Patreon, Translations and my Issue with it.

Hi reader.
I feel like I should first say thank you for the translations before proceeding with the post and that I'm certainly not bitching about it, just felt like something I had to write about.
Used this Category because it certainly fits as, of deemed worth it, could raise a discussion, or even some bashing, although certainly not my intention.
So, I've been reading Novels for a bit over a Year now, maybe close to 2 Years. I have never donated for a Translation because my countries exchange rate is 16:1usd, not affordable at all. I have been noticing lately that Patreon has been added as an option in certain novels, BTTH and MGA being the ones I can say first, brain won't allow me to recall some more, BTTH being the most recent addition.
I wouldn't call it an issue/problem but for a lack of a better word, an issue it will be. Issue I have with Patreon is that it is kind of weird. Donations still existing for Sponsored Chapters kind of enters in a conflict with Patreon. Let's say I wanted to donate for a Sponsored Chapter for any Novel, for any reason, either kindness, richness, eagerness to read more, whatever. After Donating for that Chapter, after some time, the Sponsored Chapter would come out and Everyone would read it. I capitalized Everyone cause it is important in my argument.
With Patreon, the Donation, works in a more "selfish" way. I couldn't find a better way to categorize it but it's got nothing to do with me being unable to afford Donations in any way. By "selfish" I mean that the Donation would "benefit" the Donor in a different way that with the Sponsored Chapter Option. The Patreon Donor would get access to more chapters for their money, the Donation for Pareons on BTTH would allow one to read 40+ Chapters Ahead of the current WW Chapter with $80 I assume, unless you have to make it cumulative by achieveing the lower tiers, which, even so, would still bring a higher "cost-benefit" ratio to the reader than a Sponsored Chapter. However, only the Donor Himself would enjoy said benefits, not saying he shouldn't or that it's in anyway wrong. 
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel like something has been distorted in the way Translations are being done. Not the Translation itself but how Translation World is being developed and how the Community is being developed as well. I feel like throughout the year-two years I have been reading all those posts about the Love and Support Translators receive from Readers by the Translators themselves, and see the Community grow into something more, closer to a Family, I would say, Patreon has kind of distorted that feeling.
Basically, I guess the Question I have in my mind is: What's the need for Patreon? Why not let the Donation be as it was, just Sponsored Chapters?
I understand that it's not a hobby for some people but a full-time job which actually needs to be profitable because a life is being made out of it, but from a Business Standpoint, Patreon diminishes the "value" of a non-regular chapter, which is, what pays the bills eventually if I'm not brutally mistaken, maybe by itself or takes part of what pays the bills. If the Translator needed extra income, seeing as there are 40 Chapters available through BTTH Patreon from currently Ch 561, why not advertise that they will be non-regular chapters and be like regular Sponsored Chapters, available to Everyone once milestone is achieved?

I apologize for the gigantic wall of text, but seeing as we all are LN Readers, it shouldn't be a problem. I don't think I've ever written something like this before. Hopefully it's coherent, I apologize in advance if there is something that sounds weird, took me an hour plus to tap this on iPad, 5:30am was the last Edit.
I truly hope you guys can understand what I'm trying to say and what my "Issue" is.
I would like to make it clear again that this is not me complaining. 

Appreciate your read,



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    I absolutely get what you are talking about.

    In my opinion it is also more than wrong to have sponsored chapters and patreon at the same time (under certain conditions).

    Patreon is well an easier way to make a living out of these professions by granting the ones who are willing to pay special benefits. While sponsoring a chapter wholly or partly is out of appreciation to the translator or if you simply love the novel and want it translated even a bit faster.

    These two just collide in my opinion. If it is only something like you are allowed to read unedited chapters and they are like whatever the normal amount of unedited chapters and not like you hold 100 of them back to bait people into patreon (no idea if someone would even do this) or if you like get a figurative title or whatever it is fine with me.

    But well if one were to hold back like 100 chapters in unedited form to bait patreon guys it is well kinda not to my liking if at the same time there are sponsored chapters because a sponsored chapter would then be nothing more than someone who is not patreon paying for the whole community to gain access to one of the premium chapters earlier. Also a huge bulk of unedited stuff almost forces someone who is fan enough to become a patreon in the first place to stay it. Otherwise he is going to have like a really long waiting time until the edited ones in public release catch up.

    So in my opinion you should either: 

    1) use one of the options alas patreon or sponsored chapters

    2) use both but make patreon benefit into something like figurative title and like right to read unedited stuff if it is not held back to bait patreon people 

    3) use both and make only patreon benefit a faster general release schedule with like an honorable mention to patreon guys

    (Well either way it is only my opinion not like I could force anyone into agreeing with me here lol. But still I think if one wants to remain with both of these options for the long term one should not have some forced benefit like a super huge bulk of extra patreon chapters because this is just well wrong if one uses both options ^^)

  • This is a weird question about state.

    So question: Why does it matter at what time a translation actually occurred?

    Let me set up a hypothetical situation: A translator guarantees 5 chapters a week. Then allows for 2 sponsored chapters a week. So he's steadily translating every single day. But wait, the holidays are coming up and he knows he'll have no free time for a week. So he translates a week's worth over a weekend. Is this wrong? He's holding up translated work and not releasing it when it's ready.

    No? What if the translate just got married and is going on a month-long honey moon? He takes a week and pumps out 30 chapters. Then slowly releases them according to schedule. 5 chapters a week. 2 sponsored chapters a week. Is that wrong?

    If not, then how is Patreon even a question? The translator is still releasing 5 chapters a week and 2 sponsored chapters a week. So what if a person can go to Patreon and read 50 chapters ahead? Why does it matter if the translation work was finished 2 months ago?

    Are you saying that translators should release, not on a schedule, but as soon as they are completed translating?

    Work is work. You donate for the work done. Not for work to be done.
  • toako said:

    Work is work. You donate for the work done. Not for work to be done.
    Actually, no. You donate for the work to be done. That's exactly what sponsored chapters are. If you were to pay for the work that is already done, then you would have to donate for chapters that were already released. That is also exactly why translators often can't release sponsored chapters when they are ill and will post them together with the regular chapters the following week. Because they mostly translate after the SPONSORED chapter gets SPONSORED.
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