Spoiler question

When does Wang lin reach soul transformation? What happens when all elements of the heaven defying bead are filled and when will it happen?


  • iirc should be under 500 chapters as he leave the planet at around 500 chapters
    His cultivation got sealed and he try to regain it bit by bit. He later get into one of level 5 sect (refining soul tribe) so he can use good quality spiritual veins. The ancestor/patriach of the sect help Wang Lin regain his cultivation and help him reach soul transformation. The process of them collecting Immortal Jades is kind of funny as the patriach kind of extort them from other sects and powerhouse :D . Situ Nan also regain consciousness when Wang LIn reach Soul Transformation.

    The bead will recognize him as the master of the bead. It will open a gate that can give you insight into the third step. After 5 elements the bead change into yin yang pattern
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