Blood calamity

for u guys that have read ahead (lazy to read this at mtl) is he still gonna carry this title in the future?
frankly speaking.. IMO hes one of the MC that have a freaking cool nickname.. Blood calamity...


  • Not really, once he leaves the academy he's never known as that title ever again.
  • the blood calamity title is only really valid to people who were in the heavenly road with the MC the more a person is outside of this group the less relevant it becomes so it never really gets past the obscure rumour stage and only people who know what happened in the heavenly road are aware of what happened. His own clan didn't even know he was kicked out because of the blood calamity he caused. everyone thought he was kicked out because he was weak only the people involved knew he was kicked out for being to much of a badass and slaughtering his way through it, which is obviously information that they don't want to spread otherwise he would get the reputation of the only candidate of the heavenly road who was kicked out for being so powerful that everyone else were mere lambs trapped in a wolfs den.
  • Too bad he didnt keep the name.. Usually we read those villain or hidden master got their own nickname.. If only he still roam around and people kept on calling him blood calamity
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