War God Asura (修罗战神) By Kindhearted Bee

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Prequel for Martial God Asura

Book 1 Chapter 1 [Rebirth Of Talent]

Abandoned Talent

In the Sky Martial Continent, everybody practices the Martial Path. Naturally, every high-level "Martial Master" is highly respected. Many people want to become a Martial Artist and begin to practice hard since an early age.

But God creates people differently. Not everyone has a gift in martial art and of those who do, don’t necessarily have the qualifications to become a Martial Master. Without the “Qi sea” even if one makes a lot of efforts, the realm Martial Master can only be achieved in dreams.

Qi Sea is an innate ability and cannot be acquired by practice. Usually, a Qi Sea will be formed when a person reaches 12 to 15 years of age, but even then it would only form within one person out of hundred. For this reason, many Martial Path aristocratic clans, in order to prevent the decline of the Clan, seek children who have the potential to be trained in a martial way. The child gains the title of "new blood". In the city of Yunzhong, there was one such Martial Path aristocratic Clan.

In the Clan’s practice field a group of youths had gathered. They were the New Bloods of the Clan. A young man clad in white stood with confidence surging through him making him the center of attention on the stage of clan’s competition grounds, while a black clothe youth bent down to a squat, was gasping for air unceasingly, with a line of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Xing Jue, just give up! You are no match for me,” said the boy clad in white. He crossed his arms with a face full of ridicule towards his opponent.

“I am not even finished fighting you, how do you know that?” After hearing the words of the boy in white, he lifted his head slowly, stiffly wiping the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and glared at his opponent, clearly refusing to give up.

 “Oh? If that’s the case, then today I will show you how massive the gap between us is!” The sneer on the white clothed boy disappeared. He then slowly walked toward the other boy. In his right fist, a layer of light started thickening rapidly.

"Well, that’s exactly what I want." Seeing his opponent coming forward, the black clothed boy shouted loudly, stood up, and with great speed lunged towards him.

The white clothed boy did not make any effort to dodge. As Xing Jue approached him, the corner of his lips curled into a sneer. He shot out his fist, which with the power of his invisible Qi hit Xing Jue’s body hard.


Instantly blood spurted from Xing Jue’s mouth. His body felt like a kite with broken string, sailing up high, only to fall down hard on the tyrannical ground.

Xing Jue collapsed, grasping his chest. Mumbling, he asked with all his strength, “Is.. is this the strength of Qi?”

“Would you now admit the disparity between us? You are merely a trash,” jeered the white clothed boy. His look of ridicule had already returned to his face.

Hearing that, Xing Jue’s clenched his fists, his fingers pinch his palm. His heart itself was unwilling to speak for himself.

“You and I... The difference is too far.” After some silent moment, the black-clothed youth suddenly shouts to clear the way, both his feet moved suddenly, then once more he moved toward the white clothed youth, but this time faster than the previous.

“Overconfident fool.” Facing his opponent, the face of the white-clothed youth suddenly burst with anger. He held up his right fist slowly which was quickly surrounded with more formidable, invisible Qi once more.

“Xing Jue, that’s enough!” It was a faint sound, but after hearing the command, both of the fighters stopped abruptly. Looking down the field a burly man standing two meters tall, with ripped muscles clearly visible even under his coat stood. He was their teacher, an Advanced Rank Martial Master, responsible for training the New Bloods.

“Teacher..” Whispered Xing Jue, looking at the man. His jet black pupils unexpectedly flooded with tears uncontrollably.

“Xing Jue, I know that you will not accept it, but this is the custom of our Clan. Today I let you and Xing Feng compete as an exception. I think now you know the difference between you and Xing Feng?” The burly man spoke coldly. He looked at Xing Jue without any trace of emotion. Hearing his teacher’s words, the black clothed youth lowered his head, and for a very long time did not utter a single word.

“The gap between Martial Artist and Martial Master cannot be surmounted. Since a Martial Master can control Qi, any attack from a Martial Artist is almost invalid.”

“Yeah, but even if you cannot become Martial Master, the Clan will not actually abandon you.  Starting today you will be assigned to an industrial part of the Clan. Do your work.” Seeing Xing Jue being silent, teacher turned around, speaking to the youth seriously. “Take it as another way to support the Clan potency. This is the best way to repay the Clan after many years of us training you.” 

Upon hearing the teacher’s words, Xing Jue walked out of the training ground under the arrangement of a male servant.  Qi Sea had not formed within his body. Youths like him were called “trash blood”, and they would not be entrusted with important responsibilities regarding their clans, but were assigned to various industries. When a house slave or a worker displays a good performance, they could only be a young house manager, and today was the day that they were to be transferred.

Looking at the people who were gradually dispersing from around them, the black clothed youth slowly stepped down the competition stage. After giving one last look to his teacher, he then reluctantly left the training ground under a servant's lead.

“Hey.. Xing Jue…” But by the time the teacher looked to his back, the black clothed youth had disappeared. The teacher sighed and suddenly a touch of regret appears on his face.

Xing Jue, 15 years old an Advanced Rank Martial Artist. He was originally the best talent in his Clan’s batch of New Bloods. Nobody would have expected that even when he reached 15 years of age, Qi Sea would still have not formed within his body. Although Xing Jue had superb talent, being unable to utilize Qi deemed him unable to become Martial Master. Therefore even he can’t escape the destiny which was the banishment from Xing Clan. From now on he was merely a house slave.

Xing Jue was sitting in the carriage, looking at the familiar scene constantly passing by out of the window. His heart was filled with remorse. From a homeless youth, he became one of the candidates of New Bloods. He had come with far more talent than anyone else, becoming the strongest among New Bloods, and had tasted a life full of pride.

Then he remembered the day of Qi Sea condensation when he couldn’t successfully condense his Qi Sea. His eyes were fixed at the weakling beside him who had suddenly exceeded him simply due to presence of “Qi Sea”. He remembered how his heart became extremely anxious. He has desperately practiced, but still Qi Sea still didn’t condense in his body.  This talented boy had ended up as a trash blood.

“Xing Jue, teacher is actually being kind to you. You obtained an assignment as a manager right away.” The old servant tried to comfort him. He noticed that Xing Jue had been silent for a very long time with sullen expression fill up his face.

The old man beside was Xing Jue’s personal servant. Everybody called him Old Zhang. He was also Preliminary Rank Martial Artist. Since Xing Jue was elected by  Xing Clan as new blood, Old Zhang had been the one who had always taken care of him. As Old Zhang had seen Xing Jue grow up, he naturally cared him very much.

“Old Zhang, rest assured. I’m all right.” Hearing his Old Zhang’s words, Xing Jue could understand Old Zhang’s reasons to frown. Regarding Old Zhang, he already treated him as one of the Clan members. Therefore he naturally didn’t want him to worry. Although his heart was still quite sore, Xing Jue managed to squeeze out a smiling face for Old Zhang.


 However, Zhang could see through the fake smile that Xing Jue had put up. Therefore he simply sighed. His heart was instantly filled with unspeakable grief.

Within half an hour, they were already out of the Clan’s training ground. After they go out of the Yunzhong City gate, they directly rushed toward the west.

As the horse carriage sped down the road, a pair of creeping motions suddenly appeared. Immediately two old men could be seen, just like ghosts and demons appearing above the main road.

“This Xing Jue is very talented, yet he is unable to form Qi Sea. This is indeed a strange event,” Whispered one of the old man who was wearing an ash-gray gown. He looked at the carriage that carried Xing Jue going farther and farther away.

“If he could condense Qi Sea, added with excellent training, then he would be on par even with your Xiao Han,” says the other old man in a white robe, caressing his snow-colored fair beard.

“Unfortunately, he can’t.” The grey-gowned old man shook his head. When the white-robed old man mentioned Xiao Han, a confident smile appeared on his face.

“But that is not necessarily the case.” The grey-gowned old man denied his own words.

The white-robed old man suddenly turned his hand, and a white object as big as a pearl appeared in his palm. It was oval with a clear brilliance revolving in it, making it look dazzlingly beautiful.

“Do you want to help the kid with it? How does an old man like you who does not like accepting disciple, now gets tempted by this kid?” asked the grey-gowned old man, clearly startled by the sudden appearance of a Beast Soul in the other old man’s hand.

The white-robed old man quickly replied, “I am not accepting a disciple, but this Beast Soul in my hand is useless, I am willing to give it to anyone in need.” He looked at the disappearing silhouette of the horse carriage at the horizon and then vanished.

“You old bastard,” said the grey robe old man with a smile, shaking his head. Almost immediately his body also vanished. The two people disappeared as if they were never there in the first place.



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    Book 1 Chapter 2 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Mysterious Old Man

    30 miles away from Yunzhong City there was a small town through which many people passed by. All thanks to its “strategic location”. It had stores that were set up by numerous respected Clans of the region, including a tavern owned by the Xing Clan. Behind the tavern, there was a hilltop upon which, a youth had been lying in a thick scrap of grass. His eyes were closed. He was enjoying the subtle wind that was dancing about, making the blade of grass in his mouth sway.

    “Xing Jue, I’m done tidying up the mountain hut,”  an old man told the youth.

    “I know, Old Zhang. I just want some peace of mind, will you please leave me alone?” replied the youth blatantly while slowly opening his eyes. The old man sighed, turned around and walked away.

    Xing Jue had left Yunzhong City not long ago. He was staring at the reddened clouds, with an unspoken bitterness filled in his heart.

     “Do I really want to live like this?” Looking at the sunset, Xing Jue muttered to himself. Once upon a time, he had dreams, which he would become one of the elites in his clan. He had suffered from bullying during his time on the streets. He knew that only the strong could be respected. He had his hopes risen when he joined the Xing clan.

    He had started to feel that his dream could become a reality. Relying on his superior talent, he became Preliminary Rank Martial Artist at the age of 10. He was very proud and arrogant like all prodigies. He was indeed a dazzling diamond in his Clan.

    Sadly, no matter how high his talent was, Advanced Rank Martial Artist had been his limit. To become even stronger he had to become Martial Master. But to reach the realm of a Martial Master a person needs to have Martial Power within the body and to form Martial Power a person must have a Qi Sea. Xing Jue was already 15 years old, yet he had no idea what Qi Sea looked like.

    For this reason, he was unable to make any progress. The star of the Clan, the arrogant diamond, had now been reduced to the lowly status of a trash blood.

    “God!  Why are you such a jerk?” he cursed, staring at the blood red sky.

     “Ah, which clan is this child from? Why is he such a jerk?” a mocking voice suddenly sounds behind Xing Jue.

    “Who are you?” When Xing Jue turned around, he found a white-haired old man standing right behind him. The old man was wearing a white Taoist robe and had been smiling at him. He seemed like an ordinary old man, except for the fact that Xing Jue didn’t have the slightest feel of his presence before. One thing Xing Jue was sure about was that this man was anything but ordinary.

    “Who I am is not important at all. The important thing is that I can help you,” said the elderly man, sitting next to Xing Jue.

    “Help me? What a joke!” he sneered. He did feel a sense of peculiarity from the old man. If Xing Jue had not felt his coming presence, the old man should have been an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, at least by his knowledge. The offer for help had left him bewildered. He was a stranger, after all. He could not think of any reason why a stranger would want to help him. Xing Jue didn’t need any help, unless.. No, no, that’s not possible, he quickly dismissed the thought that had aroused a second ago. With that, Xing Jue shook his head, closed his eyes, and decided to ignore the weird old man.

    Since Xing Jue  paid him no regard, the old man went silent for a moment, then with a smile suddenly exclaimed, “What if I can help you form Qi Sea!?”

    “What? Qi Sea!” Right upon hearing the weird old man words, Xing Jue’s heart felt like struck by lightning. He abruptly turned around, and could not help but stare at the mysterious weird old man.

    “Yes, Qi Sea,” the old man affirmed with a smile.

    “Forget it. That sort of thing, it’s not possible, unless…” Xing Jue mumbled. Just having a strange old man who unexpectedly knew about his problem was shocking enough. Wait a minute, he paused. If the old man came from the Xing tavern, he may somehow find out about Xing Jue’s condition. But helping him to condensate Qi Sea? That’s utterly insane! Though, when he thought about it, he did listen to some people mentioning special Demon Beasts, possessing Beast Souls in their bodies. The Beast Soul had been said to enable humans to condense a Qi Sea. That thing aside, Demon Beasts were extremely rare and powerful existence. Ordinary Martial Masters would have found it difficult just to go near them, let alone kill them.

    “Unless you directly take Beast Soul, then have Qi medicinal pills as supplements?” The old man finishes Xing Jue’s doubtful sentence with a smile.

    “Don’t tell me you have it?” Xing Jue knows Beast Soul can help condense Qi Sea, but he had no idea that he also needed medicinal pills as supplements. However, it made sense. Xing Jue’s heart leaped up at the notion, although there was still some doubt lingering at the corner of his mind. The beast soul was an extremely precious item. It was already hard to believe that the old man had a Beast Soul. And if he did have one, why on earth would he offer it to him?

    “This Beast Soul comes from a hundred years Python, and the pill is a Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill. I wonder if these suit your taste?” says the old man. Meanwhile, he turned his palm around and there they were: a Beast Soul sparkling with brilliant light, and a pill that emitted a strong fragrance, sitting snuggly in his hand.

    Looking at the items in the old man’s hand, Xing Jue has almost spewed up a mouthful of blood. This event is too shocking for him. How can an old man, coming out of nowhere, having in possession of such great treasures? Xing Jue’s both eyes stare longingly and excitedly at the items.

    “What's wrong? Tempted? If you want it, you can have it,” says the old man, smiling at Xing Jue. 

    “But, why do you want to help me?” At this point, Xing Jue was completely convinced that the old man was not a commoner. Xing Jue didn’t know how much a Beast Soul could cost, but the price of a Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill must truly be unfathomable. A Yellow Rank high-grade Treasure Pill was already a priceless treasure in Yunzhong City.

    In Sky Martial Continent Treasure Pills are categorized into Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. Each of them consisted of three grades. Since it’s quite difficult to produce Treasure Pills, it was considered more precious than a Martial Skill.

    “Because I don’t want to harm you,” answers the old man with a faint smile on his face. Immediately after saying that, the Beast Soul and the Treasure Pill were thrown into Xing Jue’s hands.

    Xing Jue hurriedly caught the Beast Soul and Treasure Pill and carefully held them in his hands. Looking at such treasures in his own hands, Xing Jue’s heart skipped a beat. This is the most exciting moment in all his 15 years of life.

    “Many thanks, Senior!” After being drowned for some moment in his excitement, Xing Jue lifted his head wanting to look towards the old man, but he was nowhere to be found. Although Xing Jue looked everywhere on the grassy mountain top, he still couldn’t find the old man.  The old man was so mysterious. Xing Jue could not fathom how powerful he was.

    “The Beast Soul’s effect is very strong.  Even when you take Treasure Pill as supplement, the danger still exists, and at worst case, you might die. Although you have those treasures, the ability to form Qi Sea will still depend on your luck. I give you also the Cultivation Technique and Martial Skill. I hope that you will become a powerhouse in the future, helping the people of the Yunfeng Empire.”

    Xing Jue was left astounded. The voice of the old man could be heard in his mind, but he was unable to see the person who spoke those words. To be able to send a message through space, that weird old man must have been at least a “Martial Sovereign”.

    “Cultivation Technique and Martial Skill? Where are they?” In the midst of his shock, he still managed to remember what the old man said. He looked around himself and at the place where the old man sat, there were two books lying neatly on the soft patch of grass.

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    Book 1 Chapter 3 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    The Rebirth of Confidence

    Xing Jue was sitting on the mountain top with a dumbfounded expression. It felt incredibly unreal. If not for the Beast Soul and the high-grade Treasure Pill in his hands and the two books lying in front of him, Xing Jue would have thought that he was dreaming.

    “Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique, Defending Qi Burst.”

    “Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Piercing Wind Palm.”

    “My god, these are all great things!” he exclaimed, holding the two books in his hand.

    In the Sky Martial Continent, Cultivation Technique and Martial Skills were divided into ranks from lowest to highest i.e. yellow, black, earth and heaven. Each was then divided again into High, Middle, and Low ranks. A Clan that owned Yellow Rank Cultivation Technique and Martial Skill was already considered to be excellent, but the old man had casually given him a black rank Martial Skill and cultivation technique. The old man was just too mystifying.

    “Looks like I escaped the dead-end. Heaven is surely treating me well!” Xing Jue suddenly laughed to the sky, and confident look finally reappeared on his face.

    “ Danger?Even at the risk of death, it’s better than to live like this.”Xing Jue glanced at the Beast Soul and Treasure Pill in his hand. Without giving a second thought, he directly swallowed both together.

     “Ah… Wow! It’s hot. It’s hot!”

    However, as soon as they entered his stomach, Xing Jue felt a violent burning sensation in his lower abdomen area. It felt as if he had just swallowed a blazing fireball.


    The searing pain was getting more and more intense. Xing Jue rolled on the grass because of the excruciating agony. His white skin took a dark red shade. His clothes were soaked with sweat, and his body was constantly piping with heat. He finally understood what the old man meant by danger.

    After struggling for several moments, Xing Jue finally lost conscience. Hardly had he gone unconscious when a light cyan-colored gas started to ooze out of his body incessantly. The gas gathered up and finally turned into a light blue shield, completely covering him. Under the shield, Xing Jue’s crimson color gradually dissipated, and in the end, he returned to his original appearance.

    “Uh… Old Zhang..?” When Xing Jue opened both of his eyes, he was looking right into Old Zhang’s anxious face. He quickly sat up, and after some time he discovered that he was already in his hut.

    “Hey, what’s going on with you? I found you lying down on the ground motionless. You scared me to death! Had you not woken up, I might have already been running to look for the doctor.” 

    “Heh-heh, I was just tired, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Ah… I think I’m still a little sleepy. I must go back to sleep,” Xing Jue had a lazy tone, and it was overlaid with a yawn to sound convincing.

    “Ha Ha, you little sleepy head! Fine, just take a nap for a while and wait until dinner time. I will call you again.”

    “Hmm… Okay!”

    Seeing that Old Zhang had already left, Xing Jue jumped from the bed, laughing excitedly.

    “Ha Ha, is this Qi Sea? Ha Ha, I have a Qi Sea within my body at last! I can finally break the Martial Artist limit and become true Martial Master! Ha Ha Ha!” 

    His dream had become a reality.

    After making sure that he could feel the Qi Sea one more time, Xing Jue impatiently started to cultivate the Qi. He sat on the bed with both hands making a seal, and soon a steady stream of faint yellow gas started to emerge from Xing Jue's body continuously.

    After a full 2-hour practice, Xing Jue opened both his eyes slowly and muttered to himself excitedly.

    “This Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique is outstanding!”

     Xing Jue had already practiced Cultivation Technique when he was still in the Xing Clan. At that time he didn’t have Qi Sea. Thus the “Qi” couldn’t be absorbed and stored up in his body. It could somewhat give physical strength to his body, but this Cultivation Technique that he just learned, the “Defending Qi Burst” was beyond compare to what he learned in the Clan.

    “By this rate, in about a year I can transform the Qi Sea into cyclone Qi and become a Martial Master!” says Xing Jue, once again savoring the feeling of Qi in his body.

    The Qi Sea can store up martial power. After martial power has been stored to a certain degree, Qi Sea will then develop, transforming from a vessel into an entity. At that point, Xing Jue would be able to attack and defend with far stronger power compared to ordinary people. Ordinary swords will be unable to injure Xing Jue.  The power of Martial Master was one which that no ordinary people can reach.

    After the excitement, Xing Jue left the room. The sun had already set. Gazing at the stars, Xing Jue remembered a wisp of memory.

    “Snort... Xing Feng, do you think you can step on me forever? You’ve made a mistake, you know? In the past I could kick your ass, making you gasp for breath, I can still do it now!” whispered Xing Jue, turning his head toward Yunzhong City direction. He clenched his fists until it made crackling noises.

    Xing Feng had been the reason Xing Jue was sent to this hellhole. Initially, he was selected into one of the Clan’s new blood together with Xing Jue. His talent is also extremely good, but in the past under Xing Jue’s superior talent, it had appeared to be very mediocre. However,  Xing Feng had grown a Qi Sea three years ago. Six months ago he had become a Preliminary Rank Martial Master, and now he had also become the Clan’s new blood.

    “Rumble, rumble,” protested Xing Jue’s stomach.

    “ I am hungry, It’s late already, why Old Zhang hasn’t called me for dinner yet?”

    “Did he forget about me?.....Impossible!  Fine, I will go down by myself.” 

    And thus Xing Jue walked with both hands behind his head, humming the tune of his favorite song. His face was beaming with a confident smile. Following the mountain path, he slowly walked towards the  Xing tavern.

    At the mean time in the tavern, a scene had occurred happening between a lewd guy and a pretty girl.


    “Damn, old bastard, you dare to stand against our young master?”

    “I think you don’t want to live anymore..”

    Two tall, robust men are shouting wildly. Between them there is a well-dressed middle-aged man, waving a folding fan. He had an evil smile on his face. A young girl was hiding behind Old Zhang, trembling.

    Under their feet, a jar of wine had been crushed into pieces.

    “Old Zhang, do not meddle with this matter! He is a young lord of this town. Even our shop’s Preliminary Rank Martial Artist doesn’t dare to stand up against him,” advised a waiter.

    “Heng, Little Hong is one of our tavern girls. They dared to harass Little Hong sexually, how come we don’t need to interfere?” Old Zhang coldly replied to the waiter.

    “Old bastard, you have a death wish!” threatened the two men unsheathing their broadsword. They looked toward Old Zhang in revulsion, knowing that the old man was determined to stand against their young master.

    “Putong, ouch!”

    In a just a breath. The two men who made threatening gestures seconds ago were suddenly lying half dead on the floor. They covered their belly and wailed in pain.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang! Not bad, a Preliminary Rank Martial Artist. You are indeed worthy to be of the Xing Clan,” sneered the young master. He clapped while giving old Zhang a sinister smile.

    It was Old Zhang who did it. He grew up in the Clan since childhood. Although his status had only been a house slave, but he still had the skill of a Preliminary Rank Martial Artist. Even though the two guys had pretty good skill, they were still no match for Old Zhang.

    “Wow, amazing!” murmured all the waiters after hearing the young lord words. They looked at each others’ faces. “Preliminary Rank Martial Artist, isn't that equal to the young lord? Maybe everything can be better today.”

    “Leave now, and I shall let bygones be bygones,” 

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,” the man got up from his seat.

    “You’re just a Preliminary Rank Martial Artist. You can show off in front of them, but how dare you do that in front of me? Try handling this,” just as he said the words, his body moved ferociously. His hand reached out like the claw of an eagle. He advanced towards Old Zhang full of killing intent.

    “An Intermediate Rank Martial Artist…” muttered Old Zhang, realizing the level of his opponent. His calm face had now filled with anxiety. As the eagle claw rushed to face, Old Zhang stayed put. He remained in front of the young girl.

    Preliminary Rank and Intermediate Rank is only one level different. It is not hard for Old Zhang to evade the attack, but he was worried that the young girl would not able to dodge the attack.

    “Intermediate Rank Martial Artist? This fellow is an Intermediate Rank Martial Artist?” whispers had filled the tavern. The waiters were all shocked. Being too afraid of witnessing something terrible, some had already closed their eyes.  Although the tavern belonged to the Xing Clan, it was situated quite far away from the Clan. Since there was no direct supervision, the tavern did sometimes receive threats from all sorts of hoodlums. The notion of having Old Zhang gave them hope, that things could finally change for the better. But it had never occurred to them that Old Zhang will have to meet this nasty man today. The situation was desperate for all the people in the tavern.


