The Demon Sealing Hexes

The 5th-8th Demon sealing hexes have bern revealed

Can somebody please spoil what the 1st-4th demon sealing hexes are and what they do exactly?


  • you should check the ask anything section, the hexes have been spoiled, check the pages between 60-80
  • i wouldn't sat they have been spoiled i checked the ask anything section and the only answer i found was this one
    im not even talking about his true body. 
    yeah but @Rah was asking for it, so I answered it   

    midoan said:
    what is the 1st to 4th demon sealing hex ?


    1. Beginning and End
    2. True and False
    3. Past and Present
    4. Self
    not really a spoiler it just gives the names of the hexes not what they do you'd never know that the sixth hex is an enslavement hex from the name life-death or that the fifth hex opens spacial rifts from the name inside out
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