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本人不会英语,但看到 wiki 的内容十分贫乏,希望有能力的人去更多的补充一下,估计很难。武、仙、侠、佛 还有 中国的创世神话,特别是神话部分算是中国人小时候都会接触的常识。在很多作品当中会把创世神话当世界观或引用创世神话。希望这些能帮大家更好的了解中国玄幻小说。

似乎 谷歌公司 要回到中国大陆了,但现在大部分中国人要注册还得 “翻墙”  使用VPN 才行(google reCAPTCHA)。VPN需要付费的。

如果可能的话,希望这个论坛能办得更国际化一点,比如能在 各个评论里自带机器翻译的功能,虽然翻译水准不好,但对普通交流能起到非常大的作用。虽然现在很多浏览器软件拥有自动翻译的功能,但在体验却不是很好。希望能做到 多国语言的排版,和设定一个选择控制 在每条评论能扩展一个视图显示 每条评论的 机器翻译。



From Machine Translation:

I will not English, but to see the contents of the wiki is very poor, I hope the ability to add more people, it is difficult to estimate. Wu, Xian, Xia, Buddha, as well as the myth of the creation of China, in particular, is part of the myth of the Chinese people will be exposed to common sense. In many works will be the creation of the world when the myth or reference to the myth of creation. I hope these can help you better understand China fantasy novels.

It seems to return to the mainland Chinese Google Corporation, but now most Chinese have to register "over the wall" to use VPN (Google reCAPTCHA). VPN need to pay.

If possible, I hope this forum can do more international, for example, can bring Machine Translation function in various comments, although the translation standard is not good, but for ordinary communication can play a very big role. Although many browser software has the function of automatic translation, but the experience is not very good. Want to be able to do the multi language typesetting, and set a selection control in each comment can be extended to a view to show each comment Machine Translation.

Say more, I hope more Chinese compatriots to help foreign friends to understand Chinese novels.

The above is just my point of view.
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