War God Asura

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Book 1 Chapter 1 [Rebirth Of Talent]

Abandon Talent

            In Sky Martial Continent , everybody practice Martial Path. Each high-level "Martial Master" are the common  people respected the most, because of this many people have to become a Martial Artist and began to practice hard.

But God makes the people , not everyone has a martial arts and have the qualifications to become Martial Master, even if you make a lot of effort, if your body  doesn’t  have "Qi Sea", then they will never become a Martial Master.

Qi sea not means innate and not acquired by practice, usually Qi sea will take a form in 12 to 15 years old, among 100 people only one can form Qi sea. For this reason, many Martial Path aristocratic families, to prevent the decline of the family, will seeks child who have the potential to be trained, and the child is being called "new blood", in  the Yunzhong City there is this kind of Martial Path aristocratic family.

At this moment in the family practicing field , gathering one group of youth, they are the fresh blood of this family, at this time a young man become  the center of attention on stage competition in practice field , a black clothed boy  bends down to squat in the place, in the mouth puffs unceasingly, at the corner of the mouth has a bloodstain.

                “Xing Jue , just give up, you  are not my match” white clothing youth both hands hold the arm, wear a look of ridiculed said to the black clothed youth.

“I am not finished yet , how do you know?” After hearing the words of white clothing youth, the black clothed youth lifted the head slowly, with a lot of effort cleaning  the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth , with a face refuse to give up said “ Oh? Such being the case, then today I will make you know how big the difference between you and me.” hears the black clothed youth refused to admit defeat, on the face of white clothing youth a sneering smile disappear, and then walk slowly towards the black clothed youth, in the right fist a layer of light gas condensation  rapidly.

"Well, just as I intended" to see the white clothes youth came forward, the black clothes youth shouted loudly and  then immediately  stood up, and with great speed attack toward the white cloths youth.

Facing black clothed youth  who seize to come, the white clothing youth not dodged, but soon the black clothes youth approaching , in the corner mouth of black clothes youth appear a sneering smiles, immediately bang a fist, this fist not hit directly to black clothes youth, but the invisible Qi finally hit on the black clothes youth body.

“Puff” After the hit, a blood was spouted from the mouth.  The body just likes a kite of broken line, flying upside down to go, finally landed on the ground.

“Is this the strength of Qi ?” After the black clothed youth falls to the ground, covering the chest  the whole face surprise and said in a low voice.

“Now you finally knew the disparity? You are trash.” looking at the embarrassed black clothed youth, the white clothing youth have a ridicule face.

After hearing the words of white clothing youth, the black clothed youth  fist grips clenched, the finger that pinches makes noise, in heart have unwilling to speak for himself.

“You and I... The difference is too far ” after silent moment, the black clothed youth suddenly loudly shouted to clear the way, the both feet moved suddenly, then once more attack toward the white clothing youth, but this time the speed is much more quicker than the previously attack.

“Overconfident” facing the black clothed youth who attack once more, on the face of white clothing youth actually emerges fierce color, he held up the right fist slowly, quickly condensed more formidable invisible Qi once more.

“Xing Jue, that’s enough ” a faint sound from outside resounds, but after hearing this sound, the black clothed youth and white clothing youth stopped unexpectedly. Looked down the filed one burly man. This guy two meters high, strong muscle even across the  coat is clearly visible, and this person is responsible for training the “new blood” teacher, an Advanced Rank Martial Master.

“Teacher” looking at the family field teacher under training ground, the black clothed youth whispered, at this moment in his jet black pupil unexpectedly flood tears, that is the unwilling tears.

“Xing Jue, I know that you are not willing, but this is the custom of family. Today I let you and Xing Feng to compete which I make an exception, I think now you know the difference between you and Xing Feng ?” Looked at the black clothed youth without slightest emotion , saying coldly, and after hearing the teacher words, the black clothed youth  lowers the head, for a very long time did not speak.

“The different between Martial Artist and Martial Master is unable to make up, because regarding control Qi from Martial Master, any attack from Martial Artist is almost invalid” 

 “Yah, even if you cannot become Martial Master, but the family will not actually abandon you, starting today you will assign to each industry of family, do your work, takes another way as the family potency, this is the best way to repay to the family after many years of training. ” Saw Xing Jue did not speak for a very long time, teacher has turned around, seriously saying behind the youth.

