[REQUEST] Main Site improvements...

Hi there, this thread is to request so slight improvements to the site. Firstly I don't know anything about web design so please ignore it if it is too difficult to do but if it is doable it would improve reading experience.

first. Would it be possible to allow for the page with the chapter to be centred. Meaning that everything on the right side next to the chapter be placed below the chapter and the page itself was in the centre. For computers and tablets (I don't this problem exists on phones as I don't experience it but it could be a problem for others)

second: would be possible to add a font size changing ability? As the words on phones are too small and it is eye straining to read - for all products that can be used to access the site.


  • Can you also add improvements in visual graphics, for a change. Make it more pleasant to the eye and more organized. Also, add improvements in the forums, if possible. Please consider!
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