Ogre Gate - gameplay out there ?

Hello everyone,

I'm posting this for the sake of getting some piece of info about my last dicovery : Wandering Heroes of the Ogre Gate. The DB started à novel based on this table tog RPG and I wanted to know if any review of the campaign or even a "let's play" is available anywhere, maybe by the same DB ?

I was thinking about the likes of "Aventure". French people who know what I'm talking about. For the other (vast majority ?) the concept is : a GM lead a team of four player alongs a scenario... like any campaign but all in video on YouTube, with an "apps" or software or kind of things meant to play computer to computer.

Anyone who've eard about something like that please ?


  • Hey SuperSplash. I am the publisher of the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate RPG. I currently have been posting session logs on our blog page (which you can find here: http://thebedrockblog.blogspot.com

    Right now I am working on some podcasts and hope to do an episode soon that is an example of play (perhaps recording an entire session). I don't know when that will be up but the podcast channel is here: http://bedrockgames.podbean.com/#.WK2x8gZM_Vh.blogger
  • Hi ! 

    Thanks for the links I'm looking forward for this podcast. I hope some people will find your work soon, I don't have time to start playing it but can find an hour or two per week to see "chapter" of it !
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