Coiling Dragon: Untold Stories - Orson’s Story (Revised)

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About The Author

This is a revised edition to honor my first attempt at writing literature for something outside the classroom assignment. This is work of fan-fiction that will border on being an original work. As I have written the life a character that only lived two paragraphs in coiling dragon. You will notice that this the earlier chapters of coiling dragon written in a different perspective. My motivation  for writing this is to improve on my deficiencies in writing skill set. While giving myself a chance to use my creativity.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy the story.

Coiling Dragon: Orson’s Story

Some of us are given great lives while others only stand next to them. They push
ahead with talent, wealth or connections. They are called geniuses in order for
us to understand the difference between us. Most of us will live ordinary lives.

Orson wasn't going to world renowned genius of art, magic or swords but he was his
close friend before his legend was told. 

Table of Contents

Prologue: Prophecy

Chapter 1: On the Road to Destiny

Chapter 2: The Rival

Chapter 3: A Man's Pride

* Update - While I might not be ready for it yet. I have decided to turn Orson's story into my own original story. Therefore, I have made it so that this story is complete at chapter 3. At a later time, I will tryfanfiction again but only as oneshots, so I don't get attached to character. You can read Orson's new story here.


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    - Prologue -
    The Prophecy

    Twisting dirt roads padded, by humans over time, attached to the forest of homes. Far from the stuffy capital of people whom were full yet empty was a town. The population of this town could hardly be called abundant, yet their liveliness was something unexpected of people under the rule of a lord.

    As it was era where most of the grains of man's life belong to their lord while some men would rise to become legends others were pre-ordinate to be the stones in their path. At birth most were already set to be normal people faded into the pages of time.

    The blessed few became cornerstones for their noble lords. It was expected that most commoners would live the life of every other man one ending up in the dirt. They were simply meant to be dull stones in path of those of noble birth. Those who attempted to rise above their stations would be subdued with a blade for attempting to be strong when they are weak. This is the legacy of the common man’s life.

    A place where the lord didn’t request them to be stepping stones, the ordinary town of Wushan wasn’t home to many, but it was a peaceful place some happily called home. Securely, west of mountain range of magical beasts, it was one of the few places in the Fenlai Kingdom where the commoners could enjoyed an uneventful life.

    Ordinary town of Wushan wasn’t home to many, but it was a peaceful place some happily called home. Securely, west of mountain range of magical beasts, it was one of the few places in the Fenlai Kingdom where the commoners enjoy an uneventful life.

    Timbers thatched together their wooden homes along with straw roofs, forming only a room or two for a household. Brought together by the warm swaying of crackling flames centered middlemost divot, each existence absorbed nutrients as the moons walked behind sun, before they returned earth's embrace. It is continues cycle that never ends for any man under the moon.

    As the moon still hung in the sky, in the town of Wushan, the howling wind added to the pre-dawn chill. The commoners had begun to rise for the start of the day. This even included the six or seven old children who were getting out of bed to begin their early morning exercises.

    There was darkness without any moonlight. His heart calls for him to run but his legs wouldn’t move. Crack, Crack, there is something there. A moment later, a beastly howls forces him to attempt again, but his legs do not move. Opening his mouth, he cries for help but no sound can be heard. A chill eases up his spine, but then his body relaxes. There is no pain, but he feels the pieces of him are missing.

    Thump, Thump, Thump, his heart can’t seem to steady himself. Titling his head down, he attempts to look at his arms only to be reminded he can’t seem to see. Allowing his other senses to take over, his heart coils in misery, he feels a weight there, tightly held in his arms. Why doesn’t it move? It should move. His deadpan eyes began to cry in misery.

    What had I done wrong?  Would it have been better if I had …. No maybe if I had only … then at least …. His thoughts went farther astray until they muddled into the darkness. Then the light comes.

    "Orson it’s time to wake up."

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    Chapter 1
    On the road to Destiny

    The trees swayed as Orson arrived on the field. This would be the first day of training for Orson, but many others had already been on this field for years. Some had already left to pave their legacy on the on fields far away. Twitching his mouth, Orson tried to hide his excitement for this day. This is the field that starts his journey

    Most of the towns children could be seen there, something between one or two hundred in number. These children had been divided into three groups, each group divided into several lines. Not flexing their facial muscles, they stood with lips closed. The northernmost groups were near six years old. Situated in the middle were nine to twelve year olds. The south had ones around thirteen to sixteen year olds.

