[Problem] Ad Performance Impact on Mobile

I'm normally a desktop user, but over the past week I was on vacation with no easy access to a desktop. So I tried mobile, and wow.

It's slow.

I have a new Samsung S7 Edge, which is one of the most computationally powerful phones on the market. And wuxiaworld lags.

What I mean by this is: I tap and hold to scroll, and I do a up and down motion, dragging my finger across the screen. The scrolling is choppy, slow, and unresponsive. Page load times are too long. The banner ad at the bottom of the screen loads so slowly, I always have a large buffer of 10+ seconds to X it out before it even has the chance to load.

All this slowness is very frustrating.

Honestly, it got to the point that I had to download an ad blocking browser from the Play store. After using it, the page responsiveness and load times were acceptable. I could scroll without lag.

Please fix the ads, I've never used an ad blocker on my phone before but the frustration was too much in this case.

Lastly, the ads also drained my phone's battery like nobody's business. I'd estimate wuxiaworld w/ ads drained battery life at 3x the normal rate.


  • Hi,

    we've tried to report the bad performance of the ads multiple times, and I even took it as something I had to do. We've spent tons of time trying to solve the problems with ads, but it's certainly difficult to get rid of the bad ads. Advertisers don't care shit about the code they write. Or about the performance of the ads. I've seen ads that contained breakpoints and caused my browser, when I was using the developer console to check other stuff, to pause javascript execution once they reached a certain line. There are really atrociously coded ads, and those pop in from time to time, and in certain countries (to simplify).

    I'm sorry for the problems you have, but there is little I can do.
  • @Yn5an3 ;

    Hi Yn5an3,

    Sorry to sidetrack this conversation, but it's adding on to the advertisements problem. There are video advertisements over the phone, and they're the regular kind. However, they drain the phone immensely, and if you read any content on this website without unlimited internet, the video advertisements alone kill the data plan for the month.

    I hope this is something that can be resolved, thanks!
  • sigh.  Let me talk to the ad guys again about this.  Thanks!
  • I have to agree toaka. Using Wuxiaworld on the phone is impossible and nerve-wrecking. When I move across the screen it reacts like 10s after this WHEN it reacts, sometimes it just ignores my swiping; and sometimes the pages just re-loads completely without special reason. It shouldn't be a problem with the OS since troaka uses Android and I am using iOS. 
    On the PC I have no problem with all of this.
  • So for the last couple of days this problem has been back for me causing massive crash for me.(like 10 seconds befor safari reload wuxiaworld i had to turn off javascript)
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    Ok, I'll tell the people that manage the ads tomorrow. Thanks
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