The Gate Of Good Fortune (造化之门) by Goose Is Old Five (鹅是老五)



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    Chapter 0015 – Kill

    Gu Fei abruptly stopped, he was jolted by the words of Ning Cheng, although he wanted to kill him. Ning Cheng was right, the King made the commitment in front of a lot of people, and if he arbitrarily went and killed Ning Cheng, how would he be able to justify it?

    Thinking this, Gu Fei sneered and said, “Ning Cheng, you really are smart, before I had no reason to challenge you but now you hit me in the face. The Dueling Platform is over there, if do not dare go there, then I’ll start with your grandfather’s crotch, and say that the ugly Ji woman ……..”

    “Gu Fei, you are at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, want to challenge a person at Qi Gathering 1st Level, do you have any shame?” Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said with some anger.

    Gu Yiming replied calmly, “Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, I would like it if you would stay fair, not because Gu Fei is my brother. A Qi Gathering 1st Level student dare to take the initiative to hit a Qi Gathering 3rd Level student, don’t say that Gu Fei is not taking the Academy into account, he is issuing a formal challenge to Ning Cheng. Even if he kills Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng can only blame himself for it.”

    Ning Cheng laughed, and cutting into the words spoken by Gu Yiming said, “What are you two brothers who are garbage discussing in front of your father, you want to challenge your father, fine, I, your father, accept your challenge.”

    Taking a sigh of relief, he thought that in any case he was already a dead man, so before he ends up dying, he would definitely kill Gu Fei.

    “Ning Cheng, you are just at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, if you and Gu Fei fight, the end result will be …….” Zhuang Tianya knew that Ning Cheng had no choice, but still she could not help but say these words.

    Ning Cheng certainly knew that he did not have any other choice, so before Zhuang Tianya could say anything else he interjected, “Thank you Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang for helping me so many times, if Ning Cheng has an opportunity in the future, then this Ning Cheng would certainly repay the favor the Senior Apprentice Sister has shown to him.”

    “Humph, thrash, you already know that it’s a bad fix for the challenge, if you really have the guts then go do it.” a contemptuous voice which was filled with disdain arrived.

    Ning Cheng recognized this man, he was one of the seeded students to join the Yi Xing Academy’s selection, named Hou Chuan. He was a genius, he usually only knows how to practice. He also just arrived at the gate of the Academy, and said those words in a sarcastic tone.

    Gi Yiming face turned ugly, if it was someone else, he would have taught him a lesson already. But he did not dare face Hou Chuan, it’s not the Hou Chuan’s cultivation base was worse than his, but with Hou Chuan’s status, he did not dare make a move against him.

    Ning Cheng knew that Huo Chuan was giving him a bit of a fighting chance, and then turned to Gu Fei and said, “You challenged me and I accepted. Since you are the challenger, then of course I will choose the rules of the Duel.”

    Gu Fei said with disdain, “You can choose, no matter what kind of method you choose, I Gu Fei will also follow it.”

    “Okay, since I am at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, then if we battle battle, it would clearly be unfair. But I am still very confident of my own speed, so why don’t we compare our speeds. Both of us will start at the gates of the Cang Le City, and run along in the direction of the Daan Forest, the person who is last to reach it, would be killed.” Ning Cheng said in a nonchalant way.

    On hearing Ning Cheng’s words, all the people came to understand, that originally he was thinking for a way to escape. However, this was a bit too good to be true, if he could escape with such a method, then what was the point of anyone practicing cultivation. Some of the onlooking students even chuckled, hearing Ning Cheng’s idea, they thought that he really was naive.

    After listening to him Hou Chuan shook his head, turned away from the crowd and quickly moved away. If it was him, even he was to end up dying, he would still face Gu Fei on the Dueling Platform for a showdown to measure his strength. He would never try to escape, and then be insulted and then finally be killed. Therefore he had no interest in watching Ning Cheng’s duel, he wanted to go to the Cang Le City to buy several things, so that later when he was going out of the continent, he would have a souvenir as a memento.

    Zhuang Tianya was silent as she shook her head, she did not think that Ning Cheng would come up with such a childish way. A Qi Gathering 1st Level cultivator, even if he was faster, how could he beat a cultivator at Qi Gathering 3rd Level?

    Gu Fei also clearly understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, with a sneer he thought, trying to escape from my hands? Stop dreaming. The dueling method proposed by Ning Cheng did not contradict him, even though Ji Luo Fei’s aunt had given out a fake threat, but at least he had to make it look like it was clean on the surface. Moreover the King of Cang Qin had also said that no one can cause trouble for Ning Cheng unreasonably.

    Now he just wanted Ning Cheng to flee like a mouse trying to escape, currently he had no place to kill Ning Cheng, and yet if Ning Cheng ran, it would only coincide with what he meant. He was sure that even if others came to know that Ning Cheng was killed, no one would question him about it afterwards.

    Sure enough when Gu Fei saw his brother Gu Yiming nod to him, apparently he also wanted to kill Ning Cheng in a place where no one would be able to see.

    “Ok, I agree with your approach, of going out of the city.” Gu Fei’s eyes flashed with murder, and was the first to leave.

    Ning Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, although he knew that Gu Fei would certainly agree, but he was afraid that the others would be able to see his true cultivation level. Once the people knew that he was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, rather that Qi Gathering 1st Level, then no one would have agreed with his proposal of having a race out of the city.

    Zhuang Tianya was in no mood to see Ning Cheng getting killed, she was soon going to leave the Cang Qin Province, and needed to go back to her family and explain it. But the students of the Cang Qin Academy were very excited as they had nothing better to do, they wanted to know that if Gu Fei would really end up killing Ning Cheng when he would run out


    The status of the students of the Cang Qin Academy was very high, with so many students going out to the city, it immediately caused a huge sensation. The road leading out to the city, became very active as the people on the road stepped aside to let them pass.

    Even after half an hour, there was still a line of people coming towards the Cang Le City. Looking back at the vicissitudes of the ancient city of Cang Le, Ning Cheng let out a sigh in his heart. Since there was no one blocking his path, it took him just a bit more than an hour to get to the city’s gates. He could affirm that, even if he and Ji Luo Fei managed to escape from the two men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level who had come to kill them, they would still be unable to get out of the Cang Le City safely. He came to understand that his thinking before was too naive.

    “This is the last time in you entire life that you would be seeing Cang Le City, take a good look at it till your heart’s content, rest assured, I won’t let you run far.” Seeing the pale look on Ning Cheng’s face, Gu Fei said with a sneer.

    Ning Cheng did not bother to pay any attention to him, turning his back to the students who had come to spectate, he clasped his hands and said, “Now I’ll go, Gu Fei as long as you can catch up to me, you can then kill me.”

    With that, Ning Cheng did not speak anymore nonsense and rushed out. He had never been out of the city before, so him running out now felt strange to him.

    Gu Fei, Gu Yiming and the others, looking at Ning Cheng’s running speed and posture, with his strength and luck, they knew that they did not think wrongly, Ning Cheng just wanted to use this opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng’s cultivation base was too low, with his ability, even if it was an ordinary person at Qi Gathering 1st Level, they could easily catch up to him and kill him.

    Gu Fei who was standing near the people on the sidelines said, “I am going to play with a clown.”

    Having said this, he just moved his body a little, and came very close to Ning Cheng. But Gu Fei did not stop Ning Cheng, but rather sent out a Wind Edge towards his back, instantly blood blossomed on Ning Cheng’s back.

    At this point the people who came to watch a spectacle lost their interest, they thought that Ning Cheng who believed that he could escape, but came up with such a naive approach. Gu Fei was now entirely playing with Ning Cheng, what was the point for them in watching this? Some of the students went back to the Academy. The reason why they came out was to see if Ning Cheng really had the ability to escape, since he clearly did not, then what was the point in watching?

    Gu Yiming smiled to the crowd of people lifting his fist he said, “I’ll go and see him.”

    Having calmly said this he just slowly followed behind, although he said that he was going to look, the speed at which he was moving was clearly much slower that Ning Cheng’s speed.

    Although there were no friends of Ning Cheng, looking at the Gu brothers killing a person at Qi Gathering 1st Layer, no one wanted to join in that kind of fun. If one looked at the past results, wasn’t it obvious that he should not have offended the Gu brothers? With Gu Yiming slowly following behind, it was obvious that he wanted to see how long this play would last.

    Although Ning Cheng was being suppressed by Gu Fei’s several Wind Edges, once he could not see the Cang Le City, he finally sped up, but his breathing became more intense,

    Seeing Ning Cheng speed up, puzzled Gu Fei, but then he immediately felt the pace of Ning Cheng was superficial. At this point he felt that the Qi in Ning Cheng was in disorder, and he was running entirely on the strength of his willpower alone.

    “Let’s call it, your grandfather is in no mood to pursue you any more.” just as Gu Fei said this, he picked up speed while at the same time brought out a sword light to cut him into two.

    Ning Cheng suddenly turned, and almost instantaneously, escaped the shadow of Gu Fei’s sword. As his body moved to the right of the bully Gu Fei, he sent out a Flame Edge.

    Gu Fei did not have to look Ning Cheng in the eyes, this time when he saw Ning Cheng suddenly accelerate, he knew that he was deceived by Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng’s reaction speed, and the momentum of his Flame Edge, was not of a cultivator of Qi Gathering 1st Level, but of a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Even if he was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, he could not escape the Flame Edge that was coming towards him.

    It was too late for Gu Fei to think how Ning Cheng reached Qi Gathering 3rd Level suddenly, he hastily tried to twist his body, he wanted to avoid Ning Cheng’s Flame Edge, but it seemed that Ning Cheng’s Flame Edge had eyes of its own, as it directly flew towards Gu Fei’s arm and chest as it exploded with a bang.

    “Gu Fei, count yourself lucky, little ol’ me does not have the time to slowly cook you, in the future your brother will also slowly follow you. Eat my blade……”

    Ning Cheng threw out another Flame Edge, from this Flame Edge of Ning Cheng, Gu Fei felt a great deal of danger.

    “Poof” this Flame Edge almost cleaved Gu Fei in two, he could clearly feel his body being torn apart from his abdomen filling his body with an incomparable pain moments later.

    Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he was immediately aware of what had happened, this was because he lacked any combat experience, he did not think that Gu Fei would die with his attack, he came to understand that it was because he and Gu Fei were fighting too closely.

    Although Gu Fei died before he could carry out his revenge on Ning Cheng, it was no longer untenable, as Ning Cheng had almost directly split him into two parts.

    Ning Cheng forced back his injury, his cloths were torn in many places, then he grabbed Gu Fei’s dead body and quickly ran forward, as blood dripped all along the way. After running about a hundred meters, Ning Cheng suddenly backtracked his steps and then changed his direction while he quickly fled. This time, he was more than ten time faster than Gu Fei when he was chasing him.

    Ning Cheng was very clear that if he didn’t speed up, and Gu Yiming came, then he really would die. At this time he took the sword that was hung on Gu Fei’s back, lifted his arm and set fire to Gu Fei’s corpse, after Gu Fei’s body was completely burned to charcoal, he forcibly threw his burnt body into the large pond that was by the side of the road.

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    Chapter 0016 – Little Nun An Yi

    Although he was able to get off Gu Fei’s plot of killing him off his chest, but his injuries were also fierce. However because he had a strong desire to live, Ning Cheng still went faster and faster, he did not care that his injuries were hurting, he only wanted to run away with all his might, he even circulated the Qi in his body throughout his body to the extreme, he did not even let a single drop of his blood to fall down.


    Gu Yiming stopped when he saw a large pool of blood beneath his feet. Obviously he came to the conclusion that two men had fought here, there were even torn pieces of clothes scattered on the ground. The cloth pieces were also drenched in blood, but he knew that these were not the clothes of Gu Fei, but of Ning Cheng.

    Gu Yiming nodded with satisfaction, looking in the direction in which the blood disappeared, he stopped. He knew why the blood was this spread out, it was not because Ning Cheng escaped, but rather Gu Fei wanted to play with Ning Cheng, letting Ning Cheng run and then allowing him to taste death was something that he wanted to do.

    After he understood this, Gu Yiming no longer ran, but just simply walked along the path splattered with blood, he even did not check the circumstances of the surroundings. With Gu Yiming’s cultivation, if he had been a bit more careful, then he would have certainly found out that Ning Cheng had gone in in another direction, but he did not even think to consider this. After all according to him Ning Cheng was just a cultivator of Qi Gathering 1st Level, while Gu Fei was at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, how would he able to change directions, if he could it would really be odd.

    Ning Cheng ran to his extreme, but he was also getting dizzy, in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, his eyes had begun to go dark, Ning Cheng knew that he had pushed his body to its extreme limit. He was also well aware that that he was still absolutely not safe, he was certain that Gu Yiming would find him, it was just a matter of time.

    “Bang” Ning Cheng staggered a bit, as he tripped on a stone and fell into a ditch on the roadside. Ning Cheng was already sleepy and when fell into the cold water in the ditch, he immediately became sober. He quickly grabbed at the weeds on the road side, wanting to use them to climb up and continue to run, but it was as if he was a completely burned out oil lamp, he simply did not have any strength, just by making the slightest effort, he ended up falling down into the water again.

    With a strong will to live, it let Ning Cheng to once again catch the weeds on the edges of the ditch. Just when Ning Cheng was vigorously climbing out of the watery ditch, a big ten feet long snake rapidly approached Ning Cheng.

    When Ning Cheng saw the serpents oily green eyes, his heart filled with despair. This had nothing to do with his will, if it was a student then he could at least beg to let him live, but he wouldn’t be able to flee from this fast snake.

    Looking at the big snake Ning Cheng felt that it could swallow him whole, he immediately took out his belt and lashed out at the snake that was coming near him with all his strength that he could muster, which sent the snake flying. After it landed, it did not dare to come over, clearly it understood that the person it tried to sweep over was extremely difficult to handle. It hurriedly shifted its body around and disappeared in a flash.

    Ning Cheng relaxed, it was only then that he saw a little nun wearing a deep blue gown. That small nun was incomparably beautiful, she had a few incense scars on her head, and unexpectedly her cultivation base was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level. At this moment, she opened her eyes and watched Ning Cheng attentively with her two enormous eyes, she hesitated a moment before timidly speaking, “Are you okay?”

    Ning Cheng, somewhat gloomily looked at this little nun and spoke,”Young grand master, do I look like I a person that has nothing better to do?”

    Hearing Ning Cheng call her a young grand master, this little nun’s face became very red, she hurried went forward and pulled Ning Cheng up. She stuttered a bit while speaking, “I am not a grandmaster, do you…..”

    Ning Cheng didn’t want to waste time and as this little nun was refusing that she was a grandmaster, he immediately said, “Will you do me a favor, help me escape from this place, someone is trying to kill me.”

    “Why?” The little nun was clearly anxious to learn about Ning Cheng’s predicament.

    Ning Cheng wanted to say that it was not the time to ask why, as he became more and more aware of his surroundings, he just simply replied in a weak voice, “I saw a couple of late stage Qi Gathering bandits forcing a little nun to become their concubine, I was able to save the nun but later the several bandits came to kill me, and they soon are going to …..”

    “What is a concubine?”

    “It is a woman who marries someone who is already married.”

    The little nun listened carefully, several Qi Gathering bandits wanted to catch the nuns and make them into their concubines, was she also not a nun. Understanding this point, the little nun did not ask anything again, she quickly helped Ning Cheng get up, Ning Cheng also did not care that his whole body was also drenched in water.

    Ning Cheng felt relieved in his heart, and after gathering some strength to speak, he said, “The bandits are collaborating with the Cang Le City. The farther you go, the better it would be……”

    Finished saying, Ning Cheng finally felt relieved and fainted


    Gu Yiming stopped, he felt something was amiss. He walked a long way but saw no bloodstains and moreover, he could not find their traces at all!

    He, once again turned around and went back to where the bloodstains stopped and bent over to look carefully, suddenly a bitter feeling rose up in his heart. This bloodstain abruptly stopped here, there were no other signs, it was as if they disappeared into thin air.

    Gu Yiming’s heart somewhat panicked, he rapidly turned around, one more time walking towards that bloodstained area. After carefully looking at the scattered pieces of clothes which Ning Cheng abandoned, he again looked all over the place for a long time. Immediately, closing his eyes, he pondered for quite a while, after which he opened his eyes and choosing a direction, ran fast towards it.

    Within the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, he once again stopped, then stared blankly at the shallow pond beside the road. After a short period of time, he suddenly jumped into the middle of the pond, immediately grabbing a completely burnt corpse.

    The moment he grabbed the body, he understood completely, that this was definitely not Ning Cheng’s body, but his brother Gu Fei’s.

    Gu Yiming’s eyes turned red, a horrible and hideous killing aura filled his heart.

    “Splash” Gu Yiming forgot that he was still standing in the lake, with anger in both his heart and mind and suffering from such a huge psychological shock, he actually fell into the lake.

    But then he suddenly leapt from the lake to the shore, with his heart aching he howled out, “Ning Cheng, I, Gu Yiming, vow that till I swallow you whole, I will never rest…..”

    It was completely unexpected, he did not expect such an ending, his younger brother who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level was unexpectedly killed by Ning Cheng. This was absolutely impossible, surely someone must have helped Ning Cheng, otherwise how could he counter against Gu Fei who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level.

    Regardless of how Ning Cheng did it, Gu Fei was already dead and he could not die again.


    Ning Cheng woke up at night and heard an owl’s screech along with several unknown sounds which he felt to be somewhat gloomy and dreadful. In the darkness around him, he could only feel something icy cold and hard.

    Where is this? Could it be that I already died and went to hell? Ning Cheng felt around the surrounding with his hands and felt only hard and ice-cold stones all around.

    “Are you awake?” While Ning Cheng was guessing whether he was dead or not, the little nun’s voice promptly arrived. The little nun was unexpectedly besides him.

    This moment, Ning Cheng smelled a burst of faint fragrance, and then immediately with a relieved voice, spoke, “Thank you, little grandmaster, I did not expect nuns also liked using scents on their bodies.”

    The words were spoken in order to relax the atmosphere as well as to let him feel the joy of still being alive. He did not die, Ning Cheng, of course didn’t want to go to hell. He longed for being able to return to the Earth after death, in fact he knew that he was only deceiving himself. Even though he was re-born here, it was also possible that it was because of that yellow light. This kind of life after death, Ning Cheng did not want to risk it.

    “I haven’t, ah!……” the timid little nun’s voice arrived again.

    Ning Cheng suddenly realized, he had occasionally smelled this kind of fragrance on Tian Mu Wan’s body. Tian Mu Wan clearly didn’t like using perfumes, this clearly was the fragrance of her own body. Thinking till that point, Ning Cheng hurriedly changed the subject and spoke, “Little grandmaster, there are night owls and wild beasts roaring around, are we inside the woods? Could this be Daan forest?”

    “I am An Yi, not a little grandmaster.” the small nun spoke her name and then explained, “This is not the Daan Forest, the distance from here to Daan Forest, even if you rode a beast it would take you many months and would still be very far.”

    After Ning Cheng had spoke a few words, An Yi’s expression and her tone naturally also rose up. She was no longer looking timid.

    Ning Cheng sensed that his injury had recovered a lot, he knew for certain that An Yi had healed him, and he immediately spoke, “An Yi, I am called Ning Cheng. Many thanks for saving me, if not for you, I would have certainly ended up dead. Before when I spoke of the bandits grabbing nuns, I was just deceiving you, I want to apologize to you.”

    An Yi smiled slightly and said, “I know I was very stupid, not knowing my priorities in that situation, I ought to have immediately escaped instead of questioning you at that time.”

    “Is there anything to eat?” after coming out of the cultivation tower, Ning Cheng had continuously been in a highly tensed situation one after the other. Afterwards, he even ran all the way, he was already famished. Now under safety, he immediately felt he couldn’t endure his hunger.

    An Yi took out two wheat flat cakes and gave them to Ning Cheng, “I have several flat cakes, you can eat it.”

    Ning Cheng at once, swallowed down those two wheat flat cakes and after drinking from An Yi’s water canteen, with a hushed tone, he spoke, “An Yi, where did you come from? How could you appear in this neighborhood?”

    Hearing Ning Cheng’s question, An Yi’s expression immediately turned sad. Even though Ning Cheng didn’t see it, he could feel the change in An Yi’s demeanor .

    “If it is inconvenient to talk, then it’s better not to talk. In a person’s life, inevitably, there will be several matters which are inconvenient to talk about, I am also the same. Previously, I also saved a person, that one time, there were several students in a mountain area, collecting folk songs when a flash flood burst out in the mountains. I rescued a girl student, afterwards we became friends, but there were many eventful matters which I haven’t told her. She also had many eventful matters which she hasn’t told me, this is very normal, you need not put it in heart.” Ning Cheng already knew that this little nun was very truthful and also very pure. One would wonder how was she able to survive in this place, and that too alone.

    An Yi blinked her big eyes and asked, “Ning Cheng, what is ‘collecting folk songs’?”

    [TL Note – Even we would like an explanation for this.]

    “Collecting folk songs…….” Ning Cheng thought of something good to say, “It is eating till you are fully satisfied without doing anything, then finding something impractical to do. Or to say, wanting to go to someplace fun and then finding a pretext, that’s all.”

    “I am not collecting folk songs, I was always with my master, but I ended up separating from my master. I wanted to find some medicinal ingredients, to allow my master to live for several more years.” when An Yi spoke of separating from her master, her voice again became sad.

    Ning Cheng didn’t find it strange, the small nun was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, it would have been odd if she didn’t have a master.

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    Chapter 0017 – Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words

    “The place where you live, is it far away from here?” Ning Cheng asked again, after taking a small time to adapt, Ning Cheng could already vaguely see that the place he was at was a cave of sorts.

    An Yi quickly replied, “So far, I sought out many places but I could not find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia, so I ended up going farther and farther away. Now from the place we are, I estimate it would take about five to six days to cover the distance back.”

    “What is the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia?” Ning Cheng was not clear on what kind of grass it was.

    “Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia is a Rank 3 spiritual grass, I heard that it can prolong a person’s life by 12 years. I want to find this spiritual grass to prolong my master’s life. My master said, if she failed to wake up then I should say my goodbyes to her. I am very worried about master, without master, I also do not know where to go…..” An Yi’s voice becomes lower and lower, until she finally started to cry.

    Ning Cheng remained silent for some time, although he did not know about this spiritual grass, but he knew that a Rank 3 spiritual grass was absolutely one of the highest existences. If An Yi could casually go out and find such a high ranked spiritual grass, which many people were looking out for, how could they wait for her?

    Thinking of this, Ning Cheng said in a comforting voice, “I think the most important thing is to remain by your master’s side, the Rank 3 spiritual grass is not something that could be easily found. Besides this spiritual grass called Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia would definitely try to hide its scent, how could such a spiritual grass wait for you to find it?”

    “No, that’s not it.” An Yi quickly refuted Ning Cheng’s words, “The Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia will hide its scent only just before it is going to be picked. If you remain immobile, it would have no interest, if you do not believe me you can take a look at these.” An Yi said while handing Ning Cheng some thick books.

    Ning Cheng did not understand the slightest thing about spirit grasses, and now that he received so many books from An Yi, he hurriedly put them away and said, “An Yi, it is clearly too dark now to read the books, lend me these books for a few days, after you come back back again, I will give them back to you, OK?”

    “You can.” after An Yi said, she seemed to have remembered something and quickly asked, “Ning Cheng, do you want to come with me?”

    Ning Cheng felt that he had gained some strength in his body and immediately said, “Of course, not only will I go with you, we can even go now. If we wait for daybreak, we may not be able to leave.”

    Ning Cheng did not want to depend purely on An Yi, he was sure that Gu Yiming would never let him go, as long as he came to know that he had killed Gu Fei, he was certain that that he would combine his power with Cang Qin’s Qin Guo to kill him. Not to mention that the Ning Clan was also completely exterminated by the Cang Qin’s royalty, even if the Ning Clan was not exterminated by the Cang Qin’s royalty, with Gu Yiming’s family’s status in the Cang Qin Province, it would be utterly simple for them to eradicate someone from the Cang Qin Province.

    “Those who are hunting you to kill you, may not necessarily be able to find you here. I have stayed here for two nights, it is very safe.” An Yi did not even mind it a little bit, in her view, there were mountains everywhere around here, even if the people looking for Ning Cheng to kill him came here, it would be absolutely impossible to find them.

