• BXC goes on trial because he killed the ancestor (which was a half-deva, IIRC) and everyone is against him and levels every single thing he has done in the Wildlands. He's charged with a hundred crimes and everyone asks for his head. The Heavenmaster feels like he has to throw him under the bus to appease the nobles, but BXC uses his trump card: he says he can refine 18 colored flame. Everyone is in an uproar and refuse to believe it.

    So, he makes a grand show of refining a 18 colored flame and when he succeeds, it attracts tribulation lightning. BXC boasts toward the sky and a huge lightning comes. The heavenmaster has to intervene to block the lightning.

    Now that he's proved that he's the 4th earthly necromancer, he can walk sideways in the Willdlands and nobody can touch him. The Heavenmaster revokes his status as inspection commissioner, but gives him a domain and makes him leave the city. When he leaves, you can hear gongs and drums from people rejoicing. Even Chen Haosong has to admit that even though he hates him to the bone, he still has to admire him. The heavenmaster thinks inwardly that he understands why the Hell Emperor would choose BXC and not himself: he's not as good as BXC.

    Then BXC moves up on the kill list of the Heavenspan River under the name of Bai Hao. So now, he's on both kill lists.
  • Hahahah fucking BXC. Does he manage to return to the Heavenspan territory or the arc just goes on as he cements himself on the Wildlands? @Kirinkun
  • Here's some spoilers about what happens after his trial with the grand heavenmaster:

    After this showing everyone that he can conjure 18th colored flame, everyone calms down and the matter is settled, he is sent to the Undying River by the grand heavenmaster to calm the masses, where there are 3000 guards who will protect him there. 

    At that place, everyday at midnight, the underworld river appears and countless souls flow. His role is to keep guard over that place.

    On the first night, he sees the river, but notice an old man fishing near the river. He is surprised and tell everyone else about it, but only him and his disciple baihao can see it.

    Bai xiaochun is scared as fuck because he is most likely a ghost, and he had a phobia of them since his encounter with gongsun waner
    Bai hao is mindcontrolled into walking toward the old man, which Angers bai xiaochun. He then speed toward Bai hao and stops him. Then the old man turns his head toward them, looking tired of life. 
    Bai xiaochun is extremely shocked because that guy is the gravekeeper who saved him back in the luochen mountain.

    He greets him and all, but gets ignored. He feels like this gravekeeper is a realm above demigod and pleads for him to be brought back to heavenspan river, but gets ignored.

    Then he tells Bai hao that he is very experienced and that with determination, one can beat everything. He then gets a fishing pole and starts fishing next to the gravekeeper. He starts chatting and all for a month with the gravekeeper, but still gets ignored. He then gets mad and give up on talking with the old man. 

    After that, they stop caring about the gravekeeper and start training their conjuring skills. They keep being stuck at a bottleneck, when the gravekeeper speaks for the first time and give them an advice. They are grateful.

    The gravekeeper keeps ignoring them but deep withing his eyes, he is smiling. Especially when he sees how Bai hao and Bai xiaochun seems so close how incredible their master disciple relationship is. He then help then alot more before they manage to conjure a 19 colored flame.
  • The gravekeeper disappears right after they conjured the flame. So the two bails are all happy and all, until they hear a crazy piece of news from Zhou yixing, a young man had appeared and slaughtered many mid sized clans and a large one, totaling about 100 000 deaths. The most shocking news is that that young man looks exactly like Bai xiaochun.

    They are all shocked and Bai xiaochun gets very mad. He then hears that mistress red dust is heading toward the fake Bai xiaochun with half the ghost legion army. Xiaochun catches up to her and tells her to not go, as it sounds like a trap. She doesn't listen and goes anyway
    They encounter the fake Bai xiaochun , but see that he has an extremely weird smile on his face. The MC instantly recognize this smile and is shocked to learn that it's gongsun waner. She has a huge teddy bear next to her (Annie ? ) Who is none other than Lei Shan from before.

    He is on the deva level and start fighting with red dust, while the entire ghost legion is being slaughtered and absorbed by gongsun waner.

    Bai xiaochun hides among the soldiers and hope that she does not see him. He even lies on the ground and act dead.

