to be so huge it was 1 km long and 1 km wide, while the tower appears to seemingly pierce the heavens with it's height. We all proceeded to different floors because our age were different and we are organized through age so we bid our farewell and went to our specific floors.

    As I walk in the room was so huge, 50,000 people could fit easily in here, I saw many people inside already and will proceed with the test.

    "Mr. Jordan Hampston, come in front and show your abilities while sparring with Mr. Ethan Dalton" oh, it appears that the matches will be starting now.

    After awhile many matches were already done and only a few people remained.

    "Mr. Angus Clark, come in front and show your abilities while sparring with Mr. Sebastian White" my match was against this huge dude with a lot of muscles, looks like it will be a tough one.

    I headed in the middle and greeted Sebastian while he do the same.

    "Battle Start" the elder announced.

    Sebastian seemed to charge at me with a rock like arm, it was [Solidification] from the Earth class, I guess with his body I should've known that he was an Earth class martial artist.

    I dodged with the help of [Swift Wind] which boosted my speed for awhile.

    He charged at me again with [Spike shield] in his left hand, naturally I dodged then it was time for counter attack.

    [Dark Bind], and [Lightning bolt]

    I immediately used this skills as my counterattack, he didn't dodge because he couldn't, I used [Dark Bind] so he was hit with [Lightning Bolt] in his back while slowly paralyzing his body. 

    And I think the match should be done now, the continuous use of skills spent most of my energy and power from my Star World.

    "The match is done, and the winner is Mr. Angus Clark, what an excellent way on showing your skills Mr. Angus" The elder declares.

    "Thank you elder for the compliment but that was just luck" I said with a smile while I left the tower and went to my dorm.

    I reviewed my moves and pondered for a bit if I could've done it better and continued to improve my moves overnight.

    I think that concludes my Test and it's sleep time now, I haven't have sleep in a while, I really want to rest now for I am now too tired.

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    Here is chapter 8, I am sure you guys are confused why Martial is in the title of this, the reason is in this chapter read it to know I will put it in the end because the title will be a huge spoiler. Hope you like this chapter though, I appreciate the 100 people looked at this story. So for this I will try my hardest to improve my story. thank you for looking if you are. 

    The next week after the exam, a new type of schedule was announced it says.

    "Martial classes and Cultivation classes will now be available and will be on 12:00-1:00 P.M., Martial classes will be on Monday and Cultivation classes on fridays, It will be taking your lunch time but I hope people can eat before this class is on, this will be our announcement for now and have a good day"

    Hmmmmm, so this is where we can be taught about Martial arts, I guess those first 2 weeks were like a trial and see who can continue with this school and persevere at the top.

    I am excited to enter this class so I meditated the whole night.


    "Good morning guys, I hope all of you won't miss the Martial class today won't you?" Den said, "Of course we won't right Angus" Lawrence said while having a huge grin in his face, "Yeah, I gotta work hard to keep up with 4 classes on Monday" as I said while sighing.

    "Angus you're such a hard worker" Lawrence said, "You should follow him instead of lazying around" Den said jokingly, "Hey, I am not lazy" after Lawrence made this comment both Den and me laughed hard at what he said, "Oh come on don't laugh, Let's just eat" and so we ate our breakfast heartily.

    Typical day nothing special but our Wind teacher introduced us a new move [Wind cutter - beginner level] It can cut through anything if practiced until peak level, I gotta work harder now.

    At 11:50 A.M. I walked to the 1st building the largest of all the Class buildings, so the martial class will be here.

    I opened the classroom I was assigned in {1-A} I saw many people all of my age and saw that beauty at the test surrounded by girls, I guess she is indeed beautiful, jade-like skin, face like a fairy, a beauty like this could turn a city upside down, I looked forward on meeting her someday, but not for now I gotta focus on making myself stronger.

    A teacher walked in the class and introduced himself like all others.

    "Good Afternoon everyone, please sit down to your respective chosen seats, I am Marvin Oakenshield, I am at Star planets low-stage, and I will be your martial arts instructor for all of you, after each of you guys introduced yourself we will proceed to class be quick because we only have 1 hour"

    We introduced ourselves and the class proceeded, the beautiful girl's name was Alex Campbell, what a nice name as well, is she a goddess or something?

    My Martial arts teacher told us what martial arts is and it's purpose. "Martial arts is a way to defend yourself in dire needs or it could be your strength, It is also the way to defend yourself if the power in your Star world gets depleted, I will teach you techniques and self defense"

    "I will show you a move from martial arts and show it's power in a huge rock outside. come everyone let's go outside"

    "This move is called [Metal fist] it can turn your fists like a metal, as hard as a metal, as durable as a metal, it is good to know as it is one of the basic moves, now I will demonstrate it's power"

    [Metal fist] Then a huge rock exploded and got shattered.

    "See? that's the power of a basic martial arts move, you can also enhance your weapon's capabilities with martial arts" He said proudly, like the Martial arts was his own son that has achieved a high rank in the society.

    "There are many ways to practice Martial arts but the most basic one is practice, practice and practice until you have perfected it, it may take long but there is a saying 'Training one's fist ten thousand times is more scarier than a man who practiced ten thousand punches ones' and thus keep training and you will achieve the highest and greatest power" He said proudly also.

    For the remaining we practiced for 10 minutes only since it was only that the time passed to quickly and we only have 10 minutes left in class. 

    He trained our fundamentals, our body, and our foundation. He trained us for such a small amount of time, but we already learned a lot.

    I was hoping to take classes here again. But for now that the class is done I can only wait for the next week.

    Chapter 8: Martial class

  • i am following your story but so far it's been bland & monotonous. I hope you can make it it interesting in the following chapters.
  • Here is chapter 9 hope you like this one I put huge effort on this one, this scene have 2 parts it will be chapter 9 and 10. Thank you for reading  :)

    Chapter 9: Starlight Fusion (part 1)

    It is Wednesday today, a good day to start the classes and learn.

    We were taught how to control our skills better now that we are improving fast, I am now Forming Star level 3 so quite the improvement I should say.

    Now that I am done with the day I did something I never did before, going to the roof and rest. I always want to do that and so I did, I was bathed with the billions and billions of stars in the sky, I have never seen the sky like this, it was so, beautiful.

    Since the clouds are clear today I decided to meditate below the billions of stars since it would greatly increase my Star World's strength and help to my cultivation.

    I gathered the power from the stars above and directing that power to my star world. Inside my Star World is the weird star pendant, anyways I ignored it's existence while directing my newly obtained power from the stars. 

    My Star world were different than what it said in the books, my Star World have a star but it was not formed yet because I have not completed the Forming Star stage in my cultivation.

    My Star World unlike the universe have many different patterns and stars in it, I don't know what they were or what they were doing there but, so far they haven't done any harm to me so far.

    I directed the Star Energy that I just got and put it where the uncompleted star was, the star would suck up the Star Energy that I have got just now. 

    But there seems to be an occurrence, a strange occurrence, The Star Energy didn't get completely sucked up the remaining 70% of it was sent into somewhere in my Star World, so I followed it wishing to see where it would go.

    It stopped at a ginormous star, I didn't know I have this in my Star World, How could it appear here without me knowing of it.