    Standing in front of this group of children, there was three strongly built middle-aged warriors. All three of them wore rough clothes that told of a warrior's life.

    The leader of them gave a speech about youth and working hard and a warrior’s pride which made Orson envision his proud future, he would marry a pretty woman who would bore him a strong son. He would live out his final days in Wushan with his dutiful wife. The leader took on a solider pose, head raised high, and hands clasped behind his back, sweep his fierce gaze across Orson’s group forcing him

    to tighten his lips along with others, yielding to gravity this man emitted.

    This man is Orson’s idol; the leader, Hillman. He was the captain of the guard for the Baruch clan, the noble clan which owned Wushan town.

    He began speaking everyone status. Orson was reminded once again that he wasn’t a noble. He wasn’t some that had bright or shiny things. Him along with theothers next to him had no wealth, no talent, no connections to be used,they had only their muscles to use. Orson hadn’t taken any of Hillman’s words lightly.

    He knew he had less than others, but he would work hardy than others. He would follow Hillman words till his death. The trees rustled as Hillman spoke of the rewards of the long days ahead to pave their glory.

    “Am I clear” Hillman roared to children.

    “Understood” Orson’s along with the rest of his group replied in a controlled

    Most of Orson’s group displayed some level of confusion, but what surprised Orson was the young master next to him display unnatural level of eagerness to prove himself. Frowning for a moment, Orson thought he might have a rival but then he smiled. This young master would live a comfy life on top of the hill in overly large stone house. Eventually the young master would realize, that he didn’t have to work as hard as rest of them, then he wouldn’t even compare to Orson’s achievements. Orson was determined to live more than an ordinary life. His hard work would raise him to the highest of positions. He would become the captainof the Baruch guard.

    No commoner in the Yulan continent would risk being a slacker while they were young. If the slacked off now, in the future, they would not be able to hold up their heads in from of others! Money and power could be sought by any capable man! Orson’s needed power to claim his ideal women.

    Orson's parents would be the proudest in town, women would flock to him, and his life would be glorious.

    He would become a powerful warrior.

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    Chapter 2

    The Rival

    Being born a commoner, Orson didn’t need books. He couldn’t read the books which would teach him how to cultivate his Battle Qi. What commoner had time to sit parting taking in other’s stories? Sitting down, reading a book wouldn’t give him access to glory, only a man’s strength would! Sweat blood for sweet things later. Only commoners like him knew the value pushing one’s stamina to reach the peak.

    Never in his life had Orson listened to another’s words so closely. Each word he spoke was like resonated in Orson’s like they were from the God of War who lived in another kingdom. Standing in the correct position was hard. His legs were far apart as shoulder while his knees slightly trembled as they try to keep him from falling. He was assuming the familiar “Qi Building Stance.”

    Though mentally some doubts leaked in his mind, he knew his stance looked better than the rest. He calmed his mind and eased his breath. Letting words Hillman’s bond with the resolve that his big brother had driven into months before he ridden off to serve in O’Brien Empire. He was going be become a weak man that had to run at sound of wind.

    Neither joyous nor short, the last days with his far older brother hadn’t been fun. ‘Qi Building Stance was simpler and less grueling than his big brother’s daily lectures. Orson didn't care how his forefathers or generations long pasted suffered to create this stance; he just wanted get ahead of the rest. So he listened to brother words as he now did Hillman’s.

    With the exception of his best friend Hadley, and the irritating young master, most of his Orson’s group continuously fumbled around the field trying to assume something that resemble the stance. Clicking his tongue, Orson’s didn't smile as the young master’s quickly improved his stance.

    Grinding his teeth, he tried to ignore the young master but he couldn’t help but feel his blood pressure building. It had taken him two months for him get to his stance to this point. The young master shouldn’t be grasping the concept this fast. It just wasn’t normal.

    His Big brother had told before he left that he would be the best person on the field. He had proudly said “There won’t even be any rivals on the field for my little brother”. It just didn’t make any sense unless he’s cheating.

    “Remember, focus your concentration, maintain a calm mind, and breathe naturally!” Hillman said coldly as he walked amidst the children.

    Only for a moment did Orson’s take a glance at the other groups, all maintaining the stance calmly and breathing naturally. More stable and steady, The older kids were better than Orson in their stance yet Orson believed given enough time he wouldn’t see them as his betters.

