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Hey I'm pretty new to Wuxia and have loved the two stories I've started reading so far, and have a question about something
When I go through the comments I frequently see responses that mention previews and picture previews. I know light novels usually have pictures and things in them, so I'm assuming this is what they are talking about. How to I access/see these previews and pictures while going through and reading older chapters.


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    It's probably about teasers. Since WW allows making a page for next chapter-to-be-translated, some enterprising authors decided to make use of it. Some post fragments of what is to come, some post memes, some make doodles etc. Xianxia / Wuxia generally DO NOT have anything but text, at most some cover art. To see teasers, just go to most recent chapter and then "next chapter", in case of ATG, there is dedicated teaser link, for Emperor's Domination, there is teaser section at bottom. For ISSTH and AWE, there is archive for all extra stuff right here. This is done to preserve extras for later viewing.
  • Awesome thank you, this is exactly what I wanted to know!
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