    The remaining Star Energy fused in the ginormous star in front of me, the star reacted quickly and shined brightly, and at the same time my body started to shine again like always, but this time it shone more brightly like the stars that shines from a millions of light years away.

    My body that is filled with brilliance making me look like a sun, a star. 

    Then my body felt hot all of a sudden, the ginormous star in my Star World begun to emit flames like a solar flare, it sent it's wild flames to different places that even I could not see, the flames were rampant and violent like it has the power to destroy anything in its path.

    Then the ginormous star begun to emit Lightning, Darkness, and Wind. Just like my elemental type, the Lightning soared to the skies of the star, the Darkness covered the star with complete darkness, the Wind which blew every flames in the star.

    What was happening!?

    Then the three elements began to fuse, the Lightning fused with Darkness making the Lightning to be Dark in color, after the fusion of Lightning and Darkness, Wind came and made the Lightning extremely terrifying by making the Dark Lightning had more sparks and more penetrating power.

    The ginormous star which was full of wild flames were gone and replaced with Dark Lightning capable of destroying anything.

    It was at this moment that the pain in my body begun to appear, my body was full of Dark Lightning, covering my entire body making loud and sharp noises.

    Then my room mates noticed me at the roof after running outside looking for the place where the sharp noise came from, they immediately went to me and tried to help me but, the Dark Lightning were so powerful they can't touch me and whenever they do their skin would get cuts and burns, so they waited for my Dark Lightning to disappear and rescued me.

    And after what happened next is not in my book of knowledge as I was now passed out and unconscious.

    Author's notes: This chapter is not done yet since it was 1/2 of the actual chapter, so the events are not done yet. The reason why this is quite late is because I was busy the whole day and I only managed to write because I cut off some of my sleep schedule. Anyways have fun  :)

  • rnbhal said:
    i am following your story but so far it's been bland & monotonous. I hope you can make it it interesting in the following chapters.
    Yes that's my problem but I am working on how to make it interesting. The later events will be good, the first few chapters are introductions. Thank you for reading though, I greatly appreciate it  :)
  • Here is chapter 10, I hope someone can give me criticism to me so that I can notice and improve my problems in the story. Thank you for reading  :)

    Chapter 10: Starlight Fusion

    At the morning when I was passed out, the ginormous star calmed down but the Dark Lightning stayed now that my Mutated Star World were now calm as the water.

    At this moment I am now beginning to awaken and recover, I drank some medicine called 'Star potion' which calmed down my Star World for a little bit.

    "I wonder what my strength is now" I mumbled.

    I used my power coming from my Star World and used it to release my elemental powers, my Wind element were now 10x sharper than last time, my Lightning were normal in color unlike the Lightning in the ginormous star which is dark, and my Darkness element now has an mystic look into it making my Darkness element more mysterious.

    "I can try to fuse my elemental types again but I am worried if I would get hurt or cause a harm on my Star World" I mumbled to myself silently and have a worried look in my face. But I still tried.

    I summoned the power of Lightning and Darkness, as I summoned them they naturally fused like it was a part of its body, then next I called upon the power of Wind, it made my Dark Lightning have countless of small sparks and the power to pierce through all.

    "I now have a trump card of my own, now I have to hide this carefully for someone to not notice it" I exclaimed with a serious face.

    I went to the back of the mountain behind the academy and practiced there to control my Dark Lightning.

    As I summoned the Dark Lightning it was only 1 and a half feet long and the width of 3 inch, it's not like the universal lightning that the books says which have a lightning so massive a whole city would be covered by a spark alone.

    I controlled my Dark Lightning like a serpent, it crawled on my body like a serpent while sending out countless of sparks in it's body, then I thought of something. 'If I could perfect this move it can improve my control over Wind, Lightning, and my Darkness, moreover I can improve it's power and finally create my own move'

    So I practiced the move which I called [Dark Lightning- Serpent's Strike] I controlled the Dark Lightning like a serpent while having it's own wild power.

    As the day were passing by the day started to become the night, and as of this moment did I perfect this move, the [Dark Lightning-Serpent's Strike] now was like alive and had it's own mind while having a fierce appearance.

    As I went home and went to my room I pondered over what happened last night. I wondered what caused it and how did it happen, I went to the rooftop and looked at the sky, I was once again bathed with Starlight, then I remembered the pendant which was like that ginormous star. 

    I now had some control over the ginormous star after merging my elemental powers with it, then I wondered if the cause of the small tragedy last night was the Starlight fusing with the ginormous star which awakened it. 

    "Angus, come outside" someone at the door was calling me and it appears to be the voice of Den.

    "I'm coming" I shouted.

    I opened the door and found both of them standing there, I wonder what they are doing here.

    "We were wondering if you're okay now, we have been restless this whole day worrying for what happened last night" Den asked worryingly.

    "I'm fine and nothing in my body hurts, everything is fine now, thank you for worrying about me but I'm fine now" I insisted.

    "Alright as long as you're fine, come let us have our dinner outside my treat" Lawrence said while putting his arms in my and Den's shoulders.

    And so we ate a lovely meal of fried beast, plant vegetable from the mountains, and a lovely dessert which I enjoyed a lot.

    Once we got back and bid our farewell, I meditated in bed but before I do so I thought 'I have become a genius, a peerless genius after I fused my elemental types' but then again I thought "Is being a genius that good?"

  • Here is chapter 11. I think I am improving a bit but not sure, I am still gonna try and improve my writing skills. Thank you for reading 

    Chapter 11: Cultivation class and The Announcement

    ===Early Morning in Friday===

    I woke up early as to enhance my physical capabilities and to meditate before classes starts. But what surprised me the most is my cultivation, from Forming star level 3 to level 6, I jumped 3 cultivation levels as for the reason it's probably the ginormous star in my Star World.

    It was now 6:00 as I came back to the dorm, Den was already cooking our breakfast and Lawrence was working out in the living room.

    At 6:40 We left the house for our classes, I went to Wind class as it is my first class, and things have changed.

    My classmates were filled with greedy look in their eyes. The reason? My cultivation and talent, so far it has brought me far into improving my strength but it also brought me danger because of my classmates greed. In Wind class my Wind element has far surpassed anyone in class making me in the middle of the spotlight, in Lightning class everyone was also filled with greed, even in Darkness class my classmates were also filled with jealousy.

    I was looking forward to the Cultivation class to help me with my cultivation but cultivation isn't really a big of a problem to because I have my 'Mutated Star World'.

    It was now noon so it is time for our cultivation class.

    I went into the Cultivation class's classroom in the 1st building's 2nd floor. But once I went in everyone that was noisy became silent and went back to their seat, nothing strange in that one since I improved a lot. Everything changed, only my dorm mates didn't change their opinion on me, at least I have my brothers to share my time with, and that alone is fine.

    A moment later, an instructor came and introduced himself, "I am Alexavier Solomon, I am your Cultivation class instructor, I am at True Star form level 9, I came from the northernmost part of this country, and became an instructor in this academy for 10 years now, and most of all, I leave behind everyone in this class that can't keep up with my teachings even if there will be no student left in this class". As he spoke these words firmly me and my classmates felt scared because anyone would not want to get left out and get expelled.