    Orson’s accidentally meet Hillman’s eyes before returning to concerting on his stance, Hillman’s eyes drooped, Orson’s didn’t like that look ,which he was sure was directed at him. It was only for moment that he lost focus but he received Hillman’s disapproval.

    ‘If only he looked a moment before’ orson inwardly sighed. He pushed his crooked legs to a better angle.

    At once, Orson’s saw Hillman ready a yell “The two of you, take charge of the south group and the middle group. I will go take care of the youngest children.” His words hadn’t been what Orson’s was expecting.

    “Yes Captain” The two flunkies obey, yielding to the more powerful man without sparing any time, paying close attention to Orson’s and other two hundred something children aka his flunkies soon to be. These men would ensure that knees of his future flunkies became strong; with every hit to the knees they would be stronger. In the future, they would bend their strong knees in Orson’s presence.

    Hillman walked over to best group of children. Orson’s couldn’t help but become nervous.

    “Crap, the Head Monster is coming!” the golden-haired child with large, bright eyes named Hadley said in a low voice to Orson. Orson’s was not amused yet his stance lost some stability

    Hillman approach, reminded Orson’s of one of his big brothers stories, a black panther who wouldn’t allow his prey to escape. Allowing only the sun to escape, a passing cloud darkens the area, Orson’s group became timid black mice to Hillman’s stare. Orson’s wanted to scamper off at Hillman sigh which seemed more like a growl. Though, Orson’s should know the legendary Hillman wouldn’t eat him but his youth cost him such wisdom. Orson’s exercises and youth would be long passed into the dreadful battlefields before he could understand the Hillman’s stare.

    “All of you stand firm!” Hillman coldly harrumphed, swaying with barley fields nearby the children looked like young mice hiding from the cat.

    Immediately, Orson’s back straighten, sticking out his chest staring ahead along the rest of the children.

    As he peered at the young children ahead him, Hillman lips got caught in a smile. While Orson was in awe, Hillman moved in front of Orson to take off his shirt. The high developed muscles made Orson’s eyes glow along with the rest of the kids. Nobody in the nearby area could ignore this man.

    Aside from his prefect musculature, on Hillman’s bare upper body, there were countless knife marks, swords marks, and dozens of other deep old wounds. Orson stared at those wounds with shining eyes. These marks were the marks of a true man.

    Orson had heard countless stories from Big brother; Hillman was only man in Wushan who deserved Orson’s awe. Large cities want such an amazing individual, a mighty warrior of sixth rank, a warrior birthed from life and death struggles! Surely all the town women secretly coveted for his attention.

    Orson’s had no need for any for jealousy as this man’s position would be his in the future. He would stir up feelings of worshipfulness, a desire for women to offer themselves to him. He would work harder than anyone else.

    “Let’s add some more fuel to the fire!” Hillman keeping his warrior’s face in order, walked in front of colossal boulder, which weighed of several of men.

    With one hand, Hillman grabbed the boulder. In a very relaxed manner, he began flaunting it like a trophy. Several men would be kindling, twigs that would snap on his fingers which such force. Orson’s jaw dropped unconsciously before slightly parting his lips while widen his adorable mouse like black eyes.

    “Too light, Lorry if you have some free time after training, go get some larger boulders for me!” With a causal toss, Hillman sent the boulder flying several dozen meters. Crash! The ground couldn’t handle his smite or might, luckily the tree survived, though Orson steady stance barely survived. Hillman trudges over to some innocent pebbles standing in his area.


    Hillman chest raises, all veins protruded around his muscles cracking the air, as he battered a bluish boulder in his way. His fist shattered the air, creating a howling sound that made Orson flinch. Hillman’s mighty fist smashed directly on the boulder.

    Crash! The sound of his fist smashing the ground proved his legends to be true. He was a war god that made others tremble.

    That big bluestone boulder had stood before time of Wushan Township!

    The bluestone boulder trembled. Suddenly, six or seven giant cracks appeared on it, with a ‘whoosh’ sound, it split into four pieces. But on Hillman’s fist, not the slightest injury could be seen, only dust from his conquest.

    “The Captain is as formidable as ever.” One of the flunkies just didn’t understand Hillman’s power, laughed as Hillman walked back towards them. Orson’s brother was a fifth ranked warrior yet couldn’t make sastruga out of boulders, using just his first. Nobody was stronger than Hillman, he was a war god.

