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  • Book 2 Chapter 25 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Life and Death Duel

    “Life and death stage” Is a place for Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court disciples to duel, as its name, at here the disciples take a duel, even if one of them was killed, Imperial Wind Pavilion will not investigate who is responsible, so if a person who did not have bitter hatred, will not rush to come here to duel.

    Today outside this life and death stage, already gathered over a thousand disciples, not for anything else just for looking at a good show, because at here today, among all powerful figure at the outer court, one of four legendary Kings, will have a duel with outer court disciple here.

    Not only outer court disciples, there are also so many elders who came, but they concerned about their status as elder, so most of them hid in the hidden place and secretly watched.

    “Hey! That little kid really have a bad luck, he just getting in for a few days, but he already annoy Zhao Wang, I think he will get a tragic death.” every disciple expecting a good show, mockingly said.

    “That might be not happened, I heard that kid killed Late Rank Ancestor Demon Beast at the practice pavilion, with that strength Zhao Wang may not be able easily killed him right?” Another disciple refuted.

    First of all regardless of how outside the stage audience argue, at this moment in the middle life and death stage, standing a middle-aged man, although the male is not tall, he have a fierce looking face, it give all the people uncomfortable feeling.

    This person is exactly the one who challenged Xing Jue, Zhao Wang. He is one of the outer court strongest one of four legendary kings in this Imperial Wind Pavilion, his strength is also at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.

    “I didn't think, Zhao Wang really challenged that kid.”

    “However, yesterday I heard that kid killed Late Rank Ancestor Demon Beast”

    “No matter what, today will be one less opponent, it is favorable for us”

    On a large tree not too far from life and death stage, standing two look like young figure, these two are the outer court overlord, another two of four legendary kings, the Tian Clan brothers, both of them already achieved Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.

    “Quickly looked, they are Tian Clan brothers.” A disciple that have sharp-eyed noticed Tian brothers on the tree, he whispered to nearby person.

    “Even they are coming, in this case, from outer court four legendary kings, only Bai Yunfei did not come.”

    “Do you think that Bai Yunfei will come?”

    “Should not, Bai Yunfei should not be here, he is practice crazily, I heard from an elder that Bai Yunfei may be the most promising at this year inner court examination.”

    “Impossible, did you know what the elder name? How I never listened you say it.” That disciple said with doubt.

    “You… What did you care?” That disciple afraid replied.

    Time pass by, the cold early morning, quickly replaced by noon, and this is the duel time that Zhao Wang and Xing Jue agreed on, in this half a day, Zhao Wang only stand there, not even moved half step just like a statue of War God.

    However Xing Jue did not appeared, this make all the disciples discuss about it, even some people suspect that Xing Jue scared and doesn’t dare to come, but some disciples refuted said that Xing Jue will certainly come.

    But when everyone speculated, a handsome youth appeared in front of everybody eyes, he slowly walked into life and death stage, and this is Xing Jue.

    “Are you Xing Jue? I thought you didn't have any courage to come.” Looking at Xing Jue that walked into the stage, Zhao Wang looked at Xing Jue up and down and coldly said.

    “You already break my friend leg, how could I not come to find you for this debt.” Xing Jue casually glanced at Zhao Wang and coldly said

    “What a joke! You want to break my leg Zhao Wang, that depend whether you have the strength or not.” Zhao Wang, also not talking rubbish, his figure moved, and then rushed toward Xing Jue. However Xing Jue does not sit waiting for his death, his figure also moved toward Zhao Wang, both of them clash, Zhang Wang kick lashed, bring a sharp sound of wind, then fiercely rushed toward Xing Jue head.

    “Humph!” Xing Jue coldly shouted, he raised his right arm, and blocked Zhao Wang kick. Meanwhile his left foot suddenly spring, and also kicked beautifully, then fiercely kicked Zhao Wang abdomen.

    Bang, with a muffled sound, Zhao Wang actually can’t escape from Xing Jue kicked, and after kicked by Xing Jue foot several meters, he can only stabilize his figure.

    What a joke! When Xing Jue at Martial Artist Rank, he is a super martial expert for close combat skill. This Zhao Wang actually made a close combat attack to Xing Jue, he is just simply looking for death.

    “Nice!” At this moment, suddenly someone shouted loudly. A row row of applause constantly resounds, actually that applause are from Four Eyes and all, but because Zhao Wang and gang usually do all kinds of evil, already caused a lot of resentment. The applause that Four Eyes make only take a leading role and then it caused a warm applause from all the people.

    However these applauding sound, make Zhao Wang face turned ugly, actually Zhao Wang was good at close combat, but he can’t think that at this time this seemingly weak kid is fiercer than him. Suffer a loss at his own aspect, naturally Zhao Wang doesn't want to face it.

    “Humph! I do not believe it!” Zhao Wang coldly shouted, and then once more violently advancing, but the speed was quicker than before. When he advancing near Xing Jue body, Zhao Wang body suddenly bend and fall down, at the same time his right leg waved, a sharp kick, and then fiercely swept toward Xing Jue left leg. Obviously he was going to attacked Xing Jue lower body.

    Facing this Zhao Wang sharp kick, Xing Jue actually didn’t moved, he let Zhao Wang to come, between that Xing Jue suddenly raised his right hand, aiming at Zhao Wang's head and severely smashed down.

    “Bang!” With a sound similar to hard iron collide that make an ear-piercing sound, Zhao Wang successfully kicked Xing Jue leg, however what made Zhao Wang actually shocked is Xing Jue leg actually didn’t move, this is equal to empty kick, when Zhao Wang felt depressed, however Xing Jue heavy punch already arrived.

    “Puchi” this heavy punch, unexpected hit at Zhao Wang face, because Zhao Wang who was half down make Xing Jue to easily make a heavy blow, instantly Zhao Wang body losing his balanced, unexpectedly roll over at this life and death stage, and after several times elegantly roll over, his figure finally stop.

    “Well played!” Once more the stage instantly erupted with thunderous applause. Furthermore it also produce a harsh laughing sound, does not know whose elder brother that laugh so vulgar, that elder brother laugh unexpectedly make Zhao Wang quickly wild with rage.

    Yet Xing Jue raised his shoulders, his hands raised expressed that he was helpless, and said “Not challenging at all.”

    “You were dead” Looking at Xing Jue calm expression, the anger in Zhao Wang heart completely burned up, his right palm suddenly grip, massive golden Qi extremely fast condensation to his right palm, and along with unceasing emerging of golden Qi, Zhao Wang right palm started to send out radiant rays of light.

    “Wow, Zhao Wang unique skill” at this moment under the stage some people loudly yell.

    “Damn! Isn't this my Biting Wind Palm?” Looked at radiant rays of light in Zhao Wang’s right hand, Xing Jue recognize it at a glance, that was his Biting Wind Palm that he good at, has not thought that this guy also able to do that.

    However after deeply think, it’s not strange, because Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm is Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, and this Zhao Wang is one of most powerful at this outer court, seeing Biting Wind Palm is actually not strange.

    “This kid close combat is indeed good, but Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm is Martial Skill that fight from afar, I want to see how he actually deal with it.” The Tian brothers on tree, looking at the good play said.

    “Biting Wind Palm” That radiant light at Zhao Wang right hand suddenly shot toward Xing Jue, a brilliant light suddenly charge, and then at extremely quick speed suddenly launch toward Xing Jue.

    Facing a violent Biting Wind Palm, Xing Jue figure suddenly moves, he suddenly leaps toward left, and then easily dodged Biting Wind Palm, and only leaving behind a half meter deep crack at the stone stage.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Seeing that he only shot an empty place, Zhao Wang did not seize his hand, but he use it once more. However this time is similar like the last time, dodged by Xing Jue in the same old way with ease.

    “Biting Wind Palm, Biting Wind Palm, Biting Wind Palm” Again he only hit empty places, Zhao Wang in rage, one strike, second strikes, third strikes, three times in row Biting Wind Palm, constantly shoots toward Xing Jue, but no accident, all of it are easily dodged by Xing Jue.

    Regarding Biting Wind Palm characteristics, Xing Jue understand it so much, although Biting Wind Palm attack is very strong, however it's not good at wide range, therefore as long as use quickly enough speed, want to avoid this move is very easy. Especially it looks like Zhao Wang didn’t dare to close combat with Xing Jue, he deliberately maintained a long distance, so it is much more easier for Xing Jue to dodge.

    “Damn! You are a monkey ah! Only to know ran away back and forth.” Finally Zhao Wang unable to endure the anger in his heart, he suddenly cursed.

    “Just like that, how could only dodge and dodge, what's so strong” And down on the stage people are send out vast sigh voice, these are naturally Zhao Wang underling, must to know that Zhao Wang already stay in this Imperial Wind Pavilion how many years, of course he have a lot of subordinates.

    “Ah! Alright, looking at your pitiful way, I will not dodge.” Xing Jue helplessly shook his head immediately said, but on his handsome face there is a touch of conspiracy smiled.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Yet Zhao Wang also simply wave his right hand, then a blow of Biting Wind Palm fiercely struck toward Xing Jue.

    Looking at Xing Jue really did not dodged, Zhao Wang began to sneers, regarding this Biting Wind Palm might, he really understand if it meet force with force. Almost no martial skill that can match this Biting Wind Palm, therefore he is certain that Xing Jue will be defeated, however at the next second Xing Jue display his Martial Skill, Zhao Wang self-confident completely vanishes into thin air.

    “Biting Wind Palm” When Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm is about to hit Xing Jue, Xing Jue suddenly raised his right arm, then his right hand send out bright rays of light, directly meet Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm.

    “Bang” “Ci ci ci” Two Biting Wind Palm that contain rays of light frightening attack power collide each other, first burst out like a thunderous sound, soon after it set off a spark and round round energy ripples, constantly spread around the area.

    “Break” Xing Jue suddenly shout loudly, his right arm shakes, a lot of martial Qi continuously pouring into his right arm, and Xing Jue bring down the Qi, away from himself with a very fast speed less than two meters away from their own energy, pushed toward Zhao Wang.

    Looking at extremely fast energy sweep toward him, Zhao Wang also extremely fast instill the martial Qi into his right arm, but because of a moment ago he fully use Biting Wind Palm, it already consuming too much martial Qi.

    Now he still able to instill martial Qi, but compared to Xing Jue the gap simply like a river and sea, didn’t have any effect. Only can watch a frightening energy hit toward him, this is why at the beginning Xing Jue continuously dodged, the reason is to depleted Zhao Wang martial Qi.


    “Ah Ah Ah… My hand!” With a loud sound, Zhao Wang severely hit, his right hand was blown to pieces, just like Heavenly Dragon Commander that time so tragic.

    However the entire life and death stage, actually not a single person eyes went to pitying him, even the elders are not.

    “Ah! Don’t blame me, it is you who won’t let me dodged” Xing Jue helplessly shrug his shoulders said, immediately didn’t take a glance toward Zhao Wang, then Four Eyes and all give a thunderous cheers, stepped down the life and death stage.

    “It seems like starting today, outer court four legendary kings change Eh!”

    “But this kid, much more hard to handle than Zhao Wang”

    Looking at Xing Jue who is gradually departed, Tian brothers somewhat uneasy said.

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  • Book 2 Chapter 26 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]


    At the Imperial Wind Pavilion core location, exactly the most flourishing place at Imperial Wind Pavilion, stand a magnificent luxurious palace, just like tower leading to heaven, stand tall at this Floating Cloud Mountain, large clouds for time to times floating at this palace, as far as the eyes can see it similar to fairyland, and here is exactly Imperial Wind Pavilion the genuine core location "Main Core."

    This moment inside the luxurious main hall seat, a young girl look down while lean forward at balcony railing, looking at beautiful landscape at the Floating Clouds Mountain along with slow wind from time to time gently blow her beautiful hair, soon afterwards a pure lovely face appear, plus her alluring body, as well as her unique temperament, on the top of this floating cloud mountain, she look like a fairy who fall into mortal world, allow people to be fascinated.

    This is exactly the girl at that time by Xing Jue secretly take sight of her sexy body. The most outstanding disciple at Imperial Wind Pavilion main court, “Li Xiaohan”.

    At main hall there is slight sound of footsteps on the stair, a slim young girl slowly walked behind Li Xiaohan, whispered “Miss, you want me to investigate that person, finally I found him.”

    “Oh!” when hearing the girl’s voice, Li Xiaohan awake from her absent-minded, immediately turned around and walked into the main hall, smiled and asked “Little Yue, how much longer until inner court examination, who is the favorite to win the Championship?”

    “There is only one month until inner court examination, the most promising to win the championship is Bai Yunfei.” The young girl slowly replied.

    How is that Bai Yunfei strength?” After hearing Bai Yunfei name, a Li Xiaohan eyebrows slightly wrinkle, then asked.

    “Bai Yunfei, already joined the pavilion for three years, he devoted himself for practice, last year he already achieved Martial Ancestor boundary, but didn’t participated in last year inner court examination, this can be see that this person is quite ambitious, obviously his goal is inner court examination championship, now already at Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level.” The Young girl said clear and orderly.

    After hearing about Bai Yunfei, Li Xiaohan silent for a moment, then above her pure face emerges a charming smile, toward the young girl said “Prepares my clothes, I want to go to outer court.”

    Inside the outer court, above the door at a quite luxurious loft, write “Xing Mansion” two large characters (TLN: In Chinese two characters), here is where Xing Jue lives now, Xing Jue now is outer court celebrity, and enjoying similar treatment as great elder at outer court, this life condition naturally like reaching heaven in a single bound.

    Now at the plaza outside Xing Jue mansion, gathered a large numbers of disciples, most of them are just entered outer court, because often being bully by the old disciples, also hearing that Xing Jue fight injustice, so they would like to take refuge toward Xing Jue, original Xing Jue doesn’t want to worry about this, however how could he know that Four Eyes actually good with his mouth, desperate even reluctantly received them, but all things are being taken care by Four Eyes, Xing Jue is boss in name only.

    Some of these person compare notes about their technique skills, some idly gossips, however contrary to what everybody expected even Xing Jue front door fill with noise and excitement, some coward disciples are didn't dare to pass by Xing Jue mansion front door, afraid that they will provoke them, after all the owner of this mansion is one of the legendary kings.

    In the middle of this people there is a youth wearing an eyeglasses, right now he is in the middle competition with two Intermediate Martial Master, this exactly is Four Eyes, unconsciously it’s already six months Four Eyes and Xing Jue entered the outer court, in this six months Four Eyes break through to Advanced Rank Martial Master level, and after some exercise from Xing Jue, Four Eyes cowardly character already swept away, now he is a resolute young man.

    “Big brother Four Eyes, can you let both of us get away, we are not capable to serve you ok?” A disciple cried said, obviously with his intermediate martial master strength together sparing with Four Eyes is not less than being abused.

    “You really call me Four Eyes? Call my name.” Hearing Four Eyes this name, Four Eyes seems a bit unhappy, glared and shouted.

    Four Eyes is actually a nickname that Xing Jue give to him, actually his real name is not this, however every person under Xing Jue leadership called him like this.

    “Well, is anybody know what is elder brother Four Eyes name? Seeing Four Eyes displeasure, that disciple quickly said, but after thinking for a long time he found out that he does not know what is Four Eyes name, so he suddenly asked.

    “I don’t know”

    “Ha ha ha ha.” Suddenly everyone replied in unison, and then immediately laughed loudly.

    Yeah” Four Eyes helplessly shaking his head, his father give him extravagant name, unexpectedly now it can't be used.

    “Big brother Four Eyes, you see that two people are really strange.” Suddenly a disciple walked to Four Eyes side, pointing at not too far two people who walked toward Xing Mansion.

    Seeing this two person not only haven't dress in outer court blue robe, instead they covered their body with black mantle, above the mantle there is hat, that also covered their face tightly. And from them, Four Eyes completely cannot feel any aura, so Four Eyes guessed, these two people strengths certainly above him.

    “Quickly Look, they went to Xing mansion.” A disciple loudly shouted.

    “Go, inform the elder, we will block them.” Four Eyes feel bad, then quickly said to a disciple, immediately ran over past the crowd.

    “Hey hey hey, this is Xing Mansion, can you go forward?” A disciple first run up toward Xing Jue mansion front door, get angry toward that two people and shouted.

    “Are you newly arrived? Actually dare not wear a robe, do you know the rules?” At at this time Four Eyes group of people already surround this two people, a disciple who like to say nonsense move forward, gesticulate while talking.

    “Get lost!” Seeing everyone surround them, suddenly one of the black robe person shouted in an extremely hoarse voice. Meanwhile an extremely tyrannical invisible pressure, is centered on it spreads.

    Without any movement, not using any Martial Skill, but no matter what they thought to move, Four Eyes group are similar to a group of weak and fragile, suffer a crushing defeat.

    “You...you…you... Who the hell are you?” Although he already achieved Advanced Rank Martial Master, but Four Eyes under this tyrannical pressure, knocked out several meters and then heavily fall on the ground, with a shocked face loudly said. However, inside his heart he shouted not good, this guy's strength is too frightening, we absolutely can't stop them.

    That two people didn't pay any attention to Four Eyes, but directly walk toward Xing Mansion front door.

    “Stop, who are you guys?” At this moment an outer court elder ran over, pointing at the black robe person to get angrily shouted, in Imperial Wind Pavilion does not wear the robe is a serious matter, as an elder naturally he can’t permit it.

    Facing that elder's question, that black robe person who formerly sent out the pressure, never even stopped half step, but directly walked toward Xing Mansion.

    After that black robe person walked inside, one of the black robe person stand outside Xing Mansion, everyone understand what this mean, here is forbid to enter.

    “I’m talking to you, didn't you hear it?” Neither this two people answer him, this make the elder so angry, as an elder of this outer court, very few disciples dare to be rude toward him.

    But when this elder prepare to flip out, that black robe person suddenly raise her hand, gold tokens appear before the elder, after he looked at this token, the elder face suddenly change, he can’t speak even a word.

    “Tell them to stay away from here.” A hoarse voice come out from the black robe.

    “Yes yes yes yes” Hearing what the black robe said, that elder suddenly react, and then quickly replied. His voice completely respectful.

    “Four Eyes, make them not stand and enter here.” Suddenly the elder turn around and shouted toward Four Eyes and group.

    Yet seeing this scene, Four Eyes and the other people, somewhat measuring this two, but unable to make any sense about this matter.

    Thought, who are this people that can make the elder so afraid? Obviously they are coming for big brother Xing Jue, was big brother Xing Jue offended that person? Speculation also start to fill the air.

    At Xing Mansion inside quite spacious room, Xing Jue in the middle of practice, Xing Jue sit cross-legged above the bed, his hands move an unusual method, large and clear visible golden color martial Qi continuous pouring into his body, along with continuous integration of martial Qi, Xing Jue body unexpectedly start faintly sending out golden rays of light, after an hour later, slowly dissipated.

    Deep deep breath several times, feeling that inside his body full of martial Qi, Xing Jue slowly opened his both of eyes, with a sigh he said “Still can’t break through?”

    In this half year time, Xing Jue practice diligently, not a little bit lazy, one month ago he already reach Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor peak, but failed to break through. Therefore it can be see, why after Martial Master rank above each step difficulty is so high, no wonder Yunzhong City three Patriarch, practiced so many years still at Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor rank.

    “Dong dong dong” suddenly a rapid knock sounds from the door.

    “Come in” Xing Jue to return to said.

    “Creak” The closed door was pushed open, a person wearing black robe, even the black robe person face cannot be see, appeared in front of Xing Jue.

    Looking at this strange fellow in front of him, Xing Jue face look helpless. Thinking who is so bored, being mysterious to me.

    “Oh, your livelihood not bad.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, a pleasant voice like wind chimes sound, immediately a left hand that have a delicate features raise, the hat that covered the face was lifted. Revealed a face that capable of causing the downfall of a city, appeared in front of Xing Jue sight. Looking at the stunning beauty face in front of him, Xing Jue face suddenly overjoyed.

  • Book 2 Chapter 27 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Couple Meet

    “Wife” Xing Jue suddenly jump down from the bed, arrived at Li Xiaohan side, excitedly said. If it is not because of Li Xiaohan extremely powerful strength, Xing Jue really wished he could hug her, and properly give her several mouthful kiss.

    “Wife, why did you come to see me? I thought that you already forgot me.” Xing Jue constantly looking at Li Xiaohan, while excited said. The joyous feeling on his face is self-evident.

    Although this only one side his predestined affinity, but the girl that Xing Jue yearn for six months, finally appeared in the Xing Jue front again, how can Xing Jue not excited.

    “Believe it not if you call me wife again, I will sew your mouth?” Li Xiaohan stare coldly toward Xing Jue. However her face is always filled with Xing Jue intoxicated smile.

    “Then what can I call you? I don’t even know your name.” Xing Jue imitate a complaint looked, answered.

    “Remembered, my name is Li Xiaohan.” Li Xiaohan seeing Xing Jue like this, she feeling funny, then said. Then sat on Xing Jue bed, but after sweep the rags on the bed, Li Xiaohan said “You are pig, does not know how to clean the bed.”

    “Xiaohan wife, this is because you not around me ah…” Xing Jue smiled and said. And easily pulled a chair behind him, and then sat in front of Li Xiaohan body.

    She slightly narrowed her eyes, he nonstop sweep sweep Li Xiaohan body, similar to a wolf run into a pure and innocent smiling sheep.

    “Okay, don't give me a poor act, I have something to tell you.” Li Xiaohan looking at Xing Jue who smiling mischievously, is quite helpless, immediately stop her smile and said.

    “Huh? What is it?” Xing Jue also know there is something wrong, he quickly put away his cynical smile, and seriously asked.

    “Do you know why there are so many outer court disciples fought for this inner court examination championship?” Li Xiaohan did not answer the question instead asked.

    “Of course I know about this, because of the champion reward.” Xing Jue confidently replied.

    “Did you know what is this year's champion rewards?” Li Xiaohan asked again

    “This, I don’t know, this is a secret right?” Xing Jue scratched his head, he forced a smile and said. He was really confused by Li Xiaohan question.

    “I told you, the inner court examination reward could even be said very precious, so you have to obtain this examination Champion” Li Xiaohan slowly said.

    “What is the reward?” Xing Jue quickly asked.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion True Pavilion Martial Skill, however what is specific, I still not clear about it.” Li Xiaohan deliberately pretending to be very mysterious and said with a smile.

    “True Pavilion Martial Skill? What is that rank?” Xing Jue excitedly asked. Imperial Wind Pavilion true pavilion Martial Skill, when Xing Jue think about this he become so excited.

    “Earth Rank Beginner Level” Li Xiaohan said every single word.

    “Oh my God” After hearing the Martial Skill rank, Xing Jue throat moved, couldn’t help swallowed big mouthful saliva. Earth Rank Martial Skill! Martial Skill of that level, it is said that it can break down even a mountain it has a terrible destruction power. Yet now this kind of legendary Martial Skill, unexpectedly being put in front of him, in the heart Xing Jue is very excited.

    “So you must firmly grab this opportunity.” Looking at Xing Jue shocking expression, Li Xiaohan also sweetly smiled and said, as if her calculation succeeded.

    “Oh right! Take this, regard this for your help.” Li Xiaohan suddenly remembered something, her right hand flashed, then immediately take out two books from her sleeve, and then put on the Xing Jue bed.

    “Er… what is this?” Xing Jue saw this two Martial Skill, somewhat puzzled asked.

    “What are you doing, to help you, if you can't get inner court examination champion, don't act as my boyfriend.” Li Xiaohan seems to see that Xing Jue will refused, therefore she said harsh words toward Xing Jue.

    “Er..” Xing Jue is shocked by Li Xiaohan sudden change mood, at first Xing Jue want to refused it, after all Xing Jue doesn’t want to accept any favor from her, but after he looking at Li Xiaohan angry look, the words that he want to said, he had to swallow it back. Not to know why, Xing Jue very afraid to anger this little grandmother in front of him.

    “Ok! It’s already late, I go first.” Li Xiaohan seeing that Xing Jue not reject it, she satisfied and said with a smile, then get up and walk toward the door.

    “That, when I can see you again?” Seeing Li Xiaohan going to leave, Xing Jue quickly asked.

    “As long as you can be inner court champion, we will meet again.” Li Xiaohan replied with a smile, and then continue to walk toward the door.

    “Hey!” Just when Xing Jue in a daze, Li Xiaohan suddenly stopped her footsteps, turned her head toward Xing Jue said.

    “What?” Because Li Xiaohan want to leave, therefore Xing Jue mood somewhat gloomy.

    “Do your best!” Li Xiaohan beautiful pair almond big eyes, suddenly narrowed into two curved crescent, and said with a smile.

    And after seeing Li Xiaohan rare gentle side, Xing Jue also give Li Xiaohan a confident and bright smiling face.

    Seeing Xing Jue confident look, Li Xiaohan come out from the loft with smile on her face.

    Seeing Li Xiaohan went out of the loft, Xing Jue quickly run to the window, looking at the black robe figure that gradually going far away, his heart filled with the feeling of not willing to part.