    "Introduced yourselves and tell me your cultivation, we only have 50 minutes left and there is still many of you so be QUICK!" As he said this the first one to introduce himself was in the front row, luckily I was at the back. The guy in the front row spoke nervously and got scolded after his introduction.

    After everyone was done introducing ourselves the 'strict instructor' gave us some speech and let us cultivate in our own for 30 minutes.

    As I sat in a meditative trance I began to absorb the Universal energy different from what I obtained while I was in the roof cultivating. The universal energy is the normal energy you would get when cultivating but Starlight energy is a special type of energy which is rare to encounter.

    After those 30 minutes were done I felt empty because the time were too limited for cultivation.

    I continued cultivating in the plaza under a tree and waited until it was time Darkness class.

    Then after Darkness class I went home, nothing new just normal teachings.

    Then I went back to my dorm. A few weeks passed and now it was my 3rd month in this academy.

    But then an important announcement was made after 2 months, "Everyone, this is what everyone is waiting for, The First Semester's Martial and Elemental Arts tournament, every class is to appoint 3 of its most outstanding students, Cultivation and Martial Arts are exempted from choosing any student, the prizes and awards will be announced 1 week before the Tournament, The Tournament will begin in one month, now what are you doing there doing nothing, join the tournament and claim the strongest of them all" As soon as this announcement was made I only thought of one thing.

    "This is BAD!" 

  • Here is chapter 12, Enjoy  :)  

    Chapter 12: Training

    "This is BAD!" "Oh no" this were my thoughts, what would I do in the tournament, I know I'm gonna get chosen I'll just pick Lightning class, I know that but, my Dark Lightning would be exposed and further greed would come if it's shown, what should I do!?

    This thought were in my head the whole night, I couldn't meditate at all, my mind was having so many thoughts about this.

    Then morning came, I was still having those thoughts, urghhh what a horrible night.

    Then as usual Den came to my room informing me about breakfast, I like him about that, caring for his brother.

    Then as we went to the dining table I asked, "Guys, what should someone do if he had hidden powers and if he had shown it to others would they be incredibly greedy?" 

    "Depends on the power if it's really strong then of course they will but, if it were weak, some will because it's still hidden power and it's naturally strong even the weakest is strong so, some will get greedy of course" Den answered.

    "Yeah Den is right, hidden power is meant for being hidden and meant for use in dire situations and once it's exposed the world would be covered with green" (idiom for greed) as Lawrence said.

    Yeah they are right, 'hidden power' are meant for dire situations and is not used every time as the world will get greedy about it. Though even without it I can still win some matches but some students are strong, and I heard even 2nd and 3rd will be joining as well, what a pain.

    Then classes came, in wind class I was invited but I declined as I have decided that the class I would represent is Lightning class, it was fine the instructor understood it and went on with the class.

    In Lightning class I was invited and of course I accepted, then the instructor said "Angus come to my office later, it's in the first building's main floor", then I replied "Yes sir".

    I was also invited in Darkness but I declined because I already chose my class.

    After classes before I go to my dorm I went to Mr. Edward's office, our Lightning class instructor, when I entered 2 people were already in there, I bowed at the instructor respectfully and bowed to the other 2 as well.

    Then our Mr. Edward spoke, "I would like to congratulate everyone for being top of the class and for accepting my offer as our Lightning class's representative, now there is still 1 month left for the Tournament so we will train in other places for this month, of course all of you, Angus, Kayle, and Bryan will be excused for this month and you don't have to go to classes, you will put your whole mind and body to train this whole month" Hmmmm, so Kayle and Bryan is their name.

    "Sir where exactly do we train, it can't be in the campus right?" Kayle asked.

    "Of course not, we will train in the outer region of the Wilderness as it will be fine for Forming Star martial artists to be training there for battle experience and life-death experience" What! The Wilderness! We can die there even if we are only at the outer regions.

    "You will be protected by me so don't worry" Mr. Edward said, whew, that's good at the very least a True Star Form is guarding us in our training.

    "We will start our training tomorrow, we will meet each other at 5:30 A.M. Do Not Be Late, understood?" Mr. Edward said firmly.

    "Yes instructor Edward" we all answered, this month is gonna be my trial of fire whether I am strong or not.

    After we went home, the dinner was already ready so I ate it with a smile in my face the entire time as the food were too delicious.

    After that I went to my room and meditated. I can't wait for tomorrow. 

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    Chapter 13: Earth Rhino

    It was now early morning, and as usual I meditated instead of sleep, I can feel that every time I meditate I get stronger every time but who knows.

    I woke up at 4 as to not be late for later at the assembly point, the school.

    Den and Lawrence were already awake they also has training so they woke up early also, Den was cooking our breakfast as always and Lawrence were doing some push-ups in the living room.

    "The breakfast is ready guys" as Den spoke loudly in the dining room, Me and Lawrence went there immediately as to see who gets the food first, and obviously it's going to be me.

    I ran fast to the dining room and so Lawrence did also.

    "Come on, come on, come on, it's just a little more, a little more" As I said while I was running.

    "You can't beat me I'm faster than you and I will get all the food, blee" as Lawrence said with his tongue sticking out, ooooohhh I so want to see the look on his face when I get there first.

    "First" "First" Both me and Lawrence said as we both sat at the same time, "Come on I was first so don't get my food" As Lawrence said while chuckling, "No, it was me first so I will get my food first" I said insistently while my tongue was stuck out.

    "Alright both of you stop fighting I cooked many today as it will be a long time before we meet again" Den said while carrying the food that he cooked.

    "Yes sir!" as both me and Lawrence said, then we looked at each other and laughed, it's good to have a good brother.

    The food that he made were top quality as in TOP quality.

    "And the food today is.... Beast Steak with melted Cheese from Milk Cows" Ooohhhhh, the food is so delicious, I'll eat more than half of it, sad for Lawrence that he is second, hehehe.

    Then we ate the food that was beyond godly, like it was so delicious nothing could compare to it.

    "Brothers, see you at the tournament, it will be a long time while we will not see each other, try to stay alive though" As Lawrence said jokingly.

    "I don't mind wearing a nice white dress for my brother's funeral, my white dress is nice looking after all" I said jokingly as well, then we all laughed.

    "Angus, don't say that, even if we are away our hearts are still together as a brother, train hard and don't fall behind me" Den said jokingly too, but after he said that we hugged each other as brothers, as family.

    "Alright it's time to leave now, farewell brothers, for now at least" Den said.

    "Yeah it's time to leave, farewell Angus, Den" Lawrence said while his tears were almost falling down his face.

    "Mmm, it's indeed time to leave now, Farewell brothers" I said while hugging them the last time.

    Then we went to the meeting place at the entrance of the school.

    As I arrived I already see Kayle there while meditating, I don't see Bryan though maybe he'll come later.

    A bit later Bryan came together with Mr. Edward, I suppose they met on the way?

    "Alright it's time to leave now come on guys" Mr. Edward exclaimed as he arrived.

    After that we went to a carrier that was waiting outside and took a 1 hour and 30 minutes trip to the outer region of the Wilderness.

    "Alright boys, we will find a suitable place and set up camp there for the month" As Mr. Edward said while going first and taking the lead, and so we followed.

    A bit later we heard a stomping.

