Making a RogueLike Based on the Wuxia Genre

Any Feedback is Welcome, Let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in playing

Mortal Journey - Pitch Idea By Arctic Game Studios

Genre : Isometric Adventure

Platform : PC

Summary : The journey to immortality is one wrought with dangers and rewards. Many fail in becoming immortal. A tower left by an a powerful immortal sits in a dark forest. Rumors say successfully climbing the tower allows one to gain the immortal’s full legacy. The immortals tower allows the climber to pass on the knowledge gained to his/her children. Explore the tower gain powers via cultivation techniques and empower yourself and your children to empower your bloodline to gain immortality. The tower is not randomized and has many rooms that require certain powers to unlock and gain their power. Each time a player restarts a run they get a choice of three children that gained powers based on a random chance of what happened in previous runs.

Key game Features:

  • Isometric adventure : players will adventure through the tower gaining valuable powers that can help them climb to the top. Each mini level is action packed with traps and enemies that the immortal that owned the tower uses to test each climber.

  • Collectible trinkets:  Although the children will have varying powers based on what the parents and grandparents had trinkets will follow the player through each adventure allowing for them to consistently power up. Certain trinkets will have a negative effect associated with them that the player will have to figure out in the tower.

  • Power gains  : Each time a player completes a floor their offspring and future generations will have increased power as a way to balance the game to allow an easier journey through the tower.

  • Economy : Upon death items gained will not be lost and instead can be used to power up the next climber. Cultivation gems will be the main economy of the game and allows one to increase their cultivation or buy items in the shop.

  • Structured Power tier system : Using power gems a player can increase the power level of their current character. Each time a player hits a certain threshold they will gain massive benefits to the climber that are passed down to the next generation.

  • Single Player Experience

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