Demonic Change explanation?

can someone explain the demonic change of zhu weiginq like why only is left leg get changed and if he will be able to change more body parts later on


  • edited January 2017
    As he fused with the neidan he gained the distinct characteristics of the Tiger.  First was the 6 attributes, then his leg transformed based on the Tiger's scorpion tail, afterwords he gained the demonic change from the evil attribute with the Devour skill and tiger marks.  After his demonic change evolved his leg/tail was upgrade (in DC it became longer, stronger and more hook like at the end) and he gained it's 3 attribute fusion skill Dark Demon God Lightning which is basically the venom of the tail.  I think at that point his claw changed too. 

    As he later started to fully awaken the bloodlines in body (the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger and the god tier dragon bloodline gifted to him) he gained more.  They were the evolved Demonic Change, Tiger's Wings, purple dragon scales, hands and other leg becoming Dragon Claws, purple eyes, and the ability to separate the change into Tiger form and Dragon-Tiger form.  In tiger form the main difference is the absence of scales, the dragon claws becoming tiger ones and the color becoming dark gray.
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