    'Dug' 'Dug' 'Dug'

    "Hear that sound? If I'm not wrong it should be and Earth Rhino, one of the common beasts in the outer region of the Wilderness, work together and try to slay it it's flesh is our food for the day" As Mr. Edward said, we were supposed to slay a beast now? That's absurd.

    We moved a bit to the origin of the sound and saw an Earth Rhino just like Mr. Edward said, it's appearance is 11 meters in length and 6 meters wide, it's color is brown just like the earth and have a rock like skin. Great how are we supposed to slay that?

    "Alright listen up, the key to slaying it is striking its eye, be careful though, the other key is teamwork, now go and slay that beast" As Mr. Edward said seriously.

    Alright we're screwed, what are we gonna do with our skills?

  • Chapter 14! I wanna be the very best that no ever was, to write them is my real test to share is my job, Wuxiaworld! Enjoy the chapter full of pokemons, just kidding.  :D

    Chapter 14: Slaying the Earth Rhino

    "Alright, gather up"

    "We will plan our strategy here as to slay that beast, I'll take the flank, Bryan will take the front line as he has the most sturdy body, and you Angus will support Bryan in the front and slow the enemy the enemy down" As Kayle declared our strategy.

    "Alright let's go, and let Bryan go first and stay behind him all the time, ok?" Kayle asked while looking at me.

    "Ok, got it" I answered back.

    Then Bryan went forward, Kayle went a bit away from us and I stayed behind Bryan at about 8 meters away from him.

    Then Bryan used a spell [Bulwark Lightning] a spell used to enhance your armor.

    Then Bryan went forward shouting to get the attention of the Earth Rhino.

    Then he went clashing with the Rhino's side with his bulky body.

    [Lightning bolt] I used to sting the Earth Rhino, if it was an Water elemental beast I could've one shotted it but it's not.

    Then the Earth Rhino focused on Bryan as expected.

    The Earth Rhino charged into Bryan and as the Rhino was charging, Bryan charged also so I did my best to support him.

    [Wind Amplification] a skill used to enhance the speed of the person it was casted on.

    Bryan charged faster and gained velocity faster then, BANG, Bryan flew and so was the Earth Rhino but it did not fall and recovered quickly, but Bryan did not recover quickly and seemed to be in pain, guess that was a reckless movev

    Then at this moment Kayle came from behind of the Rhino while having a dagger filled with lightning.

    Then the Rhino stomped heavily, the gust, the ground everything shook, like an earthquake, I guess we underestimated our opponent.

    Kayle went back hiding as I hear him say "tsk, too bad". I helped Bryan recover and gave him a medicine for pain.

    As Bryan recovered he said his thanks and went back to the front challenging the Rhino, the Rhino seemed extremely agitated and is looking to charge again, "I won't let you do that"

    [Dark Bind] I used to seal the movements of the Rhino, yes it did stop but only for 2 seconds, but that was enough for Kayle to flank the Rhino and Bryan to attack from the front.

    [Lightning Strike] [Lightning Blitz] [Lighning Bolt] as the three of us said to use our attacks on the Rhino

    'Bzzzt' 'Bzzzt' 'Bzzzt'

    As the Lightning sounds grew heavier and sharper Kayle managed to tear through the Rhino's sturdy skin, it bled out Reddish-brown blood.

    "Ooooong" As the Rhino began to emit load noises of pain.

    Then kayle went for the Rhino's eye.


    as the blood from it's eyes flew out the Rhino's movements weakened and as Bryan charged again, the Rhino flew and didn't recover this time.

    As blood scattered everywhere we were now sure that we had slayed the beast, phew, I guess we really can slay it.

    "Good job on slaying it Bryan, Angus, and Kayle" Mr. Edward complimented as he emerged from the shadows.

    "Now let's set up camp somewhere quite far from here, I'll bring the Rhino's body and we'll eat it later" Then we fixed ourselves and got ready to go to a nice place to set up camp.

  • Chapter 15! Got nothing to say really. Enjoy the chapter 

    Chapter 15: One month

    Mr. Edward carrying the Rhino in front of us while searching for a camp, then we saw a paradise like area where, there is a small waterfalls, a small lake before it, a small cavern but enough for all of us, then covered by tall rocks and trees, like a hidden paradise."Alright, we'll set up camp here" Mr. Edward announced while putting down the big Rhino's body in the ground near the small lake.Then we claimed our sleeping places, I claimed the trees because it was peaceful there and above ground, incapable of reach for small beasts, Bryan claimed the cavern, Kayle beside the river and Mr. Edward near the entrance where we entered, like a guard he stayed there and told us to sleep.This time I slept, it was a long when I slept again because of pursuing the peak of cultivation and meditating at night."Come son, I'll show you the world" someone spoke, the voice of a woman."Don't be afraid, I won't harm you" she said with a lovely voice."Ok, I'll come" as I went beside her I saw the world. It was beautiful, free of malice, full of nature, but on the other side there was malice, danger, and evil."Is this the world?" I asked."Yes it is, wonderful yet dark, am I right?" she also asked."Hmmm, indeed it is" then I looked at the far horizon and saw the stars, the universe, as one."See that darkness? That's life, full of trickery and evil yet there are stars shining in the darkness" Then darkness overcame me, there was nothing but darkness."Angus, Angus!" Then I woke up, I just realized now that it was a dream, "the world and universe huh.""We have been yelling at you for quite some time now, you were having some nightmare I guess" As Kayle yelled at me from below as to hear his voice.I went down as to talk to him better, "Yes, sorry about that, I was having a strange dream" "It's fine, come, the breakfast is ready" Kayle said, then I went together with him to eat."Come both of you, it's time to eat" Bryan blissfully said.Then we ate like normal, we only ate a small part of the Rhino's body as to conserve it's body for later date."Okay now that we are done I'll show you something, look at this" A brown rock the size of a fist was in his hand."This is called Beast Crux, like the heart of the beast which gives the beast the element's powers, collect this after slaying a beast and I'll reward you when the month is done" Mr. Edward explained, "And also it is found in the middle of the chest of a beast" Mr. Edward added."Alright, the three of you will be coming with me and don't get separated we will encounter some beasts and try to slay them for battle experience, understood?" Mr. Edward announced."Yes sir" all three of us responded back.Then we followed him. Then our first beast encounter came, it was called a Ember Lizard, with a medium sized body and a fiery appearance.Fortunately it was weaker than the Earth Rhino we encountered so it was much easier to slay, after we slay it we went forward but not far from our camp.We encountered many beasts this day but the day has to end eventually, when the day ended we went back to our camp and rested there.It was now our 15th day in the wilderness, as the day passes our skills in combat grew stronger, and every weekends Mr. Edward teaches us new moves according to our strengths and weakness."Alright, you guys are ready now, split up in different directions and train by yourself, only by being alone and not rely on someone is the way to become strong" Mr. Edward announced.And so we split up, slew many beasts, and then the time passed like a shooting star, it was now almost the end of the month and time to go back, at this moment, we were now Forming Star level 8 close to Star Condensation, our Lightning element's powers were now much improved and more decisive and fast like the Lightning."Gather up, we will now leave this wilderness and go back to the academy, I'll give you your rewards later" Mr. Edward said while getting our items and preparing to go out of this hidden paradise."Good bye paradise, wait for me I'll come back" I said before following them.
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    Chapter 16! It's late I know but I was so busy and only managed to write a little less more words than the last chapters. Enjoy the chapter 

    Chapter 16: Weapon

    Before we came back our instructor told us to follow him and so we did, we went to a big city a little far from the Wilderness, the Thousand Beasts city, it was so called because it survived a calamity of more than 1,000 strong beasts. That's shocking, who could've thought that a city this big actually has the power to survive after that attack.