    “ Ackk! My hand!”

    The people are startled by a sudden scream. The young master was wailing in pain. There was a hole in his palm. Blood gushed out his hand. Leaving everyone stunned.

    “Lick that wine on the ground until it is clean. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave this place alive!” commanded the young boy. The voice came from outside the tavern. The people were all astounded as a black-clothed youth entered the tavern with a completely calm face.

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    Book 1 Chapter 4 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    A Year of Bitter Cultivation

    “Xing Jue..” whispers Old Zhang. His face had filled with excitement, watching the youth slowly enter the room. He knew how strong Xing Jue was, an Advanced Rank Martial Artist. It may not mean anything in the Clan, but here in this small town, it was among the highest rank. Since Xing Jue was here, Old Zhang thought that the day’s matter could be solved easily.

    “Damn it brat! Was it you who attacked me?”

    “Old Zhang, are you all right?” Completely ignoring the question, Xing Jue asked Old Zhang. He goes straight to the Zhang’s, his face full of concern.

    “He he, good thing you came, otherwise I would have…”

     Zhang let out a grateful smile, clearly happy that the youth cared about him. A moment later, Xing Jue fixated his eyes at the young lord.

    “Damn you! I’m talking to you!” shouts the young lord. Although his hand seriously injured, he still couldn’t believe that a brat like him had managed to deliver such blow to him.

    “You shut up!” 

     A pair of eyes filled with killing intent were staring directly at the young lord.

    “Er.. You.. You.. What do you want to do?” whimpers the young lord. Like a burst bubble, he lost his wit instantly. The young lord had abused his influence in this small town for many years. He had met many so-called Martial Arts experts, but no one could have compared his killing intent to this boy.

    “Eh..?” murmurs arose among the tavern people. All the waiters were amazed at how unexpectedly the young lord had changed his attitude. The young girl behind Old Zhang was looking at Xing Jue with admiration.

    “Lick the wine on the ground,” Xing Jue said coldly.

    “What? You..”

    Upon hearing Xing Jue’s words, the young lord’s face turned purple. Telling him to lick the wine on the ground? He thought to himself.” If this matter spreads out, how will I keep my face in this town? Isn’t it the same as a death wish already……..”


    Even before the young lord was done thinking, Xing Jue was already right in front of him. The moment the young lord realized Xing Jue’s presence, he felt a heavy fist pounding on his left cheek.


    The young lord spat blood from his mouth. Three of his front teeth fell off.

    “You..! I’ll kill you!” He roared.

     He quickly tried to get back up on his feet, desperately wanting to see Xing Jue to the grave.


    Just as he stood up, Xing Jue delivered another blow. The young lord looked just like a loose arrow flying unaimed. His body moved erratically hitting the tavern’s tables and chairs along the way to be smashed into the wall. He dropped to the floor with a thump, he lied motionless on the ground, unconscious.

    “Wow..” murmurs arise again among the waiters. They wondered how Xing Jue could finish the young lord in only two moves. They almost forgot that the young lord was, in fact, an Intermediate Rank Martial Artist because he couldn’t do anything against Xing Jue.  What kind of strength did this boy have? Could it be that he was a legendary “Martial Master.”

    With the young lord unconscious, Xing Jue murderous aura had now aimed towards the two robust men.

    “Young Master! We were wrong, we were wrong!”  They fall to their knees and continuously kowtowed, hoping to be spared.

    “Get lost!” 

     The two robust men hurriedly got up and tried to run as far away as they could from the tavern.

    “Wait, carry that trash with you,” Xing Jue suddenly says with a cold voice.

    “Yes, Sir, of course, Sir,” replied the men with furious nodding and trembling. They were so afraid they broke out a cold sweat. Worrying that Xing Jue may change his mind, they quickly lifted the young lord and left the tavern.

    The tavern had become awkwardly silent. The people in the tavern had developed a fear of this extraordinary youth.

    “Hey, Old Zhang, it’s time to eat. I’m starving,” said Xing Jue with a beaming smile to Old Zhang. The crowd was looking at him silently for quite some time. His sudden smile broke the awkwardness,  the angry youth from before had changed into an entirely different person.

    “Ha Ha, all right, serve the food,” Old Zhang replied, also with a smile. While eating, Old Zhang introduced  Xing Jue to everyone. When they heard that he hailed from the Xing Clan and was once the highlight of the Clan, not only that shy girl named Little Hong but also all waiters kept Xing Jue at a high regard.

    “Old Zhang, I want to practice quietly in the mountain for a while,” said Xing Jue after finishing his dinner. He was struggling with a piece of meat between the gap of his teeth.

    “Practice?” asked Old Zhang, surprised. Xing Jue was already an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, there is no use to practice because he could not improve any further, unless.. Xing Jue had developed a Qi Sea? Old Zhang quickly dismissed his train of thought. If Xing Jue had developed Qi Sea, he wouldn’t have ended up here.

    “That’s right, practice,” replied Xing Jue, trying to convince his old caretaker.

    “Well, from now on I will block the mountain side. Nobody will disturb you. Go practice well,”

     He saw a different Xing Jue now, one who was more cheerful, not the lazy, hopeless one from before. No matter what happened, as long as he could help, Old Zhang will help this Xing Jue.


    Xing Jue put a triangle transparent card with a unique talisman seal onto Old Zhang’s hand. “This is a Communication Talisman. If anyone dares to cause you trouble again, you can contact me using it. I will descend from the mountain to help as soon as possible. ”

    “Alright,” Old Zhang replied happily.

    Xing Jue trekked back to the mountain right after dinner. It was already late at night, but Xing Jue did not have any intention to rest. He took out the martial skill book “Biting Wind Palm” then started to practice, following every step in the book. His goal had become clear now. He must reach Advanced Rank Martial Master within a year.

    It was not an easy goal to reach, so he had to use every chance he got to cultivate and become stronger. In a world where the strong rule the weak, being strong would earn him respect and enable him to protect those important to him.

    But that was not it….

     He wanted to be the strongest in the whole continent. Although at this moment, being the strongest was still a fuzzy concept in his head.

    After all, the continent had countless strong people. What Xing Jue could do now was just to cultivate over and over bitterly. Only after pain, one will reap the rewards. This was what Xing Jue had believed. For the past 15 years, he was taught to think this way, and he still thought the same way now.

    This is why, when the world fell asleep, a 15-year-old youth still meticulously trained under a sky full of stars.

    Soon, a year would fly past him.

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    Book 1 Chapter 5 [Rebirth Of A Genius]


    Time flies. 

    One year has passed.


    Book 1 Chapter 5 [Rebirth Of A Genius]


    Time flies. 

    One year has passed.

    Atop the mountain where Xing Jue’s living quarters (hut) were, there was an iron pillar, one and a half meter in diameter and standing at ten meters tall. The iron pillar was stuck into a massive rock on the mountain. It looked like a huge Ruyi stick, the mystical weapon of the legendary monkey king.

    However, there were bewildering things about this simple looking pillar. On this seemingly imperishable pillar, there were numerous fingerprints densely arranged. The shallowest one was merely one centimeter deep, but the deepest one reached several centimeters into the pillar. These prints belonged to none other than Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue was standing in front of the iron pillar, still wearing his somewhat ragged black attire that fluttered in the wind. He looked spirited, and some signs of manhood had replaced his child-like features, He lifted his right hand slowly and instantly a huge golden colored Qi was emitted and rapidly whirling between his fingers.

    Along with it, golden rays of light blasted from his hand. With an unceasing condensation of Qi, it kept on intensifying until it reached a dazzling yet terrifying state, leaking an intimidating aura.

    “Biting Wind Palm!” 

     The rays of light on his hand blew fiercely towards the iron pillar, exactly the same size as Xing Jue’s palm.


    The ray of light hit the pillar, penetrating into its center. The ground trembled slightly.


    There was now twenty cm deep handprint engraved on the pillar. A small crack formed in the middle. The crack started spreading all over the pillar’s surface.


    The pillar collapsed to the ground with a deafening noise, shattering into pieces.

    “Hahaha! I finally made it!” Xing Jue laughed excitedly looking at the pieces of the pillar on the ground. After one year of bitter cultivation, Xing Jue had mastered the Black Rank Elementary level Martial Skill “Biting Wind Palm”. His strength had reached Advanced Rank Martial Master, only one step below that of a “Martial Ancestor”. His cultivation speed had defied the heavens.

    If the elders and instructors of Xing Clan found out about his present achievements, they would certainly vomit blood from regret. For a young man with such cultivation talent, the future was limitless.

    His joyful moment didn't last for long. The Communication Talisman in his chest suddenly burns and disappeared.

    “S*it, was there an incident?”

    There were always two Communication Talismans in a set. They were used for emergency communication. Before he had climbed the mountain to practice, he had given one to Old Zhang. Now his Talisman had broken.

    With pounding chest, Xing Jue rushed towards the foot of the mountain. He ran faster than a mountain lion.

    At the same time at Xing Tavern, Old Zhang was frowning while walking back and forth in the room. His hands were behind his back, clasping a small golden colored invitation letter. The invitation had two large characters above the pamphlet.

    “Old Zhang, who sent the invitation? Why do you look so gloomy?” asked Little Hong curiously.

    “Hehe, Little Hong, do you know Yunzhong City’s “Three Clans Convention”?” replied Old Zhang with another question.

    “Three Clans Convention? Of course, I know it! It’s a grand meeting that was held once every three years, and it is jointly organized by the three Martial Path aristocratic families: Xing, Zhao, and Lu Clan. The convention will then choose the best of the three Clans’ “new blood” and have them compete against each other. The winner gets rich rewards from the three clans, and he can temporarily rule over Yunzhong City for three years,” Little Hong seriously answered. For an event with such scale, even a little girl like her knew it.

    “Well said!” That was correct and very detailed.” Old Zhang gave the invitation to Little Hong.

    “And this was the Three Clans Convention Invitation.”

    “What? Only aristocrats can receive such invitation. But then, if you get a precious honor like this, why are you unhappy?” Asks Little Hong. Only after she opened it, she realized.

    “They invited Elder Brother Xing Jue?”

    Old Zhang had told the tavern people about Xing Jue’s circumstances. How he was the most outstanding “new blood” but since he didn’t have Qi Sea, he was condemned to live as “trash blood”. Simply said, he had fallen from the sky to the ground.

    Now that Xing Jue received the invitation, naturally Old Zhang’s heart would suffer a blow.

    “That’s right. The invitation was for Xing Jue,” mumbled Old Zhang. There was sadness in his heart, contrary to how excited Little Hong was about the matter. Logically speaking, there was something fishy about the invitation. Xing Jue had already abandoned as a house slave. They certainly will not invite him to such extraordinary convention. Something was going on now, but Old Zhang couldn’t comprehend what it is.

    “Three Clans Convention? Of course, I have to go,” said a refreshing voice from outside the door, belonging to none other than Xing Jue himself.

    With Xing Jue’s capability now, his body organs and senses were stronger than those ordinary people. Therefore, while he was still far away from the tavern, Xing Jue already heard their talking, and he immediately understood that Old Zhang had worried that he would be beaten black and blue.

    But Old Zhang didn’t know how strong Xing Jue had become. Perhaps no “new blood” in Xing Clan could compare to him now. The convention was also an excellent opportunity to show off his strength. There was no way Xing Jue could miss it.

    Moreover, Xing Jue has a hunch on who sent the invitation. It might have been the white-clad Xing Feng that had defeated him a year ago. Xing Feng had always been in the shadow and burdened by Xing Jue’s presence. He hated Xing Jue to the bones and had shown no respect for him even when Xing Jue was announced as the most prominent “new blood” back then. He still felt insecure now, that he sent the invitation on purpose to clearly state the “big gap” between them.

    Xing Jue smirks. Soon Xing Feng would find out that sent him an invitation was a terrible mistake.

    “Xing Jue, are you sure you want to go?” asked Old Zhang, clearly worrying about him.

    “Xing Clan sent me an invitation. I’m a Xing. There was no reason not to go,” answered Xing Jue while entering the tavern, picking and chewing an apple from a table nearby. His eyes were filled with confidence.

    “It Seems nothing to be worried about.” Muttered Old Zhang. Seeing Xing Jue’s smile had dissolved his fear. This was the same Xing Jue, who arrogantly defied all the “new blood” in Xing Clan. This was the Xing Jue, who knew no fear. Old Zhang had placed all his trust to this Xing Jue.

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    Book 1 Chapter 6 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Three Clans Convention

    “What? You will leave this place?” asks Old Zhang, surprised. He and Xing Jue are now inside the hut on the mountain behind Xing Tavern.

    “Yes, I need to leave Yunzhong City. I want to temper myself,” answers Xing Jue, gazing toward  the distant place that is covered in darkness.

    “It is good. You do need to temper yourself, since currently at Sky Martial Continent there are plenty stronger people. After being far away from home just make sure you correct that stubborn temperament of yours,” says Old Zhang with a smile.

    After returning to the mountain, Xing Jue told Old Zhang about his strength, but he did not mention about the mysterious old man, after all the fewer people know the better.

    Old Zhang Lao is naturally pleased knowing that Xing Jue has reached the Advanced Rank Martial Master level. He looks proud. After all Old Zhang is the one looking after Xing Jue. In his heart, Xing Jue is like his own grandson. For the same reason, when Xing Jue was dispatched by Xing Clan, Old Zhang pleaded to the teacher to accompany Xing Jue, because he was worried about the boy.

    “Hey, hey, you don’t need to worry about me,” says Xing Jue with a confident wide smile to Old Zhang.

    “You little brat,” replies Old Zhang, helplessly shaking his head. He then laughs at how laid-back Xing Jue is, still carefree about what may happen in the big vast world.

    “By the way Old Zhang, it has been so many years for you taking care of me. Let me serve you today,” says Xing Jue. He goes behind Old Zhang, puts his hands on the elderly man shoulder and starts to massage him.

    If Old Zhang regards Xing Jue as his own grandson, Xing Jue also thinks of Old Zhang as his own grandfather. All these years he has seen how the old man takes care of him. Now that Xing Jue is going to leave, he worries the most for Old Zhang.

    That night Xing Jue and Old Zhang chat for a long time, until late at night Old Zhang falls to sleep.

    “Almost time to go,” whispers Xing Jue to himself. It is early morning, and the sky has a faint light in the east.

    He quickly turns to face sleeping Old Zhang, takes a deep bow and quietly leaves the place. When he has just left, Old Zhang gets up to the window and sees him off.

    “Be strong, my boy,” whispers Old Zhang. He smiles proudly.

    Yunzhong City is a Wind Empire medium city, and it is ruled by three Martial Path aristocratic clans. The clans hold convention once every three years to decide who gets the authority over the city for the next three years. It is the most important event in Yunzhong City.

    Today, is the day of the Three Clans convention begins.

    A lot of people gather in Yunzhong City. Not only the city’s residence, there are also many city's officials and nobles filling up every road. At the center of the city there is a giant sports arena called “The Martial Path Hall”. This is where the Three Clans Convention takes place.

    At the entrance of Martial Path Hall, ten huge men are standing neatly side by side. Each of them is an Advanced Rank Martial Artist. All of the high official and noblemen who are invited must have the golden invitation. After it is checked by the men, they can enter the main hall.

    Among the large number of people having invitations, a youth draws their attention. This particular boy wears very simple clothes. He also looks so young and doesn’t seem to have any power or influence. After carefully sizing up the invitation that he brings, they find that the invitation is genuine, but they are still doubtful.

    “Hey! Don’t you see the gold seal up there? Why must it take so long checking it?” The youth impatiently pesters the men for not letting him pass for a long time. This is Xing Jue, of course.

    “Is your name really Xing Jue?” One of the big man asks him, the same question for the third time.

    “Should I write it on my forehead or something?” Xing Jue answers sarcastically, staring daggers at the man.

    “All right, all right, you may come in,” says the man finally, realizing that there is already a very long queue behind the boy.

    At that permission, Xing Jue quickly enters the Martial Path hall. At some time in the past he dreamed to be on this stage. Now that he is actually here, a strange feeling lurks in his heart.

    The seats in auditorium are particularly interesting. In front of each seat there must be placed a table, and on the table there are many kinds of fruits and desserts. Xing jue casually finds a spot to sit down, and conveniently takes a fruit to chew.

    “Wow, isn’t this Xing Jue? It’s unexpected that a house slave has the qualifications to be here,” says a recognizable voice beside him.

    Xing Jue glances to the side and finds a person whom he knows better than anyone else. It is Xing Feng. He seems to already reach Intermediate Rank Martial Master. There are also two familiar faces behind him. A pair of brothers called Xing Shan and Xing Shui, both of them are Preliminary Martial Master. They once followed Xing Jue worshipping him like a dog following his master, but now it seems that Xing Feng is their new master.

    “Ahh, yes. At first I didn’t even want to come, but seeing a dirty-wretched boy who sent the invitation personally welcoming me today, is quite worth it,” replies Xing Jue as sarcastic as he can be.

    “Damn it, stop being so arrogant! Do you still think you are a genius? Now you are just a worthless slave. Be careful or I’ll throw you out of here!” Xing Shan replies angrily.

    “Why don’t you try?” tempts Xing Jue, looking down at Xing Shan.

    “You..!” Xing Shan of course will not accept such derogatory manner toward him. However, his body seems to be fixed in place. He can sense some danger from Xing Jue, stopping him to say what he really want to say.

    “Xing Shan, you are also a prominent new blood, why should you lower yourself and fight this trash?” Xing Feng says in attempt to counter what Xing Jue said.

    “You are so right. He is a trash! Hahaha!” Xing Shan and Xing Feng then laugh together.

    Xing jue only gives them a faint smile, decides to ignore them completely and continue enjoying the fruit in his hand.

    Seeing how calm Xing Jue is infuriates Xing Feng and the others.

    “Humph! Let’s see how long you can keep that charade. Wait until you see how big the gap between us!” Xing Feng roars and turns away to leave. The brothers follow him from behind.

    “Those youngsters, don’t you recognize them? It is said that they are the chosen fighters of Xing Clan this time,” says a middle-aged man who sits next to Xing Jue.

    “Oh? No, I don’t know them. Hey, Uncle, please pass me the bananas on your side,” requests Xing Jue, pointing at the bananas on middle-aged man table.

    The middle-aged man shakes his head and no longer gives any thought on Xing Jue. He passes the bananas to the boy absent-mindedly. He wonders how this glutton gets the invitation.

    At this moment, the auditorium suddenly heats up with excitement and anticipation. The high official aristocrats who just now are talking nonsense among themselves, now rush to take their seat. Three high-spirited middle-aged men wearing magnificent clothing take their seat above the platform.

    These three middle-aged men are the Patriarchs of Xing Clan, Zhao Clan and Lu Clan, namely Xing Tian, Zhao Shan, and Lu Ming. Each of them is an Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor.

    Beside the three Patriarchs there is a strange old man, dressed in a blue robe. He has an arrogant look and  the three Patriarchs act respectfully toward this old man. This makes the crowd murmur, anyone who can make Yunzhong City’s three overlords so respectful must not have a simple status.

    After Xing Clan Patriarch enters the position, the selected new bloods from three clans move to their respective clans area. Each clan has selected ten new bloods. They are going to go through a process of elimination. The final victor will get rich reward, and will help the clan exercising the next three years authority at Yunzhong City.

    Xing Feng and the brothers are also sitting in the new blood area. Xing Feng looks like he already wins the competition. All other new bloods also have smug faces, but perhaps for them it is alright to be arrogant since they are the strongest new bloods from three respected clans.

    “A group of ignorant people,” says Xing Jue with disdain. When he looks at the new bloods he can quickly tell that the ones quite strong are Xing Clan’s Xing Feng and Zhao Clan’s Zhao Zhen. They are Intermediate Rank Martial Master. The new bloods from Lu Clan are the weakest.

    “Eh?” When Xing Jue looks to the back of Lu Clan’s new blood area, a youth draws his attention. He is wearing a bamboo hat that covers his face completely. Since Xing Jue is unable to see his full appearance, it is hard to measure his strength, but he must be not weaker than Xing Jue himself. The youth’s stature emits a familiar feeling for Xing Jue, but he can’t really remember.

    After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue finally finds the answer.

    “Is he really coming back?” 

    “If it is really him then this convention will be interesting,” he mumbles. The corner of his mouth goes up slightly. He now looks at Xing Feng with pity in his eyes.

    Just then an old man slowly goes to the stage and the people gradually quiet down. Although this old man does not come from the three clans, he has a very high reputation in Yunzhong City. He directs the convention every single year. So when he steps onto the stage, all the audience know that the Three Clans Convention has truly begun.

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    Book 1 Chapter 7 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Attractive Prize

    “I hereby proclaim that the Three Clans Convention officially starts!” The high voice of the old man rings throughout the whole hall, followed by warm applause and cheers. 

    “The first session: prizes of the Convention,” says the old man, pointing to his side.

    Three beautiful maidens walk with perfect harmony from the three respective clans area to the middle stage. The audiences’ attention are for a moment fixed to the ladies, but soon move toward the trays in their hands. The trays are covered with golden Dragon and Phoenix.

    “The prize from Xing Clan is a piece of golden Silkworm Armor. Since it is spun from precious golden silk thread, it offers amazing defensive power and comfort for the wearer. If you wear this armor and you happen to be a common Martial Artist, you will survive from a fatal injury even when you are attacked by a Martial Master,” says the announcer, while lifting the cover of the leftmost tray, revealing an armor that glimmers in golden light.

    “Whoa! The golden Silkworm Armor is Xing Clan Patriarch’s personal treasure. Who would’ve thought that he will be willing to let it go? It seems that Xing Clan has great confidence in this year’s convention,” Xing Jue excitedly comments.

    “Wow! What a beautiful armor!”

    “Oh, this is a priceless treasure!”

    Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the Armor, some people clearly drools out of their desire of owning such treasure.

    Afterwards, the prize from Zhao Clan is also shown to the public. It is a pill that can cure serious injury, a Black Rank Treasure Pill. The crowd roars with excitement. Although it is a valuable thing, Xing Jue finds it less attractive compared to the previous prize.

    Now that two of the prizes have been displayed, everyone awaits excitedly for the last prize from Lu Clan. Lu Clan was the winner of the last convention so people are wondering how they might give an even more precious prize this year.

    The old announcer has now arrived at the Lu Clan tray. He purposefully walks slowly there. When he puts his hand on the cover, the hall is completely silent. Xing Jue can hear his own heartbeats. After the cover is lifted, the hall roars. Not with cheers, but with disappointments and boos. There is no gorgeous treasure on Lu Clan tray, nothing except a simple blue envelope.

    “Everyone, be quiet!” says the announcer. The hall gradually quiets down.

    “Do not underestimate this seemingly ordinary letter. Perhaps in some way, this letter is much more precious compared to the two other treasures,” he says in a mysterious tone.

    “Just tell us what it is!” says a guy who cannot control his temper, somewhere among the crowd.

    “Hmm hmm, does everyone know about Imperial Wind Pavilion?” asks the old man with a smile, pretending not to hear the rude remark earlier.

    “Who would not know it?” asks another angry guy among the crowd, followed with more boos from the audience. They think this old man must have underestimated their intelligence.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion is a name of the most powerful force of Imperial Wind Empire. As residence of Imperial Wind Empire, everyone will certainly know about them.

    “And this,” says the old man, holding the blue envelope high above his head. “Is the recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion.”