    But Ning Cheng had to speak the facts to her and said, “An Yi, I am not a bad person, the people who want to kill me are also not ordinary people. It is the King of Cang Qin Province who wants to kill me, so he would definitely send out his army to try and find me. If we stay here, the only thing that awaits us is death.”

    An Yi nodded accordingly and said, “Well, I certainly believe that you aren’t bad. Then I will listen to you. Where should we go after we leave this place?”

    “We will first go to the place where you live.” seeing An Yi agree to his idea, Ning Cheng immediately stood up and said. He wanted to send back An Yi, and then go on to the Mingot Sea area.

    An Yi was a little too simple and naive, not to say about a person going to look out for Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia, even if she found it, it would have been a strange affair. The scent of spiritual grass on one’s body, is something that couldn’t be hidden from other people easily.

    “My master has been in closed door training for 7 or 8 days, she should be out soon, I would also like to get back to her at the earliest, but I was not able to find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia.” An Yi was depressed, it was apparent that her inability to find the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia was weighing heavily on her heart.

    “Come on, don’t think of such things.” Ning Cheng first stood up, and encouraged An Yi. An Yi followed behind Ning Cheng, temporarily putting her thoughts about the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia to the side.

    Here it was indeed just like An Yi had said, the place they were hiding was surrounded with mountains one after another. Ning Cheng had been seriously injured, but after An Yi’s treatment, had become much better, plus he was also a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so his recovery speed was also not slow.

    An Yi was also at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, that coupled with Ning Cheng, their speed of travelling was very fast. As the two people ran, by the time dawn broke, they were already very far from the cave they they had hid in.

    “Let me carry you.” seeing Ning Cheng covered in blood and terribly tired, An Yi said with some worry in her voice.

    Ning Cheng just waved with his hand and said, “No, if you carried me then our speed would definitely slow down, I would really like it if you went ahead first. So that if we really get intercepted, you would not get dragged into my troubles.”

    An Yi did not understand and looking at Ning Cheng she asked, “You mean, we still haven’t yet escaped to a safe place?”

    Ning Cheng heavily nodded, he affirmed that they were still not yet safe. With Cang Qin’s forces, the distance they had fled was still within the Cang Qin Province’s control range. Originally when he entered the huge forest, he had thought that he could hide in there, but now he did not think of it. Even though this was a huge mountain range, and although a person could hide here, but he would not have a secure feeling in this forest.

    “Then we’ll have to keep on running.” An Yi quickly said.

    Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “It would be useless, even if they let us run for an entire night. Even in that situation, we would not be able to escape while running at full speed.”

    After a stopping for a bit, Ning Cheng took out the books about the spiritual grasses that An Yi had given him, giving them back to An Yi, he said, “An Yi, you really are kind, if you really reach your master, then do not easily leave that place. I give these books back to you, in case I get caught, it would be a pity if those bastards took it away.”

    “No…..” An Yi hurriedly pushed it back, even though she and Ning Cheng were not familiar with each other, but from Ning Cheng, she could unexpectedly feel a bit of intimacy.

    “Clip Clop Clip Clop….” There was a rapid sounds of horse shoes that interrupted Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s first reaction was to pull An Yi and flee.

    But he was too tired, and the horses were too fast, in just a short period of time, it had already arrived by Ning Cheng’s side.

    “Young Master Ning…..” a familiar voice came, Ning Cheng was able to immediately recognize who the rider was, with his face covered with scars, it was the father of the child he had saved earlier in the Cang Le City.

    “Is it you?” Ning Cheng asked while also being a bit surprised, he immediately thought about why would a man would rush here with a carriage this early in the morning?

    This middle aged man saw the bloodied body of Ning Cheng and immediately came to know what had transpired, he quickly stopped the coach and said, “Young Master Ning, I was in front of the Relay Station in the previous town when I heard some things regarding you. It would be better if you quickly change your clothes, and get inside the carriage, I will take you away.”

    Ning Cheng’s heart warmed up, when he had saved his little boy, this middle aged man was terrified to the point that he could not even say thanks. Now that he was in such a difficult situation, he did not even hesitate a bit to help him out, he knew that if he was caught, then he would end up dying a horrible death. Kindness cannot be expressed with just a sentence, this middle aged man did not say much, but manifested it through his actions.

    “It is too dangerous, I want to escape into the mountains. If I was caught sitting in your carriage, you would definitely be killed.” Ning Cheng still chose to decline the middle aged man’s kindness.

    The middle aged man seeing Ning Cheng refuse, hurriedly said in an anxious tone, “You are the saviour of my little boy, my family’s benefactor. How can I even let you suffer?”

    With that, the middle aged man directly took out a set of cloths, handing them to Ning Cheng and said, “Well, first put on these clean clothes, the clothes on you have a strong scent of blood on them.”

    Ning Cheng gratefully took the clothes and asked, “Where are you going so early?”

    “I must go to Dean Town every month, there are many adventurers that come back from the Mingot Sea, they always bring back a lots of skins and various kinds of stuff. Because many of these beast carriages cannot directly go to the Cang Le City, so most of these vehicle come to stop at the Dean Town. Those adventures then hire our coaches to head back to the Cang Le City. I and a few other coach drivers are familiar with the roads nearby, so we usually walk through here, but I did not think that I would actually meet my family’s benefactor here.” This middle aged man rubbed his hands as he said these words that were filled with gratitude.

    “Wait Wait….” Ning Cheng’s mind immediately flashed with lightning, and then he eagerly asked, “You said that you passed through the relay station that was not far from Dean Town, right? Also, when did you pass by the relay station?”

    The middle aged man immediately replied in a dignified manner saying, “Yes, I did pass through the relay station almost three hours ago, but to reach the Dean Town’s relay station, it would take up almost a day.”

    Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he did not expect them and An Yi to go all night, hovering between the two posts, while also trying to escape. This An Yi that he depended on was too naive, looking for a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass between the two posts, if this affair was told to others, they would just think of it as some sort of comedy.

    Seeing Ning Cheng silent, this middle aged man quickly says, “Another coach will come right away, benefactor, please get in the carriage, I will get you out and take you to another remote location, bypassing the Dean Town along the way.”

    Ning Cheng knew this was not the time to hesitate, as he quickly changed his clothes. An Yi at this time came to know that they were going the wrong way, and was a bit embarrassed, when Ning Cheng took off his clothes she helped him burn them by casting a fireball.

    When the middle aged man saw An Yi cast the fireball, his eyes showed an enormous respect.

    After Ning Cheng and An Yi boarded the carriage, the man and the carriage quickly departed, after about 10 minutes, the carriage turned around a corner to got onto the narrow mountain trail.

    After another half an hour, the sky was brightly lit, and the carriage had entered a more secluded mountain trail, with mountains on both sides, even the sun was blocked off by the mountains. The man driving the coach was very skilled, he was even driving the horse and getting faster and faster. This curving path, he should have gone through numerous times.

    Ning Cheng was secretly relieved, he knew that they were going the right way. In this place which was surrounded by mountains on all sides, if the people were unfamiliar with roads leading in and out of this place, then it would be very difficult for them to travel through here.

    “Elder Brother, can I ask what is your name? This time I want to thank you.” Although Ning Cheng knew that he was in danger, he still asked the middle aged man as he was very grateful to him.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated by – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0018 – Cant Marry

    “My name is Li Shao, that day when my benefactor saved my little boy…..” Li Shao spoke with fear, he did not know if he should fear telling Ning Cheng his identity, but he was also very grateful that Ning Cheng saved his son.

    Ning Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, Li Shao had taken his carriage along with them through increasingly remote roads, and no one had pursued them.

    “Brother Li, let the horses rest. You brought us here while risking your life, there should no longer be any problem.” Ning Cheng saw that the horses were tired and volunteered his help.

    Li Shao also knew that the two yellow horses that he was tirelessly driving were also in distress, so after listening to Ning Cheng’s words, he stopped the carriage. At the same time he took out some dried rations and gave them to Ning Cheng and An Yi and said, “Benefactor, you do not need to worry, I will send you in a single trip, you can bypass the Dean Town Relay Station. Then I can go directly to Haicheng City, there are also many adventurers from the Mingot Sea there, I can earn more silver coins there in a single trip than before.”

    An Yi who had never spoken till now said, “Brother Li, I know some of the routes here, you can directly go to the Haicheng City, I can take Ning Cheng and walk out here by myself.”

    Seeing that Li Shao was going to reply, Ning Cheng simply said, “All right, Brother Li you helped us bypass the Dean Town. It is time that we separate, Brother Li Shao you can go to the Haicheng City.”

    An Yi had no idea what was going on, but now that Ning Cheng had said this, of course she would have no objections with it.

    Ning Cheng rested for the entire day, since he was a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, plus he also had the help of An Yi who knew the art of healing, his injuries healed at a very fast rate.

    The three people, after the horses had a good rest, continued on their way. The next morning, Ning Cheng and An Yi separated from Li Shao.

    An Yi did not speak nonsense this time, she really knew the way. Although they walked all the way along the mountain paths, they never went astray. And after they walked for two days, Ning Cheng entered a lush green forest. After entering the forest, An Yi directly took Ning Cheng’s hand and said, ”Here there is an Array Formation, it would be better if you followed closely behind me, otherwise you will definitely get lost.”

    Ning Cheng did not come to this world one or two days ago, of course he was aware of Array Formations. It seemed that the ancient civilisations of China also had some resemblance, like the orientation and layout of the things, it was very mysterious. Anyways, he knew nothing in this case.

    Following An Yi and taking seven or eight turns, they were finally out of the forest, in front of Ning Cheng appeared mountain peak that was not high. At the foot of the mountain there were several acres of fields, with some of them having small vegetables and the likes growing. Halfway up the mountain contained a nunnery of dust color, with three words on the nunnery that Ning Cheng could distinguish, Blue Heart Temple.

    “The Blue Heart Temple is the place where you live?” Ning Cheng asked.

    An Yi released Ning Cheng’s hands, and with a happy smile on her face she said, “Yes, I grew up here, although I went out for a few days, I would always remember it, now I am finally back. I want you to meet my master, you come with me……”

    As An Yi spoke, she quickly accelerated her pace as she rushed towards the Blue Heart Temple on the mountainside.

    With Ning Cheng behind An Yi, he felt some worry in his heart. An Yi was a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. So An Yi’s master’s cultivation would also not be too bad, but if An Yi’s master had an eccentric disposition, then what would he do? This was not Earth, he did not have any kind of reason to stay here.

    “Come in.” A slightly hoarse voice entered Ning Cheng’s ears, Ning Cheng knew that this was An Yi’s master, An Yi’s master knew that he was coming.

    Ning Cheng walked in through the mottled doors, immediately he was able to smell a faint smell of sandalwood.

    [TL Note – For those who are confused about this, sandalwood is something that people usually keep in the room of a person about to die or is dead. It is somewhat of a tradition in the eastern parts of India and China. (Not completely sure about it so do take it with a grain of salt as it is from the internet)]

    This made Ning Cheng think that an accident happened, An Yi said that her master was going to die, but there was not even the slightest breath of a person dying, there was only the scent of the sandalwood.

    The master that An Yi depended on was a middle aged woman who did not look her age, she was wearing a gray robe and sitting in the center of the main temple. She did not seem to be old, but her complexion was very pale. Ning Cheng could feel that her body was emitting a death like chill, An Yi had said that her master was going to die, now looking at her, it was clearly true.

    What made Ning Cheng surprised was not how old she looked, or that she was going to die nor her cultivation which he could not see. But the fact that An Yi’s master was clearly not a nun, because she had long hair, even when she was surrounded by death Qi, her hair was still black, but had a bit less gloss.

    “An Yi has always been at her master’s side, but the fact is I cannot teach her anything. Surely you can see that I am about to die, An Yi is pure hearted, and still do not know how to handle personal affairs. If you can, I hope that you can take An Yi with you, until she is able to live by her own.” The gray robed woman looked at Ning Cheng and said in a calm voice.

    She did not ask about how Ning Cheng and An Yi met, nor did she ask about Ning Cheng’s origins, much less ask about his injuries, but said those words in a straightforward manner.

    An Yi was suddenly frightened, “Master, I am not going to leave you. I am going to stay in the central temple. How can I go ahead with Ning Cheng? Ning Cheng was just passing through here.”

    Ning Cheng also quickly replied, “Senior, I am going to the Mingot Sea. I heard that it is very dangerous, and one can be killed off at any time, plus I got a few enemies of my own, An Yi would be a lot safer here than accompanying me.”

    These words, Ning Cheng said weren’t said without thinking, he was still worried about An Yi. An Yi was simple and pure, similar to a piece of blank paper, but now that he had arrived at the temple, Ning Cheng did not worry. There were lot of defensive Array Formations here, an ordinary person simply couldn’t enter.

    An Yi’s master sighed, pulling An Yi’s hands gently, said, “I eventually have to go, you also need not consider me as your master, this place seems to be safe but it is in fact, extremely dangerous. Once I’m gone, if you stay alone at this place, you undoubtedly will be unable to live.

    After that, she no longer tried to persuade An Yi, but rather, looked towards Ning Cheng and said, “People will eventually die, you also have seemed to see it. Regardless of how you came to know An Yi, I believe you are not a treacherous person, so I want to ask you if you are perhaps engaged or married…..”

    Ning Cheng, hearing these words, immediately thought, was An Yi’s master was thinking of letting him marry An Yi? How could he take a nun as his wife? Even if An Yi wasn’t a nun, he couldn’t take her to be his wife.

    After clearly understanding this, Ning cheng said, “I have a girlfriend, although recently some small conflict broke us up, I still want to get back to her.”

    Ning Cheng, saying till here, his heart became gloomy. He knew that Tian Mu Wan’s decisive attitude at that time made him incapable of getting her back. Even if Tian Mu Wan changed her mind, could he see her again?

    Thinking that, Ning Cheng again added, “I still have a fiancee, she has only left temporarily…..”

    Ning Cheng didn’t say anymore after that, because he himself knew that he and Ji Luo Fei couldn’t be back together again. As for whether he could reach the Hua Continent, even if he could, Ji Luo Fei and he were a thing of the past. He was really grateful to Ji Luo Fei but as to really liking her, he didn’t feel the same way.

    What Ning Cheng didn’t expect was, the middle aged woman wearing the grey gown on hearing what he said, contrary to what he expected, nodded and said, “That makes me feel relieved, you need to remember, An Yi can be together with you but she absolutely cannot get married. Also you should absolutely not have any emotional disputes with another person, otherwise …….”

    She hadn’t even finished speaking, when a faint line of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. An Yi, quickly hugged the middle aged woman wearing the grey gown, wept and shouted, “Master, what’s going on with you?”

    Ning Cheng never imagined that this grey robed woman asked him if he was married or was engaged, was to remind him not to have any ideas on playing with An Yi, he was mistaken. An Yi, according to this person, could not marry, no wonder she was a little nun, though he did not know the reason why. But then he saw the grey robed woman’s expression become even more sluggish, Ning Cheng also dared not to say anything else.

    The grey robed woman waved her hand and beckoned An Yi to come closer, she took out the piece of pear yellow jade and hung it on An Yi’s neck, and also took out a brown colored bag that was hanging on her waist, and said, “An Yi, when I found you, this jade was on your side, it was presumably left by your parents. This bag is the storage bag that I have used for many years, remember never take it out for others to see it….. Also, you must remember that you cannot marry……”

    With that, she stared at Ning Cheng and said, “You must take care of An Yi in the future, An Yi’s future is not ‘ordinary’ she will not treat you unjustly…..”

    Ning Cheng clasped his hands and said, “My life was saved by An Yi, senior please be assured that as long as this Ning Cheng draws breath, he would never let An Yi get hurt.”

    “An Yi, it is time for me to go away, you must live well, don’t be sad. The past will always be the past, as long as you keep walking forward. The path for you is very long, take good care of yourself.”

    After the grey robed woman finished speaking, she looked up at the sky outside the temple, sighing slightly, her eyes were filled with a little loneliness, as she slowly closed them.

    An Yi was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, she immediately knew that her master had passed away as her life dissipated, she suddenly began to cry. Even though she had known that this day would eventually arrive, she still wasn’t able to accept this fact that her master had passed away,

    Ning Cheng knew that the grey robed woman had known that he would look after An Yi, otherwise she would have not said that. He came up and patted An Yi’s shoulder and said, “An Yi, illness and death, it is only human. You don’t need to be too sad, we will have to step into the future together, it rather just arrived sooner than later.”

    As Ning Cheng spoke, he also sighed, he knew that when he ‘died’, he didn’t even get to say goodbye to his sister Ruo Lan.

    An Yi’s master’s cultivation was clearly dozens of times stronger that him, even so, she could not escape the shackles of heaven.

    An Yi knew that Ning Cheng’s persuasive words had a valid reason, but she was still unable to contain her grief. Over the past decade, she had always followed her master and they had lived and depended on each other. Now that her master suddenly had passed away, she didn’t know what to do.

    Ning Cheng looking at An Yi, knew that he was the only one who must deal with these things.

    With Ning Cheng’s persuasion, An Yi gradually eased up her sadness. Then, together with Ning Cheng, they buried her master in the the field of orchids behind the Blue Heart Temple.

    After accompanying An Yi in guarding the orchids behind the Temple for three days, Ning Cheng and An Yi left together, continuing their journey towards the Mingot Sea.

    After three days time, with the help of An Yi, the injuries sustained by Ning Cheng were completely healed. The mood of An Yi also became more depressed, she was already an introverted and shy with people. Now after what happened with her master, An Yi spoke even less.

    Although Ning Cheng was anxious to see what was in the bag An Yi received, but he was rather ashamed and embarrassed to speak about it.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller

    Chapter 0019 – Ji Luofei’s Sadness

    Ji Luo Fei opened her eyes in a daze, and she immediately saw a room that was not very big, there were a total of six people in the room, and she was lying on a wooden bed. Beside her, there were Zhuang Tianya, Jian Su Jie, Dan Xiang Ling, and two others she did not recognize.

    “Where is this place? Is Ning Cheng here?” Ji Luo Fei reacted, she quickly sat up and asked anxiously.

    Dan Xiang Ling had always been someone who didn’t talk much, and Jian Su Jie was not a stranger to Ji Luo Fei, the other two girls Ji Luo Fei was not able to recognize so she did not know what to say. Only Zhuang Tianya said, “Right now we are on an airship type magic artifact, this airship has just now crossed over the Daan Forest. In a few days we should be arriving at the Yuan Continent.”

    “Yuan Continent? What about Ning Cheng?” Ji Luo Fei suddenly jumped down from the wooden bed, looking at Zhuang Tianya for an answer, she asked, “My aunt? Did she also bring Ning Cheng?”

    Zhuang Tianyi remained silent, Ji Luo Fei immediately knew what was had happened, she turned and tried to run out. Zhuang Tianya immediately became startled, as she hurriedly caught Ji Luo Fei’s hand in horror and said, “Do you not want to live?”

    “Even if I do not, I’m going to save Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng is alone in the Cang Qin Province, he does not have the physical …..” Ji Luo Fei anxiously said, “You let me go.”

    Zhuang Tianya did not let go of Ji Luo Fei, instead she just sighed and said, “Luo Fei, if you rushed out to return to the Cang Qin Province, you would not be able to live, even your aunt would be heavily punished, and besides you absolutely wouldn’t be able to return to the Cang Qin Province. Do you know how high the cultivation base of the senior operating this aircraft type magic artifact is? The senior is at the Mysterious Core Realm. Your aunt is just an instructor at the academy, she can only bring you back to the Hua Continent’s Falling Star Academy, there are many things…….”

    Ji Luo Fei calmed down a bit, and did not continue to pursue her desire to go out. Of course she knew that only when a person has successfully cultivated to the 9th level of the Essence Building Realm would they be then qualified to step into the Mysterious Core Realm. For a person to advance to the Mysterious Core Realm is very rare, especially in the low class continents, the people that have stepped into the Mysterious Core Realm hold a very high status and position.

    The Essence Building Realm is just equivalent to casting the foundations to enter the Mysterious Core Realm. While in the process of cultivation of Qi, it can be said that the Essence Building Realm is the first real bottleneck that a cultivator would face. After successfully completing the nine level advancements of the Essence Building Realm and entering into the Mysterious Core Realm, the Qi would gather into a liquid form, forming a Dan Lake in one’s abdomen region also known as the Dantian. With the cultivation of the pure Qi liquid, the Dan Lake would keep on expanding, while enhancing and strengthening one’s body at the same time. Once a person forms a Dan Lake, their strength would be much stronger than a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm.

    The best example for comparison of the strength between the two Realms would be, just as her aunt killed the two cultivators of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, a cultivator at the Mysterious Core Realm can also as easily kill her aunt, who was a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm, in the same manner.

    Seeing Ji Luo Fei’s hand trembling, Zhuang Tianya said, “Besides, you would not be able to go out to rescue Ning Cheng, What’s more, even if you did manage to get out alone, do you think you would be able to return there?”

    “How was he?” Ji Luo Fei asked in a trembling voice.

    Zhuang Tianya did not hide anything and said, “While Ning Cheng was in the Academy, because Gu Fei had insulted you, he ended up clashing with Gu Fei. The result was that he challenged Gu Fei…..”

    Ji Luo Fei clenched her fists so hard that her hand had turned blue. In fact, Ning Cheng was most impressed by Ji Luo Fei not because he and she had lived under one roof for a number of years, but because she helped Ning Cheng by killing Xian Yuan Kui, in her memory, it was only after that incident that Ning Cheng was forced to run away.

    In was only for a short period of time, but Ning Cheng gave her the impression that there was a lot more to him that met her eyes.

    “Don’t be nervous…..listen to me”

    “Luo Fei, you already know my qualifications, remember to take revenge for me, I do not want to think that when I die there would not be anyone who would take revenge for me.”

    “Luo Fei, you are not ugly ah…..”

    It was like she could hear Ning Cheng’s voice in her ears, but where was Ning Cheng?

    To truly understand a person, sometimes many years would pass, even then one may not be able to understand them clearly. Sometimes even a moment, could feel like a lifetime. Ji Luo Fei could still feel Ning Cheng’s touch, for the short period of time that she had been in contact with Ning Cheng in the few days of the past, she was able to fully understand Ning Cheng.

    “What happened to Ning Cheng then?” although Ji Luo Fei knew that the odds of winning were against Ning Cheng, but she still gripped Zhuang Tianya and asked anxiously.

    Zhuang Tianyi could feel Ji Luo Fei’s hand trembling, she sighed in her heart, in her view, Ning Cheng was far from being a match for Ji Luo Fei. She really didn’t know why Ji Luo Fei still wanted to be closer to Ning Cheng.

    Zhuang Tianya comfortingly patted Ji Luo Fei’s hand and said, “Gu Fei challenged Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng proposed to Gu Fei to compare their speeds. Ning Cheng by proposing this wanted to escape, but the difference between his and Gu Fei’s cultivation bases was just too big, plus he also had Gu Yiming on his side.”

    Ji Luo Fei was not aware that the hand that she had been clutching for so long had broken out in blood, she was very clear, although Ning Cheng’s ability to cope with things was much higher than Ji Luo Fei. But in the face of absolute power, what could Ning Cheng do?

    Ning Cheng, I will avenge you, I will not die till I avenge you ……

    Ji Luo Fei embedded each and every word into the deepest parts of her heart, once she successfully cultivated to a higher level in the future, she would definitely come back to kill Gu Yiming. And there is also the King of Cang Qin Province, and…….

    Ji Luo Fei looked coldly at Jian Su Jie who was next to her, she was very clear that even though she was not involved with Ning Cheng, but she was definitely involved in the complete extermination of the Ning Clan. In the future, she would definitely have the opportunity to kill Jian Su Jie and Qiu Ying Guan for Ning Cheng.

    Seeing Ji Luo Fei glance at her coldly, Jian Su Jie felt her body chill all over. But she quickly responded, she seemed to know what Ji Luo Fei was thinking at the moment, then she similarly looked at Ji Luo Fei and said indifferently, ”You want to retaliate against me, Jian Su Jie, to help take revenge of Ning Cheng.”