    "Alright, you see that building there? We are going there to get your rewards for all the Beast Cruxes" Mr. Edward announced to us.

    Hmmmm, what could be it? A good food? no, it could never be it, I hope. Then what is it?

    When we were at the front of the building, the first thing I thought was "Beautiful" it's designs were incredible, a mixture Gold and white walls, it was like heaven's walls.

    Now that we went inside it, it was more beautiful in the inside, it was really heaven made designs, whoever made this is incredible.

    Mr. Edward went to the front desk and said something to a the woman in the front desk, after their conversation, Mr. Edward came to us declared that we should follow him and so we did.

    After that, we were introduced into another gate to heaven, a wonderful design it is.

    When we went in all we saw were weapons, big, small, everything, everything was in here. I suppose our reward is to choose our weapon.

    "Alright kids, go search for a weapon of your choice, but be careful though once you pick it and it didn't fit your fighting style, you can't return it back, understood?" Mr. Edward exclaimed.

    "Yes, of course instructor" We all answered back.

    The three of us split ways in order to cover the entire room which was so big 50 elephants could fit in it.

    I came to the swords section, wondering if swords were to fit me.

    {Demonblade Sword} It says, and as I grabbed it, it felt like my heart were filled with malice, so I quickly put it back. That was not a good sword and only for someone that is evil.

    I came to the next one which says {Fang sword} and the description says that it was crafted from Fangfire Wolves which has fangs more tougher and stronger than steel. So I grabbed it but felt bad, I guess sword aren't for me.

    Then I went to the saber section.

    {Blackhilt saber} and as it says the hilt was pure black and it's blade was entirely black as well, when I grabbed into it, it also felt bad and the saber were saying "You are not fit for sabers" and so after that I left the saber section.

    Then I saw something that caught my interest, The Spear section.

    Then I saw something that really caught my interest {Azure Lightningbird spear} The Spear were blue with Lightning drawings and carvings in it, and as I touched it, it felt like the spear were saying "You shall be my master from now on" So I grabbed onto it, and injected some Lightning element powers in it, the Spear became full of Lightning as well, like it was wrapped with Lightning from the beginning.

    After I went back to see Mr. Edward, a surprising thing just happened right in front of my eyes, Mr. Edward flirting? The Mr. Edward? Who was weak with women? HOW!?

    But after they saw me they went back to normal and stopped flirting. "You came back fast" Mr. Edward spoke to me, "Yes sir, I found my favored weapon" As I said that I brought out the Spear and showed it to Mr. Edward.

    "That is the hardest thing to master here in the Weapon's Haven, are you sure you want that?" The Attendant said, "Yes I would want it if you were to sell this to me" I answered, "Of course, but it is the hardest thing to master, Spears are hard to master like the sword, perhaps even harder" She replied, "I am fine I want this weapon and nothing can change that" I answered back firmly, as I heard her sigh she replied "Ok, I can't discourage you on that, but be patient as it takes long to master spears"

    "I am fine"

    And as soon as I said that Kayle and Bryan went back with weapons in our hands, then after we bought the weapons, we headed to a carrier and went back to the Academy.

  • Chapter 17! now I am super late, went to a mall with family and watched Beauty and the Beast and it hit me in the center, it hurt when watching it and could relate to my love story.  :s Enjoy the chapter  :)

    Chapter 17: Eternal Star Tournament (part 1)

    When we are on the way we talked about stuff and Kayle's and Bryan's new weapons.

    "Kayle what did you get?" I asked, "A Lightning dagger called {Lightning truth} it draws out Lightning from me and depending on how strong the Lightning is it also increases its power" He replied, "Wow that's so strong if you have a strong Lightning elemental affinity" I added, "Yeah it is and it fits to my style perfectly, hiding in the shadows while bringing huge amount of damage to the enemy" He replied.

    "How about you Bryan?" I asked to Bryan, "A Battle Ax called {Electric bull} it is so called because when a strong person sends strike of it, it's like a bull charging with Lightning around its body" He replied, it seems fit to him, he have a robust and big body and can carry heavy things easily.

    "Mine is {Azure Lightningbird Spear} from the description it says that this spear can draw out Lightning, any type of Lightning and make it it's aura, like Lightning is wrapped around it and discharges Lightning according to my will" I said, "Wow, did you not know that spears are hard to master, it takes about 100 years or even higher to master it" Kayle responded, "Yeah Kayle is right, it's hard to master a spear" Bryan added.

    "It's fine I can manage" I answered to them.

    "Alright we're here, go down now" The man in the carrier said.

    "Thank you for letting us ride with you" Mr. Edward said to the man, "It's fine we were going this way anyway, now that you guys have arrived, I will bid my farewell now" He replied, "Yes, thank you for letting us ride and I also bid my farewell to you" Mr. Edward replied before the man went on his journey.

    "Alright let's go to the academy now and register your names, as I did not do that because we were in a journey" Mr. Edward announced.

    We went on the first building's first floor, in the stadium where there were many students waiting for the Tournament to start.

    As the Lights turned off a spotlight was directed at the middle of the stage, then an Elder went to the stage, "Good afternoon everyone, as all of you may know that we announced the first tournament of the first semester this past month, and now, I shall announce that at this very moment that the Eternal Star Tournament shall begin" As the Elder excitedly announced.


    Everybody screamed as the announcement was said.

    "Alright be quiet everyone, proceed now to the Eternal Colosseum, your candidate number will be given in there and show us proof of joining by being together with your representative instructor, and that concludes my announcement and Good Luck" An elder said in front before everybody went out.

    "Ok let's go now" Kayle invited us.

    We went to pick up Mr. Edward and went to the Colosseum.

    When we went inside there were already many students and instructors inside already. After that we went and got our number.

    My number was 181, Kayle's number was 182, and Bryan's number was 183.

    Then as we went to the backstage of the Colosseum we say someone already fighting intensely, I could see the passion and devotion of their moves from here, but unfortunately someone has to get defeated and someone will be the winner.

    And a decisive strike came from the Wind elementalist guy, he penetrated through the Water user's bubble shield and pointed it's weapon to the Water user's neck, but did not strike because it was illegal.

    "And the winner is Magnus Stancer" the judge announced and everybody chanted "Good Fight" to the people that fought.

    After that Magnus stretched out his arm to the Water user, as to offer help, The water user also stretched out his arm and said "Good fight" and Magnus replied "Good fight" also.

    After they went out of the stage the judge announced the next people to fight.

    "Number 181 and Number 49 please proceed to the stage"

    As I heard that number, the only thing I thought was "It's time to beat some ass"

  • Chapter 18! Just in time for this one. Enjoy  :)

    Chapter 18: Eternal Tournament (part 2)

    As I went to the stage I say someone walk in also. He is wearing White clothes so he appears to be a Wind element user.

    "I hope we have a good match" He said, "I hope we also have a good match" I replied kindly.