    Resisting his weak legs, Orson’s put more effort into his “Qi Building Stance”, seemly right afterwards other children followed him. Though, few would dare continue slack off in front of such a god. It wasn’t time to relax or chat freely, that time would be later when they had women and beer.

    Orson’s knew glory came before women and booze. In the future, when Orson’s was in the army, every day he would train even harder, while on the battlefield accumulating medals, engaging in close combat. The days after would for stretching his muscles in the morning and at night. He would accumulate excess energy now.

    All the women would worship him just like should.

    Rocks falling at the touch of a fist, surely women would follow. Orson believed it was already his future which would come closer with every person who flew below his knees.

    It would be easy them to shatter with a single thrust. What sort of power would he yield? He would have to toss them with the flick of his arm. Muscles and mission, Orson’s wanted embraced his destiny.

    Hillman turned his head, snapping Orson’s out of his fantasies. Thoughts no longer clouding his head, Orson waited for more guidance about his future battlefield, the man he would become.

    “Remember, even if you aren’t able to cultivate Battle Qi, in principle, if you reach your body’s fullest potential, you can still become a warrior of sixth rank! And a sixth ranked warrior, upon entering the army, can easily become a mid-level officer, and easily obtain the military manuals which teach one how to cultivate Battle Qi! Even if you cannot become a warrior of sixth rank, and you cannot become a warrior of sixth rank, and can only become a common warrior of first rank, you will still be qualified to enter the military. Remember! If a man isn’t able to become even a warrior of first rank, he can’t be considered a man at all!” Slowly scratching at the old wounds in Orson heart, the words became his scars and resolve.

    Orson had decided long ago, he wouldn’t become like his father, a cook, not even a warrior of first rank. While his friends spoke of their father’s fearsome adventures, he could only have them taste his father’s tofu. Even though his mother is a mighty warrior, third rank warrior and a second grade mercenary, most people gave him sour faces when he spoke of her tales. Really, who would admire a woman, taking the place of man, not working in the kitchen? Not seeing the sky, Orson couldn’t hold his head up high.

    One day, he wouldn’t have to fear his best friend calling him a pickled plum of a man. He would raise his head high as a mighty warrior who welcomed any and all challenges with obstacles meeting his fist.

    He would become the very best like no one ever was, it was destiny. Catching Hillman’s words, the words of father he never had, the words of true man, who made nature, succumb to his might.

    Upon hearing Hillman’s words, all the children six and seven years old, had smiles on their faces but Orson’s face carried the largest. Not changing their stance, they could barely force their youthful energy to remain still. His word had become a mantra, to be repeated in Orson’s heart.

    “Remember! If a man isn’t able to become even a warrior of first rank, he can’t be considered a man at all”

    “Remember! If a man isn’t able to become even a warrior of first rank, he can’t be considered a man at all”


    “All of you stand straight. Look at your elders to the south, then look at how you are standing!” Hillman censured them!”
    Before the others, Orson adjusted his stance. He didn’t want lose anyone especially others the same age.

    After a while, Orson group, six and seven year olds began to wobble. All of the kids felt that their legs were
    fiercely cramping , but they held on, gritting their teeth. But after holding out for a short period of time, the children began to collapse and sit on the ground, one after the other.

    Orson’s will keep his body from collapsing. Each time another one collapsed, it only strengthened legs and reslove. He would be the opposite of Hadley and be the last one standing instead of the first one to fall.

    In his group, he looked above all others with the expectation of young master. Orson’s face constrained, why did he try so hard didn’t need to move for his tofu. Orson’s had to set the table, clean dishes, and feed Krypto Diablo his hunting bird, each day of the week! Why would he work hard for a few coopers when you already had plenty of gold? The young master didn’t make any sense, but Orson’s wasn’t going to lose.

    Hillman’s face was cold and callous, but his heart truly seemed warm once he saw Orson’s efforts. Orson’s wouldn’t be satisfied with a normal performance, since he would be the future captain of the guard. This was the first test for his cause to be the very best.

    After a short period time, many could no longer hold out, willpower, youth, and spirit could no longer hold even the older kids in the middle group, and one by one, they began to fall as well.

    After a short period time, many could no longer hold out, willpower, youth, and spirit couldn’t hold even the older kids in the middle group, and one by one, they began to fall as well.

