Spirit Masters : The Astral Trials - Book 1


Gods, Humans, Spirit and Beasts.

Five Worlds and Seven Heavens.

This is the Realm of the Grand Lotus.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Spirit Masters – Special individuals with the powers of magic and divination, they are the ones that connect the Five Worlds and Seven Heavens.

With Beasts and Spirits as Companions, they are destined to rule this world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Unknowns – Creatures beyond the Realm.

The 7 Overlords and Void Demons seek the Spirit Heart of the Spirit World, but will they get their way?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is the story of Ming Feng, a young boy from Earth that was reincarnated into a new world of Ancient Gods, Divine Beasts, True Spirits and Immortal Demons.

With a second chance in life, Ming Feng will become the strongest of all Spirit Masters, and make his name be known throughout the Five Worlds and Seven Heavens!

*Original Story by MH*


  • ~ Prologue ~

    Opening my eyes, I looked up to see a clear blue sky, with white fluffy clouds floating around, a gentle breeze picking up in the distance.

    Slowly standing up, I glanced at my surroundings.



    Or a dream?

    The scenery was simply breath-taking.

    As far as one could see, the whole area was filled with beautiful flowers of different shape and sizes, bees and butterflies flutter around them, happily collecting nectar deep within the colourful gems.


    Within the numerous patches of flowers, a shadow could be seen dashing towards me.

    Before I could react, it had pounced on to me.

    But to my surprise, it was a dog, a dog that I was very familiar with.


    Max, a golden retriever that I had own when I was just a child, was my only childhood companion.

    Whenever I felt lonely or helpless, it was always there for me.

    “Max, what are you doing here? You…went to Heaven so many years ago….”

    “This is indeed Heaven, yet at the same time, it is not.”

    A pure, clear voice spoke out behind me.

    Turning around, the flowers behind me had mysteriously disappeared, and a light blue, sparkling lake emerged.

    Sitting on a small wooden bench, a young woman smiled at me as she plucked off a red rose.

    “Sit.” She gestured to me as she patted on the empty spot beside her.

    With Max leading the way, I quickly sat down as Max settled himself near my feet, barking at the young woman.

    “Why…Why did you say that this is Heaven yet it isn’t?”

    Chuckling softly, she replied: “To some, this is Heaven. To others, it is a passage to their next life. And yet, there are also those who think that this place is worse than Hell.”

    After a short pause, she asked:

    “What about you? What do you think this place is?”

    As the petals of the rose floated into the wind, she quietly stared at me.

    “… To me, this isn’t Heaven, nor Hell. And I don’t think I’m ready to pass on to my next life yet.”

    Smiling back at her, I continued:

    “This place reminds me of happiness and joy, yet also represents sadness and anger.

    Sweet and Sour.

    Spicy with Bitter.

    Hot and Cold.

    Full yet Empty.

    Real and Illusionary.

    This place … reminds me of a library.”

    Just as I finished, the young lady stood up, as she walked towards the lake.

    As I watched, she had already stepped on to the surface of the lake, and easily reached the middle of the lake.

    “As expected of the Son of the Eclipse Manor. It’s been ages since I heard such a refreshing answer.”

    “Thank you, I supposed…”

    I had suddenly felt a sharp pain in my mind, as I collapsed to the ground, Max running over as he pulled at my sleeves.

    “This is…”

    “Memory Loss. Before anything and everything, once your life comes to end, one will experience the loss of their memories. However, how much one will lose, depends on oneself. “

    “Seems like I had a slip of my tongue, I apologise for that.”

    With a wave of her hand, the excruciating pain was gone and I was lifted off the ground, and gently landed beside her.

    “When one passes on to their next life, they have a chance to recover the remaining memories of their past life. Yet, it all depends on the person itself. Most of the time, hardly anyone will be able to recover these precious memories. But, there will be a few lucky, special people that gain them back.

    The Carp jumps over the Dragon Gate – this idiom perfectly describe these individuals.”

    “Seems like you too are a person of words.” I commented.

    With a bright smile, she continued: “How much do you remember?”

    “Why don’t you take a guess?”

    “Hmm…I guess that…you still retain the memories of the knowledge you have acquired, and yet, you can’t even remember your own name.”

    My facial expression changed drastically as she spoke.

    “Seems like I was right.”

    With a wave of her hand, a door appeared in front of us.

    Outlined with gold, the door was decorated with a picture of a white dragon, flying freely as the dazzling moon hung brightly in the night sky.

    “This is?”

    “Once you enter the door, you will be reborn into your next life. Your memories of this life will be sealed, and as I said, whether or not you can recover these memories, it is all up to you.”

    “Of course, these memories do include now, you know?’

    Smiling, her hands clasped the sliver door knob, and opened the door.

    “Go on, I wish you good luck in your next life.”

    Giving me a slight push, she waved at me as I took a step into the magnificent door.

    Before I entered fully into the door, I glanced back at her.

    “Hmm…I’m about to leave and yet, I still don’t know your name.”

    “My name? “The sound of her laughter were like those of the soft and sweet tinkling of wind chimes, spreading throughout the flower gardens.

    “My name is Yu Yue.”

    “Yu Yue? Jade Moon? It suits you.”

    With a smirk, I stepped into the door, and vanished as the endless light engulfed me.

    With a slight blush creeping up to her face, Yu Yue could only laugh as the door disappeared.

    “We shall meet again…”

    With a wave of her hand, her surroundings swiftly changed.

    She now stood within a huge hall in a grand palace, huge white marble pillars supporting the entire golden hall, that was decorated with numerous gems of different sizes, shapes and colors.

    “I greet the Moon Goddess.” Two peerless beauties kneeled as they greeted Yu Yue.

    “Han Ying, Gui Ying, where is Yu Tu? “

    “Mistress, Rabbit Immortal is currently in the gardens, tending to the Longevity Trees.” Han Ying, the elder of the sisters, answered as she stood up.

    “How about Chang Er?”

    “Fairy Chang Er is currently at the Star Gazing Pavilion.” Gui Ying replied as she clumsily stood up, a small smile visible on Yu Yue’s face.

    “Ah, she must be looking at Hou Yi again….”

    “Mistress, His Highness has ordered you to meet him at the Summer Crane Villa.”

    “So be it, Han Ying, prepare Father’s favorite snacks and meet us there.”

    With a nod, Han Ying rushed off into the distance, flying away into the sky.

    “Let’s go.” With a sigh, Yu Yue and Gui Ying flew upwards, the shining sun setting amidst the clouds.

    Chapter 1 Coming Soon!

  • Interesting so far. Looking forward for more.
  • To wordy! Remember this is your book not an English essay! So you dint have to go add in all these long and fluttery(?) words at us! To much wishy washy which should only happen when a character is idk proclaiming there love for someone but very nervous. Good start though
  • To wordy! Remember this is your book not an English essay! So you dint have to go add in all these long and fluttery(?) words at us! To much wishy washy which should only happen when a character is idk proclaiming there love for someone but very nervous. Good start though

    Thanks for the advice - I always have the habit of writing like an essay and its a bit hard to change that...
  • Thanks for the chapter :smiley: 
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