    "Are you ready now? If so, let's start" The judge said, and after he said those words, the match started.

    The 5 meters apart that we had earlier when introducing with each other became 20 meters as we separated after the sentence of the judge was made, it seems like this guy is experienced.

    [Lightning Rush] As I used this I went to his side to try and flank him, but as I went to his side he also rush to the other side of me. He is experienced all right.

    [Cutting Wind] He used as he went to my side, but my reactions were fast I also used another attack [Lightning strike] this made my fist have a lightning ball in it and strike with the force of lightning.

    'Boom' 'Shhhhrt'

    As I hit his arm he also put cut through my arm but only a bit. Ahhhh now my clothes are cut, you're going to pay for this.

    As I went a little serious I used the same strategy but stronger, as I went to his side this time, it's much faster than earlier, and from then I used [Lightning Strike] again but a bit stronger than earlier, and a loud 'Booom' was heard throughout the Colosseum.

    "I lost" He said before fainting, "A good match indeed" As I said after he fainted. Then the judge declared that the match was over, he helped that guy and went on with the tournament.

    As I went back I saw Mr. Edward waiting for me "Good work in there, you gotta work hard, and I shall announce the rewards from now" He said, "Wait, why are you telling me the rewards now? wasn't it be meant to be announced last week?" I asked, "Ah yes, it is announced, but only to us instructors. We have a rule here that if the student didn't pass the first round he is not allowed to hear the rewards as it is not worthy for him" Mr. Edward replied. This school is strict I know but I didn't know it was this strict.

    "Alright, the 50th to 26th rewards are tier 3 Beast Crux, 25th to 16th rewards are tier 4 Beast Crux, then 15th to 11th place rewards are tier 5 Beast Crux with a skill you will choose in the Martial and Elements library, 9th to 6th place are tier 5 Beast Crux and 2 skills of your choice in the Martial and Elements library, 5th to 4th place is tier 5 Beast Crux, a pill that can increase someone's cultivation, and 2 skills from the Martial and Elements library, the 3rd place will get tier 6 Beast Crux, a miraculous pill, and 3 skills from the Martial and Elements library, the 2nd place gets tier 6 Beast Crux, two miraculous pills, and 3 skills from the Martial and Elements library, the 1st place is a mystery and the Schoolmaster didn't tell us what it was but if the Tournament was done and the 1st student to be on top will be called to the Schoolmaster's office and he will personally announce the rewards" Mr. Edward announced to me with excitement throughout the whole explanation.

    After that long explanation the match in the tournament that was ongoing seems to be done. That was quick, and when I saw the one fighting I saw the loser covered in bruises like he was at the verge of death, and when I saw his opponent the only thing I saw was Darkness and the man's back.

    "It seems that there is someone that is pure evil but strong. No matter what I got to beat him for the sake of the people he will beat" I thought as a sense of justice was in my eyes.

    Author's notes: Sorry if it's short, I will have my recognition day in 2 days and will busy in school. I am also getting ready for a flight soon. Have fun reading  :)

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  • Chapter 19! Finally the things I need to do are done and free to do everything. Enjoy the chapter :)    1/2

    Chapter 19: Eternal tournament (part 3)

    After the match and Mr. Edward saying the rewards, I went to our dorm. It really has been a long time since I came here.

    At the front of the door, I heard noises from inside so I went in, when I went in I saw Lawrence, and Den in the table chatting happily, so I came to the table and chatted with them also. We talked about things that happened this past month and the matches they had today, I also saw them fighting, and it seems like they haven't been playing around.

    "Alright it is time to end this talk and rest" Den announced, "Agreed" I replied, "Mn, it's indeed time for rest, see you brothers tomorrow" Lawrence said before going up the stairs.

    After we went to each of our rooms, I meditated in the bed as always, but wow, it has been a long time since I meditated in here.

    After a long time of meditating morning came, and it was now time to get ready for round 2 of the tournament.

    As morning came we had breakfast made by Den to boost our confidence and our stomach.

    Then I came to the Colosseum, and as I came inside many people were already seated in the front row to view the fight exclusively. But I did not go to the seats and instead went to the preparation room in the Colosseum. 

    I met Mr. Edward in there while telling the strategy to Kayle and Bryan on what they should do, and as I came Mr. Edward looked at me and offered me the third seat. And as I sat he told us the strategy for our matches. It was really simple, defeat the opponent when they are not ready and burst the damage in that moment, with that said the Judge came to the middle of the Colosseum and proclaimed that the 2nd round of the tournament was on.

    After that many fights happened before my eyes, many victors and losers as the result. Then eventually my match will be set and ready for me and my opponent to go to the stage. As the stage were ready, I went to the stage and saw my opponent, a guy with fiery clothes which means someone from Fire elements class.

    "I hope we will have a good fight" I said, "Likewise" he replied while bowing, then I bowed also as a sign of respect.

    "Are you two ready? If so I pronounce this match.... Begin!" The Judge said excitedly.

    At the moment that the judge said those words my feet were already wrapped with Lightning, and as I sped up to him I immediately used a strong strike [Lightning Mallet] then I my hands came in contact with his body while discharging the energy from the Lightning mallet move. He went a few meters away while trying hard to gain his ground.

    But then I also used another move to finish things of, my signature move [Lightning Bolt] I discharged Lightning from my index and middle finger whilst pointing in his body, then the Lightning Bolt cam in contact with his body and slightly paralyzed his body.

    As everything happened so fast and I was concentrated on the match I didn't have time to notice the surroundings. Everyone was quiet, no sounds were made except for the time when I said "Did I win?" to the Judge.

    He dumbfoundedly replied "Yes, it is indeed your win", he continued and announced "Mr. Angus from Lightning class, WINS!!!"

    Everyone shouted with joyous tone. But after I went back to the Preparation area did the shouting from the outside stop.

    I met Mr. Edward in our assigned room, looking as if he saw a ghost. 

    "Mr. Edward did you see a ghost or something?" I asked jokingly, "Nope definitely not, I saw a gem, an unpolished gem. Never in my years did I see a student that is in Forming star stage that has that power" He replied seriously.

    "I now have the hope of winning this tournament. After all those years" He said while his eyes having some tears.

    "I was just lucky and was at the top condition, I think that my performance was just a chance, a good luck" I replied, "Oh don't be modest, puff your chest out and shout 'I am the strongest' no one will complain" Mr. Edward answered back.

    "Alright alright, let us end this conversation here, take a rest as the opponents tomorrow will be tougher than this time" He said as guiding me to the exit of the Colosseum.

    Then I went home happily and preparing my speech for when we talk in the Living room table again.

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    Chapter 20: Tragedy and the Black clothed man

    As I was walking back at home, I saw someone wearing a completely black robe covering even his face. He walked past me but as he was walking past me he said the most shocking thing "I know your secret, if you don't wish to show it..... Then don't fight" then as I looked behind me he was already gone.

    That was weird, no beyond weird. How did he know my secret? or he might just be bluffing to scare me.

    The path to the way home was harsh, I was thinking about that man from earlier, his voice was deep so I could guess that he is a man.

    And as I went inside the dorm I saw Den and Lawrence, badly injured. Now I AM INFURIATED.

