Only I Shall Be Immortal (TJSS)

Hello fellow reader, 

i wanted to ask some questions in relation to future plot points. if you have read TJSS novels and especially this one with the raws it would be appreciated if you have answered my questions.

  1. Does the MC ever meet his childhood friend? the one that decided to not enter the sect, and stay by his parents side?
  2. If yes to question 1, does he also walk on the path of immortality or does he remain a mortal throughout his entire life or perhaps send his children to the sect? or something along the lines?
  3. Could you tell me, some information on the eccentric elder that has been helping him out from the shadows that is imprisoned there and will be leaving soon.
  4. Could you tell me whether the Martial Ancestor Elysian ends up as his wife or not? cause the foreshadowing is pointing in that direction, but the author could change his mind, also is there only 1 wife or is it a multiple wife story?
  5. in the first chapter before we moved to the actual beginning of the two kids, the mc if im not incorrect was fighting someone, could you tell me who it is?
well this is it for now, thanks for any help.


  • Does MC become a Demon Cultivator? If not which one?
  • usually in this kind of setting, the childhood friend will become the MC's enemy later on.
  • Can anyone answer the op questions?
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    I tought it was only OTP at first but from what i saw on baidu seems like the mc has at least four wives, i wanted to know if this one has any tragedy too but i was to lazy to translate and read all those things on MTL.
  • Where is i can read only i shall be immortal ch 17
  • 13bluesky said:
    Where is i can read only i shall be immortal ch 17
    Chinese text with either google translate, sytranet or any other translation software ...
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