    “Hold out for as long as you can. I won’t force you. But if in the future, you are weaker than your peers, then you’ll have no one to blame than yourselves.” Hillman voice chilled the air as it echoed in the remaining hearts of those who stood above their peers.

    “Hmm” lorry, a flunky, suddenly started, astonished, at Orson’s group.

    While most of the ten years had fallen down, there amongst all his fallen peers stood a six year child holding strong, a man, whose legend just begun.

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    Chapter three

    A Man's Pride

    Dirt invading his clothes, Orson clenched his teeth as he looked up at the young master. If only the young master had fallen then Orson would’ve been the last one left. Wrinkling his face, his face distorted more. He couldn’t why this young master was so strong.

    Orson had coppers to scrap for, a mission, a goal to achieve. What did young master need to work so hard to achieve? Sitting in the mud, grasping grass, his eyes arched into a competitive-fierce glare. This would only the beginning; he wouldn’t let this be end. Orson’s shoulders slouched, he wouldn’t count this as defeat but he would admit young master was a formidable rival.

    Sinking more into the mud, Orson started to compare himself more to the young master Orson was a commoner, a second son to a cook not even a warrior son nor the son of a real man. He knew no letters or numbers. He started deducted point here and there from the tally.

    Young master, Linley Baruch, was the eldest son and heir to the Baruch clan, which ruled over the Wushan town. The Baruch clan was an extremely old clan, thousands of years old, making Linley a noble young master who read books and wrote his letters with elegance. Currently it had only three members remaining, but it was still a noble clan. There is clan leader, Hogg Baruch whose eldest son, Linley, was six while the younger son, Wharton Baruch, was just two years olds. Orson had heard, the mother when she gave birth to the young son, she died in the midst of childbirth. Even the grandfather had supposedly died long ago in some battle.

    Orson’s felt no pity for the young master whom he counted as his rival.

    Orson continued to watch until Linley’s legs muscles finally strained to their utmost limit. His rival’s legs created a tremor just before a gust wind safety brought the young master to ground. He seemed like the young master had more willpower than orson had expected. But at last Orson was on Linley’s level again in the mud in the middle grassy field. Yet the clouds seemed to give away to him as the sun embraced him in its light while putting Orson into his shadow.

    “Linley, how do you feel” Smiling, Hillman walked towards him.

    Dirtier than ever thought Orson before noticing Linley cracking a smile “I’m fine, Uncle Hillman.”

    Orson knew as caption of the Baruch clan’s guardsmen, Hillman had watched Linley grow up but he pressed his lip together as he saw how close they were.

    “Well done. You acted like a man.” Orson openly watched, Hillman giving Linley words of praised while patting him on the head. The clouds darken above Orson, while the hair on Linley’s head was tousled with warm endearment, Orson recognized this boy may be enemy instead of a rival.

    “Haha” Linley’s laugh knifed a deep hole on Orson heart. He couldn’t be satisfied with this result either.

    After sitting in the mud for a while, the exercises continued. Though, the teenagers’ training looked terrifying stricter, Orson knew that would change with the passage of time. As the days rolled by, He wouldn’t sit in the mud longer than any others. One day, He would one day push others in the mud from the thrust of his sword.

    The large group of children, including Orson group of six to eight year olds, were lying down with their heads and their feet each on top of a flat rock, relying solely on the strength in their waist to keep straight.

    “The waist and the thighs form a triangular region.” Hillman gestured with his hands to show the area he was describing.

    “This area is a person nucleus. Speed and power all come from this triangular nucleus, making this region extremely important.” Orson didn’t want disregard his Hillman’s words but he could barely filter in the content. Never liking to listen to complex speeches, Orson big brother spent many days on the same material. Believing, building one’s muscles was only way to build a man’s path to success. Orson firmly believed, the feeble nobles, not real men minded trained on other matters,

    Orson believed he should just keep building only his muscle and pushing others down to make in the world. He strongly believed only young masters could afford to wasted time on unimportant matters.

    “Tighten that up! Your waists need to be straight!” Hillman thundered at the tiny souls on the ground barely standing on the ground.

    Showing his new rival his commoner’s sprit, Orson attempted to do as Hillman commanded, his back becoming flatter than the flat rock. He didn’t care about his pain in belly; it would only make him stronger.

    “Thud!” The first child fell down.

    Orson smiled a bit, Hadley had been the first one to fall once more. He wouldn’t be pickled plum of a man anymore.

