[IMPORTANT] How to report ads

Hi. Due to the recent increase in the amount of bad ads, and since each day that passes the management of ads becomes more and more complex for Wuxiaworld due to the amount of networks it works with, we've decided to add a small guide on how to report them.

In the past it would be enough for people to tell us there was a bad ad for us to check and try to correct the problem. Even that held true when a dedicated team started to be the responsible of that task. But recently (and not so recently probably) the complexity makes it nearly impossible to isolate and identify the offending ads that may get served. This basically means that the posts created at the forums are not nearly as useful as they used to be, and even if we inform the adops team, they may be unable to do anything without further information. 

And how can you do to report ads then? Well, it's actually not much harder, so here it goes:

  1. You need to write an email to [email protected]
  2. You have to add the important information, like platform, OS, browser and country of origin.
  3. You should provide them with information about the redirects that happened. This is basically just sharing the last webs you visited, from the browser's history. Only the ones that happened since you visited wuxiaworld till you were redirected. We do not want you to disclose your browsing history for us or anything, just the necessary bits. Most of the time, an screenshot suffices.
  4. That's it unless for some reason they request further information, but if that happens, it probably means this guide needs to be updated.

The message doesn't have to be extremely formal or anything, as long as it contains the information required it's fine. As an example:

Hi guys, I've been getting redirected to domain XWY.COM whenever I visit Wuxiaworld from my mobile phone. I use Android and Chrome as the browser. Here is the browsing history from the time the redirect happened.

1- http://www.wuxiaworld.com/sfl-index/skyfire-lane-chapter-1/ (The page you were reading. Skyfire avenue is an awesome novel btw xD)
2- domain-1.com?redirect_to=xxxxxxxxxx&uid=xxxxxx&whatever
3- domain-2.com?redirect_to=xxxxxxxxxx&uid=xxxxxx&whatever
4- domain-3.com?redirect_to=xxxxxxxxxx&uid=xxxxxx&whatever
5- XWY.COM?campaign (This is the domain you are being redirected to)

Extremely attractive sysadmin
And that should be all. Sorry for the extra trouble, but this is kind of a necessary step in order to improve the response time when ads with redirects are being served. Of course if you believe it's useful, you can always post at the forums, since that also helps us to gauge the impact of the issue.


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