    “Your Jian Clan and Qiu Clan partnered up and framed Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng was not even at the Qi Gathering 1st Level at that time, how could he be rude to you? My eyes are not blind. Ning Cheng is gone, his matter I, Ji Luo Fei, would definitely complete it for him.” Ji Luo Fei said in a tone that was completely devoid of even the slightest of emotions.

    Even Zhuang Tianya who was listening to her felt her heart go into shock, she had an unfounded feeling, that Ji Luo Fei changed into a person that she didn’t know, before she did not have a frozen heart, but she was still the kind Ji Luo Fei.

    Jian Su Jie felt her heart quiver, but she still said, “Originally the fact Ning Cheng molested me was definitely true, It was only later that I came to know that he was framed, but it was definitely not me. Because of that, I am also a victim here, believe it or not, I did not want to continue to kill him, but also saved him once.”

    Ji Luo Fei closed her eyes and slowly sat down, she no longer paid any attention to Jian Sujie.


    After a month’s time, Ning Cheng and An Yi had taken many detours. An Yi continued to be silent, but at least she was not doing nothing. At least she knew how to cook and also knew a lot about spiritual grasses, but she did not eat meat. Ning Cheng brought back many a game, but An Yi never ate them.

    Ning Cheng wanted to encourage An Yi to eat something, but she always ignored it, he also continuously studied the various books given to him by An Yi regarding Spiritual Grasses. At this point, he had made much progress than when he first came out of Cang Le City. He was able to at least identify half of the different Spiritual Grasses.

    An Yi remained silent, but depended on Ning Cheng a lot. Each time Ning Cheng went out to hunt food, she would become anxious, only after Ning Cheng came back would she quite down. Her master’s death was a serious blow to her.

    On this day, Ning Cheng and An Yi had climbed over a mountain. The two people were able to smell the scent of sea, and it made Ning Cheng exited. Even if everything was strange, the sea now and in the past, was still exactly the same, at least on the surface it was same.

    Thinking about going off onto the vast and boundless sea, Ning Cheng felt his own heart become boundless. He was even eager to find the beach and then scream that he finally was able to see the sea.

    Just when Ning Cheng looked back and saw the still silent An Yi, his passionate impulse faded rapidly, he looked at An Yi and smilingly asked, “An Yi, why did your master say that you can’t get married?”

    Ning Cheng was afraid that An Yi would continue in be depressed for a long time. An Yi did not understand this, but it did not mean that he also would not understand it.

    “I don’t know, master said that I can’t get married, so I won’t get married. Didn’t you also tell me that you also couldn’t marry?” An Yi looked at Ning Cheng with her big eyes and said.

    Ning Cheng looking at her pure and matchless eyes, he felt that An Yi has lost a some brightness in them, he felt a bit sorry for her in his mind. He then put those emotions aside and still smiled and said to An Yi, “An Yi, from where I am, the priests can also get married and have a family.”

    “Big Brother Ning Cheng, do you want me to marry you?” An Yi immediately asked, being together with Ning Cheng, she could never hide the questions in her heart. She had been living together with Ning Cheng for almost over a month, in this period of time the status of Ning Cheng in An Yi’s heart rose to the level of Big Brother.

    Ning Cheng scratched his head in distress, and said, “No, I already have a girlfriend, I mean…..”

    An Yi just smiled and said, “Big Brother Ning, you don’t have to worry about me, thank you for taking care of me. My master has already passed away, and because of this my heart was sad. Now I have gradually realized, you do not have to devote yourself to comfort me.”

    Ning Cheng stared at An Yi, who said this little nun was stupid, he just had to get impatient with her. An Yi always knew what he was thinking, but was reluctant to speak out.

    Seeing Ning Cheng’s awkward gaze, An Yi suddenly said, “Big Brother Ning, I will always be grateful to you in my heart, after my master passed away, I really did not know what to do.”

    With that, she took the initiative to speak first and said, “Big Brother Ning, you said you had a girlfriend, and then your girlfriend broke up with you after a little fight, are you also going to look for her?”

    Ning Cheng did not expect that An Yi would remember this sentence, he initially said those words to An Yi’s master so that she would keep An Yi safe with her, who knew An Yi who was in such a sad situation, would still be able to remember it. Sure enough, you never know what a woman was thinking, it didn’t matter if the woman in question was a nun or not.

    “No, and besides I can’t find her now.” said Ning Cheng as he shook his head.

    An Yi asked again, “Big Brother Ning, if you are able to find her, would you not look for her?”

    Ning Cheng remained silent, Tian Mu Wan left him without any explanation, and so did he.

    A woman showing a bit of temper was nothing, but Tian Mu Wan should not have given the pearl hair clip to Zha Zhi Yi. Not only did Zha Zhi Yi take it, he even threw it into the sewers, Tian Mu Wan also said that he could just buy her a new one. No matter what Tian Mu Wan was thinking, Ning Cheng would have found it difficult to go back and treat her the same way as before.

    At that time he had bought two pearl hair clips, for the two people that were the closest to him, he regarded Tian Mu Wan as close to his heart as his younger sister Ruo Lan, the same as family. When Tian Mu Wan discarded the pearl hair clips through Zha Zhi Yi’s hands, it was equal to discarding his sincerity towards Mu Wan.

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    An Yi maybe but Tian Muwan is the ultimate bitch. She never confronts her supposed BF about his supposed behavior even though she is supposed to be smart and her impression of him was that he was a great guy. Instead she buys the BS of her jealous friend hook, line and sinker. Then just to totally stick it to him she calls up some loser playboy and disses MC by going with him. I hope she has something horrible happen to her back in her world, maybe like playboy and his friends gang b her.
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    Yeah but b4 that they have to rape her sorry anyone who doesn't like this sort of stuff (^~^)

    And of course in reality the MC will hear her explanation of why she dissed him and like a pathetic loser totally forgive her. It's like did you ever really like me or was I just eye candy or a status symbol for you to flaunt and now I should just go back to being the same loser dog I was. meh
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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited by – DemonKiller
    Proofread by – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0020 – The Sinister Waters Of The Mingot Sea

    Ning Cheng did not answer, because a sharp breaking sound interrupted his train of thought. A grey shadow with a roaring sound flew out not much farther in front of him, a moment later, there was another black shadow that flew past in its pursuit. After a few breaths time, the two shadows disappeared without a trace.

    Ning Cheng’s heart was awestruck, seeing the two shadows he was reminded of the flying artifact used by Ji Luo Fei’s aunt. He had heard that there were hundreds of countries, who let their countless forces come to the Mingot Sea for practicing cultivation and looking for resources of dubious origins. Now it seems that it really was so, the two shadows that just disappeared from their visions were definitely not people from the Cang Qin Province.

    To have a flying artifact, one must be an absolute powerhouse, like the cultivators of the Essence Building Realm. It looks like if one wanted to live in the Mingot Sea Area, it would not be an easy thing. The excited moment that Ning Cheng had just now instantly diminished a lot, he finally began to think of how to survive in this sort of place.

    Even An Yi could see, that the two people who just flew past, their cultivation bases compared to Ning Cheng and she, it was simply too low. She was not completely sure about Ning Cheng’s cultivation base, however it also seemed that it was not high either.

    “An Yi, we have to be careful from here, there seems to be danger everywhere in the Mingot Sea Area.” said Ning Cheng as he quickly pulled down An Yi from the high area, and came down to a small remote place near the roadside.

    An Yi also forgot to ask Ning Cheng what he meant by that, she just made an ‘um’ sound, and followed Ning Cheng closely behind. If she was the only person here, then she would not have known what to do in this kind of situation.

    “That storage bag that you have, An Yi, never expose it.” said Ning Cheng as he thought about An Yi’s storage bag. Once An Yi’s storage bag was exposed, not only would An Yi be killed off, even he would suffer the same fate.

    An Yi hurriedly put her hand on her waist and said, “Big Brother, I will take it out and give it to you, it will not be safe with me …….”

    Ning Cheng stopped An Yi and said, “An Yi, your master left this bag to you, you put it close to your skin, and also have your things inside it, giving it to me would not be very good.”

    Ning Cheng also would have liked to see the materials in the storage bag, but afterwards thought that since it was some sort of inheritance that An Yi’s master had left for An Yi, if he took it, it would be the same as trying to read other people’s personal thoughts.

    An Yi quickly said, “Big Brother Ning, this is not a simple bag, but a storage bag. A storage bag and a simple bag are completely different, although the storage bag looks small, the space inside a storage bag is very big. With just a thought, the Spatial Array inside the storage bag, will help you place items larger than the bag itself inside it.”

    Ning Cheng realised that a simple bag and a storage bag had a big difference, one could put a lot of things in the storage bag, Ning Cheng could feel an itch in heart, he really wanted one of these bags.


    After going through this matter, Ning Cheng took An Yi away from the road as far as possible.

    “Big Brother Ning, there is a relay station here.” An Yi knew that the words she spoke only made Ning Cheng more worried about her. Although her master’s death left a huge scar on her heart, but she also took the initiative to ask Ning Cheng about somethings but she was careful as to not ask about Ning Cheng’s girlfriend. She also did not ask Ning Cheng, who was his girlfriend.

    Ning Cheng also saw the distant relay station, it did not look big, but it made Ning Cheng stop.

    “Big Brother Ning, Li Shao said that, after the Relay Station at Dawn Town, we would be able to get out of the scope of the Cang Qin Province. Although it is a relay station, perhaps it is not of the Cang Qin Province.” Seeing Ning Cheng stop, there was even some caution in him, so she took the initiative and said those words.

    Ning Cheng nodded, “Let it be, we first go over and have a look.”

    The relay station was not big, it was just a pure relay station, in addition there were only a dozen soldiers to guard it and it also doubled up as a small hotel. In the largest space in front of the relay station, was the dock for keeping the beast carriages. Many of the beast carriage owners were shouting for customers. The board above the relay station, made Ning Cheng completely calm down, it said “Huo Yuan Country, Fu Ye City Relay Station.”

    Ning Cheng and An Yi had just arrived when they met up with a short woman with a rough face, “Are you two friends going to the Mingot Sea? Take my beast carriage, just twenty gold coins per person.”

    Ning Cheng was shocked, 20 gold coins for one person? Isn’t this too high? Li Shao had previously said before that he would earn only a few dozen silver coins for a single trip, how could there be such a high price here?

    “Isn’t the price too high?” Ning Cheng was not certain if this woman would not kill him, as he asked in a hesitating way.

    The rough faced woman froze for a moment, there was no answer from her, but a man came up next to her and said, “My friend, this price is not high. Not to mention that it would take more than 10 days to reach the Mingot Sea Area, because of the dangerous waters of the Mingot Sea, such a price is fair regarding the risk. It is the carriage driver who has to drive the beast carriage, she has to keep both her brain and body alert all the times, if it was not necessary, it’s best not to bargain.”

    The speaker was a man with some stubble on his face, he only seemed to have the cultivation of Qi Gathering 3rd Level. But he talked in a very relaxed way, and did not let the people who he was talking to feel as if he would suddenly erupt. There was a wide gap between a cultivator at Qi Gathering 3rd Level and the 4th Level, a sort of bottleneck if you will, compared to a Qi Gathering 3rd Level cultivator, a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level was more than 10 times stronger.

    Ning Cheng quickly clasped his hands and said, “Thank you my friend, me and my sister have come to the Mingot Sea Area for the first time to live, but we don’t know about the condition of the market here. As my friend said, that 20 gold coins are really not that high.”

    Speaking of his sister, Ning Cheng immediately thought of Ning Ruo Lan, it felt as if his heart was being crushed.

    An Yi had a white turban tied up on her head, clearly one could see that she was a nun. Ning Cheng said An Yi was his sister, this short man did not think that Ning Cheng was telling lies, he just nodded and said, “My beast carriage’s Sister He has a very good reputation, I just happened to have to go the Mingot Sea, do you want to board the beast carriage with your sister, or just go by yourself.”

    Ning Cheng said in an embarrassed way, “I do not have a single gold coin, I would have liked to go to the Mingot Sea, but it seems it wouldn’t be possible currently.”

    On his body, there were only two things that were valuable, one was the sword wrapped up inside, it was taken from the corpse of Gu Fei. The other was the Qi Gathering Stone, which Ji Luofei had given him, but still haven’t used it. In addition to it he only had the two thin leather bound books of the Ning Clan.

    At this time he had some regrets after killing Gu Fei, he did not search Gu Fei’s body carefully, maybe there were some other valuable things with him.

    The short man looked at Ning Cheng and said with a smile, “Qi Gathering 3rd Level, a freind such poor as you are really not that many. The gold coins for the beast carriage, I can help you out with that, it can be considered as paying for friends.”

    Ning Cheng after listening to the short man talk, he was immediately overjoyed and clasped both his hands and said, “Thank you my friend, after I go to the Mingot Sea, I will find a way to return the favor.”

    If only Ning Cheng had not offended Gu Yiming, he really did not want to owe such a favor. Now for Ning Cheng, the farther he could get away from the Cang Qin Province the better. The Mingot Sea Area had all kinds of people and even if there were people from the Cang Qin Province, it would not count for anything, this place was the most secure.

    “Its just 40 gold coins, you don’t need to return it. My name is Feng Fei Zhang, I usually travel between the Mingot Sea and the Fu Yi City Relay Station. Although the goods go back to the Huo Yan Country, there I can even earn more than double, but truthfully I’d rather sell my things here, it would save a lot of time.” This short man said while laughing.

    “My name is Ning Cheng, this is my cousin An Yi.” Ning temporarily changed sister to cousin. They declared before that they were brother and sister, if the surnames were different, how can they be brother and sister?

    Feng Fei Zhang did not mind that Ning Cheng had told something different before, and said with a great interest, “Everywhere in the waters of Mingot is full of gold coins, as long as you have to ability and skill. Since I do not have the qualifications to enter into the middle stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, so I just want to earn enough gold coins, so that I can go back and establish a family.”

    “Brother Feng, isn’t the Mingot Sea full of dangers and killings?” asked Ning Cheng after listening to Feng Fei Zhang say that he has been to the Mingot Sea before, he wanted to find out from him, regarding the situation in the Mingot Sea area.

    After listening to Ning Cheng’s words, Feng Fei Zhang’s facial expression becomes solemn and said, “Yes, Brother Ning. In the area of the Mingot Sea, our cultivation bases might be considered to be weakest, but compared to some of the lowest level of adventurers we are slightly better off. I can only fish for something near the shore, but I do not dare to go too far. The most abundant and resourceful area in the Mingot Sea is far away from the shores, there you can find many people, but trying to acquire things from there, now that would be very difficult.”

    After a pause, Feng Fei Zhang continued, “If you want to go deep into the waters of the Mingot Sea then you need to form a team, in the recent years, I also formed a team with many of my friends. But the reality is many of them could not come back, I have watched many of my friends fail in front me but I just did not have the ability to help them. Maybe one of these days, I will also be like them, forever remaining in the Mingot Sea.”

    An Yi had been living in a safe place with her master, and did not have much idea of this. But Ning Cheng was worried, although he was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, but his fighting experience was not rich. Last time he was able to kill Gu Fei, precisely because he was at his level. Even then, he had suffered many serious injuries by Gu Fei’s hands before he was able to kill him.

    What Ning Cheng was the most worried about was, his aptitude was was very bad, basically he couldn’t advance in his rank. If he could return back to the Cang Qin Province, then it would not only be very easy for him to raise his cultivation base from the Qi Gathering 1st Level to the Qi Gathering 3rd Level but also solidify and improve his cultivation, and then go to the Mingot Sea.

    Feng Fei Zhang saw Ning Cheng very worried, and took the initiative to speak, “In fact, as long as you are cautious, you would not necessarily die in the Mingot Sea. I have been in the Mingot Sea area for almost 10 years, but I am still alive and good. At this time, since we have teamed up, I will also tell you how to survive in the Mingot Sea.”

    Ning Cheng felt very grateful and clasped his hands and said, “Brother Feng is very warm, this Ning Cheng would like to thank you.”

    The Mingot Sea was such a dangerous place, with teams of people, of course, it would mean an abundance in experience. The stronger the person the better, but he had no experience. Feng Fei Zhang took in Ning Cheng and An Yi, if he did not have any malicious intentions, then he really was a warm hearted person.

    “Sister He, does the carriage have a seat, we must go to the Mingot Sea Area.” along with the voice, two more people walked towards them, one was a man and the other a woman. The man’s appearance was good, but he had a red scar on his face, which made him look a bit disfigured. The woman looked somewhat odd, it was obvious that she was very sexy, but if you looked carefully, she actually looked like a solemn, quiet and a refined young lady.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0021 – Golden Cicada Fruit

    Both these man and woman who came over, obviously also knew Sister He.

    “There is, we will be leaving immediately.” Sister He said extremely loudly.

    In a very short period of time, Sister He immediately gathered five people. Ning Cheng and An Yi, along with the other people, followed Sister He to her beast carriage. This beast carriage actually was no better than the ordinary small commercial vehicles back on his planet Earth.

    Pulling the carriage weren’t horses but rather a beast which Ning Cheng had seen previously. Ning Cheng had originally seen this kind of beast in the Cang Le city, only that beast he had seen was pure white in color, this one however was of a mixed color. Ning Cheng had listened to Jian Su Jie whistling for her horned beast, she seemed to call it as Xiao Shi.

    This unicorn was to pull such a big carriage and furthermore, there were also many people in it, would it be able to pull it? In the begining, Li Shao’s carriage, which they were travelling in previously, only had two horses pulling it.

    “Get in, we will immediately leave.” Sister He spoke and then proceeded to occupy the driver’s seat.

    Ning Cheng and An Yi, along with the other people went inside the carriage, only to find that there was already a person sitting inside it. The person was an old man, with the same cultivation base of Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Even though the old man was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, Ning Cheng felt that this old man’s cultivation base was many times more fierce than Feng Fei Zhang’s.

    The elderly man saw Ning Cheng and the five other people getting on the carriage, he merely swept a glance towards them and then continued to keep his eyes closed. In just this brief moment when this old man opened and closed his eyes, Ning Cheng felt a wave of killing intent. Ning Cheng knew this killing intent was not directed towards him or other people in here, but it was because this old man had an incorporeal murderous aura on his body. Clearly, this person was an extremely dangerous killer and had killed many in the past.

    An Yi sat right next to Ning Cheng, she had also felt that old man’s killing intent. She chose to sit close to Ning Cheng and didn’t dare to look at the elderly man.

    Sister He sat in the seat of the driver, took out a whip and immediately whipped it in front of her, the horned beast immediately let out a loud roar, and stomping its foot on the ground it immediately rushed out. Such a large carriage was easily pulled by it, unexpectedly there wasn’t even a lag of half a minute.

    Not only that, but the speed of the carriage also was not slow, the only thing a bit troubling was that the carriage was a bit bumpy. Ning Cheng and the others who were sitting in this bumpy carriage, could clearly see the scenery outside through the transparent window.

    The people who were sitting in the carriage had all experienced so many life and death situations, that even their eyes were filled with matchless cruelty. Ning Cheng and An Yi understood at a glance that many people here had experienced killings, since these two people were going to the Mingot Sea, besides Feng Fei Zhang’s thoughts of helping them, the other three people were sneering in their hearts and minds that Ning Cheng and An Yi were just trying to court death by going there.

    “This should be the virtuous husband and wife, Miao Xiu Ming and Tian Fei, right? I have heard so much about you, to sit with you in the same carriage is a great honor for this Feng.” Feng Fei Zhang said with with great enthusiasm and warmth, and took the initiative to greet the man and woman sitting opposite to him and even gave them a respectful fist salute while speaking.

    The man with the red scar on his face did not think that Feng Fei Zhang actually knew him, but he was not surprised. Although his cultivation was low, but coupled with his wife and working together for many years, they were not afraid of facing against even a strong Qi Gathering cultivator. Along the edges of the Mingot Sea, they built up a bit of small fame and reputation.

    “Yes, I am Miao Xiu Ming, and this here is my wife ……” the man with the red scar on his face had not finished speaking, when he noticed Ning Cheng staring at his wife. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with others staring at his wife.

    Feng Fei Zhang also found Ning Cheng to be rather rude, and quickly coughed, this made Ning Cheng come back to reality, with some awkwardness he clasped his fist, but did not explain anything. He knew that this kind of thing, there was no way he could provide a satisfactory explanation.

    Just when he heard that the woman sitting opposite to him was named Tian Fei, he had unconsciously thought of Tian Mu Wan, after some time of being lost in his memories, he ended up staring at Tian Fei, in fact in his eye’s was not Tian Fei’s image but rather Tian Mu Wan’s.

    Seeing Ning Cheng did not continue to be impolite, Miao Xiu Ming did not attack him. But he had a heart to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, he then specifically looked at An Yi who was sitting beside Ning Cheng. An Yi had a white turban wrapped around her head and was wearing a plain blue robe, before he was basically inattentive. But when Miao Xiu Ming looked at An Yi closely, his heart suddenly started to beat faster.

    According to him, An Yi was too pretty and delicate, just like a fairy in human form. She sat there quietly, just like a crystal clear white lotus. He had seen many beautiful woman before, but he had not seen someone like An Yi, who was very pure looking, which made his heart beat go faster.

    This woman was too pure, he must get his hands on her, Miao Xiu Ming inwardly said to himself as he clenched his fists.

    “I don’t know if Brother Miao heard of the Golden Cicada Fruit?” Feng Fei Zhang quickly changed the subject, and took the initiative to speak the first sentence.

    Hearing the words of Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming returned to reality and immediately said, “Is Brother Feng talking about the Lansha Island in the waters of the Mingot Sea where the Golden Cicada Fruit grows?”

    Feng Fei Zhang laughed and said, “Brother Miao really has heard of it, truthfully if I could get a Golden Cicada Fruit, then I would not have to break my back scavenging in the Mingot Sea and could comfortably live out my entire life till I die.”

    Miao Xiu Ming seemed to have forgotten about the insolent thing that Ning Cheng did, it seemed he did not mind, and said, “The Lansha Island is something that people could go in but cannot return. Recently, I heard that a team did go in, but none of them ever came out. Furthermore, Golden Cicada Fruits are something that we cannot touch. Even if one did manage to get a Golden Cicada Fruit, it would lead to him dying faster.”

    Feng Fei Zhang did not know that Miao Xiu Ming had already set his eyes on An Yi, he just meant to divert his attention of Miao Xiu Ming from Ning Cheng, now that he heard Miao Xiu Ming speak, he immediately nodded and said, “True, even if we were able to obtain the Golden Cicada Fruit, and not get killed in the process, there is no way that just the Golden Cicada Fruit would help one create a True Condensation Pill.”

    Ning Cheng had recently studied about all kinds of Spiritual Grasses including the names and uses of many different Spiritual Grasses, this Golden Cicada Fruit was a type of Spiritual Fruit that he had heard about. It was classified as a Level Three Spiritual Grass, and can be refined into a pill, by refining into a pill it could be useful to the cultivators in all the nine Qi Gathering Levels. What Feng Fei Zhang meant was that, even if an ordinary cultivator gets his hands on the Golden Cicada Fruit, he would not be able to refine it into a pill. That was because where would he be able to find an Alchemist to make a pill for a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator?

    In fact, Ning Cheng also realized that Feng Fei Zhang had another hidden meaning, in fact not to mention that even if there was no way for one to refine the Golden Cicada Fruit into a True Condensation Pill, it can still be refined into a medicinal pill, but with his cultivation level how would he be able to take it? They were only cultivators of the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, while at worst only the cultivators of at the Qi Gathering 9th Level could only use the refined pill.

    The old man who had his eyes closed and which were filled with killing intent, said, “In fact the Lansha Island is not so terrible, once you know about the Array Formations around it, you can easy and safely come and go from there. However, if you want to get the Golden Cicada Fruit, then the opportunities for that is very low.”

    “What?” the old man’s words immediately attracted Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming, Tian Fei and the other three people, they just couldn’t believe what the old man has just said.

    An Yi kept her head down, she did not hear the conversation between the couple of people clearly. Although Ning Cheng had heard it clearly, but he was not interested in it. Regardless of what this man said was true or not, even if it was true, if he got the Golden Cicada Fruit it would not be useful to him. Moreover, he had also affirmed that the old man’s words were not really dishonest.

    But he also believed that Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming and the other people also did not believe the old man’s words, they were just surprised that the words of the old man were too far off the mark according to them.