    “Whether or not I can get into Inner court, can you be with me?” Looking at Li Xiaohan back, Xing Jue said in a low voice.

    Xing Jue lying on the window, until Li Xiaodong shadow completely disappeared, then he recovered.

    Back to inside the room, Xing Jue easily take that both martial skill and stand up, he lying on the bed and looked up, there is shocked on his face.

    “Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, Storm Wind Technique : one type of martial skill that increase speed, if it successfully practiced, you can teleport in short distances.”

    “Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, Flame Dragon Bomb : a long distance high attack Martial Skill, if it successfully practiced, even millennium black iron can be burned.”

    “Oh my God, Black Rank Advance movement skill, Black Rank Advance Martial Skill, this girl is too ruthless, she came up with a good thing.” Xing Jue looking at these two Martial Skill, even his saliva flow out, this kind of Martial Skill, Xing Jue never saw it at outer court.

    “Fortunately I’m not refused it.” And just a moment ago he almost refused Li Xiaohan, gladly said.

    After that Xing Jue carefully read this two Martial Skill practice method, then he put the two Martial Skill flat above the bed, and then he raised his right arm sleeve, a light green faint bracelet emerge, Xing Jue softly take his left hand and check this green bracelet above his wrist.

    Afterwards a strand of martial Qi pour into bracelet, a fantastic scene happened, a green light spread above two Martial Skill, and then two Martial Skill instantaneously vanished.

    As for where the Martial Skill go, obviously it went into Xing Jue peculiar bracelet, this bracelet is called Storage Bracelet, it was the best storage tool in Sky Martial Continent, however according to different rank of Storage Bracelet, the space of goods that can be store up also different,

    According to legend, the most advanced storage bracelet can store even a hundred square miles of mountains, but that kind of bracelet can only exists in legend, nobody really see it, and even if it is real, it's not an average person can use because storage bracelet absorb items, it require martial Qi, to absorb a hundred square miles of mountains, it can be said that in this continent only a few people can do that. Xing Jue Storage Bracelet is one of the most low grade, only have ten square meters space, although this Storage Bracelet is the lowest grade, this is valuable treasure, even in the clan only a Patriarch have it.

    Four Eyes gave that storage bracelet that belong to Xing Jue, Obviously Four Eyes clan is not ordinary.

    After received both of martial skill, Xing Jue can’t calm down, what is generous? This is generous? Apparently this time he meet a young wealthy woman, although he lost his inner court recommendation letter, however it was clearly he already get a huge treasure.

    At this time Xing Jue is no longer think why Li Xiaohan want him to be his boyfriend! Why she want to help him! What is her status! What is her background! All of this, totally not think anymore.

    At this moment Xing Jue only know one thing, that Li Xiaohan will not harm him, and this judgment haven't any foundation, it only came from his intuition completely.

    “Thump thump thump”

    “Xing Jue are you in there?”

    “Just then suddenly there is gentle voice from the door.”

    “Don’t speak any nonsense, come in.” From Xing Jue ear he listen this is Four Eyes voice, therefore said.

    “Hey Xing Jue, who is looking for you just now?” Four Eyes grinning and asked.

    “Only a friend”  Xing Jue replied, because Li Xiaohan wearing that kind of dress to see him, Xing Jue already know that Li Xiaohan didn't want any people know about her.

    “Four Eyes there is something I want to say to you. ” Xing Jue said.

    “What is it?” Four Eyes also know that Xing Jue doesn't want to talk about that person identity, therefore he also no longer asked.

    “I want to practice in seclusion at Practice pavilion for some time.” Xing Jue keep the storage bracelet at his right hand wrist, said with a smile to Four Eyes.

    “Is it in order to attack Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor?” Four Eyes seemed to see what Xing Jue think about and then immediately asked.

    “Yes, it's only a month until inner court examination, and I have to get this examination champion.” Xing Jue said with a smile.

    “Oh right, Xing Jue, I heard that guy who called Bai Yunfei, already achieved Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, and…” When Four Eyes heard about that inner court examination, he immediately remembered something, and somewhat worried said.

    “And what?” Xing Jue looking at Four Eyes hesitation, and knew there is something happened, therefore he quickly asked.

    “And… a while ago he brutally beat Tian Clan brothers, this is what I heard from the elders, and only a few people know.” Four Eyes slowly said.

    Tian Clan brothers are different from Zhao Wang, both of them are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, besides to rely on mutual understanding between brothers, as well as special Martial Skill, if they work together, they certainly are not afraid to face Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor.

    However they are actually easily defeated by Bai Yunfei, and now this Bai Yunfei is exactly Xing Jue most powerful only rival, the stronger his strength the greater the danger that Xing Jue faced, therefore Four Eyes feeling uneasy.

    “He he, Four Eyes don’t worried, no matter who, so long as I can get champion position, I will make him kneel.” Xing Jue confidently said. Immediately looking toward Imperial Wind Pavilion inner court direction, in the heart secretly said “Because I promised her to get this championship.”

    And when thinking about her, unconsciously on Xing Jue face there is a touch of happiness.

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    Book 2 Chapter 28 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Practicing Storm Wind Technique

    Imperial Wind Pavilion practice pavilion, is divided into three floors, first and second floor are used to temper their fight skill, to hunt and kill Demon Beast in exchange for points, but the third floor are specifically used for practicing Martial Skill, Xing Jue seclusion practice place is here.

    Walked among vast crowd in practice pavilion, Xing Jue feeling numerous warm gaze swept to his body, and one by one discussion sound about him extremely fast spreads.

    Nowadays Xing Jue is already a big person inside outer court, no matter where he go he will cause quite stir. Xing Jue also smile lightly toward them, didn’t care too much and immediately arrived at third floor.

    Regarding practice pavilion first floor and second floor, these third floor is relatively less people, therefore majority of rooms on the third floor are showing green light.

    This is a first time Xing Jue come to the third floor, therefore he has an anticipation regarding these practice rooms.

    After Xing Jue casually pick one room, the profound iron gate opened, when Xing Jue ready to enter the gate, there is a sound of profound iron gate opened from one of the practice room, and when the profound iron gate opened, a strong murderous aura come through. Xing Jue surprised with this strong murderous aura.

    Xing Jue look sideways, seeing a person wearing an outer court robe, a handsome beautiful youth slowly walked out from the profound iron gate. The youth white skin similar to a woman, but that delicate face, actually give people a sinister feeling, because from surrounding his body there is powerful murderous aura, looks like a fire that revolve around surrounding his body, it cause people tremble with fear.

    Although haven't meet, but Xing Jue already guessed this person identity, he is known as the most powerful of outer court legendary kings “Bai Yunfei” . The most powerful opponent for Xing Jue at inner court examination.

    When Bai Yunfei leave the practice room, as if sensing Xing Jue gaze, as a result, those pair eyes like tender woman but full of murderous aura, gaze toward Xing Jue, after sizing up Xing Jue, the corner of his mouth began to sneer, and immediately walked toward the stair.

    “This guy should be practicing some strange Cultivation Technique.” Looked at murderous aura that revolve around Bai Yunfei body, Xing Jue secretly said in his heart.

    What a terrifying murderous aura, unexpectedly so powerful until unable to conceal, besides looking at Bai Yunfei eyes, Xing Jue able to feel that Bai Yunfei is absolutely a super dangerous person, because Xing Jue didn't feeling a slightest amount of passion inside his eyes, completely cold blooded.

    After this meeting, Xing Jue treat Bai Yunfei more serious as his fate opponent.

    After entering practice room Xing Jue eyes can't help to be shine, because there is a big difference between the third floor practice room with first and second floor. The wall in this practice room is not build with profound iron but with enchantment. In other words, here should be a sealed off empty space.

    And at the gate is floating three semitransparent spell, on top of the spells are write "Power" "Technique" "Body" three words, after looking at this three spells, Xing jue understand, that this are selection switch how he want to practice martial skills, first of all Xing Jue touch "body" word spell.

    Soon after he touched it, the spell instantly change into a green light color Qi, and slowly blend into the all side enchantment, along with integration of green light Qi, the enchantment began to quickly rotate, and the speed of rotating is more and more quicker, until finally, Xing Jue looked the enchantment in front of him continously rotate and make a vortex, soon make him dizzy, therefore he quickly closed both of his eyes, and does not dare to look again.

    After the dizzy feeling completely dissipate, Xing Jue slowly opened both of his eyes, after opening his both eyes, Xing Jue shocked.

    Because at this moment in front of him is not enchantment space,but an endless desert. If not because of the two spells that floating in front of him, Xing Jue believe that he already penetrate to the desert.

    At the same time Xing Jue found out that the two spells in front of him also change, it's no longer the "Power" and "Technique" words, but “Rest” and “Retreated”.

    Looking at the sight of this endless and constantly blast wild hurricane desert, Xing Jue feeling admire toward this Imperial Wind Pavilion, however admire turned into respect, Xing Jue quickly restraint his shock mood.

    He started walking toward the deepest desert, practicing movement Martial Skill to improve his own speed. The requirement to increase the movement speed practice was to put his speed into a limit, and this desert is the best practice location.

    Along with Xing Jue constantly penetrate deeply, the desert start to change, not only the hurricanes become more violent even his both feet from time to time also constantly sink into the desert. Even it was extremely difficult for Xing Jue to gradually go ahead.

    Facing a desperate situation, Xing Jue only faintly smiled and said in low voice : “Good enough”

    Immediately closed his eyes, inside his body a cyclone of martial Qi rapidly spread out, according to “Storm Wind Technique” practice method, and then quickly flow into Xing Jue various meridians. Along with continuously flow of martial Qi, Xing Jue body started to send out a white rays of light and finally turned into strong winds that extremely fast revolved around Xing Jue body.

    When Xing Jue open his both eyes once more at the same time his body like an arrow that leave the string, advancing towards endless desert, without feeling any resistance, freely running in this desert.

    At the most deep desert, strong wind spring up everywhere, under such strong wind even a strong camel, was swept away by the hurricane. However under that kind of environment, Xing Jue actually safe and sitting cross-legged above the desert, is drinking and eating delicious food.

    However if it was carefully watch, it can be found that around Xing Jue body there is a layer of faint white Qi, this seems like weak Qi, completely blocked the outside desert sand.

    “That’s amazing” Xing Jue stuffed the last piece of food into his mouth, didn't wipe clean the grease stain at the edge of his mouth, and directly lay down above the desert, shouting loudly said.

    Xing Jue were already inside this practice pavilion for half a month, the food that brought by Xing Jue already run out. Xing Jue almost master Storm Wind Technique, although he hasn't used it at ease, but at least in this wild desert, Xing Jue can run freely, and this kind of speed, when used outside, that is simply unable to imagine.

    After properly rest, Xing Jue stand up, smiling and looking at the floating spells, he gently point out "Retreat" spell word, this endless desert in front of him start to spin, when Xing Jue opens both eyes, he already return to enchantment empty space.

    Xing Jue actually standing at the place where he was sat half a month ago, didn't move a bit, at this moment Xing Jue realize, actually this half a month he was moved at the same place, and that strong resistance was entirely caused by this enchantment. After solving this enchantment theory, Xing Jue smile lightly, and then turned around to open the profound iron gate.

    After the profound iron gate raise, Xing Jue also leave this half a month time enchantment empty space.

    After delighted stretch his waist, he saw sea of people at the main hall, there is unspeakable feeling inside his heart, for half a month has not seen a single person's shadow, now after seeing these people, he found out that he still liked a lively place.

    However at this moment a familiar figure appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes, this person was one of the Xing Jue once roommates “Xiao San”, it’s just that at this moment he anxiously stand at third floor main halls, seemed looking for someone.

    “Xiao San” Xing Jue loudly shouted. Smiled and walked over.

    When hearing Xing Jue voice, that disciple quickly turn around, after seeing Xing Jue, his anxious face instantly change into excited expression, shouted “Xing Jue, you come out, Four Eyes have an accident!”

    When heard that Four Eyes have an accident, Xing Jue instantly shocked.

    “What's going on, speak clearly.” Xing Jue quickly arrived at Xiao San side, anxiously asked.

    When he entered outer court, the first person that he knew is Four Eyes, after half year together, Four Eyes already became Xing Jue most important friend, so when he heard that Four Eyes have an accident, Xing Jue calm mood instantly become restless.

    When you practice in seclusion here, the next day Four Eyes received a letter from his clan, after that Four Eyes said that he must go home, in seven days he will come back. But now it's already half a month, Four Eyes still not come back, I think Four Eyes definitely have an accident, therefore I quickly come here looking for you." Xiao San anxiously said.

    “You, Four Eyes not returning home, don't make a fuss about it.” Xing Jue gently patted Xiao San head, said with a smile. However although on the mouth he said that, but in his heart he also began to worry.

    “Alright, don’t worry! I will take a trip to Four Eyes home.” Seeing Xiao San not feeling relieved, Xing Jue also said with a smile.

    At the south outside Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, there is an extremely lively large city, called “Jinhua city”. This Jinhua city is a top existence in entire Imperial Wind Empire.

    If Xing Jue place Yunzhong City and this Jinhua City being compare, the gap between them simply just like village and city, and Four Eyes home is in this Jinhua city.

    “Is this where Four Eyes clan? Good style ah..” After searching all the way, Xing Jue finally arrived at Jinhua city. Looking at this quite stylish loft, inside his heart could not help to admire four eyes clan strength, at least when compared to Xing clan, Four Eyes clan could even be said flourishing not to know how many times.

    Four Eyes clan called Xia Clan, one of Jinhua city most powerful clans, don’t looked at this Jinhua City so flourishing, every clan financial resources supposed to be strong, however if talking about fighting strength they even more not equal to Yunzhong City three big clans.

    Because Jinhua City clans are rely mainly on doing business, regarding cultivation they didn't stubbornly pursue, what they pursue is only one word, that is money, and Xia clan is no exception, Four Eyes can be said as the only one Martial Master at Xia Clan.

    “Excuse me, is your young master at home?” Xing Jue arrived in front of Xia mansion gate, towards both Intermediate Rank Martial Artists gatekeeper slave said.

    Embarrassed said, although in half year Xing Jue was constantly together with Four Eyes, but he really didn't know what is Four Eyes real name, he only knew Four Eyes clan is called Xia, lived at Jinhua city. This was when Four Eyes asked Xing Jue to went to his house as a guest, it was his own initiative said to Xing Jue.

    “Excuse me, are you our family young master friend?” After seeing that Xing Jue came to asked, that two house slaves instantly reveal joy expression, and then quickly approach Xing Jue and politely said.

    Because Xing Jue come out in hurried, so he didn't even had time to change clothes and directly wear outer court robe and ran out, so when they see two large characters Imperial Wind behind the blue robe, people know that Xing Jue is Imperial Wind Pavilion person.

    Therefore this gatekeeper guessed that Xing Jue may be his family young master's friend.

    “Yes, I am his friend.” Xing Jue nod and said.

    “Young master, please wait a minute here.” After confirming Xing Jue Identity, one of the slave politely said, and then rushed toward the inner courtyard.

    However looking at their tense expression, Xing Jue gloomily said not good, is it true that Four Eyes really in trouble?

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  • Book 2 Chapter 29 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Everyone Can’t Go

    After the slave went in, soon afterwards there was an old man come out from Xia mansion, this old man appearance was somewhat thin and small, his entire face covered with wrinkle, actually full of this kind shrewd feeling.

    “Hello, are you my family young master's friend?” The manager arrived in front of Xing Jue body, after cup his hand across his chest, extremely polite said.

    “Yes, Four Er... Was he at home?” Xing Jue excited, nearly can't hold and said "Four Eyes" words, fortunately he cleverly react and restrain.

    “Very good, very good, our Xia Clan could be saved.” After certain about Xing Jue status, the manager suddenly wild with joy said.

    “What happen with your family young master?” Xing Jue listened to the conversation and there is something wrong, so he anxiously asked.

    “Young master, please come with me, I'll tell you on the way.” Between the old man talked, he pulled Xing Jue wrist, and then hastily pull Xing Jue and walk toward Xia Mansion.

    At this moment inside Xia mansion courtyard, there are twenty people standing, this twenty people are all Martial Master. Moreover the one who standing at head rank is Yang Xuhu old man, he already reach Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level. In the middle of these people, standing two middle ages people male and female and a teenager, this kid is Four Eyes.

    “Xia Sheng, either hand over the land deed or hand over your son, your choice.” That old man Yang Xuhu narrowed his eyes and said.

    “Father, you must not give the land deed to them, just let me go with them, I don’t believe they dare to do anything to me.” Four Eyes said to a middle-aged man at his side, that middle-aged man is Four Eyes father, and that female is his mother.

    “No, Xia Sheng, you can’t hand over Yu child ah...” Four Eyes mother quickly hold Four Eyes father's clothes said. On top her old face there are tears falling like rain.

    “All of you, take the land deed away.” Silence a moment, four Eyes father slowly pulled out the land deed from his arm.

    After that old man Yang Xuhu see this contract, suddenly on his face there is a conspiracy and sinister smile, and then said : “This was right, it's only a land deed, how can your son's life worth the money.”

    And then walked toward Four Eyes father, he extend his withered hand, when he prepare to take the land deed, suddenly Four Eyes succeed snatches the land deed and obtain it, he held it in his arm, and stubbornly said: “This land deed in my hand, if you have a courage, attack me!”

    A half month ago, when Xing Jue just entered practice pavilion to practice in seclusion, Xia Clan and Wang Clan in Jinhua City, in order to compete for business, they made a crazy bet, the bet stake was the two family property. And because Wang Clan used a despicable method, finally beat Xia Clan.

    Soon afterwards Four Eyes father got a serious illness, Four Eyes mother send a letter to Four Eyes, when Four Eyes return and heard what happened he suddenly angry, thus he goes straight to Wang Clan, injured their master clan, and eventually take his family land deed back.

    However in order to prevent Wang Clan's retaliation, Four Eyes didn't returned to Imperial Wind Pavilion, and stay at home. Sure enough, today didn't know where the Wang Clan get these people, they charge into inside Xia mansion, to forced them hand over the land deed, as the result now the scene is happened.

    “Brat, this is you who courts death.” Seeing that the land deed was snatched by Four Eyes, the old man suddenly reveal a fierce expression, he stretch forward his palm, within that palm there is a thick martial Qi, and then swat away towards Four Eyes.

    “Humph!” Facing the old man blow, Four Eyes only shout coldly, his right fist instantly send out a red-hot flame, advancing toward the old man's palm attack. This is Four Eyes best Martial Skill, Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Fire Fist.

    “Overconfident.” Seeing that Four Eyes didn’t dodge, unexpectedly want to fight force with force, on the old man face there is a ruthless expression, immediately started to pour a stronger martial Qi into his palm.

    “Bang” fist and palm collide, a strong energy rippled, mixed waves of fiery flame fill the air, Four Eyes parents were caught by this energy ripples and flew far away.

    Four Eyes also struck fly by the old man's palm, and finally collide with stone column above the courtyard, he immediately sprayed a mouthful of blood, his face became pale.

    Although the old man only used his palm, and Four Eyes carry out Black Rank Martial Skill, but Four Eyes still being hit by the old man and seriously wounded, this was the huge gap between Martial Master and Martial Ancestor.

    “Kid, if you don’t want to die, hand over the land deed.” the old man then walked to front of Four Eyes body, laugh and said, seems like he must obtain that land deed.

    “Yu child, give it to him, even if we didn’t have this land deed, our Xia clan will not be destroyed.” Four Eyes father looked at Four Eyes pale face, he suddenly shouted. Although this land deed is very important for him, however his son's life much more important.

    “Father, these are your entire effort for many years, I will not give it to them.” Four Eyes said to his father with smiled, there is determination in his eyes, however it caused his father tremble. His father immediately shown gratified smiled on his face.

    At first Four Eyes's character was very weak, because of this, Four Eyes father make him practice to temper him, after all Four Eyes is his only son. After all In the future this big family property will need Four Eyes support, and ever since Four Eyes practice, surprisingly he showed a far extraordinary practice talent, this made his father very happy.

    However, although his practice is getting better and better, but Four Eyes weak personality didn't have any change, finally his father spend a lot of money to buy Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer court recommendation letter, in order to make him leave the house, and train under difficult environment, and now his son finally got rid his cowardly character, and turned into indomitable spirit man.

    “Yu child, even if all family property completely gone, but as long as we still have you, father already feeling enough, just give it to him, ok?” Four Eyes father pleased and said to Si Yan.

    Looked at his father pleased eyes, in the heart Four Eyes felt warm, a drop of tear flowed out from the corner of his eye.

    Since childhood Four Eyes father extremely hard on him, and always called him useless, from infancy to mature he never felt his father loved, because of this, Four Eyes thought that his father never liked him.

    However, today he finally found out that he was wrong, after wiping the tears on his eyes, Four Eyes pale face revealed a firm smiled. At this moment he already made a decision, that even if he die, he will not lose his father entire effort for many years.

    Suddenly Four Eyes raised his head, furious toward the old man, and said: “Old bastard, you have guts to kill me, I am Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court disciple, you dare to kill me, you better think again.”

    “Ha ha ha, Imperial Wind Pavilion? Do you think that this old man doesn’t know that you are Imperial Wind Pavilion's disciple? This old man dare to come here, it showed that this old man didn’t put Imperial Wind Pavilion in the eyes.” After hearing Four Eyes words, the old man suddenly laughed. Said in disdain.

    “Kid, since you want to die, this old man will help you today.” After crazily laughed the old man’s face suddenly become hideous, then slowly raise his right fist, an extremely frightening power filled his palm.

    No longer care how Four Eyes parents begging for mercy, and ruthlessly aim at Four Eyes head and then attacked.

    “Bang” With a harsh sound of explosion, a strong energy ripples also spread, large area of dust filled the entire inner courtyard.

    But when the dust gradually dispersed, people actually shocked to find out that at this moment in front of the old man standing a youth wearing a blue robe. The old man powerful punch, actually tightly hold by that youth. On his handsome face, actually still maintain a relaxed smiled, and this is Xing Jue.

    “Didn't put Imperial Wind Pavilion in the eyes? Then you will change this idea today.” Xing Jue looked at the old man and coldly said, immediately his body turned, a kick contain frightening strength lashed, then swept toward the old man head.

    In response, the old man quickly use his both arms to take it, blocked it in front of his head, Bang, a hit, the old man meet with Xing Jue kicked and draw back several meters, and then stabilize his figure, shakes his arms that tingled with numbness, cautious looked at Xing Jue, because from Xing Jue body he can felt a dangerous aura.

    “This.., little friend, you are so strong, I think there is misunderstanding between us, it would be better if you listen to my explanation.” At this time among the crowd come out a thin middle-aged man, he moved his palm and said toward Xing Jue with a smiled. He is Wang Clan Patriarch, Wang Buren.

    “Say it.” Xing Jue only take a quick look, said with disdain.

    Seeing there is disdain in Xing Jue eyes, Wang Buren's face also tremble, but still maintaining a smiling face and said: “He he, little friend, since you are disciple in Imperial Wind Pavilion, presumably you are not unreasonable person. This isn’t we Wang clan forcibly take his Xia Clan thing, but his Xia clan snatch our Wang clan thing, today we just want to get back our belonging, as long as he is willing to give that land deed back to us, we will go.”

    “Oh, I see.” Xing Jue appeared to be realized said.

    After seeing Xing Jue expression, Wang Buren face also revealed with joy, and quickly said: “Little friend really is a reasonable person, as long as they give me back the contract, Xia clan damage we Wang people will completely cover it.

    “Yeah, you do not need to be polite, this land deed is definitely cannot give it to you, and today even if you want to go, you can’t get away.” Xing Jue take a quick glance toward Wang Buren, smiled and said. However under that smiling face, there is formidable killing intent.

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    Book 2 Chapter 30 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Speed And Defense

    “Black leader, killed him” After heard Xing Jue words, the Wang Buren's smiled face instantaneously become fierce, the old man said toward Yang Xuhu.

    After hearing Wang Buren words, that old man clenched his teeth, looked like have a psychology struggled, prepares to attack Xing Jue.

    “Bang” But when the old man prepares to launch an attack, suddenly he heard Bang sound, Xing Jue unexpectedly disappeared.

    “Black leader please save me” When Xing Jue visible, everybody was shocked, Xing Jue actually stood in front of Wang Buren body, with one hand grab Wang Buren neck, and at this moment Wang Buren painfully shouted. While Xing Jue body surrounded by bursts of winds.

    “Asked for help? Didn’t you want to kill me?” Xing Jue looked at Wang Buren panicked look, with a faint smiled said, but such smile, actually make Wang Buren scared and cold sweat flow out repeatedly.

    “Little friend, let’s discuss about that.” That Black leader also felt murderous aura from Xing Jue body, then quickly said.

    “Creak” However didn't wait for the black leader finished his words, a crisp sound of broken bone can be heard, that sound came from Wang Buren's neck. Wang Buren head come down, in this moment everybody know, Wang Buren was dead.

    “Now it’s your turn.” Xing Jue throw Wang Buren corpse to the side, turned around and to the stunned old man said.