    After a while, red dust manages to subdue Lei Shan with a special magic, and fights with gongsun waner. She uses Trump card after Trump card, and start being seriously injured .however gongsun waner keeps getting stronger and stronger by absorbing ppl. After some times , she becomes a deva and crushes red dust.

    When she is about to deal the finishing blow, xiaochun gets up and send his Undying emperor fist on her, then escapes with red dust.

    Gongsun waner is shocked, and manages to read xiaochuns aura from that fist attack. She then yelled "big bro!" And starts chasing him

  • AMAZING thanks!
  • Bai xiaochun is on a special boat speeding away with red dust. But Lei Shan manages to catch up to them. 

    Red dust wants to fight him but Bai xiaochun refused and go against Lei shan. At this point, he can't care about revealing his identity and starts using all his own abilities like mountain shaking bash, mountain incantation, throat cuttin grasp, frigit qi with shadow clones, etc.

    Red dust sees him and says nothing 

    After that, Lei Shan is on the ground, arms destroyed, head flattened, and he can't move.

    Bai xiaochun escapes with red dust. 
    However, after a time, Lei Shan and gongsun waner catch up to them. 

    Red dust uses the ghost king Trump card, which is an illusion city that traps gongsun waner. She starts getting more injured. Bai xiaochun yells at red dust to keep Lei Shan away for about an incense burn.

    Red dust doesn't know why but she does it anyway 

    Bai xiaochun makes a hut and goes inside. He takes out his colored flame...and his turtle wok!

    Then the scenes goes back to arch emperor city, and we can see xiaochuns number going from 15 to 19. The whole city is stunned as fuck.

    Back in the battle, xiaochuns hut is shining with light, and he gets to the late stage nascent realm.

    He goes out of the hut, and beat the shit out of Lei shan. In the end, he uses the waterswamp kingdom and destroys him completely. Then escapes

    Gongsun waner frees herself from the trap, and arrives. She gets pissed at xiaochun and Chase's after him .

    The scene switches to giant ghost city. The giant ghost king is shaken by Bai xiaochuns ranking. He then wonders how that can be possible since red dust is fighting him. Then he gets worried and tries to contact red dust. But realises that he can't reach her!

    Then he goes apeshit and bring his whole army with Duke deathcrier to search for her.

    Back to Bai xiaochun, he flees on the boat and is completely drained. However. Gongsun appears above them. She tells xiaochun to pay for what he did to her bear.

    Xiaochun tells her that it wasn't his fault and that there is someone called Chen hetian who is a pretty good teddy bear in arch emperor city.

    He starts fighting with her to a standstill but feels that even with all his enhancements he is no match for her.

    After a while, gongsun gets serious. She turns her head and sees the space ripping appart .a middle age man comes out, he is the giant ghost king. 
  • Nice writing man, thank you once again 
  • Next spoiler please....
  • Can someone remind me what happens with the indestructible turtle by the end of the novel, please? I have completely forgotten lol
  • Does anyone know who the rabbit is?
  • Does anyone know what his spirit beast thing is? From that water technique he practiced that is supposed to summon a giant beast but all we ever saw is a giant bone spur?
  • Does anyone know what his spirit beast thing is? From that water technique he practiced that is supposed to summon a giant beast but all we ever saw is a giant bone spur?
    You see it finally closer to the end of the novel. It's basically like a turtle-crocodile thing, from what I remember.
  • @UnifiedDivide can u please spoil what's next in the novel. BXC is about to fight the Celestial in the wildlands and my anxiety is killing me.
  • RenAnave said:
    @UnifiedDivide can u please spoil what's next in the novel. BXC is about to fight the Celestial in the wildlands and my anxiety is killing me.
    Oops, only just seen this, sorry. At this point, the fight is nearly done. You'll get a few chapters of fighting, with some great magics, and then the Heavenspan World will literally just crumble to nothing. This volume should end in chapter 1028 and will end with BXC and everyone going to the Eternal Continent.
  • Could anyone give a gist of whats gonna happen in the eternal continent. How is BXC gonna reach the archaen realm??
  • Can anyone give info on AWE connection with ISSTH 
    like the owner of copper mirror weapon who the original of allheaven is 
    thank you 
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