    “You may think that my words are a lie, I can tell you clearly, there is not even half a word that I spoke was false. The Lansha Island is not far away, but if you are going to search for the Golden Cicada Fruit then you need have a great luck and opportunity.” The old man continued.

    Miao Xiu Ming could not help but ask, “My friend, since the Lansha Island can be easily entered, then why are so many cultivators who enter the Lansha Island are unable to come out?”

    “That’s because they don’t understand the Array Formations outside and inside it, the outside of the Lansha Island is enveloped in sea fog, in fact, this fog was a Battle Array Formation. But only on the 15th day of each month can one hope to enter the island. Also one must have a person who is proficient in Battle Array Formations with them. I was able to enter the Lansha Island many times, and was also able to come out, it is precisely because I am proficient in Battle Array Formations.” The old man said proudly, his voice had a trace of disdain in it.

    “My friend, you say that you have been to the Lansha Island a few times? The Lansha Island in the Mingot Sea?” Feng Fei Zhang could still not believe it and asked again, he felt that this old man did not seem to be lying.

    After hearing Feng Fei Zhang ‘s words the old man despite having despised them, said with some decadence in his voice, “Although I have been in and out of Lansha Island many times, but it did not mean that I was able to obtain anything good. I have even seen a Golden Cicada Fruit, but I was never able to get it, urgh!”

    “You have seen the Golden Cicada Fruit?” this sentence almost made Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming and the three others to jump out and ask.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0022 – Forced To Team Up

    “Of course, but unless you are really lucky, even if you went to the Lansha Island and found the Golden Cicada Fruit, don’t think you would be able to get it.” said the old man leaving no room for doubt.

    “Why not?” the woman called Tian Fei could not help but ask.

    The old man said in a deep voice, “That’s because the Golden Cicada Fruit tree is surrounded by a Level 5 Attack Array Formation which would kill any cultivator who coveted the Golden Cicada Fruit Tree by beheading and they would just ultimately become nutrients for the Golden Cicada Fruit Tree.”

    With that, the old man looked at Feng Fei Zhang and said, “You do not have to doubt that I deceived you, the reason that I disclosed this news to you is because the map to enter the Lansha Island would be auctioned at the end of the month at the Mingot City Auction House, moreover there are only a hundred copies. Even if I did not tell you this, there would be a lot of people who would come to know about it by the end of the month.”

    There were quite few people who had some doubts about this man before, but now many of them believed the words of this old man. If the map for the Lansha Island was being auctioned at the Mingot City Auction House, then it meant that the words of the old man were really true. The Mingot City Auction House in the Mingot Sea Area had, both a powerful influence and a powerful force, if they said that there were only a 100 copies, then there really only were only a 100 copies, absolutely no one would dare to copy the map from the Auction house and try to sell it. Unless they were tired of living.

    “Friend, can I ask how did you get to know about the map to enter the Lansha Island, that too even before the auction?” Feng Fiezhang asked.

    The old man just nodded his head and said, “Even if you did not ask about it, I would have told you. First, this map was not something that I created, it was made by another person, presumably he, just like me, had been to the Lansha Island many times in the past. He also could not get the Golden Cicada Fruit, and chose to sell the map in the auction.”

    The several people present did not speak, since the old man had said those words, it means that what he said certainly must be true, indeed it was just like that, after the old man finished speaking about that, he again continued, “I myself am well versed in Array Formations of low levels, and this time I intentionally asked high level Array Formations Master, and found out that it would require at least one Level 5 Array Formations Master to break it. But in addition to this method, there is also another way, but it requires eight people, and they must attack the Array Formation regularly and simultaneously from eight different directions, this can also help us in breaking the Attack Array Formation. But this method of breaking the Array Formation, I do not know if it would end up destroying the Golden Cicada Fruit.”

    “Friend, are you indirectly inviting us to join up with you?” Miao Xiu Ming immediately asked.

    The old man replied, “Indeed it is like that, I am only at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, and thus I cannot dare to invite cultivators of the Qi Gathering Intermediate stage. But if we are able to procure a Golden Cicada Fruit stub, as each stub would at least contain 36 of those fruits, so even if all eight people participate, each person can get as many as four or more fruits. Here, we already have a total of 6 people, we can find two more in the Mingot City, and then after gathering the eight people together, we can then go to the Lansha Island. That said, let me first introduce myself, my name is Pu Jingye, everyone calls me Taoist Pu. Moreover, I am willing take an oath by the sea, that the words I spoke are completely true.”

    After listening to the words of Taoist Pu, Miao Xiu Ming clasped his fists and said, “Tian Fei and I will also go, but before we go, can we ask Brother Pu to let us look at your map. Otherwise, I am afraid I would not agree to it.”

    He also had some understandings about Array Formations, and had also visited the surrounding area of the Lansha Island in the past, although there was no way that he could get in, but he was clear about it from the periphery, if he was not satisfied with the map of Taoist Pu, then even if he swore an oath by the sea, he would never agree.

    Feng Fei Zhang also hesitated for a moment, before clasping his hands and said, “Brother Pu count me in too, but before agreeing with your request, just as Brother Miao said, we need to look at the map that you spoke of.”

    Taoist Pu just laughed and said, “That is for sure, before we leave, I will let you all have a look at the map. Even if you get your hands on the map from the auction, I figure that when you see my map, everybody here would also be satisfied with it.”

    At this time all the people looked at Ning Cheng, they wanted to know his decision. From the behavior before it was clear that An Yi obviously followed Ning Cheng, so they all thought that as long as they could convince him, it would be ok.

    Ning Cheng just smiled and said, “Of course, I would also like to participate, it would be a disadvantage for me if I did not participate.”

    Ning Cheng was just laughing on the surface, but in his heart he was very depressed, he thought that only a fool would go to the Lansha Island and participate as a team. Regardless of whether what Taoist Pu said was true or false, even if what he said was true, the Lansha Island and the Golden Cicada Fruit affair, why did he not ask the help of an Advance Array Formation Master in the past? Even if an Advance Array Formation Master was reluctant to help him in the past, surely the Auction House would try to invite a high level Array master to take a look at it to verify its authenticity.

    If you could get more than 30 pieces of the Golden Cicada Fruit, then the Auction House would definitely do it.

    This senior in front of them was probably an Advanced Array Master himself, not just a simple Taoist that he claims to be.

    There may, of course, be the possibility that he really was just a simple Taoist. But Feng Fei Zhang and Miao Xiu Ming had survived around the Mingot Sea Area for several years, and thus were very shrewd in nature. They should be able to tell if this so called Taoist Pu was spouting nonsense or not. If they chose to believe in this Taoist Pu, then presumably the words spoken by him were most likely not nonsense.

    But to Ning Cheng, even if it was completely true, he did not wish to participate. He was originally from Earth, and had long pursued a simple truth, that the sky would not fall out for no reason. What was an oath or a vow? On Earth, some people would make promises and vows just as easily as they would eat and drink, none of which would they fulfill.

    Besides, he and An Yi had just arrived, was what they were doing a good thing? Even if it was a good thing, he could have asked the cultivators in the Late Stage Qi Gathering Realm, why did he chose someone from the Qi Gathering 3rd Level?

    But no matter what, he had to agree, as Miao Xiu Ming and the so called Taoist Pu’s eyes were filled with a clear intent to kill. It was clear that if he refused, the two men would be the first to kill him. As for Feng Fei Zhang, they had met by only chance so he could count on him.

    As Ning Cheng thought about what was happening, Ning Cheng could only blame himself for not knowing how distinguished was a Level 5 Array Formations Master. To let a Level 5 Array Formations Master be invited to the Mingot Sea Area for the sake of a Golden Cicada Fruit, it was just absurd. But Ning Cheng does not know, that a Level 5 Array Formations Master were not someone who could be easily invited.

    Seeing Ning Cheng agree without hesitation, Feng Fei Zhang was stupefied for a moment. He thought that as Ning Cheng had just started out, even if he did agree, he was prepared to explain the situation to him. He would tell Ning Cheng, that what the Taoist Pu said may not necessarily be a lie. But because the auction of the map to enter the Langsha Island would take place at the end of the month, they did not know if the map that the old man claimed to have in his possession was reliable or not.

    In addition, there was one other thing, this Taoist Pu was even willing to take an oath of the sea. The cultivators living at the edge of the Mingot Sea, knew how terrible the oath of the sea was, as long as they were alive, they would have to fulfill it, otherwise the only thing that awaited them was death.

    “Well, since you all believe me, then I will take out the Lansha Island’s map for everyone to look at.” said Taoist Pu as he took out 5 of the Lansha Island’s maps and handed them over to the five people present.

    Ning Cheng just took one and said, “I and my cousin can just have a single one.”

    He knew that he did not know anything about Array Formations, even if they were going, they could only follow behind the others. As for the map, he was planning on giving it to An Yi, as he could not understand it.

    “No, it is better if you had one more, for security purposes, just in case you end up losing the first one, it would be better if you kept it as an alternate.” said Taoist Pu as he handed back the map to Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng also thought about what he just said, and he silently took the second map, but did not give it to An Yi. He accepted the two copies of the map, kept one in his bag and the other one in hand, and was preparing to look at it, if he could not understand it, he could just ask An Yi when it was convenient.

    Taoist Pu just smiled at Ning Cheng and said, “You can also let your partner see it. If you do not understand anything, you can just ask me.”

    Ning Cheng came to understand that it was was not as simple as it looked on the outside, he had to be careful at all times. Originally, he harbored some fear towards this Taoist Pu, but now when he said those words, Ning Cheng immediately increased his sense of vigilance. This Taoist Pu not only gave two copies of the maps to them, but he also specifically asked to give one to An Yi. Why should he be concerned with this matter?

    Although Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, he still laughed and said with a smile, “Don’t mind it, my cousin does not understand anything about Arrays Formations, plus she is also not in the mood to see it. When she is in a better mood, I’ll give it to her.”

    An Yi certainly did not refute Ning Cheng’s words about Arrays Formations, Ning Cheng already knew that An Yi’s knowledge about Array Formation was much better than him, but she still did not refute Ning Cheng’s claim.

    Instantly a cold light flashed in the corner of the old man’s eyes, Ning Cheng was able to catch it, it let him further strengthen the feeling that something was definitely not right.

    The several people were looking at the map of the Array Formation around the Lansha Island, Ning Cheng after observing for a moment, was not able to decipher anything, he simply took the map from his hands and placed it in the back of his bag.

    “I haven’t asked asked what name does our friend goes by?” Seeing Ning Cheng put the map away, Taoist Pu asked with a smile.

    Ning Cheng just lightly said, “We are only going to cooperate to get to the Lansha Island, there is no need to ask about that.”

    Taoist Pu did not get angry, he just smiled and nodded, and no longer chose to speak.

    Sister He drove the carriage fast and steady, Ning Cheng even doubted if this carriage was fitted with rubber tires, with commercial vehicles in general, aren’t they known for their bumps?

    After a few days of travelling, since it was the time for rest, Sister He stopped the beast carriage and got everyone out for something to eat, in addition to the usual except for Ning Cheng and An Yi, the others were either studying the map, or asking Taoist Pu about the various situations in Lansha Island, or discussing how to enter the Island.

    These sort of discussions, Ning Cheng did not attend, nor did he say more than a sentence when Ning Cheng was asked. Also because of this no one bothered Ning Cheng, they thought that when the time comes as long as he could perform the task it was good enough. As the beast carriage moved forward, the fishy smell of the sea only became heavier.

    In the past few days, Taoist Pu also did not find Ning Cheng to talk nonsense, instead he continued explaining the map to Tian Fei, but he would often look in the direction Ning Cheng and An Yi, but he did not ever find the two people talk.

    When travelling in the beast carriage on the seventh day, Ning Cheng was just thinking about how not to participate in this team, when he heard a loud scream, then the carriage in which they were sitting shook violently, it seemed as if everything turned upside down.

    Ning Cheng’s reaction was lightening fast, almost when the carriage started to shake, he picked up An Yi who hadn’t even reacted yet, punched open the roof and jumped out of the carriage.

    At the same time that Ning Cheng came out, Taoist Pu also managed to escape from the carriage, and instantly left the carriage hundred meters away. At the same time Feng Fei Zhang and the others also came flying out similarly.

    Ning Cheng was immediately able to see a dozen feet long gully in front of the beast carriage, the unicorn beast had been split in half, while the other half was missing. As Ning Cheng was thinking, a whistling sound came, Ning Cheng rushed out quickly with An Yi, he did not give any regard to the direction in which they were rushing.

    He had just rushed out when, at the same time, they heard a sound of explosion coming from the back. There seemed to be two shadows in the sky, Ning Cheng basically did not think of anything else, and immediately with An Yi, Ning Cheng crazily rushed to the side.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Edited, and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0023 – Frenzied Escape

    From the glimpse of the two shadows fighting at the same time, Ning Cheng could only think of escaping. Originally when he had arrived at the peripheral area of the Mingot Sea, he saw the same two shadows flashing past them, the impression that those two shadows gave him was too deep.

    The herculean unicorn beast being cut in half, creating a huge gully of several feet on the hard road, plus the terrible explosion from behind. How could Ning Cheng not know, that it was a fight between two powerful masters?

    This kind of fight, if one chose to remain here, it would only result in their death, only by running far away would one be able to escape. The two masters fighting wouldn’t care about him, a measly cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so he could only flee, the faster and farther he could go the better.

    As to the direction in which he escaped, Ning Cheng knew that he would have to run away from the old man in the future. He was obviously thinking about how to escape from the business of the old man, now that had the chance, he obviously took the direction opposite to the one taken by the old man. And he was also certain that this Taoist Pu would not care to deliberately escape in his direction, he estimated that he himself would be eager to run a little faster.

    After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, An Yi who was still in Ning Cheng’s bosom whispered in Ning Cheng’s ear, “Big Brother Ning, I can run by myself, will you release of me.”

    Ning Cheng was hell bent on escaping, even now, he did not realize that he was embracing An Yi tightly in his bosom right now.

    Ning Cheng released An Yi, and at the same time he was rejoicing in his heart, the two masters that were fighting did not come this way, if those two people had come their way, they most definitely would be dead.

    An Yi also followed Ning Cheng as they fled, and asked, “Big Brother Ning, do you not want to form a team with Taoist Pu and the others?”

    An Yi may not have understood what had happened, but she was not stupid, she was very clear that Ning Cheng was just putting up an act at that time.

    Ning Cheng then remembered that he had forgotten something in the beast carriage, and rushed back to retrieve the two route maps that were thrown on the ground, wrapped them in his bag and handed it to An Yi and said, “An Yi, can you keep this bag in your storage bag?”

    “I can” An Yi nodded, and did not think, she directly put Ning Cheng’s bag into the storage bag. And then she asked, “Do we still have to escape now?”

    “We not only have to escape, but also have to speed up, we will change our direction a little, the farther we go the better.” Ning Cheng spoke, while he shifted his direction slightly and continued to crazily run.

    Of course An Yi also followed Ning Cheng, wherever he went she would also follow immediately.

    An Yi and Ning Cheng were cultivators at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so when these two people put all their strength into rushing to escape, then their speed was extremely fast. After running for almost the entire day, the sky was already darkening, when the sound of waters hitting the reef reached them, Ning Cheng stopped and said, “We should be close to the beach, let’s not continue to run, and first find a place to hide.”

    Ning Cheng had just finished speaking, when a shadow fell down from the air in front of them with a “bang” sound.

    This unexpected sound, made Ning Cheng scared, and he pulled back An Yi and withdrew several meters, he could only see the back of the shadow that fell from the sky.

    A wretched man was lying completely covered in blood on the beach, it was clear that this man was the shadow that fell from the air previously. His head was just half an inch away from a huge rock. He did not know if this person had a huge luck or if he had controlled his fall.

    “The two of you, please do me a favor ……..” This bloodstained man did not faint. On the contrary, he called out to Ning Cheng and An Yi in a weakened voice.

    Ning Cheng did not move, he saw An Yi taking a step forward, and immediately pulled her back. In this world he had seen many injured people, and he was also kind to them. But this man that had landed on the beach, although he was seriously injured, but they could still not perceive his cultivation level. Ning Cheng could vaguely guess, that this person maybe even more powerful that the cultivators in the True Condensation Realm.

    But there was also one other reason why Ning Cheng was not willing to come forward to help, because he could sense that this person in front of them was the same person who had killed the unicorn beast while fighting in the air. A fight that disregarded the lives of the innocent, he definitely was a person who was extremely cruel and merciless.

    “I was plotted secretly by the other person, the two of you please look at this fellow, in turn I will also help the two of you.” This injured man still said earnestly.

    Ning Cheng whispered to An Yi, “An Yi, you just follow me one step behind.”

    An Yi did not question Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng wants her to follow him, she would naturally tightly follow behind him.

    The man lying on the ground who was injured, seeing Ning Cheng and An Yi come towards him, he took a deep breath and said, “Thank you, my two friends, I am a person from the Mingot City, I will surely thank the two of …….”

    Ning Cheng quickly said, “It is not necessary, just as you said, we are all fellow humans, helping a kindred soul is really nothing.”

    Ning Cheng was not able to determine if the person in front of him was someone who disregarded human life, his heart was also wary, but he also knew that regardless of if he really was or not, this person’s cultivation base was definitely millions of times stronger that him. Fortunately, the person in front of them was severely injured, to the point that he could not even get up.

    Ning Cheng was just less than two feet away from this man, when suddenly without warning Ning Cheng pulled An Yi and fell down to the side. Two feet is the most threatening distance for a Wind Edge Technique, in Ning Cheng’s view, even if the other person was injured, even if their cultivation base was higher, the amount of Qi that was available to him was limited. He reasoned that in addition to the Wind Edge Technique and the Fireball Technique, there should not be any other spells that he could cast at the moment.

    Regardless of the Wind Edge Technique or the Fireball Technique, this two feet distance was the most threatening. No matter what the opposite party would do, he would first go into hiding. Otherwise, even if the opposite party was severely wounded, he possibly would not be able to evade it.

    “Puff……” two blood colored Wind Edge Techniques, flashed beside Ning Cheng and An Yi before dying off.

    Although Ning Cheng was able to escape, but he was still too slow, the Wind Edge Technique had bit into his waist, and blood instantly spilled out.

    Ning Cheng had taken the darkest path for insurance, if it wasn’t for his smart-aleck side, then both the Wind Edge Techniques would have sliced apart Ning Cheng and also An Yi who was behind him.

    After the Wind Edge Technique flew by, Ning Cheng almost at the same time was bombed by a Flame Edge Technique. He felt that this Flame Edge was stronger than the Wind Edge. But this time, he did not choose to escape like previously, although this guy’s cultivation base was high, it was obvious that he was seriously injured.

    Ning Cheng was long since ready for this Flame Edge, as he was vigilant all the time, with his vigilance he was only hurt a bit by the Wind Edge, how could he not be prepared to deal with this Fire Edge?

    After Ning Cheng dodged the first Fire Edge, An Yi also reacted, as she immediately sent out two Wind Edges.

    The man who had fallen to the ground did not expect that a mere Qi Gathering 3rd Level cultivator was able to avoid him within two feet of his Wind Edge. This was completely beyond his expectations, in his view, even if it was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, at this distance, his sneak attack would not be avoidable. Under his shock, he had not yet made the next move, when Ning Cheng’s Fire Edge had already reached him.

    The Fire Edge accurately chopped through his waist, this man originally was completely covered in blood stains, and after this moment it was thoroughly dyed in his blood.

    “This….” the man had only said a word, when the two Wind Edges from An Yi simultaneously arrived.

    Ning Cheng certainly would not repent for what he did, this time he already understood the rules of survival in this world, one cannot absolutely be soft hearted when dealing with the enemy. Moreover, you must take the opportunity immediately, he was almost done with the Fire Edge when in the meantime he also sent out several Wind Edges.

    This number of wind blades combined with An Yi’s together, directly spilt the man into several pieces.

    When Ning Cheng killed Gu Fei for the first time, his hands were shaking, but because his life was threatened he ended up forgetting the fear of killing, and now when he had had killed this man who wanted to behead him, he only felt a slight discomfort.

    But An Yi turned pale, the was the first time that she saw a murder. Fortunately, she was just an accomplice. Even if that was the case, she still did not understand that why this man had to die, she and Ning Cheng were just coming to save him, why would he kill his benefactor? If not for Ning Cheng, she would have definitely been killed.

    Prior to this she had also saved Ning Cheng, but why was Ning Cheng so good to her? An Yi subconsciously glanced at the pale face of Ning Cheng, she suddenly remembered that Ning Cheng was also struck by the Wind Edge, quickly took out some medicinal powder and sprinkled it on Ning Cheng’s wound.

    Ning Cheng was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, and had already contained the bleeding, now with An Yi’s powder, the wound did not bleed anymore.

    An Yi felt relieved, in this world, perhaps other than Ning Cheng there were not many people in this world like her master.

    Ning Cheng walked a few steps to the front of the man he had just killed, and lifted a storage bag from his waist with his hands.

    At the same time he searched that man’s body a few times, and pulled out a Jade Card. Ning Cheng simply did not look at the Jade Card and handed it to An Yi and said, “An Yi, we have to cast a fireball on this guy and then hurry and get out of here.”

    An Yi knew it was not the time to question Ning Cheng and the two people simultaneously casted the Fireball Techniques. They continued this till the man’s body was burnt to a crisp charcoal, once the body turned to charcoal, Ning Cheng immediately threw it into the sea.

    “Brother Ning, we just now ……..” An Yi watched Ning Cheng in horror, she and her master lived in heart of the temple, and never before did they see such a thing. How long ago did she come out? She knew that this kind of thing would not be their first time.

    Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, “Let’s go quickly, we have to get as far as possible, the sooner the better.”

    The two people changed their direction again, and started to run desperately. After running for the whole night, when dawn was about to break, the two people, Ning Cheng and An Yi, stopped.

    At this point there was a boundless reef forest in front of them, Ning Cheng found a cave below a huge rock. After the two people hid in the cave, only at this time they were able to catch their breath.

    From the reefs outside, the sounds of the waves crashing could be heard, and there was even a hint of light, this made Ning Cheng’s heart that was wound tight to slowly relax a bit. He never would have imagined, that one day he would have to run this hard for his life.

    “Big Brother Ning, how were you able to dodge so fast? If it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to escape the Wind Edges.” An Yi was still scared, if not for Ning Cheng pulling her out of the harm’s way, she would definitely be dead by the Wind Edge sneak attack of the man on the beach.

    Ning Cheng just sighed and said, “When I was going, I felt that there there were some problems, I really did not seem to be wrong indeed. You wait for me a bit, I have some heavy injuries, I need to heal them first.”

    Ning Cheng did not have any good treatment methods, after he was injured last time, he was constantly using the modified cultivation practice method to get his injuries to recover faster, he was still using the same approach.

    But when Ning Cheng hadn’t even completed a single cycle of circulating his Qi, his face immediately changed.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0024 – Powerful Capabilities

    An Yi had been concerned about Ning Cheng, when she saw Ning Cheng’s expression change, she quickly asked, “What’s the problem?”

    “I was just now circulating my Qi, when it suddenly appeared like…….” Ning Cheng did not finish his sentence, and then again said, “Now I get it.”

    Then he immediately proceeded to take off his clothes, An Yi who was originally staring at Ning Cheng, seeing suddenly take of his clothes, she immediately blushed and turned her head away.

    Her mind was pure, her being a young nun was not false, but it did not mean that she did not know about the distinction between the sexes. But she soon turned her head towards him once again, since she had not been together with Ning Cheng for one or two days, she completely believed and had complete faith in Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng suddenly started to take off his clothes now, then he must have done it with some important reason.

    “Indeed it is as I expected.” Ning Cheng looked and touched the black scar on his chest and said while gnashing his teeth.

    “Is that a mark of a talisman?” Although An Yi had not seen such a thing, but her master had told her about it, she could immediately discern it with a glance, that the black scar on his chest was definitely a mark of a talisman. As long as one had this mark, even it they walked far away, the person who was marked by the symbol can be found with the help of the original talisman.

    Ning Cheng had also read about the mark of a talisman in the Ning Clan’s cultivation practice manual, and when he had just tried to complete one circulation cycle of the Qi a moment ago, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. In his body there seemed to be a piece of something that should not exist in his body, this thing kept him from practicing with ease.

    “It really is a mark of a talisman.” After listening to An Yi’s words, Ning Cheng was sure that he was not wrong.