    “You... you court death, kill all the Xia people, don’t let one live.” Saw Xing Jue really killed Wang Buren, that old man suddenly yell, it goes without saying about the anger inside his heart, there was a reason why he helped Wang Buren, and now Wang Buren were dead, it means that he didn't get anything, how could he not be angry.

    “Yes, leader.” After heard the old man's order, twenty Martial Master quickly said with one voice. They immediately looked toward Xia Clan slaves with their brutal eyes.

    And after cast that fierce looked, the Xia clan slaves start to panic, and even worse they start went outside and start to run away.

    “Ha ha... That depends if you have the opportunity.” Facing Martial Master killing intent that rises from all directions, Xing Jue suddenly laughed and said. Immediately his figure flashed, then turned into a fuzzy white line and plunder toward that twenty Martial Master, his speed very fast, just liked a meteor, when the people realize, he already disappeared, didn’t left a slightest bit trace.

    “Ah…” When Xing Jue penetrated into the crowd, suddenly a scream sounded, a Preliminary Rank Martial Master sprayed a mouthful blood and fall down.

    But after that man, a continuous pitiful yell sounded, uniform sound raise, less than a minute, previously living twenty Martial Master, all turned into lifeless corpse. And Xing Jue stepped on that corpse, with a ridiculed face looked toward that old man.

    Look at that lifeless 20 Martial Master, let alone Xia clan people, Four Eyes as well as that old man face was unbelievable, that was not 20 chickens, or 20 average people, that was 20 Martial Master, actually in a moment instantly killed 20 Martial Master, such powerful strength, how could people not shocked.

    “Ok, this time you can’t killed all the people.” Xing Jue foot on top a Martial Master corpse, and then he lightly pat his palm, smiled toward that old man and said.

    “You… Court death!” Looked at all the disciples who fell to the ground, and killed by Xing Jue, the anger in old man heart finally ignited, he didn’t care how strong Xing Jue was, along with sudden shouted, he send out a massive martial Qi from inside his body, and finally changed into a layer substantial gas, wrap above his body, infinite murderous aura also come out from his body.

    “Defense Martial Skill?” Looked at martial Qi around the old man body, Xing Jue eyes become bright, smiled and said. Although this Martial Skill can improve the body defense in short time, but it also use an enormous of martial Qi. It seems like this old man desperately go all out.

    “Kid, even if you have a fast speed, but you can’t break my defense, you can’t do anything to me, you can suffer to death.” Black leader suddenly shout, his right fist grasps, a martial Qi extremely fast condense in his right fist, and finally change into a long spear, and then the old man right hand start to swing, that long spear, with a sound of sharp wind, explode and shot away toward Xing Jue.

    But facing this extremely fast long spear, Xing Jue actually not anxious, when it was about to hit him, there is a touch of sneer on his mouth, immediately his body flashed, instantly a pale white gas lingered above his body, at the same time his body also like a ghost disappear, when appearing, it was three meters away from the long spear.

    This is a result of Xing Jue practice for half a month, after half a month practice Xing Jue finally master this Storm Wind Technique, and already reach a perfection, although unable to do supernatural movement, but the different is not far.

    “Bang” The long spear failed to hit Xing Jue, but on the ground there is a huge pit, it is clear that the old man's Martial Skill is very powerful.

    “Hey, your Martial Skill is ruthless, can’t hit people, can do what to me?” Xing Jue stand next to the pit, his shoulders rise, both of his hands spread, with annoyed looked toward the old man and mockingly said.

    “I want to see can you dodge this move” Saw Xing Jue evade his Martial Skill with ease, black elder complexion became ruthless. Once again gripped tightly both of his fist, innumerable fierce throwing knife instantaneously condensed inside his hand.

    The old man waved both of his hands, countless golden throwing knife, just like a big net without a gap, scattered toward Xing Jue like flower under the sky. At this moment all the route where Xing Jue can avoid, completely blocked.

    Looked at a lot of throwing knives that extremely fast shoot toward him, Xing Jue calmly smiled. Immediately his right fist grasp, massive martial Qi extremely fast condense, faced all throwing knife that soon hit him, extremely formidable martial Qi explode toward that dense and numerous throwing knife.

    “Bang.. bang.. bang.. bang.. bang..” along with countless deafening rumble sound, countless energy ripples spread out. It's like firework at whole sky, scattered in front of Xing Jue body.

    “He released his martial Qi?” After Saw Xing Jue punch, that old man could not help to be surprised, speechless said.

    As if the old man said, that move shown by Xing Jue a moment ago, was not Martial Skill, it was a method to control his martial Qi, regarding Martial Master, martial Qi covers entire body surface, then can increase defensive power and attacked power but the requirement degree to control of the martial Qi extremely high, ordinary people can only use martial Qi to covered the fist, only few people can use martial Qi to covered whole body, it only can be achieve through Martial Skill, but it consume a lot of Martial Qi.

    And what Xing Jue just showed, It also one of the method to manipulated his Martial Qi, on his fist Martial Qi instantly condensed, and when released it made a strong long range attack. This method of manipulation is called Martial Qi released, however this indeed extremely difficult method, among martial ancestor, only Xing Jue can achieve it.

    “Hey, do you have any other tricks?” Xing Jue looked at that old man with mocked and said. As if he didn't put him in the eye.

    “Young fellow, you really has real skill, it seems like I really can’t attack you, but with your ability what can you do to me?” Finally now, the old man already acknowledge a small glimpse of Xing Jue strength, but he also has confidence with his martial skill defense, it let him knew that Xing Jue can’t hurt him. As long as Xing Jue can’t hurt him, then he can looked for the opportunity to attack and kill Xing Jue.

    “Oh? I think I can injured you, do you want to know if I can or can’t injured you?” Xing Jue said clearly toward the old man, on his face there is always maintain a calm smile, make the black elder felt uneasy.

    The old man focused his looked toward Xing Jue, he slowly raised his right hand, and a lot of Martial Qi instantly condensed in his palm, along with unceasing condensation martial Qi, radiant rays of light was also emitted. When that rays of light reach the peak, a frightening strength also sends out.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Along with sudden shouted, Xing Jue right palm stretch forward, radiant ray of light swept toward the old man.

    “Clang” After a burst of deafening sound finished, above the old man body there was a gorgeous spark, and that palm ray of light disappeared.

    “Ha Ha, didn’t I already said it, how about it? This time you aware that my Martial Skill difficult to deal with, right?” Saw that Xing Jue attack successfully to dissolved, the old man proudly laughed and said.

    However regarding the old man's ridiculed, Xin Jue actually didn't care, he lifted his right palm once more, and radiant ray of light once more flashed.

    “Kid, how many times you rely on this Martial Skill, don’t think you can injured me even a half thousand time” When the old man saw Xing Jue tried to used Biting Wind Palm once more, he said with disdain.

    “Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue once again made a white line, a radiant ray of light advanced toward the old man.

    “Clang” once again there deafening sound, saw Xing Jue right palm tightly attached to the old man's upper body, the old man actually didn’t injured, but he took a half step back.

    Saw that Xing Jue near his body, the old man swing his right arm, a fist full of intense Martial Qi ferociously smashed toward Xing Jue body. Certainly when the heavy fist almost arrived, Xing Jue figure suddenly disappeared.

    When Xing Jue appeared again, he was only several meters from the old man, in addition his right palm similarly sparkled with radiant ray of light.

    “Clang” Sparkle radiant ray of white line, like a meteor across the sky, advanced toward the old man once more, but it was the same, the old man figure only took a half step back, and his body did not suffered any injuries.

    “Clang clang clang clang clang” Can’t escape from continually deafening sound, during less than a minute, Xing Jue launched numerous attacked toward the old man.

    However under this continuous attack, the old man upper body Martial Qi, unexpectedly started to fade.

    “Bang” Another thumped sound, at this time Xing Jue speed actually much faster than the previous one, if it was describe with words, it's very much like “The speed of light.”

    “Bang” Xing Jue attacked was the same like before, it was Biting Wind Palm when it contacted the old man body, sparked a gorgeous light.

    The only different was Xing Jue palm was actually stick above the old man body, at the old man back appeared a black palm print. Although Defend Martial Skill mostly consume Biting Wind Palm strength, but that hit enough to cause the old man severely injured. Because at this time that strong Defense Martial Qi was completely dissipated.

    “Puchi” a blood sprayed, the old man body fall down on the ground, with incredible look, he shivered and said toward Xing Jue : “How…could...it..be…”

    However Xing Jue only faintly smiled. His right fist clenched, and then severely smashed toward the black leader chest.

    “Puchi” The old man that already not have any defense, punched by Xing Jue through his chest.

    Xing Jue slowly pulled his right fist from the old man’s chest, and cleaned the bloodstain with the old man clothes, said with mocked beside the old man ear “It seems like I win this battle of speed and defense.”

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  • Book 2 Chapter 31 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Inner Court Examination

    After Xing Jue killed Yang Xuhu old man, the entire Xia mansion suddenly sounded with thunderous cheers, this time not only Xing Jue killed Yang Xuhu old man who threatened their master safety, and in addition he also killed their Xia Mansion enemy for many years Wang Clan master "Wang Buren", how could they not excited because of this.

    However when the crowd of people prepared to expressed their gratitude toward Xing Jue, Xing Jue suddenly fainted.

    When saw this scene everyone surprised, they quickly carry Xing Jue inside the room, and invited the doctor for his diagnosis and treatment, after the doctor announced his condition, everyone finally relaxed. So, it actually because Xing Jue was too exhausted, so long as he rest for two days, he will completely recover, it seems the battle with Yang Xuhu, it clearly consume Xing Jue enormously.

    Inside Xia mansion backyard, there was hidden room, the room surface casted by earth stone, very hard, this treasure room was used by Xia clan to store important goods, but now was used by Xing Jue to sleep.

    At this moment outside the door of the hidden room, Four Eyes anxiously moved back and forth, from time to time only speak one sentence: “How could he not come out.”

    “Go, call my father to come and opened the stone door.” Four Eyes suddenly said to the slave at outside the hidden room.

    “But young master, Master Xing Jue are practicing, if we do this it will disturb him” Said that slave with concern. Although he was only Martial Path master, but he understand a little about the practice, when a person concentrated practice and then suddenly disturbed, it will create backlash.

    “You know what, I told you to go then you must go, how come you talked a lot of nonsense!” Four Eyes shouted with rage.

    After meet with Four Eyes angry rebuke, that slave does not dare to say anything, without any option he depressingly ran toward his master house.

    “zhi zhi zhi zhi” not long after that slave ran, that closed stone door suddenly slowly opened.

    After the stone door opened, a young man wearing a blue robe come out from the door, naturally this is Xing Jue who practice closed door.

    “Did the practiced success?” After Four Eyes saw Xing Jue out, on his anxious face finally showed a relieved smiled, came at Xing Jue side grinning said.

    “En, probably I already master it.” Xing Jue replied with smile.

    “That’s good, let’s go, otherwise we will late.” Four Eyes look toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction and point his finger said.

    “En, let’s go” Xing Jue naturally understands where Four Eyes finger pointed at and immediately replied.

    At the outer court of Imperial Wind Pavilion, there was super large scale outdoor plaza, at this time at the center of plaza there are several hundred small arenas, and outside the plaza there are over ten thousand disciples, the reason why today so lively was, because today is the day for inner court examination that held once a year.

    There were more than a hundred arenas, all arenas were well-built, there also empty eyes humanoid puppets, one by one stand still just like soldier guarding the arenas.

    They are the first test in this inner court examination, this inner court examination does not have any qualifications restriction, as long as you are outer court disciple, and if you want to participate then you can participate in, but if your strength weak, don't think to take advantage for your personal gain, because this number one humanoid puppet, combat effectiveness equal to Advanced Rank Martial Master.

    Besides because this humanoid puppet manufactured material quite special, their body very powerful, therefore even if you already achieve Advanced Rank Martial Master strength, but does not have powerful card in hand, it’s very difficult to win from them.

    “Inner Court Examination, now started.” Along with outer court great elder announcement, the disciples from surrounding plaza, similar to crazy group wolf, began to rushed toward the center arenas, although they know that this humanoid puppet was extremely powerful, but many disciples still wanted to try it, after all if only they pass this one test, they will have the opportunity to enter the inner court. If only they become inner court disciple, both cultivation method and living condition, will greatly change.

    Inner court disciples compared with outer court disciples, even if their sentence not pleasant to hear, their relationship just like slave and patriarch. Even if outer court elder meet inner court disciples, will also have smiled face to entertain them, does not dare to treat them badly.

    Inner court disciples look down to this outer court disciples, therefore inner court disciples never come to outer court to stroll, and if outer court disciples go into inner court, don't say if they can't go inside, even if they considered to go, will be beaten to death.

    Therefore for outer court disciples, inner court is the most desirable place, although it only a trace of hope, but they must try it.

    When the outer disciples ran into the arena, on the arena that humanoid puppet empty eyes instantly change into blood red, just like bloodthirsty beast, advancing toward the outer disciples who step their foot on the arena.

    The slight strong disciples not bad, however the weak disciples were directly beaten and seriously injured, even some of them were crippled, but even so, those disciples who haven't get into the arena, still want to go up and give it a try.

    Since the start inner court examination, already passed half of day, from this ten thousand outer court disciples, only dozen of people who successfully passed the humanoid puppet, and all of them already reached Advanced Rank Martial Master.

    Furthermore there were people who already reached Martial Ancestor level, it can be seen, at this outer court not only four legendary kings who already reached Martial Ancestor level, there are a lot of people who hid their own strength.

    “Ha Ha, congratulations Xiao San, unexpectedly you can pass this inner court examination.”

    “Yes, yes, starting today you are half Inner Court Disciple, if you really join the inner court, don’t forget us.” at the outskirt of the plaza, several disciples slowly came and said with a smiled.

    “Hey hey, I can’t think that I can pass, in fact, it just nothing more than luck.” After that disciple approaches, embarrassedly said, and this exactly who appeared in front of Xing Jue, the one who exaggeration said that Four Eyes was injured “Xiao San”.

    “Right, big brother Xing Jue and big brother Si Yan still not came back?” Xiao San suddenly remembered Xing Jue and all, then anxiously asked.

    “No, I didn’t see them. They won't have any accident, right?” And after that several disciples heard about Xiao San words, their face anxiously said, obviously they also felt a little worried about Xing Jue and Four Eyes.

    “Ha ha, brothers, elder brother came back.” at this moment from behind them, suddenly sounded a refreshing laughter, and they looked toward the direction that voice came, everyone shown joy expression, shouted in unison: “Big brother Xing Jue”.

    “F**k, did all of you forget about me?” Suddenly Four Eyes run over and said, he and Xing Jue were back together, but these guys only spoke to Xing Jue, and ignore him.

    “All right, Four Eyes, it’s getting late, let's us pass this test first, after that let's go back together with our brothers.” Xing Jue gently pat Four Eyes shoulder and said with a smile.

    Four Eyes smiled and nod his head, on his face there was confident look.

    After half of the day examination, now other than the disciples who watch and bustling with noise and excitement, there were only a few person who crazily rushed into the arena, after all they appear too much overestimate their capabilities, naturally inside their heart they also realize about the puppet frightening strength, therefore at this moment outside the arena, only small number of people was waiting to come up for the test, compared with the morning sea of people it appear somewhat empty.

    Therefore now at the plaza appeared somewhat quiet, completely not noisy like previously.

    But at this quietness, there were two figures appeared at the plaza. Looked at that two figure at the plaza, the entire plaza once again filled with excitement.

    The person who caused this great commotion, naturally at the outer court has a extremely high reputation "Xing Jue"

    Regarding the sensation at the outskirt plaza, Xing Jue only faintly smiled, and then went up toward the empty arena, and when he enter the arena, ten of thousands eyes are looked into the arena, after all people are curious, who is the strongest at the outer court, in the end whether or not he have legendary powerful strength.

    After Xing Jue step into the arena, that humanoid puppet, like a mad beast, with an extremely fast speed away toward Xing Jue.

    However facing that violent humanoid puppet, there was no slightest fear on Xing Jue's mind, his right arm waved, a tyrannical force of martial Qi, spread out from his right fist.

    “Bang” With a loud sound, that violent humanoid puppet, instantly turned into pile of scrap iron, he didn’t used any magnificent Martial Skill, just a random punched, this humanoid puppet which was label as frightening by countless outer court disciples, made into severely injured humanoid puppet, and turned into scrap iron.

    And when Xing Jue defeated humanoid puppet, after silence a moment, the whole plaza, turned into thunderous applause and cheers.

    “Is this Xing Jue? He’s really strong.”

    “Deserve to be legendary figure”

    Worship discussion sounded, it continuously sounded from the crowd.

    “He released his Martial Qi, this kid have unlimited potential.” At the center of the elder’s seat, there was the great elder who already acquaintance with Xing Jue, he stroked his white beard, and said with a smile.

    Shortly after Xing Jue successfully defeated the humanoid puppet, Four Eyes also come down from the other arena, although compares with Xing Jue he appear somewhat in difficult situation, but finally pass the test.

    After successfully pass the test, Xing Jue didn’t stayed at the plaza, but returned to Xing Mansion, from Xing Jue group beside Xing Jue and Four Eyes, a total of thirteen people have passed the examination, so there were fifteen people who have qualification to join the inner court, such result also quite good.

    But they have to participate in the elimination, because the quota for this inner court examination, only limited to 20 people. And this mean that less than a hundred people who will pass the first examination, as the result this examination really are competitive.

    Tonight outside the outer court, very different than usual, usually everybody went to sleep early, but tonight there a lot of discussion about today's examination, and there is also some people who celebrate for their friend successful first pass.

    While outside the Xing mansion is the liveliest one, at this moment at the plaza in front of Xing Jue gate, gathered several hundred people, they are all Xing Jue followers, at this moment everyone holding wine cup, and enjoy the drink.

  • Book 2 Chapter 32 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Battle With Bai Yunfei

    Next day inside the outer court plaza, compared to yesterday, it appears more bustling with noise and excitement.

    If there were over ten thousand disciples inside this plaza yesterday, then today has more than 20,000 disciples, this number represents that the outer court disciples all here.

    And this time most of them are not participate in examination, but came as the audience to watch, because compared with yesterday, today is the highlight of this inner court examination.

    Because today among hundreds of disciples who pass the first test will be selected, only the last remaining 20 disciples will join the inner court, and among the hundreds of disciples only one will win this inner court examination championship, and then can obtain that mysterious prize, although all the disciples didn't know what is this year's championship prize, but at least the previous year championship prizes were priceless good things, so presumably this year's prize will also not let them disappointed.

    “All disciples who already passed first test, please walked into your corresponding arena according to your own number.” The Great Elder who stand on the elder seat, hold his head high and said.

    And after that, hundreds disciples stepped into their corresponding arena, in accordance with the number that yesterday they received.

    The Great Elder said in high voice “examination starts” Above the arena hundreds of disciples started the fierce duel.

    Xing Jue opponent is Advanced Rank Martial Master, although the opposite party mastered magnificent Martial Skill, however facing Xing Jue, only lasted one round, and then defeated by Xing Jue with KO.

    Soon afterward while holding the snivel and tears he walked down from the arena, actually it can be understand how he feel, with some difficulty he finally pass the first test, and hope to join inner court, but in this second test he actually easily defeated, this feeling indeed miserable enough, when he meet Xing Jue, it can be said that he has bad luck.

    Compared with Xing Jue, Four Eyes battle was tough, but rely on his excellent strength, finally he succeeded defeated his opponent.

    Several hours later, above the arena there were twenty people stand, their face brimming with the bright smiled face, because no matter happened with the next battle outcome, they already join the inner court.

    Among this twenty people, Xing Jue quite relaxed, because no matter what kind opponent, in his hand they only maintain ten rounds, these also include two Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.

    Although Xing Jue also Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, but his battle efficiency actually far above them, in fact if talked about his real strength, the current Xing Jue, even if he meet Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, he might not lose.

    However other than Xing Jue, there was another disciple who extremely eye-catching, he was "Bai Yunfei”, don’t look that Bai Yunfei so delicate and pretty, but when he attacked, actually extremely fierce, and when he exchange blow with other people, almost all of them handicapped, even if the lightest condition was seriously injured, finally nobody dare to compete with him, because nobody would like to destroy their entire life.

    Unfortunately, Four Eyes also among these person, however the clever Four Eyes naturally chose to admit defeat, he didn’t want to fight hand and hand with this demon, although inside his heart he felt depressed, but Four Eyes actually know that Xing Jue will certainly help him to sort this kid out.

    Finally on the arena only remain two people, they were “Bai Yunfei” and “Xing Jue”, this pair fated opponent, finally stood above the same arena.

    At this time, all disciples spirit at plaza were at the peak, because this is today's most excited battle, in fact it does not matter for them no matter who is the winner, they only want to take a look, who is the strongest at outer court.

    “Hey! Why are you so ruthless? We are on the same side, unexpectedly you went so far, it's so cruel.” Xing Jue have a heartache look, sarcastically said to Bai Yunfei.

    “A group of trash, anyway what use to preserve them.” Bai Yunfei sneer, and replied with disdain.

    “Oh? then what kind of talent that you’re not regard as trash?” Xing Jue have a curious expression, and puzzled asked.

    “At this outer court, only have one King, the other people all trash.” Bai Yunfei straightforwardly said, it seems on his eyes, the winner is the king, and the loser are enemy, it actually very realistic.

    “Oh? It seems, you will enter that trash list too.” Xing Jue show a faint smiled, and confidently said, as if this Bai Yunfei will be defeated by him.

    “That depends, do you have this strength.” Bai Yunfei coldly said to Xing Jue, and then immediately shouted loudly, inside his body a large amount of Martial Qi suddenly rushed out, instantly wraps his body, then his body become blur, his figure start to move, and then change into a white line, extremely fast swept toward Xing Jue.

    “Very fast” Seeing that Bai Yunfei like lightning across the arena, everyone gasp in surprised said.

    “Movement Martial Skill?” Facing Bai Yunfei that extremely fast swept toward him, Xing Jue also surprised, Xing Jue didn't thought that this guy also used movement Martial Skill, however after gasp of surprised, on Xing Jue mouth there was touch of sneer, and secretly said: “My movement faster than you, you still fall behind.”

    In a blink, Bai Yunfei swept in front of Xing Jue body, when he almost reach Xing Jue, Bai Yunfei body moved, with a golden light he make a roundhouse kick, with a sharp wind, fiercely swept toward Xing Jue head.

    Certainly when Bai Yunfei's roundhouse kick about to hit Xing Jue head, Xing Jue's left arm suddenly stretch forward, and then directly block Bai Yunfei's kicked, at the same time his right fist covered with rich Martial Qi, aimed at Bai Yunfei chest, then severely smashed.

    “How terrible” Bai Yunfei didn’t thought that Xing Jue speed so fast, not only blocked his attack, but also launched a counterattack, however looked at the attacked that almost hit him, Bai Yunfei unable to dodge, desperately use his arms out across his chest, to withstand this attack.

    “Bang” A hit, although he protected the important position, however with a strong strength Bai Yunfei still flying backward.

    Looked at Bai Yunfei that flying backward, in a flash Xing Jue's figure disappear like a ghosts, and the next moment he’s already behind Bai Yunfei body.

    But when Bai Yunfei want to react, it’s already too late, only to see Xing Jue’s magnificent heavy blows, aimed at Bai Yunfei handsome face, and then severely smashed down.

    “Puchi” A punched, Bai Yunfei blood sprayed out, and magnificently rotated in the air two times, then severely fall to the ground.

    From Bai Yunfei attacked and then fall to the ground, it’s only in blink of time. Even a lot of people didn’t seen clearly, they only found out that Bai Yunfei sprayed blood and then fall to the ground.

    “Oh my God, so powerful.” Looked at Bai Yunfei that fall to the ground, all outer court disciples was dumfounded, the powerful Bai Yunfei, in Xing Jue's hand actually so quickly defeated, at this moment they finally knew how powerful Xing Jue strength.

    “Young fellow, can’t think that you learned Storm Wind Technique." Looked at the wind that wrapped around Xing Jue body, the Great Elder smiled and said, if other didn’t clearly seen the fight between Bai Yunfei and Xing Jue, but the Great Elder clearly see how it was, at first Bai Yunfei want to depend to his movement Martial Skill, want to suppressed Xing Jue with his speed, but he never thought that Xing Jue movement Martial Skill far above him, not only was being suppressed in returned, but also lost greatly.

    “Ga… ga... ga... ga... ga..., well, well, really a good skill.” When everyone thought that this competition already ended, Bai Yunfei suddenly laughed and said. However that kind of laughter actually make one tremble with fear.

    After laughed, Bai Yunfei slowly stand, at the same time an extremely fierce murderous aura, spreads from inside his body, that murderous aura revolve around Bai Yunfei surrounding, at this moment on Bai Yunfei body didn’t felt any anger, only can feel one word “terrifying”.

