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  • He acts in his movies?
    he only acts in 2 movies... 17 Again and Iron Man and he isnt the director
    <3 him

  • In addition to Ren's list, i will also give a brief summary of the harem (since a few of them are fictional characters)
    Tier 1: (Girls that receive rings) (arranged in terms of Eric's love for the girls)
    Drew Barrymore (2nd tier movie actress)
    Joanna Pacula (2nd tier movie actress)
    Elisabeth Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch's daughter; business executive)
    Virginia Madsen (2nd tier tv and movie actress)
    Julia Roberts (top tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Pretty Woman, Oscar: Erin Brockovich)
    Nicole Kidman (top tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Moulin Rouge, Oscar: The Hours)
    Jennifer Aniston (1st tier tv and movie actress; breakthrough work: Friends)
    Cindi Crawford (top former super-model and former spokesperson)
    Linda Evangelista (top former super-model)
    Famke Janssen (2nd tier tv and movie actress)

    Tier 2: (Girls that he still cares but not enough to receive rings)
    Carmen Kass (super-model)
    Jodie Foster (top tier movie actress; breakthrough work: The Accused, Oscar: The Accused, Silence of the Lambs)
    Jennifer Connelly (2nd tier movie actress; breakthrough work: A Beautiful Mind, Oscar: A Beautiful Mind)
    Christina Aguilera (singer-songwriter; breakthrough work: Beautiful, Grammy: BeautifulAin't no other Man)
    Kelly Haines (fictional character)
    Marissa Mayer (former President and CEO of Yahoo)
    Elizabeth Tina Fey (2nd tier movie actress, comedian, writer, producer; breakthrough work: Mean Girls)
    Claudia Schiffer (2nd tier movie actress and top former super-model)
    Gisele Bundchen (top former super-model)
    Alessandra Ambrosio (top former super-model)
    Miranda Kerr (former super-model) (still no snusnu cuz she's a loli)
    Charlize Theron (top tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Monster, Oscar: Monster)
    Anne Hathaway (1st tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Rachel Getting Married, Oscar: Les Misérables)
    Kate Beckinsale (2nd tier movie actress)
    Penelope Cruz (2nd tier movie actress)
    Diane Kruger (2nd tier movie actress and former model)
    Natasha Henstridge (2nd tier movie actress and former model; breakthrough work: Species)
    Sophie Marceau (2nd tier movie actress)
    Monica Cruz (3rd tier movie actress, Penelope Cruz's sister)
    Trish Goff (former model)
    Elizabeth Perkins (2nd tier tv and movie actress)

    Tier 3: (he snusnu but didnt give much care)
    Brook Shields (2nd tier movie actress) 
    Tyra Banks (television personality, producer, former model) (two days in his house with Cindy, Linda, Diane, Tyra)
    Jennifer Garner (1st tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Alias, Oscar: Alias) (no snusnu, only an acquaintance through Kelly Haines)
    Christy Turlington (top former super-model) (she isnt part of his harem and she got married) (two days in his house with Cindy, Linda, Diane, Tyra)
    Elizabeth Hurley (2nd tier movie actress and former model) (no snusnu, only an acquaintance through Cindy Crawford)
    Candace Bushnell (author) (once during her meeting to discuss Sex and the City TV adaptation)
    Kris Jenner (television personality, producer) (once in his office in firefly while discussing Beverly Girls. she is still married to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner)
    Jennifer Love Hewitt (2nd tier movie actress; breakthrough work: i know what you did last summer) (once together with Sarah Michelle Gellar)
    Sarah Michelle Gellar (2nd tier movie actress; breakthrough work: Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (once together with Jennifer Love Hewitt)
    Diane Lane (2nd tier movie actress) (once during Basic Instict taping)
    Jeanne Tripplehorn (2nd tier movie actress(once during Basic Instict taping)
    Leigh Zimmerman (2nd tier broadway and movie actress) (once during Home Alone 2 taping)
    Kelly Hu (2nd tier tv and movie actress) (once so that she could get the role in Resident Evil)
    Fernanda Tavares (former model)
    Helena Christensen (former model)
    Kristanna Loken (2nd tier tv and movie actress; breakthrough work: Terminator 3) (once to show her "appreciation" after getting a role in FastnFurious)

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