    This symbol on his chest was in the shape of the character Lu (箓). As long one can get their hands of this kind of talisman, if one would even touch it, the mark would be mysteriously attached to their body, ordinary people simply would not be able to notice it.

    Ning Cheng immediately became infuriated, this talisman’s mark directly rushed from the pit of the stomach to his chest, and formed a faint black light in front of his chest. Just as the symbol rushed out, at the same time, Ning Cheng also casted a fireball on it, burning the mark of the talisman without a trace.

    Although Ning Cheng’s level of Fireball was very low, but it was enough to be able to burn down the mark of the talisman, this also showed that the level of the symbol was also low.

    “Fortunately, I was just trying to concentrate on circulating my Qi just a moment ago, otherwise if the old Taoist Pu ended up finding me, I would really not be able to escape.” Although Ning Cheng saw that the symbol mark had been burned off, he still had a lingering fear.

    An Yi was astonished when she saw Ning Cheng do that and said, “Brother Ning, my master said that, there was no way to run away from the mark of the talisman. If it was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 7th Level, then he could be able to find it from the response of his body. An ordinary cultivator has no way to force out the mark of the talisman, how did you do it?”

    Ning Cheng immediately thought of the modified cultivation practice method and said with some uncertainty, “My cultivation practice method is a bit special. Fortunately, it was lucky that you did not have a look at those copies of the map of Lansha Island, if you had looked at them then we would have been finished. I am sure that this mark of the talisman was placed on me through that map, this Taoist Pu is really sinister, he was definitely scheming for something.”

    An Yi also nodded and said, “Yes Big Brother Ning, if I had the symbol mark, I would certainly would not be able to find it. Maybe I would have to strip naked to let you carefully find it.”

    When Ning Cheng heard An Yi speak, although An Yi was speaking about the wellbeing of both of them, it still felt a bit hilarious. How could he let An Yi strip and help her slowly find the symbol? But Ning Cheng sensed that what An Yi said, it certainly wasn’t funny, she would definitely have to undress to find the symbol, otherwise how would they be able to escape that Taoist Pu?

    Seeing Ning Cheng put on his cloths, the previous awkwardness in An Yi was long gone, and she took the initiative again and put the medicinal powder on Ning Cheng’s wound,

    After wearing the clothes, Ning Cheng felt helpless, if he could not raise his cultivation, then he did not know if his decision to come to the Mingot Sea was right or wrong? He had chosen to come to the Mingot Sea Area partly because his parents had gone missing here.

    When he had not been reborn, he would often dream about this, as he had been living in the Cang Qin Province for his entire life. Now that dream had finally become a reality, but Ning Cheng was still a bit suspicious, it was as if the body in which he was reborn into was not that of a stranger, but rather his past life.

    It was also because of this, that he in his life on Earth did not have any affection towards his parents.

    Ning Cheng knew that he had acquired the storage bag of the man from the beach, he desperately wanted to look at what was in the storage bag, and thus took out the storage bag, but still held back the idea, and instead he first took out the Jade Card he had picked up from him.

    The light in the reef cave was very weak, but the words on the Jade Card were very clear, it read, Blue Flame 4 Star Academy’s Third Elder, Xue Tai Chu.

    He did not know if the status of a Third Elder in an Academy was high or not, but Ning Cheng was very clear about the status of a 4 Star Academy. A 4 Star Academy was equivalent to a real country, Can Qin Province was just a small vessel state, forced with nowhere to go, he ended up killing an elder of a 4 Star Academy, once this was out, would he still have a chance to survive?

    Ji Luo Fei’s Aunt was merely an errand teacher of the 5 Star Academy, but at Cang Qin Academy, she could go anywhere she wanted. This Xue Tai Chu was an Elder, their positions couldn’t be compared in any way.

    An Yi also saw the sign on top of the character, she was somewhat worried and asked, “Big Brother Ning, are we in trouble?”

    Ning Cheng again looked at the Jade Card, that he had just acquired, stood up, shook his head and spoke, “There is no trouble, as long as we don’t meet anyone from Blue Flame 4 Star Academy. The most important thing right now is to improve one’s own cultivation base, if there comes a day where we can surpass the Essence Building Realm, then a 4 Star Academy would also be nothing to worry about.”

    Ning Cheng comforted An Yi but his own heart, however, wasn’t. He didn’t know of the capability of a 4 Star Academy, previously, a Cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level was able to put a mark of a talisman on his body without him noticing, this 4 Star Academy’s Elder and that cultivator were clearly not on the same level, there was difference of over ten million times. Could one find two of such of existences as easily? Ning Cheng didn’t dare want to find out.

    Grabbing the storage bag, he looked over it for a long while, only then did he ask, “An Yi, how do you open this storage bag?”

    An Yi immediately explained, “We at the Qi Gathering Realm don’t possess a spiritual sense, but rather we have spiritual thought. We can use our spiritual thought to communicate with the storage bag, if it doesn’t open, we can slowly try lift the restrictions put on it. However …..”

    An Yi spoke till lifting the restrictions, she immediately recalled that lifting restrictions required one to have some knowledge about restriction techniques. Whether Ning Cheng understood them or not, she was not clear on it.

    Ning Cheng knew about spiritual thought, after An Yi finished speaking, he immediately used his spiritual thought to communicate with the storage bag in his hand. But, Ning Cheng immediately became aware that this was useless. This storage bag completely lacked any reaction when he tried to communicate with it through his spiritual thought. Afterwards, he could only try touching the strange seal, but these seals were all similar to iron locks which he could not open.

    An Yi saw that Ning Cheng didn’t understand anything about restrictions, so she simply took out a book and gave it to Ning Cheng while saying, “Big brother Ning, this is a Basic Array Formation Methods book given to me by my master, you can take a look at it.”

    If it was something else, Ning Cheng would certainly not welcome it, since at present he didn’t quite even understand spell techniques, right now, as he could not open the storage bag so he couldn’t know what was inside this storage bag. Therefore, seeing An Yi handing over the books on the Basic Array Formation Methods, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to receive it, after a moment of thought, he opened the book.


    An Yi stared blankly at Ning Cheng, as Ning Cheng consecutively read the book for three hours, she could only see him unceasingly flipping over the pages of the book, he only stopped for a moment when he made some gestures with his hands, his facial expression also constantly changed as he continued to read.

    These were all Array Formations, coming into contact with Array Formations for the first time, when master was teaching her, she was only able to learn upto the third page. When she was able to comprehend those three pages, her master said that she was a genius, but compared to her Big Brother Ning, just what was going on with him?

    An Yi really wanted to ask Ning Cheng, but she was afraid that she would annoy him. She could only silently wait for Ning Cheng to wake from reading that book on Foundation Array Methods, only after that, could she ask him.

    Ning cheng could not know what An Yi was thinking. From the time he opened up the book, he could only see that there were various types of Array Formations, many technical terms relating to the Array Formations and also the descriptions of the positions of the various Array Flags required, their refinement and explanations including their uses……..

    These all naturally formed and fixed themselves in his mind, even before his consciousness appeared to correct them, allowing him to not only understand these stuffs, but also helping him in automatically correcting these Fundamental Array Formations.

    At this point, in his mind, there emerged another Array Formation Method, this method was based on the original Array Formation Method. However this newly formed method, was formed by modifying the original method and automatically correcting it to form an even more comprehensive Array Formation.

    The vast knowledge of the Array Formations and Ning Cheng’s automatically correcting consciousness combined, made Ning Cheng appear as if he was a sponge soaking water.

    His formidable comprehension ability and powerful memory played a very big role at this time.


    At a place, several hundred kilometres away from Ning Cheng, four people were forced together in a difficult situation. These four people were exactly the ones who had travelled with Ning Cheng in the beast carriage, who were getting ready to team up to go to Lansha island together.

    “Those two people fighting in the air are absolutely in the later stages of the Essence Building Realm, what a terrible power.” Feng Fei Zhang spoke with a lingering fear in his heart.

    Miao Xiu Ming and Tian Fei also nodded, very much approving Feng Fei Zhang’s words. That battle in the gorge, they, together with few others had been able to see. If they had been even a little bit slow in escaping, the after-effects of that battle could have very well killed them.

    “Hey, how come those two have still not returned? Could they not have been able to escape?” said Miao Xiu Ming when he saw that Ning Cheng and An Yi hadn’t arrived. Even if Ning Cheng hadn’t been able to escape , however An Yi , with her dewy like appearance, if she was killed, then it would make him feel a great sense of shame.

    Taoist Pu slightly smiled and replied, “Those young people ought to be very clever, I clearly saw him rush out first, there escape should not be a problem. I was able to see the direction in which they ran, but since they have still not arrived till now, I estimate that they probably weren’t able to find us, we will continue to walk in the direction in which they escape.”

    Feng Fei Zhang also nodded in agreement, the Mingot Sea was not very far, once they were able to find Ning Cheng and An Yi, they can arrive at the Mingot City in a day’s time.

    When Taoist Pu spoke of locating Ning Cheng and An Yi, there was no objection from any of them, not that they were afraid of Ning Cheng. But because Ning Cheng and An Yi had a copy each of the Lansha Island’s map, if it was not taken away from Ning Cheng, then for them, it would not be a good thing.

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    Well, first it requires a lot of patience otherwise you will just end up being very frustrated with many of the terms that do not have an English counter part, like skill names, and such. Plus you should be able to switch between a lot of tabs to get a good translation, more often than not, one online translators like google may provide a good translation for a line but when you use it translate the next line, you may just end up getting gibberish, although we can make a bit of sense from the words but it not be of much help. The chinese use a lot of commas in their sentences so many time it can really be confusing. It would actually be very helpful if you can get the help of a TLC who is good in the original language of the Raws, so that he/she could check to see if we were able to get the gist of it right.

    Truthfully, an MTL cannot be hundred percent correct as this domain can only be achieved by the Manual Translators who have a good grasp of the original language, but with the help of a good TLC you can atleast achive 90% accuracy, the best examples of this can be Void and JoelGens who are MTL but their accuracy is really high and are also widly acknowledged.

    Truthfully we machine translators can put what we we understand into words but it cant be compared to the transltions put out by manual translators unless we have the support of good TLC or if one some elementary knowledge of the original language.

    But then again its only my veiw of it, their might be many out their who might disagree with it, so do take it with a grain of salt.
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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0025 – Information About The Mysterious Yellow Qi

    “Brother Pu, why did you stop walking?” Seeing Taoist Pu stop walking, Feng Fei Zhang asked in a puzzled voice.

    Taoist Pu’s face changed slightly, but he still continued to walk forward for a kilometer and then stopped again, this time he did not wait for the rest for the people and took the initiative to speak, and said, “Brother Feng, I guess Ning Cheng and his cousin An Yi could not escape that disaster, we might as well go the Mingot City and then find a few more people, what do you say?”

    The reason why Taoist Pu said this was because he saw Ning Cheng drop the two copies of the route map. He had placed a mark of a talisman on each of the copies of the route map that he had handed out before and thus he had the confidence that he could search for them easily. Even if he saw him take away the two route maps, but because his connection to the mark of the talisman that he had placed on them was completely cut off, he could no longer sense them, and thus he stopped.

    Whether Ning Cheng and An Yi was dead or if they managed to escape, at least for now, he had no way to find out.

    This Taoist Pu was very clever, since he did not leave to pick the route map that was in the possession of Ning Cheng, the remaining few people also had no suspicion towards his words. Now that this Taoist Pu said that it would be hard to find Ning Cheng, and in addition also proposed to go to the Mingot City to look for more partners, they obviously did not have any objections to it.

    Taoist Pu was the one who handed out the route map, if he himself doesn’t mind to recover it, why would the others care it?


    When Ning Cheng opened his eyes the book was almost one third finished, he immediately saw An Yi staring at him.

    “An Yi, why are you looking at me like that?” Although Ning Cheng asked this, he was still immersed in the joy of studying the basic Array Formations, he now felt that he had been exposed to such a new and vast field. He finally understood what Array Formations stood for, what the so called restrictions were, and why and how Arrays Formation operated.

    “I did not think you would be able to read hundreds of millions of words in one go, you see it’s already been three days and three nights since you started studying that book, are you not hungry?” An Yi implored, when she saw that Ning Cheng had finally woken up.

    Before she had only heard her master say that one can get engrossed in trying to comprehend all kinds of things to such an extent that one would even forget themselves, and today she, for the first time saw, that someone could read almost a hundred million words in one go, completely forgetting about themselves.

    When Ning Cheng heard what An Yi said, he immediately felt an intense hunger hitting him, but then he immediately smelt a strange smell coming from his body. By going into a three day retreat while at the same time gaining enlightenment regarding the Array Formations, some of the impurities and odors were automatically squeezed out of his body.

    “You wait for me for a while.” Ning Cheng embarrassingly mumbled these words to An Yi, and quickly climbed out of the cave, then he proceeded to take off his clothes and cleaned them along with his body in the seawater and also using his cleaning spell he had learned before, after his clothes were thoroughly cleaned and odor free, he put them back on and entered the cave again.

    Seeing Ning Cheng come back clean and tidy, An Yi finally let out a smile. Then she took out a few pieces of dried rations and gave them to Ning Cheng and said, “It’s better if you first eat something.”

    Ning Cheng couldn’t wait anymore and immediately swallowed the food down, and once again picked up the storage bag.

    “Big Brother Ning, the storage bag should have some restrictions placed, there is no way for you in three days to……” An Yi had not yet finished speaking, when she looked at Ning Cheng with shock in her eyes, and said, “Big Brother Ning Cheng, you actually are able to open the storage bag?”

    Ning Cheng just laughed and said, “It is not that difficult, not difficult at all. The restriction array placed on it was very simple, I just casually looked at the books you gave for a few days and was ready to go.”

    An Yi sat there dumbfounded for quite a while, and then said, “Big Brother Ning, for a cultivator, Array Formations Methods are the most difficult, it is even several times more difficult than cultivation practice, how can you say it that it is not difficult?”

    “The Restriction Array Formation placed on the storage bag was very simple, so…….” After Ning Cheng subconsciously said this sentence, he corrected himself and said, “Well, I can’t say that it was not difficult, at the beginning when I was examining it, I thought that half an hour to an hour would be enough to successfully dispel it, but apparently it will take several days more days, it seems deploying the Array Formation is a bit harder than lifting a simple restriction.”

    Listening to Ning Cheng admit that Array Formations were a bit hard, An Yi also agreed with a nod. Her thoughts were simple and pure, one would think that she was a bit stupid compared to many smart and clever people like Ning Cheng. So seeing Ning Cheng laughing through the explanation, even then she agreed to it. As for Ning Cheng’s way of speaking, she had already gotten used to it.

    On the usage of the storage bag, Ning Cheng was already familiar with it. He raised his hands to bring out hundreds of white stones. These hundreds of white stones, seemed to contain an extremely rich aura.

    “Hey, these are pure Qi Gathering Stones. At that time I only saw a dark yellow Qi Gathering Stone, but these stones are actually milky white, this really is a new thing.” Ning Cheng holds a white stone heaves a sigh and said.

    Ji Luo Fei in order to help him get a Qi Gathering Stone, went through a lot, and even almost got killed in obtaining it. Today, he was able to acquire more than 100 of these stones, and at the same time they were pure Qi Gathering Stones.

    An Yi said from the side, “Big Brother Ning, the thing that your holding in your hands is not a Qi Gathering stone, but a Spirit Stone. The thing in your hand is a low grade Spirit Stone, my master said that Spirit Stones are a top grade commodity.”

    “Spirit Stone?” this was the first time that Ning Cheng heard the word ‘Spirit Stone’, but he felt that these two words were a more appropriate name for these pieces of stone.

    An Yi just humphed and said, “A low grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a hundred Qi Gathering Stones, but this is just the starting market price. Qi Gathering Stones are generally used for cultivation practice by low level Qi Gathering Cultivators, although they are rare, they can still be found easily. But a Spirit Stone is a bit different, the spiritual aura and Qi contained in it is extremely rich. This helps in raising one’s cultivation level even more, initially my master had given me a Spirit Stone. This time you were able to get so many, you would now certainly be able to raise your cultivation level by several times.”

    Ning Cheng suddenly realized, no wonder that this stone did not feel like a Qi Gathering Stone, he would now no longer have to gather many Qi Gathering Stones to quicken his cultivation practice speed. Originally a Qi Gathering Stone was a low level stuff, then, wouldn’t he be able to get 10000 gold coins for a single Spirit Stone?

    Then Ning Cheng realized that he was just thinking blindly, according to An Yi, a Spirit Stone was very precious, how could one be such a fool to want to exchange a Spirit Stone for gold coins. Not to mention 10,000 gold coins, perhaps even if one was to offer tens of thousands of gold coins, one wouldn’t be willing to part with it.

    “So to say, a top grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a hundred low grade Spirit Stone? A top grade Spirit Stone…….” Ning Cheng began to think the value of a top grade Spirit Stone, suddenly he felt his heart yearn for it. Even if he could not practice cultivation with it, to hold a top grade lingshi, was something that he wanted.

    An Yi just shook her head and said, “Basically, a medium grade Spirit Stone can only be exchanged for 10 low grade Spirit Stone, and a top grade Spirit Stone can only be exchanged for a minimum of 10 medium grade Spirit Stone”

    Ning Cheng also nodded and said, “That is also very substantial.”

    Then, once again, Ning Cheng took out several jade bottles, many books, some other material along with some spiritual grasses from the storage bag. In addition, there was also a flying sword type artifact.

    This let Ning Cheng a bit disappointed as he could not find any flying type artifact. Although he knew that with his ability, he would not be able to handle a flying type artifact, but this kind of flying artifact was something he was greatly interested in.

    An Yi did not know why Ning Cheng’s heart was not satisfied, and continued to explain to Ning Cheng that, “The storage bag is already yours, but you need to refine it yourself and then place your own restrictions on it. The restrictions that you can place on the storage bag must be based on your own understanding about restrictions, the higher you understand about restrictions, the higher restriction you can set on it.”

    Ning Cheng nodded, leaving aside the jade bottles and the Spirit Stones, he put all the other stuff into the storage bag. He then took 20 of the Spirit Stones and giving them to An Yi said, “An Yi, if we want to go adventure in the Mingot Sea, our cultivation level currently is too low. Now I am going to use the Spirit Stones to begin practicing cultivation, you can also use these Spirit Stones for your cultivation practices. Once we have a person promoted to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, then we would not have to be afraid of that Taoist Pu. These bottles, see which of them can be of use to you, I would like to continue cultivating now, you must not disturb me in my cultivation.”

    Ning Cheng was fully aware that his cultivation level was very poor, but now with the help of the Spirit Stone, he was anxious to know if he could advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level. If the Spirit Stones could not help him get through, then he really would have no way of advancing.

    So he took the Spirit Stones, after giving 20 of them to An Yi, he immediately began to cultivate. He did not even get up to block the entrance of the cave, nor did he even arrange an Array Formation.

    An Yi’s experience when compared to Ning Cheng was still low, Ning Cheng did not remember to arrange an array formation, but that did not mean she would not know about it. But she deeply agreed with the words of Ning Cheng, that indeed their cultivation bases were very low.

    So after getting the Spirit Stones, they began to cultivate. Thus, these two inexperienced people, in this unsuspecting place started their closed door cultivation without closing the doors.


    Ning Cheng was deeply immersed in the joy of absorbing the rich Qi from the Spirit Stone, how long ago did he feel such a sensation of letting him lose himself in cultivation.

    But this was not what surprised him the most, what surprised him the most was that the cultivation practice method that he was practicing was revised again in his mind. The Qi that had not appeared in his meridians for a long time appeared again

    This continuous circulation of Qi in the meridians, let Ning Cheng vaguely feel that his Qi was steadily increasing. After continuously circulating the Qi for a day, his meridians constantly developed and expanded. Although it just expanded a little bit, it gave Ning Cheng the feeling as if it opened up a completely new world for him.

    In his mind, because of the new and improved cultivation practice method, it made Ning Cheng completely abandon the Ning Clan’s cultivation practice method, and get immersed in this new world.

    Ning Cheng did not know how long he had been sitting while cultivating, Ning Cheng could heard his body giving out a crisp and resounding sound “Bang”, strong Qi started circulating in his merians, this allowed Ning Cheng to know that he successfully advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level.

    Between the Qi Gathering 3rd Level and the 4th Level was a sort of barrier, making a lot of people unable to break through even with the help of spirit grasses and other medicines, but unexpectedly he was able to break through. This made Ning Cheng filled with joy, at the same time he started to consolidate his cultivation base, while continuing to absorb the Qi as he continued to circulate it throughout his body.

    Suddenly a faint yellow light appeared in his mind, which made Ning Cheng surprised, he felt a hint of familiarity with this yellow light. It seemed to be mellow, yet it seems to be filled with vicissitudes of life, but at the same time also gave a comfortable feeling which was difficult to describe. Prior to this when he felt his Qi, his Qi now felt somewhat different.

    As Ning Cheng focused all his attention on the yellow light before him in his mind, he felt his body shake, the next moment, he unexpectedly appeared in a world which was filled with a yellow mist.

    “What is this place? An Yi, An Yi…….” just when Ning Cheng appeared in this place, he immediately woke up and hurriedly shouted for An Yi.

    At this time, as if from an ancient time this information automatically entered and was directly imprinted in the mind of Ning Cheng, “The mysterious yellow Qi buried in the heavens and earth, flooding the universe…….. It seemed like a truth, but looks like a tool…………….. It filled the cracks of day and night, and spread through the stars…………………. It was said to be a divine truth……….”

    At this moment, whether Ning Cheng was able to understand it or not, a heavy amount of information just flew into the brain of Ning Cheng, letting him have no leeway for refusal.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0026 – Shapeless Appearance

    Even if Ning Cheng’s mind was very tough, and even if his memory and comprehension ability also were incomparable to others, because so much information entered his mind, it made even him not able to adapt quickly enough to it. For a moment, Ning Cheng felt his brain was about to explode, the pain was simply intolerable.

    Fortunately, over time, he knew that he could gradually sort out the matter. The place he was at, apparently was just a bead, this bead was called the Mysterious Yellow bead.

    The Mysterious Yellow Bead was an object which could split heavens and earth and its full name was Good Luck Mysterious Yellow Bead. Furthermore there were four other magical treasures artifacts on the same level as the Good Luck Mysterious Yellow Bead, they were the Good Luck Green Lotus, Good Luck Jade Plate, Good Luck Gold Leaf and the Good Luck Indestructible Axe.

    From the information he received he came to know that the Mysterious Yellow Bead had seventeen owners till now, the one with the highest cultivation level who owned it before was called Qiang Xuang. The reason Qiang Xuang was able to have the highest cultivation level was because at the time when he had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was still practicing cultivation but still hadn’t stabilized his foundation.

    The rest of the sixteen previous owners of the Mysterious Yellow Bead obtained the bead when they already had a small accomplishment in their cultivation, therefore they were not able to make the Mysterious Yellow Bead recognize them as its genuine master and so they were not able to enjoy the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s blessing. They were only able to get the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Qi assistance which was specific to only to the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    The Mysterious Yellow Bead was a world in itself, it could produce the Mysterious Yellow Qi, by using which cultivators could not only improve their spiritual knowledge but also their spiritual root, it even automatically corrected the deviations of cultivator’s martial techniques. Moreover, the cultivating speed would be dozens or even hundreds of times more than the other cultivators. Not only that, spending long time in cultivating The Mysterious Yellow Qi could make one unequalled and without rival…….

    Ning Cheng was quivering with excitement, but now he was fully awake. He was already extremely intelligent, then how could he not know what he had obtained? He had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and this Mysterious Yellow Bead was able to produce the Mysterious Yellow Qi in unlimited quantity if one was able to access it.

    What was the Mysterious Yellow Qi, he originally didn’t know, but now his mind already had a plethora of information coming in like a herd of frightened cows, this let him clearly understand early on what the Mysterious Yellow Qi in the Mysterious Yellow Bead was.

    “No wonder, the last last time, in front of the Spiritual Root Testing Artifact, my Spiritual Root changed from a muddy yellow color to a pale yellow color, as it turns out, it actually because of the Mysterious Yellow Qi and was simply not my Spiritual Qi….” Ning Cheng’s heart was brimming to the full with astonishment and ecstasy, he knew that this bead was not an ordinary thing.