    “Finally used an unique skill?” He remembered Bai Yunfei's condition at practice pavilion, Xing Jue also become cautious, because at this moment he can felt a dangerous aura that Bai Yunfei send out.

    “Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation?” Looked at Bai Yunfei at the arena that had an enormous changed, the Great Elder shocked and loudly said.

    “Great Elder, you said that Bai Yunfei practice Heavenly Demon Magic Merit? What Cultivation Technique is that?” One of the elder somewhat puzzled asked.

    “Yes, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation was one of strange cultivation, after practice, can make human body martial Qi qualitative change, thus it make attacked power and defensive power extremely fast enhanced, actually this is very mysterious Cultivation Technique”

    “However Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation swallowed the user's mental energy, if it used for long-term practice, the user will become ruthless, finally will completely lose his mind and will turned into murder tool.” Great Elder slowly said.

    After heard the Great Elder words, all elders surprised, all of them looked at Bai Yunfei in the arena.

    “Great Elder, since this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, so strange, why not destroyed him?” An elder continue to ask.

    “This day Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, originally was Imperial Wind Empire devil religion Cultivation Technique method, however later this devil religion was destroyed by Imperial Wind Pavilion, and this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation naturally also destroyed, but it can't be thought that after so many years, this Cultivation Technique appeared among our Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Great Elder also very puzzled said.

    “Since this Cultivation Technique was so horrible, wasn't Xing Jue in dangerous situation?” That elder somewhat nervous said.

    “Rest assured, if necessary I will acted.” The Great Elder comforted said, and then his old vision went to Xing Jue and in the heart said: “Xing Jue, what will you do now?”

    “Xing Jue, accept your death!” suddenly shouted loudly, Bai Yunfei right fist grasps, a purple martial Qi covered his right fist, when almost reached Xing Jue it suddenly blasted, along with it an extremely frightening Martial Qi ruthlessly advancing toward Xing Jue.

    “Rumbled” with thunderous sound, from where Xing Jue stand a moment ago, rise a giant dust, after the dust dispersed, everyone astonished to find that at this moment, on the arena there was several meters deep foot giant pit, and outside those huge pit there was deep crack.

    And several meters from that huge pit, Xing Jue mouth panted, his face seriously looked at Bai Yunfei, and above Xing Jue right arm, a large area of blood continuously flowed out, although he dodge this attacked, but Xing Jue received big wound.

    “Under absolute strength, your speed didn’t have any effect.” Bai Yunfei looked at Xing Jue and coldly said, immediately both of his palm to grasped, once more an extremely fast purple martial Qi flowed out, collected into both of his palm, along with unceasing pouring martial Qi, from inside his palm condensed into purple Qi halo, and his terrifying aura became tyrannical several fold compare than before, it was because that halo that spreads out.

    “Great Elder” felt the frightening aura inside Bai Yunfei hand, one of the elders quickly said.

    Saw this, Great Elder quickly stood up, but when he prepare to act, the scene once again change.

  • Book 2 Chapter 33 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Won The Championship

    “Bai Yunfei, was this your final trump card?” Looked at that terrifying purple halo, Xing Jue also felt his terrifying strength, however Xing Jue didn’t afraid. Because he haven’t use his final trump card.

    Everyone eyes only saw Xing Jue with warm eyes, slowly he spread out both of his arms, his palm turned upward, the formidable martial Qi, start rapidly circulated into his body, and finally collects into both his arms.

    “Puff” With the sound like a fiery stone friction, unexpectedly inside Xing Jue both palm rise two tiny flame.

    After that Xing Jue suddenly shouted loudly, that tiny flame instantly rose up, just like two columns of flame, on Xing Jue palm burned and gradually the retracted, and finally turned into two extremely fast rotated fireballs.

    Xing Jue both palm faced each other, that two fireballs collided into one, along with the fireballs interweave, a burst of fire fraction sound also constantly spread, later in front of people astonished vision it slowly fused, and melt into one feet diameter fireball, that fireball so small, however it contained terrifying power that make people trembled.

    “Ha Ha, Xing Jue, you really didn’t let me down, does not know whether your small fireball is my halo opponent” Looked at the fireball in Xing Jue's hand that extremely fast revolved, there was excitement on Bai Yunfei face immediately laughed and said.

    “What? You want to try it?” Xing Jue smiled and said.

    “This is what I mean.” Suddenly Bai Yunfei shout loudly, that purple halo that containing terrifying power, change into a thick purple light beam, extremely fast rumbling toward Xing Jue.

    “Flame Dragon Bomb” Facing the terrifying light beam that extremely fast rumbles toward him, Xing Jue shout loudly, immediately both of his palms stretch forward, the fireball extremely fast revolved, instantly change into a thick fire dragon, and then plundered toward that purple light beam.



    The purple light beam and red fire dragon collided, immediately make a deafening explosion sound, it even trembled until outside this outer court plaza, thus it can be seen how terrifying this purple light beam, and red fire dragon.

    Purple light beam and the red fire dragon entwined together, just liked two flood dragons in battle, eventually changed into one foot high energy light ball, the purple light and red flame continuously flashed, it's like competing control power of fireball.

    “Bang” An explosive sound, the giant fireball actually explode, the terrifying energy ripples extremely fast spread out, finally Xing Jue and Bai Yunfei drawn into it.

    After the energy ripples dispersed, all of the people shocked to find that at this time the arena was already razed to the ground, and among that debris, Bai Yunfei was lay down and his whole body full of scar, but Xing Jue was safe and sound stand above the stone pile, there also an old man who stand on his side, this old man was the outer court Great Elder.

    At first at a crucial moment, the Great Elder will act to protect Xing Jue.

    “Cough cough cough” with continuously cough sound, Bai Yunfei body tremble, and slowly stood from that debris. Unexpectedly Bai Yunfei didn't die.

    At this moment suddenly there were two forms, just like ghosts appear at Bai Yunfei side, and they brought thousand years profound iron chains, to tie Bai Yunfei.

    Seeing this scene, everybody are surprised, even Xing Jue somewhat confused about the situation. However Bai Yunfei actually sneering, obviously he didn't surprised why the elders tied him up.

    After Bai Yunfei was seized by the two elders, the Great Elder formally announced that Xing Jue is the champion of this inner court examination, and obtain the mysterious prize that the main pavilion has provided.

    After the Great Elder said the prize, everybody was envied, because this prize was one of Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Rank Martial Skill, Beginner Level Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.

    Earth Rank Martial Skill, inside this outer court, nobody saw what kind this Earth Rank Martial Skill was, but everyone know that Earth Rank Martial Skill have terrifying power to cut the mountain.

    Finally this two days inner court examination ended, everyone made deafening applause, then the curtain dropped with cheers from the audiences.

    Inside outer court elder hall, Great Elder hold his hands behind his back and stand, and Xing Jue respectful stand at his side.

    “Xing Jue, this Cut Soul Sword is my Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Rank Martial Skill, therefore after you learned it, you can’t pass it to others, otherwise, nobody can protect your life, do you understand?” Great Elder stand in front of Xing Jue, solemnly said, and Xing Jue nodded promised.

    After saw that Xing Jue promised, Great Elder sleeve robe waved, transparent spell from his sleeve robe flashed out, the spell transparent like crystal, however in the middle of that spell, there were dense and numerous ancient texts carved.

    “Is this Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”?” Xing Jue was shocked looked at the spell in front him, this Martial Skill and his previously Martial Skill that he practiced completely different, unexpectedly it’s not book, but a small spell.

    “Earth Rank Martial Skill is incredible precious, so we used this spell record for practice method, also to prevent this method to spread.” Great Elder explains, immediately his right arm waved, then that spell pasted toward Xing Jue forehead.

    Along with the spell that pasted above his forehead, Xing Jue felt his head hot, and then countless strange words start to emerge into his head, at this moment Xing Jue shocked to find that this seemingly small spell, actually record so many fonts, this method really make people feel amaze.

    After half an hour, the inheritance of this Earth Rank Martial Skill finally finished, after rubbed some numbness on his head, Xing Jue brightly smiled, because he can clearly feel that all Cut Soul Sword practice method, already completely recorded inside his head.

    After received the spell, Great Elder turned around and sit the main seat, and instructed Xing Jue to sit at the side.

    “Xing Jue, this time you get into inner court, there is a person who you need to be careful not to offend.” Great Elder gently drink tea, and slowly said to Xing Jue.

    “Don't know who great elder referred to, please told me.” Xing Jue a bit puzzled asked.

    “Inner Court Second Elder.” Great Elder put the teacup above the tea table, said every single word to Xing Jue.

    “Inner Court Second Elder?” When heard the name, Xing Jue suddenly remember, at that time there was an Outer Court Elder who represent Inner Court Second Elder, want to take him as his disciple. However Xing Jue reject it, at first Xing Jue didn’t cared, but listened the Great Elder mention it, he suddenly thought.

    “Inner Court Second Elder, this person quite ambitious, he wanted to completely control the Inner Court, in order to strengthen his own forces, he has his own disciples to stayed at Outer Court, looked for a qualified newcomer, and introduce to him.”

    “You already rejected the Second Elder that day, so now you join the Inner Court, Second Elder will make things difficult for you, but regarding that person, you better be patient, otherwise you will hardly survive in the Inner Court.” Great Elder seriously said to Xing Jue.

    “Many thanks for Great Elder reminder.” Heard the Great Elder words, Xing Jue already had some understanding that Second Elder was not a good person.

    "Eh, you kid has great potential, as long as properly practice, I believe that in the future, inside this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion,  you will have position." Great Elder appreciated Xing Jue and said, obviously he is very optimistic about Xing Jue, and smiled brightly Xing Jue, he also have a good impression about this Great Elder.

    “Good, go back and rest, tomorrow you will enter the inner court.” Great Elder smiled and said, waved his sleeved, to see the visitor away.

    “Great Elder, there is something that this disciple did not understand.” Xing Jue silent a moment, and nervously asked.

    “He he… Kid…”

    “You want to asked, why did I catch Bai Yunfei?” Great Elder already guessed correctly what Xing Jue thought, he smiled and said.

    “En, please explain about it Great Elder” Xing Jue showed a faint smile, and politely said.

    “It’s a long story” Great Elder slowly stood up, looked out of the window, and meaningfully said.

    “More than hundred years ago, at Imperial Wind Pavilion north from Demon Beast mountain, there was a succubus that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, this succubus was quite strange, she took human soul as food, the people surrounding Demon Beast mountain naturally was not her opponent, so they sent our Imperial Wind Pavilion a letter for help.”

    “As Imperial Wind Empire ruler, Imperial Wind Pavilion naturally can’t ignore Imperial Wind Empire people safety, therefore we dispatched two elder that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, went to catch the succubus.”

    “However unexpectedly that two elders were not the succubus match, and sent a signal for help to Imperial Wind Pavilion, later our Imperial Wind Pavilion sent out an extremely outstanding Inner Court Disciple for helped.”

    “However we didn't hear any news about that disciple. In desperation, Imperial Wind Pavilion had to send large number of powerhouses once more, but after they went there, they only find the two elders corpses.”

    “Finally learned that at the final moment, the two elders together used their final strength to sealed that succubus.” Great Elder slowly said.

    “That… that disciple? Did you found him?” Xing Jue naturally knew regarding Demon Beast mountain matter, moreover now Soul Devouring Succubus is his own servant “Xiao Qian”.

    “We didn't found that disciple, he disappeared without any news.”

    “However 20 years later, at this Imperial Wind Empire suddenly appeared an evil sect called “Soul Devouring Religion”.”

    “Soul Devouring Religion?” When heard this name, Xing Jue calm face suddenly became excited.

  • Book 3 Chapter 34 [Joining Inner Court]

    Joining Inner Court

    “Soul Devouring Religion, the reason why it called demon religion, that was because in order to practice demon cultivation, they refining people flesh. During that time inside Soul Devouring Religion authority area, can persuade people into terrible situation, furthermore in order to prevent us to interfere, they even blocked any information, but there were not airtight wall, finally the information spread into Imperial Wind Pavilion.”

    “So to resist demon religion that appear inside Imperial Wind Empire, we Imperial Wind Pavilion naturally cannot sit by and do nothing, therefore we sent out large number of disciples to eradicate Soul Devouring Religion. But after arrived at Soul Devouring Religion, we actually shocked to find, that Soul Devouring Religion founder unexpectedly was Inner Court disciples that missing at Demon Beast mountain.” Spoke until here, the Great Elder become sad.

    Xing Jue already guessed correctly who was Soul Devouring Religion founder, he was that missing Inner Court Disciple, and when he saw Great Elder sad face, Xing Jue also guessed correctly that Great Elder with that Soul Devouring Religion founder definitely friends.

    “When I went to eradicate Soul Devouring Religion, that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple and also Soul Devouring Religion founder, was my good friend, unconsciously he had changed, and didn't recognize us anymore, finally we have to personally killed him.”

    “And finally understand clearly, what make him become this ruthless leader, that is Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, the original Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, had been destroyed by me, however unexpectedly that now it appear again on Bai Yunfei body” Great Elder slowly said, obviously he still felt sad regarding that year matter.

    “Then Great Elder intend to do what towards Bai Yunfei?” After know the truth, Xing Jue already concluded, that the lost Soul Devouring was not inside Imperial Wind Pavilion, but at that disciple's hand, and now Bai Yunfei actually able to practice Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation, perhaps he also know the Soul Devouring whereabouts, therefore he can only continue asked.

    “The person who practice Heavenly Evil Magic Merit, soon or later will swallow by that evil strength, therefore we cannot preserve him.” Great Elder sighed, and helplessly said.

    “Great Elder, I would like to meet Bai Yunfei.” After silence a moment, Xing Jue suddenly asked.

    “Oh? Why?” After the Great Elder heard Xing Jue words, he suddenly turned to look, and puzzled asked.

    “That Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation had been destroyed in the past, but now once again appeared in Bai Yunfei body, it explained that this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation still exists in this world.”

    “This Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation is so strange, as long as it still exists, it will create trouble, therefore this disciple willing to ask Bai Yunfei, I would like to ask from where he learned Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation.” Xing Jue make a righteous look and seriously said. In fact Xing Jue only wanted to find Soul Devouring, as for who was practiced Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, that wasn’t his godda*n business.

    “He he, actually we already asked, but Bai Yunfei kept silent, since you had this intention, just try it.” After silent a moment, Great Elder smiled and said.

    After had the Great Elder permit, although Xing Jue face didn’t change, but inside his heart he actually happy.

    Above the surface Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court, there was huge building, however below the surface, actually there were large group of cells, from time to time inside the cells could be heard pitiful yell sound, in addition murderous aura from those punishment elders body, this place give a gloomy feeling, and this place is Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court to imprison a criminal "Jail".

    At this moment at the most deep place of this prison, there was an extremely cold and humid room, inside this room sit a teenager, his whole body full of scar, this is Bai Yunfei.

    With the sound of the door opening, there is a figure walked in, Bai Yunfei slowly raised both of his eyes, and accidentally said: ”Xing Jue?”

    When he saw Bai Yunfei whole face full of scar, Xing Jue surprised and immediately said “Did they torture you?”

    “Ha Ha, to come here and did not suffer is not normal, you came not in order to look at my sorry figure, right? What did you want, say it.” Bai Yunfei suddenly laughed said, obviously didn’t felt surprised by this prison style.

    “He he, you said is true, I came to ask you one thing.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, can’t deny and said, then he went to Bai Yunfei side and sat down.

    “You unlikely come to ask me about Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation, right?”

    “If this about that, I want to avoid that talk, because I am not going to tell you.” Bai Yunfei clearly said it toward Xing Jue, laugh grimly and said.

    Regarding Bai Yunfei attitude, Xing Jue already prepared, so he wasn't surprised. He moved closer to Bai Yunfei side, and said with a low voice: “If you didn’t want something happen with your sister, better be obedient and told me”.

    “How dare you” Heard Xing Jue words, Bai Yunfei suddenly become tense up, furiously stared at Xing Jue and said.

    Before come to the prison, Xing Jue already run an investigation about Bai Yunfei, and finally found out that Bai Yunfei have a younger sister, although Imperial Wind Pavilion used punishment to interrogate the prisoner, but they would not be so despicable to used family member to threaten the prisoner, however Xing Jue can do that.

    “You think your younger sister important, still you desire to harm her, or Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation important?” Without feared Xing Jue said.

    “Okay! As long as you accept my condition, then I will tell you.” After silent a moment, Bai Yunfei compromised.

    “What condition, said it” Xing Jue was satisfied and smiled, then quickly replied.

    “Help me take care of my younger sister.” Bai Yunfei looked at Xing Jue and slowly said, those eyes that full of murderous aura, actually brimming with expectation.

    “Don’t worry, I will make your younger sister well fed and clothed for the rest of my life.” Saw Bai Yunfei expectation look, Xing Jue able to feel that in Bai Yunfei heart his sister's much more important, so he immediately promised.

    “I believe you” after Xing Jue promised, Bai Yunfei make a rare relieved smiled. He Immediately said: “What did you want to know, asked it.”

    “Told me the process you find Heavenly Evil Magic Cultivation.” Saw that Bai Yunfei finally compromise, Xing Jue said with a smiled.

    The reason why Xing Jue asked, it was because Xing Jue already guessed that this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, was Bai Yunfei found it out somewhere, and not inherits from someone, otherwise, he could not possibly not know Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation harmful effect.

    After reorganizing his emotion, Bai Yunfei slowly started said: “Ten years ago, me and my father went to the back side of the mountain to chop firewood, in the end we accidentally find a secret room.”

    “Out of curiosity, me and my father walked in, but after we entered the room, we find out that inside the secret room actually very dark and very big, so big that make people felt frightened.”

    “At that time my father afraid that there is danger inside, so he told me to wait at the entrance, but soon after he walked, there was pitiful yell, and..” When he said these, there was fear on Bai Yunfei face. Obviously this childhood memories, left a big shadow inside his heart.

    “And what?” Xing Jue quickly asked.

    “And there was an extremely terrifying sound roared, although it was like human, but I am sure that is not human.” Bai Yunfei determined said.

    “And then?” Xing Jue continued to ask.

    “After my father died, just me and younger sister were left, desperately both of us had to left our hometown, and beg for food to live, afterward I was chosen by Martial Path aristocratic family, became the fresh blood of that Martial Path aristocratic family, and thanks to our relationship, my younger sister became a maidservant of that Martial Path aristocratic family.”

    “Afterward, I was sent here. After a year practiced, I thought that my strength was good, then once again returned to that mountain, and walked into the secret room.”

    “But that secret room was really strange, not only it was really big, there were also numerous mechanism, eventually I can’t found my father's remain, instead I had found Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation.”

    “When I discovered that Heavenly Demon Magic Cultivation an extremely profound Cultivation, I started to practiced it.” Bai Yunfei slowly said, obviously he felt some regrets practicing Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation.

    “Can you told me where was the secret room located?” After Xing Jue heard about this, his heart fill with expectation, he immediately said.

    Bai Yunfei told Xing Jue the exact location of that secret room in detail, regarding what Bai Yunfei said, Xing Jue extremely believe him, because of his young sister, Bai Yunfei definitely won’t deceived him.

    “Xing Jue, I think there were treasure at the deep place of the secret room, but without reaching certain strength, I advised you not go and force it opened” After he told Xing Jue the secret room location, Bai Yunfei warned him.

    “Don’t worry, I will take care of your younger sister.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, he promised Bai Yunfei once more.

    Xing Jue understand what Bai Yunfei want, actually he didn’t care about Xing Jue, he actually worried that nobody will take care his younger sister.

    After he once again promised, Xing Jue left the prison.

    Next day early morning, Xing Jue and all entered the long-awaited inner court under the Great Elder leadership.

    Looked at the magnificent palace, even Xing Jue also hard-to-control his excitement, for a long time he already hope for this inner court, now he finally arrived here.

    This time the disciples that join the inner court totally twenty person, because Bai Yunfei was disqualified, therefore Xiao San being honored to get into Inner Court, so now around this twenty people, ten people are Xing Jue brothers.

    This time they no longer crowded into one loft, each one of them have respective mansion, and in every mansion, there were group of ordinary slave, this type of superior living condition, no wonder it make outer court disciples so yearning.

    However Xing Jue was the champion, so his mansion is more luxurious compared them.

    Standing on the top of high loft Xing Mansion, Xing Jue who wearing purple robe, enjoying the beautiful scene of this Inner Court, looked at the Inner Court Disciples that passing through unceasingly, Xing Jue can feel, there were no ordinary person at this Inner Court.

    Even beside the 20 people that came with him, each Inner Court Disciple was at Martial Ancestor level, several of them were really strong, Xing Jue unable to detect their strengths, those people probably already reached Martial Sovereign level.

    Xing Jue turned around, looked at that ten feet giant palace between layers of clouds, he said in a low voice: “Xiao Han, with your strength, I think... You should be at Main Court.”

  • Book 3 Chapter 35 [Joining Inner Court]

    The Strongest New Star

    The next day, at this magnificent Inner Court, compared with inner disciples who painstakingly cultivate alone, appeared an odd scene, that were group of ten people travel together, sightseeing inside this inner court.

    Majority of their strength were Advanced Rank Martial Master, all inner court disciples who met with them, look at them with disdain.

    “Big brother Xing Jue, this Inner Court really different, even the flagstones on the ground were shiny” Xiao San grinning while followed Xing Jue from behind, just like country bumpkin who just entered the city, looked around and said.

    “Xiao San, did you satisfied with this Inner Court?” Later Xing Jue turned around and asked toward Xiao San.

    “He he, can get into the Inner court I already satisfied.” Xiao San said with a smile and satisfied expression.

    Xing Jue after saw Xiao San satisfied look, can only helplessly shake his head.

    After a day sight-seeing, Xing Jue and all already familiarized with this Inner Court environment, finally Xing Jue led them to Inner Court practice pavilion.

    After all their strengths were extremely weak, although inside the outer Court they are top existences, but inside Inner Court they were at the bottom existence, therefore Xing Jue must provide their strengths.

    After joining the Inner Court, Xing Jue find out that this Inner Court Practice Pavilion compared with Outer Court was smaller, and the palace also beautiful, there wasn’t too much different, it also had three floors, first floor and second floor for battle with Demon Beast, and the third floor was for practicing Martial Skill.

    But the Demon Beast rank of cabinet compared with high many of outside pavilion, the most lowest Rank was third rank late stage Demon Beast, equal with Advanced Rank Martial Master level.

    Xing Jue and all directly went to third floor, after joining the Inner Court, first Xing Jue and all went to Inner Court Martial Skill pavilion to look around, Xing Jue also bought some Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill with his own saving for them, and the books that Old Feng gave to him Biting Wind Palm as well as Defending Qi Burst, he also teach it to them.

    After all, these ten people were take his orders, therefore Xing Jue must make an effort to train them. Only if they become stronger, in this Inner Court, the greater Xing Jue forces strength.

    Xing Jue came here also wanted to make a breakthrough to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, and Xing Jue also wants to practiced that “Cut Soul Sword” Martial Skill, after all such a powerful Martial Skill, if manage to master it, even inside this Inner Court, Xing Jue will be not bully.

    When Xing Jue just walked into third floor, at this moment he found out that at third floor main hall, a violent event is taking place.

    Saw there was Preliminary Rank Martial Master Inner Court Disciple, who laying on the ground, and an Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, a disciple with eight shaped eyebrow (eight in Chinese 八), sitting on his body, constantly slap his face, and behind him also stand two Inner Pavilion Disciples, they were at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor level.

    “Big brother Xing Jue, was not that the Outer Court disciple that come along with us?” Four Eyes was the first who recognized the disciple that laying on the ground, he was one of the twenty disciples who join the Inner Court.

    “Stop” heard Four Eyes words, Xing Jue also recognized that disciple, therefore he loudly shouted.

    Originally Xing Jue didn’t care for this kind of matter, besides he just join Inner Court, so he doesn’t want to cause any trouble, but since he was the new person who come in together with Xing Jue, Xing Jue unavoidably had to help, because no matter what, this person and Xing Jue also had a relations as the same period of time disciple.

    “D*mn, who did you shouted at? You want to die?” The disciple with eight shaped eyebrow who constantly slap, scared to death by Xing Jue voice. He thought that there was a great person who came, but when he turned around to look, unexpectedly it was a group of weak disciples, therefore he immediately angrily cursed toward Xing Jue.

    “What's wrong? Is this your home? Even I can’t speak?” Xing Jue didn’t afraid replied, that Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, in others eyes might be good, but in Xing Jue eye, he was not a d*mn thing.

    “Kid did you want to die? Did you know who you are talking to?” Saw that Xing Jue dare to talk back, that several people who already reached Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor Inner Court Disciple, arrived in front of Xing Jue body, and poked Xing Jue chest, glared at him, and shouted toward Xing Jue.

    Regarding this kid presumptuous behavior, Xing Jue naturally can’t tolerated it, his right hand  directly grip that disciple finger, his wrist slightly turned, there was only “ka” sound, that disciple’s finger was broken.

