Need explanation for the romance part

For what I understand 

End game, 3 girls : Mu Liwan, Li Qianmei, Mu Bingmei (main body of Lui Mei)

Mu Liwan : first love of Wang Lin
She spends together with WL like 30 chapters where she grows affection because he saves her and spent time with her. The reason WL like her is because she is the first woman devoted to him (she wait for 100 years WL). Then she died and that seal the deal of an undying love.
Through the novel, the romance is about WL thinking of a dead woman.

Li Qianmei : the last girl to appear among the 3 and the second lover
She met WL much later in the story, then she gradually fall in love after having meet once WL by self-hypnose thinking about how mysterious WL was. She get the love because she saved WL once, paying a huge price and because WL take pity of her as each time they met afterward, WL saw her suffer because of him.

Mu Bingmei : most complex romance as it is basically ennemy turning to lover type of romance
It is also the longest as it span from her appareance the first 40 chapters to 10 end chapter before the end for her to be a lover. Basically she is the indifferent type, like she has great duty and no place for feeling, because of this, unlike the other 2 she wasn't friendly enough to interact with WL so their first interation was hostile. Basically she has a purpose to meet WL, which annoy him and this is why he gives no mind to attack her. During their confrontation something happen and they have sex, she was pretty much indifferent and left. However it has gone downhill when she discovered she was pregnant and it has affected her so much that she hated WL for the sex and she retaliates by using the dead foetus to create a spirit of resentment against WL. It worked as WL suffered seeing his son's hatred since WL value his direct family the most. Then he killed Liu Mei then met later on Mu Bingmei. Afterward, it is mostly about them meeting with Mu Bingmei regretting what she has done as a mother with indistinct feeling toward WL and WL rejecting her. Finally at the end after a long time of separation in which she longed for him, WL decided to keep her.

The only thing i understand is basically : the women love so much WL that they suffer from not receiving his love, he felt he need to repay them
Out of the 3, the romance with Mu Bingmei have thd greatest potentiel but the author fail to create a real love instead as nothing really develop romantically and i really though that Mu Bingmei could have healed WL's loneliness and make him grow as a human and make him accept the fact that his wife died. 

Can someone care to explain to me the thinking process of WL ?


  • Ergen sucks at romance for example ISSTH case of Xu Qing and Chu Yuyan the author decided to stick with XQ as the main love interest although it was clear from the start that Chu yuyan was a much much better choice - but at least he gave Chu Yuyan some sort of closure within the later parts of the story (1450-1525-ish) which was really done well but then he had to go and pull that f-ing stunt in the last chapter...
  • It is okay for xq as it is very subtle and not out of nowhere but for Li Muwan, WL most show of love is when he though about her in his memory, like he never really treasure her before and now that she is dead, he is mourning for the dead like a child who keep whinning. For me, her death could have mean for WL to treasure the present and to move forward for a greater aspiration like preaching peace,love or something else but he illusionned himself as if the world was against him and his wife and he should just be very very angry and sad. And it's like this until the end. I really think that cultivators are just monster in disguise.
  • For me I think the only one he really love is Li Muwan , and what he's done for Li Qianmei and Mu Bingmei is to finish karma (remember that karma is one of the dao he's cultivated and the more karma he's solved the more likely he's to gain enlightenment and breakthrough). He can't give up on reviving Li Muwan because it's tantamount to giving up his dao (Dao of Reincarnation, dao heart,etc), giving up as renegade cultivator and abide by heavenly law. If he do this maybe he can be more powerful easily but he still under the control of heaven and can't surpass it (in fact the last cultivation level in the novel is called Heaven Trampling). For Mu Bingmei, remember that the first time they met Wang Lin reject her because "Liu Mei already die", the one that really has karma with him is Liu Mei (he break her dao, having kid with her). Despite she is her main body Liu Mei action wasn't influenced by her and no real karma between them other than the fact that her dao heart shaken and her last avatar failed (and she keep thinking of her life as Liu Mei). He used Dream Dao technique in which Mu Bingmei really become Wang Ping's mother and kind of finish the karma, also leaving her with one of his avatar (however the novel purposely make it vague to who is the main body and who is the avatar). Throughout the novel, Er Gen want to implied that Wang Lin is the type who "You don't mess with me, I don't mess with you. If you have graciousness to me, I will pay you multiple times" and I think all of his action was influence by the Dao he cultivated (and the opposite). Yeah, er gen wasn't really good at romance but I think wasn't really bad either, at least the women have reason to falling for him not suddenly "wow he's so amazing" or worship the mc type.
  • Ty for your answer, about the dao thing, i don't really know what it does even mean. regardless most of the time i feel cultivator inferior to real human because they always have this mentality that they could control everything with brute force whether life or death. Because of this, they keep doing unreasonable thing and never grow in maturity which is to accept that life is difficult and that it is needed to be cherish life. 
  • Well, in my opinion that's why they cultivated at the first place rather than live as a mortal :)  because they basically want to control everything but yeah I get your point. You will understand the Dao thing pretty soon, it was mentioned during Wang Lin's time at somekind of demon spirit land. At that time, he was at peak soul transformation and on the edge of domain breakthrough. Basically, to a certain extent cultivator still abide by the heavenly law except for renegade cultivator
    the current world is a cave world so whether you're cultivator or a mortal your destiny was already determined except for the renegade one who is tantamount with wild plant
    . About the karma thing, after some point his domain change into karma domain (not abandon life and death domain but somekind of evolution) and basically the karma he has prevent him for increasing his cultivation so he need to solve the karma.
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    About the dao, it is not i don't understand what it is but why people blindly follow it. It's the same with the idea of god, it is not harmful and not wrong to believe in god, but our idea of god is relative and not absolute, this is why if believing in god can be a source of hope,believing that it is everything isn't. In fact cultivator are slave of a system similar to the law of jungle whereas in fact it is not only by fighting against the stronger like destiny or an enemy that make them truly stronger but against the shackle of their mind. 