    “What? A recommendation letter?” Xing Jue cannot contain his excitement now.

    What kind of place is this Imperial Wind Pavilion? It is the place where all Martial Artist want to pursue advanced studies. It offers various kinds of advanced training that people can find nowhere else. To be a disciple of Imperial Wind Pavilion is certainly something to be proud of. Therefore, it is true what the old announcer said. This recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion worth more than the two other treasures.

    There is something Xing Jue can’t really understand, though. Why don’t Lu Clan keep the letter for themselves? They even go as far as offering it as a prize in the convention. After pondering for a while, he concludes that Lu Clan must be completely sure of their victory in this year’s convention. If Lu Clan ends up as winner again, their strength will be even more recognized.

    The whole hall is still full of excitement. People are discussing about how strong Lu Clan is, and how rich they must be, to generously offer such precious reward. Hearing the comments, Lu Clan Patriarch smiles happily, looking satisfied as if he has reached his entire purpose of life.

    “Alright, everyone please calm down. Before the convention starts, I must introduce our guest of honor.”

    “Guest of honor?” mumble the crowds. Who needs to be introduced at such grand event?

    “Our guest of honor is the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Feng Jizi or Elder Feng,” says the announcer, pointing his palm to the blue-robed old man in chairman’s podium.

    The blue-robed old man gives a faint smile to the audience below the stage, but his expression is that of someone high and mighty.

    “What? The Elder of Imperial Wind Pavilion? The Elder participates in our Three Clans Convention?”

    “No wonder the Patriarch of three clans are so respectful toward him. It turns out he is the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Elder.”

    At this moment, the entire main hall is filled with excitement one more time. The people gaze upon the famous Elder at chairman podium, as if he was a god. Yunzhong City is a great city, and the three clans are strong, but Imperial Wind Pavilion is at a different level.

    “No wonder Lu Clan is willing to offer the recommendation letter as the prize. So he really must have returned,” murmurs Xing Jue, looking at that bamboo hat youth at the Lu Clan new blood area.

    “We shall now proceed to the second phase of the convention,” the old man proudly announce. “The new blood competition!”

    “As usual, the rule! 30 new bloods will be divided into two groups to compete. The victor of each competition will proceed to the next round. The final victor is the champion of the convention. However, any new blood from any clan who has not been selected previously may challenge the champion. If he defeated the champion, then the new contender will replace the champion position,” explains the old announcer.

    In high spirit, the old man then shouts, “Hereby I announce that the new blood competition has begun!”

    The crowd responds with deafening cheers, and finally one-by-one, prominent youths from the three clans enter the stage.

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    Book 1 Chapter 8 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Lu Zhan

    Soon after the announcer finished his sentence, 30 new bloods from each clan walk in line to draw lots for their match. Each one then follows the number written on their token to different stages.

    On the stages, all new bloods exhibit their techniques; Thunderbolt Leg, Tyrant Tiger Fist, Heavenly Thunder Palm, all kinds of martial arts. Only in a few round, some of them withdraw from the competition due to heavy injuries. As the fights between new bloods heat up, audiences under the stage are all staring with excitement.


    A new blood from Zhao Clan is struck down. The one standing is Xing Clan’s main fighter, none other than Xing Feng.

    “Humph! Too weak, this is so boring!” says Xing Feng with disdain. The Zhao’s new blood is trembling with fear. Xing Feng, who wants to show off his power, seeks Xing Jue in the audience. His eyes spot Xing Jue, but instead of satisfaction, he becomes furious. Xing Jue is sleeping on the table, clearly uninterested in Xing Feng.

    “Just wait until the competition ends, and I’ll show you what suffering is,” mumbles Xing Feng coldly.

    Xing Jue has no idea about what Xing Feng was doing or thinking. He is now immersed in his dream. Last night he and Old Zhang talked until late at night, so he must refill his energy. He knows that today he will have a big battle.

     Time flows and everyone, other than Xing Jue, are unable to suppress their excitements because the most interesting battle has finally begun.

    There are now only two new bloods in the center stage. On one side is Xing Feng. Zhao Zhen of Zhao Clan is standing on the other side. They both have achieved Intermediate Rank Martial Master.

    “So it ends up with two of us, huh? Just as I expected. The others are just so weak,” says Zhao Zhen arrogantly.

    “Oh, so you expect to be defeated by me also?” replies Xing Feng with contempt.

    “Hahaha! On the contrary. You will be defeated by ME!” retorts Zhao Zhen with a maniacal laugh.

    Xing Feng has no interest in replying anymore. He is ready with his stance. Zhao Zhen is also ready to attack all along. However, at a crucial moment, a haughty sound breaks the silence and make the two of them tremble. The voice reverberates through the entire main hall.

    “Xing’s and Zhao’s two clowns! You don’t need to fight, today both of you will be crushed by my hand!”

    At once all attention is directed to the source of the voice. It came from the direction of a mysterious youth of Lu Clan, who is wearing a bamboo hat. He is now walking slowly to the stage. He clearly comes from Lu but he is not the main blood that Lu Clan has chosen for competition. Everyone is puzzled.

    “Hey little fellow, the competition is still in progress. If you want to make a challenge, please do it after the competition ends,” interrupts the old announcer.

    “Is there any rule that mentions that a challenger cannot fight two new bloods at the same time in the finals?” replies the youth, not showing any sign to change his plan.

    The old man is taken aback. After pondering for a moment he finally says, ”I must say there is no such rule.”

    “Hahaha, challenging both of us? What a crazy guy!” retorts Xing Feng. “Hey Zhao Zhen, we’ll continue later. Let me teach this ignorant fool a lesson first.”

    “This brother is so brave. Can you tell us your name?” asks Zhao Zhen, who appears more reasonable compared to Xing Feng.

    By this time, the youth with bamboo hat has arrived on the stage. Under everybody’s curious eyes, he takes off his hat. When they see his face, the two new bloods on stage are struck with fear and all confidence or arrogance that were there have completely vanished.

    “Lu Clan’s new blood, Lu Zhan,” says the challenger with a strange smile.

    “It’s really you!” Contrary to all tension on the stage, Xing Jue shouts excitedly. As Xing Jue has suspected earlier, this is the youth that has left Lu Clan for many years and his name is Lu Zhan.

    Lu Zhan, Lu Clan’s strongest new blood, is born to fight. He repeatedly fought against Xing Jue many times, but they had not achieved clear victory or defeat. At the age of 13, with Lu Clan’s wealth and vast connections, he was sent to Imperial Wind Pavilion to pursue advanced studies. It is very unexpected that he would return at this moment and joins the competition.

    “I, it’s…you!” says Xing Feng, full of surprise. His heart is now overwhelmed with fear. Three years ago Lu Zhan was already terribly strong. After practicing for three years in Imperial Wind Pavilion how far has he grown even stronger?

    “Hehehe, I don’t expect Xing Clan’s strongest new blood to be you. Where is Xing Jue?” asks Lu Zhan blatantly.

    “That trash has been driven out from Xing Clan,” replies Xing Feng arrogantly.

    “Ah, what a pity. Well, let’s not waste any more time. Both of you, come at me,” says Lu Zhan, somewhat disappointed hearing Xing Feng’s reply. Lu Zhan considers Xing Jue his only rival that he has not managed to defeat yet.

    “You..!” Xing Feng is going to retort angrily but he is taken aback by Lu Zhan’s threatening look.

    “Xing Feng, we don’t know how strong this guy is now, but we both can clearly see that he is above you and me. Let’s not underestimate him and let’s work together. We might stand a chance,” says Zhao Zhen.

     “I said it already. Don’t waste time. Use whatever tricks under your sleeve,” says Lu Zhan impatiently.

    “Humph! Lu Zhan, you better not underestimate us. Since you are so arrogant, we will surprise you today,” replies Xing Feng.

    Although Xing Feng is furious, he is not a fool. What Zhao Zhen said was true. He enters into an attack stance and at the same time, Zhao Zhen is readying himself too. Their bodies start to emit a threatening aura. Xing Feng has kept his trump card so far, and so does Zhao Zhen.

    “Yellow Rank Advanced Rank Martial Skill, Wind God Kick”

    “Yellow Rank Advanced Rank Martial Skill, Row Cloud Palm”

    Two attacks at once, one leg and one palm bursting with martial Qi, are aimed toward Lu Zhan.

    Lu Zhan stands still. He stares at the two with disdain. He then slowly lifts his right fist, then cries out loudly,



    A palm, a fist, and a leg collide at the stage. A strong burst ripples with a loud noise. After the energy burst receded, people are all amazed at what they see.

    Zhao Zhen and Xing Feng are lying on the ground. Blood flows on the corner of their mouths. Both look at Lu Zhan with disbelief. Lu Zhan didn’t use any Martial Skill. With only his fist, he defeated both attack and even injured them. The strength difference between them is colossal.

    “Are.. are you a.. Martial Ancestor?” blurts Xing Feng out.

    “Advanced Rank Martial Master,” replies Lu Zhan nonchalantly. He faintly smiles.

    “Advanced Rank? Impossible!” says Xing Clan’s teacher behind the patriarch. He himself is an Advanced Rank Martial Master, and it is impossible for him to break both attack from Xing Feng and Zhao Zhen like that. He first suspected that Lu Zhan has reached the Martial Ancestor level.

    “So, you two admit defeat, or do you want to try again?” taunts Lu Zhang.

    “Hahaha, Brother Lu Zhang’s strength is unbelievable. I, Zhao Zhen admit defeat. Xing Feng, you?” says Zhao Zhen helplessly.

    “I admit defeat,” says Xing Feng right away.

    “HAHAHA! If that’s the case, then I, Lu Zhan is the champion of this competition!” says Lu Zhan with a wild laughter. Not even looking at Xing Feng or Zhao Zhen anymore, he walks straight to the prize podium.

    “These prizes are now mine then?” asks him to the old man.

    “Master Lu Chan is the champion. If there is no one to challenge you these prizes are naturally yours,” replies the old man.

    “Oh? Is there anyone willing to come to this stage and fight me?” shouts Lu Zhan. His eyes sweep through all the three clans new blood area. However, all new bloods lower their head, avoiding Lu Zhan’s aggressive gaze.

    “The prizes are mine,” says Lu Zhan with a full smile.

    However, as he reaches to get his prizes, a somewhat relaxed voice is heard.

    “Wait just a minute!”


    Lu Zhan sweeps over the new blood regions looking for the one who spoke. Everyone in the audience is also doing the same. They are curious about the one person who is willing to die, who dares to challenge this terrifying champion.

    “No need to search there, I’m here,” says the voice one more time.

    The voice apparently comes not from the new blood area, but from the spectator seat. As all eyes look toward the source, they see a handsome youth wearing a simple black clothing, who is now walking slowly toward the stage.

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    Book 1 Chapter 9 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Tough Battle

    “Xing Jue?” Shout some people who recognize the black clad young man who is walking toward the stage slowly.

    “Xing Jue, is it really Xing Jue?”

    “Wasn't he demoted to become a slave by Xing Clan?”

    “A slave dares to challenge Lu Zhan. Either he wants to become famous, or he’s just plain crazy.”

    Upon hearing the people’s roars, not only those of Xing Clan, even those from Zhao Clan and Lu Clan also recognize Xing Jue. Those who have heard about Xing Jue laughs with contempt. Needless to say, Xing Feng and the others are among them, thinking that this guy must be crazy.

    Xing Jue, who doesn’t seem to care at all about the jeers and mockeries, continue to walk slowly toward the stage. His handsome face is brimming with self-confidence and happy expression.

    “Xing Jue, do you have a death wish?” threatens a sturdy figure, looming suddenly in front of him as soon as he gets on stage.

    “Teacher?” replies Xing Jue in surprise.

    “Xing Jue, pull back now. This is not your place!” says the teacher.

    “Teacher, let me ask this one question.” Says Xing Jue with a smile. He knows that teacher is only thinking of his well-being, but he has no idea how different Xing Jue is now. “Am I, Xing Jue, still a part of Xing Clan?”

    “Of course,” replies teacher without any hesitation.

    “Then as a Xing, is it wrong if I want to gain honor for Xing Clan?” Xing Jue asks again.

    “It is not wrong, Xing Jue. But you must consider your opponent. Even when Xing Feng and Zhao Zhen fought him together, they were unable to defeat this guy. I know that you are demoted to slave status now, and extremely unhappy about it, but you must act properly. Lu Zhan is not one you can deal with. Fighting him is simply suicidal, don’t you understand?”

    “How can I convince you then?” asks Xing Jue.

    “Only if you can defeat me,” says the teacher when Xing Jue insists.


    Xing Jue is hesitant now. It is not because he can’t defeat his teacher. Knowing that the teacher is only an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, it is certain that he will win. However, fighting teacher will make him lose some of his strength and it is not wise considering he will fight Lu Zhan afterwards.  

    “Master Moderator, a new blood wants to challenge me. Why is there a teacher trying to stop him?” Lu Zhan asks to the old man.

    “A challenge is the new blood’s own decision, no one can interfere. Xing Clan teacher, please withdraw from the stage,” says the old man.

    “Master Moderator, I don’t mean to interfere, but Xing Jue here is not Xing Clan’s new blood. He is only a slave,” the teacher quickly replies.

    “What? A slave?”

    Laughter resounds from the audience. Even the most prominent new bloods failed to defeat Lu Zhan. This boy slave must be out of his mind, they think.

    “What a joke, if a new blood can challenge the champion, why can’t a slave?” Lu Zhan retorts.

    “Hmm..” The old man is at lost for words. The convention has a rule stating that new blood can challenge the champion. It doesn’t state that a slave can make challenge, but it also doesn’t say the contrary. In the end he gazes toward the podium where the Patriarchs at, looking for confirmation.

    “This little fellow is so bold. I'd like to see how many moves he can make before my disciple ends it,” The Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, Feng Jizi, who has been silent all this time suddenly makes a statement.


    “Oooh, so he is Lu Zhan’s master!”

    Almost everyone on the scene is stunned.

    “If Lu Zhan is a disciple of the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, it is no wonder he is so strong,” mumbles Xing Feng. He looks at Xing Jue, wondering how he will react. Certainly he will be cowering with fear now, right?

    “Many thanks for the elder’s kindness,” says Xing Jue with a smile. One hand cupping the other across his chest, he bows gratefully.

    “Xing Jue, no need to pretend to be brave,” says the teacher to Xing Jue, helpless looking at his student’s action.  After all this time, apparently Xing Jue’s temperament stays the same.

    “Please rest assured, teacher,” he smiles toward his teacher then walk straight toward the middle of the stage.

    “Xing Jue, long time no see,” greets Lu Zhan with a smile. He seems to be happy meeting Xing Jue on stage.

    “Lu Zhan, today I'm going to be the champion,” cutting through all nonsense, Xing Jue replies.

    “Oh? Okay, let me see whether you meet the qualifications,” Lu Zhan bursts with laughter. Between his talk his figure makes a stance, like a mad fierce tiger. He raises his right fist and with waves of fierce wind he bolts toward Xing Jue.

    Facing such violent force from Lu Zhan, Xing Jue does not try to dodge at all. He stands straight and waits for Lu Zhan’s arrival. Right before Lu Zhan arrives, Xing Jue suddenly raises his right fist, making a fierce impact against Lu Zhan’s fist.


     With loud noise, two figures appear at the center of the collision. Terrifying ripples of energy flowing between their fists. At this point, people can sense the level of Xing Jue’s power.

    “An Advanced Rank Martial Master. How can this be?”

    People are full with disbelief seeing how Xing Jue relaxes after receiving a blow from Lu Zhan. How can a slave have so much power?

    “Impossible, impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

    Noone’s disbelief can compare with that of Xing Feng. One year ago, Xing Jue could not even stand against his attack. How could he surpass Xing Feng in a year and become an Advanced Rank Martial Master?

    Not only Xing Feng, Xing Clan Patriarch and the teacher are amazed looking at Xing Jue. The teacher smiles happily now. He finally understands why Xing Jue dared to challenge Lu Zhan.

    “Well done! You really deserve to be my opponent. I, Lu Zhan, approves!” shouts Lu Zhan, laughing excitedly. Lu Zhan is an Advanced Rank Martial Master, but his strength actually exceeds many of those at the same level. Xing Jue, on the other hand, can have an equal match with him. This is called inborn natural fighter.

    “Lu Zhan, no need to hold back. Show me all of your strength," says Xing Jue with a smile. He can sense that Lu Zhan was just testing his strength earlier.

    "Fine, today I will pour out all of my strength," Lu Zhan replies.  His Qi constantly rises tyrannically. It has surpassed martial master’s boundary.

     “This guy’s really strong,” murmurs Xing Jue. He is cautious now. Lu Zhan’s strength is certainly not inferior to his.


    Suddenly Lu Zhan makes a move. He raises his right fist toward Xing Jue once more. He is very fast and ordinary people will not be able to see his movements clearly. This time Xing Jue does not wait. He goes toward Lu Zhan with the same attack.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!” 

    Fist to fist, foot to foot, without any defensive move the two fights constantly. Bursting waves of terrifying force ripples from the stage. This wave rips through the diamond surface of the stage and makes it split open.

    “How powerful…” Looking at the two people fighting ferociously, all the people exclaim in admiration. Now this is really worthy as the final decisive battle. This is genuine powerhouse.

    Not only the audience under the stage, all the new bloods of the three clans also admire the fighters. They know that with their strength, it is impossible to fight these two even for just one round.


    Once more the two clashes and are driven backward by the sheer force.

    “Hahaha! This is really satisfying,” Lu Zhan laughs after taking several steps backwards.

    “The feeling’s mutual,” replies Xing Jue, who also takes a dozen steps backward. Clearly he wishes to continue fighting.

    “Xing Jue, as expected you are strong. But I want to see how you deal with my next move.” 

    Lu Zhan stands firm. His right fist grasps the air and light-golden Qi starts to emerge in the right fist. A layer of magnificence substance forms above his right fist and terrifying aura spreads all around.

    “A powerful Martial Skill,” mumbles the Xing teacher with surprise.

    “This is at least Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill. Xing Clan doesn’t have it. Seems that this is the end for Xing Jue,” comments Xing Tian, the Patriarch of Xing Clan, regretfully. 

     He knew that Lu Zhan arrived at Lu Clan with his teacher from Wind Pavilion, so he already lost hope for this convention. But when Xing Jue appeared, he saw a trace of hope. However, all hope seems lost at this moment.

    Upon hearing Xing Clan’s comments, not only Lu Clan Patriarch, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder also smiles victoriously. Lu Zhan is his disciple, so naturally he knows how strong Lu Zhan is. When Xing Jue fought equally with Lu Zhan he was very much surprised. The Martial Skill that Lu Zhan displays now is his Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill. He is confident that no one else here has such skill.

    “Humph!” snorts Xing Jue.

    He raises his right hand slowly and a massive light-golden Qi emerges in his right hand, not any weaker than that of his opponent. Xing Jue’s right hand has a radiant golden ray of light starting to condense. A formidable aura also spreads all around him.

    “Black Rank Martial Skill! How can he..?” Xing Feng can’t believe what his eyes are witnessing.

    “Biting Wind Palm?” murmurs the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder in shock.

    Among all people who are astonished, Feng Jizi seems to be most surprised. It seems that he is extremely familiar with Xing Jue’s Martial Skill.

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    Book 1 Chapter 10 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Feng Jizi

    “Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Overlord Fist”

    “Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Biting Wind Palm”

    Xing Jue and Lu Zhan attacked at the same time, a bright light palm with a thick light of iron fist clashed.

     “Such beautiful Martial Skills!”

     The audience never saw these magnificent martial skills. Let alone the audience under the stage, even the people from the three clans never seen it.

    “Creak creak, creak creak”

     As the rays of light palm print to rays of light iron fist collided, they did not issue a huge roar nor did it burst out strong ripples, but they unceasingly issued ear-piercing sounds, it seems light palm print doing some resistance to iron fist light.

    As the two martial skills cancelled out each other, the combatants continued the attack with all their power infused in their second attempt to devastate the other.

    “This young brat used my Imperial Wind Pavilion’s “Biting Wind Palm”!” The Imperial Wind Pavilion’s elder suddenly exclaimed. From his arrogant face, a ruthless expression suddenly appeared.

    “What? Elder Feng, are you saying that the Martial Skill that Xing Jue's use belong to your Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill?” After hearing the Elder Feng words, Xing Clan’s head instructor worriedly asked.

    “That’s right. It is a skill that belongs to the Imperial Wind pavilion, one which is never passed on to outsiders.” The elder spoke as he grimaced of anger.

    “This is bad” After hearing Elder Feng words, the teacher felt extremely uneasy, if this imperial Wind Pavilion martial skill never divulged to any outsider, the outsider that dared to practice Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Martial Skill would be crippled by Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    “Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack…”

    Ear-piercing sounds continued to ring. Xing Jue still in a deadlock with Lu Zhan for no less than a minute, as the two gorgeous light rays intense collided.

    Although it was a feast for the eyes of the audience, for Xing Jue and Lu Zhan, it was a considerably large burden. Because, in this gorgeous radiance which never seemed to extinguish, their internal injuries were increasing.

    Xing Jue had been sweating profusely, but having the Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique as his support, Xing Jue could still survive.

    Compare to Xing Jue, Lu Zhan situation was much worse,  not only was Lu Zhan is sweating profusely, but also his body seemed to somewhat shiver with every passing breath, looking at his disheveled appearance he probably holds on for another minute.

    “Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack… Crack crack…”

    With every passing second, the radiant palm pushed the fist back and slowly marched to destroy the man behind the fist. In a few breaths of time, the winner would emerge

    “Elder Feng how is the situation?”

    Seeing Lu Zhan gradually go in a disadvantageous position, Lu Clan’s patriarch "Lu Bu" finally unable to bear the tension in his heart, inquired about Lu Zhan’s condition, as he was the most talented new blood in Lu Clan. Even an Imperial Wind Pavilion elder regard him as an important disciple, if something were to happen to Lu Zhang, Lu Clan would not be able to bear the loss.

    “Humph! This Kid took the upper hand with pure skill. It seems like the Cultivation Technique that he practiced are not simple, don’t worry, at the critical moment I will handle it.” Elder Feng coldly snorted.

    “Elder Feng, it does not seem to be good.” Hearing Elder Feng want to dispose of Xing Jue, Xing Clan Patriarch also restless spoke up.

    “Humph! Your Xing Clan's kid stole the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s inherent martial skill, this is also Xing Clan’s responsibility, after I teach this kid a lesson, I will come for you." Hearing Xing Clan Patriarch starting to talk thing out, Elder Feng unexpectedly shouted in rage.

    “This... Xing Jue  had been expelled by Xing Clan a year ago, thus stealing the pavilion’s Martial Skill, does not have anything to do with my Xing Clan.” Xing Clan Patriarch ruefully explained.

    “Humph!” seeing Xing Clan Patriarch pitiful look, Feng Jizi only snorted coldly, but his vision turned towards the center stage.

    “Lu Zhan, it is possible for you to admit defeat.”Lu Zhan had been completely suppressed. Xing Jue knew the power of his "Biting Wind Palm", thus he didn't want to hurt Lu Zhan.

    “Admit defeat? My dictionary does not have these two words” Although he was completely suppressed, Lu Zhan still did not let his arrogance down.

    “Yeah...” Facing Lu Zhan, Xing Jue helplessly sighed, he and Lu Zhan had already met a long time ago, although they were hostile towards each other,  Xing Jue never felt disgusted from Lu Zhan. It was expected for the two individuals to treat each other as their competition.

