Fan fiction epilogue

We all know that IET has wrapped up CD with too much haste, epilogue and it is up to us fans to take the epilogue to our own hands. This is my version of the epilogue, ENJOY! :) 
(Note that some of the ideas down below are from other people, and I'm just here to gather them all up into one neat thread. I do not own all of these ideas) 

- Linley going back to the Four Divine Beast Clan, and he becomes the main protector of the clan. He creates 4 Sovereign Divine Sparks to the four clan leaders. Four Divine Beast Clan becomes number 1 clan in the whole universe. There will be branch clans in every plane. Becomes the overlord of the universe. The 8 great clans that pressured the 4DBclan will get annihilated by Linley, and the other Sovereigns can't disagree unless they want to DIE. 
- Linley creates a teleportation portal between all the 4DB clans in various planes and a portal to the Yulan Plane. Free of charge, fee levied by the Linley Government. 
- Linley's emissaries will receive tutelage from Linley himself and will end up being paragons, thus Linley will have his own OP deity army :3
- Linley will create this protective artifact out of HongMeng energy (will be indestructible) for Delia, Bebe, Beirut, Bluefire, his parents, Reisgem and his other mates. So that Linley wouldn't need to feel sad for any of his mates dying, just like Granpa Doehring, sniff sniff (I cry)
- Will meet up with the Holy Priest from the Yulan Continent, who said that she will be going to the Divine Light Plane. It's gonna be all, OMG Linley is so powerful! XD
- finds Jenne in the Netherworld, revives her soul, then marries her. (unlikely, but he might be bored and have nothing to do, so he'll probably just start a harem)
- He will create a Four-fused plane, called the Linley Plane, and it will consist of dense Qi. Cultivating there for a month will be equivalent to cultivating for 1000 years in the other planes. The plane will be protected by Hong Meng energy, and even Chief Sovereigns with an Overgod weapon will not be able to break through space and go into the plane. The plane is only accessible to those who are top members of the FBD clan and the Divine Knights of the Dragonblood Continent and Baruch Kingdom (in Yulan Plane). Of course, Linley's friends and family will be able to go there anytime, and Linley's emissaries are also allowed to go there. The ruler of the plane will, of course, be Linley himself, and killing is prohibited. (Basically heaven!)
- A specially-created Chief Sovereign spark will be given to Delia, despite her leveling up by fusing a divine spark at the beginning, and not being able to fuse with a Sovereign spark, Linley's powers will nullify that restriction. 
- Start a harem with Jenne and Chief Sovereign of Death. YAY.
- Suppress the Augusta Clan, and possibly just annihilate them. Simple.

Any other ideas, please comment below.


  •  When you are so sad and idiot and don't read the actual novel

    This happens guys

      Like Linley cared about his clan lol
  • I think he will most likely go on a close meditation to try and create a universe with hong meng's instructions, it will go on for several gazillion years and just forget about his friends and family. lol :smiley:
  • you realise this story has a sequel  it's called stellar transformations it takes place in a universe created by linley
  • When RWX finished translating CD in late 15'. I like a lot of people thought about a new story in the same universe. My idea was a long the lines of the reformation of the 4DB clan into the 5DB clan. With the addition of the God Eater clan being the 5th. 

    -Linley makes  4 lesser sov sparks for the clan leaders for the original 4DB and a lesser darkness for Beruit.

    -the clan makes a comeback but is still not the top power

    - the story is based around the young generation of the 5DB clan and their journey to make the 5DB clan the top power in all the plains.

    well that's my two cents, maybe one day I'll get around to writing a short on this but who knows if I'll ever find the time :(
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    He don't really bother of worldly affair nor do he interested in worldly status.

    if u actually read the novel,u will know he mostly interested interested in mastery of his art n his friend. pretty sure later he will solely interested in creating his own universe. THat need gazillion year of seclusion.
    This story has continuity "stellar transformation". He create his own universe but he don't interfere there. Thr is no baruch clan thr at all. nobody even know where he is. he stay hidden n live like hermit interested in only mastery of art. maybe only his Delia n co can make him out for awhile.

    - even long before this, when he at yulan back from infernal, he already undisputed highest existence. but he don't act like odin nor adkins.
    he actually hide his name and pretend as commoner when travelling at Yulan with Delia, nobody even know who he is. he spend most of his time in seclusion just training n meditation.
    - Even long before that, when he just reach saint level. He simply erect Baruch empire out of his dad dream that alway want restore the glory of baruch. it just influence out of that. but afterward since saint, he began to care less n less of worldly affair (u will know if u actually read the novel). He becoming more2 as hermit, only interested in training while occassionally spend time w Delia.
    He at most only care the well being of his close friend. even if baruch empire destroyed, he wont bother. when invaded by radiant+cult of darkness (under the pact of no saint at battle), he once said even if baruch empire not exist anymore, he don't care, it just worldly affair. at that time he begin to exhibit such hermit mindset already. but his life of his friend, he do bother. as well eradication of radiant.
    - while 4 beast clan? to hell with that! lol. not even care at slightest.
    - While his legacy at Yulan is actually spread by wharton n his descendant. Supreme Warriors at material plane simply untouchable, they can reach saint naturally.
    Linley himself not even bother about that at all. He actually want to stay low profile n hidden.
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