    “Ah! My finger” because Xing Jue speed was too fast, when that disciple react, his own finger already change into v-shaped, then he held his finger with his other hand, at the same time he pitifully yell.

    However regarding his look, Xing Jue only show a faint smile, and said to him: “Did you know who I am?”

    Saw Xing Jue easily break that disciple finger, that several disciples also surprised, they also felt that Xing Jue can’t be provoke, and that eight shaped eyebrow disciple also put away his stubborn temperament, his tone change and slightly polite said: “Who are you?”

    “My big brother is the strongest new star of this Inner Court.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, Xiao San suddenly stood out and pointed at Xing Jue, proudly said.

    “Puchi” because of Xiao San words, Xing Jue didn’t hold back his laugh, then toward Xiao San said: “Xiao San, when I have this nickname?”

    “Big brother Xing Jue, we are the new person of this Inner Court, and you are the champion who won Inner Court Examination, naturally you are the strongest new star.” Xiao San seriously explain.

    “D*mn! A group of newcomer, but dare to fight against me, are you tired of living?” At first he worried about Xing Jue status, besides there are a lot of disciples at Inner Court and they also had supporter behind their back, and he does not want to offend some great people easily, after heard Xiao San words, he suddenly realize that they were this year newly join to the Inner Court. Therefore he immediately gain his strength.

    “Ah! Apparently there is nothing great about this Inner Court atmosphere, no matter who you are, immediately admit your mistakes about today's matter, otherwise you will look like him.” Xing Jue pretended to be helpless said, and he pointed toward that man whose finger broke.

    “Ha ha, what a joke” After heard Xing Jue words, that several disciples suddenly laughed.

    Not only them, the surrounding disciples who watched the fun also laughed. Xing Jue didn’t have both powerful backer and strength, but he dare to say that nonsense words, so don’t blame them if they think it was funny.

    “Allow me to cripple him, I will let him know, what kind of place this Inner Court was.” suddenly that eight shaped eyebrow disciple make a cold face and shouted loudly.

    And with his command, several disciples are also swarmed around Xing Jue to fight, trails of vicious attacks streaked with wind advancing toward Xing Jue.

  • Book 3 Chapter 36 [Joining Inner Court]

    Practicing Cut Soul Sword

    Faced everybody powerful attacked, Xing Jue only showed a faint smile. He slowly lift his right fist, faced toward everybody and attacked, a powerful Martial Qi surge out from his right fist.

    With great amount of Martial Qi released and come out, it intertwined with everybody attacked, “Bang” there was an explosion sound, everybody joint attacked were easily blocked by Xing Jue.

    After the attacked were blocked, in a flash Xing Jue figure instantly disappeared, when he appears again, he already in front of that eight shaped eyebrow disciple body, faced the eight shaped eyebrow disciple who has no defense, Xing Jue mouth curls upwards, a beautiful leg swing, ruthlessly whip toward that disciple face.

    “Puchi” a muffled sound, that eight shaped eyebrow disciple spout blood, then hit the wall, it happened in a blink, when everybody respond, they only saw that eight shaped eyebrow disciple already spout a mouthful blood at the corner, his face full of fright when he looked at Xing Jue.

    And when everybody saw this scene, for a moment they were surprised. That several disciples who previously got rid by Xing Jue, just stood there, and didn’t dare to move.

    Actually, that eight shaped eyebrow underestimates Xing Jue, he never imagine that Xing Jue can resist everybody join attack easily, and also launches an attacked toward him, otherwise it was impossible for Xing Jue to easily defeat him, although Xing Jue has formidable Martial Skill, but he and that disciple a rank difference with that disciple.

    “What? Did you want to try again?” Xing Jue turned his head to look at that several disciples, and said with a smiled.

    That several disciples quickly grasped the meaning behind Xing Jue look, they didn’t dare to say any word, and just stood there, in the heart constantly cursed: “D*mn, this simply like pig that eat the tiger, although we were the same rank, but his battle efficiency comparable to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.”

    “Hey! I don’t want to make thing difficult for you, apologized to that disciple, and quickly leave!” Saw that several people didn’t dare to attacked, Xing Jue once again talked toward that eight shaped eyebrow disciple.

    “You… You don’t go too far, do you know who my brother is?”

    “My brother is one of the elite list that place at tenth place “Luo Cheng”.” Saw that Xing Jue not willing to give up, his face showed a fear expression, and he suddenly shouted.

    After that disciple mentioned the elite list “Luo Cheng”, the surroundings disciples who watched the fun, started talking.

    Elite list, it was Inner Court strongest line up list, who can occupy a place in that list, he was not an ordinary people.

    From 3000 disciples at this Inner Court, they manage to stood up. 10 disciples in elite list, all of them were this Inner Pavilion Disciple frightened target. After the eight shaped eyebrow spoke that his elder brother was inside the elite list “Luo Cheng”, everybody so alarmed.

    “I don't care who your brother is? Today if you don’t apologize, you can’t go.” Xing Jue said without any feared, he angrily shouted. About this elite list, Xing Jue naturally also heard about it.

    However according to what Xing Jue know, inside this Inner Court there were only six people at Martial Sovereign level, these six people certainly occupied the first six of the elite list, as for that other four disciples, neither of them were Martial Sovereign, at most they were Advanced Rank Martial Master.

    If Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue also afraid of them, but Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue didn’t afraid of them, because by his strength now, even if he faced Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue also has the strength to fight them.

    “Xing Jue, forget it, just a moment ago it was me that didn’t careful and accidentally bump into them, and didn’t apologized, so this fellow apprentice hit me, actually it was my fault.” At this time, that disciple who being hit spoke.

    When Xing Jue helped him, he was already grateful, but when heard that eight shaped eyebrow disciple elder brother was at Inner Court elite list, he was afraid, beside he just entered the Inner Court and offended such character, then later he can gave up any idea of better life.

    “In that case, I Xing Jue will not meddle with other people business, brothers, let's us practice.” Saw that disciple coward appearance, Xing Jue somewhat angry.

    However think again carefully, if it really happened, Xing Jue naturally does not afraid of “Luo Cheng”, but the other disciple may not be the same, therefore Xing Jue also no longer make it difficult to that eight shaped eyebrow disciple, he waved his sleeve, then lead his brothers walked toward that enchantment space.

    “Xing Jue, right? I’ll be back for you.” When Xing Jue prepared to enter enchantment space, that eight shaped eyebrow disciple suddenly angry and shouted, when Xing Jue look at him, he quickly run away.

    After looked at that eight shaped eyebrow disciple run away, Xing Jue only helplessly shake his head, about that kind person Xing Jue also didn’t surprised, didn’t had any strength but actually liked to bully, a complete villain, he immediately said toward Four Eyes: “Four Eyes, told the brothers, one month later we came out together, this month let me experienced real practiced inside.”

    Four Eyes also understood what Xing Jue mean, then quickly pass the message.

    After all his brothers walked into the enchanted space, Xing Jue also walked toward his own enchanted space.

    After entering the space, Xing Jue first choose power word spell, because Xing Jue able to feel that he can break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor now, therefore before practicing that Earth Rank Martial Skill, Xing Jue decided to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor first, if he had a better foundation, then he can be more relaxed when he practices strong Martial Skill.

    Xing Jue shut his eyes and sit, his both hands make an unusual seals, and a lot of stream martial Qi, are continuously stream into Xing Jue body. Along with Xing Jue rank promoted, the speed to absorbed Martial Qi also quicker than before.

    Along with the Martial Qi that continuously flowed, Xing Jue's body start to send out rich golden rays of light, and rays of light is getting more and more flourishing, just like Golden Buddha that floated inside this empty space.

    Suddenly a burst of “Buzz sound” sounded, that golden light Martial Qi spread out, hovering around Xing Jue and constantly revolved, then suddenly drilled into Xing Jue body, and with this light of Martial Qi get into Xing Jue body, his aura started to increase instantaneously, and finally broke through the boundary, and reached Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level.

    Xing Jue stand, he felt that his body fill with a lot of power, on his face appeared a confident smiled, with Xing Jue strength now, even if fight Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue one hundred percent sure win.

    Successfully get into Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue started to practiced Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.

    At the huge square, in front of Xing Jue there were copper, silver, and golden puppets. Xing Jue can destroyed the copper color puppet with Biting Wind Palm, the silver puppet can also be destroyed with Flame Dragon Bomb, as for that golden puppet, let alone destroyed, Xing Jue unable to make even a little scratch.

    “It seems if I want to destroy this puppet, it can only with “Cuts Soul Sword”.” Xing Jue saw the golden puppet that unable to defeated, helplessly said. Beside his Flame Dragon Bomb already showed it, that was Black Rank High Level Martial Skill, but didn’t had any slightest effect.

    Xing Jue slowly closed both of his eyes, he reorganized that Cut Soul Sword practice method.

    After carefully read this Cut Soul Sword practice method inside his mind, Xin Jue found out that this Cut Soul Sword divided into two realms. First was Congealing sword, second was Sword Qi.

    However Xing Jue also aware that this Cut Soul Sword Military Qi consumption was enormous. Before he reached Martial Sovereign, if he wants to use this Cut Soul Sword the Sword Qi, it will create a backlash, but if he reach Martial Sovereign level, this Cut Soul Sword could be use repeatedly.

    No matter what, Xing Jue already decided that first he will master the first realm Congealing sword.

    Xing Jue right fist make a small grasp (there is gap in the fist), then started to practiced according to Congealing Sword of Cut Soul Sword practice method, Martial Qi start to moved up, along with the Martial Qi moved, inside Xing Jue right fist, starts to send out black gas.

    However this black gas distribution really slow, after an hour later, the black gas gradually take a shape, while the black gas take a shape, an extremely frightening strength start to send out.

    However after the black gas just take a shape, both of Xing Jue legs became soft, he weakly sat down and felt exhausted, and that black gas that condenses with great difficulty, naturally disappear.

    Wiped the sweat on his forehead, at this moment Xing Jue discovered how big this Cut Soul Sword consumption of Martial Qi, and how difficult it practice level.

    However after rest for a moment, after his Martial Qi of restored, Xing Jue once again started to practice the congealing sword.

    Besides eating meal also sleeps, all times Xing Jue always practicing, although very tired, but looked at his hand that get more and more black gas, Xing Jue quickly become full.

    And after half a month, after difficult practiced, Xing Jue finally successfully condense that Cut Soul Sword in his hand, looked at the black Cut Soul Sword in his hand, as well as the flame that revolved around the sword body, Xing Jue can feel how destructive this sword power.

  • Book 3 Chapter 37 [Joining Inner Court]

    Practice Pavilion Murder Case

    Certainly Xing Jue had succeed condensed this “Cut Soul Sword”,and he felt pleased with himself. Suddenly his effort for half of day to condensed Cut Soul Sword disappeared.

    “Ah, it still hard to control.” Saw his empty right hand, Xing Jue helplessly said, but he once again grasp his right fist, and then the Martial Qi start to condensed.

    Time passed, It already one month, Xing Jue and friends entered this practice pavilion.

    At this moment inside the enchantment spaced, Xing Jue was stand in front of the golden puppet, he gently touched the strong golden puppet solid body, smiled and said: “Puppet, ah puppet, thank you for accompanied me in one month, you give me the power, because defeated you was my goal.”

    Between the talked, Xing Jue's right hand suddenly clench, soon afterwards a large area of black gas extremely fast condensed into his hand, and instantly condensed into a black sword.

    Although the sword was condensed by gas, but it didn't lose the essence of real sword, and at that long sword body hovered the black gas that constantly rise up, a destructive terrifying energy, send out from his sword body, this was Earth Rank Martial Skill “Cut Soul Sword”.

    After a month of bitter practiced, Xing Jue already completely control this First realm of Cut Soul Sword “Congealing Sword”, he can instantly condense this Cut Soul Sword.

    “Destroy for me!” suddenly Xing Jue yell, his right arm fierce waved the Cut Soul Sword in his hand, afterwards it was like the black arc that streak across this empty space, cut down toward the golden puppet.


    Without any harsh bang, just like sharp blade that cut through tofu, Cut Soul Sword easily cut that golden puppet into two.

    Saw that roaring flame unable to make a least bit of scar to the golden puppet, unexpectedly at this time Cut Soul Sword can easily cut the golden puppet into two. Now Xing Jue realized how formidable that Cut Soul Sword strength.

    However after this golden puppet was cut into two, the Cut Soul Sword in Xing Jue hand once again instantaneously disappeared, and Xing Jue face also became paled.

    “This Cut Soul Sword consumption indeed too big.” Xing Jue sat cross-legged on the ground, after a short break, he finally felt better, he helplessly said.

    Even with his strength now, he can successfully condensed Cut Soul Sword, but it can’t last long, at this moment he finally know why the Martial Skill method warned, before he reached Martial Sovereign he can’t use the Sword Qi, otherwise it will create backlash.

    When he felt his body already restored his Martial Qi, Xing Jue satisfied smiled, then he touched the withdraw word, he went out the enchantment space.

    When Xing Jue just took off from the profound iron gate, then he heard a sound of voice shouted: “Big brother Xing Jue.”

    “Wow, why did you come out so early?” At this time Xing Jue was looked at nine familiar faces and said with a smiled.

    Naturally these people were Xing Jue brothers, on the other hand, some of them were twenty years old, and Xing Jue in several months will be 17 years old, but all of them called Xing Jue big brother.

    At first Xing Jue didn’t accustomed to, but over time he naturally accustomed to, beside in this Sky Martial Continent, the strong were respected, no matter how old, as long as you had enough strength, even if several hundred years of old monster, will be politely treated.

    “Xing Jue, it was you that late, right?” Four Eyes came over, grinning and said.

    Indeed, at first they made an appointment that one month later they will came out together, but Xing Jue because he used Cut Soul Sword, and the consumption was too big, and carried out  recuperate, naturally delay a lot of time.

    “Yeah, it was me who late, I will treated everybody a big meal.” Xing Jue showed a faint smile, and immediately said. Completely revealed a leader style.

    They cheered in unison, when everybody were excited and prepared to leave, suddenly a cold voice sounded: “You finally come out.”

    Looked around, he only saw a tall man, the man eyes look fierce, he slowly walked toward Xing Jue, and he was followed by that wretched Inner Court disciple, he was the eight shaped eyebrow disciple who were injured by Xing Jue that day.

    “Luo Cheng” after saw this man, these three disciples quickly make a way, and each of their face revealed a frightened look.

    “What do you want?” After Xing Jue heard the surrounding disciple's discussion, naturally he knew this guy identity, but he still calmly said.

    “Ha Ha, kid, you actually had a little courage, but this was Inner Court, you didn’t had the strength, but dare to make a bold words, it will be very miserable.” Luo Cheng arrived in front of Xing Jue body and coldly said.

    “If you come to speak about this nonsense, I won’t accompanied you.” Xing Jue showed a faint smiled, he immediately walked passed Luo Cheng side, his nine brothers also quickly followed.

    However when Xing Jue about to go out of the third floor, Luo Cheng right hand suddenly stretched out, a palm contained a powerful Martial Qi, severely shot toward the last disciple “Xiao San” body.

    After suffered a palm attacked, Xiao San immediately spouted a mouthful blood, after flew more than twenty meters, and fell to the ground, his face instantly became pale and fainted.

    “If you thought that was nothing, then you can go.” Luo Cheng slowly retracted his palm, looked at Xing Jue with contempt, sneered and said.

    “D*mn! You want to die!” Saw Xiao San that severely wounded , Xing Jue into a rage. His right fist waved, a tyrannical of Martial Qi rumbled toward Luo Cheng.

    "His Martial Qi came out, he indeed had real skill.” Faced Xing Jue released Martial Qi, Luo Cheng felt somewhat amazed, but actually didn’t felt a little bit feared, a fist attacked stormed out, it wasn't any weaker than Xing Jue Martial Qi, the two Martial Qi of collided, immediately make an earthshaking sound, and energy ripples spread out.

    Saw his attacked was blocked, Xing Jue figure moved, just like lightning advance toward Luo Cheng.

    “This kid speed so fast.” Looked at Xing Jue that extremely fast move, Luo Cheng was surprised and said, he immediately tip toe slightly and advance toward Xing Jue.

    “Bang” Xing Jue and Luo Cheng simultaneously punched, two fists that contained terrifying energy hit into one, his attacked blocked, Xing Jue figure flashed, a beautiful kicked, then violently swept toward Luo Cheng, but his attacked was blocked again by Luo Cheng.

    “Bang..bang..bang..bang..” When the two people battle, energy ripples constantly spreads, their speed so fast, some people with weak strength, can’t clearly saw their movement.

    “This kid was amazing.” Saw the battles with Luo Cheng, unexpectedly Xing Jue fall over, some of the surrounding disciples were also praising, it could be said that Luo Cheng also one of the elite list, but this kid can battle with him to this point, it show that he was not simple.

    “Bang” a fierce strike showdown, Xing Jue and Luo Cheng made a large energy ripples, the shock made continuously backward.

    “Kid, your speed was good, but for me, it’s not enough.” Saw not far away Xing Jue, Luo Cheng sneer and said.

    “Want to die, in that case I will help you.” Xing Jue coldly said, immediately his figure tremble, a gust of strong wind from inside Xing Jue body spread, and began to revolved around Xing Jue body, the revolve speed extremely fast.

    “Movement Martial Skill?” Looked at the strong wind wrapped around Xing Jue, Luo Cheng shockingly said. Immediately became cautious.

    “Bang” with a loud sound Xing Jue disappeared, saw that Xing Jue that instantly disappeared, Luo Cheng face change, he absolutely didn’t think that Xing Jue movement Martial Skill, can promote his speed to the terrifying degree, therefore he intensely observed his surroundings, to guard from Xing Jue sneak attack.

    At this moment, suddenly from behind he felt wind sound, when Luo Cheng turned around, a bright light palm came down.

    Faced with this strong attacked, Luo Cheng clenched his teeth, stretch forward his right fist, he covered his right fist with Martial Qi, together with Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm explode.

    “Bang” fist and palm collide, terrifying ripples extremely fast spread, and Luo Cheng was struck to fly by Xing Jue’s palm, blood sprayed, fly upside down, he fly more than ten meters, only then fall to the ground, at this moment Luo Cheng face become paled and weak, his right arm broken, his eyes fiercely looked at Xing Jue.

    Although Luo Cheng already seriously injured, but Xing Jue didn’t stop, his figure moved, and then arrived in front of Luo Cheng body, he punched Luo Cheng chest, “Puchi” blood spouts, finally Luo Cheng unable to brace and fainted.

    After Luo Cheng beaten half dead, the wind around Xing Jue body dispersed, he slowly stand up.

    Saw Xing Jue slowly stand up, everybody eyes completely filled with feared, they cannot think that this common kid, can defeated elite list “Luo Cheng”.

    Xing Jue turned around slightly, with bright eyes he sweeps the people on the scene, but every person who was swept by his eyes, can’t help take a step back, the fear inside their heart, goes without saying.

    Finally Xing Jue eyes fixed to that eight shaped eyebrow disciple, that disciple who was seen, tremble because of Xing Jue, he can’t hold back and let his urine out.

    “From today, anybody who attacked my brother, his condition considered to be light.” Xing Jue pointed at Luo Cheng crotch and coldly said.

    Along with everybody frightened eyes, he slowly went out of the practice pavilion.

    But since today, Xin Jue name in the Inner Court, will suddenly raise.

  • Book 3 Chapter 38 [Joining Inner Court]

    The Pavilion Law Enforcement

    At the deepest Inner Court, there was a magnificent and extremely luxurious main hall, at the main hall everywhere were engraved by gold dragon jade phoenix design, giving a majestic momentum, and it also reveal the hall's owner ambition.

    At this moment inside the main hall, a majestic black hair old man, sit above above the dragon chair. And at the main hall a disciple kneel, full with grievance and whine.

    “Master, that Xing Jue was too wild, also asked master to act for me.” The disciple of that black hair old man humble said, this was whom Xing Jue hit until severely wounded “Luo Cheng”.

    “Useless, an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor unexpectedly defeated by Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor, and you’ve called me master? Get lost!” And after the black hair old man listened to his complained, his eyebrow raised, loudly anger shouted.

    Saw the old man get angry, Luo Cheng's body start to tremble, and immediately didn’t dare to said any words again, clenched his teeth, then withdrew from the main hall.

    “Come out” After Luo Cheng walks, the black hair old man with a commanding voice, loudly said.

    After the old man voice fall, at the corner of main hall, went out an old man wear a black pavilion robe, this elder was this Imperial Wind Pavilion, Law Enforcement Pavilion elder, Elder Zhu.

    “Second Elder” Elder Zhu, went to the main halls, this Elder humbly said toward the black hair old man. Actually this majestic black hair old man, was Second Elder of this Inner Court, an Intermediate Rank Martial God super powerhouse, he once wanted to take Xing Jue to be his disciple.

    “Did you hear what Luo Cheng spoke a moment ago?”

    “The disciple who just join the Inner Court unexpectedly so impudent, what did your Law Enforcement Pavilion do?” Second Elder take a glance toward Elder Zhu the law enforcement pavilion, annoyed and said.

    “Second Elder, it was my negligence, I will check this small matter.” That elder quickly and humbly said. It can be said how afraid he was.

    “Good, I’ll give you a chance, go back” Second Elder waved his hand, mention him to leave, and that elder quickly withdrew from the main hall.

    After the elder left, Second Elder of this Inner Court lay down above his dragon chair, his finger moved, a cup of tea on tea table, floated and come over, after he drink the tea, Second Elder thoughtfully whispered “Xing Jue? Xing Jue? Where I heard that name?”

    “Don't tell me he was the mischievous child from Outer Court that refused to join me?” Thought about that, Second Elder eyes suddenly opened, the teacup that float in the air, instantaneously shaken and broken into dust, gracefully came down...

    At this moment naturally Xing Jue didn't know what happened at Second Elder main hall. He sit at the restaurant, drinking with his brothers.

    Suddenly there was commotion, attracted Xing Jue and the others attention. Surprisingly, it was Law Enforcement Pavilion people, this Law Enforcement Pavilion people clothes with the other people at Inner Court somewhat differently, besides their clothes, they hold a black law enforcement blade, therefore they were easy to identify.

    This Law Enforcement Pavilion in Imperial Wind Pavilion, has very big privilege, their member somewhat special, most of the members were former Inner Court disciples, in short member of the Law Enforcement Pavilion strength were extremely tyrannical, ordinary member were at Martial Ancestor rank, but the weakest elders were at Martial Sovereign level.

    “This Law Enforcement Pavilion, looked at their attitude it look like they come to arrest a person.” Four Eyes looked toward the Law Enforcement Pavilion people, somewhat uneasy said. After all, regarding such special existence, even a famous disciple will feel frightened.

    “Doesn’t matter, it’s not like they want to arrest us, let’s eat our food.” Xing Jue took a quick look toward that group unemotionally and disdainfully said. Moreover the Law Enforcement Pavilion member were considered everybody were beneath them.

    However what make Xing Jue never guess was this group of Law Enforcement Pavilion directly walked toward them.

    “Hold Xing Jue, take him for me!” A guy who look like the leader, pointed at Xing Jue and loudly said. Under this guy command, several Law Enforcement Pavilion members, quickly rushed over toward Xing Jue, stretch forward their hands want to capture Xing Jue.

    “Go away!” Xing Jue sleeves waved, released a powerful Martial Qi, suddenly attacked, that several Law Enforcement Pavilion members who didn’t have any defense were blown upside down. When Xing Jue promoted to Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, his mastery Martial Qi released get more and more skillful.

    “How dare you resist arrest?” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly revolt, the leader who already reached Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, suddenly got angry and loudly shouted, he immediately pull out the law enforcement blade at his waist, and fiercely cut down toward Xing Jue.

    Faced the law enforcement blade cut toward him, Xing Jue didn’t anxious, he lift his left hand, then directly grasped that law enforcement blade, along with Martial Qi infusion, he turned his wrist. That leader law enforcement blade broke into two in front of everybody eyes.

    Saw this scene, that leader became scared, this law enforcement blade was casted by thousand years profound iron, after went through a special refinement, it can be said it was very firm.

    But he never imagine, this extremely sharp law enforcement blade was easily broke by Xing Jue, from this it can be seen that Xing Jue strength absolutely far above him, therefore he can’t help take a step back and nervously said: “You you... you.”

    “I am what? I don’t understand what did you said, did you the leader of this law enforcement group? I pooh.” Xing Jue saw that frightened leader face, disdainfully said.

    “Good kid, you are really stubborn disciple, watched this old man punished you!” suddenly an old man voice spread from the crowd, Looked only saw an old man slowly come out from the crowd, he was the elder that talked with Second Elder at the main hall. An Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    “Elder Zhu” After saw this old man appeared, members of the law enforcement group respectfully said.

    “Oh? You said that I was stubborn, you making an arrest with no reason at all, but also didn’t allow me to resist?” Although he can felt this elder strength, but Xing Jue actually did not afraid, because he can’t think what mistake that he made.

