Um, hello guys? I don't think anyone is interested in idle chatter, so I will cut straight ot the subject.

A friend of mine told me DB posted on ISSI and before posting here, I tried contacting him on skype, but after 4 days he didn't respond so I will just write here since I know he will notice it and I will also use this opportunity to say a few more things if you all allow me to.

I know I had missed the deadline back in the 2016 and I should have never done that; I was incredibly embarased and so I uploaded the chapters to the shared google doc about 2-3 weeks later (don't remember exactly when by now). I should have talked it out with Deathblade... but as I said, I was too ashamed to write to him first. Eh, childish I know; I'm very sorry for being a brat when under stress ;x ;x

As for the part which might interest everyone more - I used the last four days to properly cut up and proofread the chapters I had uploaded - I believe my english skills are getting a bit better due to writing a lot and due to studying english at university, so the chapters should be at least decent enough not to hurt eyes of native speakers - at the moment, I have the last 20'ish chapters of the first book ready on my desktop and the first ~10 chapters of the next book edited. I need to study a bit for my exam now so I will finish editing the last batch of ~10 chapters on saturday.

If Deathblade will be willing to post them in his ISSI thread later, then great. If no, I will post them somewhere here and leave it at that.

With regards to that, it would be great if we could talk on skype or something - I'm scared of this conversation as hell though. I hate dissapointing people, but at the same time I can't manage my time properly... uh. Sorry again, Deathblade and everyone.

As a side note, in case anyone will be still interested in this ISSTH side-story after all that time, I will keep adding 2 chapters per week, but it depends whether readers are going to want it or not.

Once again, sorry for my awkward and childish behavior which caused all this trouble.

(and I guess I'm going to have a similar apology to make in my other story, huh...? Well, I've got 70% of Tales re-written from scratch by now, so give me 2-3 more weeks so I can come out with some apologetic cookies and not empty-handed please T.T)
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  • Thanks for re-appearing! I'm still interested in reading, so I hope you and DB can work something out that still lets the fans get the closure they so desperately need!
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