    “Since things have gone this way, then excuse me.”

    Xing Jue unleashed his martial skill again, and his palm was already upon Lu Zhan coming with full force.


    An incredible scene had occurred Xing Jue had been knocked down, and a big blob of blood rose to his throat, unable to force it down he spat it out of his mouth.

    A blue robed man was standing at the place where he stood before, and this old man was none other than the  Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, Feng Jizi.

    "Master, you..." Seeing his master make a move against Xing Jue, Lu Zhan was surprised.

    “Shut up!”

     Lu Zhan was riddled scared as the next words he wanted to say never rose to his tongue.

    At this moment, let alone Lu Zhan, even the audience had also guessed Feng Jizi’s intentions, he was an Imperial Wind Pavilion elder.

     “Why does he want to get rid of Xing Jue? To save that disciple of his? However, doesn't need to directly hurt him right? How shameful!”

    “Damn it, why the f*ck did you hit me?”

    Not soon after he got the upper hand and was about to end the bout, this old fogy had sneaked upon him to attack him right at his moment of triumph.

    “Brat, you sure do not know when or how to admit a mistake, I will only ask you once, who taught you the “Biting Wind Palm”, if you don’t answer clearly, then you won’t be able to leave alive.” Feng Jizi had burst in anger.

    “Patriarch, are we going to do nothing about this? After all Xing Jue is part of our Xing Clan, don’t tell me you want him to get trampled on along with our dignity?” The teachers seeing the humiliation asked Xing Clan’s Patriarch.

    “What else can we do? Leaving aside, this Feng Jizi, his background is something that we can't afford to provoke,  I do not have enough power to deal with him, let alone his backer, If Xing Jue has stolen their Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Martial Skill, he can only count himself to be out of luck." Xing Tian helplessly said.

    “Humph, you want to know who my master is? You are not qualified enough!” 

    Xing Jue did not know the status of that old man. Even if did he would not tell it to this old fogy, after all, if not because that old man, Xing Jue would not have been here today, even he died, Xing Jue would not say a thing about the old man.

    “Ha Ha. Good, good, good, actually dare to answer me back.”

    “Is that so, then die.” Feng Jizi suddenly shouted, he immediately raised his hand, unleashing a tyrannical power towards Xing Jue. Facing this terrifying power, Xing Jue was unable to dodge. Xing Jue had finally felt what death tasted like.

    The punishment for stealing Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Martial Skills was not brutal, but Feng Jizi had been humiliated by Xing Jue thus to save his face and take revenge for his disciple he decided to obliterate this brat.

    Facing this unable to dodge attack, Xing Jue closed both his eyes and waited for his death


    However, the attack dissipated one meter away from Xing Jue.

    Looking at this strange scene, everyone was stunned. While everyone was immersed in shock, thunder like voice sounded.

    “Only when this old man gives permission to kill his disciple, then you can kill him?” This powerful voice enveloped the entire hall.

    The voice had caused fear to rise up in everyone’s hearts and Feng Jizi was no exception.

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    Book 1 Chapter 11 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    The True Powerful One

    “Senior where are you? Please show yourself,” Feng Jizi says, suddenly respectful.

    Seeing Feng Jizi’s curious reactions, everyone’s feeling unsure. Someone who can make Feng Jizi show respect must be stronger than him.

    “Foolish junior. If you want me to appear, get out!” Feng Jizi’s respectful words are replied with angry remarks.


     Suddenly Feng Jizi’s blood sprays, his body sits weakly on the ground.

    Everyone gapes, unable to hide their shocks.

    “Oh Lord, the person does not show himself, but he is able to severely injure an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor? How strong can he be?” Someone blurts out.

    Since Xing Jue annoyed Feng Jizi, Xing Feng was enjoying the whole scene. He figured that Xing Jue would have learned his lesson. Now, however, he gazes at Xing Jue curiously. The mysterious person said that Xing Jue was his disciple. How could he accept that this good-for-nothing has such a powerful master?

    “Senior, I am the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder. Your attack has injured me badly. Are you sure you want to be an enemy of Imperial Wind Pavilion?”  Feng Jizi hurriedly says, knowing that the situation is not good for him. He already knows the gap between him and his opponent. The mysterious person must be proficient in the power of space. Someone like that is at least Martial God level.  Even for the Imperial Wind Pavilion, a Martial God is a feared existence.

    He still finds it hard to believe that this ordinary Xing Jue unexpectedly has a powerful Martial God backing him up. He realizes that he has stirred up great trouble and the only thing that he can do now is to use Imperial Wind Pavilion as his bargaining power.

    “Hahaha! Imperial Wind Pavilion, Imperial Wind Pavilion, hmm?” the mysterious old man suddenly laughs, and it makes Feng Jizi startle.

    “Even Qing Motian did not dare to say that to me. A puny outer elder dare to say such threat is simply a joke,” The old man says, full of disdain.

    “Younger generation does not recognize his superior, but I ask senior to forgive me, younger generation does not recognize his superior, but I ask senior to please forgive me,” Feng Jizi fumbles in reply, repeating the same sentence over and over. His heart must have stopped skipped some beats. His whole body turns cold with fear.

    Who is Qing Motian? Qing Motian is the Imperial Wind Pavilion master. Anyone dares to call Qing Motian’s name must be a powerful person. Feng Jizi finally lets go all his pride, hurrying to kneel down and kowtow to admit mistakes.

    Everyone who sees this scene is speechless to the extreme. A dignified Imperial Wind Pavilion elder has been bowing down and begging for his life.

    “Useless maggot. For the Imperial Wind Pavilion to produce a pitiful creature like you is a disgrace,” says the mysterious person, still not showing his face.

    And the most surprising thing happens right afterward. Xing Jue who is sitting on the ground starts to become a blur and disappears in an instant.

    Although Feng Jizi continues kneeling and admitting his mistake, the old man’s voice is not heard anymore.

    “Taking a person via teleport! Patriarch, how powerful is that man?” Xing Clan teacher asks in an obvious shock.

    “I don’t know; I only know that the power of manipulating space is something only Martial God can use. Taking a person via teleport is certainly beyond it,” Xing Tian replies, also awestruck.

    “Above Martial God? Is that even possible?” He is even afraid to ask more questions about Xing Jue’s mysterious master.

    Meanwhile, at an open area outside of Yunzhong City. Two forms appear from thin air like ghosts. 

    “Hey boy, eat this pill,” The old man says with a smile. He casually throws a pill to Xing Jue. 

    “Thank you, master,” Xing Jue grins and quickly takes the pill. 

    “Bah! Who is your master?” The old man stares and scowls coldly to Xing Jue.

    “It is you of course. At the main hall, you said you were my master. Teacher, you simply rocked there! “ says Xing Jue with a shameless face. He cannot let such opportunity to acknowledge someone so powerful as his master, can he?

    “Brat, I only give you a little help, and now you cling to me?” The old man, however, helplessly casts a quick look to Xing Jue.

    “But I can become Martial Master now is thanks to you, and my Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique are also from you. If you did not acknowledge to be my teacher, then I will become the lost child that nobody wants,” Xing Jue says pitifully.

    “Okay, okay, now no need to sport that fake sad face in front of this old man. Just say that I have bad luck, have to accept a brat like you as a disciple,” he replies, full of reluctance.  The old man is fond of Xing Jue. Otherwise, he would not help him at all. However, seeing Xing Jue unexpectedly protects his identity, not caring about his own life makes a greater impression on the old man’s heart.

    “Disciple pays respect to Master,” Xing Jue hurriedly kneel before the old man and bow deeply.

    “Haha, you cheeky brat. I know you are smart, but there are things I have to tell you about,” says the old man with a mysterious smile.

    “Eh… What kind of thing? Master will not put too much burden on his disciple, right?” Xing Jue feels a sudden burst of anxiety.

    “Hahaha, since my disciple is so clever, I don’t need to teach him anything, do I?” The old man simply laughs it off.


     Xing Jue almost chokes. How can there be such irresponsible teacher this day?

    “Hahaha, this old man has been traveling around the continent for years. He has used to being alone all the time. This is why these many years I never accept any disciple,” Master says with a gentle smile.

    “Oh if that’s the case, the disciple will not depend on the master, but he will practice outside alone.  Probably master will worry so it would be better for master to pass a few protective charms for the disciple?” Xing Jue happily laughs and cleverly turns the conversation around.

    “Ah! My dear disciple indeed is smart, but since I always travel around, I don’t have any talisman with me. The only things valuable I already gave to you,” the old man replies cunningly.

    “Then Master can take me back to Yunzhong City main hall, and let me get the Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court recommendation letter,” says Xing Jue. If this old man really won’t teach him anything, the Imperial Wind Pavilion is not a bad place to go, he figures.

    “Bah! Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court recommendation letter? It doesn’t worth even an ounce of my effort,” the old man says with disgust.

    Xing Jue lowers his head and stops speaking because he knows that this mysterious old man seems to have much resentment toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion… I don’t have the outer court recommendation letter. But I do have the inner court recommendation letter. Do you want it or not?”

    When Xing Jue feels that all hope is lost, the old man suddenly flashes a purple envelope and hands it over to Xing Jue. Xing Jue’s face is now full of excitement once more.

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    Book 1 Chapter 12 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Old Feng

    “Of course!” Xing Jue shouts and immediately snatches the purple envelope from the old man’s hand. His eyes sparkle, looking at the envelope in his hand.

    “Oh my, is this really the inner court recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion?” He cannot stop blinking his eyes out of disbelief.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion is divided into the main court, inner court, and outer court. Feng Jizi who injured Xing Jue earlier was an outer court elder. Therefore, Lu Zhan, his disciple, is also outer disciple. After outer disciples practice to some degree, they can enter inner court as long as they pass the requirements. In the inner court, they will enjoy better privileges and lessons.

    However, it is still very hard to achieve the requirements and enter the inner court. A recommendation letter for the outer court is already considered a valuable treasure, even more so the one for the inner court.

    “You little runt! Do you dare suspect that this old man will give you a fake one?” The mystical old man replies with a grunt.

    “Ah ha ha, no no, I won’t dare to doubt Master. For a person of your standard, surely a recommendation letter for inner court means nothing, perhaps master even have the recommendation to the main court.” Xing Jue quickly showers him with flattery. He knows very well not to upset the old man.

    “Bah! Do you think it’s that easy to enter the main court? If you want to enter the main pavilion, you can’t go by connection. Reach Martial Sovereign first, then come talk to me again.” The old man says bluntly, explaining the truth to Xing Jue.

    “Martial Sovereign? So even their disciple must reach Martial Sovereign to enter the main court? Wow, how strong the people there must be!”  Xing Jue exclaims, admiring Imperial Wind Pavilion’s power. How strong is a Martial Sovereign? Now if we look at the entire Yunzhong City, of course, the strongest are within the three clans. However, most of them only reach Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor. Martial Sovereign is way beyond that.

    “Now now boy, don’t be amazed just yet. This continent is huge and powerful people are plenty. Imperial Wind Pavilion is powerful in Imperial Wind Empire, but among other places in the whole continent, it’s still mediocre.” The old man says with a smile, amused at Xing Jue’s bewildered expression. His face looks like a frog at the bottom of the well.

    “Mediocre? Ha ha ha..” laughs Xing Jue nervously. His dream is to become this continent’s peak existence, but now it seems like a very steep climb.

    “It’s decided then! Hey kid, with your talent it’s actually not impossible to enter main court, but you must properly practice. This old man has matters to do, so he can’t chat with you much. In the future if I have some opportunities, I will visit the Imperial Wind Pavilion to see you.” The old man says quickly then disappears into thin air.

    “Master, master! Leave your name before you go..” Xing Jue shouts quickly to the empty sky. He feels desperate seeing his master leaving so soon. His master is quite powerful, maybe even the strongest in the Wind Empire. If he uses his master’s name, maybe the Imperial Wind Pavilion will give him some special treatment.

    “Old Feng,” A soft voice comes from the sky and echoes for a very long time.

    “Old Feng? What kind of name is that??” Xing Jue almost gets choked. No one will recognize such a vague name. He waits and waits for another response, but there is no more sound from the sky so Xing Jue knows that his master already left.

    “Ah! Never mind, I guess I have to rely on myself,” he says with a resolute smile. Xing Jue puts the purple letter into his pocket then pats it several time. He then turns around and walks toward Yunzhong City’s horse station. The distance from Yunzhong City to Imperial Wind Pavilion is really far and Xing Jue does not want to go there on foot.

    Within a hundred miles of Imperial Wind Pavilion’s influence, there is a mountain range. Because of its strategic location and the fact that numerous demon beasts living there, it is known as Death Mountain. This Death Mountain is also the only way to reach Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    In the outskirt of Death Mountain there is a small town called “gathering town”. There are many caravans as well as mercenary groups. If you don’t have an extraordinary power, and you want to pass the mountain, then you will find your best bet here. The mercenaries in the city can escort visitor through the Death Mountain at the cost of great amount of money.

    “Wow! It’s so lively here,” Xing Jue excitedly exclaims as he arrives outside of the town. After several months uninterrupted travel, Xing Jue finally reaches the outskirt of Death Mountain.

    “Many experts here,” he murmurs while extending his Soul Force. Xing Jue can feel that in this small town, many people emit Martial Master aura. Probably they are all mercenaries.

    Xing Jue knows little about the danger of Death Mountain, he is also quite unfamiliar with the surroundings. Xing Jue’s plan is to hire a squad mercenary soldier here to guide him. He then inquires the way toward mercenary group building, only to find a surprise.

    “What? No mercenary at all?”

    “Yeah, sorry about that. Recently a strange event happened at the mountain range. Many people who entered the mountain range never returned. Because of that there are many mercenaries who refuse to enter the mountain range. Our slightly famous mercenary group is also hired. They should come back within several days, so I suggest you just wait,” The employment staff answers Xing Jue.

    “No wonder there are so many strong people in town. So it’s like that, huh?” 

    Xing Jue has no choice but to leave the mercenary group building. When he tries to look for a place to stay, there is a noise that draws his attention.

    Around one hundred meters from him there is a group of people gathering, but it seems that a conflict has broken among them. Feeling curious, Xing Jue decides to take closer look.

    At this moment in the middle of the crowd there is a middle-aged man who is hugging a seriously wounded man. “Damn it! Isn’t it all about showing direction? What’s so hard about it?” he angrily shouts. Those two are Preliminary Martial Master.

    “You are too weak. You are not qualified to join us. Leave now!” A valiant guy with black beard says with disdain. There are ten people sitting alongside the guy. After hearing the black-bearded guy’s words, the middle-aged man cowers with fear. He doesn’t say a single word. He hugs the injured man and runs quickly away from the crowd.

    “Advanced Rank Martial Master, very strong,” says Xing Jue in low voice. He’s talking about the black-bearded guy.

    Suddenly Xing Jue’s eyes catches a sign next to the ten sitting people. It’s written: “Recruiting mercenary expert, trash doesn’t need to come!”

    Xing Jue’s heart leaps with joy. He secretly whispers, “It’s true when they say heaven never bars one's way.1”

    1.       Idiom : Don't feel despair and you will find a way through.

  • Book 1 Chapter 13 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Join the Mercenary Group

    “He he, this uncle, what are they doing?” Xing Jue asked to an uncle beside him.

    “Oh, The black beard guy among them is the commander of this town renowned Heavenly Dragon Mercenary group, a few days ago, his younger brother carried their entire mercenary group to escort one team of merchants to enter death mountain, but actually hasn’t come back, then he decided to organize one team of powerful scattered mercenary group, to look for his mercenary group whereabouts.” That uncle explain it very clearly to Xing Jue.

    “Recently I heard that death mountain was very dangerous, since these people are willing to follow him, surely the reward are very impressive right?” Xing Jue once again asked, although he didn’t have interest to the reward, but Xing Jue actually want to know what kind of thing that attracted these experts to be willing to risking their lives to follow him.

    “It is said that if only the people can come back alive, they can obtain a golden silkworm armor, for protection armor it has extremely high defensive power, for mercenaries who all the year walked around in this death mountain, absolutely a self-defense treasure.” Uncle said.

    “Oh?” Hearing about it Xing Jue admire this mercenary group, golden silkworm armor, in Xing Clan is extremely precious treasure and only have one, but this mercenary group unexpectedly have so many pieces, obviously that the background of this Heavenly Dragon mercenary group not weak.

    “Heavenly Dragon commander, it seems like nobody can pass the examination, what if we get going.” At this time among ten people a thin and tall man said to the black beard guy.

    “Okay” Black beard guy look all around the way and then said.

    “Hold on, I want to join.” When everyone ready to get up and leave, Xing Jue suddenly open his mouth to say. This seemly small and weak kid, immediately walk toward the crowd.

    “Child, do you want to participate? Did you know we're going to do what?” After sizing up Xing Jue that thin and tall man said with disdain. In the eye has a ridicule meaning.

    “Can’t I?” Xing Jue stare coldly to the thin and tall man, asked.

    “Oh? Ha Ha, Ok, Ok, as long as you can take me in 10 rounds, I granted that you qualified how is that?” That thin and tall man said once again.

    “If you can take one my move, how about I will automatically withdraw?” Xing Jue disdain asked.

    “What, is this a joke? Ha Ha. Did you hear anyone speak a joke?” After the thin and tall man hear Xing Jue word, he suddenly laugh and say, and soon everybody also laugh. Just like hearing funniest joke in the world. Thought that this kid is not mentally illness, maybe his head has a problem, this thin and tall man is Intermediate Rank Martial Master, and with his special Martial Skill, his real strength can reach Advanced Rank Martial Master, but this young kid, unexpectedly said in one move he can defeat him, this is indeed very funny.

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” after hearing thin and tall man words, Xing Jue suddenly laugh. However Xing Jue laughter actually make everyone are bewildered. Thought is this kid insane?

    “Since this way being the case, then excuse me!” suddenly Xing Jue coldly said, at the same time his body just like a sea flood dragon, a strong martial Qi burst out from within his body, and with extremely quick speed went toward that middle-aged man. And Advanced Rank Martial Master aura at this moment also spread out.

    “Terrible!” Even if that thin and tall man die, he cannot think that Xing Jue unexpectedly is Advanced Rank Martial Master, and this explosive power also stronger than common Advanced Rank Martial Master, but when he found out, it’s already too late. During that time, he is totally unprepared, facing Xing Jue fully strikes, he simply does not have any opportunity to counter-attack.

    “Bang.” along with thumping sound, Xing Jue fist strike toward thin and tall man body, this fist repelled thin and tall man several steps and finally fully stop, and Xing Jue only use one move.

    “Now am I qualified?” Xing Jue softly patted his hands, and asked the embarrassing thin and tall man.

    “Ha Ha, this small friend, the good strength, so young but already Advanced Rank Martial Master, for so many years, this is the first time to see.” At this time, that black beard Heavenly Dragon commander patting the palm, said to Xing Jue with a smile.

    “What? Advanced Rank Martial Master?” After hearing Heavenly Dragon commander words, many people who are weaker than Xing Jue have expressions of disbelief, Advanced Rank Martial Master, even looking at this entire gathering town, only have several, and unexpectedly this kid looks like about 16 years old, and already reach Advanced Rank Martial Master, such talent was simply frightening, but if only they know that Xing Jue practice to achieve Advanced Rank Martial Master just takes one year only, it is estimated that they will going insane.

    “Am I qualified?” Xing Jue slightly smile, didn’t care about thin and tall man then ask again.

    “Ha Ha Ha, of course, unexpected this little brother so strong, I admire.” And that thin and tall man's manner toward Xing Jue actually quickly transform, on his whole face fill with admires. In this world the strong gain respect from people, if you have the strength you can change someone’s respect, this tall and thin man can be example.

    “Okay, with this little brother joining us, our overall strengths will rise sharply, then we should go.” during the talk everybody hurry to get up, then a team of mercenaries with total 11 people walked slowly toward the death mountain.

    At the deep of death mountain filled with dangerous aura everywhere, once for a while there is also Demon Beast roaring sound, making people tremble with fear.

    “Heavenly Dragon commander, it’s getting dark, it would be better we stay here, we can explore to the deepest area again tomorrow.” At this time, a mercenary talk toward Heavenly Dragon commander.

    “En, Ok then everybody stay here, tomorrow we will continue explore.” Looking at the sky that gradually getting dark, Heavenly Dragon commander said.

    Therefore at this deep death mountain, Xing Jue and this small mercenary group started to stay, some people build tents, some people prepare food, there is also some people set some traps, but Xing Jue that can’t help without better option try to find a place to practice.

    After one hour practicing, feeling that the Qi within his body quite sufficient, Xing Jue slowly opened both eyes.

    “Shoot! What are you doing?” After Xing Jue opens both his eyes, frighten and his entire body shiver said, because in front of Xing Jue face, that heavenly dragon commander staring at him, looking at his eyes, unexpectedly to have guts to have not fully express his feeling, exactly kind of loved eyes meaningful glance, make Xing Jue totally scared.

    “Brother Xing Jue, your Cultivation Technique is extraordinary.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile. At first Heavenly Dragon commander  want to call Xing Jue to eat dinner, but when he arrive in front of Xing Jue body, he found out Xing Jue ability to condensed martial Qi speed, very fast, thus he judged Xing Jue Cultivation Technique certainly not simple.

    “He he, Heavenly Dragon commander, what did you want?” Regarding Heavenly Dragon commander words, Xing Jue didn’t replied, but changes the topic and asked.

    “Ha Ha, where is my mind, I want to ask brother Xing Jue to eat dinner.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile. He then turned around and walk toward the crowd. While Xing Jue wiped cold sweat on his forehead and then get up to follow.

    After dinner, Xing Jue didn’t entered the tent, but lie down on a big tree branch, looking at starry sky to think, Xing Jue always felt that there is something wrong with this death mountain, according what Xing Jue hear there is plenty Demon Beast at this death mountain, and frequently attacked the passer-by, but Xing Jue on their whole journey walked until here, although once for a while hearing Demon Beast roar, but actually never been attacked by Demon Beast.

    Thinking about the people who entered the mountain and didn’t come out, Xing Jue determine that they must be meet some problem at the mountain, either killed or trap, and this strange quiet death mountain, make people more uneasy, it’s like a day before the storm came, always unusually peaceful. Therefore Xing Jue determine that the culprit behind the missing people will come tonight.

    “Ha Ha, what a wonderful smell.” At this time, a woman voice that make people tremble with fear suddenly appear, at the same time a powerful strength approaching them at extremely quick speed.

    “Very strong.” When feeling this powerful aura, in Xing Jue heart can’t help to be frightened.

  • Book 1 Chapter 14 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    The Legendary Soul Eater Succubus

    “There is an enemy.” Feeling something wrong, the mercenary who is responsible for guarding immediately shout, all the people rushed out from the tents, ready to clash with the enemy.

    “Ha Ha Ha, 11 Martial Master, three Advanced Rank Martial Master, eight Intermediate Rank Martial Master, although their Soul Force weak, but not bad.” At this time, the voice that make people tremble with fear resound once more.

    “Don’t pretend like a ghost, if you have a courage come out!” A small and weak mercenary suddenly shouted.

    “Damn! Are you stupid?” Xing Jue who is prepare to quietly flee, but hearing this mercenary terrifying words came to halt, pondering did he actually can't feel the enemy formidable aura? At this time did not hurry to find a way to run, but unexpectedly dare to provoke.

