How long will Li Qiye stay in the other world ?

I read that its about 600 chapters, but how long is that actually ? A decade ? A hundred years ? And how does it affect his sword-maids that stay behind ? 


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    Theres no concrete time lapse in ED. A decade or a century is irrelevant when cultivators can live for tens of thousands of years, even millions of years for peak experts. Time is diluted, a couple of hundred years are kinda like a few minutes to cultivators. The novel doesn't indicate exactly how much time has passed. In fact, LQY even gets to meet the next Immortal Emperor.
  • I cant help but wonder who is it going to be..  Does the next emperor become lqy's general of some sort?  Or does he/she becomes his student? 
  • Its just my raw guess base on the info i read. In the 2nd world he stayed probably 2-3 yrs, in 3rd world hmmm less than 2 years. There are text narrating like half a year he gathered the fruit with this lady etc. 
  • What happen to the tenth world after LQ left for the nonexistent world?
    When did he come back?
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