    Ning Cheng was even more incomparably astonished from the information that he had received from within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he almost could not believe that he had such a good luck.

    Besides the Mysterious Yellow Bead, there was an even more formidable thing, and that was precisely the Mysterious Yellow Origin. If a person who had already started his cultivation practice and has already established his foundation, then if he/she obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead at that point of time, they would simply be unable to become aware of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. Only those who had never cultivated before, after obtaining the Mysterious Yellow Bead and making it recognize them as its master, could they be able to obtain the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

    [TL Note – FYI, establishing foundation here means breaking into the Qi Gathering 1st Level.]

    Because Ning Cheng had never cultivated before and thus did not establish his foundation, he was able to obtain the approval of the Mysterious Yellow Origin of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Although he still couldn’t fully utilize the Mysterious Yellow Origin, that was still okay for him as he was the first person who was truly acknowledged by the Mysterious Yellow Bead as its master. Although before him, seventeen others had owned the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but when they had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, even the one who started with the lowest cultivation level, Qiang Xuang had already established his foundation. Because Qiang Xuang had already established his foundation and thus was already cultivating Qi, he was unable to obtain The Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin. He could only use the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but could not gain true approval of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    It turns out, I am the first genuine master of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but I don’t know if I would be the last. Ning Cheng mumbled to himself, he was not at all clear about the  real importance of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. That Qian Xiang, who had practiced cultivation before he obtained Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was not sure if his cultivation practice method and his Qi Gathering Cultivation Level was the same with him or not.

    Ning Cheng, at this moment, had completely forgotten that he was still within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was whole-heartedly thinking of ways to exploit this Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    If Ning Cheng hadn’t obtained the information regarding the unrivalled rank of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he might have blindly believed that this Mysterious Yellow Bead was indeed unrivalled without any peers. But the information he had obtained made him feel somewhat disdained towards this unrivalled rank. Because the previous seventeen people who had obtained this Mysterious Yellow Bead were all beheaded. If it really was of an unrivalled rank, how could those people have been killed easily?

    He believed the information about the bead being unrivalled was left by the first true owner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, otherwise how could it, on one side be unrivalled and on other side, let its owner get beheaded easily.

    Ning Cheng did not know, that this information was only available to him, because he was the first genuine master of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Other people may have obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead in the past, but the information regarding the unrivalled rank of the Mysterious Yellow Bead was not provided to them by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, rather only by absorbing the Mysterious Yellow Qi which gave birth to their confidence.

    Ning Cheng did not understand the meaning of the Bead’s Origin, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t comprehend that the Mysterious Yellow Bead could correct the Cultivation Practices with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Qi.

    The Ning Clan’s cultivation practice method clearly couldn’t satisfy his current needs, He wanted to find a type of cultivation practice method which suited him through the means of the Mysterious Yellow Qi. Or, he could go find a high level cultivation practice method and correct it with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    Ning Cheng began to seek for information within his mind, he wanted to find a cultivation practice method which suited him. It was reasonable to say since he was not the first owner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was certain the predecessors would have left behind some information regarding cultivation practice methods.

    However, even after half a day, Ning Cheng still didn’t find any information regarding cultivation practice methods, he merely able to find a six character cultivation practice method incantation, “Mysterious Yellow Shapeless Appearance”.

    [TL Note – The incantation is actually 6 characters (玄黄有形无相), but when translated to English it becomes 4 words. If anyone has a better suggestion for it, please feel free to comment your suggestions.]

    Ning Cheng did not understand what this “Mysterious Yellow Shapeless Appearance” meant, even though his comprehension ability was one which went against the heaven, plus he was also bathed by the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin and it was clear to understand. But in just a short period of time, Ning Cheng was only able to figure out what Mysterious Yellow Shaping and Mysterious Yellow Appearance were, but that alone was enough to shock him and had almost stood up.

    Mysterious Yellow Shaping, this made his so that if he come in contact with any kind of martial techniques, magic techniques, and through the means of cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it would correct them and would also make them even more formidable. Although, Ning Cheng was aware of this point but he didn’t feel anything much.

    What genuinely shocked Ning Cheng was the Mysterious Yellow Appearance, this was the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s genuine cultivation practice method. This ‘Mysterious Yellow Appearance’ was a special type of cultivation practice method, not only did it vary from person to person but also differed due to time and place. This was a type of transforming cultivation practice method, one could use the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s technique correction, but yet one could not always obtain the transforming cultivation practice method.

    A cultivation practice method that could change at all time depending on the cultivators need, this was the genuine way of the heavens and earth, also called Mysterious Yellow Appearance. Only by having the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin, could one get the true Mysterious Yellow Appearance. In other words, apart from Ning Cheng, all the previous owners only knew about about Mysterious Yellow Shaping.

    Ning Cheng could not help being shocked, and stood up. With Mysterious Yellow Appearance, he would simply not need any other cultivation practice methods, this practically was a cultivation practice method of all the other cultivation practice methods. As long as he wanted to practice cultivation, the Mysterious Yellow Bead would automatically provide pointers and even modify the the cultivation practice method to suit his needs. All he had to do was, on one hand, absorb the spiritual Qi and on other hand, cultivate according to the pointers provided by the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    Before Ning Cheng, hadn’t practiced cultivation, so his contact with the the practice of cultivation was a short one when compared to his peers, even though he had reached Qi Gathering 4th Level, it was without anyone guiding him. If one must say that someone guided him, then that guide was the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Granted, he was not at all clear on this Mysterious Yellow Bead, but from the information he received from within it, he knew that it went against the heavens and also knew how terrifying it’s ability was first hand.

    Mysterious Yellow Appearance and Mysterious Yellow Shaping what could these methods accomplish? If this Mysterious Yellow Bead was so difficult to deal with, what about the other Good Luck Treasures, were they also as difficult to deal with as the Mysterious Yellow Bead?

    His only regret was, that he was unable to make use of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, likewise, he was unable to make use of Mysterious Yellow Appearance. Although he was aware of the Mysterious Yellow Appearance, his cultivation practice method still came through the other cultivation practice methods, that was Mysterious Yellow Appearance. Only after the day, when he could realize the Mysterious Yellow Origin, only then can he understand this Mysterious Yellow Appearance.

    Currently only Mysterious Yellow Shaping met his needs. But at this moment Ning Cheng felt a strong pressure, he became surprised and felt uneasy, he began to look and analyze his surroundings. Only then did he discover, that the place where he was, was not big at all, merely several kilometres of circumference, and was surrounded by a yellow mist all around.

    How do I get out of this place? Ning Cheng had only just thought of going out when in the next moment he was already standing inside a cave in which he was practicing cultivation.

    It was the same as the last time when he woke up after researching the Array Formation Methods, An Yi was still watching him. Only it was a bit different than last time, An Yi’s eyes this time had a shocked expression in them.

    “Just what’s going on?” Ning Cheng and An Yi asked each other at the same time.

    Ning Cheng did not know what had happened after he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, An Yi seemed to have seen something, and he quickly asked again, ”An Yi, what did you see just now? Will you tell me.”

    “I saw you disappear, and then in your place there was a pale yellow bead suspended in the air where you were and then you suddenly appeared again, what’s all this about?” An Yi asked as she was starting to panic.

    Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment, he chose to believe in An Yi and said in a very solemn tone, “An Yi, I obtained a mysterious bead, it should be the one that you just saw. This bead is very precious, once people come to know about it, I would be killed immediately for it. So I think you should not tell anyone, not even your master……..”

    Ning Cheng was going to say that even if you and your master shared a close relationship, you must not say anything about it. But he immediately understood the relationship between him and An Yi, and it was far away from the relationship between An Yi and her master. Besides, An Yi’s master had died, even if An Yi wanted to share this information with her, she would not be able to.

    But An Yi just prudently nodded, “I know it, you are my big brother, except my master, you are the only one dearest to me, I will not tell this any other people.”

    Ning Cheng was a little relieved, and then said, “This time I do not know how long have I been training, but unexpectedly I did not feel hungry, I estimate that I will be very hungry very soon….. Hey An Yi, did you also advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level?”

    Only at this point, Ning Cheng was able to discover that An Yi had also advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, just like him, this really was a good thing for both of them.

    An Yi finally showed a hint of a smile on her face and said, “Yes, Big Brother Ning, I have only used 3 Spirit Stones and was able to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level. When I had just woken up, I immediately saw a yellow bead in front of me.”

    “That’s really good, since we have Spirit Stones for our cultivation, our cultivation speed is definitely much faster…..” Ning Cheng was pleasantly surprised when he said this, the effect of using a Spirit Stone was very good, he had more than 100 hundred of those, so why would he be afraid of not being able to advance?

    “But although you were also able to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, but it seems the Spirit Stone’s effect on you is more…..” An Yi said after she pointed to the Spirit Stone powder at the feet of Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng discovered that he had nearly used up a hundred of the Spirit Stones that he had obtained for advancing from the Qi Gathering 3rd Level to the Qi Gathering 4th level, he had actually spent that much for the advancement.

    Ning Cheng, in his heart was very shocked, it was too late to think about it carefully, and he hurriedly started to practice, he wanted to see if he could practice cultivation without using the Spirit Stone. This let him thoroughly down, without the Spirit Stones, although he could still feel the Mysterious Yellow Bead in his dantian, but he was unable to cultivate.

    “What should I do now?” Ning Cheng was alarmed, he knew that he was very lucky in coming across the hundred pieces of Spirit Stones. So many Spirit Stones were used up in advancing from the Qi Gathering 3rd level to the 4the level, how would he be able to continue practice from now?

    With the help of this Mysterious Yellow Qi, his cultivation practice was indeed very fast, but it required a terrible amount of Lingshi for that.

    An Yi suddenly said, “Here, Big Brother Ning, I have a few more dozen pieces of Spirit Stones, but I think we should first leave from this place. Before I saw the yellow bead, it seems that some of the light might have spilled outside, I fear that people might come to know about it, and would……..”

    “Ha Ha,…….really now, there really is something here.” They were able to hear a laugh coming from the outside, then a man with face full of scars appeared in front of Ning Cheng and An Yi in front of the entrance to the cave.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0027 – Mingot City

    The man that Ning Cheng saw, clearly had the face of a rogue, but the man was a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 5th Level, a level higher than he.

    This person had a cultivation base higher than the cultivation base of that Taoist Pu, if he had met this person before that Taoist Pu, Ning Cheng would have had some fear after seeing this man, but after seeing this person, Ning Cheng’s heart did not have much worry.

    After advancing to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, Ning Cheng felt that his own strength had increased several fold, this kind of strong and powerful Qi gave Ning Cheng a difficult to express confidence.

    “What happened to that thing?” The person standing at the entrance of the cave asked as he immediately frowned. Apparently he did not find what he was looking for.

    He does not wait for Ning Cheng to reply, and continued, “I just saw a yellow light from here, it should be a sign of a treasure being born. At the time when I came, I also heard you say about a yellow bead, you, where did you put that yellow bead?”

    Ning Cheng and An Yi were only two people, but he did not even pay any attention to them. Once he saw then, he knew that Ning Cheng and An Yi have never experienced killing, moreover a Qi Gathering 4th level and Qi Gathering 5th level, although they were both in the intermediate stage of the Qi Gathering Realm, but the difference in the degree of the amount of Qi between them was not a little bit.

    Ning Cheng did not even say half a sentence and raised his hands sending out 6 Flame Edges. When he was in the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, he could only send out 2 Flame Edges, but now that he was at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, he could instantly send out 6 Flame Edges.

    Not to mention the fact that he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was something that cannot be leaked out, since this rusty faced man overbearingly intruded into his territory, Ning Cheng certainly would not be lenient towards him.

    This rusty faced man did not seem to think that a Qi Gathering 4th Level person would dare take action against him, but the speed of those Flame Edge was too fast, he immediately felt a great anger. The next moment a long knife with a green handle appeared in his hand, the long knife had a cruel green blade, he wanted to use it to block Ning Cheng’s Flame Edge.

    In his view, Ning Cheng was just a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, wanting to injure him with a Flame Edge was simply a dream. But the more he split apart the Flame Edges, the more his power declined.

    “Bang, Bang….” three explosions continuously rang, out of the 6 Flame Edges sent out by Ning Cheng, three of them were directly split apart by the long green bladed knife of the rusty faced man. After splitting them apart, these flames hit the walls of the reef cave, sending gravel flying randomly.

    Originally this rusty faced man thought that he could easily split apart those 6 Flame Edges sent out by Ning Cheng with his long knife, but he did not think that he could only block 3 of them and stop. After he blocked the 3 fire blades, he immediately withdrew the long blade, and the remaining three Flame Edges directly flew across his long blade that was retreating, and arrived in front of his eyes in a flash.

    The rusty faced man did not expect that a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, who looked like he had no prior experience in combat, could use the Flame Edge in such a way, but fortunately he had lived for many years in the Mingot Sea waters around him and had gone through a lot. Although this was critical moment, but he did not panic. He just twisted his body a little and the three fire blades just slipped by him.

    When Ning Cheng saw this man slightly change his body’s posture, he immediately knew that his combat experience was much lower than him. Just from the point of view of the power of his Flame Edge, he was able to ascertain that this man’s ability to utilise the Qi at the Qi Gathering 5th Level was higher than many of his peers at the same level.

    This rusty faced man had a rich combat experience, he discovered that even though the cultivation level of Ning Cheng was a level less than him he could fight with him evenly, at this time, he wanted to immediately retreat and wanted to completely exit from the entrance of the cave. For him, fighting on the rocks outside the cave was much more favorable. Even now, he did not put Ning Cheng in his eyes.

    Seeing this man wanting to retreat, Ning Cheng’s heart was surprised, he was not afraid to have a death match with him, but he was afraid of him escaping, Once this man escaped, if he could not catch up him, it would not be a good thing for both of them.

    At this time Ning Cheng no longer thought of anything else, he directly took out the Flying Sword from the storage bag, holding the Sword, he immediately slashed out with it as he infused his Qi in it, the Sword Light split the air. Although he could not understand how to use a flying sword, but since he did not refine this flying sword, this flying sword could only be treated an ordinary weapon in his hands.

    “A flying sword artifact?” This Qi Gathering 5th Level cultivator saw Ning Cheng pull out a flying sword, immediately called out in frightened voice.

    There were numerous cultivators trying to survive in the Mingot waters, but the ones who used an artifact were very few. Even if there were a few, it would have been accumulated over the years or that person would have been from a large family or in other words the origin of these kinds of people were certainly not ordinary.

    Because the owner of the flying sword had fallen because of Ning Cheng, even if Ning Cheng had not refined it, under the influence of his Qi Gathering Realm, it still brought out a streak of light that over ten feet long.

    The rusty faced man was full of panic, he hurriedly used his long blade to block. If he knew that Ning Cheng had a flying sword artifact, he would not have tried to have a close quarters duel with Ning Cheng before, he would not have even rushed into the cave entrance. This time his experience had deceived him, in his eyes Ning Cheng and An Yi were trying to hide in the reef cave, he thought they definitely did not know the immensity of the heaven and earth, he did not think these these poor people in his eyes would have taken that kind of risk. He never imagined that such a person, not only had a flying sword type artifact but it even seemed that it was a high level one.

    “Ding Ding.” sounds emerged, the long blade in the rusty faced man’s hand was as if it was a brittle jade, the flying sword directly split it into two. But this flying sword was not even impeded even in a bit by it, just as it split the long blade in two, it also cleaved the rusty faced man in half as if he was a soft tofu.

    As for An Yi, she did not have any fighting experience, until she saw Ning Cheng kill the opposite party, only at that point she woke up, at that point she had no way of helping him.

    Ning Cheng did not speak with An Yi, as he directly took the gold coins that the man had wrapped up on him and sent a few fireballs towards him, directly turning the man into ash. He then collected the ashes of the man and threw them outside the cave into the sea, and turned to An Yi and said, “We need to quickly leave, this is not a place that we can stay for long.”

    A few fireballs turned this man into ash, Ning Cheng could feel that even his techniques were upgraded as his cultivation level rose. If he was still in the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, then his fireballs absolutely would not be able to turn the man into ash.

    “Yes.” An Yi also knew that they must leave as soon as possible.

    After the two people left the reef cave, they rushed all the way to flee as far as possible, after more than an hour, Ning Cheng slowed down his pace and said, “OK, now we are similar to the rest of the average persons in the Mingot Sea area,”

    Ning Cheng was very much confident on himself, he affirmed that his cultivation base rivalled that of a Qi Gathering 6th level cultivator, the only thing that he lacked was combat experience. Of course, he also lacked the necessity of being a killer.

    At this point An Yi said, “Big Brother Ning, your cultivation is much better than mine, even if you are at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, but the power of your spells that you cast are even more powerful than the ones cast by some of the cultivators of the Qi Gathering 5th Level.”

    Even if An Yi did lack in experience, but it did not mean that she could not see with her eyes.

    Ning Cheng again took out the Flying Sword, looked at it and said, “It is thanks to this Flying Sword Artifact that I used, otherwise even if I was not afraid of him, I may not necessarily be able to kill that man. Evidently equipping artifacts is very important, ah.”

    When An Yi heard Ning Cheng say ‘equipping artifacts’ she did not know if Ning Cheng knew what it meant, she pointed towards the flying sword in Ning Cheng’s hands and said, “Your Flying Sword should be a high grade artifact, but now it’s yours. You should refine it, this can help in maximising its power. My master said, if you had a spiritual sense, then you would be able to remotely control the flying sword to attack the enemy, you can even step on the sword and use it to fly.”

    Ning Cheng understood what spiritual sense was, it was similar to one’s soul, or rather it was the prototype of the soul. As for what An Yi said about riding the sword to fly, but it can only be done after entering the Essence Building Realm. Only after entering the Essence Building realm, would one be able to use and expand their spiritual sense to outside their body.

    Of course, with the cultivation of a formidable cultivator, one could even separate their spiritual sense from their body. But his spiritual sense is still extremely weak, it is unable to drive the flying sword’s flight, and also cannot be used with the flying sword to attack the enemy.

    Ning Cheng nodded, thinking about the words of An Yi, he deeply agreed to it, and said, “An Yi, you are right, for now we should find a place to refine this flying sword. My biggest task right now it to find a heap of Spirit Stones, let us continue to rise our cultivation level again. Perhaps in the future there will be one day, when I could go back.”

    “Big Brother Ning, are you trying to increase your cultivation level with the aim to go back to your hometown?” when An Yi heard Ning Cheng, she was somewhat perplexed.

    “Of course.” Ning Cheng said without any hesitation, and asked An Yi, “An Yi, what is the purpose of you practicing cultivation?”

    An Yi was silent for a bit, then shook her head and said, “I have no purpose in practicing cultivation, I only practiced cultivation only because my master wanted me to teach me cultivation practice.”

    “What about your master?” Ning Cheng asked again.

    “Master said that she was in pursuit of a higher realm, if master could advance to the higher realm, she would not have had to die while sitting.” when An Yi spoke about her master, she again became gloomy.

    Ning Cheng was also silent, his aim was to go back and see his sister Ruo Lan, but he was very clear that this kind of goal may not be achievable in this lifetime.

    Indeed, because of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he needed lots of Spirit Stones in order to cultivate. If one day, he could not find Spirit Stones then it would be difficult for him to advance, he would also end up like An Yi’s master, ending up dying while sitting.

    Seeing Ning Cheng silent, An Yi suddenly spoke again, “Big Brother Ning, my master said that if there was just a slim chance, if one did not put efforts to work hard, then they would have no opportunity. Because I listened to master’s words, I went outside to look for the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia . Although I was not able to find it, at least I put in the efforts.”

    Listening to the words of An Yi, Ning Cheng woke up from daze. Yes, when he compared himself with the other people, then he had more Qi than them, he even had the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s support. If you are not willing to work hard, then in the future how could you always have good luck? Now that he woke up from his daze, he thought An Yi did not know the difficulties in obtaining the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia , not only did she go looking for them in the wrong places, but with her ability she would not be able to go to the places where they they can be actually found.

    Thinking of all this, Ning Cheng once more regained his formidable confidence, “An Yi, thank you, I must work hard.”


    The damp sea breeze and the sounds of the waves crashing drifted into the Mingot City, Mingot City was very lively and bustling. This is the largest town in the Mingot Sea Area, it was also the land which has the largest amount of cultivators gathered. But in this bustling town, the people had a varied expressions, some had a cold one, some had an indifferent one, some kept a serious face as they hurriedly walked around.

    Although there were many adventurers and cultivators here, in order to achieve greater profitability, they take the things back to the cities in their mainland, but there were also some people who did not wish to take the long journey back to their mainlands, and directly sold their wares that they obtained in the Mingot Sea Area in the Mingot City. As such all year round in the the waters of the Mingot Sea, the people referred to this place as the the old Mingot.

    At the outside of this bustling city was a man and a woman, the man looked very young, his face was slightly thin, but it was like a knife. He had extremely bright eyes, but had a calm expression on his face, he gave the feeling as if he was an old general of the Mingot City. The black hair was slightly messy, scattered a bit near his ears, and it seemed very casual.

    At his side was a woman who was half a head shorter than him and looked very pretty, as beautiful as a lotus flower in water, even though she did expose her long hair, but the white turban on her head was completely dust free and made it seemed as if she was very refined.

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    Chapter 0028 – The Place Where The Strong Eats The Weak

    These people in front of the Mingot City were obviously Ning Cheng and An Yi, after Ning Cheng spent some time in refining the Flying Sword, he directly, along with An Yi, arrived at the Mingot City. Although he was able to advance in his cultivation practice with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he was only able to do so by using a huge amount of Spirit Stones, and it seemed that this was just the beginning. Even if he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng was still worried about his cultivation practice.

    “Big Brother Ning, it seems to be very busy and prosperous here.” An Yi had always lived in the area around the Blue Heart Temple, and had rarely seen such a bustling city like the Mingot City.

    This was also the first time for Ning Cheng to visit such a busy city, although Cang Le City was also quite bustling, but it could not be compared to the Mingot City. But comparing the two, Ning Cheng was now preferring to be in the Cang Le City rather that coming to the Mingot City.

    In the Cang Le City, the highest powers were the Cang Qin Royal Family and Cang Qin 2 Star Academy. Even though Cang Le City emphasized on the law of the jungle, but it emphasised more on cultivation practice, even if a person was of a low status, if he had a good comprehension ability regarding the practice of cultivation they would be able to be respected and also be unified and integrated with the city forces.

    But Mingot City was different, when Ning Cheng first arrived in the Mingot City, he felt that there was absolutely no unified force. He was able to feel that in the Mingot City there were many different forces, the law of the jungle, these were the words that could be strongly attached to this place.

    “The Auction Meeting, The Mingot City Auction meeting…….” a thin girl who was holding dozens of brochures in her hand said while shouting as she waved those brochure in her hands, “This auction will have many artifacts, high quality medicines, and the most important of all, the map to go into the Lansha Island Array formation…………..”

    Ning Cheng did not intend to participate in the auction, beside he only had a few gold coins, and no other good stuff. In this kind of auction, even if he had more gold coins it would not be of much use, much less the combined amount of the gold coins that they have.

    “The two seniors should have just arrived at the Mingot City, and I have a hunch that you do not have a map of the Mingot City, nor do you have an introduction to any of the major forces in the Mingot City, the price is not expensive, I only want 50, no only 30 silver coins……”

    The girl who had seen Ning Cheng and An Yi arrive immediately came over to sell her stuff. Her eyes were very sharp, with just a glance she was able to determine that Ning Cheng and An Yi were not the regulars of the Mingot City, nor were they from the Mingot Sea Area.

    Ning Cheng took out a gold coin and handed it to this girl, and said, “OK, if you can help me get me a copy of the map of this place, the remaining silver coins, you can keep them, and also give me a brochure of the auction.”

    This little girl saw that Ning Cheng was very generous and hurried to grab the gold coin, while simultaneously taking out two books to give to Ning Cheng, her speed was very quick.

    Ning Cheng had some doubts about it, but she had already left. When Ning Chang saw that there were many people surging forward to sell the manuals, he understood a bit, it seems that there is a very competitive atmosphere here to sell the manuals.

    “Wait Wait, I’ll first find a place for us to stay.” said Ning Cheng to An Yi as at the same time he pulled An Yi along with him onto the street.

