The Story Of Choosing The Heaven (择天记)by Mao Ni (猫腻)

Author: Mao Ni (猫腻)

Translator: samhope

The Story Of Choosing The Heaven is the famouse book written by the author “Mao Ni” .  It is still on-going.

Fate should appear always appear in the fate,

it is not possible to insist in demand,

demand is useless,

what you can hold is yours,

those you can not hold is not belonging to you.


worlds of the trichiliocosm,

Supernatural evils full of the sky,

Handing a volume of Taoism,

Master all the things in the word.


This is a story of the fruit of immortal .


The first year of Tai Shi, a magical stone came from the space and scattered falling on the earth. It engraved with a strange totem which the piece of magical stone landed in the East Earth continent. People viewed the totem and realized Tao, then the state religion established.

Thousands of years later, the boy at the age of fourteen orphan Chen Changsheng left his master to cure his life, with a paper of marriage promise came to the capital of God, began the great expedition to be a powerful man to go against the heaven.

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