Why don't they give yun Che more than 3-9 drops

They already gave him their souls so they going to die in 10 or so years anyways why not flood him with divine blood his body is way stronger than xue'er and she got everything 


  • Maybe they just don't wanna pamper him.
  • Mars never clarified why, but its probably due to limits of his body. Its been explicitly stated that he'd only be able to have a maximum of 10% dragon god blood. If we were to avoid plot holes and laziness from the author, then we can safely assume that having 10% of your blood being divine blood is the limit. 10% dragon god blood is probably A LOT better than having a mix of divine blood.

    According to Mars in ch 475, 6 drops of blood x 20 = 0.001% so what he already has isn't going to affect him.

    Honestly there are a lot more other reasons, but I'd just be listing them without any real support for which one is more probable. 
  • It's more likely due to the restrictions placed upon them by their corresponding True Gods and their pride as True Gods (Spirits).

    What the Evil Phoenix Spirit did can be considered to be heresy.
    "What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower." - Urek Mazino
  • Well, it could means that that's all the leftover blood he has.
  • if this was like those Heart Bloods like in ISSTH and CD where its supposed to be a highly concentrated blood that can't be replenished then id understand. i.e. Meng Hao only has a few dozen of this type of blood and only used in life or death situations and how 4 Divine Beast in CD has just a few hundred which Beirut, Chief Destruction Sov and Linley used. 

  • Maybe because their pride of True Gods، but the Phoenix fragment in the bottom of the inferno prison said that he has only last 7 drops and gave them all to YC. 
    In addition why must they give him all? 
    They wanted someone qualified to inherite their bloodlines, however unlike the ice Phoenix that know something and told that the EG inheritance Is the only hope to pass the great calamity the others don't know that.
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