Fist Aura? Wtf did it Go?

Hey everyone Im just curious if anyone knows why ever since Lin Dong received the fist aura legacy hes never used it in conjunction with his attacks? Is it just a passive skill that is just always on? If so then how come no enemies have mentioned being devastated by the fist aura like those 3 who tried to take the legacy from him were?


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    He gave it to Little Flame. And Lil Flame isn't using it because it has limited use.
  • little flame's battles aren't really elaborated upon so he might've already used it for all we know. 
  • He's probably keeping it for Qin Tian.
  • Little Flame used it to train because if you use it in battle,  it will be used up.  It's best for training because once you understand the force,  you can use it in every strike.  Little flame mastered it in white tiger slaughter hell training ground 
  • i thought he only gave a portion to little flame? 
  • He only had a small portion initially. He didn't have as much use for it as little flame 
  • Oh gotcha, I must have been high or something during the part where it was mentioned he gave the fist aura away because i SUPER don't remember reading that lol.
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