  • You kinda had the thing mixed with Mu Bingmei and Liu Mei. So Mu Bingmei is like the holy lady of the only rank 9 cultivation country in the cultivation alliance. For to to succeed in cultivating this technique that all her predecessor failed she made 5 avatar/clones of her self and send them across the system to carefully chosen planets. Liu Mei was one of the, once they reach a certain state they will awaken and fuse with her. When all 5 awaken and fuses with her she would complete this cultivation. However after 4 successful awaken the last on Liu Mei was messed up because she had sex with Wang Lin (they need to remain virgins for w/e reason) and was killed by him.

    So Liu Mei herself ofc doesn't know know all of this, she thought she was her own person and in order to cultivate her own path she made 1000 clones of herself and insert them into various sect on planet suzaku and then gain their experience. It was one of the clones that was inserted in Zhao that meet Wang Lin the first time. After that Wang Lin meets the real Liu Mei in which she was ordered to imprint herself in Wang Lin's Dao heart so she may steal his domain/cultivation to help her reach ascendant. She kinda fail and in a fight with Wang Lin he uses a soul fragment he got which contain the domain of charm/lust to try to use it to take her over. However the original owner of the domain interferes allowing Liu Mei to absorb it instead. Which in turn make her domain even stronger but her power goes out of control and Liu Mei and Wang Lin have sex under the effect.

    After that Liu Mei basically held a grudge against Wang Lin and after realizing she got pregnant she cultivated their son into a vengeful soul to use against Wang Lin. Later Wang Lin kills her and she fuses back with Mu Bingmei.

    Mu Bingmei feel really complex about the whole situation, she doesn't really blame Wang Lin for what happened but now she can't complete her own dao due to their child. So she wants to see their son but by seeing him she has no idea what the result might be. Either it allow her dao to be complete or it will cripple her forever. If it was just herself she risk it to get closure however she is responsible for her planet and thus she can't just take the selfish risk.

    They had very interesting dynamic that never get used sadly.

    I don't understand the devotion to Li Muwan ( You had the name like out of order lol) other then a sense of duty and what he owes her. Even then its like she hasn't really done shit for Wang Lin other then wait for him. Like that's yet she waited and nothing else. Li Qianmei on the other hand offered so much more, she saved Wang Lin's life twice and the second time basically give up her life for it. But no Wang Lin still hang up on Li Muwan for whatever reason that makes no sense and in the end only allows her to be with him coz he felt he owes her too much. Its pretty fucked up in my opinion.

  • Ty for your post, i didn't understand about mu bingmei's dao heart situation. 
    I think that Li Muwan was useful for WL to regain love, but it was unneeded for her to revive.
    Li Qianmei was completely unneeded, only appear to add romantic tension which was useless for WL.

  • Could someone plz answer a few questions I have plz?

    1. Does mc and his harem become immortal?

    2. Does mc still keep up with the demon cultivations techniques I really like it?

    3. So why did he end up with the girl who used there child a a revenge spirit?
  • Could someone plz answer a few questions I have plz?

    1. Does mc and his harem become immortal?

    2. Does mc still keep up with the demon cultivations techniques I really like it?

    3. So why did he end up with the girl who used there child a a revenge spirit?
    1. Not sure what you mean by Immortal but they still lived at the end of novel. It's technically not a harem (li muwan,mu bing mei, li qianmei) since every girls goes with different versions of wang lin  :D 
    2. I presume what you mean by demonic cultivation technique is the one he got at demonic realm where people must absorb demon qi and make somekind of demonic crystal core. No, his main cultivation is Ancient clan technique and cultivator technique, later he also got immortal/celestial inheritance but that's not cultivation technique only somekind of immortal bloodline power making him really become immortal/celestial not just a cultivator. He got immortal inheritance two times, first one from Lian Daofei who give wang lin his blood but this one conflicted with his Ancient body so he later remove it from his body, second one from Immortal Ancestor himself and he get help to fused it with his Ancient clan power
    3. You mean liu mei ?well, liu mei and mu bing mei technically different person and the one who used their child as revenge spirit is liu mei even then wang ping actually already die (or unborn) and only exist as remnant soul. Also,liu mei and wang lin already reconciled at some point
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    1. I mean does wang Lin and his hare, become immortal as in living forever not having to ever die unless killed?

    2. Does Wang Lin revive his first wife Waner at the end up novel and doesn't she end up with wang kinds main body?

    3. When Mcs parents were killed and mc put them in the bead does he ever revive them?
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