i have few questions about shi xiaobai

1. his past life he was normal teenager who played video games right? and all the king and god of the universe and that stuff is something he makes up all the time right? 
2. does he really have 6th sense? and if he does have, are they really the godly eyes and all the kind of godly eyes or was it really lucky of him to every time get something right? what i mean is like when he fought against the guy from the virtual terrorist group in the game, did he hear and saw everything because kali forced the girl to show him everything or because he actually has 6th sense? or when he saw the joker card etc...


  • are asking from what we know from the translated chaps
    or spoilers from the raws

    if you read to what's translated so far it should be pretty self-evident, but the author avoids stating things outright when it come to shi xiaobai
  • my bad, i thought it was oblivious that i'm asking from the raws, i should have been more clear. 
    about no.1 i just want confirmation 
    and no.2 i don't really get what shi xiobai hidden abilities are, because it clearly said he shot randomly and he hit the target when he was tested at the beginning, he randomly picked the joker when he played with hisith , he saw through the weaknesses of the guy from the virtual group but than the guy called it bullshit and that he sensed "time" from his sword, but he also saw the red threads so i guess he does see something, also he heard the conversation between the guy and the little girl(bishop of virtual)  but was it kali forcing her to make him hear it or because he has special powers idk, i don't remember the rest but i think there were more occasions of random stuff like that. 
    so i don't really know if he has more powers or more random luck...
  • shi xiaobai calls himself king b/c his family was murdered

    kali is trying to keep it a secret that she is helping him behind the scenes, so she's doing her best to make it seem like a normal situation
    the godly senses are a little less clear b/c they don't appear on a consistent basis
    sometimes xiaobai know stuff because of absolute choice and sometimes it's because he gets an "instinct" which should be a godly sense, but it hasn't been stated outright

    I haven't read past the translated stuff but I'm pretty sure in a different thread somebody who has read the raws said he does have the godly senses

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