    “This little brother please rest assured, this mercenary has a nickname called “trap king”, although his strength only Intermediate Rank Martial Master, but he is actually good at many different type traps and mechanism, and his traps firepower very powerful, even if powerful Martial Master not take one step carefully and touch the mechanism, will be seriously injured.” Mercenary at Xing Jue side as if understand Xing Jue determination immediately answered.

    “Bang… Bang... Bang…” At the same time, waves of intense explosions sound constantly, a dazzling rays of light constantly flashing, seeing this on the face of mercenary appear an excited expression. It seems the enemy touch the mechanism. But at the next moment, when the cold voice resound once more, on their excited faces change into a little pale.

    “Small insect with no skill, want to stop this old lady?” Along with an alluring figure landed, a powerful pressure is spreading, while at this time everyone face appear more pale and weak.

    “Martial Sovereign?” Looking at this enchanting woman who is gracefully landed, Xing Jue said in a low voice, because now he is unable to move in his body freely, such a powerful pressure, only the legendary Martial Sovereign capable to achieve.

    She is wearing tight black dress, her body is extremely hot, her face also extremely charming, if not because her terrifying strength and her terrifying voice, she is simply the most beautiful creature in this world.

    “Don’t know why this senior attack us?” The tall man said with despicable tone. However on his face a large cold sweat is constantly falling.

    “Xi xi... You… tell me am I beautiful?” But surprisingly that black dress woman not only did not answered the tall man, and unexpectedly as light as feather come toward in front of that thin and tall man body.

    “Beautiful… Extremely beautiful.” Looking at this charming female in front of him, the thin and tall man looks like his soul being hooked, in his eyes showing a yearn expression, slowly said.

    “Can I kiss you?” Said the woman with a smile.

    “Ye… yes…” The thin and tall man answered without hesitation

    “No, don’t kiss her!” Heavenly Dragon commander seeing something strange with her, suddenly shouted.

    But it is too late, the black dress woman sexy lip already sticking closely toward the thin and tall man mouth, and the frightening scene also took place, the thin and tall man body start to shiver, his body extremely fast shrinked, and finally turned into a dry corpse, his both eyes are prominent, so frightening.

    “Soul eater demon girl, you are soul eater succubus?” Looking at thin and tall man who change into a dry corpse, suddenly Heavenly Dragon commander shouted. After hearing his words, everyone feared to the extreme. Only Xing Jue doesn’t know anything. However seeing everyone scared appearance, Xing Jue then guessed that this soul eater demon girl definitely is a dangerous woman.

    “I Can’t believe there is still some people who know this old lady famous name.” The soul eater demon girl biting and lick her lip, and then turned around, walked toward Heavenly Dragon commander.

    “Impossible, impossible.”  Heavenly Dragon commander looking toward the soul eater demon girl who approaching him, kept saying.

    “Ah!” At this moment, soul eater demon girl suddenly hold her hair crazily and keep yelling, appearing like suffer a serious damage, at the same time the pressure that covering Xing Jue and the others instantaneously dissipate.

    “Run away quickly!” After surrounding pressure  instantly dissipates, Xing Jue the first to react and immediately shouted. Therefore all the people flee and separated.

    “Don’t think you all can run away!” seeing everyone trying to run away, soul eater demon girl suddenly raise her right hand, clenching her fist tightly, red light spread out from her fist, at the same time a powerful suction come out, under this powerful suction, people start to sucked backward and fly, and as long as contacts the red light, people then directly sprout blood, and immediately faints.

    Seeing this scene, Xing Jue thought can’t help to be frightened, is this Martial Sovereign terrifying strength? All those people unable to resists, this is so terrible.

    Although Xing Jue firmly hugged the side of the tree, however under powerful suction, Xing Jue somewhat need to brace constantly. If Advanced Rank Martial Master is relying on Martial Skill can fight a battle with Martial Ancestor, then facing Martial Sovereign, he no longer has the ability to fight back. This is the different strength between ranks.

    “Ah! Ah! Hateful!” at this time the soul eater demon girl once more wailed painfully, the red light on her  right hand extremely fast subsided, the powerful suction vanished instantaneously, seeing this scene Xing Jue and the others once again ran toward the mountain deeper place.

    “Damn! This woman was too terrifying” Death mountain perimeter, Xing Jue face look distressed, his mouth constantly breathed heavily, Xing Jue ran for three hours, after he could not feel the terrifying pressure from that woman, finally stop for a little rest.

    “Zi Zi Zi” when Xing Jue think that he is safe, a hasty sound of footsteps suddenly resounds, immediately a familiar figure appeared in front of Xing Jue.

    “Brother Xing Jue, it is me, it is me.” And this is not someone else, he is Heavenly Dragon commander. At this time looking at his appearance, obviously much more miserable several points compared with Xing Jue.

    “He he, no wonder I am feeling there is someone behind me, it turns out is Heavenly Dragon commander.” Xing Jue said with a smile. Actually Xing Jue already felt there is someone behind him and following him, but Xing Jue already know this person actually not soul eater demon girl, if it really  soul eater demon girl, he can’t run away so far, and already capture. But besides soul eater demon girl, there is only mercenary who only successfully escapes.

    “This mountain is extremely dangerous, Brother Xing Jue unfamiliar about this mountain, so I following you to run away, after all under this dangerous environment, with Brother Xing Jue power together, our chance for safety will also bigger.” Heavenly Dragon commander said with a smile.

    But after hearing Heavenly Dragon commander these quite appreciate words, on Xing Jue face give a forced smile, because just now, he as Advanced Rank Martial Master, but similar to a chick that get trampled on, without a little bit strength to hit back, but now luckily successfully ran away.

    “Heavenly Dragon commander, why this soul eater succubus so divine?” After forced a smile, Xing Jue remembered Heavenly Dragon commander shocking face, obviously know something about this soul eater succubus then asked.

    “This is a long story, even now I still feel amazed.” Heavenly Dragon commander sighed deeply, arrived in front of Xing Jue and said.

    “Actually, soul eater succubus only exist at the legend.” Heavenly Dragon commander sort of his thought and then opened his mouth and said.

    After hearing Heavenly Dragon commander words, Xing Jue can't help to be startled, immediately appeared interest expression, and quietly listening to Heavenly Dragon commander story.

    “Several hundred years ago, in this death mountain, appeared a demon girl, this demon girl naturally killed some people, and takes Martial Artist soul as a food, therefore is called soul eater succubus, because this soul eater succubus strength already reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, mercenary group at gathering town are not her match, so they has to asked help from Imperial Wind Pavilion, finally Imperial Wind Pavilion sent out two elders that already reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, trying to catch this soul eater succubus, unexpectedly this demon girl have a strange ability, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elders are unable to do something to her, and  gradually at disadvantageous position, finally at crucial moment both the elder forced to take their life soul as the price to used formidable seal technique, finally successfully sealed this demon girl in this death mountain.

    “Unexpectedly this legend is true, and this demon girl has unlock the seal and reappeared at this death mountain.” There is worried on Heavenly Dragon commander face.

  • Book 1 Chapter 15 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Want To Sneak Attack Me?

    “So it looks like now we just have to ask help from Imperial wind pavilion again.” After listening about the legend of soul eater succubus, Xing Jue said to Heavenly Dragon commander with a smile, then get up and walk forward.

    “He he, in fact Brother Xing Jue already have thought about asking help from Imperial Wind Pavilion right?” Heavenly Dragon commander laugh and said toward Xing Jue who walk in front of him, because he already discovered that although Xing Jue escaping route is inaccurate, but the approximate direction is actually running away toward Imperial Wind Pavilion position, in such chaotic situation, unexpectedly can make the best choice, Heavenly Dragon commander startled about Xing Jue plans. He Immediately get up to follow.

    Just exactly at Heavenly Dragon commander place, there is actually left behind undetectable aura symbol.

    “Heavenly Dragon commander, I have a question to ask you, since soul eater succubus so strong, why only hiding in the death mountain? With her strength she can kill everywhere, is it not better? Why only painstakingly wait in this mountain?” At death mountain perimeter, Xing Jue walk and asked.

    “Perhaps it was because some restriction, soul eater succubus unable to leave death mountain.” Heavenly Dragon commander replied.

    “If that was true, as long as we left this mountain can we completely safe?” Xing Jue looked at slightly bright sky said with smile, after a night uninterrupted journey, both of them will soon come out from this Demon Beast mountain, and enter Imperial Wind Pavilion area.

    “Heavenly Dragon Fist” Heavenly Dragon commander, suddenly shouted, there is a cruel expression on his face, at the same time on his right fist a golden light martial Qi extremely fast condensate. Then immediately raised the right fist and then ruthlessly attack toward Xing Jue.

    “Bang!” however faces Heavenly Dragon commander sneak attack, Xing Jue is already prepared, when it about to hit, Xing Jue suddenly turned around, directly attack fist to fist to fend of Heavenly Dragon commander attack.

    “He He, Hey the fox finally revealed his tail?” Xing Jue looked at the embarrassing Heavenly Dragon commander with a smile. Obviously he didn’t surprised to this Heavenly Dragon attack, in fact Xing Jue does not know why Heavenly Dragon commander want to attack him it just Xing Jue actually didn’t really trusted him, regarding this kind of person who he didn't understand, Xing Jue all the times always keep on guard, so that's why he didn't look surprised.

    “No matter why you attack me, since you have done it, then I will take your life!” Xing Jue didn’t care about the shock on Heavenly Dragon commander face, he slowly said. Then a formidable golden-colored light of martial Qi quickly condensed on his right palm, and sent out dazzling rays of light, in this dark jungle, just liked a guide light.

    “What a strong Martial Skill!” Looking at rays of light on Xing Jue right palm, Heavenly Dragon commander shocking said. At this moment he actually feeling a little regretted to attack this kid, because he didn’t thought that Xing Jue is so strong.

    “Go to hell!” Xing Jue cruelly shouted, he wave his right arm and then a gorgeous rays of light at extremely quick speed swept away toward Heavenly Dragon commander.

    “Heavenly Dragon Meteor fist” Facing the rays of light that extremely fast come, Heavenly Dragon commander unable to dodge, in such desperate situation, he have to resist with all his strength. A golden-colored martial Qi covered the fists, and then collide with each other.

    “Ah!” With a sad and shrill pitiful yell, the Heavenly Dragon commander right arm unexpectedly smashed and explode, blood unceasingly flows out from the breaking arm, naturally this is the result from Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm.

    “Zi Zi Zi, your bones are really hard, unexpectedly my palm didn’t beat you to death.” Xing Jue click his mouth and said with sarcasm, during the speech his figure suddenly move, similar to lightning finally swept toward heavenly dragon commander body, a foot step on heavenly Dragon left arm, and another foot on Heavenly Dragon chest.

    “Pfff” laugh in contempt

    “Brother Xing Jue forgive me, Brother Xing Jue forgive me.” After being hit again by Xing Jue, Heavenly Dragon commander spurt a blood from his mouth, Randomly plead said.

    “Don't use that pathetic pretend, suffer to death!” facing the Heavenly Dragon commander's pleas, Xing Jue does not have slightly pity, regarding the enemy Xing Jue will not show mercy at all. But when Xing Jue prepare to settle this problem, the voice that Xing Jue does not want to hear, actually once more resounds.

    “Ha Ha Ha, what a ruthless little devil, this old lady admire you.” Among that dark jungle an enchanting figure slowly emerge. This is the soul eater succubus. 

    “Demon girl please save me, Demon girl please save me.” seeing that soul eater succubus to appear, Heavenly Dragon commander quickly shouted.

    “Damn! You and him actually are a team?” regarding soul eater succubus able to catch up so fast, Xing Jue also feel puzzled, but after hearing calling for help from Heavenly Dragon commander, Xing Jue suddenly realize, this guy must be leave some mark, so soul eater succubus can be so quick to chase. Thinking about this Xing Jue anger can’t come out, immediately held up his right fist ready to take this guy’s dog life.

    “Puff” when Xing Jue about to kill Heavenly Dragon commander, together with strong martial Qi, actually explode on Xing Jue body, immediately a blood spouted from his mouth, then fell to the ground.

    And naturally the one who attack him is soul eater succubus.

    “Hey hey, I can’t let you kill Heavenly Dragon commander.” just now soul eater succubus withdraw her right arm, said to Xing Jue with a charming face.

    “Thank you, senior succubus.” seeing he is saved, Heavenly Dragon commander also quickly to get up, enduring the pain on his broken arm, running up toward soul eater succubus body, and respectfully said.

    “I said soul eater succubus, you are so beautiful why did you took a fancy toward this very ugly man? For me this is indeed hard to accept.” Hearing soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue already knows that these two people definitely have some intrigue, concerned about the terrifying strength of that soul eater succubus, Xing Jue already know that he can’t escaped, therefore he doesn't care about anything, said with sarcasm.

    “Don’t impolite toward senior succubus!” not wait for soul eater succubus to speak, Heavenly Dragon commander walk ahead and shouted.

    “Oh? Why did you say that I took fancy for him?” Soul eater succubus actually asked with charming smiles.

    “If not, why did you protect him?” Xing Jue replied.

    “Ha Ha, do you want to know?” Soul eater succubus said with a smile.

    “Humph! Because I am the one who released her.” Heavenly Dragon commander rush to say.

    “Yes, what he said is true, but this is not the reason why I saving him.” Soul eater succubus said again with a smile. Her charming eyes looked toward Heavenly Dragon commander.

    “Heavenly Dragon commander, thank you for saving me, and gave so many delicious soul, in order to thank you, I decide to properly reward you.” Soul eater succubus with her soft right hand, touch Heavenly Dragon commander cheek whole face beard, and said.

    “Demon… Demon… Demon girl senior, I am so loyal to you, I know that your injury hasn’t healed, but I can find you Martial Master soul, please..” Regarding soul eater succubus acting like this, Heavenly Dragon commander felt there is something wrong, and then hurried to say.

    “My injury can’t be healed overnight, since you are so loyal to me, then can you give your soul to me?” soul eater succubus suddenly looked cold, and then immediately kiss Heavenly Dragon commander, Heavenly Dragon commander body which is thin and tall, in an instant turned into a dry corpse.

    Looking at this scene, Xing Jue heart can’t help to be frightened, from their talked Xing Jue already knows that this soul eater succubus is released by Heavenly Dragon commander, moreover this soul eater succubus have internal injury, she needs to absorb Martial Artist soul to alleviate her injury, perhaps the missing people are because of this soul eater succubus doing, it’s just that this soul eater succubus target, her requirement is getting higher and higher, therefore Heavenly Dragon commander organize this group of people with high strength to enter this mountain, but this soul eater succubus unexpectedly also killed this Heavenly Dragon commander her savior, Xing Jue soul have no choice to be devour. He is afraid of this cold blooded succubus.

    “Little rascal, now it’s your turn.” She casually throw Heavenly Dragon commander corpse aside, and continue to lick her lips, soul eater succubus looking at Xing Jue, and said with a smile, but in that smile actually full of killing intent.

  • edited March 2017

    There is mistake at this chapter it must be Preliminary Martial Ancestor not Advanced Martial Ancestor.

    Book 1 Chapter 16 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Breaking The Seal

    “Hey Hey Hey, I didn’t mind to give my first kiss to a beautiful woman, but you just kissed that guy, and want to kisses me, I can’t accept it.” Looking at the soul eater succubus walking toward him, Xing Jue covered his mouth and said.

    “He he, it doesn’t matter, because you didn’t need to care about that in your mind.”

    “Oh! Even more you are really young handsome guy.” Soul eater succubus arrive in front of Xing Jue body, her slender right hand gently lift Xing Jue chin, examine for a while and said softly.

    Then she immediately raise his small mouth and pasted toward Xing Jue lips, and absorb with a strong pressure, Xing Jue is unable to resist, he can only look helplessly demon girl succubus to take his first kiss, but the most that make Xing Jue frightened is actually, as long as this kiss end then Xing Jue little life might be over too.

    When this soul eater succubus and Xing Jue lips stick together, Xing Jue only felt that the Soul Power inside his body start to drain rapidly, however his body didn’t start to feel strong pain, only his chest, his heart start to violently beating.

    “Ha Ha, so comfortable.” Feeling a plenty of Soul Power, soul eater succubus said with a satisfied smile, immediately cast Xing Jue aside, and didn't bother to take a look.

    “Wow! Wu.., my chest burning so hot.” Hearing unexpected voice make soul eater succubus shocked, she turn her head to look, and seeing what happened startled her.

    Because at this time Xing Jue grabbing his own chest, he looked like bearing a great pain, but what make soul eater succubus feeling incredible is Xing Jue body didn’t turned into a dry corpse, instead he looks like nothing different than normal people.

    Under soul eater succubus shocking sight, unexpectedly Xing Jue chest start to send out dazzling rays of light, this rays of light just like ordinary white flame, it start to burn Xing Jue clothes, suddenly Xing Jue coat burnt completely. A strange graph appeared on his chest.

    Seeing a strange graphic at Xing Jue chest, soul eater succubus charming cheeks instantly pale, without doubt reveal extreme fear.

    “Soul eater seal curse.” After a long time soul eater succubus slowly said these words.

    That strange graphic getting more and more glowing light, Xing Jue pain also growing, just like a monster drill out from his chest.

    “The seal almost lifted.” Soul eater succubus stared at Xing Jue chest, slowly said, but at this time her body started to shiver.

    “Hum” With a loud sound, at Xing Jue chest rays of light expand in a flash, and finally gone, and that strange graphic also vanish, but from Xing Jue chest a powerful Soul Power suddenly burst out, and finally wrapped Xing Jue whole body.

    Black soul gas revolve inside Xing Jue body, the gas slowly flow into Xing Jue body, and along with soul gas continuously pouring in, Xing Jue aura also constantly to climb, breaking through Martial Master boundary, and then become Martial Ancestor, even want to attack Intermediate Martial Ancestor, but finally stop at Preliminary Martial Ancestor.

    “Oh my God, what the hell is going on?” Feeling his body more powerful compare before does not know how much martial power, and extremely powerful Soul Power, Xing Jue simply confused, I thought, shouldn't I died? Why not only I am not died, instead my strength actually became stronger?

    “This humble daughter, will follow master.” When Xing Jue feeling bewildered, the soul eater succubus who previously want to kill Xing Jue, unexpectedly kneel on the ground, said to Xing Jue with shivering voice, and does not dare to lift her head.

    “You…You… Who are you talking to?” Looking at this scene, Xing Jue simply felling foolish, this is simply too strange, is it a dream?

    “I am sorry master, this humble daughter didn’t know master real status, and being rude to master, please forgive this humble daughter.” Soul eater succubus didn’t answered Xing Jue question, rather incessant speak, obviously extremely fear of Xing Jue.

    “Hey, you seem to know who I am?” At this very moment Xing Jue already certain, that soul eater succubus is talking to him, especially when she spoke that she doesn’t know Xing Jue real status, even in Xing Jue heart are surprised, because even Xing Jue does not know who he was. Before going to Xing Clan, he was a homeless teenager, doesn’t even know who his own parents.

    “I asked you, immediately answered me!” Xing Jue once again said. Moreover his manner become somewhat profound. 

    “Could it be that master does not know who he is?” After hearing Xing Jue words, soul eater succubus slowly raised her head, said to Xing Jue.

    “Nonsense, otherwise will I asked you? Just now what is happened? Why after you absorb my soul force not only I am not died, instead my strength instantly increased, what do you know exactly? Hurry up said?” Xing Jue asked again.

    “Master was from Soul Devouring Clan, master true Soul Power were sealed, but a moment ago I completely absorb Soul Power inside master body, and it caused the seal soul force suddenly rush forth, and even crack the seal.” Soul eater succubus replied.

    “Soul Devouring Clan? What the hell is that? What is the relationship between you and Soul Devouring Clan?” Xing Jue continue to asked.

    “Reply to master, Soul Devouring Clan was a very strong ancient time clan, their clansman born with Soul Power far extraordinary than normal person, and Soul Devouring Clan have special Cultivation Technique, they can take and refining other people soul power, promoting their own cultivation, therefore Soul Devouring Clan could be said this continent strongest forces, and I am merely a servant who Soul Devouring Clan make.” Soul eater succubus slowly said.

    “To take and refined someone else soul power, and promoting own cultivation?” After hearing bites soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue could not help to suck in a mouthful cold air, in Sky Martial Continent, everyone Soul Power attribute are different, this is inborn, just like everyone different appearance, it can be said that everyone Soul Power are exclusive one another, let alone refining others' Soul Power, even soul eater succubus to absorb soul power from other people’s body and draw to herself is very abnormal.

    “You said that you were being made? Then why you can swallow other people's soul?” Xing Jue asked again.

    “Reply to master, because this humble daughter itself make from soul.” Soul eater succubus replied.

    “Being made from soul?” Hearing this, Xing Jue is startled, he had heard that some powerful people can use exotic material to make puppet, never heard that some people can use soul to make human, this simply too incredible.

    “Did you know where Soul Devouring Clan now?” Xing Jue now already know some of his life story, can make a living person from soul, this is frightening method, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to think, and since he is Soul Devouring Clan people, perhaps as long as he found Soul Devouring Clan, then he can find his own parents.

    “Reply to master, I think that now Soul Devouring Clan already perished.” After a moment of silence, soul eater succubus slowly said, and above her charming face, there is a touch of sadness.

  • Book 1 Chapter 17 [Rebirth Of A Genius]

    Xing Jue Real Identity

    “Did you say that Soul Devouring Clan already perished?” Xing Jue quickly asked, according soul eater succubus said that Soul Devouring Clan should be very strong, and such powerful influence, how could it be perished? If Soul Devouring Clan already perished, then isn’t his parents already died? Then why is he still alive?

    “Yes master, in fact Soul Devouring Clan already perished a hundred years ago, I do not know why master can survive in this world, and even so young.” When saying this, soul eater succubus gave meaningfully look to Xing Jue.

    “You said that Soul Devouring Clan already perished? Then why are you still alive? You said more than a hundred years ago? What exactly happened at that time? Can you talk clearly?” At first Xing Jue think that he can find his own parents, but he didn’t think that Soul Devouring Clan already perished, although he before never know about Soul Devouring Clan, but now after know about it, and this felling coming from bloodlines, make Xing Jue concerned about the survival of Soul Devouring Clan.

    “Because the Soul Devouring Clan was too strong, so strong until almost no one can compete with Soul Devouring Clan in this continent, to maintain the balance at this continent, several strong powerhouse in this continent start the alliance, and finally launched attack to Soul Devouring Clan, in during that time, that war could even be said shake the whole world, but under collaborations of numerous forces, Soul Devouring Clan still have the upper hand.” Soul eater succubus clearly know what happened that year, even after a  hundred years, but regarding that year war, it still fresh in her memory.

    “Why is it still perished?” Xing Jue continue to ask.

    “Because afterward a super powerhouse force join that alliance, that in this piece of continent unmatchable powerful.” Soul eater succubus said again.

     “Super powerhouse? Did you said Soul Devouring Clan is the strongest?” After hearing Soul eater succubus words, Xing Jue somewhat feeling confused.

    “Yes, Soul Devouring Clan should be the strongest at this continent, and at that time the Soul Devouring Clan patriarch is the strongest powerhouse in this continent, however that mysterious powerhouse, single-handedly destroy the whole Soul Devouring Clan.” Soul eater succubus slowly said.

    “Then how did you survived?” Xing Jue asked.

    “During that time war, not all can participate, and we are slaves were responsible for protecting the young masters to leave Soul Devouring Clan, after Soul Devouring Clan destruction, the alliance of that several forces also searching for that young masters, because there is traitor within our teams, therefore mostly the young masters was killed.