    Orson’s had been weak, even as a baby. He hadn’t been healthy enough to started training until a year after most kids had started. Given that he was a year behind, for him he it meant he had to work thrice as hard under the others kids contempt.

    “Thud!” ”Thud!” As time went on, more and more children could no longer hold out.

    Frank, David, Ash plopped on to the ground, Orson didn’t except anyone to last long than him this time. Unconsciously, his brows narrow, the abnormally, hard working young master didn’t seem like was even a little unstable. Orson couldn’t help anymore as knees started to pull him closer to the ground.

    Orson’s perception was becoming distorted, why wouldn’t young master fall down? Unlike, Orson he shouldn’t have anything to prove. Surely, the young master didn’t need to risk being sick or stressed. Maybe being stuck inside reading books makes you stupid, there’s no other explanation. Wasting time on books as dummed the young master. Only commoner’s like himself knew the truth, books are dangerous, Orson’s reinforced his beliefs,.

    “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” time the enemy of boys and men to be passed its judgment, on more and more children fell beside Orson. Orson body felt gained weigh instead of muscle as more time passed by.

    Orson started to waiver, his ambition hurt by his lack of will.

    ‘It is okay, I worked plenty hard to today, there’s no need feel this pain. Even coming in second place, people will remember me. People will recall my strength, I not a weakling anymore. It’s only the first day. There is no need to be dumb like this young master.’

    Reliving his clenched teeth, dropping his eyes, mud coming near, his willpower was no more. As he plummeted into the mud, his pains eased away. Eyes softening until he no longer eyed the young master as rival, he gave up with only little bit of reluctance.

    The young master should be pity instead of competed against.

    The young master his pity along with his respect. His formal rival, the young master was stupid but he stood above the rest of them not as a noble but with his strength as a man, which is a good reason to receive Orson’s respect.

    More and more children fell yet young master’s spirit didn’t seem to sway. The fleeting childish rivalry forgotten, Orson started root for the stupid young master, gotta hold for just a bit more. Believing the young master should hold out more than the rest since he was stupider than the rest, working so hard only on Day One.

    At this point, Orson started to miss many of Hillman’s words. Though, he still held him as god, he started to revaluate Linley to a different level then the rest of children. Standing above the others who sat in the mud, he was only boy yet he held the strength of a man. Unfortunately, like most nobles… well maybe even more than others, the young master became stupid. The books had made young master stupid and clearly foolish, young master shouldn’t work hard since he ate on gold plates and others wipe his butt. Orson brows creased, who knew what this young master would do? He might feed a wild magical beast or play games with a black panther.

    ‘Hmm… but wouldn’t he make a decent leader with his strength as long as I back him’ Orson concluded his vision with a final thought.

    As long as I am second to this man, the town would be safe for his family, future dutiful wife, and his unborn son. Nodding his head to his thoughts, Orson became sure of the township of Wushan’s future. He would be the shadow of leader of Wushan which kept young master Linley’s stupidity in check.

    “Thud” young master, the last one of Orson’s group had finally lost his strength.

    “That feels good!” Linley eyes hadn’t fallen, only his body.
    Orson raised his head meet Linley’s eyes, with his own honey glazed eyes covered in shadows of his deeper ambitions for his future. Keeping this man safe, would ensure he wasn’t just a captain but kind man who controlled decisions of the town.

    Grinnly at his thoughts, Orson had decided his life end.

    “All of you must remember. Your body is like a vessel, like a wineglass. Battle Qi is like the wine! The amount of wine a vessel can hold is dependent on the size of the vessel. Same goes for the body; a person’s ability to practice battle Qi is based on the extent of his training. If his body is too weak, even if he gains access to powerful Battle QI manuals, his body won’t be able to hold much Battle Qi, and he still won’t become a powerful warrior.” Orson felt Hillman was continuing to drag on pointless materials. Being born week, Orson knew that everyday meant pushing his body harder to become stronger.

    Already stronger than this morning, Orson found only value in hard sweat mixed with blood. He hated words especially those on paper which he couldn’t understand. He found using his muscles the only way he could make progress in life. He only admired those with strength.

    “Today’s training ends now,” Hillman announcement made Orson’s happy. He was ready to let the current take away his failures.