    As I rushed beside the two of them, Den said "Angus, beware of the black clothed man" And after he said that he fainted. I am enraged, no wait beyond enraged, I'll f***ing kill that b**ch.

    Unknowingly of what to do, I carried Den and Lawrence to the Academy clinic.

    As I entered the clinic I saw an elderly woman, I think she is the doctor here.

    "Doctor, please, please save my brothers" I said while tears pouring down my face, "It''s okay dear, this doctor is going to save them, don't cry, don't cry" She said trying to comfort me, "Mn" is the only thing I can reply.

    I cried the whole time, but I had to stay strong for them. Then the doctor came out, and as she came out I rushed onto her and asked about them "What is the situation of my brothers? please tell me they are okay" I asked desperately, She replied "Yes they are well and in good condition, but being stressed right now is what we must avoid, thankfully they only suffered physical injuries and not mental or Star World destruction", As she said that a huge relief came out of my chest, good thing they did not suffer bad injuries.

    "Can I come inside and see them?" I asked, "Sure, but don't disturb their sleep" She replied.

    And as I came inside more tears came out of my eyes, as I saw many stitches in their bodies and their bruises. God, if only I can kill that son of a b**ch.

    "It's going to be okay, Den, Lawrence, I will take revenge for you my brothers" I whispered while tears coming out of my eyes and me sobbing. Then I went out after saying those words, as I came out I sat at the seat and slept.

    As I woke up it was now morning and time for the tournament. As I went inside the preparation room, I saw Mr. Edward looking at me with a hint of pity in his eyes, "Angus, I know you are hurt right now, I heard what happened and I am sorry for that" He told me, I hugged him and said "It's fine I will still fight for the sake of my brothers" and as I said that a hint of anger could be seen from my eyes. Kayle and Bryan comforted me also, and then after that Mr. Edward told us the strategy, it was the same, fast strikes before they can counter and attack.

    "Number 181 and number 132, please come to the stage" The judge announced loudly.

    As I was walking up the stage all I think was, Defeat everyone and become the top. That is the only way to defeat that black clothed man, to seek guidance from the higher ups.

    "Please let us have a good fight" He said, a man in green clothing, must be an Earth elementalist. "Indeed, let us have a good fight" And as I said that the judge proclaimed that "The Match has...... Begun!" He said excitingly.

    And as he said that [Lightning charge] I immediately charged at him.


    A loud boom could be heard as the Thunder created by the Lightning sounded clearly, [Discharge] and as I used that I pointed at the ground and discharged Lightning at the ground. The ground in the 3 meter radius is now filled with Lightning. The guy from Earth class was now paralyzed and cannot move anymore.

    "It was a good fight, I'm sorry but I am in a bad mood today and vented out my anger on you, I will apologize to you when you are good" I said to the guy lying in the ground.

    Then everyone went silent, they must have been shocked by my performance, I did all that in a short 5 seconds.

    "Mr. Judge, did I win?" I asked a little embarrassed. "Of-Of course y-you won, The winner for this round is.."He paused, "What was your name again?" he asked quietly, "Angus, Angus Clark" I replied, this sneaky guy, "The winner for this round is Mr. Anguuuuuuus!" He said excitedly.

    Everyone was still silent. And as I went to the preparation area I saw Mr. Edward, dumbfounded again, hehe that expression is priceless, PRICELESS.

    I bowed to Mr. Edward and said "Mr. Edward, sorry for this but I would like to go out now as to check my brothers", "Okay, yeah, sure, go, Go help your brothers you Mr. Prodigy" he replied jokingly. 

    And after that I went to the clinic to check my brothers.

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    Chapter 22: Challenger

    As I rushed unto the clinic I met the beautiful girl in the test at the plaza. But I have no time for her right now, my brothers are more important. I nodded in her direction to greet her and after that I rushed again to the clinic.

    As I walked in inside of the clinic and into my where my brothers were in I saw there eyes open with their mouths open with a nice smile. Now the anger I have inside lessened as to see my brothers healthy and smiling.

    "Angus! Come, we will tell something about what happened here" Den invited me. "Angus do you know that girl Alex? She came here and helped Miss Chu" Lawrence said, "Yeah I know her, she was the woman that got everyone's attention on the plaza, and also who is Miss Chu?" I asked, "She is the doctor here we talked about things and I gotta say practicing medical skills can save your life and is a little more valuable than most treasures since it can cure, or purify poisons and other wounds" Den explained.

    I have to thank Alex later.

    "I am going to stay here to watch for you guys" I said, "You should go home, we are fine here" Den insisted, "Yeah, Den is correct, stay at home we will be fine here, just focus on the tournament and win it for us" Lawrence added, "Alright since both of you want it, I will" I helplessly said. But there was a hint of sadness in there eyes as I leave the room.

    Then I went out, I headed straight into our dorm's backyard. I meditated there for the whole time getting ready for the tournament. The Ginormous Star was still covered with Dark Lightning and my Star World's original star is about to be completely formed into a perfect circle, which indicates that I am now at the 9th level of Forming Star stage.

    The whole night went smoothly, nothing special happened and while I was meditating I noticed a warm temperature overcome me. It was the sun rising.

    It was already morning, time sure does flies past. I went to bath for a bit and went out, I ate at the cafeteria near our dorm, it was also my first time here since Den would always cook for us. As I went inside I saw many people already eating, so I went to the food stations, I saw many different type of foods but I went with the typical breakfast. The food was alright but still missing a level before competing with Den's cooking skills.

    After that short breakfast I went to the preparation area as it was 8 am now. As I went into the Colosseum I didn't see Mr. Edward but I think he went to Kayle or Bryan's match to look over them. Anyways I know the strategy so I will go with that.

    "Number 181 and Number 28 please proceed to the stage" The judge announced, as I looked at the judge it was now different from yesterday. 

    I'll go easy on this one. 

     "I already saw Mr. Angus's skills yesterday and I have no match for him right now but, I will still fight as to fight for my class" He said valiantly. Now I will feel bad for going easy on this guy, I'll use 70% of my strength on this one as to fight with him fairly. "I admire your courage, now come!" I said accepting his challenge.

    "Ready, set, Fight" The Judge announced.

    [Lightning rush] As I rushed onto him, then a shield of fire encased his front making me unable to freely charge at him. Then a fireball came crashing down me but at the last moment I dodged it, barely. 

    "You have some skill there, now I'll go a bit closer to me being serious" I proclaimed. [Lightning charge], 'Boom' a loud thunder could be heard as my speed doubled from earlier, now I was in front of him with him dumbfounded by my speed.

    "I surrender" He announced, "Brother Angus, you are really strong but I will catch up with you" He said courageously, I like this guy maybe I like his personality that is not giving up.

    "Haha, I will be waiting for that day and when that day comes we will have another duel" I replied. After he walked down the stage the Judge announced "Mr. Angus wins!!!! You are now qualified for the quarter finals, come tomorrow at 8 am for the starting ceremony of the quarter finals"

    I bowed in his direction and said "I will come in time"

    After that I went back to the preparation stage and saw Mr. Edward in there together with Kayle and Bryan. "Come Angus we will celebrate for our entry on the quarter finals" And as Mr. Edward said that I went together with them and went to a nice restaurant.