    Although he was not a rich man back on Earth, but that did not mean he was always remained outside without a fixed residence. After coming here, Ning Cheng had never found a safe place to sleep. At present in the Mingot City, in any case, he was going to live here for a period of time, so he had to take care of this situation immediately. He of course knew that he would not be able to buy a house here to live in, but at least he knew how to find out which inn was better.

    Of course since An Yi was also depended on Ning Cheng, so she did not have any comment about it, Ning Cheng opened the map of the Mingot City and saw that the map was clearly marked with the labels of the several big powers. The First Mingot Meeting, this was the Mingot City’s largest organisation. They controlled more than 50 percent of the Mingot City’s trading, and were like the ace within the cloud. The second was the Wolf Palace, third was the Houhai Village ……

    Ning Cheng looked in front of him, he sensed that there was someone standing in front of him and An Yi. Ning Cheng looked up and saw a pretty girl wearing a red dress, and was at the Qi Gathering 2nd Level. This woman in the red dress looked very pretty and beautiful, at her side stood two equally beautiful female companions. Looking at the attire of the two companions, he came to the conclusion that they were the servants of the girl wearing the red dress.

    “Did you just arrive in the Mingot City?” this woman in red dress pointed at Ning Cheng and bluntly asked.

    Ning Cheng, in his heart felt a bit unhappy, he had just arrived here, what relationship did he have with her? Facing the woman in red dress, Ning Cheng felt himself to be a little uncomfortable.

    “Yes, me and my cousin had just arrived in the Mingot City.” Ning Cheng replied calmly as he clasped his hands, he knew that he could not afford to provoke anyone in the Mingot City.

    “Oh, so this is your cousin?” The woman in the red dress swept her eyes over An Yi, as Ning Cheng saw it, the objective of the woman in red dress seemed to be An Yi.

    Not waiting for Ning Cheng to answer, the woman in the red dress said again, “I really like your cousin, I am a person from the Houhai Village. Let your cousin come with me, I will not treat her unjustly.”

    Ning Cheng immediately wrinkled his brows and said, “Sorry, my cousin will not walk with anyone else, we can support ourselves.”

    “If you do not let your cousin come with me, you will not be able to live.” This woman in red dress did not think the Ning Cheng would dare to talk back, and immediately said in a cold tone. However she immediately thought that Ning Cheng should have just arrived to the Mingot City, so he did not know how fearsome was the Houhai Village.

    Ning Cheng held his anger back, he knew that in the Mingot Sea Area, Mingot City was not a good place, but he did not think, that just when he arrived here, not only he found himself in trouble, but they even unexpectedly wanted to take away An Yi.

    “Lu Yan, the two of them should have just arrived at the Mingot City, what you are doing is not good, right?” Ning Cheng had not yet spoken, when a voice arrived from the side.

    On one side he felt someone come and help him and An Yi out, this made her feel slightly relieved. Letting her leave Ning Cheng, she would definitely not agree to it. Moreover when she saw the look in the eyes of the woman in the red dress, it definitely made her uncomfortable, it even made her feel a kind of fear.

    Ning Cheng also saw this person come over, this person was a young man dressed in a very fine dress. The rim of his eyes even had a hint of blue in it, and looked very thin and emaciated. But this person’s cultivation level was higher than this red dressed woman called Lu Yan, it was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Behind him there was also a servant, but his cultivation level was at Qi Gathering 6th Level.

    The red dressed woman called Lu Yan immediately retorted, “Miu Wen Hong, do you think that I don’t know what you want to do? The last time I allowed you once, but this time I will never let up. What happened to the girl you forcibly took away last time? I’m afraid that you have already wasted her.”

    Miu Wen Hong coldly snorted and said, “That girl is now in the Wolf Mansion and is well, what did you mean by saying I wasted her? You bring back the person that you wasted. You are a woman, but you also like to sleep with other women, aren’t you the one who is spoiled?”

    Hearing the words of Miu Wen Hong, Lu Yan was overflowing with anger, the two people immediately began to argue.

    Ning Cheng came to understand something, that these two people were in no way a good thing for them. He pulled An Yi and said, “An Yi, let’s go, this is not a good place.”

    “Since you have arrived just now, don’t rush to leave.” Seeing Ning Cheng just about to leave, Lu Yan and Miu Wen Hong immediately stopped quarreling.

    Ning Cheng looked around, unexpectedly the people who came to watch the spectacle were not a few, not only they came to watch, they were also secretly eyeing them. It was clear that these two people fighting held much influence in the Mingot City.

    Ning Cheng felt a strong killing intent from the two, and said in a slow voice “Me and you two are strangers, can a person only enter the Mingot City and not leave?”

    Saying these words, Ning Cheng was already thinking about how to run out of the Mingot City. The servant who was at the Qi Gathering 6th Level would not be able to stop him, and in the meantime he also wanted to take make use of the good opportunity to kill Miu Wen Hong and Li Yan. Now that he had just entered the city, he completely had the opportunity to rush out.

    With Miu Wen Hong’s and Lu Yan’s natures, even if he did not kill them, they would not let them go, so he wanted to go ahead and kill them so as to save them the future trouble. Since he had already offended them, then it would be better to offend them to the end, there was no need to be timid in front of such people.

    “You can return, that’s true, but I will not let you go and would definitely not let you walk away. Tell this woman beside you to stay, then you may be able to leave.” Miu Wen Hong’s tone was still nasty, but with his tone it was revealed that, without a doubt, his status in this city was very high.

    “Oh, what would you do if I allow those two to go away?” exclaimed a voice.

    This time, there were four people approaching them, three man and a woman, the man in the front was wearing a light blue dress and was also a bit thin.

    Ning Cheng had already noticed, all these four people had a similar mark on the cloths of their chest, it was apparent that these four were from the same place. Ning Cheng did not speak, here in the Mingot City, there was a complex mix of forces, he was not sure if those people who had just arrived had any intention of helping them.

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    Chapter 0029 – Clear Heart Academy

    What made Ning Cheng shocked was that the lowest cultivation level of the four people was the Qi Gathering 6th Level and the highest one of the four blue robed youths was at Qi Gathering 8th Level. Although the four people in front of them had their ages similar to Ning Cheng and An Yi, but the cultivation levels of these four people, were far higher than Ning Cheng and An Yi.

    “Who do you think you are? Daring to speak in such a way in the Mingot City…..” When Miu Wen Hong heard this, anger immediately welled up in him.

    In Mingot City, there was unexpectedly still a person who dared to talk to Miu Wen Hong in such a manner, did he not know that he was the Young Master of the Wolf Palace?

    “San Pi, kill him.” Miu Wen Hong did not even finish his angry words, and instructed his servant behind him to kill the guy who had just spoken. In Mingot City, if Miu Wen Hong wanted to kill someone, it would be as easy as crushing an ant.

    Although Miu Wen Hong’s anger was senseless, but that did not mean that the servant would also act senselessly, hearing Miu Wen Hong’s nonsensical order, that servant of Miu Wen Hong immediately stepped forward and whispered in his ear, “Master Wen Hong, these people are from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy, look at the badges on their chests……”

    This servant called San Pi could clearly see that the lowest cultivation of the four people was not worse than him. Not to mention beat them, he did not even want to provoke their anger, as they were basically untouchables.

    Hearing the hint from the old servant, Miu Wen Hong reacted immediately, he had certainly heard about the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy. Just now when he saw the young people in the blue dresses, he felt dizzy, he did not choose his words correctly before. Although he was the Young Master of the Wolf Palace, it was only in the Mingot City, a small part of the Mingot Sea Area. The Wolf Palace would not count for anything, also even if they were the ruler of this entire entire area, even then they would not be able to compare with the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy.

    Clear Heart 3 Star Academy belonged to the Ming Yi Country, even if the Academy did not have any relationship with the Country, the entire Mingot City, not to mention the Wolf Palace, would not be able to compare itself with a 3 Star Academy.

    Ning Cheng, at this time, was able to clearly see the badges on the chests of the four people, they were engraved with the words Clear Heart Academy. At the bottom of the words there were three bright stars.

    Seeing the demeanour of the four, Ning Cheng in heart let out a dark sigh. These people from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy were amazing. The students who came out from there were very tough, this was because they had the advantage of a powerful supporter, evidently he was thinking that if he could join this Academy, then they would have a big academy on which they could rely on.

    However when Ning Cheng thought about his spiritual roots, he immediately dispelled that idea. With his spiritual roots, even going to a 1 Star Academy would be difficult, not to mention the higher Star Academies. Moreover Ning Cheng did not dare to go, since his spiritual roots were also improving as his cultivation rose, once his spiritual roots improved to a certain extent, how could people not be able to notice?

    “So these four brothers were from the 3 Star Academy, this Wen Hong was impolite just now, please forgive me……”  This Miao Wen Hong was able to quickly adapt to the situation, after he came to know that these 4 people were from a 3 Star Academy, he immediately greeted them with a smile.

    The youth in the blue robe who had just spoken, lifted his hand and slapped his face, Miao Wen Hong did not think that he would be slapped in the face. Or even if he thought, he would not be able to dodge the slap to his face. Just at this moment, when his face was slapped, more than a dozen teeth and blood flew out into the air.

    That slap was really tyrannical, and the surrounding people who were secretly watching suddenly sucked in cold air. The Young Master of the Wolf Palace, Miu Wen Hong just flew out like a garbage.

    Lu Yan took only a moment to react, she immediately came forward with a smile and bowed in salute to this blue robed youth and immediately said, “Houhai Village’s Lu Yan greets Elder Brother, Elder Brother, are you from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy? You really are amazing, you even get to practice cultivation in that Academy. Lu Yan is quite envious.”

    While Speaking, Lu Yan’s face was filled with worship and admiration, she even wished that she could get the opposite party’s signature in her signature book.

    The way this blue robed man treated Lu Yan and Miu Wen Hong was clearly different, when he heard the words of Lu Yan, he immediately smiled as his face softened and said, “The Clear Heart 3 Star Institute is not too far away, but it is also not near. If you wanted to pass by it, even if you took a beast carriage, it probably would be very difficult.”

    “Can this Lu Yan ask about Elder Brother’s name? I would really love to hear it, as I also long to go to the 3 Star Academy.” as Lu Yan spoke, on her face the color of worship was getting more and more stronger.

    “I am called Le Bohong, you wanting to enter the Clear Heart Academy is not impossible. A year later, our Clear Heart 3 Star Academy will start enrolling students, you can still give it a try.” The blue robed youth expression was getting more and more gentle, it was as if what happened a moment ago did not happen at all.

    Lu Yan was pleasantly surprised and immediately said, “Big Brother Le, this really is great.I must let my father take me and go over to have a look. Right Big Brother, you and other two brothers and sister have just arrived in Mingot City, you certainly must be tired. If you don’t mind, I can take you to the Haihai Village to rest, I can also stay with you behind to learn a thing or two from you.”

    Le Bohong waved his hands and said, “The road to the sea does not go from the Houhai Village’s territory, so we have no interest to go there.”

    There was an intense disappointment on the face of Lu Yan, she seems to think of Ning Cheng and An Yi, she hurriedly walked to An Yi and said with a smiling face, “This sister, can you help me persuade Big Brother for me, then you can also come together to my Houhai Village.”

    Lu Yan does not even ask An Yi to speak, Le Bohong had not seen An Yi, now that Lu Yan talked to her, Le Bohong immediately noticed An Yi, this guy’s eyes suddenly shines, this girl really was too beautiful and slender.

    Ning Cheng in his heart sneered, how could he not understand Lu Yan’s trick. Le Bohong had treated Miu Wen Hong and Lu Yan with two completely different attitudes, it showed that Le Bohong only had good treatment for a woman who had some sexual attractiveness to him. She wanted An Yi to come together with Le Bohong to the Houhai Village and wanted to find any excuse to bring them both to the Houhai Village’s territory.

    This was of course based on the condition if Le Bohong likes An Yi, if Le Bohong does not like An Yi, then he could only be a blind man.

    Ning Cheng did not wait for Le Bohong to speak, and said to Lu Yan, “Go Away, slut.”

    Le Bohong was forced to take back the words that he was about to speak that he did not want to go to the Houhai Village’s territory, and was somewhat looking at Ning Cheng in a puzzled way. He did not understand why Ning Cheng would fire off such words?

    Ning Cheng ignored the ugly look on Lu Yan’s face, and turned to Le Bohong and clasped his fists and said, “Thank you friends for extending your helping hand.”

    Le Bohong had recovered, before he saw that there seems to be some dispute between Lu Yan and Ning Cheng, but he did not think that Ning Cheng would call Lu Yan a slut. Now that Ning Cheng was thanking him with gratitude, he also clasped his hands and said, “This was just a small matter, it is not worth mentioning, I haven’t had the chance to ask my friends name, shall we go out to drink together.”

    “I am called Ning Cheng, me and my cousin had just entered in Mingot City when these two mad dogs started biting at us, and now we don’t want to stay here. With brother’s help today, is something that would not be forgotten.” Ning Cheng did not want to go with these people, so hurriedly refused and said while clasping his hands.

    He had already offended Miu Wen Hong and Lu Yan, he was not a fool, why would he continue to stay here? Besides, these few people from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy, had quite a good cultivation base, even the lowest one had a cultivation level of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, he basically had no chance against them.

    Hearing Ning Cheng was not willing to go together with them, Le Bohong’s eyes flashed with disappointment, he inadvertently glanced at An Yi, then he smiled and said to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy will host the recruitment of student within the entire Ping country. Brother Ning, if you and your cousin are able to enter the Clear Heart Academy, it would be certain that you would be able to scale new heights.”

    Ning Cheng certainly wanted to participate in the enrollment but his spiritual root was very bad. However if there was a chance to go to the Clear Heart Academy with An Yi then it would be good. Fortunately this thing was still early, as he would have to seek the opinion of An Yi, about what she thought about all this, he once again said, “Thank you Brother Le, in the coming year if I have the chance, I would definitely come to the Clear Heart Academy, But first for today, we must take our leave.”

    “Good, next year I will patiently wait for Brother Ning to clear the entrance of the Clear Heart Academy.” Le Bohong said with enthusiasm, it was regretful that An Yi never said a word, and also didn’t see him even once.

    Miao Wen Hong’s face was full of blood, and was barely able to stand up with the help of his servant, he did not even dare to speak even half a word, and could only watch as Bohong and the others left. As for Ning Cheng and An Yi, he dared not come forward to speak anymore nonsense.

    Lu Yan also stared at Ning Cheng with her eyes filled with the intent to kill, she pledged that she would no doubt kill Ning Cheng herself.

    Ning Cheng and Le Bohong said goodbye to each other, but before departing he took An Yi and Ning Cheng and helped them to buy several sets of clothes from the Mingot City, and also purchase several maps of the surrounding areas in the Mingot Sea Area, then they hurriedly left the Mingot City.

    After experiencing these things, it made Ning Cheng clear on the fact that, at least in Mingot City, there was not a place where he could live, at least for the present.


    “Big Brother Ning, Lu Yan was so sincere, but why did I always feel uncomfortable? She wanted to invite me, but why did she threaten big brother?” An Yi did not understand much of the ways of the world, this kind of complicated relationship, she was completely confused by it.

    Ning Cheng said with a sneer, “That woman was a broken piece of glass, that kind of woman is not even worth mentioning, even if she was an arrogant piece of thrash.”

    “What is a broken piece of glass?” An Yi did not understand.

    Ning Cheng just waved his hands and said, “These things you do not need to understand at present, even that Bohong guy is not as simple as he looks, if we stayed in the Mingot City it would not be good for us, it’s better to go somewhere else.”

    With the identity of Bohong, he could have have completely killed Miu Wen Hong, but he went so far as to bear it, and just went ahead and slapped him in the face. It was obvious that this person was not simple on the surface, he was aware that even though he could kill Miu Wen Hong, he would end up with some troubles.

    Ning Cheng and An Yi travelled continuously for about half a day, and had already left the Mingot City behind in a distance. Ning Cheng in his heart was continuously thinking about what those people came to the Mingot City for, some important people would sometime come, but only for the experience. In Ning Cheng’s view, if it was not for an important matter, Le Bohong would have definitely killed Miu Wen Hong.

    “Are the two friends going out to the sea?” a hearty voice that came from far away stopped Ning Cheng and An Yi by calling out to them.

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    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0030 – Pursued Till Death

    “Letting your grandfather suffer such a loss, and you still want to walk away?” Miu Wen Hong was shouting at the top of his voice, obviously his hatred for Ning Cheng had become bone deep.

    After seeing Ning Cheng and An Yi, the person who had called out to them wanting them to come aboard his boat for business, on seeing Miu Wen Hong rush towards them on a one horned stone beast and yelling out loudly, his facial expression suddenly turned pale. Moreover on seeing that he did not ask Ning Cheng a second time, he immediately turned away, and in only a short time, he ran to the wharf boat at the seaside, and the next moment the boat immediately pulled up the anchors and set sail into the vast sea waters.

    Ning Cheng did not care about the boatman, but he was surprised that Miu Wen Hong even dared to chase them. Miu Wen Hong did not only chase them alone, but had also brought along just the servant who was at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, he did not bring any other person with him.

    Only a mere two people, and they wanted to kill him and take away An Yi with this? He could already kill a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 5th Level with ease, and was not afraid in facing a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 6th Level.

    Ning Cheng, of course, was aware that if his meridians did not have the Mysterious Yellow Qi flowing through them, generally for a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, killing two cultivators at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, would not really be a laborious task. Not to mention in the eyes of Miu Wenhong and his servant, Ning Cheng and An Yi were just like lambs to be slaughtered, as they thought that they did not even have a shred of combat experience.

    “San Pi, waste this bastard first, I will slowly let this kid know……” Miu Wen Hong had yet to arrive, as he said through gnashing teeth while he was stared at Ning Cheng with a cutting glare. It was obvious that in his view, the reason he had lost face in the Mingot City, was all because of Ning Cheng.

    This San Pi seemed to be a loyal servant of his, he seemed to know the meaning of the words spoken by his young master, although they had yet to arrive in front of Ning Cheng, they were flying towards them on their unicorn beast, while he simultaneously swept a white sword light towards Ning Cheng.

    This white sword light was aimed at the two feet of Ning Cheng, evidently he did not want to kill Ning Cheng in the first strike.

    This was an artifact, Ning Cheng was able to feel the sword light and at the same time came to understand. Before when he and the rusty faced man at the Qi Gathering 5th Level clashed, he had used a common dual bladed weapon, although it was not low level one, but weapons and artifacts were just not the same concept.

    San Pi was just a family servant, but already had an artifact on his body, thus it was evident that Miu Wen Hong would have more good stuff on him.

    Ning Cheng did not want to think, that as this white sword light was coming towards him, in the meantime if he used his flying sword that had fallen into his hands, would he be able to split it into two like the past.

    San Pi did not think that Ning Cheng would still dare to make a move, using a mere sword to dare to stop his sword type artifact, it was just simply seeking his death.

    Howeree this idea of San Pi was instantly shattered as an ear piercing sound of an impact arrived, he did not imagine that the sword in the hands in Ning Cheng, would slice through it like a tofu, completely shattering his sword light. As the powerful energy shock wave reached him, San Pi felt as if his chest had been hit with huge blow from a hammer.

    Not good, this kid was definitely concealing his cultivation, he must be at the Qi Gathering 6th Level. Moreover his foundation was definitely deep, it was not even half a bit inferior to his own. San Pi, when he received the powerful shock wave, was forced to take a few steps back, but he also understood that not only Ning Cheng was not at Qi Gathering 4th Level, but the artifact in his hands was even of a higher level than the one that he was using.

    San Pi and Ning Cheng had just exchanged one blow, but in that instant he could clearly feel that if Ning Cheng took the initiative to attack, he could easily beat him, he felt that he and his young master would be easily killed by him. This cultivator was very audacious, he simply did not seem to consider his fate if he killed the young master.

    “Ice….Fire…..” San Pi saw that his attack had no effect on Ning Cheng, but he once again sent out a long sword light, he was howling in his heart with fear. He no longer cared about anything, raising his other hand he shot out a talisman from his body, while simultaneously infusing his sword artifact with his Qi, the sword blade in his hands started to shine in two different colors.

    One side was ice, while the other side was fire. Two distinct kinds of lights wrapped around the sword blade in front of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng could suddenly feel the air around him stagnate. He himself felt that regardless of if he was to block the icy light or the fiery light, he could only block one of them, making the other’s power and influence increase.

    Not only Ning Cheng, but any low leveled cultivators would appreciate this, it was natural as the opponents Qi and attributes was completely opposite to each other and would end up producing some kind of resistance to each other. If the other party was a cultivator with a fire attribute, while using his fire attribute to block the other party’s fire attributed attack, he would inevitably produce a Qi with a fire attribute to resist it, but would then be relatively weakened because of the other party’s ice attribute. But some of the more experienced cultivators of the lower levels, all have their unique ways to deal with such a situation.

    Ning Cheng’s combat experience was not rich, thus because the blade attack had both ice and fire properties, so he immediately had to make a tradeoff between them.

    Ning Cheng was able to block the flame attack, but could not block the ice attack completely. Fortunately his Qi was not weaker that the one in front of him, in fact even if the Qi of the other party was several times stronger than him it would not have mattered. Under the urgency of the situation, in Ning Cheng’s mind flashed several distorted movements, it was the same distorted and twisty movements of the rusty faced man he had encountered previously. At that time he had sent out 6 Flame Edges, and the other party was able to block only 3 of them, the other three, he could not block, but actually twisted his body to escape them.

    This kind of distorted body skill, in Ning Cheng’s mind, in just a short moment, became very clear, the San Pi’s ice attack, now that Ning Cheng had learned this Distorted Body Skill, he just willed his body to twist to one side.

    “Puff……” blood spurted out, but Ning Cheng calmed his heart down, it was because he could not entirely escape the ice attack, but at least he avoided the vital point that it was aimed at, as a result he was just slightly wounded.

    San Pi after he used his ice and fire technique, his expression immediately turned pale, it was clear that using that dual attributed attack with with sword light had a consumption that was clearly not small.

    He did not wait for him to recover, Ning Cheng immediately drew his sword up, while sending out several Flame Edges. Ning Cheng’s means of attack was very simple, besides using the flying sword to attack, he only used the Flame Edges to threaten. His body which he had twisted to escape, had not yet fully recovered.

    In order to quickly kill Ning Cheng, San Pi had consumed too much of his Qi, now knowing that Ning Cheng sent out a sword flash, he could only escape stiffly. Ning Cheng sword light split the shoulder of San Pi apart, he was able to avoid a crucial hit but was ripped apart by the several Flame Edges thrown at him.

    On one side, when Miu Wen Hong saw San Pi was killed, he knew that the outcome was already decided. Ning Cheng was not killed, but San Pi was.

    “You actually killed San Pi…….” Miu Wen Hong still did not dare believe it even after he looked at Ning Cheng, San Pi had told him that Ning Cheng was only at Qi Gathering 4th Level, how can a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator kill a Qi Gathering 6th Level one? Moreover, under the circumstances San Pi had even displayed his incomparable Ice – Fire blade technique.

    Ning Cheng felt his Qi recover quickly, he would not let Miu Wen Hong return to Mingot City. After he killed Miu Wen Hong, he would escape to the inner regions of the Mingot Sea, if he stayed in this place he would just be courting death.

    “You better pray for a good fortune in your next life.” Ning Cheng just finished saying, when the sword in his hands split him into two.

    Miu Wen Hong opened his mouth, he even could not say the words to beg for mercy, even when Ning Cheng’s sword arrived, before he died, he still couldn’t believe that, in the Mingot Sea there was someone who dared to kill him.

    Ning Cheng was extremely skilled with fire as he quickly burned the two corpses, he put the things of the two men away, turned to An Yi and said, “An Yi, we’ll use these two unicorn beasts to flee.”

    “Big Brother Ning, where are we going now?” An Yi had been living together with Ning Cheng for sometime, she knew that Ning Cheng was very capable in making good decisions, thus when Ning Cheng killed Miu Wen Hong and his servant, it did not feel strange to her.

    “Let’s go to the sea, before didn’t some people ask us to travel by boat? Since there was one ship, then there is also a possibility of another ship.” Ning Cheng said in an affirmative way. When he had killed the two people, Miu Wen Hong and his servant, he was already thinking about it, since there was a boat before, then there definitely would be another one to go out to the sea. The Mingot Sea was endless, and the people coming here were also many, thus there would absolutely be not just one or two boats here.

