i saw this in "other spoilers" just wanted to post it here. thanks benny3946

benny3946 said:

The full journey: chronical order

(First half of story)

Resident Evil 1 (main quest)

+zheng, jie, lan, Xiaoyi,

The Alien (main quest)

+Xuan, Zero, Kampa

-Xiaoyi, Kampa

Real world (side story)

The Grudge (main quest)

+Yinkong, Tengyi, Ming Yanwei

-Xuan, Ming Yanwei

The Mummy (main quest 1st in) (2 team battle)

+Honglu, Heng

-Tengyi, Zero

Final Destination (main quest)

+Wang Xia

-Wang Xia, Jie

Alien 4 (main quest)

+Chen Xiao

Resident Evil 2 (main quest 1st in) (The end of first half) (2 team battle)

-Lan, YinKong, Xiao, HongLu, Zhang Heng


(Second half of story)

The Mummy 2 (side quest 2nd in)

+Xuan, Kampa, Xia

Jurassic park (main quest)

+luo Gando

-luo Gando

The Mummy 2 (with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure story) (side quest 3rd in)

+Lan, Zero

Starship Troopers (main quest) (3 team battle)

+luo Gando

Resident Evil 2 (side quest 2nd in)

+Yinkong, Heng, xiao

The Lord of the Rings (main quest) (5 team battle)

Transformers (main quest)

+Tengyi, HongLu

-Luo Gando

a Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (main quest)

+ a new character

*paralyzed: Lan, Kampa, Yinkong, HongLu


The Mummy 2 (original story/not related to movie) (side quest 4th in)

+ Yingkong, Zheng, Ming Yanwei

*paralyzed: Lan, Kampa, HongLu

Independence Day (main quest) (2 team battle)

+ Imhotep, Anck-su-namun (character from the Mummy), a new character, Hong Lu

*paralyzed: Lan, Kampa

Edward Speleers (main quest)

*paralyzed: Lan, Kampa

The Perfect Storm (main quest) (2 team battle)

+Lan, Kampa

Resident Evil 3 (main quest) (All team battle) (The last battle) (End of the book)

Note: + : first introduced, revived, or recover from paralyzed

          - : dead

          * : paralyzed (due to the a Nightmare on Elm steeet 3 world)

information from wikipedia : https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/無限恐怖 

                              Plus, I have read the whole book (original version) =]


  • 你读的是哪个版本?原著中有星河战队的内容,你好像完全没有提到

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