Yang God (阳神) - Meng Rushenji - Spoilers

Link to the novel; http://www.novelupdates.com/series/yang-god/
chapters 1- 5;http://forum.wuxiaworld.com/discussion/6425/yang-shen-阳神-by-梦入神机
will be translated at; https://yanggodtranslations.wordpress.com/
Authors other works; http://www.novelupdates.com/nauthor/meng-ru-shen-ji/

so a few questions from myself; i have read the first 5 chapters and they seemed interesting so i decided to have a look whether there was a spoiler thread for this (i already doubted its existence, but checked through every page just in case...) if anyone read the raws for this and knew the answers it would be great if you could help!! also just wanted to make sure as the translations would be resuming soon.

1. Is it a harem? if yes how many women is there? if not could you tell me about the main love interest?
2. Does the story focus on cultivation and adventures or on other aspects such as politics and the like?

Thanks for any help!! also if there are any other questions i will ask them later on!!
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