    “What a clever and eloquent youngster, if I am not give you a lesson, you won’t know my Law Enforcement Pavilion method.” This elder didn’t talked nonsense with Xing Jue, his right arm waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi advance toward Xing Jue and the others.

    Faced with this tyrannical  Martial Qi, Xing Jue could dodge, but considered his brothers that behind his body, Xing Jue force to prepared fight that strike.

    Xing Jue right fist grasp, golden Martial Qi covered his right fist, immediately came in contact with that violent Martial Qi. The heavy fist and Martial Qi clashed, and then terrifying energy ripples instantaneously erupts.

    However he simply wasn’t that elder opponent. Although he could blocked that attacked, but still the aftermath vibration gave him internal injury, then from his mouth blood, slowly started to flow out.

    “D*mn!” Force to wipe the blood from his mouth, Xing Jue said.

    “Kid, you have skill, unexpectedly you can blocked my strike” Saw Xing Jue under his strike, only received a slight internal injury, this elder can’t help to admire him.

    “Bah, cut the crap, you have guts to kill me, otherwise I will return this” Regarding Elder Zhu praised, Xing Jue actually didn't accept it, and said with disdain.

    “Good, today this old man will beat you until half dead, I will see how you reluctant to admit mistake” faced with Xing Jue manner, Elder Zhu face also unhappy, immediately waved his big sleeves, then once again attacked Xing Jue.

    However this time Xing Jue did not sit still, along with violent shouted, his body wrapped by an extremely fast revolved strong wind, in a flash his figure disappeared.

    “Storm Wind Technique” After saw strong wind on Xing Jue body, Elder Zhu also can identify it, this was his Imperial Wind Pavilion movement Martial Skill, but he cannot think this High Level Martial Skill, Xing Jue learned it from where, at least inside this Inner Court, there was no such Martial Skill.

    However after saw Xing Jue disappeared, this elder not nervous, his right hand start to spread out, a tyrannical Martial Qi began to gathered.

    Immediately a figure turned, went over behind his body and slap, and this palm slap at Xing Jue chest. Xing Jue just like a kite of broken line, after hit ten meters far, only heavily fell to the ground.

    “Cough cough cough” With mouthful blood sprayed, Xing Jue's face filled with disbelief looked at Elder Zhu that slowly came to him, he can’t think how his Storm Wind Technique easily seen through.

    “Kid, don’t think that only you able to use this Storm Wind Technique” Seems to saw what Xing Jue think, Elder Zhu laugh and said.

    Leisurely went in front of Xing Jue body, after saw Xing Jue pale face, with mock said: “How is it? Are you willing to follow me, or you want to be beaten until half dead here by me?”

    “I pooh, I dare you to kill me!” Xing Jue without fear spit at Elder Zhu pavilion cloth.

    “Little rascal you court death” Saw Xing Jue that unexpectedly so stubborn, Elder Zhu finally in rage, his right hand immediately waved, a more powerful strength than before almost hit Xing Jue.

    “Bang” After a harsh sound, everyone was shocked to find that Xing Jue actually wasn't hit.

    Everyone were confused, suddenly a pleasant voice like wind chimes sounded, it actually resounded at this restaurant.

    “Elder Zhu, believe it or not if you killed him, then I will kill you!”

  • Book 3 Chapter 39 [Joining Inner Court]


    Everybody were shocked by that sudden voice, saw someone that wear golden pavilion robe, like an angel descends to earth an outstanding beautiful young girl, slowly walked toward Xing Jue and Elder Zhu direction, and when everybody take a look this girl, their face suddenly became nervous.

    Because inside this Inner Court, nobody doesn't know golden pavilion robe, it symbolize this Imperial Wind Pavilion, main pavilion disciple who only had hundred disciples.

    Nobody who didn’t knew this young girl, this girl was number one beauty at Imperial Wind Pavilion, she like saint inside all disciples heart “Li Xiaohan”.

    When Li Xiaohan appeared, all male disciples start to nosebleed, it can be seen how many people that had unrequited loved to her.

    What make most of the people didn’t understand was, why Imperial Wind Pavilion holy woman like Li Xiaohan lend a hand to help Xing Jue. Li Xiaohan who lived for a long time in Main Court, what was her relationship with this poor kid who came from Outer Court.

    But when everybody were guessing, Xing Jue few words actually hit them to the lowest.

    Xing Jue's paled face, after saw Li Xiaohan appeared, instantaneously became red again, narrowed his both eyes and toward Li Xiohan loudly said: “Xiaohan wife, you come to see me!”

    “Puchi” these words, everyone almost sprayed a mouthful blood, they thought was this kid tired of life? Unexpectedly he dare to called Li Xiaohan wife? Inside this Imperial Wind Pavilion, he was the first who dare to call this.

    “I can guarantee that this kid will be dead.” furthermore, unexpectedly a disciple make a guarantee words toward surrounding disciples.

    But what more surprising was, faced with Xing Jue extremely presumptuous call, Li Xiaohan not only didn’t angry, instead gently smiled and politely said: “Brother Xing Jue, I didn’t came late right?”

    If Xing Jue few words actually hit them to the lowest, then Li Xiaohan words simply made them went into hell.

    Don't said them, even Xing Jue who suddenly meet with Li Xiaohan became excited. Actually because he saw Li Xiaohan and extremely excited, then blurt out and called her, after called, he regretted it.

    Because he unable to imagine, when he called Li Xiaohan under such large crowd of people, Li Xiaohan's rage reached what level. However he never imagined not only Li Xiaohan didn’t rage, instead she lovingly called him Brother Xing Jue, since they knew each other, this was indeed the most close and dear call from Li Xiaohan to him, for a time Xing Jue actually silly stunned.

    “Miss Xiaohan” Saw Li Xiaohan came, that formerly arrogant Elder Zhu, instantaneously became humble, he arrived in front of Li Xiaohan and politely said

    However faced this flattery old codger, Li Xiaohan expression changed, her white hand stretched forward. The white hand that contained strong Martial Qi, without warning and in extremely fast speed appeared in front of Elder Zhu body, when Elder Zhu realize, that white hand already hit his chest.


    With a dull thumped sound, Elder Zhu was sent fly upside down by a formidable strength, like a shocked wave, after hit into restaurant table and chair large area, then heavily hit into a very large pillar and finally stopped. When everybody react, Elder Zhu sprayed a mouthful blood, his face paled, and seriously injured.

    “Elder Zhu, this palm strike was for Brother Xing Jue.” After Li Xiaohan palm made Elder Zhu severely Injured. Saw Elder Zhu paled face she slowly said.

    But what this Elder Zhu unable to understand was, how could Xing Jue with Li Xiaohan had a close relationship. If he knew about it, even if he die, he does not dare to offended this great-aunt.

    Compared with Inner Court Second Elder, this Li Xiaohan even more fearful. Therefore after suffered under Li Xiaohan palm, he didn’t dare to said a d*mn thing, rather under Law Enforcement Pavilion members support, he turned around and then leave.

    “Moreover, you go back and told Inner Court Second Elder, if he still wanted to play a dirty trick to my Brother Xing Jue, he can directly find me.” Just when Elder Zhu and the others prepared to leave, Li Xiaohan once again with a very sharp tone said to Elder Zhu.

    After heard this, Elder Zhu body tremble, he did not expect how Li Xiaohan unexpectedly knew his relationship with Second Elder. He immediately speed up his footsteps, and quickly disappeared from restaurant.

    After Saw Elder Zhu gloomily walked, Li Xiaohan arrived at in front of Xing Jue body, every disciples eyes filled with enviously hated, she helped Xing Jue up, and took an immortality pill and stuffed it into Xing Jue mouth, her small an exquisite appearance acted like a different person, made the crowd into frenzy.

    “Xiaohan, you are so strong.” Xing Jue swallowed the immortal pill into his stomach, with a smile toward Li Xiaohan said.

    Since a moment ago he fought with Elder Zhu, he knew how fierce that Elder Zhu was, but that tyrannical Elder Zhu, unexpectedly under Li Xiaohan hand unable to walked, it can be saw that Li Xiaohan strength wasn’t so simple on the surface.

    Li Xiaohan gently smiled, and didn’t answered Xing Jue, at this moment she looked at the disciples who has not awaked from the shock, and loudly said: “Xing Jue, is my boyfriend, from now on in front of Imperial Wind Pavilion audiences, if there any person who dares to harm him, I want him dead without burial place.”

    After the words out, everybody become crazy, they can’t guess unexpectedly Li Xiaohan and Xing Jue were lover, each one of them in daze, petrified in a moment.

    However Li Xiaohan didn’t pay any attention to them, she helped Xing Jue by and leave this restaurant.

    At Inner Court Xing Mansion, Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan sat in the hall.

    “Brother Xing Jue, what happened? Is it because my attitude toward you change, and you unable to accept eh?” Li Xiaohan looked at Xing Jue with blank expression, grinning said.

    „He he” Xing Jue only one laughs foolishly and didn’t replied.

    Xing Jue actually felt uncomfortable because of Li Xiaohan's announcement at the restaurant earlier. He can feel that Li Xiaohan at this Imperial Wind Pavilion has an influential position, even she injured that Law Enforcement Pavilion elder, and that elder actually didn’t dare to complaint .

    He also knew that start from today, inside this Imperial Wind Pavilion, a person like Luo Cheng will not appear again, because start from today, the Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples will know, that behind Xing Jue there was Li Xiaohan. And because of this, Xing Jue felt uncomfortable, because he didn’t like to survive under Li Xiaohan protection.

    "Xiaohan, can you tell me, what is your true identity?” Silence for a moment, Xing Jue slowly raised his head, looked at Li Xiaohan that he missed for a long time, and now she was close to him, he softly asked.

    “This, is it very important?” Li Xiaohan was a little skeptical and asked.

    “En, It’s important.” Xing Jue decided to say.

    “Okay” Saw Xing Jue attitude, Li Xiaohan high nose, after take a quick look toward Xing Jue, she slowly said: “The my first identity was Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court disciple, I think you can seen it from my pavilion robe.

    “However this wasn’t the reason why that elder afraid of me, because I had another two identity, one my master was Second Elder of this Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court.”

    Said until here, Li Xiaohan can’t help gazed at Xing Jue.

    However Xing Jue actually didn’t shocked and showed a faint smile, he immediately said: “Then another one identity?”

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion Taishang1 Elder was my grandfather” Saw that Xing Jue didn’t shocked, Li Xiaohan gently smiled, and continue to say.

    “Er..” If previously Li Xiaohan mentioned Main Court Second Elder, Xing Jue still able to accept, then when she mentioned Imperial Wind Pavilion Remote Taishang Elder, it actually a little too much for him.

    Taishang Elder, what does that mean? He was the most respected master at Imperial Wind Pavilion, it means that Li Xiaohan grandfather was Imperial Wind Pavilion's real master.

    “Okay, I finished said.” Li Xiaohan saw that Xing Jue still process it, inside her heart she also had some anxiety, after all it was too much, she also afraid that Xing Jue can not accept it, immediately once again she attractively moved closer toward Xing Jue's ear and whispered: “Actually, what did you want to know was why I want you to be my boyfriend?”

    “Pfff” Asked such question by Li Xiaohan, the fruit that Xing Jue just put inside his mouth immediately sprayed out, he quickly wiped his mouth, a little uncomfortable looked toward Li Xiaohan, because Li Xiaohan question really asked to the point.

    From the beginning Xing Jue already guessed that Li Xiaohan identity definitely extraordinary, so despite the fact that Li Xiaohan was Imperial Wind Pavilion Remote Taishang Elder granddaughter, it was somewhat unexpected, but also could be accepted.

    But what make Xing Jue unable to understand, depend on Li Xiaohan identity, why him? Could it be because of his potential? Come on, when we first met, Xing Jue was Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, with these main pavilion disciples around Li Xiaohan side, compared with these Imperial Wind Empire peerless talents, he was nothing.

    “Heng! I know it” After saw Xing Jue that has silently approved, Li Xiaohan small mouth pouted, doesn’t like it, then get up and walk toward outside the main hall.

    “E..” Faced with Li Xiaohan who turned around and walked away, Xing Jue really doesn’t know what to do, he wanted to explain something, but he didn’t know how to explain it.

    Clearly Xing Jue was under impression that Li Xiaohan must be angry at him, so she walked away..

    When Li Xiaohan arrived at main hall entrance, she suddenly stopped, and turned her head toward Xing Jue and seriously said: “Whether you believed it or not, when I first saw you, I already fallen in loved with you.”

    After said that words, Li Xiaohan didn’t looked Xing Jue expression, and immediately walked out of the Xing mansion.

    Looked at Li Xiaohan back that gradually went far away, after a long time, on Xing Jue face appeared a happy smiled, and quietly said: “I believe.”

    1.       Tai Shang = title of respect for Taoists. 

  • Book 3 Chapter 40 [Joining Inner Court]


    It’s already six month, since Li Xiaohan publicized her relationship with Xing Jue, these days Li Xiaohan often come to visit Xing Jue, but each time she only stayed for a moment, then quickly leave.

    Regarding this situation Xing Jue also understand, outsider only saw Li Xiaohan extraordinary talent, and her powerful strength. However nobody saw that under her powerful strength, she paid it with hard work.

    Although each time meeting were not long, however after half a year, this two people feelings also get better and better, even look like a young lovers.

    Once Xing Jue take advantage of Li Xiaohan when she wasn’t looking, he secretly kissed her face, however Li Xiaohan only warned Xing Jue that he wasn’t allowed to do that again next time, but inside his heat Xing Jue actually know, this was Li Xiaohan acquiescence, otherwise because of Li Xiaohan strength, how could Xing Jue steal that kiss?

    In the past six months, probably due to Li Xiaohan protection, inside this Inner Court nobody looked Xing Jue for trouble, naturally these include that Inner Court Second Elder, rely on Xing Jue relationship, nobody dare to provoke Xing Jue group of brothers, however Xing Jue actually didn’t satisfied with this easy and comfortable day.

    Because he knew that this easy and comfortable life, was completely obtain under Li Xiaohan power, and this wasn’t what he wanted, therefore these days Xing Jue painstakingly practice in seclusion.

    Xing Jue goal was very clear, that was as soon as possible reached Martial Sovereign, because only at that level, he can compete with the elite list first position of this Inner Court, and only if can reached that position, it could be considered that he pass and can join the Main Court.

    And as long as he could join the Main Pavilion, he can completely get rid Li Xiaohan shadow, and can turn into a man with a high respect. However, let alone Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue actually can’t break through to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.

    This day practices finished, Xing Jue helplessly sat on top Xing Mansion roof, foolishly looked at the center place of Imperial Wind Pavilion, and that was Li Xiaohan palace.

    “Ah, Xiaohan, why was it so difficult wanted to overtake your footsteps?” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, he felt worried because of his weak strength.

    At this moment suddenly appeared a figure, silently appeared behind Xing Jue body, but Xing Jue who had a formidable Soul Power had better response toward this person appearance.

    “Who are you?” Xing Jue suddenly stood up, at this time he found out that behind him stood a young man looked like about twenty years old, and this man wear golden color pavilion robe, it made Xing Jue even more surprised, because the man in front of him was same like Li Xiaohan a disciple at Main Court.

    “Do not be anxious, I won’t kill you.” After this man saw Xing Jue, he said with a smile.

    “Oh? Then why did you try to find me?” Regarding this man appearance, Xing Jue wasn’t surprised, because since Li Xiaohan publicizes that he was her boyfriend, Xing Jue knew that sooner or later, the Main Court people will come to looked for him, but he didn’t think that this day seems a bit late. Therefore Xing Jue extremely calm said.

    “En, what did you said was right, I hoped that started from today, you can leave Xiaohan.” After that man size up Xing Jue, he quite praise and said.

    “About this matter, that was no need to said again, I will not leave Xiaohan.” Xing Jue clearly said toward that man, coldly said. He didn’t care about that man that from Main Court disciple made what expression, he just turned around and then leave.

    But when Xing Jue ready to leave, suddenly he found out that his own body unable to moved, moreover he also could feel that the opposite party didn’t fully display his power to suppress, his own body was firmly locked to stay, after silent for a moment, Xing Jue suddenly realize and said: “Martial God?”

    In this case, Xing Jue can only thought that the opposite party strength already reached Martial God. Because with Xing Jue current condition, that man able to used his space power to firmly locked him, and only Martial God that above Martial Sovereign can utilize the space power, at this moment inside Xing Jue's heart somewhat nervous, he couldn’t believed that in Main Court there was such powerful disciple, Martial God that simply was peak of the existence.

    “Kid, you are not very obedient, but this time you can quietly listen to me, right? Hehe...” That man smiled and walked in front of Xing Jue body, mockingly said.

    Looked at the smiling man in front of him, suddenly Xing Jue's heart had a strange feeling, clearly this man was against him, but Xing Jue didn’t feel any dangerous intent toward him.

    “If you had courage, killed me.” Xing Jue looked at the man in front of him and stubbornly said, this was not because Xing Jue didn’t afraid of death, but Xing Jue feel, that this man will not harm him.

    “Did you think that I didn’t dare?” That man show a faint smile, immediately his palm turn over, a black immortal pill appeared in his hand.

    “This poison pill was from one thousand type poisonous insects, after a person eat this poisonous pill, will bear the pain of ten thousand insects bites on his body, finally had a nervous breakdown and died.” That man throw that poisonous pill in his hand up and down while he explained it to Xing Jue with a smiled.

    “I'll give you another chance, as long as you promised to leave Xiaohan, I will let you go, and gave you Earth Rank Cultivation Technique, what do you think?” That man looked at Xing Jue, make a promise and threat.

    “No need to talk nonsense, if you want to kill just kill” Xing Jue actually coldly snort, disdain said. At the same time his heart also felt nervous, he doesn’t really want to kill me, right?

    “All right, since you insist want to die, I will helped you, anyway after you die, the result was the same.” Saw Xing Jue actually didn’t afraid, that man smiled, and despicable said. Immediately His left hand pinched Xing Jue mouth, with his right hand directly put the poisonous pill into Xing Jue mouth.

    After the poisonous pill entered Xing Jue mouth, Xing Jue felt that Martial Qi inside his body, extremely fast began to flare up, just like explode, that piercing pain, spread to every part of his body, finally Xing Jue unable to bear the pain, and loudly shouted.

    “Shouted, shouted” The space around here already blocked by me, even if you once again loudly shouted, no one will heard it, that man saw Xing Jue's painful look, didn’t had any slight sympathy, similar to watch a good showed, said with a smile.

    But after heard his words, Xing Jue actually forcefully bear this extreme pain, he no longer scream in pained.

    However on his body, a large sweat constantly flow out, but it made the man knew, how painful Xing Jue.

    Under this extreme pain, Xing Jue consciousness actually became vague, at this time he felt his vision gradually became darkness.

    “Is it possible that I really going to die?” Felt his consciousness became more and more vague, Xing Jue even forgot his pain, at this moment Xing Jue actually faintly heard that man voice once more.

    “Good kid, you really had unyielding character, in that case, this old man will helped you.” Saw Xing Jue that constantly to persist, that man palm immediately stretched forward, and then hit Xing Jue's chest. Round after round contains an incomparable powerful energy, dark red Qi continuously pour into Xing Jue body, but after this formidable gas poured, the Martial Qi within Xing Jue body that seethed with excitement actually began to become gentle, gradually Xing Jue consciousness also become clear-headed.

    However when Xing Jue once more opened both of his eyes, at this moment he found out that in front of him actually wasn’t the man before, rather an old man that wear grey robe and had an unusual manner, at this moment the old man eyes narrowed, he was smiling to Xing Jue with satisfactory smile.

    “Do not know who this senior is?” Saw the old man gentle appearance, Xing Jue knew that this old man certainly was Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, therefore he respectful asked.

    “Ha Ha, kid, I am Li Xiaohan’s master, you say who I am?” The old man stroking his own beard, smiled back.

    “Main Court Second Elder” After heard the old man words, Xing Jue quickly knell down, and respectfully said. Li Xiaohan’s master, Xing Jue naturally knew that he was this Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court Second Elder.

    “All right, does not need to be overly courteous.” old man sleeve waved, and help Xing Jue up.

    “Could it be it was you that attacked me just a moment ago?” When he felt the old man aura once again, Xing Jue somehow uncertain asked.

    “Yes, it was me who attacked you a moment ago.” Second Elder seems to understand what Xing Jue mean, replied with a smile.

    “Kid, you are qualified as my Xiaohan boyfriend!” After the old man sized up Xing Jue with a smile, once again he said.

    At this time Xing Jue also realized, it turn out that it just a test from this Second Elder for Xing Jue, he somehow felt unwilling and said: “Second Elder, if you want to test this disciple words not need to be so ruthless, the pain that the poison bring, is not a joke.”

    “Oh, kid, still not satisfied, now you feel your strength at what level.” And the old man stared coldly at Xing Jue, and said the words.

    After heard the Second Elder words, Xing Jue quickly felt the Martial Qi inside his body, and excitedly said: “Many thanks Second Elder.”

    Because at this moment Xing Jue found out that the Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor that he unable to break through, unexpectedly now he had successfully broke through, it didn't need to think too much, this certainly was Second Elder masterpiece.

    “You didn’t need to thank me, you already reached the peak of Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level, I only help you to break through more quicker, however Xing Jue, if you really want to be together with Xiaohan, there something I want to remind you.” The Second Elder smiled face suddenly vanished, seriously said to Xing Jue.

  • Book 3 Chapter 41 [Joining Inner Court]


    “Second Elder please said it.” Xing Jue respectfully said. He knew that this Second Elder come here, not just to test him.

    “Kid, did you know what position that Xiaohan's had inside the Main Court?” Second Elder stroked his beard, and slowly said to Xing Jue.

    Xin Jue shook his head, expressed that he doesn't know.

    “Among hundred disciples Inside the Main Court Xiaohan was the youngest, and also the most potential one.”

    “However talked about her present strength, among those hundred disciples Xiaohan strength was around the lowest.” Second Elder slowly said.

    When Xing Jue heard this, can't help to get many understanding about this Main Court disciples strength

    “The most important was, even among Main Court, Xiaohan equivalent for many man inside their heart to choose as spouse, therefore your name inside the Main Court was extremely loud and clear” Said until here, Second Elder looked at Xing Jue meaningfully.

    Xing Jue also secretly complaining, the what so-called femme fatale precisely like that, so what if they liked Xiaohan, even if he was in dangerous again, Xing Jue also willing to face it.

    And no matter who, they can’t stop him and Xiaohan to be together, if someone really want  them to break up, even if that person is emperor, then Xing Jue will also want try to eradicate him.

    “I think that you must be confused, if they knew your relationship with Xiaohan, but why the Main Court disciples haven’t come to seek for trouble?” Second Elder once again asked toward Xing Jue.

    But after heard the Second Elder words, Xing Jue also fiercely nod, agreed.

    Saw Xing Jue's consent expression, Second Elder showed a faint smile, and continue to said: “In fact, they want to come, even Xiaohan is can’t stop them, and the reason why they have not come because it didn't worth it to reduced their status, to come and attacked you an Inner Court Disciple. They were waiting the day you entered the Main Court.”

    “What if I can’t get into the Main Court?” At this time Xing Jue finally understand why his life was so easy and comfortable, it turns out they were despised him, he immediately asked.

    “If you even can’t get into the Main Court, then how could you be Xiaohan match? Let alone Xiaohan grandfather was had an eccentric character, and even this old man will not allow you together again.” Second Elder slowly said.

    “Therefore I want to remind you, before join the Main Court you must have enough strength, if you not reach Martial God level, don’t join the Main Court, otherwise that several boys, will make you not feel better.”

    “And the Main Court disciples identity somewhat unusual, some matter, even include I as an elder also can’t too many interference, if you join the Main Court, even Xiaohan unable to protect you. You need to rely on your own strength to survive.” Second Elder was slowly said.

    “Thank you for Second Elder reminded, disciple know what to do.” Xing Jue politely replied. After Second Elder said it, Xing Jue also had the general understanding regarding this Main Court disciples were very powerful, and at the peak, had to reached Martial God level, the most important was most of them also admire Xiaohan, therefore in their eyes Xing Jue like a thorn in their flesh.

    At this moment Xing Jue felt very grateful toward Second Elder, if not for his warned, when Xing Jue reach Martial Sovereign level, and ready to join the Main Court, at that powerful place, Martial Sovereign only the bottom existence, therefore at this moment Xing Jue had his own decision.

    “En” After said it, Second Elder gave meaningful looks toward Xing Jue and smiled. Immediately his sleeve waved, there was a blue symbol float and come out.

    “This symbol was called Heavenly Thunder Symbol, and this was a powerful spell. If one day there was really a Main Disciple who didn’t regard his identity and want to deal with you, you can use this to deal with him.” Second Elder's finger immediately move, that spell floated toward Xing Jue.

    “Thank you Second Elder” Xing Jue also bluntly quickly received Heavenly Thunder Symbol, and gratefully said. After all had this kind of self-defense thing, his own safety also guaranteed.