After hearing the teacher words, the youth then went out of the training ground under the arrangement of male servant, they are in the body have not grown the Qi Sea, the youth like them is called “waste blood”, and will not entrust with heavy responsibility regarding their families again, but assigns to various industries, when the house slave, the worker, display a good performance, can only be a young manager, and today is the day that they transfer.

 Looking the people disperse gradually, the black clothed youth in field slowly stepped down the competition stage, after looked at each other one the teacher, and then slowly went out of the training ground under servant's leadership.

“Hey” After looking at the back that black clothed youth is departing gradually, the teacher sighed suddenly and on his face also appear the touch of regret.

The Black clothed youth named “Xing Jue” 15 year old Advanced Rank Martial Artist, this person originally is has the best talent in family batch of new blood, but don’t know how Xing Jue until 15 years old, in the body still can’t congeal Qi Sea, although cultivates talent is superb, but unable to utilize Qi, and doomed unable to become Martial Master, therefore can’t escape destiny which is abandoned by Xing Family, from now he is not new blood, but is a house slave. 

Xing Jue siting in the carriage, looking at the familiar scene out of the window is constantly passing by, in the heart of Xing Jue filled with unwillingnes, from homeless youth, and become one of the candidate new blood, with far more talent than ordinary people, becomes the strongest among new blood, have taste a proud.

But it was regrettable when Qi Sea congealment, Xing Jue can’t congealed successfully, the eye was looking at the weak person besides him who has exceeded him due to presence of “Qi Sea”, Xing Jue heart extremely anxious , he desperately practice, but in his body still can’t congeal Qi Sea, until today this once talented, actually became “Waste Blood”.

“Xing Jue, teacher is actually good to you, you obtained an assignment as a manager” seeing  that Xing Jue did not speak for a very long time, the whole face has melancholy appearance, the Old servant comforted.

This old man is Xing Jue personal servant, everybody called him Zhang Lao, he himself also Preliminary Rank Martial Artist, since Xing Jue was elected by  Xing Family as new blood, Zhang Lao was the one who take care of him, Zhang Lao also looked at Xing Jue to grow up, he naturally loved him  very much.

“Zhang Lao rest assured, I am all right” hearing the Old Zhang words, Xing Jue also felt Zhang Lao worry, Old Zhang  already taken care of him since childhood, regarding Old Zhang, he already treat him as one of family member, therefore naturally doesn’t want him to be worry about him, although in the heart quite sad, but Xing Jue squeezes out the smiling face saying to Old Zhang.

“Yeah” however Old Zhang could not see smiling face that Xing Jue force out, therefore sighed, in the heart is full unspeakable grieved.

The horse ride that Xing Jue rides, speed is quick, half an hour then already out of the family training ground, after going out of the Yunzhong City gate, directly rushes toward the West.

But as soon the horse carriage passing through, the space suddenly form a creeping motion, immediately two Old people forms, just liked a ghosts and demons appearance above the main road.

“This Xing Jue talent is very high, but yet unable condense Qi Sea, this is indeed a strange event” one of the old man wears ash-gray long gown, looking at the carriage that Xing Jue at going far away, said in whisper.

“If he can condense Qi Sea, and in addition with excelent training, then will not compare your Xiaohan difference” hears the grey robe old man, the white clothing old man is caressing his snow fair beard, said with a smile.

“Unfortunately, he can’t”, the grey robe old man shakes his head saying that when the white robe old man mentioned Xiaohan, on his face has appear self confident smile.

“That is not necessarily ” the grey robe old man denied his own words, the white robe old man palm suddenly turns, a pearl size white object appear in his palm, this object is oval, a clear brilliance revolves in it, very beautiful.

“Do you want to help this kid with it? Did the old fogy like you who does not like accepting diciple, this time tempted by this kid?” Seeing Beast Soul in white robe old man hand, the grey robe old man startled, immediately said.

“I am not accepting diciple, but this Beast Soul in my hand also useless, I will gift it to the people in need” white robe old man, look at far away horse carriage and then vanish.

“You old bastard” seeing the white robe old man vanish, the grey robe old man with a smile shaking his head said, after that immediately his body vanish, two people disappear like never appear, not leaving any trace.

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