    However I am also one of the lucky slaves that manage to escapes, because we are not Soul Devouring Clan clansmen, and within our body has cursed seal, require to fix per period of time from Soul Devouring Clan clansmen to untie the curse, if within a limited time can not untie the curse, then our body will automatically dissipate. Therefore the alliance did not kill us.” Soul eater succubus continued to said.

    “You were said that if the curse seal within given time were not untie, you will die. However why you can survive this long? Xing Jue has as if think of something, hurried to ask.

    “This...” A little bit fear suddenly appeared from Soul eater succubus, the expression on her eyes start to change beginning to distracted, for a moment unexpectedly did not immediately answered.

    “Quickly said it!” Seeing soul eater succubus began to hesitate, Xing Jue soon know, there are surely some kind of hidden secret.

    “Reply to master, because at those years in the middle chaos of war, I obtain soul eater clan Cultivation Technique, although this Cultivation Technique only Soul Devouring Clan talented clansmen can practice, however actually because within our body has soul mark of Soul Devouring Clan, therefore we can also practice, but all I can do is only supplement the body with Soul Power, and cannot refined other people's Soul Power to promote my strength.” Under pressure from Xing Jue, soul eater succubus quickly reply, clearly she was afraid of Xing Jue

    “Oh, that's how it is, so that Cultivation Technique is still with you?” After Xing Jue heard about this Cultivation Technique that can build up his strength, his heart can’t help to be moved, if he practiced this Cultivation Technique, then adds on with his Soul Devouring Clan Soul Power, his strength will certainly progress by leaps and bounds.

    “In the past when I fought with Imperial Wind Pavilion two elders, Cultivation Technique have been taken by one of them, I guess that now should be at Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Soul eater succubus hurried to reply.

    “Oh? What is that Cultivation Technique name?” Xing Jue felt that this soul eater succubus should not dare to deceive him, and it happen that he is going to Imperial Wind Pavilion to practice, if this Cultivation Technique really at Imperial Wind Pavilion, then as long as he know what it is look like, naturally if there is a chance he will take it back.

    “Soul Devouring.” Soul eater succubus simply replied.

    “Soul Devouring, I will certainly find it.” Said Xing Jue mumbles, and his face brimmed with anticipation and smile.

    “Ah… Ah… Ah…” While speaking, the sky has shine, a ray of sunlight shoots into the jungle, just a shed on soul eater succubus body, suddenly on soul eater succubus body start to emit bursts of white smoke and she wailing painfully.

    Upon seeing this, Xing Jue quickly drag soul eater succubus to the sunless region, and after leaving sunlight exposure, the painful expression on soul eater succubus face also start to lessen.

    “Are you fear of light?” Xing Jue asked.

    “En, exactly to said are afraid of natural sunlight and moonlight, this is the power of curse seal, although through absorbing others' Soul Power I can survive, but it still limit by the cursed seal that is why I can only hide in this death mountain, afraid to go out.” Soul eater succubus slowly said. 

    “You said that Soul Devouring Clan people can help you untie the curse seal, then can I?” Xing Jue asked.

    “Yes you can.” hearing Xing Jue words, soul eater succubus body  start to tremble, immediately looking at Xing Jue with anticipations.

    “What should I do?” Xing Jue continued to ask.

    “Just a drop of master blood can do it.” Soul eater succubus somewhat uneasy said. She seems to be afraid that Xing Jue will reject her request.

    “This is easy.” Xing Jue gave a faint smile, he bit his own finger, and then immediately handed his bitten finger toward soul eater succubus lips.

    After seeing the Xing Jue action, soul eater succubus actually did not quickly absorb the blood which is slowly flow out from Xing Jue finger, but looking at Xing Jue with extremely touch look.

    “Hurry up, or I will bleed too much, Hey Hey…” Xing Jue knows what soul eater succubus have in her mind, jokingly said.

    “Thank you master.” Soul eater succubus politely said, and gently pasted her sexy lip on Xing Jue finger then gentle suck it, but this cute look and that violence acted it looks like two different person.

    “How do you feel?” Xing Jue looking at soul eater succubus cute look, could not help but give a trace of good impression, asked with a smile.

    “Master I would try my body, whether become normal or not.” After soul eater succubus wrapped up Xing Jue finger, slowly said. Xing Jue also slightly nodded.

    Therefore soul eater succubus with bumpy heart, carefully walked toward ray of sunlight in the jungle.

    “Master, I’m normal, I’m finally normal!” When arrive under the sunlight, soul eater succubus to seeing herself fine, with a happy smile, excitedly dance under this sunlight, her appearance is extremely attractive.

    Xing Jue did not speak, he sit quietly enjoying soul eater succubus beautiful dancer's posture, because he can understand the excitement this soul eater succubus feels, hundred years have not left this gloomy mountain, now finally free, this feeling of joy absolutely no less than him, after a long time with Old Feng help, finally succeed to condense Qi.

    “Thank you master.” After short period of time, soul eater succubus finally wake up from the excitement, immediately arrive in front of Xing Jue body, kneel down in front of Xing Jue body, and humbly thanks.

    “Good, afterwards don't easily right away kneel, what if everybody under impression that I have mistreat a beautiful woman in perverted behavior.”

    “That’s right, do you have a name?” Xing Jue asked with a smile.

    “The former master called me Qian Ji.” Soul eater succubus quickly replied.

    “Qian Ji? This name is not pleasant to hear, what if later I will call you Xiao Qian.” After a moment’s thought, Xing Jue said with a smile.

    “Xiao Qian? I like this name Xiao Qian.” Soul eater succubus extremely clever replied, No no no, not soul eater succubus, now she should be call Xiao Qian.

  • Book 2 Chapter 18 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Could It Be That Is Romance

    “Xiao Qian, accompany me until here is enough, later if I have a problem I will contact you.” Ten miles away from Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue standing in front of a plain field, said to enchanting Xiao Qian who is standing beside him.

    All the way to here, Xing Jue tell Xiao Qian that he must go to Imperial Wind Pavilion, and because of Xiao Qian identity, Xing Jue can't take her into Imperial Wind Pavilion, but he let her stay nearby death mountain, later in time of need, he will find her again.

    “Yes master.” Xiao Qian stand beside Xin Jue, just like ordinary lovely maid.

    Xing Jue smile lightly, a maid-servant at Martial Sovereign level, this feeling is quite good, after all the matter clear, Xing Jue then walk toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction, Xiao Qian gazed at Xing Jue that gradually going far away, after not seeing his form, she turned and walked away.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion, is the biggest sect in Imperial Wind Empire, its authority area is very vast, although Xing Jue already entered into Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, but if he wants to reach Imperial Wind Pavilion, actually still required several days.

    These several days, Xing Jue often meet some official young generation who go to Imperial Wind Pavilion to enroll, but Xing Jue also did not stay together with them, besides not familiar with the person, Xing Jue more prefer to travel alone.

    Previously he travel together with mercenary group, because death mountain is really dangerous place, but at this Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, can be said that nobody dare to make a fuss, in other words, at this Imperial Wind Pavilion authority area, is absolutely safe.

    After several days traveling, Xing Jue finally arrived at Imperial Wind Pavilion headquarters, Floating Clouds Mountain.

    At first glance only see endless mountains, every peak are through the sky, countless thousand zhang1 waterfall just like very huge dragon that drops from the sky, pouring down. Under illumination of sunshine, a beautiful rainbow hang in the mountains, it so beautiful. On top of that many floating clouds hover at the mountain peak piece by piece, it’s like a fairyland.

    “So beautiful” Looking at this beautiful scene, Xing Jue is feeling astonished, then said.

    Arrived at Floating Clouds Mountain, Xing Jue decided not like the other people, immediately report to Imperial Wind Pavilion, but found a small lake in the mountain, prepare to have a nice refreshing, Xing Jue stripped off his clothes, he only wear a white trousers, just like a fish eager to the sea, jumped into blue lake water.

    “It feels good” feeling refreshed from the water lake, Xing Jue excitedly said. Feeling excited, Xing Jue dive into the lake, prepare to play around. However Xing Jue actually did not know that there is prohibition rule at this Imperial Wind Pavilion, it is forbidden to enter Floating Clouds Mountain lake, disobeying the rules means die.

    Arrives at the bottom lake, Xing Jue discovered there is undercurrent inside this bottom lake, feeling curious, Xing Jue start to swim following the undercurrent, and finally found a lot of secret passage.

    “Strange, why does this bottom lake have a lot of secret passages?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said, he is curious and want to penetrate the secret passage, the so-called curiosity kills the cat, Xing Jue also because of his own curiosity, have to paid happiness as a price.

    “Wow” Xing Jue even he died it is hard to imagine that this secret passage have formidable suction, Xing Jue accidently led into the secret passage, with the rapid flow of the lake, in this underground passage, he dashing forward.

    Don’t know how long, Xing Jue only follow rapid water lake rush out secret passage, and what make Xing Jue surprise was, after such a long time carried away unexpectedly returned to the lake, because he was too long under water, Xing Jue have a serious oxygen deficit, at this time Xing Jue didn’t think too much and directly swim away toward the lake side.

    But when approaching the lake side, an attractive snow white body, accidental reflected in Xing Jue eyes.

    “Gulp” can’t restrain himself, Xing Jue unexpectedly opened his mouth, A mouthful water lake poured into his stomach, this is the first time Xing Jue from infant to mature seeing woman body, and so beautiful, if said not excited then it is nonsense.

    When Xing Jue create sound from his movement, it is also disturbed that tender body. Seeing that figure move and then instantly disappeared.

    “Shit! I got caught.” Xing Jue knows that he has been found out by her, and desperately want to escape, after all this is not a good thing if he get caught.

    “Come out for this young woman!” However Xing Jue prepared to crazily dive under water, a powerful suction firmly locked him, and with extremely fast speed Xing Jue began to come out from water surface.

    “Poof” with a splash sound, Xing Jue just like sea flood dragon come out from inside water  lake, however the next moment similar to a dog that fall into water, tragically fall to the shore.

    Xing Jue was throw down to the shore, he suddenly spit out a mouthful of water lake, he slowly raised his head, after seeing the lake, Xing Jue was shocked to found that this is not the lake that he just jumped into, because there is a hall at this lake.

    “Said it, who are you?” When Xing Jue looking at the lake in daze, a euphonious voice and pleasant to hear sounded behind Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue turn his head to look, only to found out that his body was stiff, the only activity was his heart, and at this time his heart start to beat violently, the speed is so fast. All these responses are because at this moment in front of Xing Jue body, standing beautiful young girl.

    This young girl have a light brown long hair that scatter on her shoulder, on her oval face there is bright and intelligent big eyes, small and exquisite fine jade nose, as well as small and tender mouth, giving the people fresh and pure feeling, although her body is wrapping  by white wool blanket, but the enchanting curve still clearly visible, the young girl skin is like white snow shining brightly, and give a touch of sweet smelling from her body.

    “Wow!” Looking at this stunning beautiful young girl, at this time Xing Jue mouth turning into big o, the previously elegant demeanor gentleman completely gone.

    “What are you looking at, I asked you a question.” Seeing Xing Jue complexion look, the young girl uncomfortable said.

    “Ah… my name is Xing Jue, didn't know what this miss name?” At this time Xing Jue hardly have misgivings toward this young lady appear powerful strength to absorb him, rather very bold asked, there is one type for young person appeared awfully silly bold in front of beautiful woman.

    “Hum” the young girl furrow her eyebrows, a strong pressure spreads, under this formidable pressure, Xing Jue can feels, unexpectedly this young girl is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, and this formidable pressure also compared with Xiao Qian. In the heart Xing Jue is surprised.

    Because Xing Jue practice speed already abnormally, but he and this young girl to be compare, simply is nothing, at this moment Xing Jue finally know what to be called outside the mountain there is mountain, there is always a people beyond the people.

    “Now I ask a question, you answered, don’t talk rubbish.” The young girl said every single word, despite that he already know that the young girl angry, Xing Jue actually liked what he see, but because of the young girl strong strength, Xing Jue only fiercely nod, to show compromise.

    “Are you Imperial Wind Pavilion people? How did you come here?” The young girls asked.

    “I am Imperial Wind Pavilion person, but haven’t join yet, I was going through secret passage in lake at Floating Cloud Mountain. Oh! This is bad, my recommendation letter is still at the shore, what should I do?” Right now, Xing Jue suddenly becomes nervous.

    Because he found out that there is a lot of secret passage at the bottom of the lake, and he can’t remember from which secret passage that he came out, so if he want to return to the lake is almost impossible, and if he didn’t have the recommendation letter, it might be said that he can’t join the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    However seeing Xing Jue helpless look, contrary to what one might expect, the young girl actually smile sweetly, because she already guessed Xing Jue origin, this youth does not understand anything, maybe he is a pesky who jumped into the lake and then following the flow and get inside a small hole, therefore fortunately arrived here.

    “I asked one last question, just now what did you see?” The young girl asked again, above her pure face, emerged a tense expression.

    “What can I see? I just came out from the water and suddenly sucked out from the water by powerful suction, and then see you, you treat me like a criminal, questioning me.” Xing Jue pretended a bewildered look, and also had some suffering from injustice, with calmness said.

    “Hey! Did you know that you have a catastrophe?” However the young girl gave a smile toward Xing Jue sour face, pointed her finger and said again.

    “Catastrophe?” After hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue somewhat puzzled.

    “He he, that’s right, this lake is not a simple lake, this is our Imperial Wind Pavilion protection pavilion array, unexpectedly you dare to take a bath at this place, you tell me, did you not created a big trouble?” The young girls said with a smile.

    Hearing about it, Xing Jue know that he have a big trouble, and listening this young girl words, obviously she is also Imperial Wind Pavilion person, and by this young girl strength, she is definitely not one of ordinary disciple, thinking about this, Xing Jue also starts to be anxious.

    “But, I can help you.” The young girl looking at Xing Jue tense look, after silent for a moment, said with a smile.

    “Help me?” After hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue unexpectedly replied.

    “Right, first about you enter this protection pavilion array, as long as I did not said it no one will know.”

    “Second, I can give you a recommendation letter, so you can smoothly to enter this Imperial Wind Pavilion to become outer disciple.” The young girl replied with a smile.

    “Beauty, what is your requirement?” Although Xing Jue do not understand why this young girl want to help him, but Xing Jue actually know, that she help him there must have a price. However at this situation, Xing Jue simply doesn’t have any choice, therefore Xing Jue extremely free and easy asked.

    After hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl did not immediately replied, but slowly bend her tender body, after looking at Xing Jue for a while, and give a naughty smiled, immediately said with a smile. “Hee hee, the requirement is that you become my boyfriend.”


    1.       1 zhang = 3.3 meters

  • Book 2 Chapter 19 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Imperial Wind Pavilion

    “What did you say? Say it again.” Xing Jue simply cannot believe his own ear, quickly asked again.

    “I said, I want you to be my boyfriend.” The young girl said with a smile.

    “Oh my God? Could it be that I am dreaming?” Xing Jue finally realized the young girl words, but he still showed expressions of disbelief. He hit his own head, and keep saying “Don’t wake up! Don’t wake up! such a beautiful dream, I do not want to wake up.”

    “Hey! Don’t try to fool me, I should warn you, being my boyfriend is very dangerous.” The young girl gently pat Xing Jue back head, and said with a smile.

    “Dangerous? Even if I die and become a ghost, I would still be amorous1.” hearing the young girl words, Xing Jue suddenly stand up, vows that he didn’t afraid, but his exposed body, only wearing white trousers that appear awkward, actually appear very vulgar.

    “No it is wrong, it is wrong, could be your boyfriend, I am not afraid any danger.” After said the words, Xing Jue realized that some of his word are improper, quickly change his statement.

    “This is also good enough” Seeing Xing Jue like this, the young girl is satisfied and give a smile.

    “You wait for me here, don’t go anywhere, otherwise if you get caught, I can’t save you.” The young girl said to Xing Jue, and then didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, she turned around and walk into the room in main hall.

    When the young girl come out again, her body already wore a beautiful pink dress, and after wearing the beautiful dress, she is simply like celestial spirit, appear more charming.

    “Wait for me to came back.” The young girl come out, only speak to Xing Jue, then directly walks toward outside the hall.

    “Wow, it’s so remarkable here.” After the young girl walks, Xing Jue shock that this hall very beautiful and very big, as to how big, you can say that you can put a small lake inside the hall, you said it how big it is?

    Looking at the luxurious hall in front of him, Xing Jue finally know that the status of this young girl is not simple, according what the young girl said this protected pavilion array is forbidden to enter, but this young girl actually dare to take a bath here, this is explain everything.

    However regarding the young girl identity, Xing Jue didn’t do too much guessing, this girl is too strange, just like guess through a mystery, therefore Xing Jue simply does not want to think, he directly  jump into the lake, and enjoy it.

    “Hey! You rather enjoy it pretty well.”While Xing Jue leisurely and carefree hovering on the water, the young girl pleasant voice actually once more resounds.

    “Hey Hey, my wife, did you come back?” After Xing Jue seeing the young girl come back, he quickly arrive at the shore, grinning said, looking at his appearance, as if this beautiful young girl really is his wife.

    “Pooh! Who did you call wife?” However after hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl eyebrows furrowed, unhappy shouted.

    “Isn’t it’s you who want me to be your boyfriend?” Xing Jue both hands are spread out, pretending to be innocent said.

    “Humph! Pretending to be my boyfriend is not wrong, but don’t call me wife.” the young girl eyebrows furrowed, unhappy shouted. Seeing the young girl get angry, Xing Jue immediately make compromise movement. Thinking she is just like unruly princess.

    Seeing Xing Jue compromise, from behind the young girl take out clothes, and throwing it to Xing Jue body, curled the lip said “Puts this on, don’t wandering in front of me looking like that.”

    “Cih! Do you think I want to be look like this?” using a voice only he can hear it, after make a complaint, Xing Jue quickly wear the clothes.

    “All right, this is recommendation letter for outer court, you take the recommendation letter to report.” After Xing Jue wearing the clothes, the young girl take out a blue envelope, give it to Xing Jue and said.

    “Why is recommendation letter for outer court? What I lost is recommendation letter for inner court.” Xing Jue read the blue envelope on his hand, curled the lip and said.

    “Why? You don’t want it? If you don’t want it, I will take it back.” hearing Xing Jue words, the young girl extend her soft small hands, unhappily said.

    “Want, I want it, I did not said I don’t want it.” Xing Jue quickly said.

    “Good, from where you come where go, did you call Xing Jue, right? Later I will look for you.” see Xing Jue receive her recommendation letter, the young girl wave her hand to allow the visitor out.

    “ You won't make me swim randomly at this bottom lake secret passage, right?” Seeing the young girl drove him away, Xing Jue open his mouth and said.

    “If you do not want to live, you can come out from this house front door.” The young girl point at the door at the main hall, unhappy said.

    “Oh! Ok, in order not to let you be a widow, I will go through the illegal road, Ha! Ha!” Xing Jue badly laugh, quickly jump into the water and swam toward the bottom lake with a high speed.

    “You… Humph!” When the young girl listens to the Xing Jue words and there is something wrong with it, Xing Jue already dived into the bottom lake, the young girl madly stamped her feet on the ground, she look so angry, but also appears extremely cute.

    At Floating Clouds Mountain, there are innumerable small lakes, at top of the lake located not far from Imperial Wind Pavilion, a small ripples are constantly spreading, a moment later, slowly appeared a pair of black eyes, after found out there is nobody around the lake, a youth quickly swim toward the shore, immediately ran toward distant place, and seemed like distressed youth, he is Xing Jue.

    “Damn! What a bad luck, take a bath at small lake unexpectedly make my recommendation letter for inner court is gone.” On the road to Imperial Wind Pavilion mountain, Xing Jue swearing. After going out from the lake, Xing Jue thinking of good luck, he looking for several lakes, wanted to retrieve his recommendation letter, but this Floating Clouds Mountain is really too big, after disappointed several times, Xing Jue finally decide to give up, therefore his face looked helpless and walking toward Imperial Wind Pavilion mountain.

    “However that young girl really beautiful, ah, does not know whether this is luck or curse, does not matter, first better I registered and then said again.” recalled the previous scene, Xing Jue feel very happy, but when thinking that young girl unexpectedly helped him, Xing Jue  feeling nervous.

    After several hour of walking, Xing Jue finally arrived at Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    And so this is the Imperial Wind Pavilion which is expected for a long time, finally into Xing Jue view.

    Looking at this magnificent building, Xing Jue can’t help feeling admire to this Imperial Wind Pavilion. In such steep mountain peak, unexpectedly can construct a luxurious palace, this is proves how great Imperial Wind Pavilion strength.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion, here I come.” Xing Jue didn’t care about other people looked, cheerfully shouted, along with everyone contemptuous eyes, facing that ten zhang2 high Imperial Wind Pavilion main door and walked.

    1.       Romance that worth dying for.

    2.       1 zhang = 3.3 M

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    Book 2 Chapter 20 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Want To Rob? Instead Being Rob!

    “Name, gender, age” outside the Imperial Wind Pavilion there is a counter for sign up, there is an old man with reading glasses, holding a pen and paper, looking at Xing Jue and said.

    “Xing Jue, male, 16” Xing Jue learned the tone of the old man, however answered with a smile, but actually in heart cursed, are you blind? Can't you see my gender?

    “Wear the robe, take this letter and go to that side to line up.” After Xing Jue learned his own tone, the old man is somewhat unhappy, but after seeing Xing Jue is smiling, it is not good to act violently, immediately stare coldly toward Xing Jue, take Xing Jue recommendation letter, take a robe from cupboard and finally throw the blue robe to the counter.

    After Xing Jue wearing blue long robe, then take the letter, arrives to the place that the old man said, he see a small square, sufficient for dozens disciple that wear blue long robe stand neatly, there is a small platform on the square, at this moment that platform is completely empty, after Xing Jue reorganized his robe, he is also enter the line.

    After half an hour under the sun, on the platform walked an old man, he wear a blue robe, but Xing Jue blue robe style and this old man wear actually somewhat different, it is the same as Feng Jizi wear, obviously he should be this Imperial Wind Pavilion outer elder.

    “First , on behalf Imperial Wind Pavilion, all of you welcome!” the old man said with a high tone, and said a lot of meaningful words, but these words makes Xing Jue want to sleep, don’t know how long, just like reciting chanting scripture, finally closed by disciples applause.

    Soon after Xing Jue and all the newcomer walked, they were arrange at outer court residence,to  settle down. Xing Jue is lucky enough to be assign to ten square meters single room, Xing Jue can conclude how is outer court disciple life, although this Imperial Wind Pavilion building is a dazzling sight, splendid and magnificent place. However their outer disciple residence area are still horrible to look.

    Opening the window, at the same time the disciple under the loft was just moved, in his heart there is a conclusion, here is like shantytown1. Raised his head not far away under night sky, appears a splendid luxurious palace, Xing Jue secretly complained, if not because he lost recommendation letter for inner court, perhaps he'll lived there.

    Ah…” with helpless sigh, Xing Jue closed the window, lying on the bed thinking about today adventure, because only that thing can make Xing Jue feel a little peaceful, this went on for half an hour, at Xing Jue mouth there is a small smile, and then fell asleep happily .

    The time passes by, a few hours later, the night sky at the east started to slightly light, and a new day arrives.

    Early morning at Imperial Wind Pavilion, can be describe bustling extraordinary, not only main court disciple, inner court disciple also among them, only at Xing Jue location outer court, has ten thousand disciples, this is what? In other words, this Imperial Wind Pavilion is very large city.