    “Uncle Hillman, tell us some stories!” Orson’s wind ended abruptly as the other children immediately began to call out. It was expected, every day, after dawn lessons, Hillman would tell them the stories of his army days, or some events which happened on the continent.

    Thirsting for glory and adventures which he would be apart when he joined the battlefield, Orson’s became caught up in the other children pace. Eager to hear more tells of bravery, justice and man’s honor on the battlefield, the only speeches which keep Orson’s attention.

    “Today, I will tell you about the legendary four supreme Warrior bloodlines which everyone in the continent knows about.” Orson’s hadn’t heard about these warriors before this moment. He didn’t like people who depended on bloodlines to live out their lives. How could a man be proud of his work if he hadn’t done the effort to achieve it himself?

    Orson ears closed; there shouldn’t be much to valor from tales of men who leaned on blood. He wanted to hear more of men who fought for their strength. These men were true men. Looking at the clouds, Orson continued day dream of women until he was free to go play.

    Walking to the river, Orson grinned, there was group ahead at the river. Orson eyes showed childish excitement, He saw some familiar faces, Hall, Klad, Frank, Jon, and young master. It been to long seen played games with friends. Usually, he helped out at home or was resting in bed. Today, he would use his new muscles to have fun.

    “Orson, come over “young master motioned his hands in the air for Orson to hurry.

    Orson adding more trots to his steps came closer, ready to play games to test his strength.

    “What are we playing?” Orson asked in a friendly manner to his best friend.

    “It’s the best, best, best game ever but I not sure you can handle it” Hadley smirked before Linley hit him in the back of the head.

    “Are you sure, Hadley you should be saying that” without out attending to tease him, the young master calmly stated the facts.

    Approaching the group, Orson didn’t understand why the young master would help someone other than themselves; it was man over man world.

    “We’re testing our strength with these stones, the person who skips it the farthest is winner” ignoring Hadley feelings, frank answered.

    Time passes by; the boys continued to skips stones until one of them noticed a shining stone in the water.
    One of them asks “Is that magical beast’s core”.

    Doubt and ambition shown in all the boys before responding together “it can’t be”

    “But what if it” Jon innocently asks.

    All of the children, they were aware of the value of the magical stones. Each magical stone had a different valued but one of them could be worth hundreds of coins. Hundreds Gold coins, could ensure their family wouldn’t starve for many years. Surprising, the first to suggest retrieving the stone was the young master.

    “Let’s check the value of the stone”

    After early training, everyone would have willing to followed a safe plan drevied from Linley but Orson had unexpectedly jumped in the river.

    Plopping into the river, Orson thought it would be simple to retrieve the stone. Early, He had resigned himself in not besting everyone in training, so this was a way for Orson to regain his manly honor. Retrieving the stone, he would get some achievement for today. He had no doubts in his ability to swim.

    Moving his legs back in forward, Orson reached stone in the deep waters of the river. Grasping the stone in hand, Orson started to head back. Only several feet away from his friends, the current changed. At accelerating speeds, the rushing waters started to push Orson down the river. Orson could only bop up for air as went farther and deeper down the river. Kicking hard, Orson felt his body had become cotton and fragile once more. No, It was weaker than ever, he didn’t have enough strength, Orson knew he was going to die.

    Without losing any seconds, Linley called for Orson’s rescue. Racing to ahead of current, He brought the guys together to form a man like rope to reach Orson. Forming the end rung, Linley reached his hand to drowning Orson.

    Red eyes and teary, Orson grabbed Linley’s hand before going deeper and farther away. Safely arriving on solid ground, his body shook from the shock. Rubbing his arms for warmth, He recalled his weak muscles which weren’t anything to mighty river whom almost taken him below. He hadn’t thought he would survive.

    After all, why would anyone risk their lives for him, he is not child of a wealthy merchant, or a noblemen son. His parents had another son who already stronger than his fragile born self. He is nobody, he has no worth or value. He man whose story wouldn’t be told. Orson could only stare at dripping people and wide eyed at the people.

    “That was a close call.” Linley calmly stated, shaking his arms to rid himself of the water

    “Good thing there was enough of us” jolly stated Hall.

    “Darn, good old TEAM work is the man’s pride.” Jon imitated Hillman’s voice

    “Ha, Ha”, escaping death, Orson laughed. He wouldn't be fighting his battles alone anymore.

    Clothes soaked in dirty water, sitting yet again in the mud, Orson finally could look up at the sun.

    The End
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