    “All right, not need to be overly courteous, since Xiaohan liked you so much, later you can’t call me Second Elder again, call Second Elder, seems odd, later you call me Old Shui.” Second Elder with smiled said.

    “Old Shui?” After heard this name, Xing Jue suddenly felt a little familiar, Old Shui? Why was this name close with his mysterious teacher Old Feng name? But think about it, Xing Jue naturally didn’t ask, but respectfully respond.

    “Em, kid work hard, if you can’t reached Martial God level, even I will not allow you marry Xiaohan” Old Shui smiled with satisfaction toward Xing Jue, immediately the surrounding space spell moved, and disappeared.

    Looked at the place where the Old Shui stand, Xing Jue's face filled with grateful expression, this Old Shui, he didn’t care about his own status to remind him so much, therefor it can be seen, this Old Shui could be said really loved Xiaohan.

    At the back of Xing Mansion's garden, a pair of teenage boy and girl are sat above the green lawn are laughed and talked, they were Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan.

    “Brother Xing Jue, you said you want to leave for awhile?” Li Xiaohan's eyebrows wrinkle, nervously asked.

    “En, I already fed up with this Imperial Wind Pavilion cultivation method, I want to go out to learn through experience for a while.” Xing Jue smiled and said. Since his conversation with Old Shui, Xing Jue has made a decision, that he must find that clan Cultivation Technique as soon as possible “Soul Devouring”.

    Because based on his current condition, if he want to reach Martial God level is too far away, with his talent and hard practice, he could reach that level, but that was many years later, and at that time, Li Xiaohan will reach what level? Then what level will this Main Court powerhouse be?

    Therefore Xing Jue now, doesn’t have a patience to slowly practice in this Imperial Wind Pavilion. He need to improve his own strength quickly, and fast improve only can through practice Soul Devouring, although Bai Yunfei said that the secret room was extremely dangerous, but that was the only hope to get Soul Devouring, therefore even it dangerous, Xing Jue also ready to go and try.

    “How long you want to go out?” Li Xiaohan saw Xing Jue determination, therefore she does not try to stop him, rather question him in detail.

    “Still don’t know, at least after reached Martial Sovereign” Xing Jue looked at Li Xiaohan that nervous, said with a smile.

    After heard Xing Jue words, Li Xiaohan suddenly silent, she knew that Xing Jue want to improve his strength as soon as possible, and most of his reasons naturally because of her.

    After a moment of silence, suddenly Li Xiaohan white hands turn around, a Heavenly Thunder Symbol appear, she hand it over toward Xing Jue, and slowly said: “You go out and learn from experience, not better than in Imperial Wind Pavilion, this symbol is called Heavenly Thunder Symbol, It had a powerful attack power, you place it around your body to protect your life.”

    Looked at Heavenly Thunder Symbol on Li Xiaohan hand, Xing Jue heart instantly become warm, naturally he recognize this Thunder Symbol, because that Old Shui gift it as a present to him.

    Presumably Li Xiaohan’s Heavenly Thunder Symbol also that Old Shui presents as a gift, and Li Xiaohan willing to gift this protection seal for him, how Xing Jue not touched.

    “You must accept this Heavenly Thunder Symbol” Saw Xing Jue only smiled at her, and didn’t speak for a long time, Li Xiaohan strictly said.

    At first Xing Jue want to told Li Xiaohan that he already had that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, but since Old Shui didn’t told Li Xiaohan that he came to see him, perhaps Old Shui doesn’t want Li Xiaohan to knew, therefore Xing Jue didn’t said it.

    And he knew Li Xiaohan temper, so he didn’t had any choice but to take this Heavenly Thunder Symbol with a force smiled.

    After received Heavenly Thunder Fu Symbol, Xing Jue suddenly waved his both arms, then hug this slender and stunning girl into his arm.

    But faced Xing Jue sudden move, Li Xiaohan white and tiny face instantly became red, but didn’t made any resistance, but rather look like cute and helpless, she buried her head in Xing Jue arms.

    To hug this beautiful girl in his arm, at this moment Xing Jue mind more determined, because start from today, he must become stronger, not only for himself but also because he want to protect his beloved woman.

    Next day, Xing Jue said goodbye toward his brothers, then walked out of from the place that he stayed for one year Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    Stand under floating cloud mountain, Xing Jue wear a black robe, appeared very energetic, the reason why he didn’t wear Imperial Wind Pavilion pavilion robe, that was because Xing Jue does not want to appear show off. This time he must go to the secret room, after all, that place is very likely the ruins that Soul Devouring Religion leave behind. Soul Devouring Religion was Imperial Wind Empire unable to tolerate devil teach, therefore naturally Xing Jue didn’t want to bring other people's attention.

    After sort out his emotion, Xing Jue walked toward north of Imperial Wind Empire, this time Xing Jue  leave Imperial Wind Pavilion, the first place he must go was not death mountain, and not that mysterious secret room, but a city about hundred li (0.5km) from death mountain, in that city there was Martial Path aristocratic clan named Bai, and it was there exactly where Xing jue will go.

    That was Bai Yunfei clan once was, and because of Bai Yunfei younger sister, Xing Jue must make a trip to that Martial Path aristocratic family, after all Xing Jue going to keep his promise with Bai Yunfei.

  • Book 3 Chapter 42 [Joining Inner Court]

    Wordless anger

    “Excuse me” Xing Jue arrived at Bai Mansion gate and politely said. However when Xing Jue about to finish what he said.

    “Go away, is Bai Mansion gate for you beggar wanted to come and then just come?” After An Advanced Rank Martial Artist glance at Xing Jue common wear, then he loudly shouted.

    “Beggar?” Xing Jue sized up his own shape, he didn’t see why he looked like a beggar, then asked: “This big brother, which part of me look like beggar?”

    “D*mn, I asked you to leave then you leave, why talked so much nonsense!” Saw not only Xing Jue didn’t leave, but step forward questioned him, that big guy fiery temper, immediately come up, he raised his huge fist, advancing and try to hit Xing Jue.

    But faced this strong fist, Xing Jue didn’t move but smiled, allow that guy punch to come.

    “Bang” A loud sound, that guy huge fist, as if hit an iron, his hand bones suddenly broken, shout out loudly “My hand, my hand.”

    Important to know, after reached Martial Master level, human body became stronger than normal human, ordinary weapon can’t injured the body, let alone a Martial Artist fist.

    “D*amn, you courts death” saw that big man was injured, another big man with broadsword behind his body, cut down toward Xing Jue head.

    But Xing Jue actually still calm, his body not moved, saw them as if watched a good show.

    “Clang” Again a loud sound, the broadsword in big man hand, after cut Xing Jue head, broke into two part, saw the broken blade edge in his hand, that big man finally scared.

    At first he thought that Xing Jue wear a special armor on his body, therefore he can resisted that big man fist, because he simply didn’t think that this thin and weak Xing Jue was a Martial Master.

    Therefore he tried to cut Xing Jue head. Wanted to killed Xing Jue, but at this moment he actually found out that humble teenager, actually a real Martial Master, he immediately became stiff and dumbfounded.

    At this time, the house slaves inside the mansion, heard a sound outside the door, therefore every one of them raise their weapon and copy that guy, advanced toward Xing Jue try to killed him, faced this swarm slave, Xing Jue's sleeve waved, a Martial Qi burst out, and ruthlessly hit that group of house slaves body.

    After clashed with Xing Jue Martial Qi, the house slaves were sprayed mouthful blood, one after another fly and fall, furthermore directly fainted, but this result was showed Xing Jue's mercy, otherwise with Xing Jue's strength, it definitely easy for him to kill them.

    Saw the situation getting bad, the house slave who unable to rushed in time, quickly ran into the mansion, went to get reinforcement.

    Shortly after the house slave get into the mansion, an old man wear a magnificent clothes, quickly rushed out to saw that numerous house slaves drop on the ground, the old man’s face changed, then politely came in front of Xing Jue body and said: “This old man is Bai Clan manager, unaware that superior came to visit, already neglecting, please superior don’t blame us.”

    But Xing Jue only glanced at this manager, smiled and said: “Well said, well said, next time do not let them act snob.”

    After heard Xing Jue words, that manager knew what had happened, immediately after those slaves were scolded, then he politely invited Xing Jue into Bai Mansion.

    “What? You said that Bai Xiuxiu already not inside Bai Residence?” Xing Jue sat inside the living room, surprised and said, this Bai Xiuxiu naturally is Bai Yunfei younger sister.

    “Replied to superior, yes that’s true, Bai Xiuxiu already left Bai Residence for a half year.” That manager politely replied.

    “Did you know where have she go?” Xing Jue continue asked.

    “This.. I really don't know.” The manager shook his head and replied.

    With puzzled mind, Xing Jue went out from Bai Mansion disappointedly, thought “Six months ago, isn’t it when Bai Yunfei was sentenced to death? Why is it so coincidence? Could it be because Bai Xiuxiu knew that Bai Yunfei had an accident, therefore she left? Or there is something that keep secret?”

    Xing Jue couldn’t stop guessing, however he also can’t find any clue, at this time Xing Jue felt a figure followed him. Xing Jue smiled, and pretend not to know and continued to go forward.

    After Xing Jue arrived at remote place, his figure disappeared, after Xing Jue disappeared, a really thin and weak man rushed to the place where Xing Jue just disappear, somewhat unfathomable looked in all direction.

    At this moment, a palm lightly fall above that man shoulder, that man body became stiff unable to moved, he quickly said with tremble voice: “Sir forgive me, sir forgive me.”

    Xing Jue let go his palm, that man instantly lie on the ground, his face nervously looked at Xing Jue, “Say it, why did you followed me” Xing Jue slowly arrived in front of that man body, fiercely asked.

    “Sir, are you Bai Xiuxiu relatives?” That man looked at Xing Jue, with tremble voice asked.

    “Yes, I am his brother's friend, did you know Bai Xiuxiu?” After Xing Jue heard this man mention Bai Xiuxiu, he quickly asked.

    “Sir, I know where Bai Xiuxiu is” when heard Xing Jue words, this man nervous expression, instantaneously change become excited, then quickly said.

    After hear that man words, Xing Jue's despair mood, change into joy.

    Afterwards under that man guide Xing Jue arrived at small thatched hut outside the city, first that man walked into the thatched hut, and then walked out, and allowed Xing Jue to enter.

    When Xing Jue just walked into the thatched hut, then he heard a young girl voice “Are you my big brother's friend?”

    Followed that voice, saw at the corner of thatched hut, a young girl lying above a wooden bed, the young girl looks extremely delicate and pretty, indeed somewhat similar to Bai Yunfei, but at this moment that young girl face too pale, obviously suffering from a serious illness.

    “Yes, I am Bai Yunfei friend, are you Bai Xiuxiu?” Xing Jue walked to the young girl bed, and quickly said.

    “Did my brother really dead?” Saw Xing Jue admit his identity, that young girl somewhat timid asked.

    “Yes” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue softly said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, the young girl’s stubborn try to get up body, instantly became soft, powerless lay on the bed, tears on her both eyes, extremely fast welled up.

    “E..” Saw that young girl painful look, Xing Jue didn’t know what he should said, and call that man outside of the house, asked.

    “Sir, since you are Xiuxiu's big brother friend, I will not deceive you.” that man silent for moment, somewhat excited said.

    Looked at his clenched fist, Xing Jue suspects definitely something happens to Bai Xiuxiu, then immediately said: “Exactly what happened, you said it, I will take the responsibility.”

    “Actually Xiuxiu didn’t leave Bai Mansion on her own initiative, but...”

    “Inside the Bai Mansion, the eldest son of Bai Clan, always drooled for Xiuxiu's beauty, but because Xiuxiu brother formidable strength, he didn’t dare to take an action, but was six months ago, Imperial Wind Pavilion Bai clan new blood, suddenly sent a message, that Bai Yunfei already made a huge mistake, and beheaded by Imperial Wind Pavilion.”

    “This was an unfortunate news for Bai Clan, but for Bai eldest son really a huge celebration, at the same day when he heard this news, he intruded Xiuxiu's bedroom, wanted to rape Xiuxiu”

    “Fortunately, Xiuxiu had learned some Martial Arts from his big brother and capable to escape, but Bai eldest son actually didn’t want to let Xiuxiu to get away, and send out the house slave to catch Xiuxiu, finally Xiuxiu was forced to jump into the cliff, and the Bai Clan believe that Xiuxiu definitely dead without doubt, therefore they no longer searched for Xiuxiu again.”

    “However I took advantage while Bai Clan off guard, I secretly slip down the cliff, wanted to find Xiuxiu's dead body, and finally found out that Xiuxiu has not died, and brought her back to home, but Xiuxiu's lower limbs became paralyzed, and her body became weaker day by day.” This man slowly said, when he spoke about Bai Xiuxiu condition, his eyes became moist.

    From this it can be seen, that this man has a very deep feeling toward Bai Xiuxiu

    “Don’t worried, no matter that Bai eldest son? Or that Bai Clan manager, and those house slaves that participated to captured Bai Xiuxiu, will not live tonight” Xing Jue stand in front of that man body and patted his shoulder, calmly said. However the anger inside his heart, actually berserk to extreme point.

    Chunxiang Building, inside Baicheng, a magnificent snowy place, at this moment that Bai eldest son, was here carefree and happy.

    “Oh, this petty official, so handsome.”

    When the young figure wear a black clothes walked in, a group of female prostitute immediately come up and surround him, but that youth didn’t pay any attention to them, and shouted loudly: “Who is Bai Yin?”

    “D*mn, who called this young master name? Come out and let me see.” After heard Xing Jue shouted, finally in a room upstairs came out a loud shouted, then from that room rushed out two strong and muscular big man, their eyes fill with murderous light and yell: “Who shouted a moment ago?”

    After these two big man appeared, those female prostitutes as well as that prodigal sons, escape in a flash, afraid, only Xing Jue stood at his original position, slowly looked at that closed door.

    “D*mn, did you shouted?” Saw that everyone try to get out of the way, only remain Xing Jue one person, these two big man were guessed that Xing Jue was the one who shouted, therefore aggressively walked toward Xing Jue.

    “Oh, this little brother really didn’t want to live, he dare to provoke Bai Clan Young master.” Saw that two big man walk toward Xing Jue, everybody, started looked at Xing Jue with sympathy, because inside this Baicheng, nobody didn’t know and dare to annoy this Bai Clan eldest son “Bai Yin”, this person boldness in pursuing his sexual urges, the prodigal son who like to kill people as grass.

  • Book 3 Chapter 43 [Joining Inner Court]

    The consequence of doing something wrong

    Didn’t needed to wait for that two big man to approach Xing Jue, Xing Jue sleeve waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi storm out, finally under everyone shocked eyes, that two big man sent fly, at last they sprayed blood and fainted...

    “Ah” Looked at that formerly alive two big man, unexpectedly executed by Xing Jue into two corpses, the female prostitutes were screamed, even some of them were incredibly scared and directly fainted.

    “Get out!” Xing Jue's shouted loudly toward that second floor room, a fist attacked came out, followed with explosion sound, that closed door crushed.

    Accompanied by the shrill cries of women, several female prostitutes that not fully clothed rushed out the room, followed by a man that his upper body didn’t wear any clothes, walked out, after leave the room, the man yawn and scolded “D*mn, that live was impatient, dare to smashed this young master's door.”

    Looked at that man who yawn and cursed, Xing Jue unemotionally said: “Are you Bai Yin?”

    “Exactly this young master, why?” After heard Xing Jue words, that man also looked at Xing Jue, found out that Xing Jue thin and weak kid, didn’t had any slightest fear and loudly said.

    After confirm that man identity, Xing Jue figure moved  just like ghost and appeared in front of that man body, his palm clenched, punched toward that man chest “Puchi”, that man was killed by Xing Jue in front of everybody shocked eyes.

    At this moment inside Bai Mansion there were two figures sat at the back garden, leisurely played game of Go (Chinese chess). One of them was the one who received Xing Jue today, Bai Clan manager.

    “Master, today that youngster certainly not simple, if he find out that Bai Xiuxiu was forced to death by young master, it’s not easy to handle.” that manager somewhat worried and said to the old man.

    “Relax, I already informed Bai Zhen, in order to quickly hurry back from Imperial Wind Pavilion.” The old man smiled, calmly said. He was Patriarch of Bai Clan, Bai Yin's father.

    This Bai Zhen is his second son, Bai Clan second young master, Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, but compared with Bai Yunfei, actually obscure and unknown.

    “Master really thoughtful, if second young came back, even if that kid came back then we need not worry.” That manager heard Bai Clan Patriarch words, the anxious feeling inside his heart immediately gone, and immediately flattering say.

    Obviously that Bai Clan Patriarch felt very good about it, his old complexion full of smiled.

    “Puff” When both of them felt energetically, suddenly there was the sound of heavy item fall, frightened that two people.

    But when both of people look, they were surprised, because what just fell into the garden wasn’t a thing, but Bai Clan eldest son, Bai Yin corpse.

    “Yin'er” Saw Bai Yin's pale face, obviously he already died, Bai Clan Patriarch loudly shouts. The sadness In his heart goes without saying.

    “Bai Clan Patriarch, you owe a sin, you should pay it back.” Didn’t wait for them to awake from their shocked, a youth relaxed voice resounded inside the garden, immediately a teenager figure, appeared inside the garden like a ghosts.

    Looked at the youth, the manager immediately startled, frightened said, it's you..

    Naturally this youth was the one who just killed Bai Yin, Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue face without expression, his eyes completely fierce. Saw him, manager body tremble.

    At this moment, Bai Clan's slave heard the sound, and quickly rushed over, but when they saw Xing Jue, they only surrounded Xing Jue from afar, didn’t dare to go forward.

    “Who are you? Why did you do this to my son?” Bai Patriarch look fierce toward Xing Jue said, the sadness and anger inside his heart, make him forget that the youth in front of him, had strength at least at Martial Master.

    “Bai Xiuxiu is my younger sister, you say it who am I?” Xing Jue coldly stared at this Bai Clan Patriarch, and coldly said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, all people on the scene understood the reason why Xing Jue must do that, but they also didn’t understand how Xing Jue so quickly found out that Bai Xiuxiu death was Bai Clan doing.

    “Bai Clan Patriarch, I do not want to make thing difficult for you today, as long as you hand over the manager and the house slave who participated in the catch of my younger sister that day, then I will let off your Bai Clan, otherwise…” Xing Jue said to Bai Clan Patriarch with threat tone.

    After heard Xing Jue words, that manager as well as some house slaves were scared even their leg became soft.

    “What about if I am not hand them over?” Contrary to what one might expect Bai Patriarch actually asked.

    “If so, in that case start from today Bai Clan will be remove from Imperial Wind Empire.” Xing Jue cast a contempt look toward everyone, and said with a smiled, but that smile full of killing intent.

    “What a joke, you think how many years my Bai Clan for nothing? Give me numerous new blood to capture him.” Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly laugh, and then immediately issues an order.

    Suddenly dozens figure appeared in the garden, and unexpectedly these people were at Martial Master levels, furthermore they already reached Advanced Rank Martial Master.

    When these new blood appeared, that manager who frightened and his whole body weak, instantaneously became relax, he didn’t think that the Patriarch actually move the new bloods from the training camp to come over, these new bloods were carefully selected, each one of them were Advanced Rank Martial Master, therefore at this moment he no longer afraid.

    After these new bloods land in the garden, without slightest hesitation, they brand their fists with Martial Qi, and attacked toward Xing Jue.

    However faced this very fast people, Xing Jue actually sneer, immediately his palm grip, then came in contact with numerous new bloods fist attacked, together with frightening powerful Martial Qi, violently plunder toward this group, finally collide with that numerous new bloods.

    “Thump” With a muffled sound, the numerous new bloods spout bloods, powerless fell on the ground.

    One punch, just one punch, these dozens Martial Master were knocked down to the ground, saw that severe wounded Martial Master were fall to the ground, at this moment not to mention that house slaves, even that formerly arrogant Bai Clan Patriarch, on his cunning face, finally emerge fear expression.

    “Once again I ask? Are you hand them over or not?” Xing Jue looked with contempt toward Bai Clan Patriarch, then coldly said.

    “Bring me all the house slaves that participates in the catch Bai Xiuxiu at that day.” Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly shouted, without any hesitation announced, and after heard his words, the manager's legs became soft and spread on the ground.

    A few minutes later, sure enough at this back garden appeared ten big man, at this time they were kneeled, non-stop begging for mercy from Xing Jue.

    “Wu wu sir, please spare me, my wife and child at home need me to be feed and clothe.”

    “Wu wu wu sir, please let me go, my family has 80-year- old mother.”

    But no matter what kind of reason, what kind of pleading, all failed to stir Xing Jue's emotion.

    “Since you doing something wrong, you must dare to take the consequences, dare to do anything, is the real man. If all of you remain in this world, will only bring harm, you can only blame  your own misdeed, didn’t consider other people's feeling.” Xing Jue does not pay attention to everybody pleading, only mind his own business said, his sleeve robe waved, at the same time these ten house slaves spout a lot of blood, powerless fell on the ground, fainted.

    Xing Jue didn’t killed them, besides Xing Jue not cold blooded, that treated other people life as trifling matter, but Xing Jue also gave them ferociously lesson, at least they were injured, and will be difficult to do anything evil in the future.

    Saw that ten slaves lie down on the ground, the manager also think that they already died, at this moment his fear finally reached to the extreme, didn’t know where he get the strength, crawl and try to get up, stagger along this garden tried to run away, but he run only ten steps and then “Thump” a muffled sound, blood spouted, and then lie above the grass in the garden.

    After hit the manager, Xing Jue didn’t stay, he turned around and talked to Bai Clan Patriarch “Patriarch, I advised you to discipline your younger generation and slaves, do not spoil their behavior, otherwise you will have a bad luck in return.”

    After talked these words, Xing Jue didn’t care about Patriarch expression, his figure disappeared, leaving only a group frightened slaves, the new blood, and as well as that Patriarch.

    “Plop” that Patriarch suddenly fall to the ground, and then immediately said to house slave at his side: “Quickly send a message to second young master, said that if he didn’t come back, Bai Clan will be exterminate.”

  • Book 3 Chapter 44 [Joining Inner Court]

    Blame yourself

    Three days after Xing Jue killed Bai Yin, at Bai Clan guest hall, sat four people, one was Bai Clan Patriarch, another one was Bai Clan new appointed manager, a young man wear a blue robe, who just hurried back from Outer Court Imperial Wind Pavilion, the second young master of Bai Clan “Bai Zhen” a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, and the other one was Bai Zhen teacher, Outer Court Elder, Elder Xu, an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.

    Because of Bai Clan last message that mentioned Xing Jue formidable strength, therefore Bai Zhen specially invited his teacher, to prepare against the unexpected.

    “Father, have you ever thought, was there a traitor at our Bai Clan?” After Bai Zhen listened the whole thing in detailed, he pondered a moment, and slowly said.

    “Traitor? You said that there was someone who betrayed us?” Bai Clan Patriarch quickly asked.

    “Yes, otherwise who else knew about our Bai Clan's matter?” Bai Zhen confidently said.

    “But our Bai Clan had a lot of slaves, how should I investigate it?” Bai Clan Patriarch awkwardly said.

    “This rather complicated, as long as we investigated who close with Bai Xiuxiu, then we can found him/her.” Bai Zhen show a faint smiled, and decisively said.

    After heard Bai Zhen words, Bai Clan Patriarch suddenly clear-headed, indeed, the person who willing to help Bai Xiuxiu, must be the person who she close with, immediately he commanded his trusted aide to check about it.

    And during this time, that Outer Court Elder only peacefully tasted his aromatic tea, didn't speak a words.

    At Bai Clan, two days after that meeting, Xing Jue once again appeared outside Baicheng city, but at his side there is also delicate and pretty, slim and graceful young girl, this girl is Bai Xiuxiu.

    Actually after massacred that Bai Clan scum, Xing Jue carried Bai Xiuxiu to look for famous doctor, and with the help of high-gradeTreasure Pill, Bai Xiuxiu's body was already fully recovered, even her broken legs also returned to normal, can run freely like normal people.

    “Younger sister, are you also interested to that young kid eh? Otherwise elder brother will help you make the decision, directly marry you to him.” Xing Jue laughed toward Bai Xiuxiu and said, after a few days in touch, Xing Jue found out that Bai Xiuxiu is very thoughtful, and charming, and in addition his regret toward Bai Yunfei, Xing Jue also thought Bai Xiuxiu as his younger sister, this way also convenient to take care of her.

    “Elder brother, don’t tease me, I just feel grateful to him.” Bai Xiuxiu explain clearly and take a quick look toward Xing Jue, sweet and charmingly said. Since Bai Xiuxiu sickness was cured, Xing Jue prepares to take Bai Xiuxiu to leave here.

    However Bai Xiuxiu actually want to save that man and carry him together, but it wasn’t because Bai Xiuxiu like that man, but because of gratitude inside her heart.

    Because at this time inside her heart, she already had a person who she like and that person is “Xing Jue”. But she can feel that Xing Jue didn’t had any feeling toward her, therefore she only hide her feeling in her heart, and only take part in Xing Jue as brother and sister.