    An Yi just gave a ‘hmm’ sound, she hesitated for a while before asking in a puzzled way, “Big Brother Ning, I heard my master say, that anyone who practiced cultivation, they only practiced one main attribute. This is also why we all have just a single main spiritual root, even without the main spiritual root, one must look for a suitable attribute that works suitably as the primary attribute for their support spiritual roots.”

    Ning Cheng does not wait for An Yi to finish, he could already understand what An Yi wanted to ask, and then immediately asked “An Yi, you want to ask why this San Pi person could simultaneously use the two ice and fire skills, right?”

    Ning Chang was now not a person who was ignorant, now that he had already advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level in his cultivation practice, he was also able to understand some of the truths. Fireball Technique, Waterball Technique, these were the most basics of spell techniques, any kind of spiritual root can display these sort of spells. However the achievement’s in it would be limited, and one would not be able to use them in combat.

    Before when San Pi had used the Dual Attributed Attack with his sword blade, it was already a very strong and thus would consume a lot of Qi, this was not something which could be explained with the basic magic spells.

    “Yes, I have been wondering how this San Pi was able to use two different attributes with his sword blade. If it was me, I really would not have come up with way to counter it. Could it be that this San Pi had two main Spiritual Roots? A Dual Spiritual Root Cultivator?” An Yi just nodded.

    Ning Cheng laughs and said, “You may not be able to about it now, but when your cultivation base is high, you would immediately know. If this San Pi had two main spiritual roots, and was even Dual Spiritual Root cultivator, then today the one who died would have been me and not him. When he cast the ice and fire double edge, he used a talisman, it should have been a secondary talisman.”

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    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0031 – A Strange Ship

    Ning Cheng and An Yi, both haven’t rode a rock unicorn beast before, although they were riding this stone unicorn beast, and there speed had increased but it was not by much.

    “An Yi, hurry up, we need to escape.“ Ning Cheng felt the ground was somewhat shaking, this was definitely because a large amount of those rock unicorns were galloping across the ground, it was clear that someone was chasing them.

    An Yi simultaneously also felt the subtle vibrations from the ground, she did not need Ning Cheng reminding her, the two people riding on the stone unicorns, were trying to crazily escape along the shores of the Mange Sea .

    The vibrations from the ground were getting even more intense, Ning Cheng’s heart was extremely anxious, he and An Yi had been searching for a long time but still hadn’t found a single boat. If they had found a boat, they could have absolutely escaped without delay.

    But, in ten breaths, Ning Cheng already could see a dark swarth covering a large expanse of land coming over, his heart was cold, they really were lagging behind. What was the origin of this Miu Wen Hong? Actually getting so many people to chase after him?

    “Big Brother Ning, there is a boat.” Ning Cheng was paying attention to the dark swath of soldiers chasing them from behind, An Yi, however, saw that there was a ship at the shore of the Mingot Sea.

    “It  really is a ship, quickly go up.” Ning Cheng immediately called out to An Yi, both people  after jumping from their beasts, landed on the ship.

    When Ning Cheng arrived on the ship, he at once called out to the ship master to set sail, even if the ship was not going to sail, he would forcibly make the other side to set sail. This was a matter about his small life, so he may not be able to speak kind words. Not only that, Ning Cheng also knew, that most of such ships would also in a large part be comprised of adventurers.

    Bluntly put, adventurers were those people who couldn’t practice cultivation, so they and cultivators were two entirely different concepts.

    But when Ning Cheng arrived at the side of the ship’s cabin, he immediately swallowed what he wanted to say, the ship wasn’t small but he didn’t see a single person on it, the entire ship was quiet, there not was even the slightest sound.

    But there was a faint smell of blood and also a bloody dark aura that was coming from inside the cabin, this made Ning Cheng frown.

    “There is no one inside the ship.” said An Yi as even she was also able to sense it, as she somewhat nervously approached towards Ning Cheng.

    “This is not right.” Ning Cheng suddenly said, those shiny dark green horde of pursuers he saw a moment ago were also not right. Even if Miu Wen Hong’s status was extremely high, it was impossible to quickly track and chase them, moreover with an entire brigade.

    As Ning Cheng finished speaking, he subconsciously looked back, only to find that he and An Yi, who were standing on the boat had already left the shore of the Mingot Sea behind. He was even not able to see where the shore was, or in which direction was it.

    Where did the pursuers behind them go? In addition to that, the sky was getting more and more dark, and all he could see was the vast expanse of the endless sea, other than that he could no longer see anything.

    A cold wind blew past, Ning Cheng felt a cold shiver run through his body, he was also subconsciously shivering with fright, from his dantian the Mysterious Yellow Bead suddenly shone and sent out some Qi, which swept away the chill in his body.

    “An Yi, where are you going?” when Ning Cheng saw An Yi take a step forward, he immediately pulled her back to be safe. He had just come back to his senses when he saw An Yi approach the cabin, it seems that she wanted to enter the cabin. If he had even been a breath late, An Yi would have entered the cabin.

    Ning Cheng had just caught the wrist of An Yi, when he could feel a strange cold and sticky aura around her. Just when he felt the strange cold aura, the Mysterious Yellow Bead again released a soft warm Qi, and the strange cold aura disappeared without a trace.

    An Yi recovered and looked at Ning Cheng in a daze and asked, “Big Brother Ning, what happened to me a moment ago?”

    Ning Cheng beckoned with his hand, but did not release An Yi’s wrist, he just stared into the darkness of the cabin and said, “Something’s wrong with this ship.”

    An Yi was about to say that they should look for another ship, but immediately understood that she and Ning Cheng could simply not change ships. They were in the middle of the sea and there was no one to control the ship, plus the ship’s speed was also not slow.

    “I do not care if you are a ghost cultivator or something, me and my cousin are going to borrow your deck to stay for a while, we are irrelevant, but if you dare to plot against us, then I will immediately burn down the ship.” Ning Cheng stood outside the cabin and shouted out the few sentences but did not go in.

    Ning Cheng knew a bit about Ghost Cultivators, there was kind of a vague concept in his memory. Ning Cheng was confident that with his cultivation level, if the other party was just merely some ghost spirit, then he would not have the slightest fear about it.

    Ning Cheng had just finished saying these words, when they heard a faint laughter that came from inside the cabin, this was a very strange laughter, and Ning Cheng was not able to pinpoint the specific source it came from.

    Ning Cheng subconsciously pulled An Yi and withdrew a few steps back, even if he had great courage and was already an Intermediate Stage Qi Gathering Level cultivator, even then this faint laughter made his scalp tingle.

    Almost at the same time at the back of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng could immediately subconsciously feel two ice shadows appear behind him in the shape of arrows, he immediately took hold of An Yi and dodged to the side. Those two things definitely had substance to them, he was able to feel them as they flashed past his face, thanks to him perceiving them early, he was able to dodge them otherwise his head would definitely been pierced through by them.

    It was very terrifying sneak attack, if not for his mind that mysteriously presented the path of the first invisible arrow’s track, he would surely have been hit by the arrow.

    Ning Cheng had never been a good speaker nor was he an easy man, even if he knew that the dark shadow who released the arrow was conspiring against him, he would not just suffer the beatings and not strike back.

    Not waiting even for a moment to let more such arrows to appear, Ning Cheng in the next moment fired off a number of Fireballs as he raising his hands. Without exception, all the fireballs were thrown into the cabin. At this point since his life was already in danger, why would he be concerned if the cabin would end up burning?

    Just an instant before those few shadowless arrows were shot out from the cabin, An Yi was also able to detect it. If Ning Cheng had not pulled her, she knew that she definitely would not have been able to dodge them. Now when she saw Ning Cheng constantly throw fireballs one after another into the cabin, she also did not hesitate and also started throwing fireballs into the cabin.

    This ship was originally made of wood, and An Yi and Ning Cheng kept throwing fireballs at the cabin continuously, these fireballs were not made of ordinary fire, this led to the damp ship to start burning. After some time, the inside of the cabin was filled with smoke, and the fire also started to rise up.

    Ning Cheng did not stop his bombardment, he once again started to throw out fireballs, and this time he wanted to completely burn down the top of the cabin.

    At this time, a cold voice arrived, “Stop, quickly put out the fire, otherwise everyone will die.”

    Ning Cheng, when he heard the voice being transmitted from the cabin, immediately began to throw out fireballs with even more vigour. He could never let a person who threatened him like that live, whether it was a ghost or a ghost cultivator, since they decided to plot against him, they could not blame the actions he would take. Before when he was on the deck he had clearly stated that he did not want to stir up trouble, but since they decided to come for his head he would definitely retaliate against them.

    “Do you want everyone to die? It is not necessary, right? We were just looking for a deck to survive. You being a ghost or a ghost cultivator, you already have the word ghost, we do not want to get in contact with you ….. ” While speaking, Ning Cheng again threw a number of fireballs out, this time even the top of the cabin was already on fire.

    “All right, this time I am in the wrong. I am neither a ghost nor a ghost cultivator, will you please extinguish the fire, I am willing to give you some compensations for it.” a helpless voice with a bit of frustration in it came from the cabin, he could only compromise with Ning Cheng.

    “What would you compensate me with?” Ning Cheng was not the kind of guy who would be moved easily, if there was some fear in him before, he did not have even a trace of it now. Ghost Cultivators and ghosts, he had never seen them, he did not know whether it was an incredible affair or not. Of thing that could not be seen, people would always have some fear towards them. Since the other party was not one of them, what was there to be feared about?

    I am familiar with the waters of this area, I can also help you in advancing into the late stages of the Qi Gathering Realm. Otherwise with your cultivation level of Qi Gathering 4th Level, you cultivators would only be food for someone else.

    “I do not like to be stabbed in the back.” Ning Cheng said slowly, he did not make any demands, nor did he stop him.

    “Bang…..” a piece of wood from the crossbars at the top of the cabin fell down, hitting the deck of the ship, and issued a ‘bang’ sound.

    “I swear, if I, Fang, dare plot against you again, I will be frightened out of my wits, I will not give any opportunity for it to happen again.” The voice from inside the cabin said as it came to understand that Ning Cheng was not someone that it could easily deal with, and swore to not dare cheat him.

    “You are called Fang?” Ning Cheng continued as he stopped throwing fireballs out.

    But the voice from inside the cabin was urgent, and said, “After you put out the fire on the ship, you can then ask my name, OK?”

    Inside the cabin the fire was burning everything, having not yet become too powerful, after Ning Cheng threw a number of Waterballs over, the flame was immediately suppressed, but after a moment once more rose again. Ning Cheng seeing this, raised his hands and directly brought up the water under the ship, and threw it at the raging fire, An Yi also came to help, with the two people working together, they managed to put out the flame.

    “Quite good, a mere Qi Gathering 4th Level, but unexpectedly have such a thick Qi. No wonder you could escape my shadowless arrow.” The voice from the cabin came unexpectedly.

    Ning Cheng said with a voice filled with disdain, “I am only at the Qi Gathering Realm, wait till I get to the Essence Building Realm, then to deal with such a ghost, I could just use you as a sacrifice for my flying sword.”

    “Well, the people here are too stupid, who told you that you could not be able to control a flying sword while being in the Qi Gathering Realm? As a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator you can utilize Qi, if your Qi is strong and thick enough, you can use the same to control the Flying Sword.” When the voice from the cabin heard the words of Ning Cheng, he replied with an equally cold voice filled with disdain.

    After these cold words from him, he seem to remember that Ning Cheng had called him a ghost of sorts, he was not happy with it and once again said, “Do not call me a ghost, I am called Fang Yijan, and am not a ghost, I am a Primordial Spirit. But since you are also able to survive my attacks, it shows that you are also capable, come in let’s talk about it.”

    “Primordial Spirit? I thought you were a ghost. It looks like the large amount of people who were chasing them on the shore were really related to Miu Wen Hong’s background.” Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, he did not think that the people from the Mingot City’s Wolf Palace would react so fast and also be able to form a large team to chase them in just a short amount of time.

    The other party claiming to be a Primordial Spirit with the name of Fang Yijan said with a cold voice, “You are wrong again, that brigade rushing towards you, they were real spirit soldiers.”

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    Translated By – DemonKiller with a bit of help from MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0032 – The Helpless Fang Jiyan

    “Soul Soldiers?” Ning Cheng was stunned for a moment, soul soldiers apparently meant that they did not have the soul composition of life. But a moment ago weren’t they valiantly beating their hooves, how is it possible for them to be soul soldiers? Then again, do we really have a soul?

    Seeing Ning Cheng’s stupid expression, Fang Jiyan’s voice again sounded, “What’s there to be surprised about, in the countless years, don’t you know how many innumerable cultivators have died in the waters of the Mingot Sea, a cultivator’s soul is already powerful, and many of them even have their own shape, the forms of the soul soldiers are thus also not surprising. Those soul soldiers all look alike, although they are a bit fearful, taking your cultivation level and vigilance into consideration, they are not worth mentioning.”

    Ning Cheng this time understood clearly, the voice of Fang Jiyan was coming from the hull of the ship

    He understood that this was the home of Fang Jiyan, and slightly loosened his heart, leading An Yi to enter the cabin with him.

    “You have taken shelter in the woods of the hull, does that mean the wood of the hull is made from something special?” Ning Cheng knew that for a Primordial Spirit to take shelter in the wood, he immediately came to understand that the wood that the ship was made of was not ordinary. Otherwise Fang Jiyan would have left early on, even if he burned the ship to the ground, Fang Jiyan should not have cared about it.

    “Its nothing special, it’s just that I like this ship, and was foolish enough to get accustomed to this ship.” Fang Jiyan nonchalantly said.

    Ning Cheng glanced around and found that the same material made up many other things, and he immediately said, “So is the case, this type of wood, I know about it, it can be used to make a chair that can be quite refreshing to sit upon, this ship has quite a few of such wooden material, I’ll dig them up and start using them. I am sure that this will not split apart the boat, you can rest assured about it.”

    Seeing Ning Cheng ready to tear down the rest of the remaining stains of the soul nourishing wood, Fang Jiyan’s voice was alarmed and said, “Do not dismantle it, I will tell you why you can’t, these wood pieces are from the Soul Wood Tree, in each stain here there is an inch of the soul that is the Soul Wood’s Heart, I am depended on it preserve my body and soul, if you demolish them, I would also be finished.”

    “It is a soul wood…..” When Ning Cheng heard this he was overjoyed, he had seen this Soul Wood in the book that An Yi had given him.

    In fact, people usually keep the Soul Wood actually for the Soul Wood Heart, each stub can hold a soul, but it is really useful in keeping the soul preserved in the one inch wooden heart. Here there were already four of such stubs, even if he left one for Fang Jiyan, he could still obtain the remaining three. Of course, he would certainly not take the three stubs away, for him, as long as he could keep the wood heart of the soul wood he would walk away.

    Seeing the glowing look in Ning Cheng’s eyes, Fang Jiyan thought that it was not good, this guy was too greedy, and he quickly said, “You have eye’s but fail to see how the ship was built, digging out the Soul Wood would be akin to cutting down the ship, if you had not met me, this would simply have been a waste of nature’s resources. By the way, can I ask what is the name of this friend who has no respect?”

    Ning Cheng did not know what was the meaning of Fang Jiyan’s words? Did Fang Jiyan wanted to remind them that since he was the one who found the soul wood, thus it was his. However Ning Cheng just ignored the meaning of the words spoken by Fang Jiyan, he was almost killed by this guy, how would he be kind to him? He just proceeded to smile and said, “I am called Ning Cheng, meeting you today was just destiny. I think that you are quite pleasing to the eye, there are four one inch stubs of the soul wood here, I decided to leave you one of them, as for the other three one inch stubs, I am taking them away.”

    “Brother Ning, you cannot do this…….” Fang Jiyan saw Ning Cheng go forward to dig out the three stumps of the soul wood, he was suddenly shocked. He had stayed here because of the soul wood, if he didn’t have the soul woods, he was finished, staying here would not have any significance.

    Ning Cheng complexion turned completely cold and said, “Brother Fang, I had heard others say if two people each covered half the distance to a certain avenue, they would gain some wealth and share it amongst themselves. However, when one accidentally strayed from the avenue and asked the other if he could break the rule and share some wealth with him, do you think that he should just disregard the rules and divide the wealth with him?”

    [TL Note – I think what he wanted to say is, would a person share the promised rewards when the other person broke their promise.]

    Fang Jiyan had lived for countless years, he did not think that he would hear such words. What’s this ‘disregard of rules’? This was plain and simple robbery.

    “I did not mean that, I mean that I am a Primordial Spirit, and you have a body of flesh, once you take the soul wood away, for me it would be a disaster. Place yourself in my shoes, if Brother Ning you were in my position, you would probably also have the same idea like me.” Fang Jiyan said as he forced back his anger, without the soul wood here, why would he stay in this fucked up place? He didn’t know that the rascal kid in front of him would do such kind of business, originally he thought that the two cultivators had a pure psyche, but he did not think that they would use his own thoughts against him and find him guilty.

    Contrary to what Fang Jiyan expected, Ning Cheng just noded and said, “What Brother Fang said was absolutely right, thanks for reminding me Brother Fang. This person had no foresight and must have caused you to immediately worry, don’t worry I will dig out only the soul wood core so that I could use it in the future, thanks a lot.”

    Fang Jiyan wanted to cry, he was trying to persuade Ning Cheng to not dig, but didn’t think that it would be counterproductive. When he saw Ning Cheng take out a flying sword, and pointed it towards one of the the soul wood stumps, he carved out section of the soul wood and brought out the core of the soul wood, when he saw this his heart was almost bleeding.

    Ning Cheng did not stop and went on to the next soul wood stump and dug out the second wood core that was in the soul wood stump. Seeing Ning Cheng go to dig out the third soul wood core from the third soul wood stump, Fang Jiyan could really not hold back and said, “Brother Ning, please stop. Brother Ning is just at Qi Gathering 4th Level, surely there are many things that you do not understand. If Brother Ning is willing to leave behind just one soul wood core, any question that you have, I will try to help and teach you with the best of my knowledge. Others may not dare, but I can guarantee that you would successfully pass through the Qi Gathering Realm in the shortest time.”

    After listening to the words of Fang Jiyang, Ning Cheng stopped his actions and said, “Brother Fang, you said that yourself, I do have some questions for you. We can just use this Soul Wood as your reward.”

    If he had teeth, then, at this time Fang Jiyan would have already bitten him to death, as if saying that those soul woods were cleary for his own good? Nevertheless, he could only smile drily and said, “Brother Ning please ask what you want, this Fang will definitely reply if he had the knowledge of it.”

    “Yes, Brother Fang, I heard that a Primordial Spirit can take possession of other bodies, how can I prevent myself be possessed by you?” Ning Cheng pulled An Yi and sat down, as he suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

    “Brother Ning really likes to joke, how can I take possession of my brother.” Fang Jiyan said with a smile but he was shouting abuses at him in his heart. Cultivating to this age, and also a mere Qi Gathering 4th Level, without looking at his spiritual roots he could tell that he had rubbish talent, only an idiot would try to posses you.

    But Ning Cheng cautiously nodded and said, “Then I can rest assured, I heard people say that only by practicing cultivation to the Essence Building Realm, only then one would be able to manifest their spiritual sense and transform it into a consciousness, and only then bring it outside their body. When in the True Condensation Realm, only then would have the means to control their artifacts with their spiritual sense. But Brother Fang said earlier, that even a Qi Gathering Cultivator can bring out their spiritual sense?”

    When he heard about this cultivation practice, Fang Jiyan’s tone immediately became full of disdain and said, “People who say these words are just idiots, a genuine cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm can also use their spiritual sense externally, but only upto a certain limit because of their cultivation method and insufficient spiritual sense. Even so, Qi Gathering Realm cultivators can also control the artifacts and use them to attack the enemy. In Le Continent, Qi Gathering Cultivators that use flying swords to attack are all too common.”

    “Is the matter you spoke of true?” Ning Cheng hurriedly inquired.

    Since Fang Jiyan had already fallen, so he had nothing to hide and said, “The aura in the Le Continent is very rich, and even the cultivation methods there are also numerous, the level of power of these cultivation methods is clearly something not a mere low grade continent can compare to. In fact even in many mid grade continents, there are many Qi Gathering Cultivators who can control the flying sword with their spiritual sense. Since Low Grade continents are deprived of aura, in order to expedite the cultivation speed, some of the cultivation practice methods will weaken the role of spiritual sense, this results in only True Condensation Realm Cultivators are the ones who can only use the artifacts, while Essence Building Realm Cultivators can manifest their spiritual sense outside.”

    “So the cultivation methods we use to practice cultivation with are actually simplified versions of the original cultivation practice methods.” Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand, so as to say, the cultivation practice methods that his Mysterious Yellow Bead had modified, the one that he was currently using, should be the complete version of the cultivation practice method. He wanted to try if he could use it to control the Flying Sword.

    “You bring the ship to the sea side, but it is clearly not intended for fishing? Deceiving people to embark? What happened to the original people on this ship?” When Ning Cheng thought how he was able to embark the ship, he suddenly became clear in his mind.

    Although Fang Jiyan did not understand what he meant by fishing, listening to the words of Ning Cheng he was able to understand a part of the meaning behind it, and immediately replied, “That’s right, I really was fishing? I am a Primordial Spirit, in addition to nourishing the soul with the help the soul wood, because I practice a powerful cultivation method, so I also have to swallow some souls to grow. This ship originally had some problems, and I happened to be the one who consumed those souls.”

    Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, there were certainly a number of glaring issues, he was certain that he would have to kill this Fang Jiyan himself.

    “Can you give me a few of the those cultivation practice methods, I want something of a higher rank, I was cheated by you to board the ship, you can at least show them to me right?” Ning Cheng was certain that Fang Jiyan had good background, perhaps he has many good things on him.

    When Fang Jiyan heard Ning Cheng to show him his cultivation practice methods, he just quickly waved his hands and said, “I do not really practice cultivation, I am just a Primordial Spirit.”

    “Really?” Ning Cheng asked him once more.

    Fang Jiyan shuddered, in his heart he was increasingly regretting letting Ning Cheng board his ship, this was the first time he had met a person who could dodge his shadowless arrows which could easily massacre groups of cultivators at Qi Gathering 4th Level.

    “I do not have any, but I have a way to help you get a cultivation practice method, thus I must make the trade with you. In a place not far from here, this is an island called the Dragon Island. You help me spread the news inside the Mingot City, that another island called Dragon Island appeared in the Mingot Sea which has a lot of low leveled treasures from the sea. When the time comes I will give you a map, as long as you accomplish this for me, I will definitely help you make a breakthrough in your Cultivation Practice Method.” After Fang Jiyan finished speaking, he felt that he was lacking a bit of confidence in his own words.

    Ning Cheng immediately understood the idea behind the words of Fang Jiyan, since the Dragon Island had plenty of low level treasured from the sea, it would certainly attract many adventurers over. But at the same time it would also attract a lot of low leveled cultivators to come over, then this Fang Jiyan would hide in the Dragon Island with the others, and then slowly devour their souls.

    Ning Cheng emotionlessly replied, “I am really sorry, I was just inside the Mingot City and had already offended the Wolf Palace and the Houhai Village, you want me to go to the Mingot City, do you want to see me dead that badly?”

    After Fang Jiyan listened to those words, he was already cursing loudly in his heart, this kid really was not a good thing, a mere cultivator of the Qi Gathering 4th Realm, but brought calamity everywhere, even unexpectedly offended the two main powers of the Mingot City. He had swallowed numerous souls, so of course, he understood what was in store for Ning Cheng in the hands of Wolf Palace and the Houhai Village.

    “It appears, you really do not want to give me the cultivation practice method, it is really regrettable, I will not trouble you again, um, there is a small boat on this ship, me and my cousin will be taking that boat now.” Ning Cheng said as he slowly stood up.

    “Don’t worry, I will think of a way……” when Fang Jiyan heard Ning Cheng wanted to walk away, he was suddenly alarmed. He and Ning Cheng had not been together for a long time, but to him it felt that Ning Cheng was a very shameless person. If he did not satisfy Ning Cheng, perhaps Ning Cheng would really disembark, and then afterwards he would throw numerous fireballs from behind to burn up the ship.

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