Master of the Stars (星辰之主) by Weight Loss Expert | 减肥专家

Can anyone give us a sneak peek at how the story is going to develop? This is Strivon's new project on Gravity Tales for those that do not know about it.

From what I can tell the MC is practicing a type of body cultivation technique (self-formatting) that requires him to take certain drugs, and after a certain point he will develop abilities? His grandpa is at odds with the Quantum Corp. due to his old colleague?  


  • As a matter of fact, our MC's body is very weak in comparison to other people. By other people, I mean the people who have awakened their abilities. From the raws it seems like theres 3 types of powers. Spiritual, physical, and psychic. Our MC is incredibly strong in Spiritual and possesses psychic powers but is weak in body, creating a Spirit and Body inequality. His Gramps had his research stolen and plagiarized by one of the researchers from Quantum Corp.
  • Thanks for the info, mate. Are there any interesting reveals? Romantic interest introduced already, etc? 
  • No romance yet, MC is too young in comparison to the female characters. To be honest, the power system in this novel is kinda hard to distinguish. I guess we just have to wait till the actual TL to confirm my info.
  • So does anyone know if there is any romance in this story?
  • Read above
  • Any updates to spoilers?
  • Any more spoilers on the mc and his powers?
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