    Two people while talking finally arrived at thatched hut, but Bai Xiuxiu actually found out that man wasn’t inside the thatched hut, her face began to show an anxious expression, and murmur said: “Today wasn’t his work shift, he should be at home.”

    “Younger sister don’t worry, maybe he was in the city, it would be better if you go with me to the city and look for him.” Xing Jue saw Bai Xiuxiu worried, said with a smile.

    However after Xing Jue mentioned about get into the city, Bai Xiuxiu actually became tense, more precisely fear, because inside that Baicheng, there was a household that remind inside her heart, extremely frightful shadow, that was Bai Clan.

    “Younger sister at ease, there elder brother here no need to be afraid. If they dare to be rude toward younger sister again, elder brother will exterminate the whole Bai Clan.” Xing Jue also seen Bai Xiuxiu feared inside her heart, he immediately guaranteed said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, Bai Xiuxiu at ease, before when Bai Yunfei still alive, Bai Clan treated her as distinguished guest, and now Xing Jue strength seems to be stronger than her Brother Bai Yunfei, think about it, she naturally no longer afraid.

    The brother and sister are laughed and talked then arrived at outside Baicheng, but when they just got to Baicheng entrance, they were shocked by what they see.

    At this moment they saw above that several feet high Baicheng city gate, a man corpse is hanging there, and on that man body hang a wooden sign, write “Bai Clan's betrayer, will have this end.” several large words, and this man was the one who rescued Bai Xiuxiu.

    After saw that man corpse, Bai Xiuxiu delicate face, instantaneously became pale, shed countless tears.

    Xing Jue angrily clenched his jaws, because from appearance of the man's corpse, long bloody scar can be seen, this man certainly must be suffer while he still alive, extremely cruel injured. The most painful for Xing Jue was that man died because of him, which made Xing Jue simply angry to the extreme.

    “Younger sister, first return to the thatched hut and wait for me, elder brother will go at once.” After  made farewell with Bai Xiuxiu , Xing Jue quickly went toward the city.

    Looked at the figure that instantaneously disappear, Bai Xiuxiu knew that Xing Jue went to revenge for that man.

    “Child, you said that young kid will come back?” At this moment inside Bai Clan main hall, Bai Clan Patriarch smiled toward Bai Zhen and said, at this time his mood became extremely better, because of according to Bai Zhen method, he quickly found out the person who betrayed Bai Clan, and under his cruel method, that slave were suffered deadly injured while he still alive.

    “Father rest assured, I already take a walk, and several nearby city already have information about this matter, if he is a righteousness man, he will be back” Bai Zhen confidently said.


    Suddenly a row of attacked sound came up, the entire Bai Mansion shake a few times.

    “He came” After heard this sound, Bai Zhen slowly stand up, he slowly said toward that sound direction.

    “Patriarch, such huge sound, it seems that child very strong.” That new manager somewhat uneasy said.


    “Trash” After heard his words, Bai Clan Patriarch turn around and slap that new manager face, then said: “We had Zhen child, what to fear, besides we also had Imperial Wind Pavilion Elder Xu, even if that kid skill is great, could he be Elder Xu opponent?”

    After finish his words, Bai Clan Patriarch deliberately turned around, and respectfully smiled to Elder Xu.

    “Relax I will act at necessary time.” Elder Xu once again taste the tea on his hand, smiled and said.

    “Master, then this disciple will see that kid first.” Saw Elder Xu guarantee, Bai Zhen respectful said, and walked toward the outer courtyard. And Bai Clan Patriarch also quickly followed.

    At this moment Xing Jue under frantic ravage, that Bai Mansion big outer courtyard already became a pile of waste area, this time Xing Jue goal is very simple, he must completely destroy this Bai Mansion, and completely exterminate this Bai Clan.

    “Kid, you're looking for death, Zhen son, kill him for me!” When Bai Clan Patriarch arrived at the outer courtyard and looked at that big waste area in front of him, the anger in his heart burned to the extreme, that was his Bai Clan several hundred years clan property, as Patriarch of Bai Clan, how can he not feel grudge. Therefore he quickly to Bai Zhen side and loudly said.

    “Father relax, he will not leave here alive.” Bai Zhen as second young master of Bai Clan, naturally also extremely angry, therefore he must go and fight with Xing Jue.

    After heard Bai Clan Patriarch cursed in rage, Xing Jue also stopped move and slowly looked toward them.

    And after Bai Zhen saw Xing Jue's face, his angry face, instantly became tense up, because he never imagine that Bai Clan's strong enemy unexpectedly was Xing Jue .

    As Outer Court disciple, how could he not know Xing Jue, that famous star of his Bai Clan who act as an outstanding new blood “Bai Yunfei” defeated by him, known to everybody inside the Outer Court, as number one expert.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple?” After saw Bai Zhen's blue robe, Xing Jue also a little surprised said.

    “Quick, quick, quickly, ask my teacher to come!” Bai Zhen instantly reacted, then quickly said toward slave at his side.

    However at this moment Bai Clan Patriarch actually extremely puzzled, he didn’t know why Bai Zhen didn’t attacked Xing Jue, and his face also look tense, so with doubt and confused mind he said to Bai Zhen: “Zhen child, why you didn’t attacked him?”

    “Father, Don’t speak!” Bai Zhen didn’t give too much explanation, and quickly indicate Bai Clan Patriarch not to speak with him.

    “Humph! You are actually fathers and sons, die!” When heard Bai Patriarch affectionate call toward Bai Zhen, Xing Jue already understood this two people relationship, immediately shouted loudly, didn’t care about Bai Zhen status as Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer Court disciple, attacked toward Bai Clan Patriarch.

    Faced that extremely fast attack, and contains terrifying power of Martial Qi, Bai Clan Patriarch unable to dodge, suddenly at this time Bai Zhen's body moved in front of his father body, used his whole body powerful strength, and together with his Martial Qi attacked together.

    “Puchi” Although he successfully blocked Xing Jue attacked, but Bai Zhen seriously injured, after spray a mouthful blood, he powerless fell on the ground.

    Bai Clan Patriarch rushed to run, and helped up extremely weak Bai Zhen, his face full of pain, and instantly tears flowed out. Bai Zhen can be said as his Bai Clan most outstanding clansman for many years, compared with his disappointed eldest son Bai Yin, Bai Zhen simply outstanding to the extreme, therefore he also deeply loved him.

    “Stop!” At this moment suddenly an old voice sounded, saw Bai Zhen master, Elder Xu.

    “Elder Xu, quickly come, please helped me killed this kid.” After he saw Elder Xu appeared, the already teary Bai Clan Patriarch, begging said.

    “Shut up!” But Elder Xu actually ruthlessly glanced toward Bai Clan Patriarch, angrily shouted.

    After Elder Xu angrily shouted, Bai Clan Patriarch as well as that house slaves feel puzzled, rather foolishly looked at Elder Xu, didn't know what to do.

  • Book 3 Chapter 45 [Joining Inner Court]

    Saw Xiao Qian Again

    “Xing Jue, this Bai Clan was my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple clan, no matter what you and Bai Clan grudges, is it possible for the sake of same part Imperial Wind Pavilion, don’t be ruthless.” After scold Bai Clan Patriarch, Elder Xu smiled toward Xing Jue and said. His attitude was quite humble.

    As Outer Court Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, this Elder Xu naturally know Xing Jue, when Xing Jue just entered Outer Court, he also looked for Xing Jue and wanted to take Xing Jue as his disciple, but being rejected.

    “Today, I decided to exterminate Bai Clan, who get in my way will die.” Xing Jue stare coldly toward Elder Xu, mercilessly said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, Elder Xu face that full of wrinkle trembled, and didn’t dare to talk any nonsense, rather he well-behaved stand.

    First did not say about Xing Jue strength, he can’t defeated him, and speak about Xing Jue friendship with Great Elder, he didn’t dare to provoke Xing Jue anger.

    And at this moment after heard Elder Xu words, Bai Clan Patriarch, as well as numerous slaves were understand a little, although not very clear, but they can be sure that this Xing Jue, was a person who Outer Court Elder afraid of.

    “Zhen child, who is he?” Finally Bai Clan Patriarch unable to bear his inner most question, and toward Bai Zhen asked.

    “Father, he is Imperial Wind Pavilion Inner Court Disciple, this time our Bai Clan annoys a person who cannot be provoke.” Bai Zhen weakly said, at this moment he extremely regretted, he regretted to killed that man. If not, Xing Jue will not returned to Bai Clan once again, and wanted to exterminates his entire Bai Clan.

    “What? He unexpectedly an Inner Court Disciple.” Heard Bai Zhen words, suddenly Bai Clan Patriarch realize, no wonder even Elder Xu respectful toward Xing Jue, it turns out Xing Jue was Inner Court disciple. At this moment, he also extremely regret his own unwilling, if only he able to bear patiently, then today’s matter will not happened, however the fact is there is no regret medicine to sell in this world.

    “Bai Clan Patriarch, accept your death!” Saw that Elder Xu no longer interfere, soon afterwards Xing Jue at everyone frightened eyes, slowly walk toward Bai Clan Patriarch.

    At this moment when he saw Xing Jue slowly walked toward him, Bai Clan Patriarch feel afraid to the extreme.

    Because faced with an individual whose strength, and status, absolutely above him, he simply did not had any resistance, he only can wait for his death.

    “Xing Jue, if you want to kill just killed me, that slave was killed by me, All things done by me, you let my father go, killed me.” At this time, Bai Zhen suddenly kneeled in front of Xing Jue, pleadingly said. Without doubt reveal the affection between father and son.

    “In that case, I will satisfy you.” Faced this Bai Zhen that kneeled under his foot, Xing Jue pondered for a moment, and coldly said. Afterwards his right fist clenched, soon afterwards Bai Clan Patriarch hoarsely shouted, while Bai Zhen was really killed.

    While that Imperial Wind Pavilion Elder Xu, helplessly shook his head, the only thing he can do was helplessly looked his own disciple was killed, because he really didn’t have the power to stop Xing Jue, can only blame Bai Clan, to provoke a person who should not be mess with.

    After Xing Jue killed Bai Zhen, he slowly walked to Bai Clan Patriarch side, coldly said: “Patriarch, five days ago I warned you, do not indulge your younger generation and home slave perpetrators, otherwise the one who unlucky was you. But you didn’t listened, today's end, entirely your fault.”

    At this time Xing Jue anger mostly eliminated, looked at the house slaves frightened face, Xing Jue didn’t want to make any slaughtering again, then his eyes turned to the Outer Court Elder Xu, arrogantly said: “elder, if you think you have the strength, you can go back and report that I killed Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, I decide not to obstruct.”

    After said that, Xing Jue didn’t care about Elder Xu expression, sneers, then disappeared from Bai Mansion.

    Only leave behind, didn't dare to angry and didn't dare to speak Outer Court Elder, the frightened house slaves, as well as that already crazy Bai Clan Patriarch.

    After flatten the Bai Clan, Xing Jue brought Bai Xiuxiu to leave this trouble place. Instead, he took Bai Xiuxiu to “Jinhua city” where Four Eyes Clan was.

    After arrived at Jinhua city, Four Eyes father strongly requested to make Bai Xiuxiu lived at his palace, but Xing Jue refused, rather spent a large sum of money to purchased a mansion for Bai Xiuxiu at Xia Mansion side, and leave behind enough wealth for Bai Xiuxiu until the next life.

    Don’t asked from where Xing Jue wealth was, although Xing Jue background poor, but Xing Jue at Imperial Wind Pavilion has a lot of points, he can casually used some Imperial Wind Pavilion points, in exchange for a lot of gold coins.

    And the reason why Bai Xiuxiu arrangement was here, also because Xia Clan owe him a favour, therefore for the sake of his face, they can take care Bai Xiuxiu, after properly take care Bai Xiuxiu arrangement, Xing Jue went to death mountain.

    Xing Jue goals for this trip are very simple, to seeks for Xiao Qian, this time he must enter that mysterious secret room, Xing Jue knew that his own strength is insufficient, but Xiao Qian Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, was a great protection, therefore in this exploration Xing Jue naturally must take Xiao Qian.

    At the outskirts of the death Mountain, Xing Jue lazily lie down at the hill peak, and here is the place where he had agreed to meet with Xiao Qian.

    It’s already half an hour from Xing Jue crushed that Communication Talisman, Xing Jue already knew, even if Xiao Qian had Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, at At least it takes an hour to get here, so Xing Jue lazily lie down on the hill, blowing breeze, enjoys a rare easy and comfortable life.

    Suddenly Xing Jue discovered, the space in front of him start to moved, then within Xing Jue astonish sight, an enchanting woman wear a black dress, walked out from that space, and when she saw Xing Jue, that beautiful woman, actually make a charming smiled, arrived in front of Xing Jue body, and respectfully said: “Xiao Qian, meet the master.”

    Xing Jue was shocked by the way Xiao Qian sudden arrived, and after a while, surprised said: “Xiao Qian, did you enter Martial God level?”

    “Master, a hundred years ago Xiao Qian already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, after a hundred years accumulated, naturally can break through to Martial God level.” as if realized Xing Jue suspicions, Xiao Qian smiled and said.

    “Ha Ha, very good.” Xing Jue suddenly stood up, excitedly said. Martial Sovereign, Martial God, the gap between these two, although only one level apart, but the gap is very large, do not say battle effectiveness, said that Martial God can utilize the strength of space, was more frightening than Martial Sovereign unknowingly how much.

    And now Xiao Qian actually reached Martial God level, then this time when he enter that mysterious secret room, Xing Jue even more sure.

    After told the purpose of this trip, Xiao Qian face also excitedly smiled.

    Important to know that “Soul Devouring” to Soul Devouring clansman was a powerful help, in other words, the reason why Soul Devouring Clan was so formidable, on the one hand depend on soul power that exceed ordinary person, and on the other hand was depended with this Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    And as long as Xing Jue found this Soul Devouring Secret Art, then Xing Jue strength will rapidly growth, and as long as Xing Jue is formidable, then Soul Devouring Clan will have hope.

    “Xiao Qian, since you already reached Martial God realm, then you immediately carry me via space to move away.” Xing Jue came to Qian side and laughing said.

    “Master, although Xiao Qian can used the power of space, but only executed for a short period of time space walked, and the consumption also enormous, if it not for emergency, should better not use space walked, besides to carry people and do space walk, cannot be achieve by Xiao Qian present strength, to carry people and do space walk, at least War King rank can do it.” After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian awkwardly replied.

    “What? War King!” At first Xing Jue believed, as long as he reached Martial God boundary then he can use the power of space at will, but when he heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue realized, it turned out Martial God can used the power of space, but in order to skillfully used it, must reached War King level.

    War King, what level is that? Between martial and war, although only missed a word, but the level difference were thousands of miles, in other words, the War King level, was considered the peak powerhouse in this mainland, first of all he can utilize his Battle Qi, and also can soar in the sky, that battle efficiency also more formidable than Martial God didn’t know how many times.

    And the most shocking thing for Xing Jue was when his master “Old Feng” able to used space and carried him, so in other words his master, at least at War King level.

    Oh my God, War King, what does that mean? It represents this Imperial Wind Empire top existence, he actually had such a strong master, how can Xing Jue not be happy.

    After heard Xiao Qian explanation, Xing Jue more understand that power of space, and his mood also became more cheerful, after all his own master was so strong, according to this his background, not worse than Li Xiaohan.

    In the future even if wanted to propose marriage Li Xiaodong, to that abnormal grandfather, Xing Jue also more confident, after all they also considered appropriated match.

    Therefore Xing Jue was feel cheerful, with Xiao Qian outstanding strength, a maid who always obey his words, stepped into that unknown, journey of mysterious secret room.

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    Book 4 Chapter 46 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Strange Secret Room

    At the west of Imperial Wind Empire, there is a mountain, inside this mountain there was continuously range of hills, the peaks unusually sticking out. It should be the best place for Demon Beast to live, but in this mountain, let alone Demon Beast, even an insect, could not be seen. In other words, this mountain only can be said as, does not have any slight vitality, incredibly strange, yet dozens of years ago here was Soul Devouring Religion base.

    “Strange, why it could not be found, according to Bai Yunfei said, it should be around here.” Xing Jue stands on the mountain, rather at a cliff, looking at the current turbulent river, murmured said.

    Xing Jue searched according to the route Bai Yunfei said, but after searched for half a day, didn’t discover even the shadow of that secret room.

    “Master, if that Bai Yunfei said was true, there must be a life form in that secret room, master might use soul power to feel it, as long as you can seek the life form position, then we can seek found the secret room position.” After a long time fruitless searched, Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side and slowly said.

    “That secret room built in the underground, it difficult to use Soul Power to penetrate.” Xing Jue bitterly smiled and said.

    But after heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian charmingly smiled, and immediately said: “It seems that master had not discovered your extraordinary soul. Indeed an ordinary people’s Soul Power was tough to penetrate the underground, but master you actually can.”

    “Oh? Then what should I do?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue quickly asked. He also tried to use the Soul Power to search for that secret room position but in fact his Soul Power unable to penetrate the surface within.

    “Master, do not directly spread out your soul power, first accumulate it inside your body, wait until you accumulate it to a certain extent, then instantly spread out your Soul Power.”

    “The impact of the soul power will increase a lot, and you can also search to the deepest underground.” Xiao Qian careful explain to Xing Jue, naturally as Soul Devouring Clan maidservant, regarding the use of soul of Soul Devouring Clan person, she extremely understood.

    After heard Xiao Qian explanation, Xing Jue started to followed according to Xiao Qian said. Honestly as Xiao Qian said, Xing Jue accumulated his Soul Power within his body, along with accumulated Soul Power which becomes more and more stronger, and finally burst out from inside his body, at this time Xing Jue formidable Soul Power spread out. Together with Xing Jue as the center the tremendous Soul Power extremely fast spread out.

    After Xing Jue had withdrawn his formidable Soul Power, he opened his closed eyes, smiled and said: “Found it, over there.”

    After going through the searched, Xing Jue figured out that miles away, there is a life form, therefore Xing Jue and Xiao Qian, quickly looked toward that direction.

    “Master, here” After search for a moment, Xiao Qian finally found a dark hole toward the secret room, excitedly said.

    Actually, after a long time, the entrance toward that secret room, had been covered by a large number of fallen leaves, if not because Xing Jue determined of this position, it was hard to find.

    Xiao Qian sleeve gently waved, that leaves that completely covered the secret room, instantly blown away clean.

    “Indeed this secret room somewhat strange.” Looked at the secret room entrance, Xing Jue somewhat uneasy said.

    The secret room entrance not large, it’s just that on that particular rock, engraved with a lot of strange bloody patterns that make people feel creepy. Besides above that large pattern covered with black trace, although after years of erosion, this trace already becomes dull with time, Xing Jue relying upon his formidable Soul Power, can feel these black marks were bloodstain.

    “Master, just now you used Soul Power to investigated, did you discover the quantity and the strength of that life form?” Xiao Qian also feels the danger of this secret room. Therefore Xing Jue asked.

    “No, I don’t know why, I can only vaguely feel that life form existence, but I can’t focus it with my Soul Power.” Xing Jue helplessly replied.

    Indeed a moment ago he used his Soul Power to spread it toward the underground, he also really feel the existence of life form, but it seems that life form affected his exploration, and can’t accurately focus the position of that life form.

    “Master, you follow me behind, and don’t leave me, no matter what that life form is, can live for a long time in this secret room and not dead, fully explained that it is not simple.” After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian also feel this secret room strange, and cautiously said. Then she waved her right hand, an amulet fully engraved with white symbol floated, slowly drifting toward the secret room.

    “Open” With Xiao Qian lightly shouted, that white magical amulet sent out dazzling rays of light, this dark secret room shine like daytime.

    “Wow! Xiao Qian what a good trick, to have this kind of treasure.” At first, to face this dark secret room, Xing Jue wanted to make two torches but didn’t think that Xiao Qian had this grade talisman. This talisman bright level simply more formidable than the torch many times.

    “Master, this magical amulet is called “Light Talisman”, it gathered sunlight, however because of limited sunlight to be stored. Therefore the light in this in this light talisman will slowly consume, and can’t be used for a long time.” Xiao Qian smiled and said.

    During the talked her right hand moved, and ten “Light Talisman” appeared in her hand, immediately pass it to Xing Jue said: “When use, as long as you pour your Soul Power into this light talisman, it will float according to your thought.”

    “Good stuff.” Xing Jue quickly put this ten “Light Talisman” in Storage Bracelet, besides this treasure in the future, are necessary to explore the secret room treasure.

    After received the light talisman, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian two people then carefully walked toward inside following the passage.

    After half an hour walked inside this complicated passage, a spacious main hall appeared in this two people sight, looked at the main hall in front of him, even the blood-thirsty Xiao Qian, was surprised.

    Saw thousand square meters main hall, that entirely covered with a large area of bloodstain, although dozens of years already pass, but the stench still strong. But the most bizarre thing was, obviously there fierce battle at this main hall, but there were no least bit dead body remains.

    After walked into the main hall, Xing Jue discovered that this main hall unexpectedly dead end, except the passage they just entered, unexpectedly no other road.

    “Certainly there was life form beneath the secret passage.” After looked up and down a few times, Xing Jue definite said.

    Although it was very vague, but with a powerful soul force, Xing Jue really can feel there was an existence of life form outside this main hall. Therefore he and Xiao Qian started to carefully search.

    Suddenly, a yellow book appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes, Xing Jue quickly walked and picked up the book. After wiped the dust on it surface, “Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation” four large words appeared.

    It turned out this book was Cultivation Technique that Bai Yunfei picked in the past “Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation”.

    “Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation, Earth Rank Beginner Level Cultivation Technique, if it was successfully cultivates not only can save a strong power within the body, it also can increase their own attack power, almost invincible if battle with the same level person.” Opened the first page Heaven Evil Cultivation Technique, Xing Jue slowly read.

    “Master, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation was based on Soul Devouring Secret Art practice method, it seems Soul Devouring Secret Art indeed was taken away by that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Xiao Qian came at Xing Jue side, after roughly looked at the Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation practice method, said in soft voice.

    “Indeed.” After hearing Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also said with a smile, his face more glimmers with hope.

    Actually Xing Jue already guessing that Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation evolved base on Soul Devouring Secret Art, because Xing Jue heard Xiao Qian saying that although Soul Devouring Secret Art is very difficult to deal with, but only the people of Soul Devouring Clan can practice, therefore if ordinary people want to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, only if some of this methods were modified. Besides obviously Soul Devouring Religion name also plagiarism from Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    “That Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple can be considered talented, unexpectedly, he can modify my Soul Devouring Clan Cultivation Technique to this degree, but it was a pity according to his method of practice sooner or later the soul will be swallowed, and finally become devil.” After carefully read this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation Technique, Xiao Qian praised and said.

    Xing Jue lightly smiled, once again he carefully looked for switch to the secret passage, no matter how, this Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation also reflected from that “Soul Devouring Secret Art” great strength, therefore Xing Jue must quickly found that Soul Devouring Secret Art, although only a trace of hope, but Xing Jue must try his luck.

    After searched of this majority main hall, suddenly a palm-shaped bloodstain, brought into Xing Jue attention.

    Xing Jue approached and observed it, he discovered that this palm mark rock was independent, this is indeed a switch, immediately excited said to Xiao Qian “Xiao Qian, here.”

    After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian quickly walks toward Xing Jue. But didn’t wait for Xiao Qian to come over, Xing Jue eagerly press the hand down.

    “No!” Xiao Qian quickly put a stop, but it was too late.

    Listened to crash loud sound, the main hall surfaced unexpectedly fell into Xing Jue and Xiao Qian.

    “Xiao Qian? Xiao Qian?” Xing Jue rubbed his faint head and loudly shouted toward darkness in front of him, but after a long time, he still didn’t receive any response from Xiao Qian.

    “Open” Xing Jue lightly shouted, turn on the “Light Talisman”, under the Light Talisman shine, Xing Jue discovered that he was in a secret passage, it turns out there were innumerable secret passages under that main hall, while Xing Jue and Xiao Qian were fallen into different secret passages.

    “Yeah… This is miserable” Looked at that deep secret passage, Xing Jue said with a sigh.

    However now he can’t get in touch with Xiao Qian, this secret passage unable to climb up, Xing Jue only can walk deeper toward this secret passage.

    “Rumble, rumble, rumble.” Suddenly a strange sound that came from the depth of the secret passage getting closer and caused Xing Jue trembles with fear.

    And at this moment Xing Jue heart jump faster, it seems that he run into that mysterious life form.

    Xing Jue gaze fixed into that secret passage, and gradually two blood red eyes flash in that dark deeper secret passage.

    Looked at that pair of blood eyes, Xing Jue suddenly surprised, because Xing Jue can determine, that is not human eyes.

  • Devil eyes? Some sort of animal or monster? Or maybe soul devouring cultivators get some sort of special eyes or mutation because of special lineage
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