    “Thud Thud Thud”

    “Damn! Who is it? Early in the morning not sleeping, what do you want?” Xing Jue in the middle fond dreamed, awakened by rapid knock, with anger opening gate then loudly shouted.

    “E… that, today all new disciples will collect points, they said we must not be late.” In front of Xing Jue there is a young kid with glasses, somewhat timid said to Xing Jue, obviously he look like afraid of Xing Jue.

    “Oh! It’s embarrassing, I am sorry.” Hearing the words of this kid in front of him, Xing Jue is suddenly realize, today is the day to collect the points. He quickly apologized and said.

    Points in Imperial Wind Pavilion are like food coupon, for purchase Martial Skill, Cultivation Technique, even eat meal, need to spend some points, therefore this points are very important for Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.

    The points exchange pavilion, can be said the busiest place at outer court Imperial Wind Pavilion, because as outer court disciple, in addition here they can receive 300 points every month, the points can be obtain by carrying out the tasks, therefore not only new disciple, many old disciples will also come here to exchange their points.

    “Is this the point card?” Points exchange pavilion outside door, looking at his hand there is transparent crystal card, Xing Jue somewhat amazed said, and at Xing Jue point card is printed with 300 points. That is explain at Xing Jue point card has 300 points.

    After receiving the point card, Xing Jue then directly walk toward the cafeteria, whether practice or anything, first must filling the belly then can do anything.

    “Well isn't that Four Eyes?” When Xing Jue on the way to cafeteria, a familiar figure actually brought Xing Jue attention, at this moment at the corner of the road there are about six outer disciples, and in the middle of six people there is thin and small young boy, he is who this morning called Xing Jue to wake up he is Four Eyes.

    “Hey! Four Eyes, let’s eat together.” Xing Jue smiled at Four Eyes and shouted.

    “Xing Jue?” After Four Eyes looked up and saw Xing Jue, surprised said.

    “What? Is this kid your friend?” Among that six people, he is thin and tall and on his face there is blade scar. There is a grin on his face after looking at Xing Jue, asked to Four Eyes.

    “No, no, is not, I don’t know him.” Four Eyes quickly said that and start to give Xing Jue a signal with his eyes, so that Xing Jue quickly walked.

    How can Xing Jue not able to see clearly the situation, this Four Eyes are certainly in trouble.

    “Hey! What are you doing?” Xing Jue not only did not walk away, instead he come closer, disdainful looking at thin and tall disciple and said.

    “It’s nothing, the new comer need to pay protection fee, are you already pay it?” After the thin and tall disciple has sized up Xing Jue, harbor evil intention said. Xing Jue intentionally suppressed his aura, therefore the thin and tall disciple seeing that Xing Jue just a Preliminary Rank Martial Master.

    “Oh? You did not afraid that I will report you?” Xin Jue hearing the thin and tall disciple words, only know what exactly happened, this gang are actually mugger.

    “Ha Ha Ha, reporting? That if someone care about it.” thin and tall disciple suddenly laugh, as if he heard very funny joke. However that several disciples around him also laugh.

    “Oh, so nobody care right? In that case it would be easier to handle.” Seeing everyone expression, Xing Jue also said with a smile. Thought this Imperial Wind Pavilion of the unwritten rules are also more understanding.

    “Kid, you are actually very interesting, so be it, hand over 200 points, and today this elder brother will let you go.” This thin and tall disciple said with a smile.

    “Four Eyes? Did you give them your points?” Xing Jue does not pay any attention to the thin and tall disciple, instead looking at Four Eyes, just now suddenly found out that point card in Four Eyes hand only remained 0.

    Four Eyes did not spoke, only gently nod his head after silence a moment.


    Yet this movement unexpectedly stir up disaffection of that thin and tall disciple, he punch hard Four Eyes lower abdomen, Four Eyes painfully curled up on the ground, but didn’t dare to say something.

    Damn! You give your points to whom? Said it again.” Thin and tall disciple fiercely asked.

    “I give it to no one, it is me who spend it.” Four Eyes quickly said.

    “Look, he is a good example, you must learn from him.” The thin and tall disciple turned around to Xing Jue and said to him.”

    “Puff” but didn’t wait for him to say the words, Xing Jue heavy fists suddenly hit his ugly face, just one punch, that thin and tall man spouting a blood and extra three front tooth, falling heavily on the ground, and then fainted.

    “Damn! You are dead!” Seeing his brother being hit, nearby a slightly fat disciple trying to attack Xing Jue.

    “Pu-chi” only a simple and neat punch, this slightly fat disciple soon like thin and tall disciple fall on the ground.

    And the remainder few people, stand at the same place somewhat afraid looking at Xing Jue, must know that this two disciples are Intermediate Rank Martial Master, however in front of Xing Jue they simply does not have the strength to hit back, as Preliminary Rank Martial Master, they does not dare to attack.

    “All of you, each people give to Four Eyes 200 points, if not all of you will end up like them.” Xing Jue lower his body, from two men take out two point cards, saw above one card written 1200 points, another one written 2000, then Xing Jue taking his own point card brushed above it gently, that two point cards turned into 0, but Xing Jue point card turned into 3500.

    That several court disciples, then they quickly take their own point cards, each point card brushed 200 points, panicking take that two fainted disciples and then run away. Thought, this indeed a big lost.

    “Xing Jue, you…  Are you Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor?” Four Eyes looking at Xing Jue with disbelief said. Because Xing Jue suppressed his own cultivation, Four Eyes also thought that he is only Preliminary Rank Martial Master.

    However after seeing Xing Jue attack, Four Eyes then completely changed his mind, not using martial Qi, but can easily strike down two Intermediate Rank Martial Masters, at least his strength at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.

    Don’t look Four Eyes so weak, however his talent for practice extremely good.

    “Hey hey, Four Eyes at least you are Intermediate Rank Martial Master, how come you obediently give them your points? There is something wrong with your character.” Xing Jue take his point card and put it into pocket, Xing Jue said to Four Eyes with a smile

    “Yes, I will change later, Xing Jue, I invite you to eat, no it’s not right. These points are yours.” At Four Eyes hand there is point card written 1200, somewhat embarrassed said.

    “What is on your hands is yours, let’s go, I invited you to eat.” Xing Jue patted Four Eyes shoulder, then change direction and walked to the cafeteria, Four Eyes also quickly followed.

    “Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, it seems that this group of new disciples, arrived a guy with pretty good strength.”

    “Another competitor, should be removed as soon as possible.”

    “This is not necessary, he injured Zhao Wang subordinate, with Zhao Wang character, will definitely act.”

    After Xing Jue and Four Eyes leave, slowly come out two forms from the roadside. These two people unexpectedly are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor levels.

    1.       settlement of improvised housing, called shanties or shacks, made of plywoodcorrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes.

  • Book 2 Chapter 21 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Using You For Practice

    “Wow, Ha Ha, Just now that chicken wings are really delicious, Four Eyes how you even when eating so gentle? This is not good, I must teach you later.” Xing Jue walked on top outer pavilion path, and said to the nearby Four eyes.

    “Yes, by the way Xing Jue why not going to practiced pavilion first, instead go to Martial Skill pavilion first?” Four Eyes somewhat puzzled asked, in Imperial Wind Pavilion if they want to practice Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique, they must purchase it with points, but these Martial Skill are ridiculously expensive, therefore many people first go to practice pavilion to slaughter Demon Beast mission. After they accumulated certain amount points, they will look at Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique to Martial Skill pavilion, however Xing Jue actually go to Martial Skill pavilion to take a look first, this cause Four Eyes is very curious.

    “I would like to see is there any Martial Skill that I want.” Xing Jue said with a smiled, in fact, Xing Jue already know that this outer court definitely doesn't have as good as inner court martial skill, therefore Xing Jue didn’t plan to waste his points to purchase Martial Skill at outer court, the reason he must take a look at Martial Skill pavilion is to take a look is there “Soul Eater” Martial Skill at Outer Court.

    The two of them then arrived at Martial Skill pavilion, this Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill pavilion is not very big, compare to other places at Imperial Wind Pavilion, the flow of people are much less, everyone are intently looking for Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique for them self, this Martial Skill pavilion actually very harmonious.

    “Look like it’s not here.” Xing Jue carefully turned around, and didn't find that Soul Devouring shadow, although he already know there is a little hope to find this Soul Devouring Martial Skill here, but still he is a little bit disappointed.

    After all if he want to restore Soul Devouring Clan that formidable soul force, If he haven’t find that Soul Devouring, he simply can’t display this powerful Soul Power out, so now for Xing Jue, the most important thing is must find Soul Devouring first.

    “Xing Jue, did you find Cultivation Technique that you want?” At this moment Four Eyes also came back, arrives at Xing Jue side asking with a low voice, as if afraid to affecting other people, displayed Four Eyes timid style splendidly.

    “No, did you find it?” Xing Jue return to asked.

    “Yes, there are two Black Rank Preliminary Rank Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique that I liked, but those are too expensive, it actually took 5000 points.” Four Eyes helplessly said.

    “That’s right, what Martial Skill that you looking for Xing Jue?” Four Eyes suddenly curious again asked.

    “I also can’t explain, it’s a little bit special.” Xing Jue replied.

    “That, Xing Jue we better quickly go.” Four Eyes said after silent a moment.

    “What’s wrong?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled asked.

    “Just now I saw these two people that want to rob me, I suspected that they are following us.” Four Eyes nervously said.

    “Oh! It seems they never change, but this is also good, Four Eyes today I will teach you.” a Xing Jue eyes turn and badly said.

    “E…” However Four Eyes appeared somewhat uneasy.

    Just as expected, as Four Eyes said they are really being followed, after Xing Jue and Four Eyes go out from Martial Skill pavilion, they were being followed with two disciples, and this are two people of six man today.

    “Hey, kid, give that to me.” At this time, one of the man said to Xing Jue.

    “Is there something wrong?” When Xing Jue has turned around, Xing Jue found out that at this time outside the pavilion standing four disciple, two of them are who followed Xing Jue, there is also thin and tall man which is 3 front teeth by Xing Jue punched and fainted, however besides these three people there is also 2 meters man, strong and muscular man, and this man actually Advanced Rank Martial Master, the strong man looks like twenty years old, on his face there is long and thick beard, inside his eyes emits a strong desire to fight, need not too much thinking Xing Jue already guessed, this strong man definitely asked to help them.

    “Oh! Isn’t this the big brother who give me points? What's wrong? Are you regret giving me your points? Want to take it back?”

    “Hey, you said you are a kind man, want me to say how kind of you? Really doesn’t have any principle.” Seeing thin and tall man, Xing Jue intentionally teased.

    “You... stop talking nonsense, the points hand over!” The thin and tall man hearing Xing Jue mention about his tooth, get angry right away, therefore loudly shouted.

    “What if I don’t want to give it?” Xing Jue show a faint smile, disdain said.

    “Doesn’t want to give it, I will break your leg.” At this moment that strong man speak, his voice just likes a bull, muffled, quite ridiculous.

    “Oh? Do you want to try?” Xing Jue actually only cast a sidelong glance toward that guy, said it without feared.

    “Wang elder brother, be careful, this kid is strong.” lean forward at strong man ear quietly said.

    “Humph!” However the strong man coldly snort, his figure immediately move, just like a crazy buffalo, with a thumping sound, directly go toward Xing Jue.

    “Tiger Fist” several meters from Xing Jue, the strong man figure suddenly leap, immediately raise his right fist, martial Qi condenses in his right fist, the fist waves bring a strong winds, the strong winds roar like a tiger roar, toward Xing Jue severely smashed down. However facing strong man wild strike, on Xing Jue mouth there is ridicule smile, his figure slightly move, and then easily dodge this strike.

    Seeing Xing Jue dodge the attack, the strong man right arm make a turn, and once more smashed toward Xing Jue, but easily dodge by Xing Jue again, however the strong man keep waving his right fist, continue to hit Xing Jue, but each time about to hit, Xing Jue just keep dodge it with a good posture.

    These went out for several rounds, the strong man eyes were red, therefore his move become more ruthless and quicker, but in any case, unable to hit Xing Jue body.

    Four Eyes stand on the side, his arms on his chest, on his face there is happy expression looking at the good play, but in his heart actually secretly admire Xing Jue strength, Xing suppress his own strength, unable to show his Martial Ancestor strength, now Xing Jue strength only at peak Advanced Rank Martial Master. But is in this situation, unexpectedly Xing Jue can at ease evade  Advanced Rank Martial Master attack, obviously Xing Jue strength is not a joke.

    Compare to Four Eyes who looking at a good play, those three man simply stunned, at this time even a fool can see it, who is strong and who is weak, thin and tall man secretly complained, he want to bring a reinforcement, want to taught a lesson to these two kids, but now even the reinforcements  actually defeated.

    If it’s continue this way not need several rounds the strong man certainly defeated, if that happen naturally the one who suffer are them, but because they invite the strong man, they cannot abandon him and run away, they can only hope for luck, praying that the strong man can win, this is the only thing they can do.

    “Bang” with a loud sound, the strong man fist punch heavily to the ground, and above the surface is spread till rock, he make a big hole, thus it can be see this strong man Martial Skill actually very powerful.

    “Damn! Are you dare not to dodge?” The strong man constantly gasping, his face is sweating, angry toward Xing Jue and decided to shouted, constantly condense martial Qi in his arm, this is consume his physical strength.

    ”It’s not right, you are a big master, hit me a little kid, did you not dodge?” Xing Jue raise his shoulder, helplessly said.

    “You.” But this guy unexpectedly hearing Xing Jue words it's like having food stuck in the throat.

    “I’m what? Ok, Ok, I will let you standing still, let you hit me a punch, how about it?” Xing Jue said with a smile, thought to himself, this strong man interesting. Obviously there is flaw with his intelligence, does not know why this person can practice to such level.

    “Humph, tiger fist” The strong man is not polite, inspired by tiger, waved his right arm, just to displayed a same Martial Skill a moment ago, and then once more punch severely toward Xing Jue.

    But at this time Xing Jue did not dodged, and when strong man fist will hit, Xing Jue palm move slightly, a rich martial Qi instantaneously condensing in the right palm.

    “Bang” a palm and fist clash, with a loud noise, a small tornado and the two people at the centered spreads, a golden-colored martial Qi, even more clearly see at inside tornado, at this time even more large area draw in, it’s look attractive.

    “Humph! This little kid, die!” the tall and thin man looking at that small tornado, mockingly smiled. He is clear regarding the strong man Tiger Fist, That striking power have a strength of Black Rank Elementary level Martial Skill, but Xing Jue unexpectedly dare to receive this fist, therefore for the thin and tall man it’s look like Xing Jue is more unfortunate than fortunate.

    While waiting for the tornado subsided, those whose here beside Four Eyes, almost all of them are scared, they only see Xing Jue single hand grab the strong man fist, on his body did not have a scar, there is relaxed smile on his face, but looking at the strong man face, there is struggle, just like withstanding formidable oppression.

    “This is me.” Xing Jue show a faint smile, on his eye there is fierce expression, this actually make the strong man frightened.

    “Bang” a simple punch, does not contain any Martial Skill, an ordinary fist, but such a fist, make the two meters guy, fly to the air, and after glides through the air several meters, then heavily fall on the ground.

    “Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor” looked at the already severely wounded man, that thin and tall male extremely shocking said, at this time he finally found out that Xing Jue actually was Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.

    After hearing thin and tall man words, both guys at his side slump on the ground, Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor what is that mean? Even there are thousand disciples at outer court, but who already reach Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor only four people, and they all are this outer court powerful figure.

    They never think, that this new disciple, unexpectedly is Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, it seems like that this time they really bumped into the sheet iron.

    “Four Eyes, now is your turn.” Xing Jue gently slap his palm, said to Four Eyes with a smile, then looking at the thin and tall man.

    “Er... This…” after hearing Xing Jue words, Four Eyes then understands what Xing Jue mean, Xing Jue want him and thin and tall man have a duel? However he is naturally timid and coward, he actually didn’t dare to fight with people.

    “Hey! You fight with him, if you win then I will let you go.” Xing Jue said to the thin and tall man.

    “Really?” On that the thin and tall man face that originally frustrated, suddenly extremely excited said. Four Eyes for him is simply a piece of cake.

    “Yes, but there is a condition.” Xing Jue replied, but above his handsome face, there is sinister smiling face.

    “Er… What is the condition?” Thin and tall male extremely restless asked, even his voice trembled.

    “That is not allow to fight back.” Xing Jue silent for a moment, slowly said.

    After hearing Xing Jue words, not only the thin and tall man, and that two man, even Four Eyes is stupid, but not allowed to fight back, Isn’t it just act as sandbag for people to beat?

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    Book 2 Chapter 22 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    WinThe First Prize

    “Xing Jue, better forget about it.” Four Eyes slowly walked before arrived at thin and tall male body, after silent a moment, turned his head and timidly said to Xing Jue.

    “Four Eyes, do you want to continue being like this? If you can’t protect yourself, how can you protect your family, in the end why did you practice? Don’t tell me that you are going to continuously being coward like this?” Xing Jue loudly shouted to Four Eyes, he was really angry.

    “I” Four Eyes didn’t said the words that he want to speak, but lowered his head silence, tightly gripping his fist, it seems very unwilling, gradually at the corner of his eyes, there is slightly a tears. His character followed him too long, and it’s really hard to change, even thought he also want to change, but he really can’t do it.

    “Er…, this little brother, this is not me who didn't let him hit me, but he didn't dare to hit.” thin and tall man politely said.

    “Get Lost!” Xing Jue clearly said to thin and tall man, and shouted loudly.

    But thin and tall man is not talking, because he can feel Xing Jue anger, therefore quickly bring that two man to run away in a hurry, but actually secretly thought “Damn! Wait for me to take Boss look for you, actually you are only a small character, but unexpectedly you are Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, such opponent, Boss will never allow him to develop, you kid will be dead.” The thin and tall male already made the decision, his steps getting faster and faster.

    “Four Eyes, I do not have a coward like you as a friend.” Xing Jue slowly came to Four Eyes side, looking at Four Eyes that sobbing unceasingly said. Then walk off without second thought for those left behind.

    “Xing Jue, I’m sorry.” looking at Xing Jue figure that going far away, Four Eyes only said in a low voice.

    Outside the practice pavilion, definitely the hugest building at Imperial Wind Pavilion, it covers 1 million meters area, and divided into three layers, from afar it looks like a giant fortress, giving an indestructible feeling.

    At the interior of practice pavilion, in the middle is an extremely spacious main hall, and around the main hall there are dense and numerous rooms, each room does not have any window, only a large iron gate, and these iron gates are being made by thousand years profound irons, such iron gate, even powerful Martial Ancestor unable to easily break it. The reason why to have such gate, that is because inside these rooms, separately control a Demon Beast.

     Demon Beast at Sky Martial Continent are extremely powerful, Demon Beast can also practice like human, therefore some high rank Demon Beast spirit and wisdom is not weaker than human, even they can change into human form, however these Demon Beast are equivalent to human race, they are terrifying top powerful existence.

    At this practice pavilion, the disciples practice method is to kill these Demon Beast, because in the past the Imperial Wind Pavilion master believe, only have constant fight at the risk of one's life in order to stimulate a person potential, can continue to become strong, therefore they create this kind of practice.

     As long as can you can successfully kill the Demon Beast, then inside the room can obtain a corresponding certificate, and this certificate can be exchanges with points. Furthermore at each room on the iron gate there is a posts, on the post written demon beast rank, as well as the reward.

     “Oh wow! There are so many people.” At practice pavilion main hall, Xing Jue surprised said. After Xing Jue and Four Eyes quarrel, he came here, first he want to temper his own fighting skill, second he want to vent anger in his heart, however there are too many people here, even the entrance of each room was shining with a red light, this explained that there is someone occupied this room.

     Without choice, Xing Jue had to go to the second floor, at the corner of second floor, a room with green light attracted Xing Jue.

    “Oh? How can this room did not post any notice.” Xing Jue arrives at the door, looking at the empty iron gate curiously said.

     “What the hell, there is no one to occupy it, so let’s snatch it.” Xing Jue turned around to take a quick look, there are numerous dense crowd await to enter the practice room, whether he want it or not he directly push the switch to open the door. After the profound iron gate open, then emerge a blue light enchantment, however this is a method to prevent that Demon Beast to run away.

    “Yes, not bad, this should be the enchantment, this is the first time I see it.” Xing Jue looking at the brilliant enchantment in front of him, secretly surprised said. 

     “Hey! What are you doing? You can’t enter this place!” at this time a disciple, run toward Xing Jue with extremely quick speed, and loudly shout, which looks like Xing Jue snatched his money.

     “Damn! Elder brother this already open, do you want to fight for it.” Xing Jue seeing that man crazy style, he guessed that this kid want to snatch the room, to hold it or not to hold it, finally he beautifully dodge and get in. The room gate instantly fall.

     That disciple run to the gate, looking at the red light is already on, his face instantly become white, large sweat continuously flow down. After ponder a moment, he turn around and then run off.

     Certainly not long after that disciple ran off, an elder holding a sheet of paper post, leisurely walked to Xing Jue front gate, when he preparing paste the notice on the profound iron gate, suddenly shocked by the red light that already on. Looking at red light that already on, the elder happy face instantly change, suddenly loudly shouted “Wang Qiang, you get the hell out!”

     However his loudly shouted, captured the attention surrounding disciples to come over, it’s not strange if ordinary disciple shouted loudly, but if an elder looks like this, indeed lose some manners.

     Therefore everyone guessed something must have happened, one by one they curiously gathered.

     At this time a young outer court disciple, nervously come out from the crowd, ran in front of the elder and humbly said "Master, what's wrong?"

    “Pa” After the elder seeing the youth, not saying any further suddenly there is a sound of slap, this slap is make the youngster confused, it doesn't make any sense.

    “What happened, you take a look that light, I want you to guard here, don’t let people in, you want me to die?” The elder pointing the gate red lamp angrily shouted.

    “I... I… Let me take a look clearly.” The youth looked tightly close, and the red light that shines at the gate, make him immediately stunned, at this moment even his voice trembling.

     “Humph! Wait a moment I will take care of you!” The elder take a quick glance toward the youth, he throw the notice on his hand toward the youth face, then turned to leave.

    At this moment the youth slumped on the ground, his eyes dull, and his face white, just like terminally ill patient.

     However at this moment there are a large crowd stand in circle and watch, some busybodies picked up the notice at the youth's side, read it : All disciples pay attention, what is kept in here, called Strong Wind Monkey a Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, this Demon Beast is extremely dangerous, please all disciples do not enter, this is for the elder to deal with.

    “Oh my God! Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, isn’t it equal to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor strength.” After reading content on the notice, that disciple suddenly raised his head and surprised said.

    “Is there someone inside? He is going to die right?”

    “Who is it? What a bad luck.”

    “Oh my God, Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, if anyone inside it, no more than a minute can be ripped into pieces.” after knowing the content on the notice, everyone start to talk about it.

     However, what kind of turmoil outside, Xing Jue naturally does not know, at the moment he step into the boundary, Xing Jue only feel a formidable suction wrap him, and when he open his eyes again, he is already inside the room, the room is not very big, only about hundred square meters or so, all four sides of the wall is cast by profound iron, however at this moment at the corner of room, there is a dark green monkey Demon Beast is curled up.

    “No wonder no one here, this Demon Beast is too thin, the bonus must be low and poor.” Xing Jue looking that thin Demon Beast at the corner, his brow slightly wrinkle, somewhat disheartened said.

     “Ah! Never mind, better quickly settle it.” helplessly scratched his head, Xing Jue then prepares to walk toward that Demon Beast.