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    Chapter 22: Match, Duelist's dance

    As we celebrated in a fancy restaurant, we didn't mind other people, we were loud and happy, we were having a blast but of course the time does run fast and good things were meant to diminish quickly.

    After we had that party at the restaurant I directly went to the clinic to see my brothers. 

    When I came inside the clinic and went to their rooms, I couldn't be more shocked at what I saw, Miss Chu was chatting happily with Den and Lawrence, they became friends quickly and I am happy that they are happy right now. As I saw them happy I didn't want to bother them so I went out of the clinic. But this time I saw Alex, the beautiful girl in the tests.

    "Hi" she said shyly, "Hi" I replied, "Thank you for helping Den and Lawrence" I added, "Mn, it's fine, I only did what was right" She replied. It was really akward, us sitting in a bench together outside the clinic. "I know it's a bit late for introductions but, My name is Alex Spencer" She said shyly again, "My name is Angus Clark, it is indeed late" After what I said we both laughed and a weight in our chest was removed after that.

    We had a blast this time, from 5pm in the afternoon till 9pm we talked about things, I feel like we are getting closer but, she is a woman, a woman's mind is the hardest thing to understand.

    "I will cheer for you tomorrow" She said, "Mn, thank you. Oh, it's already this dark, I have to bid my farewell to you Alex" I replied, "Mn, it is indeed dark now, time sure pass by" She added, "Indeed" and after I said that I stood up and went to my dorm. She was so pleasant and graceful, even her laughs are nice to listen to.

    After I went to the dorm I meditated in the backyard again and lost myself in time. 

    It was now morning and my body seemed as if it were purified, the exhaustion I had yesterday were gone. I went to the cafeteria and ate my usual breakfast in there.

    After that I went early this time, since the schedule were stricter this time. When I went in the preparation area I saw 15 people inside, many were taall some are robust and some have well built body.

    "Ok, the last one has arrived, I will now explain the rules in this one" An elder announced in front of us, as I sat down he proceeded in his next paragraph "The rules in this one is stricter and harder, the rounds are now 5 minutes long instead of 10 minutes, if you are caught by the time both of you will lose. Next you will not seek guidance from instructors an :) d getting one will result to a disqualification. Next is there will be 4 of you that will emerge as victors, the 4 will be challenging your seniors in another month as to rest and train. Also getting injured is a part of the Martial way, so being injured in this one is allowed but not cripling or killing. Understood?" The Elder said firmly.

    "Understood" All of us replied back. "Now this box will decide your opponent, pick one and you will be arranged in a schedule" The Elder announced.

    As I picked something from the box I saw a paper, it says 'Stevenson Wellsworth' It seems he is the one I will be fighting.

    And as the schedules are announced the first match was me.

    "Mr. Angus and Mr. Stevenson, please come the stage" The judge in the stage announced.

    As I went into the stage I also saw stevenson with a rapier in his waist, A wind duelist huh. A duelist, master of royal sword arts and are part of the royal family can only use it. Which capital was he from? To be participating in this, as part of a royal family he can just go to the central continent, why here?

    Anyways enough about small stuff, and let's just focus. I inhaled and exhaled as to concentrate better and to have a clear mind, he seems to do the same also.

    "Are you ready? if so then.........FIGHT!" The judge said.

    Let's test the waters out [Lightning Rush] I rushed on him and prepared to do a huge strike, but. 'Ting' his hilt was in my hands way, he used the hilt to block my attack, hmmmm not bad.

    "First stage: Duelist's dream" He chanted.

    As I was getting ready from his attack, he puts his left arm in his back and proceeded with his attack, his rapier was now unsheathed and ready to kill, as his attack came I saw 5 rapier blades appear right before me. Hmmm!? What is this, it's fast and decisive. [Lightning Rush] I rushed into the side of the stage barely dodging his attack.

    "Hehe, you have some skill there eh?" He arrogantly said, I don't like this guy already. "Just because of that I'll injure your right and left arm, that way you can be like a chicken, just running to beg for mercy. HAHAHAHA" He maniacly said.

    I have a bad feeling. "Fourth stage" Duelist's dance" He chanted again. After he chanted that he appeared before me and stabbed at my arm, me barely dodging it. After that I could not see him, as I saw him he attacked again, he stabbed at my left arm and after that he maneuvered around me and attacked me at the same time.

    "HAHAHAHA! Yes this is it! The look of a Helpless idiot trying to challenge me! hahahaha" He maniacly laughed.

    Urgh! F**k this kid. And after he said those words more wounds, were starting to appear in my arms, with the help of Wind element his strikes have the property of peircing and thus pierced through my skin. It hurts, a lot.

    I cannot take this anymore. So, do I have to use it? 

    Author's note: This was written in notepad while on the way enjoy :)

  • Chapter 23 enjoy the chapter  :) 

    Chapter 23: Lightning rebirth, Son of Lightning

    Do I have to use it? 

    "Arghh" Ouch that one hit my elbow and created a bloody wound there.

    "Yeah that's it, try and try but only trying hard will cause you death" Stevenson arrogantly said. I hate this kid, i am going to kill him. Oh wait, is he the black clothed guy that injured Den and Lawrence? 

    "Wait" I announced loudly, "Were you the black clothed man that injured my brothers" I said angrily, "What black clothed man? And you are arrogant to even accuse me in the blink of death? Hmph too idiotic indeed" He replied arrogantly. I'm going to find out, and if you are, even bones would not be seen in your funeral.

    "So what do I do? Do I really need to use it?" I thought.

    More wounds and blood appeared in my body. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" I tenaciously shouted. And at this moment.

    My Star World the ginormous star went violent the Lightning in it was separated and created another star. A star full of Lightning.

    I went there and looked at it, in this moment where everything seemed to stop, the time, space, everything but the forming of the Lightning star. The Lightning star went rampant, the Lightning was too much, there was too much Lightning for a star.

    'Boom' 'Boom' 

    The sound of thunder created by the Lightning was so loud it could kill a beast with just the thunder. 

    Only I could feel it, the Lightning around me. It was creating Lightning around my body, protecting me. 

    After a little while, the Lightning became rampant, it discharged everywhere, I could not control it. so it hit every corner of the stage where we are fighting. 

    And after that moment my eyes opened. Lightning appeared in my eyes, Lightning was around my body, the stage were covered in Lightning.

    "Stevenson" I announced loudly, "You're dead" And after that my eyes went bloodshot and rushed onto Stevenson. "Stop" "Stop" he begged, "And why should I stop" I replied, "Because I am the son of the 6th prince of the Cosmos Kingdom, hahahaha, yes that's right I am the son of the prince of the Cosmos Kingdom. And if you kill me, Hmph expect the whole kingdom to go after you" He laughed maniacally.


    I sliced his arm, "Do I look like I care" I answered coldly at him. "Go" I pointed at him. 

    The Lightning in the air seems to understand and follow my command as it went to where I pointed it.

    "ZZZZZZZZZTTTT" The sound of Lightning piercing into his body and into his bones. It was a bloody scene, there were a lot of blood.

    'Crack' 'Crack'

    The sound of his bones cracking were heard throughout the Colosseum. 

    Then I used my hand to form a hammer and striked it at Stevenson's half dead body. 'Bang' It sounded. And everything after that was beyond my knowledge as my body collapsed and my mind were too tired to think of anything.

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