Regarding Houyi, Timeline and Seamless Gate



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    book 19 ch 3

    Master.” Ning couldn’t but interject, “The Nuwa Alliance belongs to Pangu’s Chaosworld, while the Seamless Alliance comes from a separate one. Why, then, are people like Old Man Yuan hesitant?”


    Suhbuti said coldly, “They are a pack of fools! Both of our sides have shared the Three Realms for countless years now, and many of the major powers on both sides have become very close friends with each other. There are countless ‘Fiendgods’ amongst the many races. In truth, both sides all but merged together long ago…and so Old Man Yuan and his ilk still wish for both sides to peacefully coexist. They view the Seamless as being brothers and are unwilling to become enemies to them.”

    also about keeper everwood

    book 19 ch 53

    truth, prior to these two alliances turning hostile, Keeper Everwood had many friends from the Nuwa Alliance. Even the likes of Daoist Three Purities, Tathagata, and Subhuti had been good friends of him. They were so close to each other than when the storm had descended, Three Purities had told Keeper Everwood, “Fellow Daoist Everwood, there’s no need for you to get involved in this war between our two alliances. It doesn’t matter if the Seamless Gate is destroyed or if the Nuwa Alliance is destroyed; I trust that no matter who the victors are, they won’t make any trouble for you.”

    if you aren't born in the pangu or seamless chaosworlds you can join anyside you like 

  • thank you for linking that. I wrong about them having a few friends that were from both sides. my b :smile: 

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    LigerCero thank you for finding a reference page for me!
    The following quote is from the link you posted:

    Keeper Everwood nodded and sighed. “Don’t worry. I’ve sparred against those old friends of mine countless times. Even if all three of them come against me at the same time, I’ll be able to hold them off for a short period of time.”

    Allow me to draw your attention to "old friends of mine".  He's talking about some Nuwa people who would try to prevent them from murdering our hero.
  • I didn't read it properly and misguided myself for months T-T

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