     When Xing Jue just lifted his right foot, Demon Beast suddenly lifted his head, and two scarlet red blood eyes, bringing rich murderous aura looking at Xing Jue, after seeing that pair scarlet red blood eyes, Xing Jue feeling cold on his back, in his heart shouted this is not good.

    “Bang” with explosion sound, with numerous illusory images, Strong Wind Monkey instantly then appear in front of Xing Jue body, using that sharp knife-like steel claw, scratch toward Xing Jue chest, because the speed is too fast, Xing Jue can’t see clearly Strong Wind Monkey movement, he only see white flash, Xing Jue secretly shouted not good, subconsciously dodged to the left.

     Afterwards Xing Jue fall to the ground, only to find at this moment his chest left behind three shallow bloodstains.

    “So fast!” Looking to the front that Strong Wind Monkey constantly licked the blood on it nail, at this moment Xing Jue is not longer dare to be careless.

     “Bang” once again there is a sound of explosion, Strong Wind Monkey with lightning speed rushed toward Xing Jue, but this time Xing Jue already prepared.

     “Hit it!” Xing Jue angrily shouted, a fist covered with martial Qi swept toward Strong Wind Monkey direction, suddenly shot out.

    “It miss?” First strike come out, Xing Jue know this is not good, because he felt that his fist did not hit Strong Wind Monkey, he quickly tip toe, his figure jump upwards, and then fly backward.

    ”Shua la la” Sure enough, at Xing Jue just stand actually appeared three incredibly deep claw marks, and next to the claw marks there is Strong Wind Monkey, at this moment that bloody eyes staring at Xing Jue.

     “Damn! Did this fellow just escape my attack?” Xing Jue just landing, then quickly backward, in the heart secretly said, just now he is obviously hit near it’s body, so this fellow can dodge it? It’s speed is too terrifying.

    “Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss” 

     Just when Xing Jue admire Strong Wind Monkey speed, unexpectedly Strong Wind Monkey make the unusual cry, at the same time it’s body also start tremble fiercely, and the tremble speed getting more and more fast,  finally it entire body become a vague shadow of monkey.

     “Awful, this fellow displaying it’s skill” Xing Jue seeing Strong Wind Monkey that tremble fiercely, in his heart know this is bad, this beast have extraordinary skill, because Xing Jue already hear, although Demon Beast unable change into human form before practice Martial Skill, but Demon Beast has innate skill.

  • Book 2 Chapter 23 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]

    Powerful Soul Force

    Seeing the situation is getting bad, Xing Jue suddenly lift his right palm, a massive military Qi quickly gather together, instantly Xing Jue right hand sent out radiant rays of light, along with his advance from Preliminary Rank Martial Master level until now, Xing Jue control for Biting Wind Palm is getting more and more skilled.

    But when Xing Jue prepare to launch the attack to Snow Wind Monkey, it suddenly disappear, without any sound, without warning, without any movement, disappear from it’s original place.

    “Damn!” seeing the Snow Wind Monkey disappear, he quickly change his move, but when Xing Jue about to flee, he see a white light flash through, Xing Jue just feel his right hand numb, fresh blood sprayed on Xing Jue face, because of the pain, Xing Jue right hand that condensed Biting Wind Palm, instantly disappear.

    “Shua” didn’t wait for Xing Jue reaction, a white light flash through, on Xing Jue chest appeared a bloodstain.

    “Shua… Shua… Shua” With the sound of flesh being torn, Xing Jue unable to make any counterattack, only feeling numb from his body, and he can clearly feel massive of blood constantly flowing out from his body.

    With his blood constantly flow, Xing Jue began to feel dizzy, his consciousness beginning to become more blurred.

    “Am I going to die?” Xing Jue looking at the white light that constantly flash, both of his eyes are unable to support, muttering said.

    “No, I can’t die!”

    “I still have a lot of thing must do.”

    At this time in Xing Jue mind started to reappears some pictures.

    He saw a child on the street side begging, he was so lonely and pitiful.

    He saw when he become a new blood at Xing Clan, and bitterly cultivate also his own effort to forge ahead.

    He saw when he was abandoned by Xing Clan and unwilling to degrade.

    He saw because of Old Feng help he can have his own self-confidence fully rebirth.

    “I can’t die, I can’t die, I can’t die like this!” With the memory passage, Xing Jue suddenly shouted, and a powerful soul Qi also come out from his body like a storm, finally wrapped Xing Jue body.

    “Creak creak creak creak” after discovered a change from Xing Jue, Snow Wind Monkey quickly withdraw, looking at that dark colored soul Qi, in that cruel eyes, unexpectedly revealed a frightened expression.

    After a moment a black colored soul Qi, starts to integrate within Xing Jue body, and with constantly influx of Qi, Xing Jue scar that just being made by Snow Wind Monkey, started to heal, his already pale face unexpectedly start to show some vigor.

    “So strong, is this my Devouring Soul Clan soul force?” Xing Jue feeling that his body has been restored to the best condition, Xing Jue could not help feeling excitement in his heart, excitedly said.

    Not only can heal his wounds, it also can increase his strength, such a powerful strength.

    “Creak creak creak creak” after seeing the dark colored soul Qi disappear, this panicked Snow Wind Monkey, once again appear a cruel expression.

    “Oh? It seems like you can’t last long in that state.” looking at the normal state Snow Wind Monkey, Xing Jue said with a smile.

    “Bang” with explosion sound, Snow Wind Monkey once more berserk toward Xing Jue, however Xing Jue not dodge, his right hand clench, rays of light extremely fast condensed.

    “Swish” It is not accident, once more there was deep bloodstain on Xing Jue chest by Snow Wind Monkey, but when Snow Wind Monkey successfully attack and prepare to retreat, it’s right arm suddenly grab by Xing Jue .

    “Go to hell!” his left hand grab Snow Wind Monkey right arm, on his right hand successfully condensed Biting Wind Palm, Xing Jue without slight hesitation and did not care about Snow Wind Monkey panicked look, aimed at that monkey chest and then mercilessly shot out.

    “Bang” With a dull thumping sound, blood sprays from Snow Wind Monkey chest, this extremely violent Snow Wind Monkey, at this time already turned into a corpse, only leaving behind it’s chest penetrated by the palm mark.

    At this time outside Xing Jue room, already gathered several hundred people, this are some meddlesome disciples. Every one of them right in the middle of intense discussion about Xing Jue life and death, and even some people are imitate monks, start to perform religious ceremonies for Xing Jue, as if Xing Jue already dead.

    “Get out of the way, get out of the way” At this time from outside the crowd there is a voice shouted loudly, all the people quickly out of the way, from the crowd come out three elders dressed in long robe.

    Among the three elders, one is the elder who bring the notice, and at his side, there is a white haired elder with a purple medal on his chest. He is outer court Imperial Wind Pavilion the steward in pavilion, outer court Great Elder, he is an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.

    “Great Elder, this is the room.” The one who was taking is the elder who bring the notice, he was pointing at the profound iron gate and respectfully said toward Great Elder.

    Because of this profound iron gate, as long as the red light turn on, it is unable to open from outside, either open it from inside or to force it open, therefore after the elder found out there is something wrong, he quickly asked the Great Elder to come.

    “Yes.” Great Elder lightly snort, then he arrived at the profound iron gate, his right fist slightly raised, by naked eye alone it can clearly be see a golden yellow martial Qi, just like big winds, extremely fast move to his right fist, and an extremely terrifying strength also come out from his right fist.

    “Wow! Is this Martial Sovereign strength?”

    “So strong.” the surrounding disciple looked at the Great Elder that constantly condense the martial force to his fist. Every one of them open their eyes wide, excitedly said.

    “Everybody move back, everybody move back.” At this time, from behind the Great Elder there is an elder that appear in front of the disciples, and all the people quickly move back, afraid of being wounded by the waves.

    “Bang” Just when the Grand Elder prepare to attack this profound iron gate and break it to pieces, the closed profound iron door suddenly opened.

    Looking at the profound iron gate that continually rising up, all the people is looked shocked.

    “Is that kid still alive?” Suddenly some people quietly said.

    “Impossible, that Demon beast was equal to an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.” Immediately some people retorted. And everybody also made the sound of approval.

    At this time the profound iron gate completely opened, leaving only a light blue enchantment, looking at the wiggle enchantment, everybody heart almost raise to the throat, even a peaceful heartbeat can clearly be heard.

    “Wow! My, it so lively here.” However under everybody shocking eyes, a youth come out from the enchantment, his whole body covered with blood, bared with white tooth, a face with bright smiling face looking at the people said.

    However at this time the most attractive thing to the crowd is not his ridiculous condition, but unexpectedly at his right hand actually dragging out a Snow Wind Monkey corpse.

    “Snow Wind Monkey!” The elder who bring the notice seeing the Demon Beast corpse that Xing Jue hand drags out, loudly shouted.

    “No... No... It can't be? He killed Snow Wind Monkey?”

    “Oh my God, this is incredible!” When the elder voice drop, a large unbelievable voice began to sound out among the crowd.

    “Young man, did you killed this Snow White Monkey?” The Great Elder who is standing near the gate, said to Xing Jue with a smile, and give all the people pleasant feeling.

    “Yes, did it call Snow Wind Monkey? Oh, who is responsible for this room? For a long time I looked for that so-called certificate, and finally had to drag it out, waste a long time, the collect division can make clear about the killed right?” Xing Jue shouted at the Great Elder.

    “Don’t be impolite, this is outer court Great Elder.” At this time an elder came forward and shouted out loud.

    “Great Elder, What happened? Then he can also make clear about the kill right?” Xing Jue clearly said to that elder, he twitch his mouth and said.

    “Oh that’s right Great Elder, how many points this Demon Beast can be exchange?” And then with a smiled on his face, respectfully say to the Great Elder. This attitude extremely contrast between both the elders, nearly make that elder annoyed.

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha, Good kid, a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, unexpectedly can killed a beast that equal to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor Demon Beast, I like this kid.” Suddenly the Great Elder laugh and said. Obviously he is very satisfied toward this unfamiliar disciple.

    “Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor?” After hearing the Great Elder praised, all the disciples mouth simultaneously turned into big o, they looked surprised at Xing Jue, so young but already Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, from this outer court, he should be the only one, right?

    “It turns out a Late Stage Ancestor Rank Demon Beast, so that’s why it is so strong.” Xing Jue while walked on the road, playing with point cards that written 10.000 points in his hand, he excitedly said.

    Because that Snow Wind Monkey just stored here, therefore it have not set how much is the reward, but the Great Elder actually orders the elder in point place to directly brush 10.000 points to Xing Jue point card, right now Xing Jue can be said a wealthy young man.

    “Hey, what are they doing?” Xing Jue excitedly went to the house where he lived, unexpectedly at this time outside the loft he found out there are his two roommates anxious standing out of the door. He secretly thought that these two boys what are they doing today beside chat idly all day?

    “Xing Jue, Xing Jue is came back!” At this moment one of the keen-eyed disciple, saw Xing Jue, therefore he directly shouted to Xing Jue.

    “What's wrong?” Xing Jue arrived at the loft and asked.

    “Xing Jue, you certainly come back, you must quickly look at Four Eyes!” Another disciple quickly said to Xing Jue. During the talked he held Xing Jue hand, Pulling Xing Jue to walk out.

    “Release me, I don’t want to see him!” Xing Jue heard about Four Eyes, the anger in his heart then once again erupted, he shake his right arm and then directly released that disciple hand, he didn’t care about that disciple emotion and then directly walked toward his own room.

    “Xing Jue, you have to look at him, Four Eyes, he might be almost can't walk.” That disciple said to Xing Jue with a pleading voice.

    “What did you say?” After hearing those words, Xing Jue immediately startled, he quickly asked.

    “At the afternoon, there are group of people looking for you, we said that you are not here, they didn't believe it, and wanted us to bring you back.”

    “We refused, but they started to attack, we want to resist but there are a lot of them, we are simply not their match.”

    “Afterward Four Eyes is back, seeing we are under attacked, he soon start to attacked them, of course Four Eyes is very awesome.”

    “However unexpectedly one of them is Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, that guy is too fierce, he broke Four Eyes leg in one moved.”

    “Before leaving, they leave some words, he wanted you to go to the life and death stage at noon tomorrow, or they will break all of our legs.” That disciple talked with tears flow out.

    They are just become new disciple, beside previously all of them was young masters of big clan, although their cultivation is good, but actually they never experienced a real battle, today they seeing a situation that hard to avoid, they become afraid.

    “Where is Four Eyes now?” Heard about it, Xing Jue know what exactly happened, thought that he must help them to take a revenge, so he quickly asked.

    “At medical pavilion” That disciple replied.

    “Damn!” After Xing Jue hear medical pavilion words, he turned around and rush away, in the heart continuously grieved “Four Eyes, don’t let anything happen to you.”

  • Thanks for translating this novel. I have been wanting to read it for a long time but it has never had the attention (I think) it deserves. You're the most constant translator that has picked up this proyect so far and I have high expectations since I love MGA. My best wishes from Mexico
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    @shianthiestrada-x :Thank you... :) :)  

    Book 2 Chapter 24 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]


    Xing Jue anxiously went into the medical pavilion, and he found out that there are injured disciples everywhere. Xing Jue casually swept his eyes, there are a lot of injured disciples, in the heart mused “It looks like this Imperial Wind Pavilion really not a peaceful place.” Because Xing Jue saw from their scars that most of the people here were injured by Martial Skill.

    However because of too many injured disciple, Xing Jue simply could not find Four Eyes, until that two roommates coming, he finally found the place where Four Eyes being treated, but at this time Four Eyes is comfortable lying down asleep inside the room.

    “Elder, is he all right?” Xing Jue anxiously asked the medical elder at the room.

    “There is nothing serious, only flesh wound, now you can take him away.” The elder said to Xing Jue with a smile, and then turned around and walked out from the room.

    “This is all you said, is it possible that you can’t see it?” Xing glance coldly, previously Xing Jue want to talk about the disciples who injured Four Eyes, Four Eyes injuries is very serious, just liked a person who already die.

    “Hey Hey, I am afraid you didn’t want to come.” However this disciple scratch his head, he is a little embarrassed and then said hey with a smile.

    “Xing Jue, you came?” At this moment Four Eyes suddenly awake because of Xing Jue voices, after waking up, he quickly held up his body, want to get out of bed.

    “Four Eyes don’t move.” Seeing Four Eyes want to get up, Xing Jue quickly arrive at Four Eyes bedside to support Four Eyes,said with concern.

    “I’m fine, it just flesh wound, the doctor said in several days I will be fine.” Four Eyes said with a smile to Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue looking at Four Eyes broken leg, he did not speak, but smiled, actually Xing Jue blame himself, if only four eyes not put Xing Jue words in his heart, Four Eyes would not heavily injured.

    “Four Eyes, I will carry you on my back.” After silent a moment, Xing Jue slowly carry Four Eyes, they walked toward the loft where they lived.

    They actually live in the worst place at outer court, naturally there are plenty people at here, but at this moment at the loft where Xing Jue lived, has stood dense and numerous crowd.

    “Why so many people there?” Xing Jue looked at the crowd in front of him, he asked.

    “Did they come again?” A disciple said with fears.

    “Humph! That would be the best.” Xing Jue does not have any slightest sense of fear, and speed up his footsteps toward the crowd.

    “Get out, get out, get out”

    “What are you doing?” Xing Jue can’t get in, after approaching the crowd he actually find out that in front of their loft, unexpectedly there are several hundreds of disciples, and these guys occupied the entire small venue.

    “Xing Jue is back.” when he rushed through the crowd, there is a disciple who live at the same place as him with a loud voice yell.

    However after hearing two words Xing Jue, all this people envy, even some of them had worship eyes toward Xing Jue, and start talking.

    But Xin Jue can't understand, even more after look every one of them, in his mind, he upset, he thought what the hell all of you doing?

    “Xing Jue, you are too powerful, I extremely worshipped you.” Without waiting for Xing Jue reaction, there are two girls who rushed over from the crowd, they grab Xing Jue's arms and keep shake left and right, and from time to time give a meaningful look to Xing Jue, did not care about Four Eye safety on Xing Jue's back.

    However Xing Jue is still in daze, didn’t know what is going on, for a moment unexpectedly he don't know what good thing had happened.

    “Impudent!” Suddenly there is a voice sounded at the door, he decided to look, it turns out an outer court elder.

    Seeing there is an elder standing in front of his door, Xing Jue feels there is something’s wrong, how could there be an outer elder at this common place? Is this because he take other disciples points to be reported? That's not right, if this really about he take other points were reported, then why all these people also worship him like this?

    “Xing Jue little friend, wait you for a long time.” Suddenly that elder face become gentle and said with a smile toward Xing Jue, he looks very polite.

    “Elder, is there something did you want?” Asked Xing Jue.

    “There are some people looking for you, we entered the room first and then talked about it.” The Elder said with a smile, and then entered the room.

    Without choice Xing Jue forced to put down Four Eyes at his back, after tidy up his robe, he followed the elder and go inside.

    However if not go in it doesn't matter, but going inside indeed frightening, at this moment inside the hall at Xing Jue small loft, there are dozens elders sitting, and two of them are familiar faces.

    What makes Xing Jue feel confused was that every one of them bring various gifts on their hands, and after seeing Xing Jue, unexpectedly they all come up and eager attentively surround him, this time Xing Jue stunned.

    “Okay, all elders, don't frightened Xing Jue little friend.” at this time suddenly one of the elder spoke. He is the elder who bring the notice at practice pavilion.

    “Xing Jue little friend please sit down first.” That elder suddenly said with a smile.

    “Doesn’t know what all of the elders want from me?” Xing Jue also not courteous, also take a sit at one of the chairs and asked.

    Although everybody here are elders, but speaking about their strength they mostly at Martial Ancestor level, therefore Xing Jue doesn't afraid of them.

    “Actually, all of us come and have common goals, that is to try take Xing Jue little friend as a disciple.” That elder at practice pavilion giving a face to Xing Jue said.

    Actually at this Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court, there are more than 20,000 disciples, and there are also more than 1000 elders, and most of these elders are also disciples of this outer court, because of they can’t enter the inner court, and their age also gradually increases, then after their strength reached Martial Ancestor they applied to become an elder.

    And practice at Imperial Wind Pavilion relatively free, and it doesn’t have any rule who is master or who is disciples, everybody practices respectively, while elders only need to protect order at outer court.

    However if disciple and elder have a fate, they can do a ceremony as master and disciple, just like Feng Jizi and Lu Zhan. However these elders are naturally also want to take an outstanding disciple.

    Today Xing Jue at practice pavilion killed that Late Stage Ancestor Demon Beast, already make all outer court boil with praise, therefore all outer court elders who have not accepted disciples, then try to touched Xing Jue heart, and even personally came here to take Xing Jue as disciple, after all can take an outstanding disciple, is a matter that everyone hope.

    “Oh? This is really embarrassing, I already have a master.” Xing Jue firmly refused.

    “I don’t care even if you already have a master.” At this moment, an elder suddenly loudly said.

    “I don’t care either.” An elder also quickly said, followed by more nods from the other elders, to show approval, these people as if join in competition to get the treasure, compete to get Xing Jue.

    “But I care.” Xing Jue helplessly shaking his head simply replied. In his heart thought this group of old fogies, your highest strength is Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, unexpectedly want to receive me to as disciple? What will you all give to me? Really shameless.

    “Er...” As expected, after Xing Jue directly said these words all the people choked could not speak.

    “Humph! Ungrateful!” Finally some people unable to bear Xing Jue arrogance, turned around to leave, and after him all the people also leave, even from some of the people mouths were whispering a bad language, completely doesn't have capacity as an elder, make Xing Jue not to know whether to laugh or cry.

    After the elders go out, there is still one person has not departed, this person age not very old, a middle-aged man.

    “Elder, why are you not leaving?” Xing Jue sized him up, and then asked with a smiled.

    He thought, why does this man become an elder, according to his age, if he properly try hard, at this Imperial Wind Pavilion should still very promising, why he want to be outer court elder?

    “Ha Ha, I know what Xing Jue little friend think about, they are only group of ordinary people, at Martial Ancestor levels, want to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple, looking at Xing Jue little friend potential, in the future when Xing Jue little friend will enter inner court, they as the master can received a lot of benefit. Therefore Xing Jue little friend refused them, it is still reasonable.”

    “But I am different, because I don’t want to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple, but represents a person to take Xing Jue little friend as disciple.” this middle-aged elder slowly said, and on his face always fill with an arrogant aura.

    “Who is this person that elder said?” Xing Jue is somewhat curious asked.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion inner court Second Elder.” middle-aged man eyebrow raised, confidently said to Xing Jue. As if after Xing Jue heard this name, he will certainly agree.

    “It is not I Xing Jue is arrogant, but I already have a master.” Xin Jue decisively refused said.

    “But Second Elder is a Martial God.” after hearing Xing Jue rejection, that middle-aged elder quickly compliment said.

    “Oh? It seems like elder did not understand what I mean, I don’t care about strong or weak, but I really can’t take another master.” Xing Jue decisively said.

    Actually, because of that Second Elder status, Xing Jue also quite excited, after all sooner or later Xing Jue must enter inner court, and take inner court second elder as master, then it goes without saying he can enjoy special treatment.

    However Xing Jue gratitude toward Old Feng too serious, although Old Feng can’t teach Xing Jue, but without Old Feng words, there will be not exist the present Xing Jue, therefore Xing Jue since that day take Old Feng as a master, and then secretly decided that from now on will only have Old Feng as a master.

    “Ha Ha, actually I also admire Xing Jue little friend respect toward your master, however this is indeed a rare opportunity for you, what if Xing Jue little friend consider about it?” That elder still with a smile said.

    “Does not need to consider, this matter is really won't do.” Xing Jue is slightly helpless said.

    “Oh? In that case, I only hope that Xing Jue little friend, don’t regret it.” Hearing that Xing Jue rejected him once more, that elder face finally tense, then coldly said. Then he walked away elegantly.

    “Escort the elder” Xing Jue stand up and loudly say, on his immature face does not have a slightest scared look.

    After the elder walked away, Four Eyes and all quickly come in, even a disciple who Xing Jue did not know want to come to join, but the door was forcefully closed by Four Eyes.

    “Xing Jue, how is it? Which elder did you pick?” Four Eyes is very excited even without people help to carry him on the back, unexpectedly he jump with one leg, he jumped to Xing Jue side, smiling and asked.

    Because outside the door he already knew about Xing Jue matter. Inside his heart he secretly admired Xing Jue strength, he is also very curious can or cannot Xing Jue request them to be his master.

    “I am not taking any one of them.” Xing Jue pick up the tea on the table, after finish a drink, he said with a smile.

    “It can’t be? Xing Jue, how many people want to be an elder disciple, but the elder doesn’t want to accept, but you actually easy to get it, and all of them come but you ignore it?” A Preliminary Rank Martial Master disciple, somewhat unbelievable said.

    “What do you know? With Xing Jue Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, sooner or later he can enter the inner court, not to take this group of old fogies is correct.” Four eyes actually on behalf of Xing Jue said.

    “Er.., but also ah… he he.” After that disciple hearing Four Eyes words, instantly react, as a result he can only he he smiled.

    “Okay, all of you get a rest, tomorrow I will take all of to watch a good show.” Xing Jue put down the tea cup on the table, and then walked toward his own room.

    Return to the room he open the window, he found out that the sky gradually getting dark, Xing Jue is looking at not too far away grand palace, muttering said "she certainly at that place.”

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